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SHHOALPIPDYAYS! JJOOPPLLIINN HHIIGGHH pyglass VOLUME XXI, ISSUE 3 December 12, 2005 Photos by Brenda White INSIDE Love those Lunch Ladies! Franklin Tech Harry Potter and the ... Holiday: A season of giving Editorial Arguing the point: Debate Sam Phillips, JHS student whose home burned recently, was the beneficiary of the proceeds from a chili supper held before a recent JHS girls basketball game with Nevada. Mary Beth Bourne is shown at left making a sign. The basketball with a slit in the top held all the donations. Page 2 Page 5 Pages 7, 8, 9 Page 4 Student Feature Media Day Heather Duggar Staff Writer “There is a past, a present, and a future for you,” said Jay Moorman, Head of the Department of Communication during opening ceremony at MSSU Media Day. The Joplin High School newspaper and TV productions classes attended. Everyone got a t-shirt and went to sit down to watch the Pioneer Broadcaster Award. The award went to WMBH Radio. WMBH: “The Oldest radio station in Joplin.” The WMBH station started in 1926 and moved here soon after from Chicago. Everyone listened to Lone Ranger, Gangbusters, Americaʼs crusade against crime, and soap operas. “If youʼre going to do something, do it right and with passion,” said Dave Koester Chief assignment Editor, KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City. Dave was on the job when the bombing of the Murrah Federal building happened in 1995. Later on the groups split and went to different sessions. The first session for newspaper was “ Are Blogs Journalism?” and for TV productions it was “ Video Competition Finalists Screening.” There were many categories for both newspaper and TV productions and JHS came away with many awards. Page 6 CONTINUED ON PAGE 14


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PAGE 2 HOLIDAY 2005 Faculty/Staff What’s Lunch Ladies to the rescue How would you go from working at a boat dealership to working as a JHS lunch lady? Mona Reding did just that. All of our JHS lunch ladies did something or other before becoming one of our lunch ladies. Some went to college and then went to work here, and some were homemakers. Our lunch ladies have worked here for a different time periods. Some for one year, one and a half years, and the longest is thirty years. That lady is Janis Marie Baker and she became a lunch lady “ so I could be home with my children when they were home.” One moment that makes being a lunch lady worth while to Janis Marie Baker is “ When a child smiles at you and says thanks you for being so nice to me.” To Dolores Ogden it was, “when one student told me that he was glad we have the foods we do because you get a variety daily and he loved it.” The requirements for being a lunch lady according to Karlene Felker are “ to be friendly, able to cook, be clean, and be cooperative.” The lunch ladies are that and so much more. The lunch ladies are people just like you and me. Gimme Some Lip cookin’? Photos By Heather Duggar ( Above left) is a lunch lady preparing chicken nuggets. (left) is the lunch lady with our rolls. (Above) is a lunch lady trying her own makings. Heather Duggar Staff Wrtier The Bandʼs fundraiser for their spring trip was called Gimme Some Lip. It was basically a talent show where students could showcase their various strengths and just show off a little. Photo by Sam Litteken Clubs Schedule Forensics Club (Speech and Debate) W, 3:10-5, C104 JHS Book Club 3rd T (except Dec/Mar), 3:15-4:15, JHS Library Joplin FBLA 1st F, 7:30 am, Talon Room Key Club Th, 7:30 am, AB203 Prom Committee Every other M, 3:15-4:15, Talon Room 3 SkillsUSA M, 3:20, 66 @ FTC STUCO Officers: T, 7 am, B207 Reps: T, 7:20 am, B207 The International Thespian Society (I.T.S.) 1st/3rd T, 3:15, F103 Quiz Bowl/Academic Team M & W, 3-4, CC105 Student Voice Second W of each month, Multi Media Room Clubs PAGE 3 HOLIDAY 2005 Happy Holidays from the staff of Spyglass


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PAGE 4 HOLIDAY 2005 Editorial Holiday Season PAGE 5 HOLIDAY 2005 Happy Holidays: A Season of Giving Shemaryah Parker Ad Manger Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief Think about the last time you went into the local Wal-Mart to do some Christmas shopping for everyone you know. Lights hanging all around the store, Chirstmas trees and wreaths on sale, and brightly col- ored paper ready for the wrapping. Now think of the Salvation Army vol- unteers, who brave the cold every day just to be able to get some spare change for some less fortunate. Around the holidays so many are able to go to visit their families and their friends. The holidays bring everyone closer together with cel- ebrations and joy, no matter what the denomination, this is a special time of the year. But, what about those who are not as fortunate as others, when it comes to the holidays? Classes and clubs have rallied around Thanksgiving and the holiday season to help out those who are not as fortunate as others, or in some Cartoon from www.toughguygoods.com Charles Shultz helped a generation remember the true meaning of Christmas and the generosity of a new generation shows it has not been forgotten. cases have even suffered a disaster recently. One great example of how our school has helped Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. out this year is the chili feed held by the girls basketball team on November 29. The chili feed was held for Sam Phillips, whose house burned. All of the money that was raised during this event The opinions expressed in the newspaper are not necessarily those of the district, administration or staff of Joplin High School. was given to Sam and her family. Another great example is the holiday baskets. Mrs. Stokes and many of the clubs and classes here at JHS gathered up food for Editor- in-chief: Sam Litteken baskets to be delivered to families in need. Coach MacQueeney has recently taken it upon himself to Advertising Manager: try and help out so many people during the holiday season. The Shemaryah Parker first being several families that he has given food baskets to. The second being a former student of his that is now serving our coun- Photo Editor: try overseas, who will not get the chance to be at home with his Heather Duggar family during the Christmas season. Other groups such as FBLA and ITS have also adopted Staff Writers: familes during the holidays brings food and gifts in hopes of mak- Amanda Clemons Trisha Tupper ing the holidays a little brighter. The people in our community have helped out tremendous- ly as well. Organizations such as: The Elks Lodge, CFI Truck- Tori Flores Lori Eckhardt ing, The Salvation Army, and the area police departments have all come up with ways to help those who are less fortunate around the holidays. Coby Pierce Adviser: Brenda White So the next time you see someone ringing a bell out in the cold think of the wonderful cause that they are working for, and think wouldnʼt you want help if you were in the same situation? All I Want For Christmas IS..... Trisha Tupper Staff writer Christmas is nearly here. Trees will be put up, presents wrapped, stockings hung, and snow falling [hopefully]. So the question is, have you been naughty or nice? If you’ve been nice, hopefully all of the things you ask for will turn up under the tree. Even though there were a few Christmas Wishes that might be hard to get, most people had the same wishes. There were a few wishes, such as World Peace, and two front teeth that just might be a little difficult for your parents to get for you. Not too many people could pull those off. Face it, if you’re a high school student still wishing for your two front teeth, well then you should be worried about that. If we can’t be the ones to get your wishes for you, best of luck in receiving them on Christmas morning. Be kind to your parents, your neighboors, that quiet kid sitting next to you in your history class, and you never know, you might get good things in return. As for asking for a jet plane, or your dream date with Mr. Cravens, give it up. Keep `em simple. Here are the Top 10 Wishes for Students at Joplin High School: TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 1. New Car 2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 3. XBOX 360/PSP/Video Games 4. Clothes 5. Cell Phone 6. iPod/MP3 Player 7. Pets 8. Car Accessories 9. CDs/Stereo 10. Happiness/Love/Family


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PAGE 6 HOLIDAY 2005 Activities Pop Culture - BOOKS PAGE 7 HOLIDAY 2005 Debate Team Swings Argument in Their Favor Harry Potter and Amanda Clemons Staff writer competed only in speech competitions because there were no debate events offered. Out of 10 entries, 5 advanced to the final rounds. Kendal the Pop Culture Phenomenon Joplin High School speech and debate had Micklethwaite earned 4th overall in Original their first competition of the year against Kickapoo Oratory speech, 5th place overall in Prose, and 6th and Glendale in Springfield, on October 14 – 15. JHS Junior Kendal Micklewaithe placed 4th over Har r y Po t ter and theoverall in Poetry. Nathan Hicks earned 6th overall in Prose, Tera Horine and Riannon Showers made all in Lincoln-Douglas Debate (1 vs. 1), and sophomore Brad Thompson and Tom Mourning Sorcerer ’s Stone6th overall in Duet Acting and Tera also placed 4th overall in Poetry and 1st in Drama Interpretation. placed 2nd overall in Team Debate (2 vs. 2). “Speech and Debate has taught me to be more involved in the current events that affect us as citizens,” said Tom Mourning. October 21 and 22, Speech and Debate had their next competition in Neosho. The featured competitions were Novice Team Debate, Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Novice Public Forum. This competition was for people in their first year of competition. Joplin earned 3rd place out of all the schools attending. Heather Duggar While the Varsity Debate Team competed Harry Potter and the Sorcererʼs Stone starts at Crowder College, the Novice Speech and Debate team went to a tournament in Cassville. Out of 21 entries competing, 11 made it to the elimination round. Sophomores Brad Thompson, Tom Mourning, Josh Lockwood, and Freshman Ben Sessick placed 4th overall in Team Debate. Freshman Andrew Frost placed 4th overall in the out with an 11-year-old boy named Harry. As a baby he was dropped off on the Dursleyʼs doorstep after an evil wizard, Voldemort, killed his parents. In this book, Harry is having a boring summer when he receives a letter saying he is a wizard. He also finds out that his aunt and uncle have known about it all along when Hagrid comes to take him to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. JHS Freshmen Sunny Patel and Shekar Dukkipati earned a record 4-4 in Public Forum Debate and finished in the Top 25. Freshman Andrew Frost earned a record of 4-4 in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate and also finished in the top 25. Showing strength in Team Debate was sophomore Lauren Moser and senior James Grey and they earned a record of 2-6. “Speech and Debate has taught me to be more involved in the current events that affect us as citisens.” - Tom Mourning “In the morning when we were on our way to the competition, I read over and rehearsed my Photo by Amanda Clemons “There was some tough competition at the Kickapoo and Glendale tournament! It seemed as though I get nervous and excited right along with the kids! But our JHS Eagles held their heads high and were not intimidated. We came home with some trophies and started the year off with a bang!” said Speech and Debate teacher, Phil Travis. 6th in Dramatic Interpretation. On November 4th and 5th, the students competed at both Novice and Varsity levels. Eight “I got really nervous but when I actually went into the Hagrid and Harry set off to go buy all of the supplies Harry will need for his first year. When Harry gets to Ollivanderʼs to buy his wand, the owner searches frantically for the right wand. When he finds debate I loosened up and just had fun with it.” the perfect wand, he is amused.The wand that Harry chooses is the twin to Voldermortʼs, and is special becuase it is made with a Phoenix feather. -James Grey When Harry gets to Platform Nine and ThreeQuarters (a magical train station), he finds a family of wizards and asks for help. When he gets on the bus Lincoln-Douglas Debate and sophomore Adam he finds a empty room and sits. Ron Weasley asks Blood placed 6th in Original Oratory speech and to sit with him since nowhere else is open. They in- 2nd in Humorous Interpretation. stantly become friends. After buying treats Hermione The Speech and Debate squad attended a competitive tournament on December 2 - 3 at Aurora and Monett High Schools. Only 17 JHS students went. In the Novice tounrament, Sophomore Adam Blood advanced to finals in all of his events and earned 4th in Humorous Interpretation, 2nd place in Original Oratory Granger comes in (looking for a frog). This begins a lasting friendship between the three. When they get to the school, they are sorted into four different houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. Harry gets put in Gryffindor along with Hermione and Ron. Harry hears from Hagrid that the Daily Prophet (a magical newspaper) talks about a break speech. After we arrived, I got really nervous but when I actually went into the debate I loosened up and just had fun with it.” said James Grey Speech and Debates competition in Branson, MO held on October 29 was an invitational tournament. It was only a speech event including no debate. JHS entered 23 events and 3 events advanced to the final round. Adam Blood and Jon Phelps placed 4th in Duet Improvisation, Deaken Shuler, and placed 5th in out of 22 entries advanced to the semi-finals and the made it to finals. Sheker Dukkipati placed 2nd in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking out of 50 other competitors. Kendal Micklethwaite and Chris Prater both advance to the final round and competed against each other. Kendal won the competition out of the two. Junior Joe Rossi finished in the Lincoln-Douglas debate at the novice level with a 3-1 record. November 19, the Varsity Debate team speech and 1st place in Dramatic Interpretation. -in at the bank. The robbers were trying to steal the Sophomore Everett Vance and April Peirce made package that Hagrid had picked up earlier. Hermione, finals in Duet Improvisational Acting. The Varsity Speech and Debate tournament resulted in Junior Tera Horine finishing 6th in Prose/Poetry reading and and 5th in Dramatic Interpretation. Junior Kendal Micklethwaite earned 4th in overall oneon-one Lincoln-Douglas debate and Senior Chris Prater earned 1st overal in one-on-one Lincoln- Ron, and Harry start investigating. They find out Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel are friends and the package is a magic stone, The Sorcererʼs Stoner (which is hidden on the third corridor). They have to get past tests of skill, wit, and quick thinking. In the end Harry makes it to the center and finds the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Quirrell, who is possessed by Voldermort. Volder- Douglas. JHS Speech and Debate finished in the mort tries to get to the package but canʼt. In the end Extemporaneous Speaking and Tera Horine made went to Crowder College for a tournament. JHS top 10 out of 26 schools. Harry wins. J.K. Rowling has given the world one of the greatest contributions in a very long time. No she did not discover something or invent anything. What she has done is reinvent the art of capturing imagination, of children and adults alike. Not since the days of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, has a series of fiction grasped Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Shemaryah Parker Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins at the house of Harryʼs only remaining family, the Dursleys. Harry is visited by Dobby, a house-elf. Dobby warns Harry not to return to Hogwarts for something bad will happen to him if he does. Harry disregards the warning. Harry is rescued from the Dursleyʼs by Ron Weasley and happily spends the rest of the summer at the Weasley home. At Hogwarts, on Halloween night, after insulting Hermione for her muggle heritage, Draco Malfoy is suspected of petrifying the school caretakerʼs cat and writing a threatening message on the wall in blood. Professor Lockhart begins a dueling club and during the first meeting Harry terrifies his fellow students by speaking in Parseltongue to a snake. Harryʼs ability frightens the others because only the Heir of Slytherin, who is responsible for opening the “Chamber of Secrets”, would have the ability to converse with snakes. As the story goes on, Herminone and a Ravenclaw girl are myseriously petrified just like the caretakerʼs cat, leaving Harry and Ron to solve the mystery. Ronʼs sister Ginny is taken down into the chamber and Ron, Harry and Professor Lockhart venture down into the tunnel to find her. In doing so the clumsy professor puts a curse on himself. Ron stays to help the professor and Harry continues on into the chamber. Upon entering the chamber, Harry discovers Ginnyʼs still body Tom Riddle, a former student of Hogwarts who was mysteriously killed. Riddle turns out to be a younger version of Voldemort, who has been enchanting Ginny through his journal. Frightened, Harry calls for help from Dumbledore. When he does this a Phoenix and a magic hat appear. Tom summons a giant snake, but the phoenix punctures its eye. The magic hat produces a sword, which Harry uses to finish killing the snake. Using a fang from the snake mouth Harry Pierces the journal destroying Tom and allowing Ginny to wake up. the nation the way Harry Potter has. The wizarding world has ruled the world of literature and has moved into the world of movies. The epic saga has gained an almost cult following from thousands of hungry readers. The first six installments have been massively successful; the only question remaining is what waits in book seven. Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban Trisha Tupper Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is the third installment to J.K. Rowlingʼs best-selling book series. After a very long summer at the Dursleyʼs, Harry is relieved when he gets to spend some time at his friend Ronʼs house. He soon learns there will be some dangerous things at Hogwarts this year. Sirius Black, an accused murderer, has escaped from Azkaban Prison and is apparently looking for Harry. At first Harry thinks nothing of it, but soon realizes there are more and more creepy things happening at the castle. Not only has Hagrid surprised everyone with a hippogriff (a horse-like creature with a bird head), Harry keeps seeing a black dog around the castle grounds, and is very bothered by Dementors that are guarding the castle. In the third and one of the darker stories, Harry will discover strange things about several different people (including a teacher who is a werewolf), and also it will reveal a secret that Hermione has been keeping. In the end, Harry has to deal with Sirius, the Weeping Willow, Dementors, and a rat, all while trying to stay alive as well as protecting his friends.


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PAGE 8 HOLIDAY 2005 Pop Culture Pop Culture - movies PAGE 9 HOLIDAY 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Tori Flores BOOK AND MOVIE If you love Harry Potter in his books, then you will definitely love him in his movies. Harry Potter has certainly grown up a lot in his newest movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This movie actually brings the book the life and is fairly accurate. During the course of the movie, it seemed as if the characters were actually coming out of my imagination and onto the screen. Although there were a few parts of the book that were left out, it was still an incredible movie. If you get bored easily reading, then I would recommend this movie because it gives you the same feelings. For the most part, people all around the world are crazy about Harry Potter, but that is not always the case, especially here in the Midwest. Coach Harryman says, “Harry Potter is the spawn of Satan and heʼs preparing the world for the Anti-Christ!” However, these ideas do not prevent fans from celebrating the new release of the movie. Overall, I would rate this movie and book a 4 out of 5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Amanda Clemons Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book of the Harry Potter series. Harry is considered a nut job by most of the wizarding community and is treated unfairly by the Ministry of Magic because of how he informed the wizarding community of Voldemort. The Minister of Magic fears that Dumbledore is trying to take his job and therefore starts controlling the school through a teacher named Professor Umbridge. She makes outrageous rules for the school and has the power to fire the teachers and expel the students. Meanwhile, Harry is having dreams where he is seeing everything Voldemort sees. Dumbledore is under arrest because the students formed a club called “Dumbledoreʼs Army,” but he escapes and goes into hiding. Then Harry and his friends escape Umbridge and hurry to the Ministry of Magic to stop Voldemort and prove that Dumbledore was right and that he is not off his rocker. Dumledore fights Voldemort, who escapes but not before the Ministry of Magic sees how wrong they were. Harry Potter and the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Sam Litteken Sorcerer’s Stone The world of Harry Potter changes Sam Litteken completely with the latest episode in the ongoing saga. The latest features a darker, grimmer story near that of Prisoner of Azkaban. In Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore look into the past of the most evil wizard that ever lived, Voldemort. There are several pieces of the puzzle that is Voldemort, which Harry and Dumbledore attempt to retrieve. Dumbledore leads Harry into the world of the past, as Harry and the readers learn the beginnings of Tom Riddle, who would grow up to be the evil wizard lord. While Dumbledore has been teaching Harry these things of the past, the students and the school have been changing dramatically. There is a new teacher,Professor Slughorn, who is suprisingly not taking the Dark Arts job (which is given to someone who has wanted it for a long time). Draco Malfory is now doing Lord Voldemortʼs bidding in place of his absent father. Only Harry suspects Malfory of being in alignment with the dark lord. Voldemort also has Snape patrolling the halls of Hogwarts, or does he? Snapeʼs allegiance to either side of the war is questioned right up until the very end of this book. All the while Harry has found a book in his potionʼs class with spells that were never known to anyone, except for the author of the book, the The first movie of the Harry Potter series was as big a phenomenon as the entire series itself. Young stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint became overnight stars with one single film. The trio along with the majority of the cast signed on to do all seven films. The way teachers can change form from their human to animal, levitating feathers, and flying broomsticks are just a few of the magical things that have been brought to the silver screen. Much like the book the movie follows the first year of Harry Potter into his wizarding school of Hogwarts. Harry learns that he not only a wizard, but also the most famous wizard in the entire world. As a child he defeated the most evil wizard that ever lived. Now, the famous Harry Potter is trying to make his way through school, while all the time dealing with trolls, three headed dogs, and baby dragons. The special effects in this movie set the tone for what to expect from the rest of the series. The most exciting scenes is during the Quidditch match, and all the players are zooming around the stadium at amazingly high speeds. The movie stuck to the bookʼs storyline very well. However, there were times that the movie had to leave things out due to the fact that if they left it in the movie, the film would have run a lot longer. mysterious “Half-Blood Prince“ The ending of this book will leave an impact bigger than any of the first five books, as one of the most important characters in the series is killed. This book answers many questions readers have since the end of The Order of the Phoenix, but opens the door to a climatic book seven. The Half-Blood Prince will grip any reader, especially those who have a very active imagination. By the end of this book, everyone will be ready for the final book, and thirsty for more. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Shemaryah Parker Just as the J.K. Rowling books keep getting better and more exciting, so do the movies. Harry Potter and the Sorcererʼs Stone had the unenviable task of introducing everything, but with Chamber of Secrets, you march right into the adventure headlong. After spending another miserable summer with the Dursleys, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is anxious to start his second year at Hogwarts, but a house elf named Dobby (voiced by Toby Jones) warns him heʼll be in grave danger if he goes back. He returns anyway and sure enough, once Harry joins up with his friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), weird things start to happen at school--one of which being that students are somehow being turned into stone. It soon becomes clear the Chamber of Secrets--a legendary hidden chamber of evil built by one of Hogwartsʼ founders, the nasty Salazar Slytherin--has been opened. Legend says the chamber can only be opened by the true heir of Slytherin, and once it is, the beast within will be unleashed to purge the school of those undeserving to study there. In other words, itʼll get rid of wizards and witches who come from non-magic heritage (or Muggles, as theyʼre called). This puts Hermione in particular danger since she comes from Muggle parents. Yikes. Harry has his hands full trying to figure this one out, especially since he is suspected as the one who opened the chamber. Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban Trisha Tupper When the third Harry Potter movie hit Hollywood, people expected great things. Director Alfonso Cuaron depicted the third adventure of the young wizard very well. In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is in his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After two years of unexpected happenings and growing friendships, Harry gets news that Sirius Black, a supposed accomplice of the evil Lord Voldemort, is out of Azkaban prison and after him. This movie is so far the best out of the three. Since this is the first one Cuaron has directed, it has a more dark side then the other two. It goes along with the book very well as far as sequence of events and characters. However, Michael Gambon has replaced the recently deceased Richard Harris as the role of Professor Dumbledore. With an amazing cast of characters and new twists, the third movie allows us to expect great things from the next movie, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.


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PAGE 10 HOLIDAY 2005 Entertainment Academics PAGE 11 HOLIDAY 2005 Elizabethtown JHS Celebrates MAP Recognition Shemaryah Parker Trisha Tupper Staff Writer that night in his hotel, he gets a call from Heather, who is freaking out because their mother, Hollie Baylor (Susan Sarandon), decides she wants to Ad Manager This years MAP Celebration was held on Thursday November 3, 2005, in the JHS David Ingle, Holly Irwin, Allyse Jarnagin, Andy Johnson, Kate Kessler, Josh Labadie, Jessica Lambeth, Alex Latyshev, Jessica Lawyer, Brittany Lesh, Mila Lichman, Whitney Lynch, Will wood, Kayla Bone, Rachel Bowyer, Lauren Box, Shawnee Bullette, Lacey Carnahan, Matthew Clark, Gabe Cox, Daniel Crawford, Robert Day, Chris Delzell, Kristin Doner, John Duncan, learn new things. Drew, now stressed out, decides cafeteria. Guest speakers included: Dr. Kerry Lynch, Ryan Macy, Elizabeth Manard, Jamie Ethan Edman, Shane Fancher, Katie Fisher, In a good comeback Orlando Bloom he will call Claire, because he has no one left to Sachetta, Dr. Simpson, Carie Beasley, and Mayberry, David Mcdermid, Chris Meador, Ka- John Franz, Emma Frogge, Christina Funke, shines in his new box office hit, Elizabethtown. After just getting fired for being responsible in losing millions of dollars at his job, Drew Baylor (Bloom) attempts a hilariously unsuccessful suicide involving a bike and a knife. During his attempt, Drew gets a call from his sister Heather (Judy Greer) saying his father has died. Now Drew has the responsibility of going back to his hometown in Kentucky to retrieve the ashes of his father. On the plane, Drew is approached by a very quirky girl named Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst). She tries her best to cheer Drew up, even talk to. This beginning an interesting and very long phone conversation between the two. Over the next week, Drew is struggling with the funeral of his father, his mother trying ʻnew thingsʼ, and trying to figure out this strange girl who is attracted to him. Claire is making him realize how important certain things are, and in the meantime, she is falling in love with him. Later on, Hollie and Heather fly out for a memorial of Mitch Baylor, and still Drew hasnʼt had time to actually grieve for his father. Hollie Baylor expresses her love for her deceased husband in front of the entire family. Also, Claire Andy Johnson. The Seniors who were invited to the celebration for scoring advanced or proficiency were: Liz Arnold, Ashley Arthur, Joseph Austin, Theron Baker, Rebecca Beasley, Chris Black, Ryan Boyer, Briaunna Brown, Robyn Budd Beckman Matt Burgess, Amber Carr, Mallor Carr, Laura Chew, Jenna Chils, Coby Clark, Whitne Cline, Jenny Cooley, Cameron Covert, Aryn Crawford, Nikki Cunningham, Felicia Cupp, Thomas Curtiss, Rachel Dale, Tyler Davis, Joshua Desonier, Alex Dickey, Jenna Dimetroff, Annie Doennig, Devin Doyle, Rachel Driver, Clayton Dunaway, Kyle Ferguson, Ja- tie Mills, Sarah Mirkin, Steffan Monroe, Megan Moore, Shemaryah Parker, Twanee Parker, Cathy Pawlus, Mishelle Pawuls, Rebecca Perry, Chelsea Phillips, Chris Prater, Chelsea Prettyman, Michael Purser, Jess Reece, Brandon Robinson, April Rogers, Kali Rountree, Jared Sanders, Shannon Sasser, Porsch Scott, Morgan Secrist, Dana Segal, Sarah Short, Deaken Shuler, Jeff Silvers, Logan Skelley, Mallorie Sloan, Colton Smith, Jenny Spencer, Caitlin Stayton, Jill Swann, Shareikka Theus-downey, Natasha Thomas, Jarren Tupper, Kirstie Vanfleet, Chelsea Welch, Magan Whited, Veronica Wicker, Eric Williams, Kyle Wright, Shara Wy- Grant Garwood, Talor Gavin, Jacob Guernsey, Michael Gurley, Leif Hasty, Ben Hays, Steven Heritage, Andrea Hiler, Josh Holcomb, Drew Hunter, Paul Jamerson, Spenser Johnston, Emily Jones, William Kelm, Brad Kilburn, Alex Kleindl, Hailey Knewtson, Adam Lauderdale, Sara Lewis, Mitchel Litteken, Lora Lombard, Cory Lowery, Lori Marshall, Megan Mcdonough, Joshua Messer, Jennifer Miranda, Jared Myers, John Nolan, Kimber Nolte, Allen Partridge, Galen Rea, Jon Reed, Abby Sage, Kathy Salgado, Josh Selbe, Sally Spieckerman, Kristen Swadley, Jason Taylor, Justin Trotter, George Ueno, Lyle Uttley, Brandon Vanostran, John Veazey, though he is sad about his father and his recent has came to realize that Drew has to leave soon, kob Forste, Emily Gibson, Kimber Gibson, John ler, Aaron Wynhausen, and Rachel Yarnell. Cody Ward, Bryan Weeks, David Wilcox, Zach- breakup. Still, Claire continues a one-person so she sends him on his way with a map that will Gossard, Alex Guilliams, Kaleb Halverson, Alex The Juniors who were invited for scoring ary Wilson, Vincent Winch, and Justin Yeater. conversation while Drew is dozing off. When he arrives in Kentucky, Claire reminds him once more about the directions he needs to get to lead to one of two things - his unemployed boring Orlando Bloom Kirsten Dunstlife, or her. ELIZABETHTOWNIn Drewʼs emotional and entertaining Hiler, Melissa Hoffmeister, Andrew Holland, Ka- advanced or proficiency were: Natalie Alcorn, Each student recieved a certificate, an Eagle tie Honeywell, Patrick Hoskins, Kierstin Houk, Morgan Amayo, Janell Ames, Kristen Bagby, ink pen designed by the school and an Eagle Tyler Howard, Laci Hubbard, Jenny Huffman, Jessica Baker, Hitesh Bhakta, Jessica Black- chocolate. his hometown, and leaves her [several] phone journey, he discovers how much he missed his numbers for him. father and what he missed out on. He finds love Once he arrives in Elizabethtown, he is greeted by people he doesnʼt recognize. Later in several ways, and he realizes how much he actually enjoys life. It all starts with a house Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman Trisha Tupper Staff Writer It all starts with a house that a man built for his wife in Cape Cod, back when colonies were being settled and fishing was a big resource for survival. This man dreamed of great crops, sweet peas, and a comfy home outside of the town. When this man takes his two sons out to sea and never returns, the wife lives in the house in sorrow, making sure that every crop her husband ever wanted was planted and grown. The youngest boy who had gone out to sea had brought his pet blackbird, which was never able to fly, but somehow made its way back to the house when the ship was lost at sea. When the blackbird returned, it was no longer black, but white. The bird remained around the house, somehow haunting the wife till the day of her death. For many years, Blackbird House remained empty. There were stories that the house was haunted by a widowed woman and by a white blackbird. Over hundreds of years, many families were in and out of the house over hundreds of years, all being connected by similar losses. Many things were symbolized in each of the stories. For example: the color red, halibut fish, pears, sweet peas, milk turned green, and that white blackbird that never disappeared. Throughout each story, a character learns a lesson. Whether the lesson being about life, love or the importance of family, not one person lived in the house without being changed in some way. In Alice Hoffmanʼs spectacular novel, she gives twelve stories that flow into each other in so many ways. She once more shows her brilliance in writing, and her newest novel should be respected as well as all of her others. Students win, place, and show at English Field Day Every year, teachers nominate students to attend the English Field Day at MSSU to compete with other schools in their English abilities. Not only did Joplin High when 1st Place in the Large Schools Division, but several students won in many other categories. The winner of Poetry Grades 9-10, 1st and 2nd Place, was Laura Dimmit. In the Poetry Grades 11-12 Category the winner in 1st Place was Annie Doennig. In Personal Narrative Grades 9-10, Benish Ahmed took 1st Place. In Personal Narrative Grades 11-12, the winners were: 1st Place-Annie Doennig, 2nd Place-Jeff Silvers. The Winners of Short Story Grades 9-10 were: 1st Place-Lindsey Hamm, 2nd Place-Adam Blood, 3rd Place-Melissa Waldo. In the smaller category, Scramlets Grades 9-10 , Michael McCreary took 3rd Place. In Vocabulary Grades 9-10, Laura Dimmit took 2nd Place and Alan Liu took 3rd Place. In Reading Comprehension Grades 9-10, Laura Dimmit took 1st Place. In Reading Comprehension Grades 11-12, Christina Funke took 2nd Place. Emily Ross received 3rd Place in Grammar Grades 9-10. Aryn Crawford won in the Mechanics Grades 11-12 category. For Usage Grades 11-12, Andy Johnson took 3rd Place. In the Spelling Bee Grades 11-12, Christina Funke won 2nd Place. In the Scrabble Grades 9-10, Brad Thompson took 1st Place. In Scrabble Grades 11-12, 3rd Place went to Sarah Short. Kristen Swadley, Justin Yeater, and Lori Marshall all received 1st Place in the Dictionary Team Grades 11-12. In the Senior Bowl, 2nd Place went to Mallorie Sloan, Tyler Davis, and Lacy Hubbard. Jakob Forste, Aaron Wynnhausen, and David Wilcox all took 3rd in the Mythology Bowl. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2005 English Field Day!


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PAGE 12 HOLIDAY 2005 Campus He Fought For Us Lori Eckhardt Staff writer “Without a doubt, the best things are the friendships I made over the years. The worst part would be the separation from family,” said Paul Norris, a teacher at Joplin High. Norris is a former Marine who enlisted in The Marine Corps in 1976. In 1979, Norris was released from the U.S.M.C. reserves in order to participate in R.O.T.C. at Pittsburg State University. Shortly after that, he was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in 1981. Norris served in the Army from 1981 thru 1992 in active duty. “During that time, I served in Egypt, Korea, Turkey, and the U.S. (Fort Riley and Fort Leonard Wood).” In 1992, Norris was in Saudi Arabia for approximately six weeks during Desert Shield. Norris has a wide range of memorable experiences while being active in the army and in the Marines. At one time, he found himself stuck in the Egyptian desert in the middle of the night and one year later, he found himself stuck in the ice in the Korean mountains. Photo by Lori Eckhardt Mr. Norris proudly served America for fourteen years. “Watching the Cold War come to an end from my office in Turkey was a very memorable experience,” stated Norris. When asked if he had the chance to go back, Norris took a deep breath and thought to himself for a moment, “I am still in the Army Reserve. I may very well have to go back in the next year or two.” Above, the members of Joplin High school JROTC show our flag and our pride during the Veteranʼs Day assembly. Franklin Tech PAGE 13 HOLIDAY 2005 Mr. Schnur Ms. Anderson receives statewide recognition Amanda Clemons Coby Pierce Staff Wrtier Staff writer “It is always a special event to be recognized for your service and commitment to student.” These words come from Deonna Ander- son, a teacher of Franklin Tech. Ms. Anderson has been awarded the “Trade and Technical Teacher of the Year” award. The Trade and Technical Teacher of the Year award is a statewide recognition awarded to teachers who teach a trade or technical class. Franklin Tech has three teachers who previously have won this award in the last 5 years. This award shows the quality of education offered at JHS Franklin Tech Center and in the Joplin R-8 district. Requirements for this award are based on service to school, SkillsUSA, and to the community. Also, you must be a member of Photo by Amanda Clemons Photo by Coby Pierce Jacob Schnur, teacher at Joplin Missouri Career, Technical Educators, and Missouri Trade and Technical Division. The award focuses on accomplishments received during the teacherʼs career. “Itʼs easy to excel when you are doing something that you have a passion for. My advice is: Find a career you love, youʼll never work a day in your life,” said Ms. Anderson. Ms. Deonna Andersonʼs accomplishment shows how hard the staff of JHS works to improve the quality of education the students recieve. High School, did not become a teacher until he was forty-seven years old. “I was in business but I did not like it”. Said Mr. Schnur. I was working for Met Life, and the only thing I liked about being with them is I liked to educate people. The business world wasnʼt for me, said Mr. Schnur. He has had a lot of education and has attended three different colleges. Mr. Schnur has been to Kent State University in Ohio where he got his first Masterʼs degree. He has also attended the University of Washington in Seattle, and Missouri State University in Spring- field. He is going to Missouri State University right now to get his second Masterʼs degree. Mr. Schnur majored in history and geography. He became a teacher at Joplin Photo by Amanda Clemons High by going to the Administration Building and asking for a substitute job for the special education. He worked every day after that for JHS. He has a son, Max, who attends JHS. Mr. Schnur is Jewish. He says that his religion affects the way he teaches. Students in Engeneering Graphics work hard to complete thier projects. Engeneering graphics involves detail with much effort behind thier designs. Though difficult and requiring much work, students find this a fun and enjoyable class.


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PAGE 14 HOLIDAY 2005 Extra Curricular JHS shines at MSSU TV Production and newspaper win numerous awards Continued from Page 1 For TV productions JHS won First place, Chris Warner, and Third, Nathan Ward and Caden Worley, for News Story. Music Video first place went to Brennan Mock and honorable mention went to Erica Miranda. Animation we got second, Art Mejia. For Instructional Video Blake Farmer got second and for Comedy/drama we got two honorable mentions one went to Nathan Ward and the other for Blake Farmer and Shawn Hale. For newspaper we won first in page one design. Second place for best overall. Scott Hasty got first place for a column, third place for news writing, and honorable mention for news writing. Kari Twombly got third place for feature writing and honorable mention for news writing. Photo by Heather Duggar Spyglass staff members Shemaryah Parker, Trisha Tupper, Sam Litteken, and advisor Brenda White are shown with awards that were won by 2005 Spyglass. Pep Rally Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief KSNʼs Morning Pep Rally was hosted Joplin High School recently. The Eagles prepared for the big game against Rockhurst, by playing games, and being interview for the big show to be broadcast the following morning. Photos by Sam Litteken Sports PAGE 15 HOLIDAY 2005 “If you can dodge a bullet, then you can dodge a ball!” Tori Flores Staff Wrtier On December 3, 2005, at 2:00 pm, the first annual dodgeball tournament was held in the Joplin high school gymnasium. Coach Harryman and Coach Harding were the coordinators of this tournament and had a great turnout. Each team had to pay a $60 fee to enter with a maximum of six players on the court. All of the money was put towards a fund to allow this yearʼs Joplin baseball team to go to Texas during spring break. This will be the first time for the baseball team to get some outside practice in Texas. They are planning on playing 4 games against various teams around the state of Texas. All the dodgeball games were played by the official National Amateur Dodgeball Association (NADA). The point of the game is to get your opponents ʻout.ʼ This is achieved by either hitting an opposing player with a LIVE ball beneath the shoulders or catching a LIVE ball thrown by an opposing player. A LIVE ball means that it has not touched anything after thrown from a playerʼs hands. All games have a 5 minute time limit or until all the members of the team are out. This game does have referees but Champion! Melissa Hoffmiester, Senior, is the number one tennis single player at JHS and holds an 87-12 in career. Most recently Melissa brought home the state championship in singles most of it is based on the honor system so everything is fair. The winner of the tournament was the Hamburglers and they received some plaques and the honor of winning the first annual dodgeball tournament at Joplin high school. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. S Dec 9-10 C Dec 16 Dec 20 H Jan 3 E Jan 5-7 BOYS' BASKETBALL MSSU TOURNEY MSSU NEOSHO HOME K.C. WINNETONKA AWAY CENTRAL HOME KAMINSKY CLASSIC MSSU GIRLS' BASKETBALL Nov 25-26 OZARK CONF. DRURY UNIV. Nov 29 NEOSHO HOME Dec 1 NEVADA AWAY Dec 5 CARTHAGE AWAY Dec 8 LADY EAGLE CLASSIC HOME Dec 16 CARL JUNCTION AWAY UD Dec 1 Dec 8 L Dec 13 E Dec 15 Dec 16-17 S Dec 29-30 BOYS' WRESTLING WEBB/C.J. HOME LEBANON AWAY CARTHAGE HOME NEOSHO HOME MIAMI TOURNEY MIAMI,OK PARKVIEW TOURNEY SPFD


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PAGE 16 HOLIDAY 2005 Happy Holidays Final Word N O R T H S T A R 1 201 N. NORTHPARK LANE 4 (Behind the mall in Joplin) MOVIE INFO: 625-1558 ** STUDENT SAVER** Present this coupon at the box office and receive a $2.25 DISCOUNT any adult movie ticket at any show time after 6 p.m. only on any day one coupon per ticket coupon void if altered or copied must be an original newspaper print to be valid EXPIRES January 31,2005 The first two people to correctly complete and return this puzzle to A218 by 3:00 Friday, Dec. 16 will receive a FREE movie pass



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