Full Moon Meditation


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Celebrate the energetic abundance and enlightenment of the full moon. Align with pure intentions. Join NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller for this full moon meditation

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Full Moon Meditation by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Prepare Your Sacred Space Clear and cleanse the area as you feel impressed to. (Smudge, spritz with blessing/clearing spray, light candles, perform a spiritual ritual) Prepare Your Tools Gather everything you will need for your meditation, and have it readily available. Set the Scene Sit or stand in the moonlight, or visualize yourself in the moonlight as you begin your meditation. Any objects, pictures or colors that represent the moon or full moon energy may be a part of your surroundings or visualizations. Ground Yourself Connect with nature in your preferred manner. (Take a nature walk, sit under a tree or in a field, run your hands through loose sand, dirt or natural water, hold gemstones, rocks, plants or other objects from nature, use visualization techniques to connect to Gaia) Chant Sit quietly and choose your method to chant as you feel your energy shift. You can use any sacred text or anything special to you that creates an audible sound and a vibration you can feel in your vocal cords, chest and abdomen. (Slowly repeat sounds, tones, words, phrases, tunes or short songs)


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As we celebrate the magnificence of the moon in its fullness, we express our gratitude for all of life’s blessings. We acknowledge our achievements, our successes and our personal growth. Follow your inner guidance to call upon angelic and benevolent energies to join your celebration and to assist. Sit comfortably and bring your awareness to your breath. Fill your lungs with clean, fresh air, allow your body to be replete with cleansing oxygen, and slowly release your breath to exhale and let go of all you are ready to release. Clear your mind and open your heart as your mind and spirit focus on your intentions, harmoniously, congruently in alignment and centeredness. Gaze upon the radiant full moon or visualize it in your mind. Feel the palpable lunar energy and align yourself with the rhythm of Sister Moon. Let your heartbeat harmonize with the cosmic pulse of creation. Observe the clear, bright full moon glowing above you. Invite our lunar orb to share with you, to come to you with gentle, loving embrace, and to light your soul. Bring her energy closer; bigger; brighter. See silver blue glow of healing rays of lunar light raining down from her to kiss your face and cover your body in showers of glittering light. Drink up the loving, compassionate, purifying moon energy, the vibrational frequency of the Divine Feminine, through your skin; through your body; through your soul. Breathe in the pure white light energy of soothing lustrous moonbeams. Feel calm, quiet tranquility pour over you in peace and stillness as you are bathed in loving light. Be aware of the light and rejuvenation within you, healing and revitalizing your physical body and your etheric body. Absorb the invigorating energy of the moon. Notice your shining aura filling and growing. Be at one with the replenished light of your soul. Bring your awareness to the infinite nature of the cosmos. Align yourself with the infinity of the galaxies and universes, mindful of the infinity of your own being.


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Enjoy the beauty of silence, the power of inner peace and the calm, loving energy in pure, cleansing white light. Be blessed by moonbeams of love surrounding you. Absorb the energetic power of the full moon that enlightens your soul and nourishes your spirit. When you are ready, surrender each of those things you desire to release into the light. Unburden yourself of anything you desire to be free of that no longer serves the greater good. Release your attachment to things that don’t suit you. Release obstacles that have been blocking your progress, joy and peace. Release old thought patterns that interfere with your happiness and well-being. Release the excess that clutters your mind, home and environment. Release impediments to the flow of abundance, chi and clear thought. Release all that you have set your intention to let go of in this meditation. See these in your mind’s eye floating away into the light, consumed by the light, drifting into higher realms of light and love of infinity. Feel refreshed and restored as the weight of each is lifted. Allow your inner consciousness, now and in the days to come, to move more deeply into expansion of awareness, higher realms of consciousness, stronger connection to Spirit, and greater access of inner wisdom, creativity and intuition. As you feel impressed, welcome inner guidance from wise and benevolent sources with angelic energetic intercession. Allow spiritual guidance to bless your thoughts, body and soul through visualization, imagination, dreams and motivations. Feel your spirit enlivened, enriched and blessed. During this period between the full moon and the new moon to follow, pay attention to the effortless releasing of those things that no longer serve the greater good. Notice those things you set your intention to release simply easily and effortlessly slip away as you desire. Feel the weight of all you release drop away, and feel refreshed, revitalized and restored. When you are ready, bring your awareness to your physical body and your surroundings, feeling calm, refreshed and rejuvenated.



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