Spyglass: Volume XXI | Issue V | March 2006


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Pro Musica: A Celebration of Music and Art

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SPPRUILONLMSOIUDTE! Not sure where to eat on Prom night? Check out the Restaurant Reviews on pages 11, 12, and 13!! JJOOPPLLIINN HHIIGGHH pyglass VOLUME XXI, ISSUE 5 MARCH 6, 2006 Pro Musica: MA uCseilcebanradtiAonrt of Heather Duggar Photo Editor Pro Musica put on a spectacular performance here at Joplin High School on Friday, Feb. 24 at 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Joplin was the very first to hear the composition and to see the photograph that inspired the composition. Paul Schoenfield composed “The Sower” and Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison took the photo. The song is 12-minutes long and was performed by the Jupiter String Quartet from Boston. The seats were filled in the auditorium mostly of music students and of many adults. The composer and the photographer spoke about the piece. They explained what they had been thinking about when they made the piece and their inspiration. The Jupiter String Quartet explained parts of the music before actually playing the full piece. Robert ParkeHarrison is trained as a photographer but he doesnʼt take photos like other photographers do. He combines the ideas of past and future, not only in his subject matter, but within his art process as well. Robert is the actor in the photo and his wife Shana took the photo. Paul Schoenfield started studying piano at six and wrote his first composition the year after. This particular piece took him a couple months to write, and he still will making adjustments throughout the time the quartet will be playing the piece; he calls it fine-tuning. The Jupiter String Quartet has been together for a couple of years now and they perform all over the world. Nelson Lee and Meg Freivogel play violin, Liz Freivogel plays Viola, and Daniel Mcdonough plays cello in the quartet. Nelson Lee showed the audience the fast parts of the song while Daniel McDonough explained what that part meant. Photo by Brenda White Paul Schoenfield (left) and Robert Parke Harrison told the history of how the pieces came together and then took questions from their student audience. INSIDE Student Teachers Senior-itis Editorial Student Athletes Sign Lyle and One-Act Fame Prom Pullout Restaurant Reviews Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 7-10 Page 11-13


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PAGE 2 MARCH 2006 Prom Fair S ummer will be here before you know it JOIN EARLY AND SAVE MONEY!!! ROSEDALE POOL memberships available!! CERTIFIED LIFEGUARDS Half price membership if you join by April 1, 2006 (Reg. $150 now $75 plus annual dues of $200 due May 1) CALL 623-8355 Rosedale pool is open daily May 27- September 4, 2006 Weekdays 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sundays 1 p.m.-9 p.m. Certified lifeguards on duty Pop & Snack machine Picnic tables & grills Restrooms & Showers WANTED Great Summer Employment Oppoutunities at Rosedale Pool Don’t Wait! Apply today! Send resume to: Rosedale Community Association P.O. Box 4134, Joplin, MO 64804 Student Teachers Starting Out Amanda Clemons Staff writer Mrs. Reibodlt enjoys her experience so far as a student teacher and is preparing for the challenges ahead. Photo by Amanda Clemons The new faces you see at behind the podiums But not all the pressure lies upon the student might be student teachers preparing for their own career in teacher. They learn from the teachers they are assigned to education by helping out in classes of the subject they wish work with, so those teachers must also do their best to be a to teach. Several are here at JHS. They slowly take over good influence to the student teachers. classroom activities such as teaching the students, grading “I like being a student teacher because I am able papers, and making lessons after watching and learning. to learn from Mrs. Schurman many effective ways to “The only real way to learn anything is by doing do things that I would have to learn from trial and error it yourself. The same goes for teaching. Until one is in the otherwise,” said Mr. Shaw, Schurmanʼs student teacher. classroom, a student teacher can not know how to apply A student teacherʼs term depends on the school all the information learned,” said Ms. Ely, a Comm Arts student teacher for Mrs. Primm. “Having a student teacher lends a fresh “Until one is in the classroom, a student teacher cannot know how to apply all the information they come from. Mrs. Primmʼs student teacher from PSU, Ms. Ely, will attend for 16 weeks, while Ms. Whiteʼs student teacher, Mrs. Reiboldt from MSSU, will attend for learned.”perspective to the classroom, bringing new methodologies - Ms. Ely 10 weeks. “It is a very exciting and energy into the room. My time for a student teacher. student teacher also allows Iʼve worked hard to get to me a little time to attend to some of my other personal this point and am ready for the new challenges,” said Ms. duties,” said Mrs. Primm. Reiboldt. Being a student teacher is more work than being How a student teacher gets put in a certain in a classroom learning how to be a teacher. Because classroom is based on several different factors. It depends they have to take over classroom duties instead of doing on the area they feel most comfortable in and also what homework, they will be planning the lessons, teaching the subject they are planning on teaching. Then they fill out lessons and answering the questions. Student teachers who a paper of what grade they want to be put in and choose fail to do well teaching are dropped from the student teacher from a list of cooperating schools. Then, the Education program, so these teachers do their best to succeed. Department of their college contacts their preferred schoolʼs


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Senior-itis?!Editorial PAGE 3 MARCH 2006 By Trisha Tupper aTraSebnehcdoniesuiic,ovtorepJImolPupmpprsilolcyiemntmtude,Hrolieypbvidgluifonhrttmghe,aaesalkoc,sneanoaedrlexfIosortnowumtgmhti.elrwle.NeeibvtoehemtrwyaooltnnamhtllihykonsisgwnttghiIelaʼlvtvthIeelerbiyegesrtoagoahtogwheieeannrdgstosooteoofnnlimimoktroyee. The closest thing right now that I have to think about is Prom. I’m not worried, just nervous (yet, very excited). When it comes down to it, I will be concerned whether some other girl has the same dress I am wearing, if my hair looks great, and if I will trip and make a complete fool out of myself wearing heels. There is something about dances that can get to girls. Yeah, you are supposed to have fun at them and not worry about other things. But there is more to it. I’m sure a lot of girls freak out the day of a big dance. We all get up early to go get our hair and nails done, wait patiently as a whole lot of make-up is on our faces, and maybe shave our legs if we forgot to do it the night before. I guess it is just a girl thing. Guys don’t have this much trouble. All they have to do is put a tux on, put a little gel in their hair, and walk out the door (without forgetting to bring the girl a flower). Even though I will be going nuts the day of Prom, at the end of the night I will be happy that I went (and wishing I didn’t wear heels at all). But hey, it’s Senior Prom, how could you miss out on that. So…what happens after that night? Well, of course every one of us will be wishing we could get out of here. Yearbooks will be arriving, and we will begin to say our goodbyes Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. to our teachers, our friends, and the underclassmen. It will go by so fast. Question: Will we miss it? I would have to say yes. Even though I will be happy to be out of high school; but there are so many The opinions expressed in the newspaper are not necessarily those of the district, administration or staff of Joplin High School. memories. There is so much we went through before we got this far. I, for one, hated the MAP Tests, the assemblies, the crowded hallways, the food in the cafeteria, and the parking. But then again, I liked the school spirit. We have pride in our Editor- in-chief: Sam Litteken Advertising Manager: Shemaryah Parker school. It’s actually not a bad thing to say, “I went to Joplin High.” So, is it just me, or do a lot of you feel like skipping? It is getting so close to the end of our high school careers that I feel as if it doesn’t matter whether or not I go to my first hour. I would love to just sleep in, but I can’t. I still have to be here. But I’m sure I Photo Editor: can stake it out for a little bit longer. Now, when it comes down to graduating, I’m extremely excited. Heather Duggar I really can’t wait to grab my diploma, and smile (even if I’m relieved to have finally gotten it over with). Staff Writers: Trisha Tupper Amanda Clemons Coby Pierce Adviser: Brenda White The thing that makes me really nervous is moving away. Going to college, living in dorms, and doing my own laundry. I will admit it -- I can’t do laundry. I have to learn. Even though it’s nerve wracking, I am glad I get to do it. I know it will be four more years till I graduate (again), but it’s worth going through. Although it’s a huge change, I will be happy when it is all over. So, even if I have my worries finishing up my senior year, I must say it’s been a good four years. I hope you all have the pleasure of leaving here with dignity.


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PAGE 4 MARCH 2006 Students / Sports Students Athletes Sign Coby Pierce Staff writer Mary Beth Bourne a softball player for Joplin high school signed with Maple wood community collage on February 24. The collage is a two collage it is located in Kansas City. “ Soccer is almost my life” Sayʼs Ryan Jhonson. He signed with a two-year collage. The collage that he signed with is Coffeyville community collage. Chris Hernandez a soccer player for Joplin high school is signing with; Neosho community collage. The collage is a two-year collage. Nick Phipps another soccer player for JHS signed with Avila University. The Collage is a four years. Brendan Hoag a baseball player for Joplin High School signed with Allen county community collage. The collage is a two-year collage. Stills provided from Bruce Vonder Haar (Clockwise) Ryan Johnson, Mary Beth Bourne, and Nick Phipps sign on with respective colleges because of their excellent achievements in their respective sports. $2.00 off any new salon service. Regular cuts, Clipper cuts, Highlights, Perms and Updo’s Ask for Michelle or Pat Dazzle Hair Salon (417) 206-7859 3635 East 20th 3 Blocks East of Range Line (417) 206-7859


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PAGE 5 MARCH 2006 Drama TALL TALES Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief The Joplin High Theatre Department recently took their oneact “Tall Tale” from The Kentucky Cycle, to district competition in Neosho. The story follows the Rowen family as they meet a storyteller, J.T. Wells, played by Tom Steere, who buys the mineral rights to their land, to help the family out. However, he later reveals to Mary Anne, played by Katie Honeywell, that the company is going to destory their land to begin mining for the coal that lays underneath the land. The group would be up against some of the best theatre from many of the surrounding area schools. After all eleven shows had performed Joplin walked away with third place, just missing the chance to advance to state competition. The two that the district would send to state were from Neosho and Mount Vernon. However, for his performance as Tommy Jackson, Joplinʼs own Lyle Uttley won the title of Best Supporting Actor. Photo by Sam Litteken Junior Lyle Uttley won the best supporting actor award in the recent District One-Act competition. X-PRESSIONS FAMILY HAIR SALON Bring ad in and recieve 1/2 price haircut or 10% off any other services! H a i rc u ts start at $10 Sh amp o o/St yle Perms/Colors Updos start at $12 start at $40 start at $25 Bring coupon in, recieve $5 off 212 W 5th st. Joplin 64801 Phone: (417) 626-2111 or (417) 499-3265 PROM style


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PAGE 6 MARCH 2006 Tropical Tan Over 30 Beds for your Convenience Competitive Prices! 705 Illinois Joplin Plaza Joplin Phone 782-3900 SAVE BIG Student Receive 20% NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER! Discount On All Regular Tanning Packages & Bottled Lotions Unlimited Memberships Do Not Apply Tropical Tan Some Conditions Apply Infrared Body Wrap Buy One Get One FREE Prom Special Must Present This Coupon Expires May 1, 2006 Tropical Tan New! Infrared Body Wrap Targeted Inch & Weight Loss Mystic Tan Buy One Get One FREE Prom Special Must Present This Coupon Expires May 1, 2006 Tropical Tan


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Paris By Moonlight ne nuit de beauté et un roman ous att ndent au p e PROM2006 U v rom Shemaryah Parker Staff Writer Itʼs that time of year again. Your 2006 Prom is just around the corner. Paris By Moonlight will be held April 22 at John Q. Hammons. Upon arriving, park at the south end of Samʼs parking lot. You will then be shuttled to Prom. Hereʼs a little peek at what your 2006 Prom has in store for you. When you enter, the first room you see will be a magnificent opera house. On either side of the opera house you will find a Can-Can room and a Parisian park. You will also be able to enjoy Parisian food. Mrs. Leatherman, as well as Prom Committee members, are all very excited for the Seniors to see this yearʼs prom. Everyone is ecstatic and looking forward to having their hard work shown. INSIDE Prom Checklists Pg 8 & Pg 9 Prom Fair Pg 10 Project: Prom Pg 10 Date: April 23 Time: 8:00 –12:00 p.m. Place: John Q. Hammons Colors: Red, Gold and Black Parent Visitation: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Grand March: 8:00-10:30 p.m. Coronation: 11:30-11:45 p.m. Last Dance: 11:45 p.m. Park: Market Place area south end of Sam’s parking lot There will be shuttles from your parking area to the red carpet -- Paris style!


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MARCH 2006 Prom GUYSʼ PROM CHECKLIST Pick out a tuxedo, complete with the hat and cane. Pick out a corsage and make sure it matches her dress. Go get the tickets! This is essential: Give your date a hard time for being prepared since October. Make the dinner reservations, but this one is not a big deal, so relax. Make limo reservations, this can also wait. Laisse Bons T Rou Make sure to have everything as you leave, especially the tickets and corsage!


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Prom PAGE 9 MARCH 2006 ez Les Temps uler GIRLSʼ PROM CHECKLIST Pick out dress and shoes you are sure nobody else has. Buy accessories to match dress. Make appointments for hair, nails and make-up. Buy tanning package. Make dinner reservations because you know your date will wait till the last minute. Make reservations for limo, because once again your date will wait till the last minute. Schedule massage for day of prom to help reduce stress caused by your date.


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PAGE 10 MARCH 2006 Project Prom/Prom Fair A NiOghtnTrisha Tupper The Town Staff writer Range Line Golf will have the batting cages As we all know, Prom is supposed to be a open along with the miniature golfing. At Dioko, night we all remember. A night all the seniors get live bands will be playing all night and the coffee together for one last dance. But for some, there has bar will be open. However, you must pay for the been a question as to what there is to do after prom. coffee, so bring a little extra money. That is why Mrs. Leatherman and Coach At Applebee’s you will be able to make Whitney are working together this year (along with your own fried ice cream, frozen drinks, and shakes, a few other people) to bring us a new event called along with play various table games laid out around Project Prom. the restaurant. So, I’m sure some of you have heard about At Bowl East, all the lanes will be open as it, but wondered what it is exactly. Well, it is a series well as billiards. The snack bar will be open, but of activities, neatly planned, for us to do after prom. again, you need to bring extra cash for that. It’s that simple. Hollywood Theaters will have a movie Not only will those who sign up get to stay playing for the groups. The movie has not been out all night with friends and a teacher (hey, it’s not revealed, but will most likely be a comedy. that bad), but also they will get treated to breakfast If you would like to purchase tickets, you the next morning after they are all worn out. need to contact Coach Whitney in Room B209. There will be 25 groups of 12 prom-goers Also, when you buy your tickets, you will receive a including one chaperone. Each group can choose waiver to sign. three and only three activities out of the six available. “I really think this is going to be a blast, and The cost of the tickets is $15. These spots are filling as good as it looks this year, I think it is going to get up fast, so if you have yet to sign up for Project Prom, bigger and better every year,” says Coach Whitney. you need to do it soon. According to Coach, a lot of people are not Those who are signed up are to meet at JHS at ready for the night to end at midnight and are looking 12:30 A.M. Each group will have a van to take them for something to do. The people who are working to their activities. on Project Prom wanted us to have something to do The six places are: Applebee’s, Lazer City, to keep us up all night. Dioko, Bowl East, Hollywood Theaters, and Range This is exactly why they put this together. Line Golf. Each place has a few different things you They are looking forward to providing a night for can do. us to have fun, and that’s it. Joplinʼs First Prom Fair Heather Duggar Staff writer The JHS Prom Fair was held on Saturday, February 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Many different businesses were there to advertise for prom. The businesses included many different tanning places, dress and tux places, and salons. Some were giving out free samples, and students went ahead and set their appointments that day. “Overall, I thought Prom Fair was a great service for students and businesses alike.” --Mrs. Leatherman The fashion show was a huge hit, showing off different dresses and tuxedos. The models for the fashion show were students from the high school and workers from the businesses. The prom committee worked extra hard on the fair. It was a huge success for everyone involved. Many businesses left with new customers and some left with the promise of students coming into their store to get what they need and want for prom at the right price. Project Prom Cost~ $15 *H*oRlla***yALnBw*gaopDezowpeoiLlolredibkEnCTeoeaieh*tsG’yest*a**otlfe*rs* Meet @ JHS at 12:30 A.M. Models for the Prom Fairʼs Fashion Show sit and wait patiently for Joplin area hair stylists to transform their hair into the perfect runway style. Photo by Brenda White


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Resturant Reviews PAGE 11 MARCH 2006 815 W. 7TH St. Joplin, Missouri 64801 (417)-206-3474 Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 11 A.M.-10 P.M. CRABBY’S Seafood Bar & Grill – 815 W. 7TH Street, Joplin (417)-206-3474 HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-10 P.M. By Trisha Tupper What’s in a name? Well… everything actually. The name Crabby’s states that there is crab at this restaurant. But here, there is not just crab. In fact, not only are there assortments of seafood, but there’s even hamburgers for those who fear fish, crab, or anything of that sort. In a small building located in a less known part of Joplin, Crabby’s has a nighttime tone to it. With red and white [dimmed] lighting, a bar located in the middle of the restaurant, and the waiters and waitresses dressed in black and red, you can feel somewhat fancy. There are black and white paintings and photos, neatly framed and placed over every booth. The atmosphere of the restaurant is just enjoyable. The kitchen is located towards the back of the restaurant, in plain sight, in order to see while your food is being cooked. Everything in that area is clean and well kept (stainless steel everywhere), and the chefs actually look as if they enjoy their work. The food is delicious, and the fast service was a plus. So even if you don’t like seafood, you can treat yourself to a big salad, a juicy steak, delicious pasta, and yes, a variety of burgers and sandwiches. So, not only will you receive great service and yummy sourdough bread served with your meal, when you dine at Crabby’s, you leave with a full stomach. This is definitely a place to try! (Due to small space, reservations are recommended for parties of more than four.) I Suggest: Appetizer - Bacon Wrapped Spicy Grilled Shrimp Sicilian Chicken Pasta Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Drinks - Two Sodas Dessert - Cheesecake with berries (2 slices) $7 $12 $13 $3 $12 Total for two with 15% tip $54 BRFM4R4reey1oiTdds7HnCead-aOory6avnbn-2yadyiSo-3tVianP-To1tiinherCu0gsurrac0idrnfSse4éaiudayga,:ygJ1:oe1sp8tlAieAn.d.MM..--99PP..MM.. 1212 Main Street Joplin, MO 64801 HOURS Monday-Saturday 11:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. The Red Onion Café is a place where people can go and have a great meal at a decent price. The Red Onion has been around for a number of years. The restaurant first started on Main St. and migrated to 4th and Virginia. The food is outstanding. The Grilled Chicken Alfredo is made with a chicken breast , and seasoned with Cavenderʼs Greek seasoning. The chicken is sliced and served over Greek seasoned pasta alfredo. The appetizers are great, too. The smoked Chicken Dip is delicious. Itʼs served with cheese dip and chips. The service is the best thing of all. They would prefer you to make reservations but they accept walk-ins. They have a variety of drinks from iced tea to most Coke products. I suggest: Starters Smoked Chicken Dip $5.49 [2] Grilled Chicken Alfredo $14.98 2 Beverages $2.90 Chocolate Fudge Cake (for 2) $4.00 Total for 2 includiing tip $32.58 Mon.-Thurs. 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Fri. and Sat. 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Reservations Suggested The Kitchen Pass Restaurant & Bar 1212 Main Street, Joplin (417)-624-9095 Hours: Mon. - Sat. 11 A.M.-10 P.M. By Trisha Tupper If you are looking for a fun evening with your friends, and you’re ready to just kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, than The Kitchen Pass in Joplin is the place to go. With dim lights, calming music, and the smell of good food, this restaurant can be relaxing to anyone. When you first walk in, it seems as if you won’t even be able to see the face of the person you are with. However, once you sit down, the darkness really fits the place. The decorations in the place are fitting. There are interesting pictures on the walls, small lights hanging over your table, and even the old-fashioned ketchup and mustard bottles. It is just a comforting place. The food is mostly café style eating: hamburgers, large salads, varieties of sandwiches, and even Ruffle’s potato chips. But then there are things that throw the style of restaurant off. As appetizers, you can get Hell Fire Wings, Fried Cheese, Stuffed Mushrooms, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and Egg Rolls. There is also seafood, including a Swordfish Steak and Grilled Salmon. You can get steak and chicken in almost any way you like it. There are desserts such as Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Bourbon Street Pecan Pie, and Fried Cheesecake. Of course there is the regular assortment of beverages, Coke Products, and then also alcoholic beverages (not that it matters –kids!). The Kitchen Pass is a very nice restaurant, with good food. It is something to try if you are ever in need of a good cheeseburger. Something to Try: Spicy Blooming Onion (Appetizer) Old Fashioned Cheeseburger w/Bacon Submarine Sandwich 2 Sundaes 1 Coke, 1 Dr. Pepper $6.85 $6.15 $6.95 $4.90 $2.70 Total for Two (with 15% tip!) $32.00


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PAGE 12 MARCH 2006 Prom Fair 3131 S Range Line Road 782-2199 RED LOBSTER – 3131 S Range Line Road, Joplin (417) 782-2199 – 11am to 10pm Reservations suggested for large parties By Amanda Clemons For seafood lovers, Red Lobster is a great place to eat with great service and a variety of food. The atmosphere is pleasant; the décor gives a feel of an old harbor with modern displays. Minimal lighting adds to an evening atmosphere. Appetizers include enough to share, and include delicious varieties ranging from lobster pizza to chicken fingers. Also, for those wanting to try different kinds of seafood, they also have a seafood sampler which features a few of Red Lobsterʼs specialties. The dishes served are excellent. Entrees range from many types of seafood such as scallops, calamari, lobster, shrimp, crab, and flounder. Every entrée comes with a fresh salad, either Caesar or dressing, and warm butter rolls. Instead of an entrée you can go with their “Create Your Own” dish. Where you can choose up to three different kinds of seafood to create your own desired meal. Even though dessert choices are limited, the dessert menu offers different cakes and pies that are sweet and flavorful. Desserts include chocolate cake, key lime pie, caramel apple crunch, and more. I suggest: Appetizer: Lobster Pizza $ 6.75 Broiled Seafood Platter $13.50 Soft Drink $ 1.99 Dessert: Key Lime Pie $ 3.99 FOR TWO including 15% tip: $52.56 3031 E Hammons Blvd, Joplin (417) 782-7295 Olive Garden 3031 E Hammons Blvd, Joplin (417) 782-7295 11am-10pm First come, First serve. By Heather Duggar One of our finest Old Italian restaurants, Olive Garden, is one of the many spots where prom-goers will dine on that magical prom night. When you first walk in the door, you are greeted by the workers and the beautiful Italian music. While walking to your seat you see many pictures of Italian families and of Italian men and women working. The service was great. Our server was very nice and very speedy with whatever we needed. The food was very flavorful and cooked to perfection. The menu consists of Italian food. You can order soup and salads for a cheap price or maybe youʼd like to try the chicken alfredo pizza. If you are watching what you eat they have many items marked on the menu. They have Coke products along with sweet or unsweetened tea, coffee, and juices. They even have specialty sodas like Sicilian splash and Italian sodas. They have many appetizers, and the one you always get is the delicious bread sticks . Olive Garden is the type of restaurant you go to and try everything and always go home with a favorite. After your meal, your server brings your ticket along with chocolate mints for everyone. You can either have two hearty meals, or you can share. I suggest: 1 coke 1 Iced tea Chicken Vino Bianco • Salad Ravioli di Portobello • Salad Total Total for 2 with 15% tip 1.95 1.95 11.95 10.25 27.99 $32.19 B 2 ( R Wilder’s Steakhouse B 1216 Main, Joplin 417-623-7230 Monday- Saturday: 5 P.M.-10 P.M. Reservations Accepted By Sam Litteken i m c T Wilder’s is one of the finesst resturants in o the area. s The place itself is a classy and very romantic and has a close feel to it. The dim lights and the s bar in the background with a calm atmosphere b gives Wilder’s a more adult, fancy feel than most t resturants around. The food is incredible. Their menu consists y mostly of American entrees. Many of them are p highlighted by the chicken, pasta, or steak. There are r other choices as well with some excellent choices t in seafood that will make your mouth water. r Of course if the taste of sandwiches is what a you want there is always a burger or sandwich e ready for you to try. s Most entrees come complete wit your choice of soup or salad and dressing. Plus the bread A is, as well, excellent. The service is amazing. They wait for you to complete the appetizers and the salad or soup before bringing you your entree. Very few places have the service that Wilder’s does. Everyone is willing to help with the menu and make it your pleasure to be in one of the best resturants in Joplin. o m s s o I a I suggest: Steak Burger Blackened Chicken 2 Drinks $ 9.00 $14.00 $ 3.25 w m s fl Total for 2 including tip $30.47 S S C F


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Prom Bella Peer’s Italian Kitchen Bella Pepperʼs 2525 S Range Line Road, Joplin (417) 781-7711 Reservations are recommended for large parties By Amanda Clemons For people who enjoy Italian food, this is a place to try. The atmosphere sets a romantic mood with crooner music, dimmed lights, and classic decoration. Service was quick and polite. The menu offered a variety of pastas, noodles, and other Italian entrees, but also included an American sub menu. Appetizers was a choice of different Italian snacks. The bruschetta bread, which was warm bread with a white cheese topping with diced tomatoes and parsley, was delicious. Every entrees come with garlic bread and your choice of either a soup or salad. Meals are priced economically and you also have a nice range of meals to choose from. You can order the traditional Italian foods such as spaghetti or ravioli, or you can order a more exquisite meal for a bigger taste of Italy. Also you may choose to eat American food if you like. Offered are meals such as steak, fried shrimp, hamburgers, and other American classics. Bella Pepperʼs also offers a wide selection of cake desserts. The cake is moist and freshly made. The desserts are displayed on chalkboards spread throughout the restaurant. Also offered is a separate menu for specialty drinks where you can order fruit juice, Italian Soda, or a Steamer. The Italian Sodas is your choice of a fruit soda, such as raspberry, cherry or orange, that is served with whipped topping. A steamer is hot milk that is mixed with your choice of flavored syrup such as strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate and other flavors. I suggest: Steak and Fettuccini: $12.99 Soft Drink: $ 2.00 Caramel Pecan Cake $ 3.50 For TWO including 15% tip: $42.52 Timberline Steakhouse & Grill 2850 S Range Line Road, Joplin (417) 623-7722 Reservation suggested for large group By Shemaryah Parker If you are in the mood for great food, friendly service and an enjoyable atmosphere Timberline Steakhouse & Grill is the place for you. With the big wooden table and booths and beautiful woodland murals , the atmosphere of the restauarant makes you feel like you are in the Rocky Mountains. Waiting time is short, service is fast and the poeple are friendly. As an appetizer I suggest breaded cheese sticks with marinara sauce. They were the best I have ever had. For my entree I had one of the famous Timberline sirloin steaks with garlic mashed potatoes and a wonderful salad. My date had the Tbone steak with fries and a salad. Overall our service was terrific. We had only about a ten minute wait, our waiter was friendly and got our food out to us fast. For those of you who are still trying to find a place to eat on Prom night I highly recommend Timberline Steakhouse & Grill. I suggest: Cheese Sticks: Sirloin Steak w/side and salad: T-bone Steak w/side and salad: Drink (for two): Total +15% tip: $ 4.99 $14.99 $17.99 $ 4.00 $48.00 Senior Memories 1x6 $5.00 2x6 $10.00 Must be in by Friday April 21, 2006 Bring ad & payment to A219 PAGE 13 MARCH 2006 TRIP 2007! BERLIN, PRAGUE, THE ALPS! 10 DAY EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE! For More Information See Ms. White In A-219


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