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Handbook for Vallejo High School

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VALLEJO •HIGH SCHOOL• SCHOOL HANDBOOK & ACADEMIC PLANNER 2016•2017 840 Nebraska Street Vallejo, CA 94590 Phone: (707) 556-1700 Fax: (707) 556-8729 Attendance Office: #1 Vice Principal’s Office: #2 Counselors Office: #3 Anti-Bully Hotline: #4 Registrar’s Office: #5 Athletic Director’s Office: #6 Principal’s Office: #8 PROPERTY OF ACADEMY


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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Principals Message II. School Mission, Vision, Values and Goals III. Parent Involvement a. School Site Council/English Language Advisory Council/Design Team b. Volunteer and visitor procedures c. Student Emergency Cards IV. Academic Programs a. Highlight unique site emphasis b. Enrichment and Intervention opportunities V. School Climate Plans a. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports description b. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Expectation Matrix c. Positive Rewards System VI. School Climate Plans a. Restorative Discipline description b. Discipline Matrix – from district i. Cell phone use policy ii. Dress expectation iii. Bus procedures c. Attendance and Tardy Procedure d. School Attendance Review Board/ Student Success Team procedures VII. General Information VIII. Appendix a. Bell Schedules b. School Map on the back cover 1 2 5 6 8 10-11 13 13-14 15 15-23 26 27 28 29-30 30 31 40 The information in this book was the best available at press time. Visit your school website for additional information and changes. ©2016 ABC School Portraits. All rights reserved. (707) 297-7304


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Welcome, students to the 2016-2017 School Year! We are the Home of the Vallejo High School Red Hawks. Red Hawks are known to soar high above all others and are able to remain focused on their goals. They exhibit a high degree of loyalty to their community. As Vallejo High School Red Hawks, you will be called upon to soar high above your challenges while staying focused on your goals of excellence in your academics. We will provide you a rigorous, first class, quality education. We expect, like the Red Hawk, you will remain loyal to our school as your soar to meet even higher heights. We designed our Wall-to-Wall academies to ensure you receive a world-class education that will prepare you for the 21st century. The Wall-to-Wall academies are: Biotechnology, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Health and Fitness, and Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA). RIGOROUS AND RELEVANT CURRICULUM To support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), VHS has adopted several other support programs: • Peer Tutoring – offered by VHS students in the California Scholarship Federation (CFS) Club • Upward Bound – federally funded program supporting students from low-income families as well as students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree. Its goal is to increase the rate at which participants’ complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education. • Willie B. Adkins Project – a college preparatory program that strives towards providing high school students with life skills, rights of passage, tutoring/mentoring services, and a strong network of positive and successful peers/individuals. • LINKS – a professional community group that provides math tutoring to VHS students. The tutors include former math teachers, former math professors, and engineers. • Athletics’ Department Tutoring – all subjects. • Cal Maritime Tutoring – provided by Cal Maritime students in the area of Algebra I • Adelante Program – it provides tutoring, mentoring, and athletic programs that targets Latino students. • The Engineering, Health & Fitness, and VAPA academies offer weekly tutoring for students. • VHS teachers will provide students with tutoring support before and after school, as requested. POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE Vallejo High School’s day-to-day mission is to ensure a positive school culture is created and safety is maintained for every student and adult. It is the expectation that there is a high adult visibility at all times. The site administrators have an active and constant presence on campus and in classrooms. In addition to our site administrators and teachers, we have eleven site safety supervisors. Before, during, and after school, VHS adults can be seen actively moving about ensuring that students are getting to and from class in a timely manner. • Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) – a program that helps teachers recognize the significance of classroom management and school discipline to maximize student success. • Restorative Justice (RJ) – Vallejo High uses a Restorative Justice approach when handling students and adult conflicts. Restorative Justice provides students with opportunities to be a problem solver during times of conflict. • Extended After School Activities o Black Student Union (BSU); Corazon Latino; Filipino Club; Poetry Club o Gay Straight Alliance (GSA); Academic Decathlon 1


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o California Scholarship Federation (CSF) o Engineering Club; Robotics Club; Soccer Club 21ST CENTURY SKILLS The use of technology is a key component used to support and accelerate our instructional program. The components are as follows: • Vallejo High School has wireless Internet access across the campus. Teachers and students are able to access the Internet to enhance learning and conduct research. • Vallejo High School has a variety of technology resources available including computer labs, mobile laptop and iPad carts. • Vallejo High School is also participating in Phase 2 of the 1:1 iPad implementation through the Hospitality and Tourism Academy. The teachers are receiving professional development and coaching through Apple to integrate this technology throughout their curriculum. This is a fouryear phase-in project. By 2019, all high school students in VCUSD will have access to utilization of an iPad at home and/or at school. ACTIVE PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT It is a priority at Vallejo High School to increase the engagement of parents and the community. Weekly communication is sent through the auto-dialer to keep families updated. The following are the keys to our success with parents and the community: • Network meetings that provide information related to student academic achievement; Orientation Days; Back to School Night; Band and Choir Concerts; Academic Achievement Assemblies; Academy Awards Night • Full Service Community Schools Nights • Sporting Events • College and Financial Aid Information Nights • Student Success Teams (SST) support sessions • Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) support sessions • Linking all students to the Parent/Student Portal, which allows immediate access to grades • Bilingual Liaison available Together, we will succeed in helping you accomplish your goals for this school year. I want to extend thanks and appreciation to all of our stakeholders for what will be a successful school year. Go Red Hawks! Sincerely, Dr. Sheila Quintana, Principal Vallejo High School 2


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Vallejo High School Mission Vallejo High School’s Mission is to cultivate critical thinking lifelong learners by providing a rigorous and engaging experience where the learning opportunities generate the desire to learn, the need to achieve, and the vision to embrace the cultural diversity that writes our school, home and community. Vallejo High School Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLO) Vallejo High School shall cultivate students who are: • Complex thinkers who solve problems logically using evidence. • Effective communicators who are technologically capable writers, listeners, speakers, and readers. • Academic achievers who set personal goals that actualize a pathway to academic and vocational success • Effective citizens who take personal responsibility to be involved in and supportive of their community • Culturally empowered and informed about their own and other cultures. VALLEJO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT: VISION STATEMENT Our Vision is for our diverse learners to be empowered, prepared and equipped with academic and life skills needed to be productive citizens, who can positively contribute to society. Our Goal is for every student to have clear attainable pathways to career and/or college success. In Support of our Vision, we will attract and retain highly qualified staff, as well as, leverage community resources to provide support systems for all students and their families. VALLEJO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT: MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission is to meet or exceed our goals in the area of equity, excellence, educational effectiveness and economic sustainability, which determines our daily efforts. We will foster collaborative teamwork to accomplish these goals. We recognize that we must build powerful home to school relationships that support the success of all students. Because safety is critical for each school campus; we will enforce high adult visibility and respond to student matters in a timely manner. In order to assess whether students are meeting academic and social expectations, we will consistently monitor student progress using a variety of data: observations, walkthroughs, progress reports, test scores, etc., and commit to focusing our resources to best support our students. 3


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VALLEJO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT: CORE VALUES We Value Equity • Every adult is responsible for every student's success • Every student has the opportunity to learn and successfully reach their goals • Every student will be engaged in the learning process We Value Excellence • We will recognize and celebrate excellence among students and staff members • We will have high expectations for our students and ourselves • Each student will have the opportunity to adapt and evolve into productive community members We Value Educational Effectiveness • Every classroom will have an engaging learning environment • Every learning environment will be safe • Every adult and student will model honesty, integrity, and respect VALLEJO CITY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT: 2016 - 2020 GOALS Equity • All students performing at grade level on 3rd grade STAR testing program • All students performing at grade level on 6th grade STAR testing program • All students passing the high school exit exam the first time • Safe and supportive school environments for all students Excellence • All students graduating with A-G requirements met • Involved and supportive parents and community partners • Employees - attract and retain excellent teachers, administrators and support staff Educational Effectiveness • Achievement gap eliminated • Student attendance and enrollment rates increased • Dropout rate significantly decreased • Reduce referrals, suspensions and expulsions Economic Sustainability • Actively pursue additional resources through grants and donations • Invest in our human resources • Gain full authority over district fiscal management Vallejo High Administration Staff Principal........................................................................................................................... Dr. Sheila Quintana Vice-Principal ................................................................... Dr. Markell McCain, Health and Fitness Academy Vice-Principal ............................................................. Sylvia Whitson, Visual and Performing Arts Academy Vice-Principal ......................................................................................Jonathan Pike, Engineering Academy Vice- Principal ..............................................................................Dr. Janice Lord-Walker, Biotech Academy Vice-Principal ....................................................................................Candace Sawyer, Hospitality Academy Essential Contact Email addresses and essential phone numbers are listed on Vallejo High School website. (HTTP://VHS-VCUSD-CA.SCHOOLLOOP.COM) 4


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Parent Involvement Opportunities School Site Council (SSC) Vallejo High School, as a California K-12 public school which receives categorical funds, must form a School Site Council. The responsibilities of the SSC include: 1. The SSC must develop the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). 2. In addition the SSC must: a. Approve the SPSA b. Recommend the SPSA to the local governing board for approval c. Monitor its implementation d. Evaluate the effectiveness of the planned activities at least annually Vallejo High School SSC meets on the third Tuesday of each month. English Language Acquisition Development (ELAC): Vallejo High School as a California K-12 public school with 21 or more English learners must form an English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).The responsibilities of the ELAC include: 1. Advising the principal and staff on programs and series for English learners and the School Site council on the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) 2. Assisting in the development of: a. The school’s needs assessment b. The school’s annual language census c. Ways to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance Vallejo High School ELAC meets on the third Monday of each month. Design Team Vallejo High School has a Design Team that is a decision making body. The responsibilities for the Design Team include: 1. Sets purpose and direction for the school 2. Establishes team based process and decision making 3. Foster accountability through the monitoring of programs: Academies, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and Full School Community Schools. The Vallejo High Design team meets the fourth Thursday of each month. Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Team Vallejo High School has implemented Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to improve behavior outcomes for students beginning in December 2011. Since then a team of administrators, teachers, classified staff, parents and students have participated in 6 days of professional development. This model was chosen for our school based on national research that documented significant decreases in student discipline referrals and suspensions in other urban schools. The PBIS team, along with the school staff, has developed school-wide student behavior expectations as well as a positive rewards system. The Vallejo High PBIS team meets the third Thursday of each month. Full Service Community Service Programs The purpose of establishing the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools Program is to ensure students have clear pathways from Preschool to College and Career. The VFSCS program provides comprehensive academic, social, mental and physical education services to meet students, family, and community needs. 5 The goal of the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools is to improve student academic achievement and well begin though the offering of comprehensive high-quality series. The following are the program’s


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system. The Vallejo High PBIS team meets the third Thursday of each month. Full Service Community Service Programs The purpose of establishing the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools Program is to ensure students have clear pathways from Preschool to College and Career. The VFSCS program provides comprehensive academic, social, mental and physical education services to meet students, family, and community needs. The goal of the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools is to improve student academic achievement and well begin though the offering of comprehensive high-quality series. The following are the program’s main objectives: • Improve student achievement (eliminate the achievement gap) • Improve student attendance • Reduce student referrals, suspensions, and expulsions • Increase student well-being in a range of health indices • Improve school campus safety • Increase parent involvement in their children’s education • To improve the graduation rate How to Become a Volunteer What is a volunteer? A volunteer is someone working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services. What is the process to register a parent or community volunteer? All volunteers should register centrally through the Vallejo City Unified School District. Find all Volunteer information at , click on Become a VCUSD Volunteer. Do parents need to register as volunteers? If a parent is performing a volunteer role that is beyond the scope of working directly with their child and is unsupervised, they are required to be registered as a general volunteer. These roles include but are not limited to the following: overnight field trip chaperone, unsupervised enrichment class leader, unsupervised yard supervisor. Do field trip chaperones require clearance in addition to the field trip packet provided at school site? Volunteers attending an overnight field trip are required to get a fingerprint clearance. Volunteers for day field trips are not require to get a fingerprint clearance. In both cases volunteer chaperones must adhere to all district field trip policies and procedures. Does every volunteer require a fingerprint clearance? Department of Justice and FBI fingerprint clearance are required of volunteers whose responsibilities may result in unsupervised work with students. Unsupervised refers to situations and/or volunteer roles in which the volunteer will be alone with one or more students. Examples include: one-on-one tutoring in a private space and facilitating yard duty without a VCUSD staff member nearby. 6


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How long does it take to complete the volunteer processing steps? The entire process takes approximately 1-6 weeks. It depends on if the volunteer requires fingerprint clearance and if they need a new TB test. TB results take 3 days to be read. Fingerprints can be done the same day an application submitted. However, a clearance letter will not be provided to volunteer until the results have been returned by the DOJ and FBI. The fingerprint results can take up to 6 weeks. It is recommended that schools plan accordingly for any annual overnight fieldtrips or projects requiring the clearance of unsupervised volunteers. Do I need to be fingerprinted if I am an employee of VCUSD or a retired employee of VCUSD? If you are a current employee of VCUSD (within the last 6 months), your clearance status will need to be verified with Human Resources. If you are a recent retired employee of VCUSD your clearance status will need to be verified with Human Resources. It is possible in both cases that you will be required to be fingerprinted as a volunteer with VCUSD. Do I need to be fingerprinted if I am a volunteer or employee of another government agency or outside organization? Agencies are not allowed to share the confidential information required in a livescan request. VCUSD is liable for all volunteers registered through the district and must request a livescan for their own volunteers. So for example, if you work or were previously employed by places like but not limited to Solano County, Solano Jr. College or Benicia Unified School District you will still require fingerprinting with VCUSD. However, VCUSD does have a special agreement with one outside organization that allows VCUSD registered volunteers to receive a reduced rate for fingerprints of $38.00. VCUSD will maintain control of all information collected during the registration process. All information is kept private and is used only by the school district. How often do I need to renew my TB results and get fingerprinted? New volunteers must submit proof of negative TB results within the last 6 months and returning volunteers must submit proof of a negative TB result every 4 years. Volunteers who continue volunteering beyond one school year will need to get fingerprint clearance once very three year from the time they begin volunteering with the school district. What happens if a parent or community member does not feel comfortable getting fingerprinted? If a volunteer does not feel comfortable for any reason getting a fingerprint clearance they must be in a supervised volunteer role. Supervised volunteers – those that remain in the same room as a certificated VCUSD staff member at all times – do not need to be fingerprinted. An example includes but is not limited to the following: one-on-one tutoring at the back of the classroom with teacher present and classroom helpers with teacher present. Visitors on Campus The following procedures are to be followed in order to maintain a safe environment for students and staff at Vallejo High School: • All visitors are to check into the office (main, attendance, deans) and sign in. • Visitors who are not parents must obtain authorization from an Administrator prior to being issued a visitor’s badge. • Visitors will be issued a colorful badge that indicates they are checked into the office. • Visitors will return the badge to the office at the end of their visit and sign out. • Staff will ask all visitors without badges to check into the office or staff will notify the office for assistant. All visitors are expected to act in a respectable manner on campus. Please refer to VCUSD governing Board Policy 3515.2, 1250, and 4119.21. 7


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Student Health and Medical Information • Parents: Important information on program offerings, medical requirements and legal notifications including; family life education, venereal disease education, AIDS prevention education, administration of medication, administration of specialized health care services, required immunizations, health examinations, medical insurance, Medi-Cal billing and special education legal notices will be sent home with students during the first week of school. This information is also available in the Main Office at Vallejo High School. • INSURANCE: Vallejo High School does not provide medical insurance coverage for school accidents. This means that the parent/guardian is responsible for your son/daughter’s medical bills if he/she gets hurt during school activities. • MEDICATION: All students needing to take medication for any reason must have a form filled out by their doctor and parent. Forms must be picked up and returned to the Main Office before medication can be administered. All medication must be left in the Main Office. Accommodations will be made for student to take their medication. Students are not to carry any medication on their person for any reason. Academic Programs Academies Vallejo High offers wall-to-wall academies, Biotech, Engineering, Health and Fitness, Hospitatlity and Tourism, and Visual and Perfomring Arts academies. An academy is a personalized small learning community within the high school, students and teachers commit to the academy. Academies offer college preparatory curriculum with a career theme, enabling students to see relationships among academic subjects and their application to a broad field of work; partnerships with employers, the community, and local colleges, bringing resources from outside the high school to improve student motivation and achievement. By the end of the 9th grade year, every student will have a completed 4 year plan that will provide the student as well as the parents with a plan to graduate. All academies are A-G aligned and meet graduation requirements. Academies provide a family-like atmosphere, nurturing close student-teacher ties. Academy students may also participate in required and elective classes outside the academy, as well as other activities such as clubs and sports. Biotech Academy: The Biotech Academy is geared toward providing students with laboratory and technical skills in biotechnology that will allow them to either go directly to the biotechnology workforce or purse higher education at a community college and/or university with a biotechnology emphasis. Engineering Academy: The Engineering Academy and Robotics takes all of your classroom knowledge and teacher you how to use it to engineer real products and process and present them to the world at large. GEAR isn’t a program; it is a four-year “small learning community” designed to be fun, exciting challenging and rewarding. Health and Fitness Academy: The Health & Fitness Academy engages students through integrating health and fitness topics into the core curriculum requirements of high school. It provides health industry related experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, to give students applications for learning, and a contest on which to base their education and career decisions. Hospitality and Tourism Academy: The Hospitality provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills for a successful career through a curriculum that provides an in-depth look at all aspects of the hospitality, tourism and recreation business. Articulation with Solano Community College allows students to earn college credits while enrolled in the Academy. The Academy provides hands-on learning opportunities, field trips, internships/work experience, scholarships, and job skills for any career. 8


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Visual and Performing Arts Academy: The Visual and Performing Academy engages students though integrating art, multi media, drama and music. The academy provides hand-on opportunities for college and career experiences. Honors/Advanced Placement Classes: Students who wish to take an Advanced Placement (AP) Course must complete an application and letter of intent and attach it to their class registration form. Students who do not complete the application and letter of intent will not be enrolled in any AP classes. All students are expected to take the AP exam in May for each course in which they are enrolled. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS In order to earn a diploma, students must earn 230 credits and pass the California High School Exit Exam. Subject Area Credits Required Graduation Standards (Recommended) English 9 10 credits 10 credits English 10 10 credits 10 credits English 11 10 credits 10 credits English 12 10 credits 10 credits Biology 10 credits 10 credits Science 10 credits 10 credits (any 1 of the following) • Chemistry • Physics Algebra 1 10 credits 10 credits Mathematics 20 credits 20 credits • Geometry • Algebra 2 Government 5 credits 5 credits Economics 5 credits 5 credits World History 10 credits 10 credits U.S. History 10 credits 10 credits Visual Performing Arts (VPA) 10 credits 10 credits (any 1 of the following) 1. Music 2. Drama 3. Art Language Other Than English (LOTE) Career and Technical Education (CTE) 20 credits 20 credits 1. 2 years of any ONE language (3 years recommended) 9


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Applied Arts (AA) Physical Education Electives *TOTALS* 20 credits 60 credits 230 credits 20 credits 60 credits 230 credits Counseling The purpose of the Vallejo High School Counseling Department is to help students develop a 4-year plan. This plan will allow students and parents to develop an academic program that will meet their personal, social and academic goals. The 4-year academic plan should be completed by the student’s ninth grade year. This plan will be revisited and adjusted yearly by students, parents and counselors. We hope you will get to know your counselor during the school year. Your counselor is available to discuss school-related problems with students during the day. To schedule an appointment a student needs to fill out a Counselor Request Form in the Counselors’ Office before or after school, during break, or during lunch. Your counselor will then schedule a conference with you. Counselors are available on an emergency basis for students to discuss personal issues. The counselor will also help students with behavior by counseling with them and arranging and participating in Parent/Teacher conferences. The Counselor keeps a cumulative file of the student that originates in the student’s first year in school. CLASS CHANGES: It is our intent to keep class changes to a minimum. Class changes may be made for the following reasons: 1. Scheduling error. 2. Class size adjustments. 3. All others will be based on individual circumstances including any issues regarding academy changes. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be involved in the decision making process to make a class change. If the team listed above is unable to reach consensus on the change, the matter will be referred to the Principal for consideration. THE FOLLOWING GUIDANCE ENRICHMENT/INTERVENTIONS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE COUNSELING OFFICES OF VALLEJO HIGH SCHOOL: Upon entering the ninth grade, each student will create a four year academic plan that will guide them towards graduation and beyond. Within this academic plan, each student will outline the specific courses they will be enrolled in each year in conjunction with their specific academy requirements. • Credit Recovery Programs: Cyber High, 0 and 7th period, Revolution Prep, and Adelente • ASVAB TEST: The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is given annually through the counseling department. • CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS: Counselors visit classrooms to cover information on counseling service and academic development, college and career readiness. • COMMUNITY COLLEGE LIAISON: Counselors from Solano College present information, assessment, and counseling for Seniors. • FEE WAIVER SERVICE: The SAT and ACT fee waivers for the required college tests are available for all students that meet the low-income qualifications set forth. • FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS: The FAFSA application is available Jan 1. Scholarship 10


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information is given to the students via the district website • FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOP: Assistance with preparation of Financial Aid Applications is held annually. • P.S.A.T.: Counselors visit 11th grade English classes in October to do a formal presentation on the PSAT. The test is administered Oct 16, 2013. • UPWARD BOUND: This program targets lower income students of any ethnicity to increase their chances of entering college and provides fee weekly tutoring. 11


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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Vallejo High School expects students faculty and staff to maintain high standards of personal conduct. We will respect for ourselves and will respect the rights of others. We will assume responsibility for our own actions and for the development of self-discipline. Students who experience a problem are expected to immediately report the problem to any adult on campus so a solution can be worked out. Vallejo High School takes a positive approach to discipline, emphasizing wholesome activities and the learning of self-control. We believe that all staff members are responsible for monitoring the behavior of our students. We also believe that teachers have the primary responsibility for promoting and monitoring responsible student behavior in the classroom. A safe and orderly environment is essential in the learning process. The expectations and guidelines contained in this handbook reflect this view. All students, faculty and staff are required to follow the Vallejo High School expectations as well as additional classrooms expectations specified by teachers. Under California law (5144(a), the classroom teacher is given the authority to act in the place of the parent during the time the student is under the teacher’s direction. Generally, before referring a student to the counselor or administrator, we believe in conferring with students and telephoning or meeting with the parents so that concerted action can be taken to mutually correct the behavior pattern of the student. We believe that the teacher has the primary responsibility for promoting and monitoring responsible student behavior at the classroom level, and will utilize all necessary and appropriate strategies to this end. It is acknowledged that at times student misbehavior will necessitate intervention by the counselor or site administrator. Per Education Code, all school rules will be enforced: • While on school grounds • While coming to or going from school • During school hours whether on or off campus, including while truant from school • During or while coming to or going from a school-sponsored activity. PBIS VHS School-wide Expectations *This is an example for the classroom and expectations are tailored for specific areas throughout the campus. • Be on Time and Prepared for School & Class. • Follow Instructions and Procedures. • Be Courteous and Respectful with Your Words. Classroom Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible ► Keep hands and feet to self. ► Ask permission to leave. ►Treat others’ property with respect. ►Follow directions and classroom assignments. ►Be prepared and on time. ► Stay on task. 13



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