Spyglass: Volume XXI | Issue VI | May 2006


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Logan Skelley: Academic Achiever

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SGOOCSDLABAYYSINSEGOTOF THE ‘06 IINNSSIIDDEE JJOOPPLLIINN HHIIGGHH pyglass VOLUME XXI, ISSUE 6 MAY 1, 2006 SSEENNIIOORR QQUUOOTTEESS PPGG 22 &&PPGG33 DDRRUUGG TTEESSTTIINNGG EEDDIITTOORRIIAALL PPGG 44 JJAAMM CCLLUUBB RROOCCKKSS OOUUTT PPGG 77 JJEETT--1144 BBRROOAADDCCAASSTTIINNGG PPGG 88--99 MMEEEETT TTHHEE NNEEWWSS SSTTAAFFFF PPGG 1111 SSEENNIIOORR SSPPOOTTLLIIGGHHTT PPGG 1133 TTHHEE GGRREEAATT AAMMEERRIICCAANN PPAASSTT TTIIMMEE PPGG 1155 Logan Skelley along with his parents and representatives from AXA pose with the oversized check. Photo By Sam Litteken Logan Skelley: Academic Achiever By Amanda Clemons Staff Writer Logan Skelley is your average everyday student. Aside from how far he goes to achieve. Just a few of his accomplishments is a gold medal he won in the 2006 International Science and Engineering Fair, Nation Winner in Nestle Very Best in Youth, and is a PADI Certified Open-Water Scuba Diver. Logan plans on attending Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and majoring in biology. “I hope to become a physician. I think it would be great to be able to help others,” says Skelley. In ten years, Logan hopes to see himself finished with medical school and practicing medicine. Logan has been applying for scholarships to help pay for his college. One of the scholarships he applied for was the AXA Achievement Scholarship. Logan received the $25,000 scholarship from AXA to show an achievement he made as a senior. His high school academic record helped him to a point, but the focus of the scholarship was more upon his achievements. Recently, Logan traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to receive a scholarship from Coca-Cola. Logan has been selected as one in 250 national finalists to receive a $10,000 scholarship. The Coca-Cola Scholarship Program looks at academic achievement, leadership roles held, community and school activities, and other accomplishments. In Atlanta, scholarship receivers got to visit the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium, attend a cruise around Stone Mountain, and visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.


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SENIOR QUOTES PAGE 2 MAY 2006 “My funniest high school memory was jumping in front of cameras when someone was filming and yelling ‘06!” Spencer Hodges Class of ‘06 Class of “My favorite high school memory was hanging out with friends at the football games on Friday nights.” Jannet Salgado Class of ‘06 “My funniest high sch “My worst high school memory was in sophomore year. I was walking out of the lunchroom and I wasn’t paying attention and this guy opened a door and I walked right into it.” Dawn Huber Class of ‘06 “In ten years I see myself living in Colorado. My career will be an elementary school teacher.” Chelsea Welch Class of ‘06 d seeing everyone freak out,” ool memory was finding a bat i n the gym bleachers an “In ten years I see myself as a graduate from pharmacy school and living in Florida.” Jenny Cooley Class of ‘06 “My favorite high school memory was meeting good teachers that helped me succeed in their classes. It was a pleasure being at this high school.” Arturo Lechuga-Arriet Class of ‘06 Mallory Hord Class of ‘06 ‘0 ‘6 “My funniest high school memory was at one of the home football games when a kid wearing only pom poms streaked across the field.” Brandt Loyd Class of ‘06 “ My funniest high school memeory is when my boyfriend and I went to eat with some friends before prom last year and we had a lot of time to kill so we walked around the mall in our formal attire.” “ s g A s S C


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“My funniest high school memory was when some friends and I got kicked out of Timberline because I went into the womens restroom to put in my contact.” James Gray Class of ‘06 “My favorite high school memory was going to state for Advertising Design.” Stephanie Huskey Class of ‘06 SENIORS SAY ... PAGE 3 MAY 2006 “In ten years I see myself either practicing law or studying to be a psychiatrist.” Megan Kutmas Class of ‘06 Class of “My favorite high school memories are from theatre and with all my friends.” Sarah Hiatt Class of ‘06 Kari Hass Class of’06 “My funniest high school me . He was mad but now he laughs at it!” field’s keys and moved his car “In ten years I see myself increasingly popular and above all laws.” Erica Schwarts Class of ‘06 ‘0 mory was when I got a hold of Mr. Ben “My funniest high school memory is parading around at the home football games as the eagle.” Ryan Macy Class of ‘06 “ In ten years I will pursue graduate degrees in either woodwind pedagogue or clarinet performance. I eventully would like to teach applied clarinet or applied woodwinds at the university level.” Clayton Dunaway Class of ‘06 “My favortie high school memory was our band trip to Chicago my freshman year.” Craig Gurley Class of ‘06


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PAGE 4 MAY 2006 EDITORIAL M Drug Testing: Crack is Whack T Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief The joy of peeing in a cup. This is what so many students have gotten to experience this year. The school has begun drug-testing students who are involved in sports and clubs, and even your friendly newspaper. The school has followed the ideas of other schools in the area that have been testing students for some time now. At the beginning of the year anyone who was going to be involved with, or even considering being involved with, groups or organizations that are run by the school or take place with school involvement could be tested. “It has never been a popular issue, but now there is a level of accountability for out students that are involved in activities,” said Mr. Jason Cravens. The students are competing and representing the schoolʼs colors and name, so of course the administration, faculty, and community do not want the “It has never been a popular issue, but students who are involved in drugs and similar points to be misrepresenting the school and the community. now there is a level of It would seem to many that students who accountability for our are not involved in extra curricular activities to be students that are involved in activities.” - Jason Cravens more likely than those who are active to become involved in drugs. This is not to say that students who are not doing after school activities should Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. The opinions expressed in the newspaper are not necessarily those of the district, administration or staff of Joplin High School. Editor- in-chief: Sam Litteken Advertising Manager: Shemaryah Parker Photo Editor: Heather Duggar Staff Writers: Amanda Clemons Trisha Tupper Adviser: Brenda White B S o f c T p r o d Cartoon from CartoonStock.com be signed up for a rehab clinic immediately. So would it not make more sense to test everyone, why are those who are competing and performing the ones who need to be tested? “When we researched what other schools were currently doing, this was the area that our committee and school board felt comfortable with,” said Cravens. “All drugs (are being tested) except steroids at this time as that is a very expensive test and we are looking at the possibilities in the future,” Cravens said. To the best knowledge, there have only been six students to have failed the testing this year. Considering the large number of students who are involved in sports and other school related clubs, this is incredible. Of course, the goal is to have no student test positive. The consequence of failing the test is mainly to be kicked out of the organizations to which the person belongs. However, punishments can be decreased if the student attends classes or counseling to overcome their problems. This is something that the school does not require, however. This is one area where someone needs to step up and help, whether it be the parents, friends, or school to help anyone who needs it. The point of the drug test is to keep students off drugs and the simple fact is that it is not the favorable thing that the school has added this year. The answer is easy though, stay clean and there is nothing to worry about. H M L


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PAGE 5 MAY 2006 Technically Speaking By Trisha Tupper Staff Writer After hard work and dedication, several students of Franklin Tech were honored at an induction ceremony for NTHS (National Technical Honor Society). The ceremony was held on Monday, April 17, in the JHS Eagle Talon Room at 5:30 p.m. Incoming seniors and juniors received a NTHS pin, as well as a certificate. Seniors who are returning received a souvenir tassle and a 2-year certificate. All seniors received their graduation honor cords on Tuesday, May 2, at the FTC Awards program. The following seniors were rewarded for the different departments of Franklin Tech. Accounting: Richard Craig Gurley, Alex Hiler, Darla Hurst, Stephanie Jasso, Jessica Lambeth, Arturo Lechuga-Arrieta, and Whitney Lynch. Business: Aryn Crawford, Jennifer Hance, Bimal Patel, Brandon Robinson, Justin Shore, Chelsea Welch, and Eric Williams. Culinary: Danny Roberts. Drafting: Levi Reed and Matthew Trumbore. Graphic Arts: Natalie Throener. Health Science: Brendan Clark, Typhanee Colbert, Tawnee Parker, Charlotte Reed, Kali Rountree, and Marissa Wooley. HVAC: Brett Oakleaf. Marketing: Patrick Crawford, James Kyle Perry, Gwen Stine, and Shara Wyler. Nat Res: Patrick McPherson and Sagan Vreeland. Welding: Cris Casey and Brian Fry. The following juniors will receive certificates for the different departments of Franklin Tech. Accounting: Hitesh Bhakta, Jamie Branham, Andrea Hiler, Ariana Maturino, Amanda Scott, and Kandi Wynn. Business: Lindsay Altman, Margaret Bourne, Abigail Cardona, Quiauna Johnson, Jennifer Miranda, Jennifer Rice, Kristen Swadley, Emily Watkins, McKenna Weathers, and Justin Yeater. Culinary: Jessica White. Drafting: Todd Derrick and Justin Trotter. Graphic Arts: Brice DeBurger. Heath Science: Grace Anderson, Rachel Bowyer, Brittney Braun, Ashley Cowen, Kelly Harmon, Emily Jones, Sarah Miller, Courtney Morris, and Matthew Roush. HVAC: Steven Harris. Welding: Loran Hatfield and Josh Stewart. The following sophomores will receive certificates for the different departments of Franklin Tech. Business: Derek Rider and Logan Taylor. Culinary: Joselyn Alexander. Congratulations go out to all of the students in Franklin Tech. KUDOS Speaking of Accomplishments… By Amanda Clemons Staff Writer Held in Neosho on March 3-4, was the MSHSAA District Competition. Five Joplin High School students advanced and qualified to compete in the MHSAA State Competition on April 21-22 in Columbia. Senior Chris Prater advanced in Lincoln-Douglas debate, Junior Tera Horine advanced in Dramatic Interpretation, Senior Deaken Shuler and Sophomore Tom Mourning advanced in Original Oratory speech. Out of 17 schools competing, Joplin finished the top 5 overall. Also, the National Forensic League had their District Competition in Monett, Mo, on March 24-25. Out of 21 competing schools, Joplin finished overall 2nd place. Junior Kendal Micklethwaite advanced to Nationals in Lincoln-Douglas debate and will be traveling with Philip Travis, Speech and Debate director, to Dallas, TX for the National Competition on June 18-23. On April 5th, the Speech and Debate team had their Student Congress competition at the Ramada Inn here in town. The Students discussed a variety of bills such as privatizing social security and juvenile punishment processes. Nine of their best competitors attended the tournament, seven in the House and two in the Senate. Christ Prater of Student Congress will also be going to Nationals in Dallas for the Student Congress competition. He will discuss political and environmental issues that affect todayʼs society with the best Student Competitors in the U.S. Students attending the State Tournament are Chris Prater in the Lincoln Douglas Debate, Deaken Shuler and Tom Mourning in Team Debate, Adam Blood in Original Oratory speech, and Tera Horine in Dramatic Interpretation. In the MSHSAA competition on april 21-22, in Columbia, MO. Business students excel Business students from Joplin High School and Franklin Technology Center competed in the 28th Annual Business Contest on April 5. Joplin had an outstanding showing with six individuals placing in the top three and two team trophies. Over 41 schools attended with approximately 750 students competing. Those placing in the top three were: Sara Lewis – 3rd in Beginning Accounting; Staci Ball – 3rd in Business Law; Jennifer Hance – 3rd in General Business; Sidra Zaidi – 2nd in Keyboarding I; and Amanda Scott – 3rd in Office Procedures. Taking 1st place Division I tem trophies were the General Business tem of Katy Berryman, Drew Johnson, Alan Liu, Lexie Nicholas, China Serr, Kevin Swab, and Sagan Vreeland and the Business Math Team of Kaleb Cox, Craig Gurley, Alex Hiler, Arturo


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PAGE 6 MAY 2006 Music Fun In The Sun By Amanda Clemons Staff Writer “Band! Ten –Hut! Ten-Hut! Heels Together! Stomach In! Chest Out! Chin Up! Eyes With Pride! Whoʼs The Best Band? Joplin! Whoʼs The Best Band? Joplin!! Whoʼs The Best Band? Joplin!!! Whoa!” You may recall this from the JHS football games. This is the Joplin High School Marching Eagleʼs pep chant they do after all their field shows and parades. The Joplin High School band, over spring break from March 20 to 26, went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and stayed at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort. Their trip was for a parade, field show and concert competition. The parade song they played was “A Hard Dayʼs Night.” They also competed in winter guard, winter drum line and concert band. The band didnʼt just perform, but the band also got to do a little sightseeing and tourism. They got to tour Elvis Presleyʼs mansion, cars, and plane in Nashville, Tennessee. After a night in Nashville, they continued their chartered bus ride to Myrtle Beach and arrived around 7:30 pm. In Myrtle Beach they visit some cool sites such as the Ripleyʼs Believe It or Not Museum, the Planet Hollywood Restaurant, and the NASCAR Speed Park. “We had a lot of fun and my brother even got buried in the sand while we were up there.” Said Senior Stephanie Huskey After departing Myrtle Beach at around 6:00 pm on Saturday, March 26, the JHS band arrived back in Joplin around 6:30 pm the next day. Joplin Public Library 300 South Main Street * Joplin, Missouri 64801 417-623-2184 * joplinpubliclibrary.org


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JAM Club PAGE 7 MAY 2006 MAY 18, 2006 Frank T. Coulter Auditorium Songs From Bands Like: The Doors, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Many Others aspect. How big is this show and how much do these kids love it? David Dimmit, Andrew Rolston, and Adam Gouche graduated two years ago and since then they have returned to be part of this show. “I love JAM Club because in a roundabout way, it allows me to be a part of the great musical ear of the 20th century,” said Laura Dimmit, “It also gives us a chance to share something great with people who may not have been exposed to it.” On May 18 the rock Gods will once again look down on the group as they rock out with new members and old combining together to create the whirlwind of rock majesty. For all who are interested the show will start at 7:00, May 18 in the T. Frank Coulter Auditorium. As long as there are people who respect and play the music of the heroes of the past there will always be another generation to enjoy that music. AEvRoeluvtoilountiOonf Sam Litteken Editor-In-Chief In the eternal words of the famous band Foreigner “Heʼs a jukebox hero, got stars in his eyes, with that one guitar heʼll come alive, come alive tonight.” Like a phoenix rising from the ashes year after year, a group of die-hard musician and music fans come together to create something beautiful and pay tribute to the legends that paved the way for todayʼs stars. JAM is something different than your normal choir or marching band, they are the students dedicated to the history and the love of rock music. The group is lead by the man who lived through the times when rock reigned supreme, Mr. William Keczkemethy. Keczkemethy is not your normal run of the mill history teacher and not just the sponsor of this group, he also plays guitar -- very well. This show is a time machine trip to the beginning days when rock was lighter and played in basements, up to the sixties when it was an escape from the world at war, straight into the times of Ozzy and Guns nʼ Roses with the metal Photo By Suzanne Dimmit


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PAGE 8 MARCH 2006 Broadcasting SHtiusdtoernyt-omf ade TV -1994 Partnered with MSSU on “Preparing for the Future” -1997 Through Joplin Schools Foundation funding Partnered with MSSU to bring live Board of Education Meetings to Patrons -2000 Programming Expanded by Offering a Basic Television Production Course at JHS -2003 Courses Had Expanded to TV 1, 2, 3 offered 3 periods per day with a waiting list of students for 3 additional periods -2004 Courses Expanded to 6 periods per day -2005 Studio Added and Cable One begins airing JET 14 JET-14 Pro Joplin Sports Central: Produced by: B. Vonder Haar *Features Coaches, student athletes, student signings for all Sports Joplin Schools Sh Produced by: TV P *Features Creative documentary, educ Joplin Schools Update: Produced by: D. Craven *Show features all Joplin Schools Principals on activities each month at their school Preparing for the Produced by: D.Cr Host: Bonnie Sch *District Talk show JET14 News Magazine: Produced by: TV Prod 1 class *School News show Joplin Schools Hi Produced by: D. C *District Awards, A Activities in Class


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Joplin Eagle Television PAGE MARCH 200 T“MhiisnIdsnle’stsJ”usTteMlevoirseion Danny Craven JET 14 Producer The Timothy T. Reynolds Multimedia Learning Center has been up and running since January of 1995. It is a district-wide facility and is open and available for scheduling for teachers and the community within the Joplin R-VIII School District. The Reynolds Center house a conference room and a computer lab both of which are controlled by the central master control room that is equipped with a digital switcher, audio board, camera controls, VCRʼs and monitors. This equipment enables the transmission of a broadcast-quality signal. Fiber optic cable links the control room to other schools, administration building and Cable One, allowing for broadcast over the local cable network on cable channel 14. Regular programming that was once broadcast through MSSU will still be seen on KGCS-TV UHF channel 57. The Reynolds Center is also home to 22 eMac computer-editing stations. It offers students hands-on experience with state-of-the-art post-production tech niques. With the use of iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, iTune iDVD) the students produce a variety of projects inc ing news reports, music videos, documentaries, phot essays and short films. The can also experience direc live broadcast utilizing the digital switcher in the ma control room. Those involved with the Reynolds Center ar excited by the opportunities it offers our students ac the district. With the addition of the new 1300-squar ft. television studio to the building, the students wil able to produce live news casts, interview shows and variety of different genres of production. The new st of-the-art television studio will house 4 digital studi cameras with full communication, 16 in/output digit switcher, mini DV capabilities, DVCPro capabilities monitors, full audio and light boards and two broadc sets. We are equally excited by the creative uses teac will develop as they learn what is available and thin ways to utilize it to benefit their students. ograms howcase: Prod 1 class e work such as music videos, cational, short films Eagle Vision News: Produced by: TV Prod. 2 class *School News Show e Future: raven hurman Joplin Schools: Board of Education Meeting: Produced by: D. Craven w Get Fit: Produced by: Mallorie Hord ighlights: Craven *Student Produced Exercise show Assemblies, Music Performances, srooms, Student Interviews


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PAGE 10 MAY 2006 THE BRIDGE “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” -Theodore Roosevelt Music, Skating, Games, By Trisha Tupper People... StaffWriter What More Could You Need? Local kids have seen The Bridge go from a small town skate park to a nationally recognized youth facility. Not only has the Autumn Ramp Skate Park drawn attention from skaters all around the world, but also their music venue, The Foundry, is attracting popular bands. Along with the Autumn Ramp Skate Park and The Foundry, there is of course, The Bridge. Inside the main section there is a 40-foot-tall rock wall, a very large arcade, an indoor café, all-day access computers with internet, a basketball court, and lots of other activities. The skate park is huge, with a skate shop right beside it. At the time, the outdoor BMX field is still being worked on, but the is area is pretty big. The Foundry features a bar (no alcohol), dimly lit booths, a huge stage, and brand new sound equipment. The quality of sound is amazing. If you like music, you need to check out the shows they have almost every weekend. On the opening nights of the Bridge, April 7, 8 and 9, the place was packed. Not only were kids there, but adults as well. Everyone was amazed with how well it turned out. Courtney Ward, a Bridge staff member, said, “I canʼt believe how many people showed up. We had a skater who called from Germany asking about the park. Itʼs amazing!” If you havenʼt been out to the Bridge, it is definitely something you should check out. There is something for everyone there. Even if you donʼt really like to do many physical things, you can get a cold drink and check your email. Or just bring a few dollars and spend an afternoon in the arcade. If you would like information on hours, pricing, and dates of shows, check out the Bridgeʼs website at: www.thebridgejoplin.com


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Meet the Staff PAGE 11 MAY 2006 ���������������������������� By Trisha Tupper Sam Litteken was born in Joplin, Missouri, on September 20, 1987. He has lived in the same house, in the same room for 18 years. As a senior at Joplin High, he participates in ITS and TV Productions. However, theatre is his passion, and basically his life. Of course, if you donʼt know Sam, it is not hard to pick him out of a crowd. He is a very tall guy with the friendliest smile youʼll ever see. He absolutely loves music. Although he listens to various genres, he loves rock (punk, heavy metal, hair metal, indie, some emo, and a few hardcore songs). He also likes to play drums, video games, and make independent films. He has been on the Spyglass staff for three years, and he has learned a lot. He realized that good coworkers, hard work ethic, and meeting deadlines are essential in getting things done and keeping oneʼs sanity. All of us know that if we donʼt do our job, Sam is the one on our backs, and thatʼs scary! In the future, Sam would like to do something that makes him happy. He wants to work in the communications field because he loves to write. Those who know this fella know that he is one nice guy. He can make you laugh no matter what. In his words, growing older doesnʼt mean you have to grow up. Amanda Clemons Staff Writer By Sam Litteken Amanda Clemons is a senior staff writer for the Spyglass. Amanda has been with the newspaper for the past two years and has gained some valuable knowledge. She would like to one day be able to take her love and skills that she has gained on computers and be able to go into business as a computer programmer or into computer forensics. Currently Amanda is working as the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese. Her pastimes include reading and watching movies her favorite of which are comedies and horror films. When Amanda is not doing these things, she likes to listen to her music consisting of rock, punk, BrenAdadWvisohrite By Shemaryah Parker Brenda White was born on October 24 at St. Johnʼs Hospital. She grew up on a farm near Carthage, however she would argue that she didnt really grow up until she went to college in Arkansas. Before coming to JHS she worked for fifteen years at The Joplin Globe in both the Composing Room and the News Room. Before that she worked for the Carthage Press, the Webb City Sentinel and the Shopperʼs Advantage. Ms. White started teaching at JHS in 2002. “I was inspired to become a teacher by some teachers that I had in high school as well as college.” says Ms. White. After she retires from JHS she wants to see the rest of the world. Ms. White is a wonderful teacher and I speak for all of the seniors on the newspaper staff when I say we will miss her tremendously. (NOTE from Ms. White: I will miss this group so much. they have been GREAT to work with.) Heather Duggar Staff Writer By Amanda Clemons Heather Duggar, age 17, is a well-rounded junior of Joplin High School. She was born in Freeman Hospital March 8, 1989. Currently, she works at Subway, as a sub-artist. Her hobbies include playing percussion instruments, color guard, painting, dancing, and sewing. She is currently in the Joplin High School Band as a drummer during the concert season and a dedicated member of the color guard during parade season. Heather likes to listen to all kinds of music, even jazz. Currently, her favorite CD is Rent Soundtrack. The skills she has learned working on The Spyglass, such as picture toning and editing, will help her in her ideal career as a photographer. Her other career choices are writing and being a instructor for color guard. “Iʼll use my skills of writing, asking open ended questions, short hand writing, and working as a team any and SheAmdavrerytaishingPMaraknaegrer By Brenda White Shemaryah Parker was born in Joplin and has lived here all her life. Besides being a senior, soon to depart JHS, she works as a sales associate and at Guest Service at Target in Joplin. When she’s not toiling away at school, Shem likes to cook, swim, travel, and shop! She listens mostly to country music, but she will listen to just about anything, Shem has been on the newspaper staff for three years and has worked a good part of that time as Advertising Manager. Therefore, she knows how to sell ads and also to design them for the paper. She also knows how to work with pictures, getting them ready for print. In the future, she sees herself as a grade school teacher or owning her own restaurant. Trisha STtuapffpWerriter By Heather Duggar Trisha Tupper, a Senior, was born January 22, 1988. Which would make her 18 years of age. Trisha was born in Garden City, Kansas but she grew up in Pueblo, Colorado. Then she moved to Joplin when she was eight. Trisha is a very laid back sort of gal. Her hobbies include hanging out with her boyfriend Zach, watching movies, listening to music, being around friends, sleeping, eating, and so on. Trisha is a very fun and loving person once you get to know her. Trisha works at KODE, the Channel 12 News. She is a camera operator four days a week and a computer graphics operator two days a week. The tool she has taken from this class is experience in journalism. She loves to write and she is going to go to PSU to become a journalist. Trisha wants to work with a top selling magazine, help them design ad campaigns and do her own photo shoots. Trisha is a very motivated person, so she will do


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PAGE 12 MAY 2006 Theatre Recieved from Liz Maynard Hello Dolly Publisist Joplin High School Theatre Department will present the musical “Hello Dolly!” on May 4, 5, and 6. Written by Michael Stewart, with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and based on the play “The Matchmaker” by Thorton Wilder, “Hello Dolly!” is the story of the widowed Dolly Levi, a professional matchmaker, played by Autumn Osborne. Dollyʼs is working to find a wife for the well-known Yonkers half-a-millionaire, Horace Vandergeler, played by Cort VanOstran. However, while arranging the marriage, she decides to marry Vandergelder herself. Meanwhile two of Vandergelderʼs employees, Cornelius Hackl played by Brendan Clark and Barnaby Tucker played by Daniel Burkett, close down Vandergelder Hay and Feed and head to New York in pursuit of an adventure. Along the way, Cornelius and Barnaby happen to meet the widowed Irene Molloy, played by Chelsea Prettyman, and Minnie Fay, played by Liz Arnold. The quartet go out for an evening of fun at the expensive Harmonia Gardens Restaurant only to discover that Cornelius and Barnaby have no money and that Mr. Vandergelder is dining at the same restaurant that evening. Hilarity prevails as Cornelius and Barnaby attempt to remain unseen by Vandergelder. “Hello Dolly!” is directed by Bonnie Schurman, under vocal direction of Susan Ideker, conducted by Terry Dolanc and choreographed by Stephanie Harter. Major technical positions are held by: Sam Litteken as student director, Jarren Tupper as stage manager and lighting designer, Laura Dimmit as assistant stage manager, Lyle Uttley as set construction chief, Ashley Trotnic and J.J. Winfrey as cocostume chiefs, Lexi Nicolas as props mistress, Matt Lenhart as lighting chief, Mitch Litteken as sound chief, Grace Anderson as sound apprentice, Melissa Johnson and Gabe Cox as co-makeup chiefs, Liz Manard as publicist and Emma Frogge as publicity apprentice. Members of the cast include: Stephanie Bayne, Becky Beasley, Zach Bradley, Kristin Carter, Gabe Cox, Kaleb Cox, Hunter Dowell, Kate Foster, John Franz, Ashley Garrison, Katie Honeywell, Mallory Hoskins, Jessica Jenkins, Melissa Johnson, Shea Ketchum, Shayla Leatherman, Cameron Mabe, Liz Manard, Meredith Mitchell, Autumn Shotwell, Skye Smith, Thomas Steere, Ashley Trotnic, Brittany Thurman, Lyle Uttley, Lauren Webb, and J. J. Winfrey. The production opens May 4, 5, and 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the T. Frank Coulter Auditorium at Joplin High School. The box office opens at 6:15 and tickets will be available at the door. Tickets cost $6 for adults, $5 for students and $4 for senior citizens and for children twelve and under. Europe Summer 2007 - Sign up now! Berlin, Prague, the Alps -- and Paris! (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France) Informational meeting -- Bring Parents - Bring Questions Tuesday, May 9 at 6:00 p.m. at Ms. White’s house - Get directions in A219


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Academics PAGE 13 MAY 2006 Compiled from Staff Reports On April 24, JHS students made quite a showing at the Missouri State Leadership Conference in Columbia, Missouri. Brandon Robinson became State Champion and National Qualifier in Business Procedures. Justin Yeater was elected State Vice President. Brandon, Justin and five other high school students from across Missouri were inducted at the closing session on April 25. Justin will be facilitating workshops and guestspeaking at area schools and State and National Leadership Conferences. He will also be working with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) administrators in business to create a program of work. According to Rayma Taylor, the campaign was a “remarkable experience” for not only Justin but the entire campaign team. Team members were Jarren Tupper, David McDermid, Emily Gibson, Natalie Alcorn, Chelsea Welch, Dawn Huber, and Eric Williams. Mrs. McGowen supervised the entire event. Results from the state conference are as follows: Brandon Robinson – State Champion – Business Procedures – National Qualifier Justin Yeater – State Vice President Alan Liu – 6th Place – Introduction to Business Alan Liu – 7th Place – business math Kristen Swadley – 6th Place – Business Communications Aryn Crawford, Eric Williams, Jerrod Tracy – 7th Place – Community Service Project Report Bimal Patel – 7th Place – C++ Programming Congratulations to all! David McDermid, Jarren Tupper, Justin Yeater, Natilie Alcorn, and Emily Gibson hang out between competitions at FBLA State. Senior Schedule Monday, May 1 - JHS Honors Award Ceremony, 6:30 p.m. in the JHS Auditorium Wednesday - Friday, May 3, 4, 5 - Project Graduation sign-up - LAST CHANCE Friday, May 5 - Seniors last day of school if FINAL EXEMPT Friday - Tuesday, May 5-9 - Walking Papers to be turned in to counselors Saturday, May 6 -SAT test, 8:00 a.m. JHS Monday - Tuesday, May 8, 9 - Finals for seniors Monday, May 15 - Senior Banquet sponsored by Project Gradua tion: Butcher Block at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 17 - Baccalaureate, 7:00 p.m. JHS Audito-


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PAGE 14 MAY 2006 Faculty Distinguished Educators By Trisha Tupper Staff Writer On Thursday, April 20, at the Joplin Globe Area Academic Team Banquet, two of Joplin Highʼs teachers were recognized as Distinguished Educators. Penny Hagedorn and Charles Parker were nominated by three JHS Seniors. “Great Job... Penny and Charles!” Mrs. Hagedorn was nominated by Sarah Mirkin, and Mr. Parker was nominated by Tyler Davis and Matt Burgess. Dr. Kerry Sachetta says, “Great Job Penny and Charles!” Mrs. Janet Myers would also like to congratulate the teachers. Sarah, Tyler, and Matt were recognized for the nominations of the teachers in the Sunday edition of the Joplin Globe on April 23. Congratulations Mr. Parker and Mrs. Hagedorn!!! S ummer will be here before you know it JOIN EARLY AND SAVE MONEY!!! CERTIFIED LIFEGUARDS ROSEDALE POOL memberships available!! For Information: CALL 623-8355 Rosedale pool is open daily May 27- September 4, 2006 Weekdays 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sundays 1 p.m.-9 p.m. Certified lifeguards on duty Pop & Snack machine Picnic tables & grills Restrooms & Showers WANTED Great Summer Employment Oppoutunities at Rosedale Pool Don’t Wait! Apply today! Send resume to: Rosedale Community Association


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Baseball, Movies and More PAGE 15 MAY 2006 Spring Break Baseball By Heather Duggar Staff Writer “The team has returned with more starters this year,” said Coach Harryman. This yearʼs baseball team has all the returning seniors starting, which means the team will have more experience. The baseball team of 2006 went to Texas over spring break. They competed against Thomas Jef- ferson, Brook Hill Academy, and Rockwall. The team won against Thomas Jefferson, 18-0, and Brook Hill Academy, 11-5. They lost against Rockwall, 0-6. “Work hard or you donʼt play,” said coach Harryman to his team, and he means business. The team has been working harder then ever this year. They have proved that during spring break. Swimming Success By Amanda Clemons Staff Writer The JHS swim team has started off well this year in their competitions against other swimmers. At the beginning of the season, the team had their first swim meet on March 7 in Springfield. Practicing hard and often, their main goal is to swim to win. The swim team has practice everyday, literally! Monday through Friday, they practice from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on Saturday, they practice 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Swim Teamʼs most recent competition was the Ironwoman Pentathlon. From Joplin, Lacey Carnahan was the highest point winner. On Saturday, April 29, they went to compete in Springfield once again. Although the Swim Teamʼs competitions may be challenging, they work very hard to succeed. Photo By Heather Duggar Seniors Brendan Hoag, Matt Burgess, and Blake Chapman round up for a group photo after a game. The Fun By Shemaryah Parker Advertising Manager Continues Manny the woolly mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the saber-toothed tiger, and the hapless prehistoric squirrel/rat known as Scrat are still together and enjoying the perks of their now melting world. Manny may be ready to start a family, but nobody has seen another mammoth for a long time; Manny thinks he may be the last one. That is, until he miraculously finds Ellie, the only female mammoth left in the world. Their only problems: They canʼt stand each other--and Ellie somehow thinks sheʼs a possum! Ellie comes with some excess baggage in the form of her two possum “brothers”-- Crash and Eddie, a couple of daredevil pranksters and cocky, loud-mouthed troublemakers. Manny, Sid and Diego quickly learn that the warming climate has one major drawback: A huge glacial dam holding off oceans of water is about to break, threatening the entire valley. The only chance of survival lies at the other end of the valley. So our three heroes, along with Ellie, Crash and Eddie, form the most unlikely family--in any “Age”-- as they embark on a mis- Take Me Out To The Ball Game By Trisha Tupper Staff Writer As children, Gus, Richie and Clark never got a chance to play out on the field. They were always the “benchwarmers.” The three guys get a second chance when a billionaire offers them a shot at going around with young kids to their baseball tournaments to prove that they really arenʼt just a group of nerds trying to play baseball. To help the guys prepare, the billionaire (played by Jon Lovitz) hires baseball legend Reggie Jackson to help with their training. The three end up inspiring young kids to stand up for themselves. The Benchwarmers, starring Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jon Heder, is a comedy about growing up, self-esteem, and of course, baseball. This is a great flick to check out with a



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