New Moon Meditation with NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller


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Honor the receptive potential of the new moon inviting all the world to examine what could be and begin anew. As our moon begins anew, we, too, are blessed to make a fresh start.

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New Moon Meditation by NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Honor the receptive potential of the new moon inviting all the world to examine what could be and begin anew. As our moon begins anew, we, too, are blessed to make a fresh start. Regardless of what came before, the moon, in her darkness, provides a quiet, open, welcoming space for us to imagine what could rise forth. As the moon will begin to expand her light again in the new cycle, she will breathe life into the supplications we surrender to her warm embrace. New Moon Awareness As the celestial body of Earth's moon slips away into the darkness of our planet's shadow, we gaze into potential space. Our moon quietly whispers from the darkness, "What seeds will you sow?" What would you like to prepare, cultivate and harvest? What would you like to propagate in your life and in the world? The seeds you plant in the potential energy of the new moon will sprout, develop, expand and flourish in their own time. Envision before you the fertile ground of an open field prepared to nourish and encourage your wishes, desires and aspirations. As you lay your intentions in the rich dark space the new moon provides, there is a sacred contract of trust that each rudiment will assume the form most suitable for it, in the time most favorable for its success, that it may achieve its highest potential in keeping with the hope of its creation.


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Gazing Inward Pause for introspection. Gaze within, and be at peace with what lies beneath the surface. Embrace divine nature. Acknowledge deep emotions. Express gratitude for all that you are. Shadow Dance Welcome your guides and angels as peaceful love fills all the sinews of your soul. With inner guidance, accept yourself with a gentle heart. Metaphorically or literally dance with your shadow self and give yourself the gift of unconditional love. Forgive, and live at peace within. So, Sow When you are ready, it is time to sow your seeds. In your mind’s eye, place one seed of thought and intent in the palm of your hand. Express love and fondness for your intention. Hold your seed thought up to the New Moon, who is waiting with anticipation for the seedlings to slowly sprout. Give thanks for the capacity of the moon that calmly, quietly, with subtle energy, watches over the fields of our intentions. All happens in its own time. All is well. One by one, recreate this experience of offering each seed of intention to the soft, gentle energy of the moon and the wise tempo of nature that sets the tone for the seasons. Living Light When you are ready, physically or imaginatively light a candle for all the intentions you surrendered to the wisdom of Mother Moon. The seeds of potential glisten in the dim light of the moon and the soft light of the candle as your temperament aligns with the steady beat of nature. Your intentions are the harmony for the melody of the moon. Rest assured that these honorable intentions will rise forth in the living light of this energetic bond, all in their time, as they should. Reflect As you feel impressed, take the appropriate time to reflect on what you have experienced and your vision for the future. Open your mind to possibilities that may have been overlooked, misunderstood or forgotten. Be at peace with natural flow of time, energy and wisdom. Be at peace within yourself. All is well. Breathe Take a long, deep breath, and when you are ready for your final release to the trust of nature to take its course, release your breath. Feel any weight of heavy thought or pressure of any concern lift as Mother Moon lovingly nurtures all that has been left in her charge. Breathe, and be at peace as you bring your awareness to yourself and your surroundings in this time and place with congruity and well-being.


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Tips for an Enlightened Meditation Experience Prepare for your meditation in advance. Set the environment as you desire, clearing away any excess clutter or anything that just doesn’t seem to resonate with your intention. Keep some paper and a few pens nearby. Often inspiration comes in meditation. Even if you only jot down a few words, that may suffice for you to be able to remember later. You can go back into meditation at a later time to receive more insight on the matter. Prepare yourself for an enhanced spiritual experience by eliminating some of the physical distractions. Fast or eat only a light meal in the hours before your meditation. Drink plenty of water so you are well hydrated. You brain and nerves work better with hydration. Hydration helps us to center and be more receptive to spiritual guidance. Always start with a clean slate. Clean the area, and clean yourself, physically and energetically. A relaxing bath or shower before your meditation clears away the dust and hangers-on of the day. If you are meditating with a group, make sure that everything needed by everyone is ready. Have seating arranged. Have fans if it’s warm or throw blankets if it’s cool. Have bottled water, and make sure everyone knows where to find the facilities to relieve their bladder before you begin. Gather all the tools and supplies you intend to use during your meditation. If you are going to light a candle, have it ready and in place with your matches or lighter (or another already lit candle) so you don’t have to scramble for it after you have begun. Add anything that feels appropriate to you for the intention of your meditation. Add rocks or gemstones, herbs, planters and seeds, pictures of the moon, a telescope, or anything that adds to the richness of the experience. Use this meditation as a part of your own spiritual ritual practice. Adjust it to suit your personal needs and desires. Always feel at ease changing anything that doesn’t feel right to you. If even a single word doesn’t resonate with you, exchange it for something that seems more appropriate. Even if, in the moment, words come into your mind that better express your intentions, beliefs and desires, give yourself permission to trust your intuition, your inner guidance. Bless you in your spiritual experience. Mary Catherine Miller Music by Thaddeus LuminEssence Productions



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