How to make an e-book using powerpoint


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how to make an e-book using powerpoint and pdf


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create create a slide show using microsoft powerpoint remember the 1:6:6 rule 1 idea per slide no more than 6 bullets per slide no more than 6 words per bullet try to keep to this rule as much as possible.


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change page setup change or to a3 portrait your e-book will be sideways a3 makes it big on your website use a4 if you want it little.


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make it interesting add pictures add tables add clipart add graphs add objects add sound


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animation yes you can animate your powerpoint slideshow you can animate text you can animate pictures you can animate objects you can transition pages no it wont animate when you save it as a pdf file


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saving save as pdf file as [file save your file select pdf from the `save as type box name


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turn into e-book youblisher upload your pdf file create e-book get embed code embed onto your website cool aye!


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created for te roopu rangitahi 2011



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