Spyglass: Volume XXII | Issue IV | April 2007


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Joplin Debate Goes to State (And Nationals!)

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Check out our ads for prom! S pyglassJJOOPPLLIINNHHIIGGHH VOLUME XXII, ISSUE 4 APRIL 2007 WINNERS!!! Joplin Debate Compiled by Laura Dimmit The JHS Speech and Debate team recently had an incredible showing at the MSHSAA District Tournament in Carl Junction on March 2 and Goes to State 3! The top three students in speech events and the top four in debate events advancing to state competition. Joplin students advancing to state are as follows: (and • Senior Lyle Uttley; Dramatic Interpretation and Duet Acting • Senior Kendal Micklethwaite; 1-on-1 Lincoln- Nationals!) Douglas debate • Junior Adam Blood; Original Oratory speech, Duet Acting and 2-on-2 Public Forum debate • Junior Tom Mourning; 2-on-2 Public Forum debate • Sophomore Josh Smith; 2-on-2 Policy debate • Freshmen Lauren Bynum; 2-on-2 Policy debate With six events going to state, Joplin came home with 2nd place honors overall in the MSHSAA District Tournament. The State Tournament will be held on April 19-20 on the MU campus in Columbia, Mo. The Joplin squad also recently competed in the NFL District Tournament at JHS on March 16 and 17. The top two winners in each event advance to Nationals in Witchita, Kan., this June. Qualifiers include seniors Kendal Micklethwaite and Lyle Uttley, junior Adam Blood, and sophomore Josh Smith. Congratulations to all of our Joplin winners! Inside --- Prom Issue Debaters go national! What’s Up With That? Prom Info Student Achievements Laura’s Diary: College Visits Prom Horoscopes Page 1 Page 3 Pages 6-7 Page 2, 9 Page 11 Page 12 Photo by Laura Dimmit The JHS boyʼs tennis team had their opening match against Glendale on Thursday, March 22 at Schifferdecker Park. Here, no. 1-ranked junior Michael McCreary (right) and no. 2-ranked senior Drew Hunter play Glendaleʼs top-ranked doubles team.


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2 Student Achievements April 2007 Speech & Debate MSHSAA District Tournament March 2nd and 3rd Senior Lyle Utley in Dramatis Interpretation and Duet Acting Senior Kendal Micklethwaite in 1-on-1 Lincoln- Douglas debate Junior Adam Blood in Original Oratory speech, Duet Acting and 2-on-2 Public Forum debate Junior Tom Mourning In 2-on-2 Public Forum debate Sophomore Josh Smith in 2-on-2 Policy debate Freshman Lauren Bynum in 2-on-2 Policy debate NEO Math Competition Thursday, March 1 Stewart Pence, Algebra I, 1st place David Purser, Geometry, 1st place Autumn Lewis, Geometry, 2nd place Hao Chen, Geometry, 3rd place Luke Barr, Algebra II, 1st place Alex Moreland, Algebra II, 2nd place Kelsey Knewtson, Trigonometry, 1st place Shkear Dukkipati, Trigonometry, 2nd place Beenish Ahmed, Trigonometry, 2rd place Drew Johnson, Trigonometry, 3rd place Alan Liu, Advanced Math/Calculus, 2nd place Team Awards: Division III Team, 1st place Overall Advanced Math, 3rd place Missouri State History Day Qualifiers: Jessi Musser, Stephanie Taylor, Randi Russell, Senior Group Performance Shekar Dakipatti, Senior Individual Performance District 17 FBLA Competition Results District Officers: Danielle Crosthwait, Secretary Emily Fuller, Reporter Andy Brown, Parliamentarian State Competition Qualifiers: John Nolan, Job Interview, 1st place Justin Yeater, Mr. Future Business Leader, 1st place Ashley Garrison, Business Law, 1st place Emily Fuller, FBLA Principles & Procedures, 1st place Jared Myers, Networking Concepts, 1st place Sarah Lewis, Banking and Financial Systems, 1st place Hailey Coleman, Introduction to Business Communication, 1st place Emma Hays, FBLA Principles and Procedures, 2nd place Alli Worley, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures, 2nd place Tyler Knewtson, Networking Concepts, 2nd place Drew Johnson, Business Financial Plan, 1st place Sidra Zaidi and Michael McCreary, Website Development, 1st place Amber Strait, Andy Brown, Sarah Guinn, Steven Heritage, Parliamentary Procedures Team, 1st place (417) 627-0795 WHITE RHINO SALON & SPA Services Included: •Specialty color/ perms •Nails Pedicures/Manicures •Waxing •Facials •Massage •Cuts April 2007 Column 3 What’s up with that? More ranting and raving PROM!! Everyone is excited about prom! Beautiful gowns, flowing hair, show girls! SHOWgirls? Thatʼs right the theme for prom is Viva Las Vegas! Everyone, here is a little advice: When buying your prom outfit, donʼt worry so much about the theme; worry about being comfortable and loving what you are wearing. This is not just advice for girls. Boys, if you show up to prom in an Elvis impersonation suit, you will not look back on you prom with fond memories, I predict. Thoroughly Modern Millie!! Everyone get ready for the schoolʼs best musical yet! With tons of hard dance numbers and many complicated scenes, this yearʼs show will be a very interesting one to Nikki Burkett see!! A cast to die for and a villainess everyone will love to hate. Chopsticks!!!!!!!!! How do you use chop- sticks? It took me FOREVER to use them!!!! I try and try but just canʼt get it. Well, I did get it eventually, but you get the idea; and, we already knew I like to exaggerate a little bit (another exaggeration). I have Ms. Seber for Spanish 2 every morning, and I gotta tell yaʼ she is the funniest teacher I have, well, besides Mr. Reed, now he is funny!! Why I donʼt know, but he makes me laugh for no apparent reason! I love these teachers and I really thing that people do take them for granted. So, whenever you see your favorite teacher, thank them for all they have done for you! So what is up with you guys? Send me some of your funniest stories; I would love to write about them. Bring yur stories to Room A219 or give them to Ms. White or me. Thanks. Countryside Flowers Inc. 110099EEaastst3399ththSSt.t. 417-628-4864 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m. - Noon ~ Large inventory of fresh flowers ~ Tropicals ~ Plants ~ European/dish gardens ~ High-style floral arrangements ~ Silk arrangements ~ Corsages ~ Bouquets ~ Gift baskets


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4 Editorial April 2007 April 2007 Prom Ad 5 Making wise prom decisions By Heather Duggar Last yearʼs prom was amazing until a friend of mine was walking from her car to her home. She was grabbed and raped. That having happened, it made me think that safety is an issue we teenagers seem to forget. The younger generations sometimes think that nothing can happen to them but it can. Just like some juniors and seniors go to an after-prom party at a friends, drink some and decide its still safe to drive home. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is one of the stupidest mistakes someone could make. How many people do you know who have died from a drunk driver hitting them or them drinking and driving? Exactly. And yet you still think it wonʼt happen to you. Accidents occur every day. Statistics indicated that alcohol-related peer pressure is strongest at prom time. In 2000, during nine consecutive spring weekends during the prom and graduation season the percent of traffic fatalities that were alcohol-related ranged between 58% and 70% (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). You could be in those percentages if you choose to drink and drive. Drinking and driving is not the only situation where teenagers feel invincible. Also, teenagers think that itʼs ok to walk alone in the dark in an unknown block or even your own block. There are such things as sexual predators. A sexual predator could be your next door neighbor or the old sweet man down the street. Itʼs plain and simple- donʼt walk down the street alone in the pitch dark. It just isnʼt the best decision to make. A survey of high school students found that 18% of females and 39% of males though it was ok for a guy to force a girl to have sex if she is stoned or drunk- U.S Dept. of health and human services, 1992. These are not the only safety issues teenagers have. These are two main issues that occur before, at, or after prom. So be safe think a head and plan out your night with an adult you know. It doesnʼt have to be your parents, just a trust worthy adult like your friendʼs parents, your grandparents, aunt and uncle, family members, etc. Just so they know where you are at all times in case of an emergency. Your probably thinking “ya ok whatever I heard enough of this from my parents.” Well, they are right in all aspects. If thatʼs not what you want to hear, tough luck. I hope you take this to heart and make the right decisions. Have a fantastic and safe prom night. Spyglass is published by the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. Editor- in-chief: Heather Duggar Ad Manager: Qwyntnn Brown Staff Writers & Photographers: Nikki Burkett &Laura Dimmit Adviser:Brenda White Paid Advertisement Vo4teSdtaFteasv*o6OrYivteeearSrsa3li0onnTaianRnothnwei!ng Beds *Competitive Prices 705 Illinois Joplin Plaza Joplin, MO 417-782-3900 *Spray Tan *Aqua Massage SAVE BIG FOR PROM*Infra-Red Body Wrap 25% OFF *Packages of 10 or more tans *Infra-Red body wrap (New Clients Only) *Some restrictions apply *Must present coupon Buy 1 Get 1 Free Mystic Tan UV Free Spray on Tanning *Not good with any other offers *Some restrictions apply *Must present coupon


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The theme for this yearʼs prom is VIVA LAS VEGAS! Viva The colors are gold, red, black, blue, and green. The decorations for this yearʼs prom will be just like Las Vegas with its bright colors, sights, and sounds. Sonic, Pepsi, Red Onion, and Bella Pepper will be providing refreshments. This year all administrators will be there, along with 30-40 volunteers for the evening. Those vol- unteers are either parents of the juniors and seniors, JHS faculty or Joplin R-VIII faculty. Las Theme: Viva Las Vegas Location: John Q. Hammons Trade Center Date: April 14, 2007 Parking Info: Students will be allowed to park in front of John Q. Hammons Trrade Center, or in the Samʼs club parking lot. A stretch Navigator limousine will be available for rides at 7:30pm from the Sams parking lot along Hammons Blvd and then into the parking lot at John Q, Hammons Trade Center. Time: Music will begin at 8pm Coronation will conclude the evening at 11:30pm Accent Photography will be attending prom, and have picture packages available. A prom DVD will also be made by Memory Makers Entertainment. April 2-5 will be the last week to buy Prom tickets and they will be $25. WVtoeehigdwmtat.a!m!onwoIVsYneshoelIit.oesagaueRysamtyvt,we!eshasmoorCo.arl.uoe.leepImlmxmpdhpebeyeanleLocvvsrotvie,-isveniet To___________________________________________________ . Vegas!!! The Prom After Party! By : Nikki Burkett Many people go to prom and dance the night away, or at least until 11:30. But what is there to do after prom? Have no fear Project Prom is here -- a fun and safe way to spend the rest of your prom night. Organized by Coach Whitney and Mrs. Letherman, Project Prom is a variety of different activities and projects for students to do after the dance. In order to find good activities for the kids to do, Coach Whitney and Mrs. Letherman asked the students who went last year where they would like to go the this year. The students suggested Route 66 Carousel Park. Other areas up for visitation are Amore cooking center, Lazer City laser tag arena, Hollywood Theaters for two showings of a current movie, and Carl Richardʼs Bowl East. Twenty-five groups of twelve people will be attending the project prom festivities. When asked why Project prom was a good thing Coach Whitney responded “ Most kids arenʼt ready to go home after prom. It gives them fun and safe things to do after the dance is over.” It will last from 12:30 am to 6:00 am. Any person who attends JHS prom, and has signed up may participate. Spots are limited so if you have not signed up and wish to do so, do it quickly. Boysʼ Prom Fashions By: QwByonytsn,ndBo ryoowunfind yourselves at a loss for words when it comes to prom fashion? The popular trend is matching the girl on your arm. But if blending in just isnʼt your thing, have no fear Tom Holmes from S&K Menʼs Wear knows just what to do. He says; “Black or white tuxes with pinstripes are very popular, with solid color ties.” If you want more color than just in your tie he said; “Color vests are available and are very popular, but it is a matter of choice.” When faced with the question of actually matching your date. “The colored vests almost always are chosen to match their dates.” Tom stated. If you donʼt know whether to rent or buy your tux, “ We sell more than we rent, but we still rent a lot. It is more practical to buy a solid black suit or tux and add all the accessories, bit by bit.” To put into perspective jus how much cheaper it is to buy a tux than to rent one, Tom said two rental are equal or more in value to buying one. He also said that it is average of $100 dollars each time you rent a tux. Hopefully this has answered any questions you had about what you should wear on your up coming prom night. VEGAS MOVIES!!! Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Vegas Vacation Viva Las Vegas Las Vegas Nights Crashing Las Vegas The Cooler Bugsy The Swinger Oceans 11 Casino Honeymoon in Vegas Girlsʼ Prom Fashions By: QwynAtnrentBherofawsnhion police always on your back? We have all the inside scoops on all the popular fashions for prom season 2007. A foolproof way, to put your best-manicured foot forward on the dance floor, when April 14 rolls around. But you may be stepping out in some returning fads from yesteryear. If youʼre the back-to-basics kind of girl or bornto-be head turner, there is something for you. Roanna Rose (Owner of TJ Formal) commented on this subject; “Earth tones are really big this season, but the bright colors are in as well.” If you just canʼt seem to find a style that fits your body type or your mood Roanna also saidʼ “ A lot of girls seem to go for the ball gowns, pick-up skirts (dresses that can be converted easily to skirts with no stitches), 70s retro, and patterns.” As far as shoes go, “ Sandals are the most popular and most girls either choose gold or silver.” She noted. All around stilettos are a big no, with the girls. Roanna explained; “Very few girls are wearing stilettos, because they are either not used to wearing high-heels or they are taller than their dates.” Some students at JHS havenʼt picked out exactly what they are going to wear yet, but know what they are looking for. Senior Emily Denham confessed, “Whatever I wear will be a halter cut.” So if you donʼt have your dress quite yet donʼt panic youʼre not the only one, and you still have time to pick just the right one.


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8 Prom Ad April 2007 April 2007 JHS News Dr. Fly’s Hair Salon Key Club Rocks 2006 Convention By: Nikki Burkett Higdon’s 9 On Friday March 2nd the Key went to the Mo Ark Dis- GET YOU LOOK RIGHT FOR PROM, THE FIRST TIME! trict Convention of 2006. There were 20 students that participated and they were Emma Frogge, Caroline Frogge, Kelly Harmon, Sally Spieckermann, Noelle Kownslar, Karly Kowns- Shampoo, Cut, & Style Women- $25 Men- $15 12 & Under- $12 *Haircut is $15 when combined with a highlight, color, or perm service. Highlight & Color Our salon offers a wide variety of professional products to the public at lar, Kelsey Knewston, Hailey Knewston, Bethany Reed, Amie Mays, Sidra Zaidi, Michael McCreary, Lori Marshall, MaryBeth White, Veronica Lewis, Sara Lewis, Jenny Rice, Arielle Hudson, Darci Tatum, Katie Millard, and Heidi Nguyen. Key Club won 2nd place for scrapbook; public relations won first place, and they were awarded the “Progress to Achievement” award. They were also recognized for making a $200 donation to Childrenʼs Miracle Network. Some individual students awarded were Marybeth White for distinguished secretary, and Sara Lewis for distinguished vice president. Next Year brings new competitions and new officers. The new officers for 2007-08 are Michael McCreary, President; Sidra Zaidi, Vice President; Noelle Kownslar, Secretary; and Amie Mays, Treasurer. And a big thank you goes to Mr. Reed for helping Mrs. Boyer chaperone a two night overnight trip. Open: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm Sat 9am-5pm Location: 201 East 32nd 417-624-7171 or 1-800-641-4726 Women- Starts at $45 competitive prices. 417-623-6000 Men- Starts at $20 SEE THE ARBONNE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF! 417-624-0011 102 N. Rangeline Ste. 5 Other Product Lines: ABBA, Aquage, American *Skin Care *Nutrition *Weight Loss *Aromatherapy Our Proprietary formulas are: Joplin, MO 654801 Perm- Starts at $45 Crew, Back to Basics, * Botanically-based ~Across from the mall~ Up-do- Starts at $25 Biolage, Biosilk, CHI, Graham *pH correct Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:30-6:30 Saturday 9:30-5:00 Sunday: Closed Stylistis Shampoo & Style- Starts at $25 Deep Conditioning- $10 Eye or Lip Wax- $8 Eye and Lip Wax- 12 Nails Manicure- $15 Webb, Halo, Head Games, ISO, Joico, Kenra, Kiwi, KMS, Matrix, Nailtiques, Nioxin, Nolita, Nucleica, OPI, Paul Mitchell, Pureology, Redken, Rusk, Scruples, Sebastian, Before * Hypoallergenic *Dermatologist tested * Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances *Formulated without mineral oil *Vegan *Never tested on animals CALL OUR TEAM FOR MORE INFORMATION! April, Kelly, Racheal, Robyn, Stacy, and Pedicure- $30 Full Set- $40 Sexy Hair, Texture, TIGI Bed After Head & Catwalk, and Wella. CARTHAGE AREA Denise Robertson 417-358-6682 JOPLIN AREA Christy Geiser 417-625-1349 Trina Fill- $20 sdr_arbonne@yahoo.com clynnr@yahoo.com MENTION THIS AD AND RECIEVE $10 OFF ANY ORDER!


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10 Prom Ad 417-623-2253 6 Miles North of Seneca on Hwy. 43 TUXEDOS start at $59.00 with choice of shirt, vest, and tie. ********** Last-minute date? Itʼs never too late to rent a tuxedo. ************* 10% OFF all shoes and hats with rental PROM STYLES Wide selection of styles and colors. Sizes 0-30. ************* 10% OFF all accessories with dress purchase ********** LAYAWAY AVAILABLE! WIN DINNER FOR TWO WIN DINNERorEParcohmTGuxoewdno Rental WIN Purchase DINNER enters your name to win DINNER FOR TWO at April 2007 April 2007 Laura’s Diary 11 Not Your Usual Spring Break “An Investment in your Future...” A journal by Laura Dimmit Day 1: Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri Well, the first thing I notice is that the entire campus is one huge hill. Good thing Iʼm not wearing sandals. Only shoes that give me blisters. Anyway, we locate the admissions building and go inside. After a few minutes of waiting and listening to elevator music, I get to talk to an admissions counselor. Basically, their job is to sell their school and answer whatever basic questions I have about the school, which I never do, and my mom always does. She seems nice enough, and after chatting about our favorite Greek restaurants, I get to meet my student ambassador tour guide. Ironically, she had just come from switching her major from elementary education to creative writing (my intended major), so we already had something to talk about. We walk through most of the academic buildings (they all look the same, so I wouldnʼt have noticed if weʼd gone through the same one 2 or 3 times), and then comes the hill. Cardiac Hill. A hill so large that some call it “Suicide Hillʼ. I am beyond grateful that we only hade to walk down it, not up. The dorms seem nice, but in retrospect, I think that many college dorms look about the same. Day 2: Drury University Springfield, Missouri Today is a little less foreboding than the first visit—today I will no longer give the admissions counselor a blank stare when they ask me to say a little about myself. I get to sit in on “Expository Writing,” which, as it turns out is basically learning how to analyze, compare, and contrast culture and literature. Later, I also visit a class on the History and Development of American Musical Theatre where I witness an intense debate about the innuendos of Cole Porter. Both classes are informative, and unlike most high school classes, there is no incessant chatter and no need for the teacher to constantly interrupt their class to quiet students. On the tour, I learn that only freshmen live in traditional dorms; once youʼre a sophomore you can live in what is called “College Park,” which consists of apartments and 2 or 4 person houses on campus. Everyone I talk to seems very friendly; the writing professor I talk to is willing to take the time to read through the writing I bring and compares me to Emily Dickenson (“high praise from me,” he says). Day 3: Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri Even though Drury and MSU are both in Springfield, they couldnʼt be more different. The campus began as a quadrangle of four buildings and now branches out in every direction. They have an on-campus bus system that takes students from the academic portion to the residential portion of the campus, and even downtown. MSU also has the last cobblestone street in Springfield, which wonʼt really enrich my education, but is pretty cool, I suppose. My tour guide takes great pleasure in using his umbrella as a pointer, so much that he almost hits me in the face once or twice. He also refers to us only by our intended majors, not our names. Apparently it is easier to remember “Health Services Administration” than “Heather”. I also speak with an English professor who at first seems formidable, but turns out to be a very nice man who tries to convince me that law school goes well with a creative writing major. Iʼm not sure I buy his argument, but I smile and say Iʼll think about it anyway. All in all, my mom says it has been a very successful week, and that I will be thankful to have done this so early next year when I have to make desicions and apply to schools. This was what all the admissions reps I talked to said also. All in all, Iʼm sure I would have much rather been at the beach, far away from people who wanted to ask me what my plans were for the rest of my life. Top 5 Questions Asked By Admissions Representatives 5. Youʼre on spring break? 4. Was todayʼs visit satisfactory? 3. What are you looking for in a college? 2. What other colleges are you considering? 1. So...what are your plans for life?


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12 Prom Horoscopes April 2007 Prom Horoscopes written by Qwyntnn Brown Aries (March 21 – April 19) Girl: You make sure this is one of the most memorable nights of your life by calling all the shots on your special day. You will have the time of your life and itʼs all because of your efforts in preparation. Boy: Your date will be blown away at how well you clean up and even more dumbfounded that you were the only one with input. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Girl: You spent a little more than intended on your dress and all the fixings, but it is your determined personality that pulls the whole look off. A great time is to be hand. Boy: You will make this one of the most memorable nights for your date by not only splurging on yourself but her as well. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Girl: Little things start to pick away at your plans, but your quick-witted sense and flexibility help pull everything together in the end for a wonderful time. Boy: You have a little trouble in the beginning with your last-minute preparations, but all goes according to plan and your hard work pays off. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Girl: Youʼve been through a lot of unsuccessful dress fittings, which you adore. You will look beautiful and will be adored by all as you have the time of your life. Boy: It was very hard to find anything to wear, but everyone will be impressed, including you! Leo (July 23 – August 22) Girl: You will be in the spotlight of your dateʼs eyes, along with everyone elseʼs. This night will be held dear to your heart. Boy: You and your date will look great together and will know it. But youʼd be happy with her in anything she wears. Stories about your prom will be told for years. Virgo (August 23 – Sept. 22) You worried bout not finding the right dress for a long time, but your look will pull together in the end. You will be happier than ever. Boy: You have planned this night down to a T. Now all you have to do is relax. Your careful planning pulls off perfectly. Libra (September 23-October 22) Girl: Your date will surprise you wonderfully not only by their look but by their planning. You will look as beautiful as ever and will have an awesome time. Boy: You are going to go out of your way a little to please your date but you will both be grateful for each other and your great time in the end. Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Girl: You will mystify your date and everyone in the room when you walk in to a great and memorable night. Boy: You will make all eyes turn towards you and your date as you walk into the room. This is sure to be a good time. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Girl: You might not have found the exact dress you were looking for, but you set your eyes on a good time. You will have a wonderful time because your optimistic nature. Boy: You found the perfect date because you spoke your mind and you will have the perfect time. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Girl: You will stand out because of your thrifty additions to your outfit. You will have a great time. Boy: You will look a little more put together than you normally are, wowing your date and friends. You will have fun. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Girl: You and your date will be totally out of the ordinary, but it works for you, unlike others. This will be an interesting night. Boy: You will not match your date but you will follow your own style, which will make your night more memorable than others. Pisces (February 19-March 20) Girl: You are normally impressed by others but on prom night you will be the impresser. A change and an ego boost for you. Boy: Your night will be just what you wished and dreamed it would be. The Past Strikes Back! By Qwyntnn Brown Then, now, and what seems like forever ago. Do you remember what you wore last year to prom? Business leaders and students in Joplin reminisce about their past and present junior-senior proms. Things sure do change in the course of your lifetime. But by the sound of thins the memory of you prom remains in your mind forever. From World War II to yester-year, it is obvious that prom is a very memorable time in our young adult lives. “We had a barn dance, the boys wore overalls and the girls wore broom skirts. We kept it simple because World War II was going on, but I had the best time”; Tom Holmes of S&K Menʼs wear stated. Tom graduated from a South Carolinian high school and stated the differ- ence between the proms in his time and in ours. He said during his prom the most popular dance was the jitterbug, talk about culture shock of today. Fadʼs form the 70s and 80s are coming back into style, and it brings back memories from the generation of the flower child and the metal head. Roanna Rose owner of TJ Formal has flash backs of he junior and senior proms; “My junior year I wore purple, and my senior year I wore a printed dress. Which are now both back in style again.” Even closer to the present date and time Emily Denham JHS senior spoke about her dilemma over her senior prom this year; “I went to the Cayman Islands this year for spring break, and all of my suits were halters. Now I have tan lines from them, so whatever I wear this year is going to have to be a halter cut.” Sounds like Emily will be on the prowl for the perfect dress soon. From broomstick skirts to dresses fit for a pageant. Tom Holmes recalls a time when the price of your dress didnʼt matter, “There was a girl that worked for me named Marian McKnight, who was entering a beauty contest. But she didnʼt have enough money to buy a dress, so I gave her a dress I paid $47.50 for. All the other girls teased her about having a cheap dress. But she ended up beating out a girl with a very expensive dress in the Miss America Pageant.” Marian McKnight beat out Marilyn Monroe in the talent competition and became Miss America 1957.



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