Spyglass: Volume XXI | Issue II | October II 2006


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Visitors from Across the Atlantic

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SHAHLALPOPWYEEN! JJOOPPLLIINN HHIIGGHH pyglass VOLUME XXI, ISSUE 2 october 24, 2005 Photo By Heather Duggar Chris Black escorts the lovely Colton Smith, both seniors, during the pep rally. Smith would go on to win the “homecoming queen” honor in the comedic performance. INSIDE Gas Prices Raising Moon Over Buffalo Halloween Stories Join the Revolution! Homecoming Sports Stories, Scores, Stats Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Visitors from Across the Atlantic As most of you may know JHS recently had four very interesting visitors from Southampton, England. They are all on the staff at schools there. They were very impressed with the way they were treated by everyone here at JHS as well as in the community. Ruth Martin, a Head Teacher in Southampton, said she even got invited to a little girlʼs birthday party, but had to decline the invitation because she would be back in England. They discussed some major differences between our schools as well as some major similarities. The first difference they noticed was the fact that all of their students wear uniforms. “Our schools are judged by the parents by how the students look in their uniforms”, said Mary Higgins, a school inspector. Here that would by like our Superintendent. Another difference is in our sports. In England the major girlsʼ sports are net ball, which is like basketball but instead of dribbling the players can only pass the ball. They also have girlsʼ hockey, soccer and rounders, which would be like our softball. The major boyʼs sports are soccer, rugby, basketball and cricket. See Visitors on page 3..... Shemaryah Parker Ad Manager Heather Duggar Staff writer


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PAGE 2 FRANKLIN TECH OCTOBER 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24, 2005 AROUND CAMPUS Techʼs Award Winning Counselor Amanda Clemons Staff Wrtier Visitors from page 1 Future Kevin Keys, counselor of Franklin Tech, won the Missouri Secondary Counselor of the Year award. This will be presented to him at the Missouri School Counselors Association Fall Conference November 6 to 8. The staff of Franklin Tech nominated him and filled out an application to enter him. They included how he helps the students and letters of recommendation from teachers. In the last 5 years, this is the 4th award that the staff of FTC has won. “This award is really more about FTC than me. This recognition even though it is for Photo by Amanda Clemons me personally, it symbolizes the quality staff and Kevin Keys programs we offer.” Says Kevin Keys. Photois by Heather Duggar JHS welcomed, from across the Business Leaders of America pond, (left to right) Mary Higgins, Ruth Martin, Gordon Smith, and Katie Austin. Amanda Clemons Staff Wrtier FBLA has many activities done and more coming up. October 5, they held their BASH at the Boys and Girls Club where they played games, socialized and had a pizza party. They organized into committees and brainstormed ideas, developed goals, and also learned to tie a tie. FBLA uses leadership and career development to mix education and business and they also start partnerships with are businesses such as the Joplin Globe and the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. FBLA does a lot of community service. They have supported Camp Quality, The Childrenʼs Haven, the Boys and Girls Club, March of Dimes and JHS Learn and Serve. October 24, they held a “trick-or-treat” for cans event where they collected canned goods to make holiday baskets for JHS Learn and Serve. This year JHS will be hosting an all-school officer meeting which will include 17 schools, over 100 officers and advisers will attend. Officers will be seated by their position in FBLA and share ideas and plans. Dave Adam, a board member from Camp Quality, will speak to the group about how they can help. FBLA joins in on many competitions; one such is Districts taking place in February in Carthage. Qualifying students continue to State, and from there, they proceed to Nationals. Photo by: Rayma Taylor FBLA members eat pizza at the Boys and Girls Club and enjoy their BASH. “Your policy on cell phones for students is the same for our youngsters back home; if the phone is seen out I take it and the student can pick it up after school.” Gordon Smith Head Teacher Continued ... Students in Southampton, unlike the students here, donʼt graduate after high school. After the age of sixteen, students have the choice of either going on to a university or to go into the workplace. Their government is aiming to get 50% of their students to go on for more schooling. One of the similarities between our schools is the cell phone policy. “Your policy on cell phones for students is the same for our youngsters back home; if the phone is PAGE 3 seen out I take it and the student can pick it up after school,” said Gordon Smith, the Head Teacher of what would be like our high school. Another similarity is the fact that the primary language spoken is English. However, other languages, such as French, German, and Spanish, are offered but they are not required. All in all, our visitors said they have enjoyed their visit and canʼt wait to hear what our teachers think of their schools. The Shadow Of Death! Photo by Trisha Tupper With the passing glance it may seem to the untrained eye that the shadow of death has passed over Joplin High. In nursing classes at Franklin Tech, students use this mannequin.


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PAGE 4 EDITORIAL OCTOBER 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24, 2005 AROUND CAMPUS PAGE 5 Gas Gouging Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief A horrible tragedy occurred when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Thousands of peopleʼs lives were changed forever. There were homes, jobs, and cities destroyed. However, effects were not only felt on the coast; it was felt all over the country with the extreme rise in gas prices. Now donʼt get me wrong Iʼm not downplaying the tragedy that was Katrina, and it was amazing to see America come together to help out in the masses that it did, that is what makes America the greatest country in the world. However, are the only refineries in America, the ones hit by the hurricane? A sneaking suspicion, says no. There are other refineries that could produce the gasoline needed by Americans, without the leaps and bounds the prices took. Itʼs understandable that the prices would go up slightly, but not a whole dollar in less than a weekʼs time. Remember back to the days when gas was near the $1.20 mark? Or even two dollars? It was less than a year that gas was Cartoon from www.showmenews.com below that two-dollar mark. Teens today are working to get money so that they can go places and do things. However, this is made all the more difficult when the only that money is being spent on is the gasoline to get from home to work. Now, of course this is not the first time gas has made jumps. But, this is the first time that it has made leaps the way it has this time. After the death of King Fahd, the Saudi Arabian monarch, prices rose for one reason or another. Then, the prices began to lower by baby steps, but that is when the hurricanes began to hit the coast, the gas prices rose once again, this time to new heights. After Katrina rocked the Southern states, another one Photo by Ashley Trotnic Sam Litteken and Autumn Osborne playing, George and Charlotte, duel during a rehersal for “Moon Over Buffalo“. Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. headed toward Texas and once again the prices shot up, this time before anything was hit. The prices of gas seemed to be determined Moon Over Buffaloby whether or not Hurricane Rita would hit Houston, Tex., a huge The opinions expressed in the newspaper are not necessarily those of the district, administration or staff of Joplin High School. Editor- in-chief: Sam Litteken Advertising Manager: Shemaryah Parker refining area. “In theory the idea of raising prices works in preperation for Sam Litteken a disater, but the gas companies make so much money anyway it Editor-In-Chief shouldnʼt matter if they lose out when something bad does happen,“ said junior Mitchell Litteken. “Their greed gets to them.” Now, the prices have begun to lower again and yet it can only be wondered, how long before another gust of wind blows near an oil company, and the gas price skyrocket? What can go wrong? That question that is answered in “Moon Over Buffalo”. On November 10, 11, and 12, Joplin High Schoolʼs Theatre Department will present Ken Ludwigʼs comedic farce as the fall comedy. Ethel (Sarah Hiatt), due to all the chaos. Then, George and Charlotte have a huge fight about George having a fling with one of the other actresses in the company, Eileen (Chelsea Prettyman). After Charlotte threatens to walk out with their attorney, Richard (Tom Steere), it is learned that the couple is getting a chance to go to Hol- Staff Writers: Amanda Clemons Heather Duggar Trisha Tupper Order Your 2005-06 Joplimo yearbook today. In room A217 George and Charlotte Hay (Sam Litteken and Autumn Osborne) have had a great run but have finally fallen down the ranks and are just off Broadway, by about 400 miles and are down to doing only repertory theatre in Buffalo. Its right before a matinee and the couples lywood if they pull off a great matinee. However, with Charlotte leaving and George distraught, itʼs up to the company manager, Paul (Lyle Uttley) and Roz, to help pull the show together at the last second, with mistaken identities, chases, and mass and utter confusion, surrounding everyone. Tori Flores Lori Eckhardt or from any yearbook staffer. daughter, Roz (Katie Honeywell), shows up to introduce them to her fiancé, Howard (Brenden Clark). Unfortunately, she never really gets around The show is very fast paced, if you bink you miss something. “Build set. Tear down set. Set stage. Strike stage. Set lights. Change lights. to telling anyone, except for her deaf grandmother, Stand up, fall down....if anyone thinks acting isnʼt a “Gravity” I have seen it all disappear into a crimson haze. Breathe it in – Your lungs will rust. Let it in your eyes And see as you used to see (Thank Heavens we’ve changed.) We have to live this way If we are to live at all – Our hearts numbed by morphine-cold, Our bodies decaying in the sweltering heat, Our bones cracked like glass, Broken in he dirt on the floor. I know the scarlet sky will break one day And the rain will saturate our souls With knowledge…. Knowledge and release. We fear too much in this room When all we have is ourselves. We are alone in space – Satellites of some distant moon, And the atmosphere is without substance. Time has become the clicking in the walls And we count the cracks As they form in the paint. We only want to fear. And we do. -Jared Sanders, 2005 Moon Over Buffalo Nov. 11,12,13 Curtain Time: 7:00 Adult - $6 Student - $5 Senior/Child - $4 physical sport, theyʼve never been on a show,” said senior Brendan Clark. So again the question is, what can go wrong....everything.


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PAGE 6 Halloween OCTOBER 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24, 2005 COMMUNITY PAGE 7 The Legend of Turkey Creek NEW RESTAURANTS MOVE IN and other Horror stories The legend begins again! attempted to run the trail have seen and heard bizarre things. They have heard a girls voice Turkey Creek isnʼt just another boring place in Jop- screaming but they couldnʼt identify what she lin. It is a place where a bizarre event happened and was screaming. A couple has heard her say still affects Turkey Creek. “Hurry! Heʼs coming.” In all cases the scream- One night Jake Miller and his girlfriend, Me- ing voice is cut off leaving a silence. gan Hart decided to meet up with a couple of friends Are the trails haunted? Did the girl stay at Turkey Creek to go off-roading. They decided to behind to warn others? Or is this just another take the two most capable vehicles and left the others legend passed down to scare you? The answers behind. to these questions will never be found, but it They drove the uneven, muddy tracks for still remains that something happened in those hours. It was time for them to head home. The path woods. heading home looked tough and treacherous. They had confidence in their vehicles, so they went. The road kept getting rougher and the dips deeper. The headlights started bouncing back and The attack of theforth between the trees and open path. An unexpect- ed turn forced both vehicles into a deep, water-filled trench. Jack and Meganʼs vehicle made it out easily. Midget Clown The second vehicle stalled at the deepest point. Jake got out of the vehicle to go help push his friends out while Megan stayed in the truck. As he walked to the other vehicle Megan started hearing A couple with children were trying out a new babysitter. About an hour after they left for a night on the noises. She had thought maybe it was Jake playing town they realized they had forgotten to give tricks on her, so she didnʼt act like she was scared. her their cell phone number, so one of them But then the noises got louder and she saw Jake called her. helping their friends. She started yelling for Jake but After she wrote down the number, the he couldnʼt hear her. babysitter asked if she could watch satellite TV Jake finally helped his friends out of the in their bedroom. She had just put the children trench and went back to his truck. He got in and Me- to bed and wanted to watch a particular show. gan was gone. He didnʼt notice anything odd, so he (The parents didnʼt want their children watch- thought maybe she went to the bathroom. His friends ing too much garbage, so living room TV started screaming from their vehicle, he had no idea didnʼt have satellite channels.) what was going on. He ran over there and he found Well of course she could watch TV in them, -- dead. Blood was all over the seats; Jake their room, they replied. The babysitter had one ran back to his truck and tried to start it. It wouldnʼt other request: could she put a sheet or blanket start; he had no idea what was going on. over the clown statue that was in the bedroom? That was the last thing Jake ever saw. The It kind of made her nervous. next day, another bunch of off-roaders saw the two We donʼt have a clown statue in our room vehicles sitting there. They checked it out and only or in out house for that matter. Get the kids and saw the blood on the interior. The police were bewil- go to the neighbors. Stay calm, we are calling dered! They couldnʼt find all the bodies; they found the police and we will be there as soon as we four out of five. The fifth was never found and is can. presumed the murderer. The police caught the clown as he was Today the trail is more dangerous and the running through the neighborhood. trenches are deeper then ever. The few that have The Hook Clarks Heather Duggar Staff Writer Two young teenagers are totally Clarks -- “Where the best just got better” Clarks is a fairly new restaurant to our town, or any involved with each other at a wooded area, near a lonesome highway. Suddenly, a special announcement alerts them to the fact that a convicted killer had escaped from the local prison and was armed and dangerous. The girl insists that they leave and the miffed boyfriend finally agreed, realizing that it was a dangerous situation. He first had to relieve himself and told his girlfriend to lock the doors and donʼt, under any circumstances, get out of the car. When the boyfriend didnʼt come back, she decided town in fact. They have been here for four months and specialize in pizza. The pizza is made of homemade bread, white or red sauce, and anything you want on top. They have pizza you can order or pizza you can make yourself. I ordered the chicken, broccoli, and mushroom with white sauce. I ordered a side salad for only $1.99, the salad was made up of varies different leafs and shredded cheese. To drink I ordered the tea, the tea is Tazo herbal tea from our own Starbucks. Gauchosto drive the car and look for him before leaving. Soon, she discovered that the keys werenʼt in the car and they must be in his pocket. She began hearing terrible scraping and screeching noises and huddled up fearful night sitting in decided to make a run tfihonerthcitaetro,bdathcakye lhsigeigahtht.wbAraofytkener eaaanlrodbnysg.heand SAtmafafnWdariCtelremons After leaving the car, she took a look back and Gauchos is a restaurant where you are saw that her boyfriend was hanging from a tree above served all-you-can-eat meat. Waiters come to each the car and his shoes were scraping against the roof. table with skewers of meat and you pick what meat you would like. Gauchos serves pork, turkey, chicken, and beef. Also a trip to the salad bar is included with each meal. Prices range from $10- $20. Gauchos located at 1802 W 32 St Ste K Joplin Clarks is a friendly, family orientated restaurant. They have three big rooms, one is the party room, another is the smoking room, and they have a non-smoking room. The piano is in the non-smoking and Clark, the owner, plays for the customers every once in a while. In the near future he might play for romantic nights in the restaurant. They have music playing in all rooms. When you first walk in the door you see dark green walls. To the right is a kiddie ride; it is a $.25 horse ride. On the walls are old pictures from Europe. The non-smoking room is beautiful, the walls have a few paintings, the floor is carpet with a really nice design, and the workers make you feel welcome. JCoahrinnnoy’s Sam Litteken Editor-In-Cheif Johnny Carinoʼs is wonderful taste of Italy that most Italian styled restaurants miss out on. The atmosphere is that of a modern Italian villa. The hosts and servers are more than helpful; they are also very friendly. For someone who has never been there before they will even give a complete walkthrough of the menu and personal preferences. The food is just as good, if not better than the service. The appetizer choices range from homemade mozzarella sticks to pepperoni bread, which is garlic bread, loaded with pepperonis and cheese. The menu has a large variety of Italian specialties that are simply mouth watering. Plus, for anyone looking to do away with the fast food pizzas, Carinoʼs makes excellent old Italian pizzas. The price is right for the great food served in Joplinʼs newest Italian delight. CLARKS The Bill: 1 coke $1.50 1 tea $1.50 2 side salads $ 3.98 1 13ʼ 4-9 top pizza $13.85 1 bread pudding $1.99 1 cinnamon roll $.85 Tax $1.67 Total $25.34 GCraetaemwaeyry Tori Flores, Lori Eckhardt Staff Writers Do you love to eat a lot of great food? Then you really need to get to Gateway Creamery! Located in the heart of Joplin on 614 Kentucky Avenue, The Gateway Creamery is a fabulous place to try if you havenʼt all ready. We would definitely recommend going there if you happen to have some extra cash. ʻThe Creameryʼ is somewhat expensive, but you can be sure to leave extremely full and something to eat for lunch the next day. Some of our favorite dishes were the bowtie pasta with red sauce, chicken alfredo, and chicken parmesan. If youʼre in the mood for steaks, they also have Filetʼs of Beef which have been said to be “One of the best in town!” The setting inside is great—leaving you feeling like youʼre actually in the comfort of your own home. The Gateway Creamery 614 Kentucky Ave Joplin


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PAGE 8 ENTERTAINMENT Raising the Dead Tim Burton’s Magic Over the Years Amanda Clemons Staff Writer Tim Burtonʼs new movie, The Corpse Bride, centers around Victor who while practicing for a wedding in a forest puts a ring on a skeleton who comes to life and claims herself his bride. Including songs and many different characters, this is an amazing film to see. Other than “The Corpse Bride,” Tim Burton has made several other films including: “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and “Beetlejuice”. He also directed the 2005 movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the remake of the 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” “Edward Scissorhands” is a film about a young man who was created to have scissors and knives for hands. Before his “father” could give him hands, he died of old age leaving Edward all Raising alone. When a family takes him in, it turns into a struggle to fit in and be accepted. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a movie using stop-action animation, the same style of production as “The Corpse Bride”. Jack, the king of Halloween, is tired of doing Halloween every year, but when wandering through the forest he stumbles unto Christmas Land. Jackʼs desire for change turns into disaster when he wants to become Santa Claus. “Beetlejuice”, a movie filled with strange occurrences and many different paranormal happenings, is about Claudia, a lonely girl who, when in her attic, meets two ghosts and a strange little spectre in a town model. Upon saying his name three times, she releases him and starts a series of events that will change everything. Many of Tim Burtonʼs films involve psychological aspects making him one of the greatest directors of psychological thrillers. the Devil Shemaryah Parker Ad Manager Inspired by true events, we are told Emily Roseʼs harrowing tale through her priest, Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson). As sanctioned by the Catholic Church, Father Moore tried to perform an exorcism on the girl, but failed. On trial for what the prosecution calls Emilyʼs “negligent murder,” Father Moore isnʼt afraid to go to jail. He is just desperate to tell Emilyʼs story--how this fresh-faced, seemingly healthy 19-year-old farm girl (Jennifer Carpenter) goes off to college and comes back home speaking in tongues, eating giant bugs and apparently inhabited by not just one but six separate demons who finally kill her. This is what Emilyʼs family and Father Moore firmly believe happened to her. The medical community, however, claims Emily suffered from a combination of epilepsy and psychosis that, without proper medication, resulted in her death. In a case that will certainly further her career if she wins, whip-smart defense lawyer Erin Bruner (Laura Linney) sets out to prove Father Moore only wanted to help. While the facts are laid out, the underlying question as to whether supernatural and evil entities truly exist remains constant. Donʼt expect any answers. OCTOBER 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24, 2005 ENTERTAINMENT PAGE 9 Fright Club Begins... Trisha Tupper Staff writer With high hopes of big crowds and great music, Zach Waggoner is taking a leap. On Saturday, October 29, he will be taking a shot at the entertainment biz here in Joplin. The Bridge will be opening up for Waggoner to hold a benefit show to raise money for the concert venue, Fright Club. The show, which starts at 7 p.m., will be featuring several bands, raffles, food and drinks, and much more. The bands playing will include: Cinna The Poet, The Pentagrammas, The Alcoholic Freshman, 20 Till, The Beautiful Losers, and some others. “I wanted to do this for the teen community. I want people to have something fun to do in Joplin,” said Waggoner. Fright Club will be located on 15th and Main, across from Big Donʼs Music City. The venue will hold concerts on one Saturday and the next Saturday it will be a dance club, which will have techno and other music. It will also be open during the week for people to have study groups or just hang out. Opening day for Fright Club will be on November 12. “I hope this is a great experience for teens as well as myself. If a lot of people are involved, it will be great,” said Waggoner. Photo by Trisha Tupper Senior Zach Waggoner, who has been involved in music for several years, decides to take his interests a step further. The Fright Club Presents... Cinna The Poet The Pentagrammas The Alcoholic Freshman Beautiful Losers 20 Till For more information on local bands and shows vist www.purevolume.com Join the Musical Revoultion Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief The ultimate art, constant throughout the world is music. In some way, shape, or form the world loves and needs its musical fix. Joplin has begun to gain some ground in great scene for musicians to display their art for the masses. The Bridge, Dioko, and now the Fright Club, are all giving young musicians in the area a chance to show what they are made of. And, no one is disappointed in the abilities of these bands that are continuously popping up. The variety is extenuating. Cinna the Poet is an amazing band that has gained a large following and is still growing. Cinna is a combination of reggae and rock, to form one of the most interesting and exciting hybrids. Songs such as “Just Wanna Be With You” and “Donʼt Play With Fire” get the crowd singing along with the band. For the more hardcore and fast-paced rock, there are several great ones out there: While I Breathe and Kill That Kid, just to name a couple. While I Breathe has been around for quite a while, and is beginning to expand outward throughout the Four States. The band has a newer CD out and helped bring this type of rock to the surface. Kill That Kid is a collaboration of two incredible, former bands, Strength of Convection and Dark is the Day. They have hit the ground running and show no signs of slowing down with mind- blowing songs like, “You Donʼt Know Who You Are….” Lest We Be Silent is another band that is gaining popularity. These guys play a post hardcore style, with driving and heavier guitar riffs. The Pentagrammas are a different, heavier styled band. Their songs “Basement Heaven”, and “Night of the Creeps” are very recognizable, with their driving speeds and utterly unique sound. Of course its not required to have a steady band and a following to enjoy this beautiful expressionism. The Bridge frequently has an “Open Mic Night” to give new bands and artists a chance to show off their talent. The scene is all about the passion and thrill for the music. Hopefully these bands that are gaining speed and getting recognition continue to do what they love, and at the same time get others involved and playing. So grab a fist full of aspirin and crank the volume up to eleven.


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PAGE 10 HOMECOMING Show-Me Your Spirit Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief Where else besides at Joplin High during Spirit Week could a person see students dressed in costumes during school? Joplin celebrated Spirit Week from October 3-7. During the week the students partook in different activities to show their spirit and had fun at the same time. The chances to dress up included such days as Pirate Day, Superhero Day, and Cowboy Day. Some things didnʼt just stop with the school. For example, Adam and Drew Lauderdale, didnʼt just dress themselves up for Pirate Day, they also converted their truck into a pirate ship with a Jolly Roger-laden mast. Another event was a contest with JHS clubs competing to depict the theme of this yearsʼ homecoming -- Arabian Nights -- on banners. The winner of the contest were announced at the pep rally, and National Honor Society was the victor. The pep rally was full of twists and turns. The band played the song “Arabian Nights,” the Varsity Dance Team did a Middle Eastern dance, and members of ITS dressed as characters from Arabian Nights. The cheerleaders were pumping up the crowd and then the “queen” candidates appeared -- Joe Austin, Nick Phipps, Blake Chapman, Tyler Howard, and Colton Smith -- wearing dresses. The homecoming “queen”, Colton Smith was announced next as by the choice of the crowd. Then, the real queen candidates were announced. The band ended the assembly by playing everyone out to the Joplin fight song. OCTOBER 24, 2005 OCTOBER 24, 2005 HOMECOMING/SPORTS PAGE 11 Proving Powerful against Parkview Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief Homecoming. The mere name means one thing for players: only victory is acceptable. Joplin would not disappoint while letting the Vikings of Parkview know that they mean business. Senior Creston Hill would stuff a touchdown and the Eagleʼs opening play of the opening drive down the throat of Parkviewʼs defense, as he sprinted for 86 yards to the endzone. With everything seeming perfect, the Vikings started to make their move toward the endzone but would be halted by an impressive Eagle defense that forced Parkview to attempt, and miss, a 40-yard field goal. Senior Blake Chapman would add another touchdown with an amazing 40-yard dash. Chapman would have an excellent night passing for 152 yards and running for another 54. Halftime would send the Eagles in up 14-6, with an explosive second half still to come. The Eagles would storm out in the second half and pick right back up where they left off. Creston Hill ran the final 20-yards of Joplinʼs second drive in the second half. However, Parkview would answer back with a touchdown of their own. Once again Hill would score the touchdown after a 3-yard run. Hill would eventually add another trip to the endzone making his grand total for the night four touchdowns. Leading into Hillʼs final touchdown of the night Chapman would find sophomore Corey Wattelet with the biggest pass play of the night for a 30 yard pick up. Wattelet would also have a great night gathering up 64 yards off 4 pass receptions. Joplin finished on top with the final score of 35-21, and Joplin finished the Ozark Conference play with a record of 4-3 on the year. Homecoming Coronation Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief Moore, Emily Gibson, and Hannah Hamilton. Each girl was accompanied down the track by The cool night air, the sounds of “Arabian Nights” in the background, and the hope of having your name called as the next homecoming queen overwhelms you, surrounds you. This is exactly the picture of Joplinʼs coronation this year. After the band played the theme from Arabian Nights, the ladies were introduced to the capacity crowd at Junge Stadium. First were the attendants: freshman Jessica Hill, sophomore Libby Jennings, and junior Meg Bourne. Next the queen candidates made their way onto the field: Cathy Pawlus, Cailtin Stayton, Megan a family member or loved one, then an escort onto the field. They couple then made their way through a tunnel of swords presented by the ROTC. At this point former queen, Jane Fuller made her way onto the field and announced the winner. Suspense was high as the name spoken was that of Megan Moore. “We all wanted to win but Iʼm very happy for (Megan). She deserves it as much as any of us out there,” said candidate Cathy Pawlus. “It was a huge honor, and it made my senior year extra special.” Photo By Heather Duggar Megan Moore walks with Matt Trumbore at Homecoming. “Itʼs like deja vu all over again”CONGRATULATIONS JOPLIN SOFTBALL TEAM WINS THEIR 5TH STRAIGHT CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Joplin Wins Fifth Conference Championship JOPLIN FOOTBALL TEAM WINS HOMECOMING AGAINST PARKVIEW Tori Flores Staff Wrtier The 2005 Joplin Eagle softball team played really hard this year and did a great job. The Joplin girls made sure of that when practice started August 8. The first couple of days, they practiced twice (once in morning and again in the evening). During the school year, practices lasted up to 3 1/2 hours running and scrimmaging! For varsity, their record was 18-13 and they won their conference (again!) 7-1. This year will be the fifth year in a row win for the Lady Eagles. Unfortunately, the softball players had an off-day during the play-offs against the Neosho Wildcats and lost a very close game. This kept them from advancing in the play-offs, but theyʼll be ready for more next season. Many thanks to all of the students who came out to support this yearʼs softball players. Coach Harryman agrees that there was great student support all season long and hopes to have the same for next year. Keep it up, Joplin Eagles!


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PAGE 12 HALLOWEEN WORD SEARCH THE FINAL WORD OCTOBER 24, 2005 W (10) (15) I (20) N (30) G (40) S (50) (100) $ 5.50 $ 7.75 $10.00 $14.50 $19.00 $24.00 $45.00 Available in Mild, Hot, Suicide, Honey, Season, Cajun, Lemon-pepper,& Greek (Includes carrot or celery, roll, and dressing 1301 Broadway, Joplin Party Trays Available! 625-1333 Dine-In / Carry-Out CATFISH DINNER $6.50 Hours: Monday - Thursday (Includes fish, slaw, fries, & hushpupies) 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.-Friday & Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday ONLY Bar B.Q. Ribs & Pull-Pork Slab $18.00 Slab Dinner, 2 sides $20.50 Rib Sandwich, 2 sides $8.00 Pull-Pork Sandwich, 2 sides $7.00 Specialty Sauces & Rubs $1.00 Sides: Okra, Baked Beans, Season Fries, Potato Salad, Slaw Open til 10:00 on Friday and Sat.! NEWSPAPER COUPON EXPIRES NOVEMBER 24, 2005 Clip this coupon and get 10% off 30-piece wings! CATFISH SANDWICH $3.75 PORK CHOP SANDWICH $4.25 JR. BURGER $2.00 JUMBO BURGER $4.00 Bacon . . $.50 Cheese. . .$ .25 Season Fries Potato Salad Corn Nuggets Fried Okra Cole Slaw Hushpuppies (6) $1.50 $1.50 $1.75 $1.75 $1.25 $1.50 Dessert Extra Dressing or Roll Can Drinks Bottled Water Sweet Tea Refill $.50 $2.00 $ .50 $ .70 $1.00 $1.25



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