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Check out inserts: Taco Bell COUPONS Creative Car Audio JOPLIN HIGH VOLUME XX, ISSUE 4 January 2005 Who’s your pick? Enter contest for free movie passes, page 9 INSIDE LIFE’S A STAGE AND WE’RE ALL ACTORS Page 3 ARE YOU SOCIALLY BRAIN-WASHED? Page 4 SILENT VOICES AND LOUD COACHES HIT BOX OFFICE Page 5 DESTINY FACES Page 9 DYNASTY IMMATURE PROS AND HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS Pages 10-11 Spirit Week January 31 – February 4 Monday – Come As You Are Day Tuesday – 80ʼs Day Wednesday – Geek Day Thursday – Superhero Day Friday – Spirit Day Tossing around college? It’s not too early -- or too late -- to start CHECKLIST the search for scholarships and financial aid -- PAGE 8 Kari Twombly TStaff Writer here are four months left in the 2004-2005 school year. That may seem like a long time, but for JHS juniors and seniors their college years are fast approaching. Two big worries for college-bound high school graduates are scholarships and financial aid. “The best source of information for scholarships is at the school [you] are applying to,” stated guidance counselor, Mrs. Smith. “Contact schools interested in, and check our schoolʼs [scholarships].” There are three ways to find scholarship information at JHS: (1) Check the small grey filing cabinet to the left when you first walk in the guidance doors; (2) check the bulletin board across from the guidance office; (3) check on the high school website www.joplin.k12.mo.us. Another website that might be helpful in a college and/or scholarship search is www.fastweb.com. Mrs. Day stresses the importance of applying for scholarships. “You can only borrow so much money from financial aid. You canʼt just borrow what you need.” The money is due to colleges the third week of September, so apply “They want students to fill out FAFSA electronically. Both students and parents need separate PIN numbers. Go online to find out your number immediately in January, so you can fill out FAFSA when your tax returns come back,” said Mrs. Day. for scholarships to meet the amount of money you have left to reach. In order to get a low interest loan, the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms must be turned in after January. It is recommended to fill out FAFSA forms online. To fill the FAFSA out, students and parents need separate PIN numbers. Go online to find out your number, so you can fill out FAFSA when tax returns come back. For more information, visit your counselor or online at www. fafsa.ed.gov for details. Photo by Brenda White Mrs. Schroeder helps sophomore Devon Meyer with enrolling for the 2005-2006 school year. Enrolling is always a time for students make the right choice for their future.


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PAGE 2 STUDENTS Saturday Night Live At JHS Senior talent show Sponsored by Project Graduation Saturday February 5 Open to the public $3.00 at the door 7:00 P.M. *Boys auctioned off to the highest bidder as workers or dates. Clayton chosen for All-State Band Although 152 clarinets tried out for 24 spots in the Missouri AllState Band, Joplin High Schoolʼs own Clayton Dunaway (ʼ06) was the only JHS student to make the All-State Band this year. He made 19th chair. “Iʼm glad I made it in. This experience will hopefully improve my playing ability and allow me to make new friends.” In January, Dunaway will join the other AllState Band members at Tan-Tar-A Resort where they will rehearse for three days and perform a concert on Sat., Jan. 29 JANUARY 2005 PhotoPKbhayoriKtoTawarniodTmwSbotlomyryblbyy Ringing in the new year: Traditions around the globe Holly Robertson Staff Writer The New Year has arrived! New Yearʼs in 2005, 1993, 1981, and 1969, etc., will have the Eve traditions were celebrated during Christmas rooster as their sign. There are 12 years in between break. Many people stayed up to be in the moment the same sign, because there are 12 animals that when the clock struck twelve and the New Year make up the Chinese horoscopes. They are in order began. The ball in Times Square was dropped and the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, many anxious people waiting watched as the lights Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. flashed 2005! Some people kissed a loved one, and There are many traditions held every year. others made as much noise as possible (usually to On New Yearʼs Eve, the Chinese shoot fireworks tell anyone who dared to fall asleep the new year and eat Dim Sum (dumplings). The entire house had arrived!). To bring good luck people ate black- must be cleaned before New Yearʼs Day, because eyed peas or made resolutions to change their life all cleaning supplies are put away on New Yearʼs for the better. Traditions were kept to celebrate the Day for fear of sweeping away good fortune. Also, beginning of a new year. on the stroke of midnight every door and window The New Year celebrations are not in the house must be opened to allow the old year over just yet, however. The Chinese New Year to go out. Nobody washes his or her hair on New celebration, for instance, starts with the first day Yearʼs Day for fear of washing away good luck of the new moon being New Yearʼs Day, and ends for the New Year! And the people who have the 15 days later on the night of the full moon. This Rooster as their sign must wear red clothing. year, new years day is February 9, 2005. The New Years is a very important time to be official holiday lasts 15 days, and most schools and with family. There are different events held on the businesses in China shut down during this time. 15 days of the New Years celebration. The first day The Chinese years are closely associated welcomes the gods of the heavens and the earth. with Chinese astrology and horoscopes. This year Meat is not eaten on this day, and no one goes


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JANUARY 2005 CLUBS PAGE 3 JHS CLUBS J-Crew Fri. 7:30 a.m. @ A119 Book Club 1st Tues. 3:15-4:15 @ library Nat'l Honor Society 1st Tues. 7:20 a.m. & 3:10 p.m. @ Room D106 Future Business Leaders of America 1st Fri. 7:20 a.m. @ Multi-purpose Room Quiz Bowl Monday after school @ CC105 Math League Wed. 7:30 @ B217 Lunch Bunch Thurs. lunch 1st A115, 2nd CC102, 3rd B217 PALS 2nd Friday 4th/5th hr. @ West Central Elementary STUCO officers Fri. 7:30 a.m. @ B207 STUCO Tues. 7:20 @ B207 ROTC Drill Team Tues. @ JROTC Room JROTC Color Guard Wed. @ JROTC Room JROTC Study Hall Tue., Wed., Thurs., 3:00-4@ JROTC Classroom B-11\ FCCLA 2nd & 4th Wed. after school @ D112 Tri-M Music Honor Society 2nd & 4th Tues. 3:15 @ F102 FCA/FCS Wed. 7:20 @ Auditorium International Thespian Society 1st & 3rd Tues., 3:15 @ F103 Chess Club Mon. 3:15 @ A212 Prom Committee Every other Mon. 3:15 @Multi-purpose Room Student Voice 2nd Wed. of each month If you have additions or updates on clubs information, please contact Ms. White in Room A218 or any staff member. JET14 Photos by Sam Litteken Working the lights and crafting the stage are not as easy as one might think. Life’s a Stage Sam Littleken Co- Editor Joplinʼs International Thespian Society Troupe has been running a vigorous schedule as of late. On January 6-8, Missouri held the annual ITS Convention at Missouri Southern State University. This is the first year the convention was held at MSSU. During the convention students were able to attend theatre workshops. These workshops ranged from scenery design to impov improvements to one act plays. “The Intelligent Lighting workshop showed my how much lights and effects add to a show,” said Jarren Tupper (ʻ06) There was also a major stage show for all three of the days. These shows included “Bye Bye Birdie”, “The Boys Next Door”, and “The Wrestling Season” ”The best part of the convention was the play that other high schools put on, because it was people our age putting on productions” said Rebecca Gooch (ʻ05). ITS has now started working on an audience interactive dinner theatre. The show is called “My Fatal Valentine.” The show is set at the Annual Loveknot Award and everything seems fine until someone ends up dead. Those interested should see Mrs. Schurman for more information. Most recently ITS has begun to audition and begin work on “Denity Crisis”. This very strange and humorous one-act will be taken to district competition and a chance at state. Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella Auditions: Feburary 28 For Information See Mrs. Schurman My Fatal Valentine Interactive Dinner Theatre Feburary 17th and 18th. For more info see Mrs. Schurman in F Hall


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PAGE 4 EDITORIAL JANUARY 2005 Individualism (in’de-vij’oo-liz’em) n. 1. somebody who behaves or thinks in a socially acceptable or expected way 2. characterized by adherence to accepted norms of behavior or thought Scott Hasty from nursery school onwards, that child formal con- be cool enough, tough enough, or smart enough to Editor-in-Chief ditioning, the suppression of free thought, is rou- survive? And the only way to succeed was to copy tinely undertaken. Any child that displays signs of someoneʼs successful example. When that worked Over the past few years, identities have individualism in the class room is told not to do so, you made another aspect of your life, whether so- been lost to stereotypes. Stereotypes such as jocks and is likely to be hu- cially, athletically, etc., to are dumb, all band members are band geeks, Goths miliated and singled are anti-conformist and donʼt care have plagued the out for unwelcome “ Find your passion and you will copy another person to succeed as an artist, athlete, hallways of every school in the U.S. going far past attention in front of your great- grandfatherʼs time. Why is this so? My the rest of the class, find your individualism.” scholar, club member, whatever--thus making another opinion, take it or reject it for what it is worth, is thus adding on to the compromise on whom the that people just donʼt take the time to open up to peer pressure to be “normal”, simply in order to be real you was. people to show “himself” or “herself”. Donʼt get this reporter wrong, if youʼre a them any differ- On the street, there are those sports junkie, or a die hard J-Rock fan, or an ex- ent. Freedom of that follow along with the ma- treme biker, etc., and itʼs your thing, and you enjoy expression has jor cliques just because they it with all your heart, you ARE an individual. What always been a donʼt know where they belong. makes an individual is not the clothing, or anything very treasured These people, known as “pos- else you use to deceive the world, but when your ideal. The idea ers”, are often teased for not outside represents your inside. that you can ex- having any true personality or Peer pressure doesnʼt have to influence you; press yourself originality. They are the type of make it to where YOU influence peer pressure. Find through speech, people in search of themselves, your passion and you will find your individualism. music, writing, and their place in the world. Donʼt be fake; be true to your ideas, your beliefs, or other meth- Everyone, no matter the per- no matter what they are. ods of commu- son, went through that special People complain when they arenʼt heard in nication is an idea that is one of the greatest Sign says- Midnight Sun Annual Dance Penguin says- “ Sorry black tie only!” transition of being promoted society, but itʼs the same people who are afraid to to high school from middle stand up for what they believe in. People want to be school. Most look back and ask star of the game, but itʼs the same people who are aspects of the U.S. I believe that Americans in general Artist: Almeida, Arnaldo Catalogue Ref: aal0007 www.cartoonstock.com what they were thinking when afraid to put in the extra initiative to be the star. Bethey wore those clothes, or had ing different was one of the main principles in formthat geeky haircut. Why? Be- ing this country. Show no fear to being who you are cause that middle schooler had while trying to succeed in the big, bad world of life. have lost their to be as cool as the high school- Donʼt be what you arenʼt and, above all, stay true to individualism ers. Now that middle schooler yourself and be proud of who you are on the inside. through what I call “social brainwashing”. has grown and found his or her own style. With college on the horizon for all high school stu- Bottom line, through media such as tele- Everyone knows the feeling they got when dents, we canʼt afford to lose the thing that allowed vision, radio, the press, and what a child is taught they entered high school, wondering, am I going to us to get to college--being ourselves. Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. Advisor, Brenda White Editor- in-chief, Scott Hasty Advertising Manager, Shemaryah Parker Co-Editor, Sam Litteken Photo Editor, Kari Twombly Staff Writers Holly Robertson Sara Patrum


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JANUARY 2005 ENTERTAINMENT PAGE 5 "It Begins Here, It Ends Here" BY SHEMARYAH PARKER High school contract that requires to media attention and basketball, a tough- them to perform in the the wrath of the schoolʼs but-caring coach, and a classroom as well as principal as well as the bunch of mixed up kids on court. Carter then parents of the benched coming of age are all in enforces his tough players. Of course, the game plan for Coach love approach on the Carterʼs tactics work, Carter. Sure, there boys, especially on his and the players succeed have been plenty of son Damien (Robert in class and on the high school basketball Riʼchard), who transfers court. movies before, but from his private school thereʼs always room on to Richmond against his the team for another fatherʼs wishes. good player, and this Their discipline filmʼs got game. and hard work pay off as Coach Carter the team comes together is the true story of a in an undefeated streak, basketball coach, Ken which puts the team on Carter (Samuel L. track for a run at the Jackson), who gained state championship. national attention by But the success on the benching his undefeated court is threatened by team for poor grades. the playersʼ poor grades. Signing up to be the Carter forces the team to Richmond Oilers High study together instead of School basketball coach, practice, and cancels all Carterʼs first action as games until the teamʼs coach is to have the grades are up to snuff. Poster from movies.yahoo.com unruly players sign a This action leads The Cure - The Cure (released 12-04) By: Sara Patrum The Dead Wa--, No, Talk By Scott Hasty E.V.P., or Electronic Voice “White Noise” is one of the best ghost Phenomena, has long been an unex- movies to come out since “House on plained paranormal phenomena that Haunted Hill.” Most newer genera- Universal and Gold Circle films has tion scary movies tend to have been brought to life in this haunting story flops, getting high box office num- into the ghostly phenomenon. bers only due to the anticipation that Jonathon Rivers (Michael scary movies trailers implant into the Keaton), a very succes- mind -- only to real- ful architect, finds himself ize, that upon view- caught up in the mysteri- ing, turned out to be ous phenomenon known another lame, sorry as E.V.P. when he discov- excuse for a horror ers his deceased wife has film. come back to contact him “White Noise” from the dead through does the opposite modern electronic devices with its great special ranging from tape record- effects and intense ers to cell phones and story line. Universal computers. The obsessed Riv- ers, dying to stay in contact image from images. google.com did a great job recreating the phenomenon known as E.V.P., with his deceased wife, along with bringing soon brings in as many in some new ideas monitoring and recording devices as for E.V.P. that may be entirely pos- possible to pick any sign of commu- sible to observe. nication from his wife into his home. This film makes the viewer So obsessed is Rivers with this think, “Am I alone right now? Is phenomenon that capturing E.V.P.s someone watching me right now?” soon becomes dangerous. Despite the The thought of ghosts able to com- warnings -- and all the caution given municate with a person at a moment to him -- something evil has broken is a frightening one. With spine tin- through, and is after him. gling moments and mysterious voic- This movieʼs hype is not to es, “White Noise” is one superior be underestimated. To this reporter, scary movie. This is the first new music from The Cure since 2000's Bloodflowers. As you'd expect, there are great clouds of gloom in the track "Anniversary" and the slow-motion churn of "The Promise" , but however racked the lead singer Smith's singing and lyrics become, the album always feels as carefully shaped and balanced as Smith s swirl of big, sticky hair. There's no songs here as skittish and poppy as "The Love Cats" , but "The End of the World" is as spiffie a single as they've ever composed, while the closing track, "Going Nowhere", is an elegant and baleful ballad. But "Going Nowhere" is not present on the U.S. The Cure are on a roll these days, and the new album is their most adventurous and passionate since Disintegration. "Before Three," "Lost" and "(I Don't Know What's Going) On . . ." are jaw-dropingly great tributes to romantic obsession - The Cure's specialty. The first big surprise on The Cure is how loud and resonant the guitars are, with no neoEighties keyboards at all.The next big surprise is Smith's huge vocals; he sounded wispy on the erratic Bloodflowers (2000), but he emotes live and direct on this new album. With over 25 years to perfect their sound, The Cure have released a wonderful album that encompases all of their past sounds


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PAGE 6 Elementary School Rocks!ELEMENTARYSCHOOLROCKS! JANUARY 2005 This page was written by Mrs. Kimberly Horrellʼs Fourth Grade class at Royal Heights Elementary School in Joplin. Their class newspaper is the Interview A School Employee Life Principles of the Month Horrell Herald. These are all excerpts from their latest publication. Although there was By Kayla Reid I did an interview on Mr. Masters. Mr. Masters has a favorite movie and it is the “Wizard of Oz.” He has a favorite food and drink. His favorite drink is Coke. His favorite food is hamburgers. He really By Leslee Nichols Problem Solving: Creating solutions and finding answers. It helps you find ways to solve problems. Justice: Being fair, right, and upholding what is right. Help people make good choices. not room on this page for all the articles, every student in the class contributes to publishing the class newpaper. Thanks! -- Spyglass likes cool weather. Mr. Mastersʼ favorite color is Commitment: The keeping of a promise or pledge. green. He plays a sport and it is racquetball. His People need to keep their word or promises. Austin Leeʼs Mini Pizzas favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows. Thatʼs Mr. Masters. Es-prit De Corps: Devotion for each other among members of a group. It means for people to be kind and helpful to each other. Ingredients: 1 Tortilla Pizza sauce FAMILY ACTIVITY More Math Time Editorial By Joshua Hudson Grated Cheese Toppings By Julie Shepherd Feb. Sat 14 Watch a movie with everyone in your family. If you have someone in your family thatʼs under the age of 13, watch a movie thatʼs less scary. Feb. Mon 26 Do a hairstyle night; break out the bands. Have a wonderful time! I think we should have more math time. I have two reasons why. Number one, if we had more time we would learn more math. Number two after you do math for a while it gets more fun. More math time would really be great. Microwave ---------------------------------- 1. Pour some pizza sauce on the Tortilla. 2. Put the grated cheese on. 3. Put the toppings on. 4. Enjoy! Animals Our Class Would Like to Have Number of animals liked. Thirteen people liked dogs and won. The lowest was fish. They had one. This is our survey. Photo by Kimberly Horrell Front row: (GAP shirt) Matthew Paxton, Kayla Reid, Charlie Schachel, Julie Shepherd. Row 2: (striped shirt) Matthew Steele, Jasmyne John, Austin Lee, Danielle Sigua. Row 3: Kristen Goodnight, Josh Hudson, Sam Hunter, Ashley Loman, Morgan August, Hanna Arnold. Row 4: Sage Gorman, Tristan Weathers, Caroline Dutton, Katie Cloyd, Leslee Nichols. Row 5: Drew Holle, Dakota Powell, Andrew Swadley, Megan Bell, Jennifer DeMint, Bobbi Elliott. Not pictured:


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JANUARY 2005 JOPLIN HISTORY PAGE 7 Before JHS as we know it Joplin built its school system one brick at a time Kari Twombly Staff Writer 1916 Pillar in front of current EDITORʼS NOTE: This is the second in a series administraion building. of articles about the evolution of Joplinʼs school Courtesy Joplin Keepsake Album sysem. JHS 1919 football champions PART TWO Courtesy 1920 Joplimo Former Administration Building Courtesy Joplin Keepske Album From September 1942 to May 1943 the Joplin public school children raised $162,578.20. The students bought enough 10- and 25-cent war stamps and war bonds to buy 75 army Jeeps and one Mustang fighter plane. The fighter plane held the title, “The Joplin Public Schools.” In 1958 a TV program called “ABC Report Cards” aired a segment on the Joplin Reading Plan called, “Johnny Can Read In Joplin.” It was also on the “Today Show” in 1960. The late Superintendent, Cecil Floyd, started this program. About 5,000 educators came to Joplin in order to see the reading plan in action. It was later adopted nation wide. In honor of Cecil Floyd’s great achievements, a newly built elementary school was dedicated to him and was named Cecil Floyd Elementary School. The Joplin R-VIII administration building that is currently located on East 15th Street was not always there. It was originally a house located by the Memorial High School bought from Charles G. Henderson, a local grocer. The building suffered a fire in 1942. In 1966 the current administration building was built. Outside the building are two pillars from the original site. They once graced the entrance of the Henderson house. The two pillars bear the dates 1916 and 1966. They represent the year the house was bought and the year the building was rebuilt in its current location.


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PAGE 8 COLLEGE CHECKLIST /FRANKLIN TECH JANUARY 2005 Make a list -- Check it twice!!! FTC Your checklist for financial aid September classes on ____Choose three or four schools interested in. Request applications. ____Search for private scholarships (Web and Guidance Office.) soph____Pick up ACT or SAT packet from guidance office-complete registration. ____Compile list of school, community, church activities involved in and leader ship roles. tour____Create calendar of deadlines for admissions, scholarship and financial aid applications and test registrations. ____Talk with instructor about the possibility of earning college credit from class (FTC.) October/November ____Apply to schools most interested in. ____Request financial aid information. Review application procedures/ deadlines. ____Schedule campus visits/tours. ____Attend college/career night. ____Continue to search for private scholarships. ____Work on essays for scholarship/school applications (JHS students see Mrs. Myers.) ____Talk with college representatives when they visit your school. December/January ____Collect completed letters of recommendation. ____Send college admission applications. ____Schedule campus visits/tours. ____Obtain the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from high school counselor, FTC Student Services Office, college financial aid office or on the Web located at www.fafsa.ed.gov ____Complete federal/state tax returns for use in completing FAFSA. ____Talk with college representatives when they visit your school. February/March ____Meet all financial aid deadlines. ____Respond to requests for information from admissions or financial aid offices. ____Register for Advanced Placement tests. ____Complete articulation agreements. ____Schools will begin sending acceptance and financial award letters. April/May ____Select a school and notify admissions office. ____Notify schools not attending. ____Pay the required deposits for enrollment and/or residence hall. ____Contact school financial aid office for loan applications, if necessary. ____Request that final high school transcript is sent. June/July/August Photos by Scott Hasty JHS students are observing a presentation by the FTC business class. The presentation was intended support attendance to the business program during the 2005-2006 school yeOarn. January 20-21, the annual sophomore FTC tours were held to support enrollment for the 2005-2006 school year. The goal of the program was to showcase the programs available so the sophomores could take advantage of the many excellent facilities offered by FTC. FTCʼs aim was to show students the many possible career training courses available for their future. Various courses at FTC showcased the greatest aspects of each ____Contact admissions office to verify that all needed information is complete. ____Follow all instructions from school regarding admission and financial aid. ____Attend orientation programs when offered. subject, showing how exciting, enjoyable, and informative each course can be. These tours gave JHS students a chance to experience how the many courses at FTC offer hands-on experience in the work world, and gave them


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JANUARY 2005 SUPER BOWL XXIX PAGE 9 Dynasty VS. Destiny Scott Hasty Editor-in-Chief Defeating the Steelers, this reporter believes the Patriots are on their way to a third Super Bowl win in four years. The Patriots play what is known as “smart football.” When a big catch is needed, their receivers are all over it. When the Patriots are looking at a fourth and one, the Patriot defense stops them dead in their tracks. According to Phil Simms, a writer for NFL.com, “it canʼt be an accident.” Simms describes that a third world championship win lays in the way the Patriots practice. Simms also wrote, “ [The Patriots] donʼt put in seventy percent at practice and say theyʼll give 100 percent this weekend. For them, itʼs always on.” The Patriotsʼ attitude is always business when they are on the field. Never once during the Patriots-Colts game did you hear one negative reference to the Patriots. This attitude causes pressure to work in the Patriotsʼ favor. When that game clock starts on February 6, 2005, you arenʼt going to see the Patriots folding under pressure. The Patriots are going to be fired up, ready to dominate over the Eagles. Bill Belichick and the rest of his coaching staff are no lightweights when it comes to commanding their team. They constantly pressure the Patriots to go all out during practice. When it comes to Belichickʼs coaching ability, itʼs no slackers allowed. The fact that Tom Brady is with the Patriots speaks for itself. This “Joe Montana-like” hopeful is the holder and supplier of Super Bowl wins. He holds two Super Bowl MVPʼs, and hopes to bring a third in come Super Bowl Sunday. This reporter agrees when NFL.com journalist Vic Carucci writes, “ He has put himself in such exclusive company by following a formula for success that defined Montanaʼs Hall of Fame career: He plays his best in the biggest moments of the biggest games.” Bradyʼs performance as a quarterback has been supreme, and what he has done for the Patriots in the past four years is remarkable. Many have said the Patriots are to start a dynasty on completion of their third Super Bowl victory. This reporter sure hopes so. Sam Littleken Co- Editor Destiny. Thatʼs what so many are already calling it. For three years the Philadelphia Eagles had amazing season but always lacked that final step. Three years the Eagles made it to the NFC Championship game. Three years they have lost. However, in 2004 a new hope entered the Eagles training camp along with new players. Simply known, as T.O. Philly had required top of the line wide receiver Tyrell Owens to add to already explosive quarterback Donovan McNabb. Defense has been the story for the Eagles in the playoffs though. After, earning a first round bye and snagging the home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, Philadelphia would face the Minnesota Vikings. The passing game was shut down, and Randy Moss and Dante Culpepper had no effect on the boys from Philly. The Eagles would once again be heading to the NFC Championship game after their victory. So many wondered if the Eagles would be the first team too ever drop four straight championship games. As soon as the game started all doubt was immediately erased from everyoneʼs minds. Philly would route the Atlanta Falcons in a 2710 win. The Eagles have the momentum and the drive to make that final step to take a hold of the Lombardi Trophy. After being injured, Tyrell Owens will return for this major event and add another receiver for McNabb to throw to in the big game. After all the doubt the Eagles have finally made it to the Super Bowl and, like so many of their fans, the Eagles believe the Lombardi Trophy is their destiny. Super Bowl Sunday February 6th, 2005 6:30 p.m. ET Jacksonville, Florida WHO WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL? 1) Put name on slip, check box. 2) Return to room A218 by Friday. 3) One correct entry will win a drawing for two movie passes. 4) Celebrate by saying ‘I’m going to Disney World!’


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PAGE 10 HIGH SCHHOOOOLPS Amanda Clemons Staff Writer Baskets are made as the Varsity basketball teams continue to rack up their record. Boysʼ Varsity basketball keeps a record of 10-4. They find a good opponent in James Madison High School out of Dallas, Texas. At the start of the season, Varsity boys won the 51st annual Carthage Tournament. February 4 plays host to their next basketball homecoming. Girls Varsity currently has a record of 7-6. Conference games started the week of January 18. Also Thursday, Jan. 27 to Saturday, Jan. 29, Girlsʼ Varsity will enter the Nevada Tournament in which Willard is their first opponent. They recently participated in the Carthage Tournament. “After losing the opening game in the Carthage Tournament, we beat Carl Junction and Neosho to win the consolation” says Coach Jones. Boy’s Basketball Seniors Brad Secrist Kyle Carder Jeff Smith Shea Stehm Jason Scouten Floyd Hackett Donny McGee Nick Kramer Girl’s Basketball Seniors Jessi Alford Cherie Baugh SPORTS GRIDIRON SENIORS GFootball Seniors JANUARY 2005 “Our football season was disappointing S C Frank Wattelet Chase Carisle from the stand- A Caden Warley Justin Cunningham point of wins and p Ricky Robertson Tyler Hempen Matt Houston Andrew Lewis losses. However, a the young men q we had the h Alex Johnson Brian Allen opportunity to l Kyle Taylor Robert Hawk work with were Floyd Hackett Dan Davis John Colades good kids and t enjoyable to be m around throughout the season.” f – Coach Wall F A t s Prom 2005 What’s behind the curtain? ????? n t d G e w P Everything s will be fi r revealed in t the March a S issue of s C Spyglass. s a Enter to win: a free prom ticket e J free movie passes “ . See details in the March - issue of Spyglass. J


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JANUARY 2005 SPORTS EDITORIAL PAGE 11 Greatness? Legacy? Disgrace. Sam Litteken Co-Editor Sports have always been considered as America’s pastime. Each game competed with prestige and honor. The world of sports was pure athletic ability, physical and mental. The only real question is where did it all go wrong? Athletes have found new ways to embarrass and cheat the leagues they play for. A few months ago a minor dispute between two players in a basketball game turned into utter mayhem. Indiana Pacers forward, Ron Artest was fouled by Detroit Pistons center, Ben Wallace. Following the foul the two began to argue, landing Artest with a technical foul. A fan would then throw a beer on Artest, who would rush into the stands and start an all out melee. This would land nine players with suspensions. Players creating fights have put a dent on the purity of the sport. Less than 24-hours later during a football game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers, the two teams erupted into an all out free-for-all. The reason was said to be the players had seen the acts of the Pacers-Pistons brawl. These have both been scars on the face of sports decency. Unfortunately, it would not be the first or the last. The National Football League has recently come under the fire due to the conduct of their players. Eagles wide receiver, Tyrell Owens, along with Desperate House Wives’, Nicollette Sheridan, performed an “inappropriate” opening show to Monday Night Football before the Eagles- Cowboys game. The intro displayed the two in a sexually suggestive situation. The FCC was quick to jump on the NFL after the “indecent acts”. This is partially due to the Photo from ESPN.com Referees and officials try to seperate Pacers and Pistons player during a free-for-all brawl at the Palace at Auburn Hills that landed nine players with suspensions events of last year’s Super Bowl involving Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. .“J-.NoS.thphCnoeAyrWtAsroedBovodeaasenklnoetthtbbeuamlill“dCcohaacrhacterThe National Hockey League is yet to play a game this season. This is only because the players believe they need to increase the salary cap to higher than the almost $1.8 million that the average NHL player is making. This seems low compared to the $18 million contract Roger Clemons signed to play baseball one more year in Houston or Michael Vick’s $25 million football contract in Atlanta. Sports have been tarnished, tattered, will have to do as they have done in the past and come back to prove that the Cinderella stories are possible and the dreams do come true. A perfect example is the Boston Red Sox’s miracle season. Another is USC quarterback Matt Leinart returning to play one more year of college football and giving up huge NFL contracts. Sports are pure if the athletes and the games are pure. Only the fans and athletes can preserve the game.


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PAGE 12 STUDENT POETRY Creative Corner Reflection -Autumn Shotwell- WINTER -Jared Sanders- Black sky above, Please cry your tears for me, Send your freezing rain, Pour it on my soul, The sky is a cold, bleak sheet of clouds All is dark, all is gray. The world is wrapped in Winterʼs shrouds. On this bitter, frozen day. Let it freeze upon my face, And drown my sorrows so. Ice and wind make cold bare flesh. Leafless trees stand all alone. Darkest clouds ascend, Blackest rain befall, Frost consumes each blade of grass. No sunlight is ever shown. Reflect unto the worldHow I feel inside. Let the only light that shines, Prom What’sBe the lightening bolt that strikes. The golden autumn ambience Has failed to a lifeless breath. The waning days of this year past Are all that we have left. 2005 behind the curtain? ????? Everything will be revealed in the March issue of Spyglass. Enter to win: a free prom ticket free movie passes See details in the March issue of Spyglass. JANUARY 2005 Leave Me Lonely -Melissa Johnson- Delete me from the soul Erase me from the mind Forget about me Leave me behind I have nothing to say to you I know we have talked But things have changed My heart feels locked You are playing stupid games I do not know what is true I need to leave To get away from you I am crying so much I am flooding my room I feel like you left me To an awful doom So get rid of me Do it now I canʼt explain I have no idea how So leave me lonely Take me away I hate you Is that what I meant to say Do you want to be famous? Express yourself? Show off your talent? Submit a drawing, cartoon, poem, or whatever else you feel would be a great thing to see in the next issue of the Spyglass’ Creative Corner. Note: Any work submitted to the Spyglass is subject to editing and/or denial of entry due to space available, content, etc. All pieces are given equal entrance opportu-


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