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H & H CVC 1991 2016 Club Mag September 12016 - Edition N° 296


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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 1st Director & Chairman - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Director, Vice Chairman - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Director, Assistant Chairman - John Walker - 01663 766861 Treasurer & Director - Jim Lavery 76, Woodlands Drive Offerton Stockport SK2 5AP Tel: 0161 456 1420 jim_lavery@btinternet.com Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Director, Company Secretary & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07970 254172 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section - John Walker - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk Club Stands Mike Coffey - 01298 27424 2 Continued on page next to back page


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Club Mag. For September 2016 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT It’s that time of the year where we seem to go from one show to another as depicted by the front cover picture of Dave Betts with his Fiat X19 after receiving the award for best in show at Stockport from the Mayor of Stockport. Congratulations to Dave with an excellent car which amazingly has had eleven previous owners, all of whom must have been very caring and the car, Dave says, is very rust free! The show was very well supported by H&H CVC members together with those from TVVVC and several independent owners. We also had several Mk2 Consuls and Zephyrs from the Five Stars Club who also brought along some PA Vauxhall Cresta’s and a F Type Victor. Motorcycles were also in attendance from the VMCC courtesy of Kevin Dranfield with the motorcycle winner being the owner of an Indian motorcycle, made famous in the classic film ‘the World’s fastest Indian, the part of Bert Munro played by Anthony Hopkins. A great film well worth watching. tMheansyhomwotwoar-ssacofoatbeurlsotuusrnCehdevurpoflreot mBetlh-eAM3ir acnocnhveesrtteibr lLeiaosnspasrctoooftetrheclVubin,taalgseo at Market display. Included in this magazine is a very detailed report from member


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Paul Barratt who has the red Ford Capri: thanks Paul. We had in all 75 cars present. The only down side was that several entrants did not see the word ‘ENTRANCE ‘and tried to gain access from the St. Mary’s church approach at the time the traders were set to leave which caused some confusion as they were entering the display area from the wrong end and at the wrong time. Next year it will be barriered off. Other shows attended by us include that at Tatton Park and I understand we had a full stand both days and Poynton show. I had a reserve list of people wanting to attend and we had 37 classic vehicles on display’ most of these were driven around the parade ring. We decided to keep the vehicle details read out by Fergie, the announcer, down to three or four lines and that submitted by Mike Coffey was most amusing- ‘Rover 2000, brown’. The rain of course held off in traditional Poynton show manner until about 10 minutes before we did our parade but H&H members are a hardy lot, and carried on regardless. The best in show award was presented by the show sponsor, Joey Henshaw, to Dave Bowden with his 105E Anglia, the car having been chosen by Ruth in the past. Well done Dave and thanks Ruth from the committee who not only being a petrol head has also rallied Ford cars. Something I do not understand is why this event is never published in the local free newspaper, ’Poynton Post’. I did mention this to the organisers but they did not know why. We also attended the Woodsmoor show arranged by Carolyn Boe and Andy Stobbie raising over £4,450 for charity, well done you! On the subject of Charities, I will be presenting a cheque to our 2016 charity, ‘Hand on Heart’ for £2997.00 at the club show on Sunday September the 4th, this being made up of some £2700 raised from the Peaks and Dales run with a charity residue from last year, to enable us to buy three defibrillators with some training for local schools. I have a list of local schools who do not have defibrillators and will sort out which ones will receive them from us at a later date with the hope of a bit of publicity from the local newspaper with some pictures. More later. On the subject of the 2017 charity, Richard Lomas is looking for nominations from us so if you anything suitable please let him know but as always they must be staffed by volunteers as we are not in the habit of paying for people’s salaries. I am writing this report before the Club show as I go on holiday soon after and have the printing deadline to meet. Please give Richard as much contact detail as you can including a name and phone number or e-mail address. I have learned that during the 1950s Hillman Minx’s and Austin Cambridge’s were made under licence by Isuzu and Datsun respectively in Japan and both badged with Isuzu or Datsun as appropriate. During the4 time of manufacture teams were sent out from the Rootes Group and from BMC in order to check on the quality of the products. Both companies were astounded by the quality of the cars and found then to be


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much better than those coming out of the English factories. Consequently, both models were badged Hillman or Austin as appropriate and sent to England. I do not have any figures for Japanese made Hillman’s but understand over 20 000 Japanese made Austin’s were sold in the UK so your classic Minx or Cambridge may have come from the land of the rising sun and maybe, just maybe, that is why it is still with us today. I have not tried to access the serial numbers of those vehicles sold but feel sure that the respective owner’s clubs will be able to help. Something that cropped up with me recently was the payment of Insurance or other policies by direct debit. Our annual travel policy is paid by direct debit but I fortunately noticed that it is automatically increased by the company without prior notice and luckily saw this and told them no way, you tell me the next year’s premium before- hand and I will make the decision. Not so awake however with that on Christine’s car, paid monthly, which had gone up by 35%. I searched for a much more competitive policy and signed up for it only to find that the former policy had been increased so effectively we had two policies on the car. The former policy has been cancelled with some cost alas but make sure it doesn’t happen to you. NOW FOR SOMETHING OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. Martyn reports that about a dozen or so e-mail addresses are out of date as are telephone numbers. Please make sure that the details we have are up to date and that the information given is personal rather than a business contact. I recall that a few years ago the Wilmslow show was cancelled at the last minute due a water logged site, and John Walker and me split the list of attendees in two and contacted them by phone. Sorry but if that is the way you want to do it then it’s your decision but don’t come crying to me if you turn up at an event which has been cancelled and you have given us the wrong or changed phone number or a business one and there is not anyone to take the call on a Saturday. Please make sure the details we have are correct. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT. For the next meeting on September 21st I will be in the sun and Mike Coffey is taking care of business. We have a visit from James Walton with a film show . A bit early I know but Christmas is not too far away and our party is on December 7th, tickets available soon, watch this space. See you in October. 5


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Editorial Magazine Front Cover Photograph. Dave Betts showing off the Trophy that he won for The Mayor's choice which was his Fiat X19 at the recent Classic Car Show held on Stockport Market Place. Club Show, The weather didn’t look at all hopeful when we arrived at the Garden Centre, but as cars started arriving it began to pick up, and by 11 o’clock, it was quite reasonable. A very big Thank you for help setting up, manning stalls, marshalling, & donations. Prizegiving A Pre-war cars 1st Ian Booth - 1932 Humber Snipe 2nd Ed Burke - 1928 Delage DR 70 Grand Prix B - 1945 - 1980 1st ChesterMaddox 49 MG TC 2nd Stuart Lomas - - 1954 Riley RME C - 1961 - 1975 1st Alan Campbell - 1970 MG Midget 2nd John Minikin D - 1976 1991 1 1st Paul Barratt - 1986 Ford Capri 2 2nd Andy Robinson - 1990 Eunos Roadster E - Modern-day Classic 1st Graham Scattergood - 1996 TVR Chimaera 2nd Stephen Cashmere - 90 Toyota Sera Motorcycles 1st Kay Lester - 1973 Suzuki RV 125 2nd - Vincent RVK 747 (No name for owner. Scott Jones Trophy Was won by Kay Lester & her Suzuki Ian Law Trophy Wilbert McKee] High Lane Garage Prize Mike Coffey 1974 Rover 2200 Garden Centre Prize went to Peter Moore for his Pre-war Vauxhall. Also, the Staff recommended John Kinsey’s 7AC Cobra Replica as a prize-winner, so he was presented with a bottle of wine and a Garden Centre voucher. Finally and most important:FRED DEAN was appointed to the Club HALL OF FAME


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Star of the Show, Stuart Lomas’ J1 Ambulance built by the Company started by his Great, Great Grandfather. 8


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Welcome back Harrods, who’s advertisement is on the back page this month. One again they are offering discount to Membership card holders on items purchased in the shop, but they wish everybody to be assured that they endeavour to supply parts for the very best prices that they can. Please don’t ask for further discounts. New Members Steve Cook - Has a 1986 2.0 Litre Capri Laser Tom Wardle - has a 1982 Ford Fiesta Andy Joynson - has 1980 MGB LE Brian & Christine Conway actually have a 1999 Alpha Romeo GTV (3L V6 Lusso) Quite a powerful beastie. Welcome to you all.. Oddpics Utterly obscure British Car Humour 9


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas August started off quietly but that didn't last long, The Stockport Market show was held on the 14th August in Historic market place, a brilliant turn out with a variety of MGs on display from a TC to a RV8. The theme of the weekend was 60 and 70s with market hall being full of stalls selling memorabilia from the two decades, the weather being kind to us. It also helped that being near to shops there was time for our partners to do some retail therapy. The car winning the Car of the show was Dave Betts Fiat X14. Our monthly meeting was a quiz by Mr Andy Robinson which was car related of course, three MG teams entered but no winner this month, you think you know a lot about our hobby but no some people know a lot more, congratulations to Graham and Jean the winners with 29 points out of 37. A bottle of wine as a well deserved prize. Six of our members arranged a long weekend in Llandudno for the very popular MGOC Snowden run. This for me being the 10th time i have attended. The weather was not very kind to us, but Friday was a gentle run of 100 miles to our B&B stopping off for a pub lunch. On Saturday we left our other halves to look around the retail park in Llandudno while we had a look around The Anglesey Transport Museum a very well set out and varied museum with Military, commercial , agricultural and cars the variety being excellent. A beautiful Albion coach from the 30's being my favourite . The run around 90 miles ended at Betwsy Coed the day being dry and cloudy. I must thank Llandudno MGOC members for a well organised run ,and excellent marshalling. 12


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Stockport Classic Car Show 14th August By Paul Barratt We have really enjoyed this show in the past and it has definitely become one not to be missed. Not only with being so local to most of us, but it's closeness to the town centre shops, it's surroundings and amenities of Stockport just make it a good day out for owners of the participating vehicles and passengers alike. As always at car shows we all have concerns about the weather and can't help but glimpse at the forecast (for the good that it does, when will they be able to get it right?!), but aside from the occasional threat of rain and nothing more than a very light drizzle in the air a couple of times, it stayed fine and dry all day, which of course makes the whole occasion even better. This time it was on the same day as the Vintage Village, and it was a masterstroke having it at the same time, the classic cars fitted in perfectly with the whole vintage ethos which this day has, spot on. Incidentally, these Vintage Villages take place on the second Sunday of every month, well worth a visit. If you have an interest, collect (as I do) certain items from these bygone eras or just like to look around then they are well worth a visit. Many car related items can often be found also. I don't know about other towns or cities, but Stockport does seem to be focused in with the vintage/retro feel, there are numerous shops for example in the marketplace which specialise in such merchandise, I frequent them a lot, and no doubt some of you would have had a good look around during the day of the show, hopefully finding some treasures which take you back in time to those majestic and simpler days. As with the Vintage Village, these shops are also worth a visit, so please do. Having the show coincide with the vintage day brought many more admirers along, and there was a very healthy amount of classic vehicles indeed for them to take a look at. I don't have the numbers to hand but it wouldn't surprise me if it was close to a hundred, scattered in various places around the market area. My designated spot was to the side of the market hall, where all of us were to display our cars at an angle in a row. I must admit that at first I thought that some of us would struggle to align our cars in this way due to the limited space to13manoeuvre, but it wasn't so bad, in fact it worked out very well, it was a very neat idea and we all seemed to enjoy it there.


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There were several comments and compliments , during and after, directed to my better half Lynn, for her directing skills with the aforementioned display and parking. All that was missing was a high-vis jacket, I might get her one for next time! It was nice to see such a good turnout of club members and their cars, some faces which I hadn't seen at the club nights for a while so it's always good to catch up and see that the cars (as well as the owners of course!) are still going strong. It really does make you realise what wonderful cars we have at the club, of all kinds, shapes, sizes and ages, it really is wonderful. Although we have all seen most of them many times over, I for one will certainly never tire of seeing them displayed like this again and again. And judging by the reaction of the visiting public, they feel just the same, those comments of astonishment which we all hear as they approach to take a closer look (I haven't seen one of these in ages, we used to have one, wish I'd kept mine, wow I remember these), I could hear for many of the vehicles on all areas of the displays. Our Capri too had it's fair share. Like myself, many club members drive their cars frequently, and will often get those types of comments, or that look, a thumbs up, etc. and it's such a nice feeling when it happens. It definitely adds to the whole classic car experience. I wouldn't like to have to pick a car of the show in a collection such as this, but that is just what the Mayor had to do, and he chose well with handing the prize to Dave Betts' multiple award winning Fiat X19. Well done to Dave, a very nice chap and worthy winner. It is ironic that he almost never made it, as he was telling me that he had the very thing which we all dread on the day of a show, starting troubles that very morning. If my memory serves correctly, I think that Dave mentioned a whack to the starter motor made life perfect once more. Don't you just love classic cars! The show season is coming to an end yet again and a lot of us will only have a couple left perhaps for this year, I would really like to say, and I'm sure that you will all agree with me, how much we appreciate all concerned for the efforts involved in creating these shows for us all to enjoy. It is very easy to forget the efforts required behind the scenes when we simply turn up in the morning, have a great day, and then head home. I think I am right in saying that Chairman Steve was at the helm for this one, but anyone who organises athnaynokfs,thitemshuostwtsakwehsiocmh ethdeocilnugbamndemI b1fo4errsotnaekecepratartinilnyddeosne'rtvtehsinakgtrheaatt big I could


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do it as well, the preparation beforehand must be hours in the making. It is a thankless task, a logistical nightmare, full of trouble and we can be quick to moan when something doesn't go to plan. So to any and all who do this for us throughout the year, really - thank you! On this occasion, those thanks extend of course to the organisers of the Vintage Village also, as it must have been a combined effort to dovetail the two events together. There are plenty of pictures from the show on the club website, so please do head over there and take a look if you haven't had the chance to do so already. It was a great day, we were amongst the last to leave and I am sure that most of us, if not all, will look forward to the next one. 15



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