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There’s life in the Inner West! The festival, the light rail and art of Dulwich Hill Callan Park occupation eleven days in FREE Issue 290 | September 2nd 2016 WIN! MOVIE TIX: The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Queen of Ireland PLUS! Italian Film Festival passes That’s amore! Lots to love at Lavazza Italian Film Festival Pictured: Maeve Dermody lights up the Australian-Italian co-production The Space Between BACK FOR SEASON 2 THE TV SERIES SHOWCASING THE CHARACTERS, COLOUR AND CHAOS OF LIFE INSIDE SYDNEY MARKETS IS BACK! AIRING 20 AUGUST – 5 NOVEMBER 2015 Facebook “f ” Logo RGB / .ai Facebook “f ” Logo RGB / .ai LIKE SHARE #LIFEINSIDETHEMARKETS WILL YOU BE ON TV?


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Movie menace – Milling around – Albo finds his dad (and a biographer) l Known as ‘The Number 1 Cinema Menace’, Dendy Newtown staff have been warned about the possibility that Anthony Riley, a thief banned from every cinema in NSW, has been coordinating steals during cinema sessions. The cinema was alerted to suspicious activity last week when a person was found in the cinema crawling under seats taking audience member’s valuables. While the person was not the notorious Andrew Riley, the theft mimicked his thieving style, and Riley has been known to pay people to thieve for him. l Marrickville Metro is undergoing a facelift to provide shoppers with a community space for respite and socialising, much need after spending hours working out an exit from the purgatorial ring that is Marrickville Metro’s layout. The alfresco area’s design has been inspired by the industrial history of the site, which was a wool mill that produced blankets and tweeds up until the 1970s. Marrickville Metro shopping centre currently sits within the preserved walls of the mill and the heritage mill house built around 1860 is still in use (as as office) today. Vicar’s Wool Mill was a source of employment for many of the migrants living in Marrickville during and after World War II. Meanwhile we are still waiting to take our appetities to the Inner West’s latest market, a street eats market on Marrickville Metro rooftop carpark on Thursday nights. Watch this space. l Meet, have a chat and take a selfie with Albo next weekend. He will be signing copies of the new biography Albanese: Telling It Straight by Karen Middleton at Dulwich Hill Fair on Sunday 11 September, 10am – 4pm. The book revealed for the first time the story of Albanese meeting his long-lost father in Southern Italy, and farewelling him during the tumultuous 2013 Federal elections between Rudd and Abbott. LOCAL history Ever sat on the light rail, somewhere between Central Station and Dulwich Hill wondering, “Am I travelling on a historical railway route?” Good news, you were. Known as The Goods Line, the route was constructed as a freight track in 1855 and extended to include Dulwich Hill and Rozelle in 1916, with the current light rail system following much of the same path. The line was mostly used to carry produce, such as wool, wheat and coal, from the largely industrial Inner West suburbs to ships at Darling Harbour for international distribution. In 2014 the light rail was extended to include nine new stops between Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill, once again following the historic freight rail corridor. The Inner West has the goods when it comes to rail Satire for the soul Despite constant attempts to silence him, Righteous Rightie vows to keep speaking truth to ‘oppressed group’ power Dear RR – I yearn for the old Australia, the one where a man could down 10 schooners and start mouthing off about inscrutable ching chongs, mental gingers, drunken Micks, fanatical camel jockeys, war-crazy Krauts, sheepshagging Kiwis, soap-dodging Poms and hairy-arsed feminazis without being subjected to a career-destroying show trial and forced to undergo sensitivity training at the hands of some hatchet-faced tribade academic. Wasn’t the world a happier place back in the days when you could joke with your barber about his woggish taste in food, fashion and motor vehicles without him bursting into operatic tears and running off to the Human Rights Commission to complain (in hilariously accented English!) about racism? Can the likes of you, Bernardi, Leyonhjelm and Hanson ever restore that lost paradise? Brendan, Annandale LL replies: Who’d be a prominent middle-aged white man with a career in the law, journalism, politics or business nowadays, eh Brendan?! What do we get for our outsized social contributions other than a prickly attitude from the Hindu at the convenience store, rape accusations from any female Social Justice Warrior we so much as make eye contact with, and having to listen to the Prime Minister of this once great nation yabber on in some ooga-booga Aboriginal language at the opening of Parliament? No special snowflake treatment for us, old boy, nor any recourse if we’re called a blue-eyed devil, farang, gwai loh, skip, moon cricket, paleface, round-eye, Vanilla Ice or whitey. Granted, I’ve never been called any of those things but if I was you wouldn’t catch me being offended or insulted. I’ve never experienced it myself but I’m sure racist abuse is invigorating and character-building for all parties involved. Free speech may seem a lost cause but rest assure I’ll continue to champion your right mock people on the grounds of their race, religion and sexuality. n Email your dilemma to Things we love: WE ARE C!AO ADVERTISING Sarah Shepherd ADVERTISING Madi Day FOOD Melissa Leong WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Winter Special! Full Head Foils $90 2 Colour from $50 - $80 Ombre $110 Seniors $40 Ladies’ Cut $30 Men’s Cut $30 Seniors $25 Primary school $22 Unders fives $19 Kid Friendly Formerly Pixies Hair Salon Closed Wednesdays and Sundays 88 Norton St Leichhardt 2040 Ph: 8068 1888 Pollys - a cracker of a time The Pollys Club now based at Marrickville Town Hall, has used the power of dance to raise over $350,000 for charities over 50 years. The club started in 1964 when homosexuality was still illegal in NSW; six founding members (one known as Polly) began organising dances and drag shows in private homes and function rooms of Sydney’s west. As the club gained traction, Pollys’ dances moved to local town halls, stadiums and parks in Mascot, Erskineville and Leichhardt, providing much needed funds to Sydney hospitals throughout the AIDS crisis. Today Pollys hosts charity dances all year round. n Go to: C!ao’s voice In • Burkinis • Bus Route 400 - Burwood to Bondi, Sydney’s busiest bus • Neck accessories: chokers, neck ties, and neck straps on tops • Rozelle Tramsheds opening • A limoncello after dinner Out • Claims of asbestos contaminated soil in Westconnex construction • Ramen burgers, gelato burgers, brioche burgers. Please no more. Even the hamburgler is over it. • The IMAX theatre • Athleisure wear – Louis Vuitton called it! PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Olivia Mackay, Russell Edwards, Emma McConnell, Maani Truu, Hannah Craft and Maria Zarro. Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Flavio Parenti and Maeve Dermody star in Australian-Italian co-production, The Space Between, part of the Italian Film Festival. C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West!


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Inner West Big Bike Week City Cycling Confidence Course Sunday 18 September 9am-1.30pm Johnson Park - Bookings essential Perfect if you know how to ride a bike but want to gain some confidence riding on the road. Cooks River Family Fun Ride Sunday 18 September 9am-12pm Steel Park to Brighton-le-Sands (return) Get free bike tune-ups before taking the family on a short (5km) or long (16km) off-road ride! Bicycle Maintenance Workshop Wednesday 21 September 6.30-9pm Ashfield Public School - Bookings essential Learn how to care for your bicycle and keep it running smoothly. Saturday Slowies Group Ride Saturday 24 September 6.25-8.30am Marrickville to Centennial Park (return) Bookings essential Join the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club on their weekly group ride for beginners. Big Bike Day Festival Sunday 25 September 10am-2.30pm War Memorial Park, Lilyfield The grand finale for our week of events, the Big Bike Day has something for everyone. From pedal-powered smoothies to kids workshops, rock climbing to stunt riding, try-abike to bike tune-ups -- bring the whole family! These events are all free but some require registration. Please check the website. 17–25 September 2016 For more information visit


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Community Life ROAD TEST n Emma McConnell The light rail on the hill There are a seemingly excessive four light rail stops in the vale of Dulwich Hill. Our intrepid reporter Emma McConnell tried them RANT Make community service compulsory all out for size and discovered their raison d'etre. Waratah Mills Dulwich Hill’s northern-most light rail connection serves a predominantly limited but important function – keeping its citizens connected. The small stop is one of convenience for this residentially dense area, and keeping public transport access points such as this one within reach is a big plus for the suburb. A short ten minute walk from Waratah Mills also yields schools in the neighbouring suburbs of Lewisham and Summer Hill, whilst Hoskins Park provides a great getaway if you’re looking for a quiet spot of greenery to escape to. n Off Davis St near Victoria St Arlington This light rail stop’s biggest selling points are both its location and the amenities it provides to the community. Arlington sweetly sits right alongside Johnson Park, a massive expanse of sporting fields, play areas and barbeque facilities with plenty of shade for everyone. There are regular activities that take place here including the Magic Yellow Bus (for the little ones) which visits the park each There's always another train coming in Dulwich Hill! Friday, as well as free city cycle confidence courses for those who need a bit of encouragement navigating the busy Sydney streets. And if you’re wondering… yes, you can take your bike on Sydney’s light rail network! n Off Constitution Rd next to Johnson Park Dulwich Grove The Dulwich Grove stop is unquestionably recognised as the gateway to the bustling heart and soul of the Dulwich Hill. A picturesque walk along New Canterbury Road leads you to the epicentre of the suburb, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by an extensive array of cafes and restaurants – almost every type of cuisine is at your fingertips! If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon a trip to the local library is a must. Located on Seaview Street, it’s a quiet and cosy alternative and a perfect place to retreat to on a rainy day. Young people can positively impact the local environment, its preservation and the area's sense of place by doing compulsory community service. It can reduce stress, will make young people in Marrickville healthier, and improve their mood. Furthermore, it will give them work experience, unite them with people from diverse backgrounds, enhance their teamwork skills and teach them to working towards a goal. Doing community services will allow children to build or discover on their existing skills while exploring leadership qualities. And, by doing community services it will boost their teamwork skills and gives them a sense of place and pride. Participating in community services will help students explore and improve new skills that can be useful later in life such as motivation, judgment and decisionmaking. Doing community services is a way students can find potential careers. The skills learnt and used in community work can be used in and outside of school. Some community service jobs for younger children include gardening and using produce. For example, using lemons for lemonade, to raise money for good causes which builds on the child’s persuasive and persistence skills. Four stops, one suburb Dulwich Hill Village Fair n New Canterbury Rd near Denison Rd Dulwich Hill The end of the (light rail) line is in the furthermost reaches of the suburb, located right by Dulwich Hill train station (Bankstown T3 train line), but unfortunately the two rail services are not directly connected. The decision not to align these services could deter passengers from utilising the light rail network in the future. Buses are also frequent in this transport hub and, once you’ve alighted, the T3 allows for a relatively painfree commute into the far reaches of South West Sydney. n Bedford Cres near Dulwich Hill Skate Park Older kids could also participate in community services that help the community and local environment. They can actively look for ways to help people and they coordinate with others in different capacities. By doing community service young people will be more confident. They will be able to work in teams easier because of the skills they have learnt. Also, they will learn leadership qualities. For example, the buddy system used in schools could be used in young people’s community service. It pairs up kids who are new with an older buddy. This helps with friendship across different ages, guidance and acceptance. This service is a great example of teamwork, which benefits both children immensely. Older students use their leadership skills and feel valued. While learning teamwork skills you are also making yourself and other children feel good. The Inner West festival season is in full swing and next up it is the much-anticipated Dulwich Hill Village Fair, which will soon be taking over the Dulwich Hill portion of Marrickville Road. Taking enormous pride in their merchant heritage, the local makers and bakers of Dulwich Hill will be out in force with countless market stalls full of handicrafts, homewares, preserves, deli items, cakes, cheese and anything else you may desire. With your bags full of local goods, why not take a load off and enjoy the full day of entertainment, with a wide array of performers gracing the main stage. While you kick back and enjoy, the kids will be taken care of with two play parks and ongoing children’s entertainment throughout the day. The Village Fair takes place on Sunday September 11th, with entertainment and market stalls between 10am and 4pm. See you there! n For further information visit What’s on n Compiled by Maani Truu. Email Community FREEevents listings are Sat 3 Sept, 10am-12pm/1pm-3pm A Self-Publishing Roadmap So you followed your dream of penning the next New York Times bestseller, but have no idea what to do next? Never fear, because journalist and writer Steven Lewis is here to take you through steps, right from manuscript to self-published, world-renowned author. Having selfpublished his own book via Amazon to huge success, you can bet he has some tricks up his sleeve. $10 + booking fee. Visit www.marrickvillelibrary. to book. Where: Marrickville Library, Cnr Marrickville and Petersham Rd, Marrickville A remarkable history Sun 4 Sept, 5pm More Than Just Neighbours: Māori in NSW since 1973 It’s no easy task to tell the story of an international relationship in one talk, far less one spanning 223 years. As part of History Week 2016, guest speaker Hohepa Rube, Director and Co-Founder of heritage tourism business Kotahi Tourism, will explore the history of Māori heritage throughout NSW Free; Where: The StirrUp Gallery, Addison Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville By doing community services you are making yourself feel good and helping the environment at the same time. Therefore, all children should do community service because it lets them explore new skills and lets them build on their existing skills as well as teaching them about teamwork and leadership qualities. Its time for all young people to give back to the community and compulsory community service is the best way to do this. Here is a link to some Marrickville community programs and projects that can get them started: in-your-community/community-programs/ n Words by Jamie. This opinion piece won Marrickville Library's 2016 Anne Nguyen Young Environment Champions Award. 6-10 Sept, 8.30pm Blackbird Presented by Throwing Shade Theatre Company and starring Newtown local Eleanor Ryan, Blackbird is set to kick the new Inner West venue, Off-Broadway Hub, into gear. Having been called frank, confronting and uncompromising, this play depicts a young woman meeting a middle-aged man fifteen years after being sexually abused by him when she was 12. If you are having doubts, be reassured that Blackbird received a Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play and has toured the globe, from the Edinburgh International Festival to the Manhattan Theatre Club. Concession tickets available; Where: Off-Broadway Festival Hub, Gehrig Lane, Annandale Take these broken wings and learn to fly See page 6 for more what's on... 4


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n Local Gigs Friday 9th September Formidable Vegetable Sound System Hailed as the world’s most successful experiment in ecological-electro-swing-funkukulele (or the only one), Formidable Vegetable Sound System is certainly something different. If you like your music with a side of sustainability this is the gig for you. Camelot Lounge, $12.90 Saturday 10th September Simple Plan While the simple days of So Fresh compilation CDs and angsty pop punk ruling the airwaves may be over, we can still get a taste of the noughties when Simple Plan jump out of 2004 and into the Inner West. And this time they are bringing their new album Taking One For The Team with them! Enmore Theatre, $69 At the end of the Rainbow! Friday 16th September Rainbow Chan Local solo artist and storyteller, Rainbow Chan uses everyday sounds, hopes and dreams to create an eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic textures. Get swept up in her world! Newtown Social Club, $12 n Local screens The Beatles in Washington DC, 1964 The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years That title is a mouthful, but it tells us exactly what we’re getting. Hundreds of films could (and have) been made about the Fab Four, but Ron Howard wisely narrows his focus to the few short years between 1962 and August 1966, the date of the last live Beatles performance. And what fantastic performances! Even those familiar with the era and all those near perfect pop songs will discover masses of insider footage and material they’ve never seen or heard before. It has the blessing of Apple (the original one) and the survivors – so don’t expect any revelations about why the band stopped touring and eventually fell apart – save the confession that they were all stoned when filming Help! (who knew?). Mostly they come across as happy, fun-loving mates, who both liked and helped each other during an amazing, totally out of control, and at times gruelling experience. “By the end, it became quite complicated,” rues Paul McCartney. Yeah... after all that hysteria – that’s quite an understatement. M from Sept 16. n Thanks to StudioCanal we have five double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Sydney Fringe Festival It's the month to be a fringe dweller TIFCRKEEETS mWoivniedopuabsslees "Die, hippie scum!" Captain Fantastic Ben (Viggo Mortensen) is a hairy dropout raising a family of feral hippies way off the grid in the Pacific Northwest in Matt Ross’ perceptive and entertaining custody drama. The kids are all home-schooled, tousle-haired charmers who can kill wild game with their bare hands, quote Marx and Dostoevsky and strum protest anthems round the campfire. Paradise! Right? Down the track we learn there’s family money backing their parent’s high-minded Ciao’s pick: Don't Breathe I’m ashamed to admit that I think I left a small puddle on my seat at the end of this terrifying master class in suspense. Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead) directs the grimly minimalist chiller, which is about a group of young house burglars (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette) who pick an easy mark (they think) to rob. If anyone offers you a spoiler by revealing its fiendishly clever twists and climax, just lock them in a boarded-up house in a derelict Detroit street with a ferocious pooch and an angry blind white man trained in Gulf war special ops. rejection of life as corporate drones and zombified consumers – a telling point. Trouble erupts when the mother dies and the family is forced out of the forest and into the real world, one they’re hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with – especially after mum’s wealthy father (Frank Langella) makes legal moves against his “mad” son-in-law. There’s some challenging points made about parenting, social conditioning and contemporary life, though some scenes are there just for cheap laughs. One is just about the most gratuitous uses of full-frontal nudity I’ve ever seen on screen. Whatever its point, it does reveal Ben is very well equipped to father six kids. M from Sept 8. And when you go along yourself (yes, you should), bring a sponge. MA15+ on now. TWIXINS! Nice doggie With the Sydney Fringe Festival bringing over 300 productions to over 50 venues this September, you can bet that there is plenty going on in the Inner West to whet your appetite, including the new Off-Broadway Festival Hub in our very own Annandale. With too many to list entirely (go check out the website for the full program) here are Ciao’s top picks for Inner West Fringe events: 1. The King Street Crawl, a must do for any self-respecting Inner West music fan. 2. Silent Disco at Public House Petersham, an outdoor venue and the ability to control volume of your partying – amazing! 3. Vintage Cricket Day Picnic at Camperdown Park, bring the whole family and enjoy a time when life was both slower and simpler. It runs from the very start to the very end of September, so you have a whole month to get into the Fringe action. And with so many unique events right around the corner, why the hell wouldn’t you? n For the full program and further information visit Long live the Queen The Queen of Ireland With our own progress towards marriage equality now fast receding, what better time to review how it happened in a country way more conservative than our own? Though becoming a hugely transformative and influential activist in Ireland was far from Rory O’Neill’s mind the first time he tried on a tutu as a boy. Later he became Panti Bliss, a “giant cartoon woman” (his words, he’s tall and looks deliberately absurd in a frock) – successful drag queen, plucky HIV survivor and then, by accident, rousing LGBTI campaigner. Conor Horgan’s warm approving doco got rapturous applause at the Sydney Film Fest, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just the deft editing and humour that makes it so appealing, but the way it ends. Which isn’t as expected – those joyously buoyant street celebrations after the referendum passed – but something way more personal and touching. Maybe you’ll even cry. PG from Sept 8. n Thanks to Transmission Films we have ten double in-season passes to giveaway. Details below. Sun 11 Sept, 10am-4pm Seaview Gallery Located on the historic grounds of Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design, Seaview Gallery acts as an accessible space for local and emerging artists to get their work up on a wall. Opening specially for the Dulwich Hill Village Fair, why not take a break from the festivities and give your eyes a treat or better yet support local talent by Room with a view 6 picking up some original art for yourself. Where: Seaview St, Dulwich Hill 13th Sept, 11.30am Free Line dancing Class At Leichhardt Bowlo Have you been looking for a social physical activity to keep you on your toes? Why not try out Leichhardt Bowling Club's weekly line dancing classes, starting with a free class on Tuesday, September 13th. No longer the cowboy hats or boots this style of dancing is fun with no contacts and no partner needed. There are no ‘wall flowers’ when you are line dancing, everyone enjoys the music and dance regardless of their age or ability. For further information call Julie Talbot on 0402 245 738 or visit her website Where: Leichhardt Bowling Club on Piper St. Not your average multiplex fare 15-18 Sept Sydney Underground Film Festival Coming back for the tenth time, this film festival is not your average line-up. With a focus on all forms of cult or underground films, don’t come expecting blockbusters. For those of you who like their cinema on the edgy side, however, the festival will feature over 100 films, across four days. You can expect the best subversive, experimental and controversial picks from international and Australian cinema. Highlights include comedy horror Aaaaaaaah!, with Mighty Boosh imput, Antibirth and classic Carrie. For further information, programs or to book tickets visit au. Where: The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville WIN MOVIE PASSES & DVDs To be in the running to win double in-season passes to The Beatles: Eight Days A Week, The Queen of Ireland or the Lavazza Italian Film Festival (page 16) just email info@ciaomagazine. with your name and address telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter more than one, but give us a preference. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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CMreinatdivse Dulwich High School of Visual Arts & Design Why are we so strong? Dulwich HSVAD is the only NSW government school with a specialist stream in the Visual Arts and Design space. The school provides a full comprehensive curriculum delivered by committed educators equipped for 21st century learning. What do we do best? Dulwich HSVAD is committed to providing for all students a stimulating, creative and academically challenging environment. We foster resilient, connected and innovative learners who are equipped to achieve their personal best. What opportunities do we offer? The school has close affiliations with universities, TAFE and art institutions supporting life long learning. Students can also be involved in music, sport, drama and leadership programs. Graduates of Dulwich HSVAD figure prominently in many creative areas such as architecture, design and the arts as well as politics, medicine, business and education. JOIN US Seaview St, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203


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n DULWICH HILL PROMOTION VILLAGE MADE PART 2 Where do you go for gifts, clothes and food to celebrate the beautiful things in life? Take a stroll through the shopfronts of Dulwich Hill Village to find inspiration for your next feast or gathering. Here you will see masters of their craft, whether it be baking, designing or painting, creating right in front of you. When you slow down and open your eyes to one of Sydney’s best kept secrets, you will see there is so much more to Dulwich Hill. The adventure starts now... Head down the lane way next to the Commonwealth Bank to Loftus Square and visit: The Shoe Chef Cafe Next on the tour, pay a visit to Dulwich Hill’s new kid on the block. Decidedly anti-hipster, The Shoe Chef Cafe packs a whole lot of soul into their simple but oh-so-scrumptious menu. Try some of Mike’s Bacon Jam which you can take home with you, plus enjoy a coffee with beans from Marrickville’s The Wood Roaster of which the Shoe Chef cafe is an exclusive stockist. 10% discount on orders until September 11th, just mention this article. 426 New Canterbury Road Strawberry Fields Patisserie A household name among Inner Westies, Strawberry Fields Patisserie has won numerous awards for their muffins, tarts, croissants, pies and mousses. The psychedelic interiors create the perfect ambience to enjoy their mind blowing custard tarts, sausage rolls or one of their seasonal creations. Shop 2 - 420 New Canterbury Road Turn left back on to New Canterbury Road and step into: Catherine Coulbriale Couture Catherine Coulbriale was born to design dresses. Her joy is palpable when entering her shopfront featuring the beautiful gowns that she designs originally and creates by hand. Step inside and be inspired for your next big event. Own a dress only for you. 424 New Canterbury Road 9568 2282 Gallery 448 Showing contemporary art with its roots in the streets, Gallery 448 is the perfect place to pick up some Inner West graff art for your walls at home. Gallery 448 is highly browsable, featuring canvas art, sculpture, knick knack and homewares all with an urban scrawl edge. The gallery is open 12-5pm Thursday – Sunday and is a convenient 3 minute walk from Dulwich Grove light rail station. 448 New Canterbury Road Connie DimAs Jewellery Connie Dimas creates jewellery by hand. From delicate hoops to bold bangles using silver, precious stones and a touch of gold, Connie Dimas’ designs sing with simple sophistication. All of Connie’s designs are inspired by the materials; the shape of a stone, the glint of a colour or a unique surface stirs the creation. 1/450 New Canturbury Road 0424246168 Candlelight Confectionery It might look unassuming on the outside, but you will thank yourself for stepping into this store filled to the brim with chocolate delights and gems of sweetness. Everything is handmade and totally delectable. At Easter Candelight goes into lockdown mode and are known for their huge 12kg eggs, as well as their delicate truffles at affordable prices. 476 New Canterbury Road Cross over the road to finish with a hearty meal at: The Eate Lastly, finish your tour with lunch or dinner at Dulwich Hill’s go-to dining spot, The Eate, a family-friendly restaurant specialising in foods off the spit and on the grill. Prepare yourself for aromatic and succulent charcoal chicken, lamb, burgers, yiros and a vibrant selection of salads. Their fresh shakes and smoothies make the perfect reward for thirsty work. 555 New Canterbury Road 8


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VISIT THE VILLAGE MADE PAVILION AT DULWICH HILL VILLAGE FAIR Our stall will be at the corner of Seaview and Marrickville Road during the fair on Sunday, September 11. Come along and discover some of the secrets of Village Made. Below is the timetable of Village Made workshops presented by local bakers, makers and providores. TIME PRESENTATION BUSINESS 10:50 L 11:25 L 12:30 L 13:05 L 13:40 L 14:15 The secret to a croissant Learn the chef ’s secrets Choosing your Cheese The things it’s good to know when selecting cheeses It’s In Hand What to look for in handmade jewellery The Bacon Jam Story What is it - Why is it so good? Winning at the royal sydney Fine food show The story behind the award winning recipes Hive minded People The beauty and benefits of eating local honey STRAWBERRY FIELDS THE LARDER CONNIE DIMAS JEWELLERY SHOE CHEF CAFE MANMARU THE ETHICAL GROCER DULWICH HILL DID YOU KNOW? • Earlier names used for Dulwich hill included Wardell’s Bush and Wardell’s Hill, named for the extensive estate of Dr. Robert Wardell. • Until about 1911 some areas of what is now called Dulwich Hill were referred to as Fern Hill • Ultimately though Dulwich Hill got its name from the London suburb of Dulwich. • A major landmark in Seaview Street is the Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design. The building was designed by W.E.Kemp and is on the heritage register. • Once the stage for NSW State League football matches, Arlington Reserve is now the home of two local clubs competing in the FNSW Youth League • The GreenWay, an off-road shared path from the Cooks River to Iron Cove that will go through Dulwich Hill and connect to the Bay Run, was approved in July with $7 million pledged by the State Government. • There were 6.1million passengers on the Dulwich Hill light rail line between 2014-2015. Want more on Dulwich Hill? Stay tuned as Ciao presents Part III of the Village Made story in the 292 September 30th issue with details on the diverse range of services that Dulwich Hill offers. • Dulwich Hill’s new public library will be opening soon, so stay tuned! • Don’t forget to like Dulwich Hill Village on Facebook at: • Dulwich Hill Village fair is coming up on Sunday 11 September, for more info visit: dulwich-hill-community-fair HOW TO GET TO DULWICH HILL: Bus: Catch the 426 and 428, from Newtown or the city. Catch the 444 and 445 from Leichhardt and Balmain. Light Rail: The Dulwich Hill Line (L1) goes through Glebe, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Lewisham and Summer Hill. $5.20 adult return, (Family day pass $22). Disembark at Dulwich Grove. Train: Dulwich Hill railway station is located on Wardell Road, around 1km walk from the Dulwich Hill Village. T3 Bankstown Line trains serve the station. There are frequent services from the Sydney CBD and the southwestern suburbs. ($2.50 per adult on Sundays) Now that your stomach is satisfied and you are feeling some creative inspiration, take your Dulwich Hill buys home and put together your own gourmet feast. Pop on the bus, light rail or train to find yourself back in your own village. Car: There are two major carparks in Dulwich Hill. Enter from Seaview Street for New Canterbury Road shops and from Beach Road for the Marrickville Road cafés and eateries. Bike: There are some lovely rides through to Dulwich Hill from Leichhardt and Newtown. See greenway-trail8/cycling . The greenway project is still ongoing, so watch this space! Walk: Nothing like a morning stroll to get the blood pumping, with a tasty treat to reward your efforts from one of Dulwich Hill’s seven patisseries and bakeries. Lots of dog friendly outdoor areas too. Presented by: Supported by: 9


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DULWICH HILL HEROES Dulwich Hill is known for its sought after Village atmosphere (with other surrounding suburbs trying to recreate it). Here are a few local village experts that service Dulwich Hill, the Inner West and beyond. Gowland Legal Lyndal Gowland is an sought-after legal principal with over 20 years experience in family law. Her practice has an over arching motto “Clients first. Always”. This extends into the work culture of this highly skilled Inner West legal practice. Having dedicated her professional life to the practice of family law, Lyndal was awarded a Masters of Allied Law in 2014. She has sat on many influential committees seeking major law changes in relation to domestic violence, including the AVLIC Committee, a state working group establishing standards for Apprehended Violence Orders. Combining her case work with her involvement in family policy allows Lyndal to identify and bring about necessary change to both law and practice. Gowland legal has a carefully selected team of solicitors and paralegals that are devoted to providing their clients with the best outcome. Their team-based environment means they collaborate and through this co-operation your matter is enhanced. This “whole firm” approach allows knowledge and learning to be shared quickly between the team, keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest changes in the law. As well as family law, Gowland legal specialises in wills and probate and conveyancing. 3/420 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill Tel 1300 693 000 Email: The Gladstone Hotel The Gladstone Hotel (or Gladdy as it is affectionately know to locals) is one of the few independently owned pubs remaining in Sydney. Tailored to locals, the Gladdy has excellent food, your favourite beers on tap (local brewers Young Henrys and Batch Brewing are always updating with their latest brews) and a vibe that is cheerful, friendly and warm. They offer fantastic deals like 2 for 1 cocktails between 7.30pm and 8.30pm, schnitty night ($12) and the house special pulled pork burger. The venue is putting on great showcase for Dulwich Hill fair on Sunday, September 11th, with face painting, a Sunday roast and wine tasting. Get down to the Gladstone Hotel for the best local pub nights like Trivia, open mic, live music and just good old fashion healthy conversation. 572 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill Tel 9569 1249 The Gladstone Hotel proudly sponsors The Dulwich Hill Village Fair Arts Sunday 11th September 2016 10am - 4pm & Crafts Whats On... ••MFOA•ORLKDIVESTETSMATALULLSLSISC • KIDS ACTIVITIES WINE TASTING STALL VSpiro’s Gladstone Hotel PaFinatcieng Y YSUNDAY ROAST OF THE DAY MKids CornerM $10 ALL KIDS MEALS include ice cream & topping • CHICKEN SCHNITZEL & FRIES • FISH & CHIPS • SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE SHLOIVWES • • 10


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“Locals have embraced the familiarity of a smaller community. So, now, despite growth... this suburb takes pride in its size and proudly calls itself a village.” - Jenifer Jagielski, ‘Secret Suburb’, The Sunday Telegraph Paula and George Boutique Having opened in Dulwich Hill less than six months ago, Paula and George Boutique have already created huge impact on the retail landscape of Dulwich Hill. Known for their unique designs, textured fabrics and cool fashion and accessories, Paula and George have a huge following. Their artisan and retail backgrounds means the shop is well stocked with excellent gift ideas or something for yourself. Go check it out. 392 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill Tel 0408 417 131 Connie Dimas Jewellery We love Connie and her exceptional jewellery. Soft sophisticated shapes with influences from antiquity to the contemporary are combined with an experienced designer’s eye, to create her truly unique range of handmade jewellery. Sterling silver is often combined with the elegance of gold, the jewellery creations have an elegance, finish and texture only achieved by hand. The semi-precious stones are sourced from around the globe and selected for their exceptional colours, unusual cuts and textures. All of Connie’s designs are inspired by the materials; the shape of a stone, the glint of a colour or a unique surface stirs the creation. Each Connie Dimas jewellery piece has the longevity to transcend fashion trends and compliment the individuality of the person who wears it at an affordable price. Shop 1/450 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill Wednesday -Friday 10am - 3pm Saturday 9am - 2pm or by appointment on 0424246168 Sydney Accounting Services Sydney Accounting Services is a dedicated accounting, taxation and finance service company committed to providing business, personal and specialised services tailored to the needs of the client. Their main focus is on building relationships with their clients by being open and honest in communications. They understand that clients are not accountants so the advice we provide and the work produced is presented in such a way that clients understand what they do, why they do it and how it benefits them. Sydney Accounting provide a range of services designed to add value to your business and personal financial affairs. Principal Mr Michael Kypreos has a career in taxation, accounting and finance spanning over 15 years. As a result of Michael’s extensive knowledge and industry experience, his clients benefit from high quality, professional advice combined with ongoing personalised service to achieve the most effective outcome for their situation. Shop 1/420 New Canterbury Rd Email: Tel 9564 0092 Call us: 9564 0092 1/420 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill Mon to Fri 9-5:30 Saturday and after office hours by apppointment only Our specialised services include: Tax Returns (ELS) GST Returns Mortgage Brokers Accounting & Tax Advisory Debt Services Late Tax & GST Returns FASHION WITH A DIFFERENCE! INCLUDING GORGEOUS MYRA JESS COATS, SABATINI, KIMINOS AND ACCESSORIES FIND SOME GREAT BARGAINS! Artisan jewellery crafted for you 450 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill Wed-Fri 10am-3pm Sat 9-2 392 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill (Next to IGA) Tel: 0408417131 11


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n Your say What is your favourite film set in Italy? “Only You, it's a film about a woman who moves from America to Rome to find her soul mate.” Stephanie, Leichhardt “Life is Beautiful is my favourite because it reminds you to appreciate life.” Jackie, Leichhardt “Room with a View” Alex, Leichhardt “I really love Benvenuti al Sud.” Sofia, Leichhardt “Fellini's La Dolce Vita” Julia, Leichhardt ' “Hmm, I can't think of an Italian film but I love all the scenes in the James Bond series set in Venice and Rome.” Suzanne, Leichhardt “I saw Il capitale umano at the Italian Film Festival a few years ago, and loved its social commentary so much. I have been meaning to watch it again.” Lena, Five Dock “When I was younger I used to obsess over any film about mafioso.” Laura, Leichhardt "Who didn't pine for Tilda Swinton speaking Russian and Italian in I am Love? Anne, Lilyfield "Cinema Paradiso is perfect." Micheal, Newtown n Sustainability Two wheels are better than four Disappointing that the recent Census 2016 did not ask a single transport question. Given that most of us have to travel at least once a day, and our transport infrastructure plays a large part in our overall wellbeing, not to mention the billions being spent at a national, state and local level – transport should be as relevant an issue as ageing, education and income. When shaping our future, the clear lack of transport planning is evident at all government levels. We are building roads but what about the other contributing factors, like excessive pollution, depletion of natural resources such as petrol, and cost? We explore some of the impediments to getting on a bike rather than into a car and how to overcome them. This Bike Week, why not shed a few wheels? Safety By far, the main reason Inner West residents don’t ride their bikes, is because they think they will die on the road. Fair enough. It looks pretty scary. There are too few bike lanes on major routes, cars and trucks are impolite and there is only a single helmet between your beautiful brain and hard tar. Safe Inner West and City bike routes can be found here. • • Laziness There are always excuses as to why one should stay in bed. But driving to the gym is just weird. We know exercise is good for us and we should do more, but so many of us just can’t be bothered riding and would rather hop in the car and drive to Norton Plaza or Marrickville Metro. Not only is Get pumped for Bike Week! this lazy but you are missing out on an opportunity to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule. Carrying stuff like groceries Sure, a bike can’t carry as much as a car. Books, milk, laptops can be heavy when riding a bike. A front or back basket, and panniers can easily carry the load. Or even a smart back pack can do the trick. There are hundreds of nicely designed ones. Try the online stores below. • • You’ll arrive sweaty Yes you might, but sweat is sexy. Your body will gain muscle with consistent exercise, and physical activity is known to boost mental health, resilience and confidence. So that bit of sweat will heighten your attractiveness even more. Besides, many city offices have showers, change rooms and lockers where riders can change from athletic gear to corporate wear. Or don’t bother, 'athleisure wear' is so 2016. Whatever you feel is holding you back from riding, just knock it on the head and give it a try. Anything has got to be better than being stuck in a traffic jam on Crystal Street! n Go to page 3 or for a full list of Bike Week events. Students Occupy Sydney College of the Arts In an ongoing fight to prevent the closure of the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) at Callan Park, Rozelle, a group of students have occupied the administration offices of the campus gaining widespread support for their actions. The occupation, which is now in its second week, is planned to go on “indefinitely” says occupant and Masters student Suzy Faiz, or until the university issues a “valid response”. So far the university has supported the rights of the students to protest peacefully and there has been no attempt by security to remove the occupants from the offices, with the administration of the campus continuing as normal downstairs from the occupation site. Friends of Callan Park, an organisation that aims to protect the heritage site which SCA utilises, have spoken out in support of the action, on the basis that the 22-year sole occupancy of the university of the Kirkbride Complex has helped protect the heritage buildings and gardens from redevelopment. President of Friends on Callan Park Hall Greenland has written directly to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney seeking information of the current plans for the future of SCA at Callan Park. “It is our strong view that the buildings should continue to be tenanted by one single, prestigious educational or cultural body in keeping with the site’s inestimable and intrinsic values to our society and our preference (obviously) is that SCA stays,” the letter read. Other groups in support of the occupation include; Greens NSW, the Maritime Union of Australia, who pledged 2000 dollars in support of the protestors, the National Union of Students, National Tertiary Education Union, many highprofile Australian artists such as Mike Parr and Bronwyn Bancroft and Aboriginal activists Ken Canning and Raymond Weatherall. n As of time of publication, the occupation continues, with rallies held outside the building at 1pm and 5pm each day. The watercolourists united/Will never be defeated! n Local news Protesters Attend Inner West Council Meeting A group of approximately 30 protestors attended this month's Inner West Council meeting, calling for action by local government and council administrator Richard Pearson to stop the controversial WestConnex project. Organised by the No WestConnex: Public Transport (NoW PT) group, the protesters met outside the council chambers, before moving inside for the meeting. The action responded to ongoing concerns around the project, with the group further displeased with the removal of WestConnex and Urban Growth items from the agenda. Member of the group and former Mayor of Leichhardt Rochelle Porteous said that despite this pressure from the protestors meant that Pearson returned the items to the agenda, conceding that it should be a permanent agenda item, and that this was “a win for the community”. Porteous also expressed that protests of this kind would continue monthly until the council takes serious action to represent the wishes of residents. Stop the bitumen! Canada Bay Sponsorship Each year the City of Canada Bay Council runs two funding programs that seek to support external organisations in coordinating community events and initiatives which benefit the wider community, with the second program open from the 1 September to the 31 October. “We are committed to supporting local projects, services, events and activities through sponsorship agreements that benefit our entire community,” says Acting Mayor Helen McCaffrey, “Council encourages groups and associations to apply.” To apply, complete a Seeking Sponsorship form, which is available online. n For further info visit Let a thousand new trees bloom Continuing plans of the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils, the Inner West Council has vowed to plant over 1000 new street trees this coming season. “Trees are amongst the Inner West’s most important natural assets,” said Council Administrator Richard Pearson. “Planting over 1000 trees this planting season alone shows a real commitment to greening our local government area.” The action is already underway with planting days held at Leichhardt Park, Lilyfield; Richard Murden Reserve, Haberfield and Steel Park, Marrickville. The strategy stems from the combination of the Ashfield Street Tree Strategy, the Leichhardt Urban Forest Policy and the Marrickville Street Tree Master Plan, of the former councils, all of which provide for the planting, maintenance and protection of trees. Former Mayor of Marrickville Sam Iskandar joined one of the planting crews at Richardson Crescent, Marrickville to congratulate their work and show his support of the project. “I think we all agree we want a greener, healthier, and more beautiful Inner West,” said Mr Pearson. Showcase your personality and transform your image Contact Angela Pirrone Ph: 0488 555 093 10 How to define your own style Here’s an exercise for you: with a title that reads ‘ME’ write down words that you think best describe you.  Now imagine you’re attending an event, there are lots of people and very little time to network. You must make an impact quickly as you want people to gravitate towards you. Without any form of verbal communication what would you like them to know about you? Write the words down. Are the two aligned? Now look inside your wardrobe, do the clothes fit the description? Would you like to know more about how to develop your own personal style? Contact Sliding Doors Styling today. Their services include: Wardrobe Audits, Style Makeover, Colour Analysis, Shopping Adventures and Corporate Workshops. Alternatively, create a tailor-made package that suits your specific needs. n For more information visit: or contact them via mobile on 0488 555 093 alternatively send through an inquiry E: Check their current projects out on Facebook and Instagram.


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n PROMOTION ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2016 Sept 14th – Oct 9th A world premiere of the first-ever Australian-Italian co-production is just one of the highlights of the 2016 Lavazza Italian Film Festival, which kicks off at Palace Norton Street on September 13. There’s plenty more too, once again this year movie lovers will be spoilt for choices of the very best Italy has to offer. WIN TICKETS Dofeusbtvlealinpsaesasesosn See below Opening Night Gala: Perfect Strangers The brittle and fiendishly clever comedy Perfect Strangers, directed by Paolo Genovese, opens the festival on a deliciously dark note. A dinner party descends into chaos and backstabbing when a group of friends decide to make every phone call and text message public over the course of one evening. The cunningly crafted script won Best Screenplay at Tribeca Film Festival, and on its home turf the film itself scooped up Best Film and Best Screenplay at the 2016 David di Donatello Awards. ★ Tuesday 13th Sept at Palace Norton Street, 7pm The Space Between, a love story set in spectacular northern Italy, is set to be one of the hottest Festival items, though the opening’s night’s dark comedy, the award winning Perfect Strangers, will be a hard act to follow. So will some of the other special presentations and highlights featured on this page, like the hilarious smash hit comedy Where Am I Going. Quo Vado? Mid Festival Party: Where Am I Going? The rest of the program is divided into three sections. It’s Complicated consists of eight films all about relationships. And in Italy they’re always complicated. Italy’s bestknown leading ladies get their own section, Donne Italiane and finally, Lights, Drama, Action! contains many mainstream thrillers and offbeat dramas, like the topical Arianna, which sensitively explores what it means to be born intersex. Quo Vado? is the highest grossing Italian film ever and the country’s second biggest box office hit (Avatar only just pipped it). Co-writer Luca Maedici stars as his satirically comic character – Checco Zalone, a bigoted but hilarious nitwit who just wants what all Italians want – a cushy job in the public service and a big pension! ★ Thursday Sept 22 at Palace Norton St, Limoncello di Capri cocktails and music from 7.15pm. Closing Night: Roman Holiday n For more information on this year’s Rome gets plenty of lens-love in movies, but rarely festival, a full programme of all the films has the city been portrayed quite so wonderfully as in screening at all venues, details of all special events and to buy tickets, head to ★ World Premiere: The Space Between The launch of Melbourne filmmaker Ruth Borgobello’s The Space Between, the first ever Australian-Italian co-production, is the next big event after the opening. The film tells the love story of a former chef and a spirited Australian girl. It’s set in the stunningly beautiful vineyards and mountains of Northern Italy in Friuli Venezia Giulia. William Wyler's 1953 hit rom-com. This was the film that sent Audrey Hepburn's star soaring when she Flavio Parenti and festival guest Maeve Dermody star in The Space Between was teamed with Gregory Peck. It's still a magnificent crowdpleaser, as this sublime digital restoration shows. she says. “That makes it very difficult to match up.” But after several successful shorts and setting up the production company Mondo Studio Films, The Space Between was finally ready to roll. my job easy. It’s always a risk, casting love interests in two different countries and relying only on instinct to get it right.” Though the title suggests there may always be a gap. “That's not really WTIIXN! ★ Sunday Oct 9 at Palace Norton St. Italian fine wines, gourmet ice cream and music from 5.15pm. Flavio Parenti, who many know from I am the cultural distance,” Ruth explains. ★ Thanks to Palace Love, was cast as the lead. He plays Marco, a “Actually it symbolises the space between Cinemas and the 35-year-old who, despite his skill as a chef, dreams and reality. The heart of the film is Lavazza Italian has to hold down a dead-end factory job in really this intersection between love and Film Festival,we Udine amid the deepening economic crisis loss – the birth of a relationship that collides have 10 double in in Italy. He passes his time in an empty with the departure of another.” season passes to Ruth was drawn to the country of her father’s birth at age 22, and as she told Ciao, was quickly seduced by the light, style and energy of Italy. “It was a very emotional moment,” she says. “And it was at this time that I met my future husband and the idea for this film was born.” Getting it made took quite a while. “Australia and Italy have very different approaches to co-productions, as well as financing and overall working methods,” relationship and after his best friend Claudio is killed in a car accident he tries to keep Claudio’s struggling bookshop business alive. Then he meets Australian girl Olivia (Maeve Dermody), an aspiring furniture designer who is visiting Italy, the land of her father and grandparents. “Fortunately, there was an instant chemistry between Flavio and Maeve when they met,” Ruth says. “The spark deepened between them on set, making That sounds teary, I suggest. Will we cry? “I hope so!” Ruth laughs. Or more likely discover, as the LIFF guide explains, “a celebration of the spirit of la dolce vita – a stylistically and emotionally beautiful film appealing to the romantic in us all.” n The Space Between premieres at Palace Norton Street on Wednesday Sept 14 at 7pm. After the film there’s a Q&A with the director Ruth Borgobello and lead actress Maeve Dermody. give away in this issue and the next. Just email us at info@ciaomagazine. with your name and address, letting us know where you picked up your Ciao! n FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS Direct from Cannes Fiore Variety cheekily labeled this sociorealist chicks-in-the-slammer story “Arancione is the New Black” and fair enough, there’s plenty of similarities between the two crowdpleasing dramas. But Claudio Giovannesi’s smoothly directed movie has something better than the hit Netflix series – its beautiful young star, newcomer Daphne Scoccia, who is both haunting and mesmerising throughout. She plays a new inmate navigating her way through life in a tough juvenile detention prison, and eventually finding love inside. From the looks of this Italian facility, it’s not so bad – certainly nothing like the horrors we have in the Northern Territory! ★★★★ Fiore Direct from Venice The Wordly Girl An official selection in competition at Venice Film Festival, Marco Danieli’s passionate debut feature will screen here in Australia at LIFF just days later. It’s an intense and moving story of the tormented love between the deeply religious Giulia (Sara Serraiocco) and Libero (Michele Riondino) – two young people from diametrically opposite worlds. Slowly Guila becomes completely cut off from the reality she once knew. ★★★★ Special Presentation Rocco And His Brothers When the avowed Marxist Luchino Visconti’s epic melodrama about social migration and moral decay was released in 1960 it was met with scandal (labelled “obscene”) – and massive box office success. Viewers today of this beautifully digitally restored version won’t understand that fuss, but will still be left reeling by its operatic power and explosive climax. It may feel a little overwrought, but there’s no doubting this is a classic, easily the equal of his own latter betterknown masterpieces, The Leopard and Death in Venice. ★★★★★ Festival Centerpiece Sweet Dreams We know Italian men love their mammas, and if Marco Bellocchio’s dewy-eyed adaptation of journalist Massimo’s Gramellini’s best-selling autobiography is any guide, all that emotion can become obsessional and even a bit debilitating. Still, you may need to bring tissues; even hard-nosed critics at Cannes, where the film just opened the Director’s Fortnight, were moved, calling it “remarkable” and “beautifully crafted.” (The Film Stage). ★★★★ Australian Premiere The Italian Race For a high-adrenaline action movie, Matteo Rovere’s latest packs quite an emotional punch as well as being nailbitingly exciting. While veteran actor Stefan Accorsi does most of the heavy lifting (he plays a former champion GT racing driver, now a destitute drug addict), it’s 17-year old newcomer Matilda De Angelis who plays his resourceful younger sister who really impresses. What a firecracker! Could she be the next Jennifer Lawrence? ★★★★ The Italian Race n Compiled by Russell Edwards 13


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n with Olivia Mackay, www.scoffandquaff. in the kitchen Eggplant Fritters When I asked some fellow Dulwich Hillians to share with me their favourite local foods, I was overwhelmed with the variety of responses. With heroes ranging from Oricco’s chicken burger to Minh’s Vietnamese bo la lot, it seems that the only thing which connected them was their diversity. And what a pertinent metaphor for the people of Dully themselves! We are a true melting pot – as is this deliciously moreish snack. All the ingredients are available in cosmopolitan Dulwich Hill: cheese from Gino & Mary’s, The Larder or IGA; fresh breadcrumbs from one of the three Vietnamese bakeries; house-made bresaola from Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats; and pomegranate molasses and zaatar from Izmir’s Deli on Seaview Street. Method 1. Slice the eggplant into round slices around half a centimeter thin and sprinkle with salt. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes, then drain and dry with paper towel. 2. Toss the breadcrumbs with the zaatar (if using). 3. Place a slice of cheese, a slice of bresaola and a whole mint leaf on an eggplant round. Top with another round and push together to form a sandwich. 4. Dip the sandwiches in flour then shake off excess. Ingredients • 1 large smooth eggplant • 150g mozzarella or provolone, thinly sliced • 10-12 slices bresaola • a small handful of mint leaves A moreish mix • 1 cup plain flour • 1 egg, lightly beaten • 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs • 1 tbsp zaatar (optional) • olive or vegetable oil for frying • pomegranate molasses, to serve 5. Dip into the beaten egg, and then into the breadcrumbs. Warm 1cm oil in a large frypan until shimmering. Fry a few sandwiches at a time, turning once, until golden brown on each side. 6. Drain on paper towel. Then serve drizzled with pomegranate molasses. To reheat and serve at a later time, warm in a 180C oven for 6-8 minutes. MARKET UPDATE n Fruit: It’s the beginning of the mango season, Australian mangoes are going for between $4.99 - $5.99 each. But it’s also the end of the Queensland mandarin season, the last are available for $3-$5 per kilo. All apple varieties are available, $2-$6 per kilo. n Veggies: Celery, spinach, asian greens and broccoli have experienced a price drop this week. Beans are especially affordable at $3-$4 per kilo. Jack Pumpkins are available for $1-$3 per kilo. Eggplants are $3-$6 per kilo depending whether they are field or glasshouse grown. Thanks to Tony Trim of Trim’s Fresh Mangoes are go! AT HOME WITH CATHERINE WAIT Rozelle resident and pole dancer Catherine Wait (AKA Missy) is starring in her very own fringe festival show, featuring coffee, incredible circus skills and did we mention coffee? You are performing your show about ‘Love, Loss and Lattes’, how do you balance coffees and circus skills? To me coffee and circus go hand in hand. I like to grab a coffee on my way to training. I think the caffeine helps. I’d like to think my balance and dexterity are pretty good so there aren’t too many spilt lattes! You took up pole dancing as a university student, a sport that has become so popular in the last five years or so. How do you account for its popularity? I’ve been pole dancing for just over 12 years and the growth over that time has been astounding. I think it attracts a lot of people who are looking for a fun way to get fit without slogging it out at the gym. Learning new moves or sequences is so rewarding that you forget that it’s actually a hard work out. What have you learnt from circus craft that you wouldn’t have otherwise? Persistence, resilience and tenacity! What is your relationship with coffee? It’s a one sided affair- I need it more than it needs me. What do you use to fuel your body in a high intensity performance week? A good, hearty breakfast is really important as I don’t usually want to eat too heavy for the rest of the day. Nuts, fruit or a smoothie for lunch. After the show I like to eat a satisfying meal. How has living in the Inner West influenced your art? I love the Inner West. I’ve lived in Rozelle for 13 years, before that I’ve resided in Glebe, Ultimo and Newtown. I feel like the Inner West has an incredibly strong and supportive artistic community. We have great galleries, studios, and training spaces at our fingertips and usually a much-appreciated barista around the corner. Do you have any date-night recommendations? I love to go to see other shows preferably with a tasty meal beforehand. Do you like cooking at home? I quite enjoy cooking. My partner and I make our own laksa paste in bulk. It is a great way to prepare a really quick weekday meal. We eat lots of veggies, fruit, tofu and legumes. I also love cheese and usually have a tub of Bellingen Gelato in the freezer. What should people expect from your show? Love, Loss and Lattes is a solo dance, acrobatic and circus show analysing the ways in which coffee accompanies and comforts many of us during our everyday lives. n Catherine is performing in her show Love, Loss & Lattes as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival on September 13th-17th at the Seymour Centre. Go to: Pole dancing, caffiene and love Veg and Bean Nachos with Sweet Potato chips Ingredients 5 mushrooms finely diced 1 sweet potato finely sliced ¼ carrot grated to form round chips 1 400g can kidney beans 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tbsp. tomato paste 1 onion diced 2 tsp cumin, 3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp ground coriander, 2 small red chilli Salt and pepper to taste ½ small zucchini finely diced Grated cheese. Method Preheat oven to 200 C. Finely slice sweet potato to create round chips and place on two baking trays lined with non-stick baking paper. Coat with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt. Bake for approx. 30min In a saucepan on medium heat add oil and sauté onion until it browns then add garlic and chilli, stir for a minute or two. Add mushrooms, zucchini, kidney beans, carrot and tomato paste. When softened add cumin, coriander and season. Arrange chips as you would corn chips, nachos bean mix and sprinkle grated cheese on top. Place under grill until cheese melts. 14 Wine with Winsor n Brilliant blend La Boheme 2015 The Missing Act The latest in De Bortoli’s range of operathemed labels, this is a blend of cabernet sauvignon and sangiovese, an unusual combination that works brilliantly. It is a bright, fresh red wine; fruit-driven, vibrant and designed for youthful enjoyment. It is soft with ripe, supple dark fruit, some restrained smoky oak characters and hints of fresh herbs. A great choice for pairing with pizza, or pasta dishes. $22. Perfectly pink Turkey Flat 2016 Rosé It is hard to go past the consistently brilliant and widely available Turkey Flat rosé from the Barossa Valley if you are looking for a crisp, fresh and refreshing pink wine. This is made almost entirely of grenache, with just a smidgen of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and mataro. It is probably best enjoyed when the temperature rises a few degrees as it looks its best when well-chilled and served with Lebanese cuisine, or a chicken salad. $20. Organic value Angove 2015 Organic Shiraz Cabernet The Angove family has been making wine since 1886 and is very keen on organic viticulture. This is a rich, plummy red blend, quintessentially Australian with the dark fruit leading the way and oak just making a cameo appearance. It is vegan friendly with no use of fish or animal products and is full and luscious on the palate. It is a certified organic wine probably seen at its best when matched with a lamb roast, or backyard barbecue. $16. MELISSA Leong Season’s greetings! Melissa Leong reflects upon seasonality as she steps out of the city and soaks up the vistas of Tasmanian farmland. I’m sitting in front of the most sickening view right now, perched on top of a verdant hill, overlooking the rolling beauty of the southern part of Bruny Island. It’s ugly work, but someone has to do it! Here you can see the months coming in and out. The property I’m on is home to a sheep dairy and cheesery and it’s where I come to run away from Sydney and regain some semblance of sanity. What I love about Tasmania is the seasons. They’re clear and distinct things and almost everyone who lives here is naturally in touch with what each season brings. Summer is blackberries on the thickets, quinces on the trees in autumn, local game meats in winter, tiny lambs with their spinning tails while they feed from their mothers in the spring. In Sydney, we’re not so imbued with definitive seasons. On the upside, we don’t endure as extreme weather conditions, but on the downside, it can be harder to know what’s in season and when. We are lost to this sense of time the environment provides. Luckily, there are easy ways to find out what’s in season if the urban landscape around you isn’t giving up any clues. The best of these is to become mates with a producer or purveyor at your local farmer’s market or grocer and ask what is in season. They will not only know what is in season but how smaller weather events have impacted the quality and price of crops from different parts of Australia. You’ll see seasonality reflected in price and abundance of produce. If it’s cheap, good-looking, and abundant, chances are it’s in season, Australian-grown and at the height of its brilliance, so buy up and eat up. So, spring has sprung this week and it’s going to be a beauty. Personally, fresh green things like peas and asparagus are the ticket, or at least it will be on my plate. And for dessert, it’s going to have to be the season’s first crop of Aussie mangoes!


p. 15

Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Shortcut bacon $12.99/kilo Smoked ham $12.99/kilo Grana Padano parmesan cheese $16.99/kilo (whole) Celery $1.69 a bunch Spanish prosciutto $29.99/kilo Kiwi fruit $1.49/kilo JAP Pumpkin 49cents/kilo Sweet mandarins $1.49/kilo Vittoria Espressotoria Coffee Machine with 48 complimentary coffee pods $49.99 Cashiers, Deli operators and Fruit/Veg Assistants wanted *Specials until Wednesday 24th of August Enquire within, ask for Maria Log onto our website for more specials Find us on



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