Spyglass: Volume XX | Issue II | October 2004


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A Perfect Score!!!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! JOPLIN HIGH VOLUME XX, ISSUE 2 October 25, 2004 “This is a symbol of excellence. We want this to become the standard of Joplin for years to come.” --Dr. Jim Simpson Queen of the Jungle- 2004 Football Homecoming Photo by Scott Hasty Homecoming Queen Jane Fuller (ʻ05) and escort Jeremy Elick (ʻ05) enjoy the JHS Football Homecoming celebration where Fuller was crowned on October 15, 2004. MORE INFO. ABOUT HOMECOMING ON PAGE 11. Pat yourselves on the back for ... A Perfect Score!!! Scott Hasty Editor-in-Chief After four years of continuous effort, Joplin has finally achieved a rank of “Accredited with Distinction,” in the Annual Performance Report (APR), with a perfect 100 score. “To be accredited so distinctly,” said Dr. Jim Simpson, “is a great honor and accomplishment for both Joplin Schools and the Joplin community.” According to Simpson, being accredited with distinction is no easy task. The requirements include meeting all MAP categories, meeting at least 11 out of 12 performance categories on the districts APR, and having at least 91 points. “In 2000, Joplinʼs APR was 27. In 2001, a 57; 2002 produced a score of 73; and 2003, an 82,” said Simpson. “With 2004 bringing in a perfect 100, we realized what a lot of hard work can do when a community sees a problem and solves it. The past four years have been dedicated to the improvement of Joplin schools. The administration was expecting better scores from 2003, but the 2004 score was even better than we had expected. We are really proud of the staff, students, and community of Joplin.” I BUSH OR KERRY- SPOOKHOUSES & N S ELECTION 2004 Page 4 SPOOK STORIES Pages 6-7 I E N T E R TA I N M E N T: CD & PLAY REVIEW FALL CLASSICS: D E Cartoon Source: http://www. clowncrack.com/cartoons/large/political/bush. Concept and Drawing by Mr. Fish Pages 8-9 SOFTBALL & FOOTBALL Pages 10-11


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PAGE 2 DSarc. hKeetrtary APsrsiisntscsitapffailn improving student achievement Expands communications with student body, faculty, and community Works with administrators to maintain safety, security, and a smooth operation of this facility. WHOʼS IN CHARGE Jim Kimbrough OAvsesrsoeecsidaatye-toP-draiyncipal operations Handles student attendance & discipline Supervises certified staff members Greg Boyd Assistant Principal H(aFnrdleesshdimscipelnin)e Handles attendance Coordinates at-risk students OCTOBER 2004 Jason Cravens Assistant Principal Handles discipline (counsel students) Oversees Special Education Oversees Professional Development Keith White AHsasnidslteasngrtaPderrienccoivpearyl programs Discipline Attendance Sheri Wilson Secretary to Dr. Sachetta Coordinates Dr. Sachettaʼs appointments Assists teachers, students Handles Public Relations Susan Foster Secretary to Mr. Kimbrough Assists students Assists parents, visitors Assists teachers, staff Cheryl Warstler Secretary Handles activity accounts & some budget accounts Handles student obligations Orders supplies for school Edna Doke Secretary to Mr. Boyd Assists freshman students, parents Handles attendance Handles discipline and correspondence Pat Waldo Secretary to Mr. Cravens Handles attendance Coordinates substitutes Tracie Buck Secretary to Mr. White Assists students, parents, teachers Handles discipline Handles attendance Susan Day Guidance Counselor Advises course selection Advises post-high school planning Provides personal counseling Patricia W. Kruse Guidance Department Chair Provides Educational Counseling Provides Personal Counseling Heads Program Development Suzanne Dimmit Guidance Secretary Meets the needs of students, counselors Completes lots of paperwork Does as much as possible with a smile! Cheryl Howard Registrar Sends out/enters transcripts Handles student withdrawals Prepares for graduation Virginia Smith Guidance Counselor Oversees incoming scholarships & contests Advises post-high school planning Provides personal counseling Stephanie Meek Guidance Counselor Counsel Counsel Counsel! Marda Schroeder Guidance Counselor Provides educational counseling Advises course selection Assist students in devdeloping high school and post-secondary plans Now you know! These are some of the folks who keep JHS running. Thanks for all you do.


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OCTOBER 2004 CLUBS AND PEOPLE PAGE JHS CLUBS During Banned Book Week, Mrs. Pat Rowland, head librarian at JHS, explained how it has happened that some books have been banned from libraries all over the country throughout the years. Mrs. Rowland is shown with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J.K. Rowling, a book that has been banned from other places in the country, but not from the JHS library. Students weigh in on the controversy “I donʼt feel any books should be banned. Books are here to “Some books are good to ban, because educate and teach us about the world around us. Books may then they wouldnʼt be educational to other represent opinions different than our own but it is always good children. For example, banning books about to know and realize what else is out there and see different Nazism, terrorism, anything that is harmful perspectives. When you read good books regardless of what to the brain of a child.” ideas they represent, you will become a smarter more well- -- Lea Rios (ʻ05) rounded person because of it.” -- Kara Wilson (ʻ05) J-Crew Fri. 7:30 a.m. @ A119 Book Club 1st Tues. 3:15-4:15 @ library Nat'l Honor Society 1st Tues. 7:20 a.m. & 3:10 p.m. @ Room D106 Future Business Leaders of America 1st Fri. 7:20 a.m. @ Multi-purpose Room Quiz Bowl Monday after school @ CC105 Math League Wed. 7:30 @ B217 Lunch Bunch Thurs. lunch 1st A115, 2nd CC102, 3rd B217 PALS 2nd Friday 4th/5th hr. @ West Central Elementary STUCO officers Fri. 7:30 a.m. @ B207 STUCO Tues. 7:20 @ B207 ROTC Drill Team Tues. @ JROTC Room JROTC Color Guard Wed. @ JROTC Room JROTC Study Hall Tue., Wed., Thurs., 3:00-4@ JROTC Classroom B-11\ FCCLA 2nd & 4th Wed. after school @ D112 Tri-M Music Honor Society 2nd & 4th Tues. 3:15 @ F102 FCA/FCS Wed. 7:20 @ Auditorium International Thespian Society 1st & 3rd Tues., 3:15 @ F103 Chess Club Mon. 3:15 @ A212 Prom Committee Every other Mon. 3:15 @Multi-purpose Room Student Voice 2nd Wed. of each month If you have additions or updates on clubs information, please contact Ms. White in Room A218 or any staff member. Read the Spyglass online! Go to JoplinSchools.com click on Whatʼs New then open Spyglass!!!


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PAGE 4 EDITORIAL OCTOBER 2004 Operation: Enduring Freedom, Operation: Iraqi Freedom-- Operation: Election 2004 Scott Hasty Editor-in-Chief Mere months had passed since Bush had taken the helm of the White House when Sept. 11th occurred and Bush was thrown into a world of decision making for the betterment and safety of the United States. The U.S. stood by the president when we went into Afghanistan to eradicate the Taliban regime, but soon after victory with Operation Enduring Freedom, the decisions Bush made pertaining to the terrorist threat started being questioned beginning with the passing of the Patriot Act, and preemptive strike of Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people. The Patriot Act, proposed by President Bush, is unconstitutional in every sense of the word. The act bypasses every right and freedom the U.S. stands for. Checks and balances and the many filters set into the Constitution were thrown out the window when Congress passed the Patriot Act. Thatʼs when the presidentʼs vulnerabilities began to surface. Bush accepted flawed intelligence about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, and when the truth became known, refused to acknowledge it. A little more than two months after the war started, he flew to an aircraft carrier in the Pacific and gave Americans the impression the war was over. More than 940 of the nearly 1,100 American casualties in the war have occurred since the “Mission Accomplished” sign was displayed on the flight deck of that aircraft carrier. The task of rebuilding Iraq was poorly planned, and the lack of a good approach has been sharply criticized by thoughtful individuals of the presidentʼs own party, including Indianaʼs senior U.S. senator, Richard Lugar. The president flatly refuses to listen to those who question him. He has isolated himself from voices he doesnʼt want to hear and suggests that those who question his “Iraq policies” are playing into the hands of the enemy. Bush himself has stated that Americaʼs primary goal was to get rid of terrorism, not to liberate countries. Yes, one could say that liberating Iraq was a good thing, but there are countries far worse off than even Iraq. If America wants to liberate oppressed countries, where are the American troops in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and South America? Although Iraq was an oppressed nation, it had a stable economy, a civilized atmosphere of paved streets, plumbing, thus making Iraq not so much a third world country as most other countries. Economically, Iraq was one of the better places to live in the Middle East. Point being, there are many other countries in the world that “deserve” to be saved more so than Iraq. Bush wants a worldwide campaign against terrorism. He looks for terrorists 9,000 miles away, when there are terrorists only 90 miles away, namely countries like Cuba. There are more terrorists than just Muslim-radicals. There are Columbian drug lords, Somalian warlords, fascist and communist revolutionaries, and within our own borders contain the many neo-Nazi groups, the Ku Klux Klan, etc. Apparently, Bushʼs ideology is that any terrorist who doesnʼt worship Allah in a radical way is not suspect to target this country. If America focuses on one type of terrorist group, we leave ourselves open to attack from other terrorist organizations, example being terrorist groups close to home such as those that reside in South America. According to Bush we need to meet terrorism head on with a preemptive strike. If this is true, where are troops who should be getting rid of the many hateful organizations within the U.S.? If we are working to save our countryʼs freedoms, why must we sacrifice them to the Patriot Act, an act capable of bypassing every right this country has fought so hard to obtain? Why is it all right for Bush to proclaim “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq and to have more deaths occur after the proclamation than before in the actual war effort? Bush has done the best that anyone could probably do in his position—but the point is he did the best he could do without listening to anyone else but himself. Yes, he acted with the best judgment he could, but not with the input from others beside himself. To act alone in a cause such as this is too big for one man, even the president, to handle. Any one decision made by just one personʼs judgment could cause this country dearly, whether it is morally, economically, politically, or any other words with the suffix “-ly” in them, fatal to the country. EDITORSʼ NOTE: No student who had made a commitment to write a piece supporting the Bush administration or positions of the Republican party submitted an article. If you would like to write a positive story pertaining to President Bush/Republican ideals see Mrs. White, Scott Hasty, or Sam Litteken for consideration in next issue. (below) Republican rendition of John Kerryʼs “Flip-Flopping” nature towards controversial issues, i.e. in the cartoon of his opinions towards the 2nd Gulf War. Source: http://www.cnr.colostate.edu/~jerrym/pps/politics/cartoon1.jpg Drawing and Concept by John McCoy.


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OCTOBER 2004 REVIEWS PAGE 5 BOILING POINT: FAHRENHEIT 9/11 Sam Litteken ohCo-EdMiitcoharel Moore opened the eyes of the world n to the threat of gun related violence in America and the reason behind it in his award-winning documen- d d e t e o y t tary “Bowling for Columbine.” Now, in “Fahrenheit 9/11” Moore takes on the subjects of September 11, the War on Terrorism, and the man leading the country: George W. Bush. From the very beginning “Fahrenheit 9/11” tells of how television stations ad declared Al Gore the 49th President of the United States of America. - However, with one station saying George W. Bush s had won Florida the other stations changed their stand on who the victor was. “Fahrenheit 9/11” then digs into the deepest - parts of President Bush and his administrationʼs con- e s - nections to the Bin Laden family. This leads into the reasoning behind the attack on Iraq and the lack of hunting for Osama Bin Laden. One major point that is easily shown is the fact thatAmerica is in a war. The visual images shown from Iraq are some of the most difficult to watch, depicting the brutality and death toll. While television seems to only show the Photo From MichaelMoore.com Iraqis who have ben- efitted from the war, Fahren- heit shows the people who have lost inno- cent family members in bombings and de- struction of towns. This extremely graphic part of the film also shows how the Iraqis treat soldiers, living and dead. Moore does input his own opinion at times. The continuation of the motherʼs story about how she lost her son in Iraq starts to seem like Moore is trying too hard to make his point. The same can be said for the connections between the Bush family and administration and the Bin Laden family. Something that is overlooked by many is that this film is also entertaining. Moore has a unique way of getting his point across. At times he is sarcastic, other times he can turn the serious subject into a parody. “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a documentary. Donʼt come to this film with your mind already made up that it is all slander and false, because it isnʼt. “Fahrenheit” is a movie that needs to be seen, and seen with an open mind. Overall ***** Based on a five point scale f - TEAM AMERICA: NO STRINGS ATTACHED Sam Litteken Co-Editor Trey Parker and Matt Stone are famous for their hit TV show South Park on Comedy Central. Now the duo takes on America in their latest film, “Team America: World Police.” The movie is based completely and totally on political satire. “Team America” is a task force of six members whose goal is to take down terrorists. The only problem is they seem to have a knack of blowing up the people and buildings they are trying to save. This starts to make the Film Actors Guild and the rest of the world irritated and plans to take down Team America begin. All this time the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is planning an attack on the world. Jackson song titled, ”What Would You Do?”. “Team America” also features some subtle political stands and jokes. For example, the fact that puppets were used rather than actors was a joke all in itself, in that all actors are puppets. One political viewpoint is that America is doing more damage than help by fighting terrorists. “Team America” is a hilariously funny movie, but it has its down sides as well. The fact that the whole movie is done with string puppets hurt the action sequences badly. Plus, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are infamous for their use of foul language. This is a great movie to see, but do not if you are easily offended. The movie is filled with hilarious little tid- bits. Everyone in their Film Actors Guild is made a point humor many times especially, actors Alec Baldwin and Matt Damon. The songs were also Overall incredibly funny, including titles of “Pearl Harbor **** Sucked” (the movie that is) and a spoof of an Allen Based on a five point scale Photo FromAllPosterscom


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PAGE 6 STUDENTS OCTOBER 2004 Terror Right Around the Corner Scott Hasty Editor-in-Chief Shemaryah Parker Staff Writer Gates of Hell review-- This chilling spookhouse is made up of many original ideas, unique from most other spookhouses. Expect some of the unexpected when you are walking the labyrinth of the Gates. Shrouded in darkness, you feel the chill of mysterious and frightening creatures of the night continuously watching you as you try to find your way out of hell, or in turn you may find yourself stuck in hell. Beware the Gates of Hell. Spookhouse Lowdown- Death Trap Spook House: 510 S. Main, Joplin Wolfman’s House Of Screams: Follow signs from Stone’s Corner Lanagan Fire Spook Cave: Truitt’s Cave HWY 59 & EE Dogpound Of Fear: 1/4 mile South of the Waco School SUPERSTITIONS Holly Robertson Staff Wrtier Top 10 superstitions from JHS students 1. Crossing the path of a black cat is bad luck 2. Break a mirror; have 7 years bad luck 3. When crossing railroad tracks cross fin- gers and touch a window 4. Split the pole is bad luck 5. Friday the 13th is bad day 6. Walking under a ladder is bad luck 7. For good luck, knock on wood when pre- dicting the future 8. When salt is spilled, throw some over your left shoulder 9. Hold your breath while passing a cem- etery/ Don’t let your purse touch the floor/ Step on a crack and break your mother’s back 10. Find a penny heads up is good luck/ Open an umbrella inside and it’s bad luck Vietnamese Superstitions 1. If your front and back doors are exactly aligned with each other in your house, success and money will come in, but leave out the back. 2. On the first day of Chinese New Year, if you walk outside and a pregnant woman happens to walk by, that’ll bring bad luck for the whole year. 3. A picture taken of three people means one of them will die or all three will have bad luck. 4. In Vietnam after someone dies, they are laid in a coffin and left at home for people to come by and visit. It’s believed if a black cat jumps over the coffin, the person will come back to life. 5. A sink and stove can’t be opposite of each other in the kitchen or it’ll bring bad luck to the married couple and they’ll end in divorce. Chinese Superstition 1. If you stick your chopsticks in the middle of a rice bowl you will have demon spirits come after you. Mexican Superstition 1. There is a road in Mexico that if you go down that road weird and bad things will happen to you.


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OCTOBER 2004 THE SAGA CONTINUES PAGE 7 Legends from Joplin’s past compiled by, Scott Hasty Within the Joplin city limits, there are few start turning for the better. untapped lands of still sprawling portions of forest, Suddenly, she stopped. She heard the faint these remnants being survivors to the plague called snap of a twig, the rustle of leaves, and the very urbanization. One of these few remaining places ex- rhythmic sounds of footsteps. She heard the heavy ists not too far from Joplin High School, existing breathing of that something not too far from where only a couple of blocks from the campus. Also ex- she was standing. She heard an evil giggle even isting with a murderous history, and an even more closer to wear she was standing. Cynthia was shak- murderous secret. ing. The evil intent she heard and felt in both the The date was November 12th and sopho- breathing and giggling made her very afraid, very more “Cynthia Noel” was looking forward to the fast. “ Get her” was the last thing she heard before nice, long Thanksgiving break her school was due she ran for dear life into the woods, where she hoped for in about a week and a half. She was late for she would lose them. home. The past few weeks of volleyball had been The trails that make up this area of Joplin are tough, math was getting her down, and her boy- made up of many different forks-in-the-road, twists, friend wasnʼt making life any easier-- so practice, turns, and absolute darkness whether in daylight or getting tutored, and another ugly argument with her nightlight due to the massive oaks and willows that boyfriend had kept her late into the evening. The make up the walls and the roofs of these paths. Cyn- last thing she wanted at the moment was to be walk- thia was lost within the first turn of the Trails. The ing home, especially through the dark, forested area darkness was absolute, and the voices of her pursu- off of Connecticut and then to come out the other ers were getting ever closer. She ran even harder, side just to face the stupid macho idiots who worked for the Joplin Fitness Center in front Cynthia was lost within the first turn of the Trails. The darkness ditching her backpack and heavy coat, running deeper into the woods. of the wooded area. She never liked walk- ing through the woods be- was her absolute, pursuers and the voices of were getting ever Exhausted, Cynthia had run through swampy land, sharp un- cause there were many dangers involved with crossing the area. It was a popular biking trail for many stunt bikers, closer. She ran even harder, ditching her backpack and heavy coat, running deeper into the woods. tamed grass, and tripped on many uprooted sticks and other things. Hearing silence, she stopped, filled with jumps, dips, and breathing softly in an tight corners. She also knew attempt to hear her pur- a couple of bums resided in that area, seeing beer suers. Every minute seemed like an hour she stood cans, and shopping carts everywhere. There were waiting. Hearing nothing she assumed she had lost also, of course, the rabid dogs, wild animals, and her pursuers, and started wondering how she would addicts that lived or used wooded area for shelter or ever escape the woods. other reaons. She didnʼt care to walk the extra seven Darkness enveloped her, no sounds of civi- blocks going around the woods just to get home, lization were to be heard and, she realized, she was and so went through, feeling confident that, like the utterly alone. Without her coat, the cold autumn other million times she had used the trails, would air bit into her skin with each agonizingly strong safely get across with no problems. breeze. She walked on into the woods, not wanting The air was getting colder and the light to go back from where she had come, knowing that darker as the sun was setting, making Cynthia not her pursuers were still following the Trails in an at- the least bit nervous, for her mind was focused on tempt to capture her. her horrible day, and on her excuses for being late Five minutes into her search for a way out, to home. On some subconscious level she noted the she saw movement in front of her. She peered hard nonexistence of the usual biker boys there to cat call into the darkness, seeing only the vague shadow of her as she passed, and the emptiness of the Joplin something that looked human. The shadow moved Fitness Center, the lights to that building turned off away from her, and in some way was beckoning her for the night. She found the darkness, and silence subconscious gently to follow it. She couldnʼt stop comforting, and started wondering if her day was herself, fatigued and exhausted, from following the shadow, hoping that maybe, whatever it was, would help her find a way out the Trails. The shadow simply stopped at what appeared to be an opening out of the Trails, and hopefully Cynthiaʼs escape from danger. The Shadow had led her to what had come to be known as the Opening. The Opening consisted of a 100 foot wide clearing, with a willow tree in the center. The willowʼs branches spanned the entire length of the Opening, causing the Opening to be void of any light from the sun. Upon the willow was a tree-house platform, and strewn about the willow were used beer bottles, shopping carts, drug paraphernalia, etc. Cynthia noticed these things but for a mere instant when she he heard and felt something. Crossing from the Trails into the Opening, Cynthia suddenly heard the evil giggle. She felt like she had crossed a barrier, a barrier from a dark, menacing forest to a dark, menacing, and evil clearing. The feelings she got when she entered the Opening were of despair, horror, sadness, torture, and fear. The feelings crushed her soul, dashed her hopes for ever finding an exit from the Paths. The Shadow still hovered adjacent to willow, when it shrieked like no animal she ever knew. The giggle behind her became ever louder, when all of a sudden she felt the breathing of the Giggler down her neck. The Shadow slowly hovered closer to her, still shrieking. Finally, in a burst of speed, the Shadow engulfed her entire being. There Cynthia Noel realized, in the final moments before darkness took her, that this was the one and only exit from the Paths. The Opening was the only final destination for any of the Pathʼs Walkers; the image of the Shadow, and the sound of the Giggler -- the last senses she felt


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PAGE 8 ENTERTAINMENT OCTOBER 2004 TIPTOE TROUGH THE TOMBSTONES Holly Robertson Staff Wrtier Joplin High School Theatre Department is presenting “Tiptoe Through the Tombstones,” a comedy thriller by Norman Robbins. “Tiptoe Through the Tombstones” will be held in the Joplin High Schoolʼs T. Frank Coulter Auditorium at 7:00 pm November 11th, 12th and 13th. The cost for tickets will be $6 adults, $5 students, and $4 senior citizens and children. The last remaining Tomb family members have been gathered at the old Monument House. Mortimer Crayle (Kaleb Cox), and old lawyer, and his secretary Zoe (Megan Armstrong) have gathered this offbeat group to inform them of their inheritance. But Crayle has plans of his own for the inheritance, which involves the death of all the Tomb family members. Things and people are not always what they seem in the gloomy, old mansion with cobwebbed corridors. With poison in every cup and disappearances into secret passageways, the number of bodies in the cellar keeps increasing. Characters such as Vernon Prewitt (Lyle Uttley ʻ07), Edna Honeywill (Ann Yoshie Stone ʻ05), Zoe Mapleton (Megan Armstrong ʻ05), Mortimer Crayle (Kaleb Cox ʻ08), Octavia Tomb (Patricia Pham ʻ07), Augustus Tomb (Sam Litteken ʻ06), Henrietta Tomb (Autumn Osborne ʻ06), Athene Tomb (Amber Tettemer ʻ05), Larry Lewiss (Jeremy Sailes ʻ05), and Fabia Tomb (Rebecca M. Gooch ʻ05) appear in this comedy thriller “Tiptoe Through the Tombstones” directed by Bonnie L. Schurman. Photo by Sam Litteken The cast of Tomb family and the wide varity of other characters gather around Veron (Lyle Uttley) as he painfully describes how someone attempted to kill him. FRANZ FERDINAND This album is full of catchy, lyrical songs from the character sketch of “Jaqueline” to the ga- Sara Patrum Staff Wrtier rage rock-meets-disco of “Take Me Out”. Franz Ferdinand’s first big album in the U.S. is a huge success. Commercials and sports previews are all sporting songs from this ‘’new new wave’’ album from this Scottish band. This album is musically rich, smartly written, and above all, catchy. Jarring guitar licks by Nick McCarthy and Alex Kapranos (who also sings) go along beautifully, if not loudly, with the pulsating beats of drummer Paul Thomson. But what catches your ear is the melodic bass lines from Bob Hardy that almost carry each song along. Songs on this album range from punk to disco and fit together quite nicely. The band boldly shows their talents with all of the different sounds. The ska feeling “Tell her Tonight” breaks into a melodic chorus that is reminiscent of 1960’s British rock. “Auf Asche,” is an all-out disco, keyboard driven track, while “ Cheating on You,” is much more punk-style, aggressive guitar rock. Surprisingly, “ Darts of Pleasure,” bursts out of nowhere with a German chorus for seemingly no reason at all. “ This Fire,” merges post punk guitar riffs, ‘60s style vocal harmonies, and a relentless dance beat to make this song very contagious. This album is full of catchy, lyrical songs from the character sketch of “Jaqueline” to the garage rock-meets-disco of “Take Me Out”. This is a very strong, confident album and Franz Ferdinand shows wonderful boldness on their first full-length release and is enough to convince people there is still hope for British rock.


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OCTOBER 2004 STUDENT LIFE EDITORIAL PAGE 9 Preparation For A Better Life is Just Half The Battle Scott Hasty Editor-in-Chief Jessica Jensen Staff Writer Time is passing, the days never slowing for our future. The pressure is on to discover us in an ever aggressive and expanding world of endless opportunity. Some seniors and juniors are ahead of each other in the race against time to find a suitable college or job opportunity. Some are behind, only relying on where the winds of chance may take them. For some, adulthood seems very distant, for others very close. The fact is, the latter is more correct than the former. This horrifying truth causes much stress in students, a fact that parents, teachers, and other adults may not understand. Money strains, academic strains, and the social strains of preparing for college are big issues for students -- problems for accomplishing a studentʼs American dream. Money strain is most often the leading cause of most senior and junior studentsʼ pains towards college. Most students work the not-so-glamorous life of high-labor, low-wage jobs. For most, paychecks from those are barely big enough to pay the bills, much less pay for your future. The only an- swer some parents have for that is “Get more hours, figured out where to get the money needed for an work harder.” awesome education; they figured out how to at least Although all parents promise to support have fun with college; and they have figured out their children through college, it is at a high cost not how to maintain a decent G.P.A. A good piece of only financially to parents, but also to their marital advice would be to ask those people, how did you and parental relationships within the family. Emo- do it? tionally, the stress of work causes families to break Asking school counselors is also an idea; apart, making the situation even more difficult Academically, the need to succeed itʼs what theyʼre paid to do. Make life as easy as you for a worthwhile college experience. Affected directly by the money strains are both the social and academic strains for a student. Socially, work soon becomes the need to survive. In other words, all work and no play wonʼt just make Jack a dull boy; it will make Jack an insane schizophrenic. can financially for yourself. Donʼt become a burnt out loner, dedicated to surviving the college experience. Apply for scholarships, financial aid, grants, and/or loans; any future is worth takes over your life leav- that amount of money. Plan ing you without the spirit needed to enjoy college ahead. Figure out how to pass the class, by seeking life. This in turn causes low self-esteem, which af- help from those who know the craft. Through these fects a grade point average, which amounts to higher steps, any student can survive the horror known as levels of stress. Academically, the need to succeed College Preparation. soon becomes the need to survive. In other words, For more information on Scholarship opportunities, all work and no play wonʼt just make Jack a dull talk to your counselor, or use the always up- to-date boy; it will make Jack an insane schizophrenic. listings for scholarship opportunities found in the Donʼt get me wrong. There are many suc- Guidance Office. Also, contact local businesses of your cess stories out there. Those are students who have interest for scholarship and/or job shadowing opportu- figured out the game and donʼt play by the rules that nities. Corporations sometimes give out scholarships, say making money, sacrificing social lives, and try- so be sure to keep tabs on the big name companies such ing to make the grade are their entire lives. They as Wal-Mart, Mcdonalds, etc. n e Trick ‘em Treat ‘em! Only $2! Hot, Sour, Color-changing candies with a creepy surprise! King-sized Candy Bars and various other treats!!! Halloween is almost here! z Reserve your bag today in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Lunch!! FBLA TRICK OR TREAT FOR CANNED GOODS Tues. Oct.26th CANS WILL BE USED FOR THANKSGIVING BASKETS WILL MEET AT JOE MUGGS @6:00-TRICK OR TREAT- THEN RETURN FOR FREE COFFEE, TEA OR HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!


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PAGE 10 Lady Eagle softball grand slamminʼ to the top Amanda Clemons Staff Writer The JHS softball team is off to a good start as they stomp their opponents. They lead off with a record of 14-8. Rachel Driver (’06) leads the team in several offensive categories including a batting average of .414. Pitcher Jessi Alford (’05) has a personal record of 13-4 and has pitched 101 innings. “We won our fourth consecutive Ozark Conference Championship this year. We went 8-0. We outscored our opponents in those games 74-1,” stated coach Harryman. The seniors have compiled a fouryear conference record of 34-1. They found a few tough opponents as Bartlesville struck out 18 of their hitters. Neosho, who has been their nemesis the last three years, has knocked them out of the playoffs every year. They are looking for first place in the District Championship this year. They have achieved their goal of being the number one seed in districts, which means they are currently the best team entered. “We have worked extremely hard, and our hard work is paying off,” states junior Mary Beth Bourne. Congratulations to the Softball Team for winning both Districts and Sectionals. They lost a very close game in quarterfinals. SPORTS OCTOBER 2004 CJhHSevByoysSBhaoskoettboalult FRIDAY NOV. 26 AND SATURDAY NOV. 27 HAMMONS STUDENT CENTER, SMSU, SPRINGFIELD This is a one game challenge of the Ozark Conference v. Central Ozark Conference schools. There will be six games on Friday and four games on Saturday. H J SATURDAY : JHS v. BRANSON at 4:30 p.m. Glendale v. Willard at 6 p.m. Parkview v. Ozark at 7:30 p.m. Kickapoo v. Republic at 9 p.m. TICKETS are on sale at the JHS Athletic Director’s office from now to November 17. COST is $7 for reserved lower section; $6 for reserved upper section; bleacher seats at Hammons for $4. Tickets can also be purchased the day of the event. TICKETS ARE GOOD FOR THE WHOLE DAY! This should be a great two days of basketball featuring 20 of the area’s best teams! CONGRATS SOFTBALL!!! WAY TO GO AT QUARTERFINALS!!! WAY TO BRING IT HOME AT SECTIONALS AND DISTRICTS!!! VISIT Spyglass ONLINE at www.joplin.k12.mo.us - What’s New?


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OCTOBER 2004 SPORTS PAGE 11 Homecoming Gives Joplin JUMPSTART TO AN EAGLE VICTORY Sam Litteken Co-Editor On a cold rainy October night Joplin held its annual homecoming, dubbed “Welcome to the Jungle”. This year the team to beat would be the Hillcrest Hornets. Joplinʼs defense would come prepared, but it was Hillcrest who scored the first touchdown of the game. Creston Hill (ʼ06) would answer back quickly on the kickoff. Going 93-yards Hill scored the first Eagle touchdown of the game and would ignite a night full of great special team plays by both teams. The extra point would be blocked keeping Joplin behind 7-6. Joplin would score twice more in the first half. The first, coming off a fumble recovery by Marco Maturino (ʼ07). Ricky Roberston (ʼ05) would add to the cause running the ball all over the Hillcrest defense, including a 16-yard sprint. Quarterback Photo by Scott Hasty Logan Taylor (ʼ08) would cap the drive with a 7-yard Joplinʼs defense takes down Hillcrestʼs runner for a loss on homecoming night. touchdown. The Eagles did not move an inch forcing Hillcrest to 3 total yards in the first half. Joplin would score once more before the end of the half adding 6 points after going six plays for 43 yards. The touchdown would come after Justin Cunningham caught a 20-yard pass in the endzone. Joplin would not be done for the night. The dramatic ending would come after a Hillcrest touchdown putting the score at 18-15. With seconds left in the game, Hillcrest opted for a field goal to send the game to overtime. Alex Johnson (ʼ05) would come up with the phenomenal block to get Joplin the ball back and win their homecoming game. Only two weeks prior to the homecoming miracle the Eagles still looked like they had not quite tied up all the loose ends. Joplin would have to take on fellow Ozark Conference members the Kickapoo and 64-yards for the first touchdown of the game. The touchdown would be scored by running back Ricky Robertson rushing it in from the 5-yard line. Unfortunately for the Eagles it would be the last time they would put points up against Kickapoo. Joplin would fall by the score of 22-7, despite the running efforts of Robertson who put up 109 yards on the evening and the Eaglesʼ only touchdown. Things could only get better for the Eagles, and it did. The following week Joplin traveled to Parkview to face-off with the Vikings. On the shoulders of Robertson, the Eagles would this time pick up a 33-14 victory over Parkview. Robertson would lead the Eagles with all five Joplin touchdowns throughout downs, the second, coming immediately after breaking a 40-yard run. Robertson would score three more times, unanswered. The Joplin defense was on top of their game on this night as well. Lineman Chris Black (ʼ05) came up with a big punt block giving Joplin excellent field position. Shapore Khalifeh (ʼ05) grabbed two more interceptions, adding to his rapidly growing total. The Eagles faced off with Leeʼs Summit North on Friday in their first game of district play. Joplin will also take on Leeʼs Summit in the last game at Junge this year on Friday, October 29. The Eaglesʼ season will conclude with their game against the always-powerful Rockhurst team. Chiefs in week five. Starting quarterback Logan the game and gain 193-yards. Taylor lead the team down the field in twelve plays Robertson would score the first two touch- State golf recognition Marissa Wooley (ʻ06), a member of the girlsʼ golf team at JHS, qualified for the state golf tournament. She played at Silo Ridge golf course on Monday, October 18 and Tuesday, October 19. This is the second year in a row that Marissa has qualified for the state tournament. Marissa Wooley


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PAGE 12 PSATerrific!!!!! THE LAST WORD OCTOBER 2004 The 2003 PSAT produced three exceptional students, all seniors, at Joplin High School. Cybill Esguerra is a National Merit Semifinalist, and Brad Secrist and Sarah Cable are both Commended Students. They have proven themselves worthy of high praise in the academic department. Sarah and Brad share some of their tips. How did you prepare for the PSAT? Sarah: I took Academics Plus and a summer class to prepare. Brad: The first PSAT I took, the ACT, and Mrs. Stausing all prepared me for my second PSAT test. Do you have any tips for future PSAT takers? Sarah: Be avid readers and look up words you donʼt know. Review math and take the practice PSAT if you can. Brad: I would advise taking Mrs. Stausingʼs Academics Plus class. She is a great teacher who prepares you very well for any type of comprehensive test. Jessica Jensen Staff Writer JHS BAND 2004-2005 ON THE MOVE AND ON THE ROAD Amanda Clemons show, color guard competition, and light show. The Staff Writer Kari Twombly Staff Writer band will attend Christmas parades in Branson, Tulsa, Pittsburg, and Carthage. Other performances include the Veterans Day Parade and St. John Christmas Lighting. The Joplin High School Marching Eagles This year they will be going to Dallas and San have quite a few competitions left as they enter the Antonio, Texas, for a music festival during spring 2nd half of their parade season. They have many break. competitions to attend and hope to come out on top. “Every band trip pulls us closer together. They earned 1st place at the MSSU Homecoming. Texas will have twice that effect because the band They also attended the Valhalla Festival, Ozarko will be representing Joplin in an entirely different Field Competition and the Maple Leaf Parade and place. Hopefully our pride can make the band even field show. stronger,” says drum major Kirstie VanFleet (ʻ06). “Everybody thinks that band is all about ʻthis Each student is raising $550 to go. Currently one time at band camp.ʼ Well, itʼs not; American Pie they are selling raffle tickets and hosting “Gimme has screwed up the whole meaning of band,” says Some Lip.” “Gimme Some Lip” is a silent auction drum major Ryan Macy (ʻ06). “Band is much more and spaghetti dinner that will be held in the JHS than that. Band is a sport, just like football, basket- cafeteria on November 20. Photo by Scott Hasty Shela Bannasch (ʻ05) and Nathan Gurley (ʻ05) play it up with the rest of the Marching Eagle Pride Band at the Homecoming Pep Rally held October 15, 2004. ball, soccer, etc. And people do not realize that. I sacrificed myself and dressed as Michael Jackson, THATʼS BAND!!” The band scored 58 out of 100 at the Valhalla WINTER GUARD TRYOUTSfestival and a 53 out of 100 at Ozarko. They took second place in the Maple Leaf Parade as well as a 2 rating in the field show competition. “I believe our bandʼs scores have been pretty Monday Oct. 25 through Thursday Oct. 28 reasonable, but there is always room to improve. I am so proud of the band, our scores are a lot higher than 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. last year,” says drum major Josiah Cherry (ʻ06). The band will be performing a light show In the Upper Gym after the football game on October 29. October 30 Everyone welcome !!! they will be performing at Arkalala for a parade, field



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