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english in denver colorado usa spanish in buenos aires argentina spanish in santiago chile portuguese in rio de janeiro brazil


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about bridge bridge is an established leader in the language-training field with over 25 years of experience and language centers in five countries bridge delivers quality language instruction and teacher training to thousands of individuals across the globe business language immersion program our business immersion programs are highly intensive courses designed for executives requiring language proficiency for international business our conversational approach to language acquisition combined with tailor-designed curriculum allows students to achieve high levels of proficiency in the shortest time possible mission to transform lives and organizations by delivering excellence in language education and travel


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table of contents 02 english immersion in denver colorado usa 04 spanish immersion in buenos aires argentina 06 portuguese immersion in rio de janeiro brazil 08 spanish immersion in santiago chile 08 business language programs 12 courses 14 methodology 16 teachers and staff 18 official testing center 20 accommodations 22 bridgevirtual 24 student services 01


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denver denver co usa is a beautiful and appealing location offering everything you could desire a clean safe city denver buzzes with a vibrant day scene and an exciting nightlife with world-class museums tourist attractions and over 200 city and mountain parks denver keeps its visitors very busy the city also boasts a convenient modern airport and an efficient public transportation system of buses and light-rail trains denver is regularly selected as one of the healthiest cities in the us and its tradition for sports and active lifestyles is clearly demonstrated by people running biking and enjoying outdoor activities many people even commute to work by bicycle on one of the most extensive bike path systems in the nation denver is also one of the few us cities with national teams for all the major sports including baseball football basketball hockey and soccer just minutes from the city the breathtaking rocky mountains tower against the horizon revealing magnificent vistas and outstanding opportunities for skiing hiking camping and fishing in fact the state s major industry is tourism and thousands of people visit annually from the us and abroad to experience unforgettable colorado add to all this a warm and friendly populace with an open-minded and welcoming attitude and you can see why many call colorado paradise 02


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language center located just ten minutes from the exclusive cherry creek shopping district 25 minutes from the downtown center and 40 minutes from denver international airport the language center is conveniently situated within walking distance to many shops and restaurants the bus stop is directly in front of the center for easy access to any part of the city a landmark on colorado boulevard the center consists of two large buildings covered with colorful international flags welcoming visitors and students alike the center boasts 18 modern group and private classrooms and a student lounge offering cable television computers with broadband connection microwaves and vending machines a kitchen with a refrigerator for student use is available nearby there is free wi-fi throughout the facility umbrellacovered picnic tables outside make a perfect place for warm-weather eating and socializing activities happy hours and social outings · sporting events · movies · graduation ceremonies · holiday celebrations excursions tour of downtown denver · denver zoo · imax theater · denver botanic gardens · red rocks amphitheatre · coors brewery · boulder · skiing and snowboarding · snowshoeing · whitewater rafting · rocky mountain national park · black hawk and central city · garden of the gods · air force academy · roxborough state park · royal gorge bridge 03


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buenos aires the capital of the largest spanishspeaking country in south america buenos aires is a dynamic city of over nine million people its frenchstyle architecture italian heritage and general cultural sophistication give it a distinctly elegant feel earning it the nickname the paris of south america add to that a vibrant populace a nightlife that never stops and shopping and dining galore and you ll soon see why buenos aires is a great place to study spanish abroad 04


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language center our center in buenos aires is a modern facility conveniently located downtown adjacent to the famous pedestrian shopping street calle florida within walking distance are the many restaurants bars and cafes that make calle florida popular with tourists and locals alike the center occupies the entire third floor of an office building there are ten multi-media equipped classrooms and central air-conditioning students have access to wifi computers and coffee service activities spanish culture lectures · social outings to bars and restaurants · visits to local points of interest excursions recoleta cultural quarters of buenos aires · the rosedal beautiful park · san telmo 19th-century aristocratic neighborhood · la boca the first port in buenos aires · plaza de mayo seat of the national government · teatro colón famous opera house · malba museum of latin american art · planetario planetarium · el estadio de river plate river plate soccer stadium · manzana de las luces historic colonial zone 05


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rio de janeiro with white sandy beaches in one direction lush green mountains in another and the famous christ redeemer statue perched above it all rio de janeiro is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and that s just the view add the friendliness of the locals the laid-back atmosphere and the sultry tropical climate and you ll sson see why they call rio the cidade maravilhosa although renowned for its festive atmosphere rio is also the headquarters of some of brazil s largest national and multinational companies it is a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of restaurants tourist attractions and nightlife options rio s relaxed atmosphere beautiful beaches and friendly residents make learning portuguese in this city an unforgettable experience 06


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language center the center in rio offers students modern comfortable facilities in a convenient downtown location we are just blocks from the uruguaiana metro station nearby is the renowned centro cultural banco do brasil one of the liveliest cultural centers in brazil and pracas xv de novembro where you can take a ferry ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery the center features 10 multi-media equipped classrooms central airconditioning wifi and computer lab adjacent to our center is an amazing café where you can taste brazil s worldfamous coffee you ll find the school staff welcoming and professional and always ready to help you with whatever you may need during your stay in rio activities portuguese culture lectures · interviews with local cariocas rio locals · social outings to bars and restaurants · visits to local points of interest excursions christ the redeemer statue atop corcovado mountain one of the most recognized monuments in the world · botanical gardens · sugar loaf mountain gondola ride to the top of one of the world s most famous mountains · museum of modern art 07


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santiago the capital of chile santiago is nestled in a valley at the foot of the picturesque andes mountains the bustling metropolis is an interesting blend of contrasts colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers lively street scenes and quiet parks elegant shopping and local street markets in santiago you will find the charm and culture of latin america with all the amenities of the first world this city is clean safe and efficient and its six million residents are very friendly and hospitable to foreigners from santiago in less than an hour and a half in either direction you can be strolling on the coast of the pacific ocean or skiing in the snowcapped andes with plenty of recreational options striking natural beauty and the conveniences of a modern capital city santiago makes a great location to study spanish abroad 08


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language center our language center is located in the neighborhood of providencia which is a combination of modern high-rise buildings and quiet tree-lined residential streets it is just a few blocks from the main avenue 11 de septiembre where you will find many sidewalk cafes plenty of shopping opportunities as well as the metro stop los leones our center occupies an entire threestory building with 17 multi-media equipped classrooms central airconditioning a lovely terrace wifi and a computer lab activities spanish culture lectures · social outings to bars and restaurants · visits to local points of interest excursions mercado central central market · parque forestal and museo de bellas artes the most famous park and art museum in the city · viña concha y toro and viña cousiño-macul wineries · cerro san cristobal gondola ride and great views · la moneda and cousiño palace the palace where general pinochet seized power · pueblito de artesanos los dominicos craft market · precolombian art museum · national history museum · la chascona poet pablo neruda s home 09


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language programs purpose and goals bridge specializes in corporate language training solutions every year bridge trains hundreds of executives from every corner of the globe in language instruction our business language courses are customdesigned to meet individual and company needs this ensures the most relevant cost-effective training in the shortest time possible bridge also works closely with human resource and training departments to define company goals identify training gaps and measure roi we provide a variety of training reports designed to keep companies wellinformed of the progress of their executives in language acquisition executive language students receive the very highest degree of individual attention immersion combo and live learn are among the most popular course options for this program student profile business executives from latin america asia and europe comprise the bulk of our students bridge organizes outings and networking events between corporate students and often times long-lasting friendships are forged most executive language students are upwardly mobile professionals preparing for new challenges within their companies 10


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below are just some of the topics and skills that can be covered in your course · · · · · · · · · telephoning business communications legal managing meetings information technology business correspondence business law making presentations test preparation for ielts toeic itep bulats the advising program contributed greatly to the progress i made at bridge because we could set a schedule based on my personal needs and weaknesses i have been lucky enough to have two great advisors and would like to thank them for their personal attention and encouragement mariamilza campos ericsson communications brazil i recommend bridge especially because of the option to adapt classes to meet the student s needs and to have weekly follow-ups the programs offered at bridge are an excellent opportunity for the executive to learn english in a short period of time with tailor-made programs and personalized treatment luizthome de souza ambev brazil 11


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immersion the immersion course is designed to allow the student to focus as much as possible on his or her own needs and objectives completely designed to the students specifications this is our most time-effective course with 37.5 hours of private instruction per week including lunch with a teacher and a rotation of four to five teachers per day students allow for active participation and for the student to get to know his/her international classmates students will have a rotation of three teachers per day and a variety of great topics in conversation reading and listening as well as additional educational subject matter minimum of two weeks with one of our outstanding teachers in a unique private class the student will visit a museum drink at a coffee shop go shopping play golf attend a professional ballgame or any other afterclass or weekend activity all while receiving a one-on-one language lesson all entrance fees drinks meals etc are included in the hourly charge tourist evening/weekend designed for expat residents these classes meet for 12 hours per term on monday/wednesday evenings tuesday/thursday evenings or saturday mornings our most economical option the tourist course permits students more time to explore their language destination this another intensive offering the small group/private combo allows students course has all the features of our regular to participate in a full-time small group small group but the student participates of four to ten students for 21 hours per only in the morning classes for 15 hours week group classes are followed by per week minimum of two weeks three hours of private instruction every private day the combo is an ideal students may take any number of arrangement to offer the social interaction of a group while also having private classes in conjunction with the the personal attention of a private class small group or tourist course to address individual needs or objectives minimum of two weeks combo small group live and learn this was a great experience because i studied english by myself in private classes i didn t know my weaknesses before i came here many teachers were friendly and kind and they tried to do their best to improve my main weakness which is pronunciation even though i was here for a short time this training was my base to improve further because i now know what i need to work on i will recommend that my friends come to bridge for private classes it was great se won kang phd director of hog marketing purina korea at 21 hours per week the small group this popular course is designed to augment language classes by permitting is both an effective and economical option our small classes of four to ten the student to experience the country 12


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business language course chart small group levels a-2 b-1 9:00 ­ 10:20 business communication program speaking and listening comprehension and pronunciation focus business vocabulary and grammar small group levels b-2 c-1 c-2 business communication program speaking and listening comprehension and pronunciation focus business vocabulary and grammar business reading articles case studies letters faxes lunch break film series films with a business theme listening vocabulary idioms slang expressions pronunciation no class no class small group private combo all levels small group immersion all levels tailor­made business english program 10:30 ­ 11:50 business reading articles letters faxes 11:50 ­ 12:50 lunch break 12:50 ­ 2:10 business communication program speaking and listening comprehension and pronunciation focus business vocabulary and grammar no class no class small group tailor­made business program lunch with a teacher tailor­made business program lunch break small group 2:15 ­ 4:30 4:30 5:15 tailor­made business program tailor­made business program tailor­made business program no class private classes are tailor-made to student needs and his/her advisor s recommendations financial business presentations management and marketing business communication business writing legal business for human relations business vocabulary language for meetings business case studies etc 13



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