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TAXI VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY Australia’s premier independent taxi industry magazine celebra TALK September 2016 ISSUE NO 579 VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY TAXI MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 PROUDLY PUBLISHED AND PRINTED IN MELBOURNE Print Post Approved number 100004912 ting YEARS THE VOICE OF THE VICTORIAN TAXI INDUSTRY ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW 17-27 September 2016 @ Melbourne Showgrounds Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, the Royal Melbourne Show is a fun and memorable event that celebrates Victoria and excellence in agriculture. At the Royal Melbourne Show you can experience blue-ribbon animal competitions, award-winning food and drink, and fun-filled attractions.


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Join the newest club in town.... CLUBBRUNSWICK TAXI TAXI COVER Third Party & Public Liability 3 Quality and Fast Repairs 3 Lower Annual Contribution on all vehicle types 3 Providing Third Party Certificate with Public Liability of $20,000,000 3 Income Lost for not at fault Discount for Green Top and Owner Drivers We are here Call us today 9380 6522 0403 621 291 Fa6x:|9S3e8pt0em9be4r 120116 | E-mail: | 59 WTaxei Tsatlko-nVoSicetroef ethet,TaBxirIundnusswtryick YEARS


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Contents 6 OUR INDUSTRY IS CHANGING Summary of the Victorian government proposed reforms. 20 10 INDUSTRY DESTRUCTION Our taxi industry is being destroyed. 24 VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY TAXI MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 MAGAZINE EDITOR Toni F. Peters FOUNDER Stanley F. White PUBLISHER Trade Promotions Pty Ltd ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Mrs Toni Peters Trade Promotions Pty Ltd PO Box 2345, Mt Waverley VIC 3149 Phone: ....................................... 0400 137 866 Email: ............................. Website: .......................... DRIVERLESS CARS Answers for driverless cars’ sceptics. 26 FROM VIC TAXI & HIRE CAR FAMILIES A look at what’s been happening this month within the industry. BULLY ZERO Read about how you can help put a stop to bullying. 38 RULES & REGULATIONS An update on rules and regulations affecting the Victorian taxi industry. Views expressed in any article in Taxi Talk magazine are those of the individual contributor and not necessarily those of the publisher. The publisher cannot accept any responsibility for any opinions, information, errors or omissions in this publication. To the extent permitted by law, the publisher will not be liable for any damages including special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages (including but not limited to economic loss or loss of profit or revenue or loss of opportunity) or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising from the contract, tort or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such loss of profits or damage. Advertisements must comply with the relevant provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Responsibility for compliance with the Act rests with the person, company or advertising agency submitting the advertisement. Taxi Talk magazine has agreed to advertise taxi clubs because those clubs have stated that they and their products comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to insurance for taxi operators. Taxi Talk magazine has not independently verified these taxi clubs’ compliance, and give no warranty and make no representation as to whether the taxi clubs are compliant. Operators should satisfy themselves as to a taxi club’s compliance with laws and regulations through their own enquiries. These advertisements do not constitute recommendations by Taxi Talk magazine that operators purchase insurance products from taxi clubs. Taxi Talk magazine does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any operator because a taxi club or its product or service is non-compliant. Taxi Talk magazine is wholly owned by Trade Promotions Pty Ltd. COPYRIGHT © Trade Promotions Pty Ltd 2015. All rights reserved. The “Taxi Talk – Voice of the taxi industry” heading and logos are trademarks of Stanley F. White. Copyright of articles and photographs of Taxi Talk magazine remain with the individual contributors and may not be reproduced without permission. DISPLAY ADS All copy, editorial and artwork must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to publication date. Advertisement sizes and costs can be downloaded at CLASSIFIED ADS $35 for 40 words, $70 for 80 words, etc. Email or Mail your classified advertisement by the 15th of the month prior to publication date, together with your payment. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS 1 year = $40 PAYMENT OPTIONS • Via PAYPAL to • Direct Deposit to Trade Promotions Pty Ltd BSB 033065 A/c 312786 • Mail Cheque to Trade Promotions Pty Ltd PO Box 2345, Mt Waverley VIC 3149 proudly supporting these organisations since inception..... September 2016 | 3


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editFoROrM’TsHE desk There you have it. The wait is over and we now know what the Victorian Andrews’ government is wanting to do with ridesharing startups. They will bring them under the same umbrella as taxis and hire cars and make a new sector called Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) transport. The government says that the reform will make it safer, simpler and provide greater flexibility for Victorians and visitors using CPV transport. It says that by removing the licensing requirements it will make it easier for service providers to enter and compete in the market. Thereby creating more competition, more choice, shorter wait times, better value and improved service standards. To maintain the standards that the taxi and hire car industry have set over the years by enforcing that ride-share drivers will also have to pass police, medical and driving history checks is a step in the right direction. But, it seems to be all about what the customer wants and gets. There are another two sections to the taxi and hire car industry and that is the drivers and owners. What are the drivers going to benefit from this? Are they going to receive more income? Work less hours? Get better customers in their vehicles? And what about the owners? They have been promised $100,000 buy-back for their first licence and $50,000 for the second licence. But NOTHING for any other licence. What about the person who purchased a few taxi licences, in good faith, for their kids and grandkids? They have to accept $150,000 for the total of their licences owned - that’s all? Even if they may have 10 licences? The replacement of the various licensing systems into a single registration system makes a lot of sense. One lot of paperwork, one design, one governing authority, giving continuity across all sections of CPV transport. Premier Daniel Andrews said “We’re levelling the playing field for the whole industry while ensuring consumers have safe and reliable access to transport services.” Well, you certainly did that! You certainly levelled the field - totally squashed it in fact. 4 | September 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY TAXI MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 proudly published and printed in Melbourne And then there’s the opinion of the Victorian Taxi Association (VTA). The VTA has stated that it “broadly supports the Government’s approach to fundamentally reforming the regulations governing the commercial passenger vehicle industry in Victoria”. “The VTA recognises the world in which we operate has and is changing at a rapid rate and taxi businesses should have the opportunity to compete fairly for customers into the future” said VTA CEO David Samuel. “The changes announced reflect an understanding and willingness to confront the major shifts that have occurred within the commercial passenger vehicle industry,” he said. “Overall, we are pleased by the approach taken by the Andrews Government to embrace the progressive vision to the future of CPV regulation proposed by the Victorian taxi industry,” continued Mr Samuel. It certainly sounds like the VTA thinks that the contents of the reform is a great thing for the taxi and hire car industry. One has to wonder where their allegiance lies. Who is the association looking after? I’m not sure that there is a clear winner here - but there is definitely a clear loser. The people who bought a few licences back in the day when they were really cheap, as an investment, where do they stand today? They stand on the brink of bankruptcy. When driverless cars are eventually put on the road, we will see a big dent in the amount of profits that insurance companies will make. Autonomous car manufacturers expect the number of crashes to significantly decrease - perhaps even as high as 70%. And even if an accident is unavoidable the consequences of the accident will be less severe due to the lesser speed that the vehicles will be travelling at. Also as alcohol contributes to onethird of the motor vehicle deaths, the advent of autonomous vehicles will be welcomed as a breath of fresh air. No longer will we have to worry about being under .05 and driving. Our cars cannot drink alcohol and therefore will have a 0.0 BAC everyday. High up in the Northern Territory the Opposition Leader Michael Gunner, says “We’ve left our commercial passenger vehicle industry vulnerable now to ridesharing moving in without any protections, which I think is irresponsible”. So it will be most interesting to see how quickly NT moves on the ride-sharing agenda, now that they are the last Australian state/territory to do so. Toni Peters Editor TT Advertise in TAXI TALK DO YOU HAVE... • something to sell? • a service to offer? • a new product? Voice of the Victorian Taxi Industry Contact Toni Peters on M 0400 137 866 | E Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS September 2016 | 5


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OUR INDUSTRY IS CHANGING On 23 August 2016 the Victorian Government announced changes for the commercial passenger vehicle industry by lowering barriers to entry and removing excessive vehicle licensing requirements. The changes are complex and require substantial legislative change, so they will be introduced over a two year period. 6 | September 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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Victoria’s taxi and hire car STAGE 1 STAGE 2 industry is changingOnce fully implemented, these changes will provide a level Reform will be delivered through two se playing field for the commercial passenger vehicle industry of legislative change lTyfprbblmTATNieaiceyhergAgrohueoae.hElsirnovSsXrestuecsilwaTpdatfIpihao,VnferietpeanWtHrigrarvitotingitncyreorlIrhgaieRgntOtdoaceeecqoeuEb,hsdt’urwbsRtriaaivaicdbeiCrrneoaomerKreycegipAmmfa-enloeapscoruReSer,hswooGsssnspamtresEAottwotraostuwepNtiRfshelv—hnllaesinaeDncfeeiVettaxtrwoayndirnrehctnyRaoaurmInrgwihsontCeientnsaeoIlimileofniDtldedtmnraolttrtuEhsatbdnhyrstEtreEcoeeohhteteidehbr-eonnrhaePmtqeveiSymoonjnmrtubuieuirannRolHortbTsiiryoeirrdotkdvipebrgseeosAOevaonaut2e.eddaaeisgtsnRtnksna0i-uiuVcrstrougskieesrrE1mcnntbenriyhidwpeeetoIge7sydSxtaD,adttnro,oiwufacimslnrwoEnclohripeneeEadnctvRbastohagtcutgoieisARmsshtceaVirmsiericvkoeogecal,aetSIaehmaueorCtnlpmktnvnnnvhttitwEarntwidetaoeiwcirs.egnhdSroyiwtelkiihhlceitietslilehlset.,ntshSbteEEStioeenvaatteraattrremirhljlnggyyyoe,tree2w2irbenTo0021hrsd1ta1io7hc8pun,ehf,icsnofbfpebifwiiinnrntndooeiaiEalatrls.oamtlrlfaikealnlaoAeerclemtcldgedtryitwloioigemsutt2anlodoiatcsatd0ruhretrilmkei1ankvcerme8eitegweditno,vefdeiirtvnelm-asl.estmwhhbeaieealrlrwrsbgerhoieseeorermkrnsrtwvactio Wfolfehxraiidbteiyli-otsyuhfnaoerreinVdgitc.oTtokhrneiaosnwescahnadngveissitwoirlsl musainkeg it safer, simpler taxi, hire car or and provide greate ride-share transpo VeVheihcilcelelicliecnesnisnigngwwillilbl beereremmoovveedd yOlbrflpoTlbieoaicepyhlegngwareae.phlcsiyneoSsrtoueicsrlwnapafrpiihfnognfetetupeaugrigrrlfvtoinlniiNnyyeeoorrgiegttleidpocdmeeiqteub,ehsdwufbsptraaoaicaobelrfrrneoeorrtacwrOlToTVPtlryciimtegoiekimcmcroounaheervhilnelqeoaeomtoVcwuvUamiOcmiaeSlrhmrgiuenoeemncse,hensnnnvnuwboinnineisesrelsnsehenlcahmcdlciecitrcoamteiaconttesrdnmoriiatmiohelewooolcebeectevegteeuabstkeretserrhlmewcspvlesdtt,tiplreie,emsheeedhlrylcr—tehaweaotelpslpr,wlsectehsnamametsesetapo2cehitegothxvihee,tftpfitx.v.htaa0wiorlpiwynaoveonatronPerilVanrtedoht1hecflehelnyonmaoiaibrtvriiisinrwmleesasda8lpvnsshcolehesvcatoeennaa.,aho,eieltaliiisaeiilbdndovtestlldsocgwddaatnsricalltmiis,lctsstidcieecuulnreilhanelixtbhddiecinlealstmranhtlmlolrmviepcggeevlthheaneeeoheglanirrogatlehbatraabocaeesefsmtqrnnetbeiaodrhinnocsneeseejvgsnaltamauggeuaasihlioeagergahsgnbticrnlthbbvaisesienalrsmreedrrrtreroealnkediositeeeayescrrivhpeovgsdpnrsisesvcmmmoluaiqnpeadadnailvedidcamcpgailcicsnnusscwntpasaecsseseiaisyoiuguleercditotoysotlreruagakitrcriihl.owrocmsnhactleirtsbemmmnnfelnrefrlbyiiiaiavaidieneialocoeevepscslyutrsldegefldlptiegixotldepelheeiettnndrntbnenoamwrfatecyetniourlhwpiidaoooiynegragsnandohartnectneeiavasicrtncocittctveerartwstgvsioettcorcerobieeuedangahlis,ehiesessrasetvaqsciapqdoqstneelipawhteqrheemrerelnsvaoeuomgualeu,iafniuetfwthens.acefariakkuoiirtafkgrufeiaswitrlrtibredieeeeceevnnnateeenivechelttilralhddlheemrecsouqewle--drettenemianabvst.bos.uhwodposddwetRtoiekeiinhr,lrcflmbsVrbabTrTRcsSoeeiisnyheaealdirolyurahepleoeeseyiedkteqdndaavinserchiorpsnsaesrakuqemvtehindieok-ertclimlirvdi-eoicushreaesqrmacsklnalweaeyevhxebReSEEtoSttdnhiuhiemkiiwdroescrc,elsnaopndfteaaaaaintteeae2Parfodrlhoaaiwmbr,ernrcieettelr0fvrmdrnmrhoetgeirkihfooeerdllnlftoendggiicesyiarmy1aynrkvngn,vvegtr,ru8otwtettieeeprikeeioafivlom2hgwsia2edirmeotp,maemsgnThwliheeo0hg0le21aamrdlceoashlitrduiialsnaohchoidrsw1traairrhi1lnpimseebseem7glllhnlroroct8itnyeugnt,okravci,seaverwaiehehlufs,i.eiiv2ucacmsaalsttlercnrietfrtfeoangao0agsewagbrpieebawietphlnaoisneyf1mrdihtlha.etidroeeotlgollipcliirkotal7lqcyadelnawrt2perl.onahnanynatr.advliohutllftr0toesoduekiagnkchaaicaisnlielapoAiartlemeesv1cnerstscelntyacalana7mirdnicereimdh,gstmcdnireaoivsganicnntlodeheedaeitedideeledacinomsoetdtntsnerndinhtiarnarrlouetrtelhfotdoaaiedeareogielaarssctdqatasiatdbdcoryretidpererheisuutnmetmscieldtnikvevamvao.nirpdnrw.ntgmrNataseaeUiheivedeenchcvddeot.oretiewNmluernonfeneeieerrfaeeetebdilrrkwsgrotivettnitehteenvl-cqahhsaitleotwnuwtl.tesiaiaahiketucombwacrorwttwhgiihneeebsdkillnhlfilellxenoeardiheeadlcai.elsrrerwarieostbtmkeetrrowhsori.tiehqoSseeniorohmwieunrmenkrrisreirisartterlwvealvsetel,c cWonhtianuteyd oneuxtnpeageed to know MoMroereacaccocuonutnatabbiliiltityyffoorr NettwwoorrkkSSeerrvviciceePProrovvidideresrs More informParPotrviooivdindeerrssooff coommmmeercricaliaplapssaesnsgeenr gveehricvlehicTleheseTarxviicSesrvibcoesokCeodmomnissthioen pwhillorneequoirrevia an a Visit www.traimnncasaselpdpurpvedo,icirinrneetgcss.lvuptbdaioocixnon.igkgsneitobdaelxvteiow.annfooeurttrhwk/sesora,irpkdhfsehie,roteyh-niesrcaehanocradrabrrvsuiebaesuriasvnnii-ecsesaidetelelsdNli,avensetwodroytr.hkideSyee-crsvahicnaebrPeerobhvoeidlodekrstiontogabccecooamucncptraefdno-ries, will b nesses and ride-share booking companies, these responsibilities. 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All drivers must be accredited The Taxi Services Commission will require that all drivers, including ride-share drivers be accredited, which includes passing police, medical and driving history checks, and being subject to ongoing criminal data matching. This will be enforced from today. The Government will continue to work with Victoria Police to ensure the safety of passengers. 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Fare structures will be opened up to allow the industry to charge passengers differentiated prices that reflect the type of service they provide. Competition between service providers will help to keep fares as low as possible and additional consumer protections will be put in place to enable passengers to make informed choices (for example, requiring accurate fare estimates to passengers up front). Protections will also be put in place to ensure people using rank and hail taxis are charged a fair price. PePretrritpriplelveyvytotosusuppppoorrttttrraannssiittiioonn What you FoNp•e•nrqfaepea$teolasFsoltptwTuoceetoxMT3rmhaounrpawe$vvikioop7lvxplmdhseelyyti7amovih8dacaseprr25eeaeagliereeorele0dwmtinctekniemao2rqonnvtereN1idetnglx0r,ruSi8lecyinposliietevwt1haialleevfialectrcaa8tilotiwadohrlrtocoooioekholvannlvoolikipdernanecsnopiacNgf$renmntlichidsklhrtalgnFtart2iidiieeheiasbscrNoenoaSswectoeteIttulolePonaoenisewiiiwgctvrnindrlnrteflrerdeasewnslceotveoc$rvnanutiilliaerortcuen2yvpthcgfeolksworeswdlisucekpntdteeshico.oiiShlnnarlPmuhrealedoSnyFIgeyedpscrtotdreomm:humrl.ablsiTowpcdarevnievAnsveerommileiaemr:idlgsilanltdcclmrlednhetsteencetrcstonmrppthideoeorsw,shaogrePPcmmviaaerphtetntsearirpnerhaeooiaraomuognorsdetrnbsxvldevpfvch.roennsieiuipaaddiaTrnpsividoctneaAevanhniauioaovinepderaixsssplnaerssnrugrileesasipptsatcieruiislttisoaaaarnaatht••ecantnsaglrceh oxdgsdhneiatrcpoleewsacrsithaPfprtacreetrheenarvtietooaaredldeaheoslexnlmcgtvdd$msv$scepoichksid7oieee3hsooeeaosi5inrnpw7ceitirugrsnubpohrppa8elrocsaeetpovnebeowlmrniorapldktelpredviteswvuomb.aasirellieoeihalthefgdiiutpiirrapolroliwosiegalcetaatincnsotoerhricwhnsifst.mlfnsoesedcotaiIieltFrlostawinelwoesitaffuirriwtiiuhtIsnlexinttinaaillr(lhlasevetclilndTdnldepidtaeedlbncerocububr-otiuesoedsevtfnotfslhlsteeoteremesvattrecrrapyhirwimtasdeplhntpyms1Freoeeoaar)a)urlylse.Tbpr,eiesesncirrbevfgeaaonwgaesdtphlaioiininccsrnceeruototrseltceehaadon(hrpinieantscsttaikbeisfivsnoecav;irts.lnilpdpneeeiopveoadglaeelmtuaenenvhssssestyesussappoiasnprtnodaao tihmeyprernoevwethaecir cliceesnsceibs loevepr othienttratnositpioon ipnetriotdra. nsport services through: • A $75 million Fairness Fund to provide Economic Developm Tatxaisrgeted support for industry participFairsnttlsicence STercaonndsplicoerntcae nd Reso Petrhpeatutaml maeytroepxolpitaenrtiaexni lciceenfcienancial hardsh$ip10a0,s000 $w50i,l0l0f0ocus on how to Pearpreetusaul ultrboanf ttahxei lsiceencche anges, and to prov$id10e0,000 $a50n,0d00improve the com Pearpnetiumal preogirotnaanl ttaxai ldicdenitcieonal funding sourc$5e0,000 $o25f,0w0h0 eelchair acces Petropestuuapl cpoounrttrytthaxei lpiceroncveision of accessible$15,000 $a7,d50d0ition to consider Grteraatenr smpeotrorptoslietarnvtaicxielisceinncethreelefauset*ure by: $33,750 $m16,o87d5els of service pr Ot•hear fpixepdotienrmtintagxi laicednecedsi(cAannteuadl, PCeoakmsemrviisces)ioner Acnnouualdfeebreebaatdeopted in for disability services to the Taxi will include consider HireScearrsvices Commission; First licence SMecuolntdi Plicuernpcoese Taxi P Pe•rpepturoalvmidetirnopgolaitadndhirteiocnaralicl eonncegoing fundi$n2g5,0t0o0 $1e2x,5p0a0 nded beyond ta Perpestuuapl pcoournttrythhieredcaerlilivceenrcye of accessible p$1o2i,n50t0- $6c,o25m0 mercial passeng Spectiaol-ppuropionste tvreahinclesplicoerncteservices; and $1,250 • T$h6e25Fairness Fund wil VMiosirtewiwnfwo.trrmanastT*bpioF)o•oocbronercnusoeottilnneifng.uvvireebadnivltectoceiiofc.hocnrgoraeteltldohalsisectvhkespeln.aeiaiclnybicedmuesglneet/hcnbraeatsp.ytidawcobeteorohievn-empe,stut-rhhDpctehoaraleicse-reepnphdecaueeoprhn-itfonromlsdtneitvrtefomerrnautesrtntne: oyasve)fpahireasov.werhteld the targeted support for i licencpe aonr1t5icAuigpusat 2n0t16s, atnhd at may immediate financial h of these changes. WMhoereelchcahiroAiccece, sosnibdleeTmaxaisn(dWATs) ItttWatnrhrrUrRalraaaiceeAecnnnneneTgessssnumMddpppintncisuoooevarousltrrrebtertttriirvsrlnssepaeftPiyoeannghslturrnttavoitglredyeoipprccmeaoepnseftecoisluhsqabncepd.bpyeuyelasersaTpiwidlolarsnirwiexocfieciictirvmstmeehohaiPdpnpnsmrieaoanvrossoergngit.vednsanrptiaitdnwissgomometainondrbwroaptiraelltlitiekhntollyqelprdi,opnubuawuvobtteighhhillerniloheecethrvemeicmhcmTtlopielofohevrtieooinecemgnrvrscvgetlmieesaisteaifetolecthdwnwnpehec,aosaimoelsnlfytsgoirenaeiegadn$sthrhgd2tpaee0itseriroesoarvnhie••M•noectaohdndholorbmse.itmtcfmyhruSeetlpeeoenwooatrrlderkimmitrnclaeeixlendte,obnegrauticenhcmnsrdvthchetdionrlaawupyocptnw.irdlnraoiegoueoiccndetivmeregtnusieistecattwiipeeohsoimiddneeelnl teemsienatnh nmewaFkaeirnietsesaFsuinedrwfioll rmsineimrvisiecetheprrisokvsideorf sWAtoT associated with these changes to the com- services mo•re iamttrapcrtiovevetoddrsiveerrsv. ice stan Improved safety and accountability Taxi Talk - Voice of the TaxPi Inrdouvstirdy ers of commercial passenger vehicle services that are bookedYEoARnS the phone or The STeaptxemi bSeer 2r0v16ic|e9s Comm that all drivers, including


p. 10

MARK KNIGHT Hand signed Mark Knight cartoons available from the Herald Sun shop. Phone 9292 1234 or go to The destruction of the taxi industry continues The destruction of the industry started, probably in 2002, with the introduction of the Peak Service Licences. It accelerated during the years of the inquiry under Professor Fels and continued during the reign of Graeme Samuel at the Taxi Services Commission and seems it will reach a conclusion by 2017. 10 | September 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


p. 11

The recent interviews of Professor Fels and Graeme Samuel show clearly that both men came with preconceived ideas to their respective jobs and it seems that they did not care what damage they did to the industry or how many innocent hard working Australians got hurt. All they seemed to have cared about was how they could put their long held ideas into practice and how they could further their careers. It became very clear during the interview of Graeme Samuel, that Professor Fels did visit the Uber Headquarters in California when he went on a taxpayer funded fact finding trip to America and Europe. It will probably never become public knowledge what transpired during this meeting, but it is strange that Graeme Samuel accuses Professor Fels of not acting or mentioning Uber in his report. Furthermore, Graeme Samuel makes it quite clear that he wanted a deregulated Taxi Industry and did everything in his power to destroy a regulated industry that served the public well for many decades. Both men enacted or recommended actions that deprived the Taxi Industry of drivers, changed regulations that continuously weakened the Taxi Industry and created an oversupply of taxis in Melbourne. They both knew very well that the licence value had nothing to do with the fare structure or service, but continuously used the licence value to validate their actions. It is also very strange that the very drivers that lost their accreditation as taxi drivers, by the actions and recommendations of Professor Fels and Graeme Samuel, are now driving for Uber. One has to wonder why the two men, that helped Uber so much, attacked each other during the interview with Neil Mitchell. Could it be that one person got rewarded and the other missed out? Much has been said about the effect that Uber has on the Taxi Industry. Mostly we talk about fairness, public safety, level playing field, and things that do not address the core of the problem. The whole Uber problem is a political one. It is a question of law and order, and our governments have a duty to protect its citizens from exploitation. European countries (Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands) are upholding their laws and told Uber that they have to abide by them. We have laws that are flaunted and disobeyed continuously by this big American bully, yet governments around Australia fail to enforce our laws and change regulations and laws to accommodate a company that falsely claims to have a unique technology that will help mankind to lead a better life. In reality they have nothing new in a technological sense but enrich themselves via algorithmic management at the expense of our workforce and customers. They are allowed to charge customers hundreds of dollars more than a normal taxi fare by the use of surge pricing and undermine the rights and conditions of Australian workers in an unscrupulous manner. This is not competition. This is a takeover of an industry by a selfish, greedy American company that invades our country by the use of unlimited funds. The “gig economy” undermines the dignity of our labour and preserving that dignity should be central to our society, and we should put it before the interests of a few billionaires that want to enrich themselves at the expense of hardworking Australians. The destruction of the Taxi Industry doesn’t only come from the outside, but is also coming from inside the industry. Rather than working together for the sake of the public and the industry we find that different groups in the industry act only in their own self- interest. Examples of this are plentiful. • We trash our own distinctive brand of yellow cars by using white and silver cars. • Our two major network services do not co-operate by refusing to dispatch work to all of the Melbourne taxis. • Cabcharge tries to control the operators that receive work through their network services by persuading them to use their “free taximeter”, so that they can eventually become another Uber. Operators work against operators and drivers against drivers. All this is not helping our taxi customers and we should be able to concentrate our endeavours in providing a good service at the cheapest possible price to our customers and at the same time have a sustainable Taxi Industry. Hans Altoff Taxi Owner / Operator TT Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS September 2016 | 11


p. 12

Reform... really! Premier Daniel Andrews got it wrong once again. There will be no more jobs. The proposed transformation of the taxi and hire car services is not responding to new technology but to an American bully, that ignores our laws and regulations. Premier Andrews finds it easier to ignore, or change our laws and confront the Taxi and Hire Car Industry, than to stand up against Uber. This is a win of billionaires over hard working Australians. Premier Andrews does not level the playing field. He drags the whole industry down to lowest common denominator in order to accommodate Uber and any other organizations, that wants to exploit the travelling public and the drivers who provide the service to the public. There will be no shorter waiting times nor safer travel. On the contrary there will be more congestion and more expensive fares for the travelling public. The quotes by Minister Jacinta Allan seem to indicate that it is better to agree than to lose your job. Is this the push that kills the industry or is it the awakening to fight back? Hans Altoff Taxi Owner / Operator TT Monash new speed A new speed trial that will see trucks travel at 90km/h along a 10km section of the Monash Freeway commenced last month. The trial will run for 18 months between Huntingdale Road and Jacksons Road. Motorists along this stretch of road are asked to pay attention to the new signs in place showing the change. Reducing the speed of trucks will create greater distances between cars and trucks to reduce tailgating and allow cars to navigate more safely around trucks, reducing the likelihood of rear end and side swipe crashes. A second trial phase involving banning trucks from the right hand lane in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the two measures together, will occur at a later date depending on the trial’s progress. Improving the interactions between cars and trucks along this important route will reduce crashes and delays, benefitting both motorists and the freight industry. TT 12 | September 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


p. 13

Schmidt G5 Taximeter Schmidt G5 SN 123456 01 $48.50 TARIFF Tap to Pause or Hold to Total FARE $5.10 $2.00 TOLLS CITYLINK Tap to Add EXTRAS DAY • HIRED Day View Keep control of your business • Fully automatic self-calibration - World’s first self-calibrating taximeter. - Recalibrates itself automatically whenever required e.g. when you change tyres. - No need to visit a dealer for calibration, saving you time and money. • Eliminates off-meter fares and could pay for itself many times over every year - World’s first taximeter with optional ultrasonic passenger detection - Keeps the fare running whenever a passenger is riding in your taxi • Prevent other parties from owning your confidential income data and putting your privacy at risk • Control your taximeter via secure website log-in Schmidt Electronic Laboratories Pty Ltd Trusted by thousands of taxi operators & drivers for more than 35 years Taxi Phone (03) 9546 6990 or 1300 132 422 | Email Talk - Voice of thAedTdaxrieInsdsus1t5ry3 Osborne Avenue, ClaytonYESAoRSuth, VIC 3169 | | Website ABN 20 005 631 71S0eptember 2016 | 7


p. 14

Vic Hire car update There are many taxi operators who own and operate hire cars and many hire car operators who also own taxi licences. I would like to thank Toni Peters for the opportunity to write an article for Taxi Talk so we can reach out not only to Victorian Hire Car Association members (VHCA) but also the wider hire car community. A great deal of the hire car industry started from taxis and I am proud to say I was one. All of the current VHCA board started in taxis and one of our members still holds two taxi licences, so we absolutely understand the difficulties and challenges that the Taxi and Hire Car communities face together. I write this article at a time before the Andrews Government has declared their position on electronic hail and ride-sharing; however the ‘word on the street’ is that a compensation package is imminent. Hopefully some sort of resolution has been proposed by the time you get to read this. A number of like-minded individuals reformed the VHCA approximately 18 months ago, and did so because we had no elected representative body looking after hire-car drivers and operators in Victoria. After the controversial Fels inquiry and the subsequent damage that was caused to the Hire Car Industry (such as when they devalued the licence values by one-third), we have also had our share of battles with the Victorian Taxi Directorate (now the Taxi Services Commission) and Melbourne Airport. Having a unified voice in the form of the VHCA has allowed us to make significant progress in developing relationships with those in the corridors of power, which has given us a greater platform from which to articulate our thoughts and concerns about the current state of the industry. I can say with absolute honesty that, except for less than a handful of individuals (who are not members), we have had fantastic levels of support from all stakeholders to the Hire Car industry, including the majority of drivers, the TSC and Government. We see the main challenge to the Hire Car Industry as the Hire Car Industry itself! We (the reformed VHCA) were constantly told that: • The industry is too divided and nobody would join... Well they did! • We would not get sufficient numbers to be relevant... Well we have! • The TSC would not take you seriously... Well they do now! • The Minister would never see you ... Well she does! • Nobody would sponsor the VHCA... Well they do! 14 | September 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


p. 15

These criticisms were from people within our own industry, we must stop this talking down our own industry. We must be united! We need to defend our market against ride-share; it will be extremely difficult as we will never be able to compete against the deep pockets of Uber when they subsidise fares below the cost of delivery, but Uber will never be able to match us on levels of service. Whatever decisions the Government ends up making, there will be many challenges to the industry as we move forward. So, it is time to consider the future of the VHCA and the direction it takes into 2017 and beyond. make a contribution to the industry. The VHCA will be increasing the number of board positions at our Annual General Meeting. As with previous years, all board positions will be declared vacant and any member can put themselves forward if they wish to help shape the future of the Hire Car industry in Victoria. Rod Barton President VHCA TT FOR ALL YOUR TAXI NEEDS Contact Jennie Mann now at Berwick Toyota TODFNOARLEOYMRMF2L5TERIHMEVEIANECTUEBSETRDERSOY We are proud of our achievements so far, but we must move forward - sadly our membership levels could and should be better; without a strong membership the VHCA will wither. We strongly believe that what is good for our members will be good for all those in the hire car industry - please consider joining your VHCA. Membership is only $60 per year – that’s only $5 a month! We are also seeking committed individuals who are passionate about what we do and want to All New CAMRY HYBRID Australia’s locally built hybrid EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE & SAVE TODAY! Berwick Toyota 751 Princes Hwy, Berwick. 9707 4455 LMCT537 MCK35942 Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS September 2016 | 15



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