Peace Day Meditation


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Join NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller for a Peace Day Meditation. September 21 is the International Day of Peace, celebrated as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace among all people and within ourselves.

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Peace Day Meditation by Mary Catherine Miller During this meditation follow the guidance of your inner wisdom and connect with your higher self. If at any point during the meditation you perceive through your inner wisdom that what you are hearing is outside your beliefs or the best interest of your body, mind or soul you will know that, through your higher self, with your inner wisdom, you can substitute words or situations in your mind that are congruent with your beliefs and in your best interest. Your inner wisdom guides your choices, providing insight to accept or reject anything you hear.


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And now … Sit comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed and your back in good alignment. When you are ready, just close your eyes and, as you do, take a deep, deep breath in, expanding your lungs completely. As you slowly exhale, feel your body starting to relax and let go. Breathe deeply, gently, slowly as you feel impressed to do. Feel the air flowing in and out of your body. Notice the quiet sounds of respiration as your chest gently, slowly rises and falls with each cleansing breath. Taste the sweet loving light as you breathe in the pure love and comfort of the light. Release back into nature what you no longer need. Say in your mind or aloud, “I release that which no longer serves my higher good. I let go of unnecessary thoughts and things. I relinquish sorrow and worry. I let go of critical judgment myself and others. I unburden myself of expectations of myself and others that might create a destructive influence. I dispossess myself of the need to be right that may impede my clear vision and impartial discernment. I freely and effortlessly release thoughts, feelings, and attachments that are not conducive to the aspirations of my higher self, my soul, and my kinship with all life.” Imagine yourself standing on a hill overlooking a bright, beautiful beach. As you gaze at the long white beach below, the fresh ocean breeze brushes your cheeks and refreshes your lungs with the clean sweet scent of warm, wet ocean spray. You can see and hear white seagulls and the gentle roll of ocean waves splashing up on the warm white sand. It would be so pleasant to go down to the beach and feel the warm sand on your feet. Observe a large white stone stairway descending down the hill to the soft, warm alabaster beach. In a moment, I will count these steps for you and, as I do, step down each smooth white stone step, becoming more and more relaxed as you go. On the last step, when your feet finally sink into the warm sand, you will be deeply relaxed and at peace. Now… one. Descend onto the first stone step safely and gently as the white rock stairway welcomes as you warmly and peacefully. Relax and let go. Now… two. Step down onto the next inviting step toward the beach. Each step takes you even deeper into relaxation and peacefulness. Now… three. Descend onto the third and final step. Relax, let go, and feel at peace. Now, step out onto the chalky white sand in deep relaxation and inner peace as your feet sink into the warm, soft sand. This is a quiet, comfortable, safe place to be in peaceful repose. Observe the bubbly white crest atop each wave that rolls onto the shore, sounding like Earth’s pulse or breath. Find your harmony with the beat of the waves, the rhythm of nature. Breathe in and feel peace flowing through your body, soothing your heart and soul. See this peace as a white light filled with strength and tranquility. It surrounds and fills you with perfect, pure, peaceful, compassionate white light. Know that you are now filled with divine healing light and benevolent energy. Allow the white light to bring peace and balance to anything within you needing healing and harmony. Feel your connection to divine energy and light, and stay with this deep, relaxing, peaceful feeling of bliss until you are ready to move on.


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As you breathe in and out, imagine that you are breathing peace into the world. You are creating peace for others to feel. You are helping the whole world to feel more peace. This is a very powerful gift that you are giving. Take one last look across the silvery blue waves and the turquoise sky and express your gratitude for this peaceful respite. As you enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach, you come to a patch of olive green moss with a grassy hillside flourishing with trees bearing foliage in every shade of green. Blue birds chirp and sing in the trees as branches sway gently in the wind. The steady movement of the branches reminds you again of the heartbeat of nature. A soft blue feather floats weightlessly, dancing through the trees, dancing delightfully as it makes a circle around you and lights upon your open hand. Hold the silky feather with gratitude, enjoying the softness of its fluff and feel what serenity is in the simplest gifts of life. When you are ready, rest upon the lush green hillside and lay the feather on the sweetly aromatic soothing verdure of the slope. A hush settles over the scene. In the stillness is quiet tranquility wherein your soul finds comfort and satisfaction. Your heartstrings play the melody of nature. Your thoughts shift effortlessly to a higher perspective of this bluegreen jewel of Earth on which we live. Know that the peace and harmony you create here for your life, you also create for the world. The deepest part of you is a part of the fiber that weaves our world together. With each breath you take, imagine breathing out peace into the world. Inhale the peace of this tranquility. Exhale inner peace to bless the whole Earth. As you receive the gift of breath from the air flowing through the trees, you return a gift of peace that is carried on the breeze through currents that guide and disperse global peace to all the Earth and its inhabitants. You are breathing peace into the world. You are a part of Earth’s resuscitation of quiet stillness, peace and harmonious placidity. Gently touch a patch of rich, brown earth next to your hand. As you feel the slightly moist texture of the soil you feel a connectedness, a completion of connection with the web of life. You find a sense of Oneness with all of life, with all of nature, with all there is. At the core of this Oneness of life, and throughout all that is, there is a silver thread of tranquility and felicity that, in the stillness and timelessness of the All-Life sets the tone, the timbre, the frequency for the balance and centeredness of all that is. Attuning to that frequency brings all into alignment with the highest vibration of the soul. Aligning oneself with Oneness brings peace within and peace without. Peace finds its way to all that is in the resonance of amity and tranquility. Say to yourself or aloud, “I offer peace to all inhabitants of this world. I offer my deepest love and appreciation. I recognize that we are magnificent expressions of the beneficent Source of all life. I am grateful for the loving silver thread that is a part of all.”


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When you are ready, imagine gazing across the horizon to an exquisite magnificent pink sunrise. The sky is ablaze with hues of pink and purple illuminating the firmament. The magnitude of such lavish beauty stirs the peaceful innocence and awe of your inner child, that part of you that lives in amazement, wonderment and marvel. Allow yourself the blessing of being in awe. Feeling awestruck by the beauty of nature’s bounty, your soul is stirred to love of life, unity and Oneness. At any time that you desire to shift into Oneness, you may bring your consciousness to this inner child who lives in wonder. Say to yourself, “At the core of my being, I am always at peace. I can always find my inner peace. At the core of being, all life is at peace. We can always find our peace within.” Know that the Earth itself naturally abides at peace beneath whatever disruptions may be taking place. A centered Earth, as a centered soul finds peace within. Attuning to the rhythm of the natural field of energy sustains the peace within all. Say silently to yourself or aloud, “I express my gratitude for peace within. Eternal peace is established on Earth. The timeless wisdom and abiding love sustain all that is. We are world peace. Peace is within us all. I live in harmony with my world and those around me. I feel my connection to the Earth, to the human family, to the animal kingdom, and to Spirit. Peace is our true nature. May we dwell together in sacred stillness, peace, joy, love and unity.” And it is so.” And, now … In just a moment I am going to count to five, and at the count of five you will awaken feeling comfortable, relaxed and refreshed. One – You are beginning to be more alert and aware. Two – Feeling wonderful in every way. Three – Aware of the room or space around you. Four – Your eyes are starting to open. And … Five – Eyes open, feeling alert and at peace. Open your eyes and recall your experiences. Know that you can bring the fullness of this experience to yourself or call up any portion of it as you desire. You can move beyond what you have already experienced to limitless awareness, knowledge and understanding with pure love and joy in peace and harmony at any time, again and again.



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