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Drama Department is Thoroughly Modern Millie

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JJOOPPLLIINN HHIIGGHH S pyglass VOLUME XXII, ISSUE 5 May 2007 Inside This Issue 1 1Getting Ahead 101 Throughly Modern Millie 3Whatʼs Up? Drama Department IS Thoroughly Modern Millie Photo by Suzanne Dimmitt Cort VanOstran finds time for drama in his life as he rehearses with Mallory Hoskins for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. By Kristin Carter On May 3, 4, and 5, Joplin High School presented Richard Morrisʼ Thoroughly Modern Millie, a musical comedy about a young and hopeful Millie Dillmount from Kansas, and her struggles in the big city. Set in modernized 1922 New York, Millie tries to find a single, rich boss, Mr. Trevor Graydon, and marry him, since that is the modern womanʼs way. She befriends a new actress from California, Miss Dorothy Brown, who lives at the Hotel Priscilla with her. The only thing standing in Millieʼs way is tap-dancing stenographers, jazz-playing speakeasies, and an “actress-goneawry” femme fatal, Mrs. Meers, who is not who she appears to be. Yet, her biggest obstacle of all may be the smooth-talking Jimmy Smith, an attractive man-about-town. continued on page 2 Success strikes again at JHS: Seniors on Parade 6 11Horoscope 12Top Ten Lists Cort VanOstran discusses reasons for achievement Photo by Nikki Burkett Mrs. Stausingʼs door is covered inside with information about students who have been awarded scholarships to various colleges and universities around the country. By Laura Dimmit Joplin High School is full of successful and talented students. Cort VanOstran, senior, is just one of many that have perfected balancing extracurricular activities, grades, and life outside of school. Recently, Cort talked with Spyglass about succeeding in high school, and the people that have helped him along the way. Q: What qualities do you think you possess that have helped make you successful? A: Not to get sappy, but … I think for the most part, my success can be attributed to the fact that Iʼve been incredibly blessed by God, and Iʼve been given abilities and heʼs opened awesome doors for me that I never could have opened on my own, so that part of it is from God, but as far as qualities or things that have helped me get where I am as far as getting into these [Ivy (continued on page 6)


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2 JHS News May 2007 May 2007 JHS News Thoroughly Modern Millie continued from page 1 The show features Mallory Hoskins as Millie Dillmount, Cort VanOstran as Jimmy Smith, Ashley Trotnic as Mrs. Meers, Skye Smith as Miss Dorothy Brown, and Daniel Burkett as Mr. Trevor Graydon. Director of Thoroughly Modern Millie is Bonnie L. Schurman, vocal director is Susan Ideker, choreographer is Stephanie Harter-Gilmore, orchestra conductor is Terry Dolanc, and rehearsal pianist is Marcia Ball. The major technical positions are Laura Dimmit as stage manager, Lyle Uttley as construction chief, Hunter Dowell as set designer/props master, Max Schnur and J.J. Winfrey as lighting designers, Ashley Trotnic as costume designer and chief, Grace Anderson as sound chief, Shea Ketchum as make-up designer and chief, and Kristin Carter as publicist. More than just a musical! By Heather Duggar This yearʼs musical was “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” It ran Thursday May 3 through Saturday May 5. Many students, staff, faculty, an adults attended this play at the JHS Auditorium The lights dimmed and the orchestra began playing the first song. Out walks Millie, played by Mallory Hoskins, in her “ country outfit”. All the actors and actresses were superb. Many who went Thursday night went back a second night. The costumes were amazing, designed byAshley Trotnic, and they fit each character. The set design was outstanding, also the crew did a great job of set changes. Costume changes and make-up were flawless. In this musical you could tell each person put his or her heart into each job and character they played. On Thursday during the school day, the students in the play ran a mini-production for the rest of the JHS students and staff. They may have only showed a few of the scenes, but it was good enough to spark a lot of peoplesʼ interest. Also at this showing, Mr. Charles Parker was awarded a check for $570.00 from the class of ʼ57 as a teacher recognition for their 50th graduation anniversary. Photo by Suzanne Dimmit In this scene from JHSʼs production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jimmy Smith (Cort VanOstran) meets up with the seductive Pearl Lady (Kristin Carter) at a typical 1920s speakeasy. The cast and crew of Thoroughly Modern Millie were in rehearsal for eight weeks before opening on Thursday, May 3. Thoroughly Modern Millie Cast Libby Andrew---Stenog/Modern Stephanie Bayne---Muzzy Van Hossmere Zach Bradley---Muzzy’s Boys/Zootsuiter Daniel Burkett---Mr. Trevor Graydon Nikki Burkett---Miss Flannery Lauren Bynum---Lucille/Speed Tappist Kristin Carter---Rita/Speed Tappist/ Pearl Lady Hunter Dowell---Ching Ho Ashley Garrison---Speed Tappist/Modern Craig Gilmore---Bun Foo Mallory Hoskins---Millie Dilmount Nick James---F. Scott Fitzgerald/ Mugger Melissa Johnson---Ethel Alexandra Kent---Ensemble Marnie Kersey---Ensemble Shea Ketchum---Ruth Noelle Kownslar---Ensemble Jessica Lankford---Dorothy Parker/ Stenog/Modern Mitch Litteken---Policeman/Party Guest Sam Martin---Muzzy’s Boys/Speed Tappist/ Zootsuiter Meredith Mitchell---Alice Alixi Morris---Dishwasher/Kendra/Ensemble Charity Musick---Cora/Stenog Andrew Noel---Ira Gerswin/Muzzy’s Boys/ Zootsuiter Tiffany Porter---Ensemble Bethany Reed---Zelda Fitzgerald/Ensemble Sabrina Rogers---New Modern/Ensemble Skye Smith---Miss Dorothy Brown Tom Steere---Dexter/George Gershwin/ Speed Tappist/Zootsuiter Brittany Thurman---Gloria Ashley Trotnic---Mrs. Meers Kaycie Trumbore---Mama/Ensemble Cort VanOstran---Jimmy Smith Ciara White---Daphne/Modern Mary White---Mathilde/Ensemble J.J. Winfrey---Rodney/Muzzy’s Boys/ Zootsuiter 2007 Prom Court Viva Las Vegas Rebecca Campbell Lacey Carnahan Emily Jones Saysan Jones Ashley Trotnic Jacob Guernsey Ben Hays Drew Hunter John Nolan Cort VanOstran 2007 Prom Queen Ashley Trotnic and Prom King Cort VanOstran are all smiles after being crowned by Rachel Driver and Michael Myers, last year’s royalty. JHS Prom was on April 14 at the John Q. Hammons Center. Photo By Laura Dimmit Oh, what a night! By Heather Duggar This yearʼs prom was nothing short of stunning. When the students pulled up in the Navigator limo, they stepped out and walked up the red carpet. On the sides of the red carpet there were big statues of poker chips before students walked through the doors. There were balloons everywhere and students continued to follow the red carpet into the first room. There were two rooms, one with the DJ from St. Louis and the other with the food and refreshments. When prom ended students lined up to get their project prom shirts so they could head to the school to sign in and get on the bus with their groups. There were five activities that the groups could pick from, Bowling at Bowl East, Lazer tag, Route 66 Carousel Park, Hollywood Theaters, and Amore cooking school. When the groups finished going to those places, the busses took everyone to Martin Luther Elementary school to have breakfast and award prizes. Photo by Heather Duggar Haley Hess and Whitney Robinson are having a good time at Project Prom! 3 What’s up with that? feidveition By: NikYkoi hBoumrikeesttwhat up? So guess what I heard. For Easter (yes I know Iʼm a little late) they are taking syringe needles and injecting eggs with dye so when the baby chicks are born they are different colors. I donʼt really know how I feel about this; I have mixed emotions. I think itʼs cute to have colored chicks for Easter, but are they hurting the poor things. Imagine if you were chillinʼ out in your egg minding you own business and BAM! out of nowhere here comes this crazy sharp needle jabbinʼ at you. It would scare the living daylights out of me. What were these people thinking? Did you know that in certain countries people are allowed to only name their babies certain names? If I spent nine months of pregnancy followed by a large amount of outrageously painful labor hours I would be naming that baby what ever I saw fit! That is like telling someone that they cannot choose the name of their own child! Wait, what!! So I feel a little bad because I said some things about two of my teachers in the last edition, and I thought about it and realized that while, yes, I do love these teachers, I forgot to mention some of my favorites like Mr. Livingston. He is an amazing teacher. His jokes are the funniest things ever. His laid back personality makes it easy for any one to like him!! And the absolutely amazing Ms. White; she is the best ever! I heard about a girl from Woodburn, Indiana who wrote an editorial about tolerance. Her friend had recently told her that she was gay. So the girl wrote how we should be willing to tolerate people in our society that are not exactly like we are. When this article was published in the school newspaper, the principal found it outrageous and suspended the newspaper teacher and is contemplating whether to fire her or not. I found it crazy that the principal did not agree with an article about tolerance, which you would believe to lower violence and verbal abuse. What is going on in Woodburn? Lauren Nelson is our Ms. America; she is also an active member of society. Nelson recently helped the NYPD nab their online predators. She would enter a chat room on the net and act as a 14-year-old girl for predators. She would tell them she was 14 and lived in Long Island. After chatting, she would arrange to meet them at a location and tell them to come in so they could talk, where the police would be waiting. All I have to say to our courageous Ms. America is YOU GO GIRL!


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4 editorial May 2007 May 2007 To the Graduating Class of ʻ07 From Heather Duggar The final week has officially arrived for the seniors of ʼ07. The days seem to pass slower as I hold on to my many memories of high school. The hallways that we, seniors, have gotten used to are about to become memories. Each day we hold closer to the things we are used to and get nervous and even more excited about what is up next for each of us. Graduation is getting closer and closer as each day ends. For me, graduation is an exciting but fearful thing, an accomplishment to be proud of and something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Itʼs exciting because Iʼve finally made it, making all the hard work worth it. Itʼs fearful because of what is up next for me, the changes that are happening afterwards, and what if Iʼm the one who falls flat on my face in front of everyone! Graduating includes changes of all sorts, friends parting ways, happiness, and sadness. Throughout high school weʼve all made new and wonderful friends. I know that I wonʼt forget anyone, I may forget to call my friends a lot but memories wonʼt ever be forgotten. True friends stay in touch and make even more memories after graduation. Yes, I will miss my friends and my teachers very much but life does go on. If the bond is strong enough you wont ever lose that friendship. It has taken a lot to get here, to our final last days of school. Teachers have thrown a lot our way and we have hit it head on. We might slack off or have a tad bit of what they call “senioritis” but we have all made it this far. Change is also is a part of everyday life but most of our daily changes are minor. Going to college, moving out into your own place, deciding to work full time, or stay home and take a year off, all of these decisions are only a few of the hard decisions we have to make. Personally, I can ask my family and friends for advice on things that I want to do but in the end itʼs my own personal decision. The opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of the administration of Joplin High School or Roplin R-VIII District. Spyglass is published by students of the newspaper class at Joplin High School, 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri. Co-editors: Heather Duggar, Laura Dimmitt Ad Manager: Qwyntnn Brown Staff Writers & Photographers: Nikki Burkett Adviser: Brenda White T-SHIRTS - JACKETS - HOODIES - SPECIAL OCCASIONS - CLUBS - EVENTS Who will be batting clean-up next year? Not these three! JHS News 5 Photo by Heather Duggar Jane Danielsʼ favorite thing about working here at JHS is working with the kids and the teaachers. By Heather Duggar At the end of this year, three JHS staff members are retiring. Two are part of the custodial staff, Stan Townsend and Frank Workman, and the other is our building engineer Jane Daniels. All three have worked here for over ten years. Jane Daniels loves to make teaching easier for the teachers and will do anything she can to do so. She is in charge of all the custodians here at the Joplin High School. In her free time, she goes square dancing at the Joplin Square Dancing building on 2nd Street. On her weekends she takes care of her elderly mother and relaxes. When she retires, she plans to travel and see the world. Stan Townsend loves to try to be nice to all the kids here at the high school. Before working at JHS, he worked at Duquesne, Duenweg, Stapleton, and Eastmorland. Before that time, he worked at BF Goodrich in Miami, Okla., for twelve years and was part of the Navy at one time. He spends his free time with his grandkids, goes to church, and goes fishing. Frank Workman was in the Navy and Army before coming to work here at the high school. His favorite thing is all the kids. He is retiring to help take care of his wife, who suffered a stroke. In his free time he likes to go fishing with Stan.


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6 7JHS News May 2007 May 2007 JHS News VanOstran Harvard bound continued from page 1 be glad that I worked hard to maintain grades, that League] schools and things like that, I think, first Iʼve worked hard to be a leader at the school and of all, just having the drive to do it, setting a goal in the community, I mean, those things are positive and doing it I think is so important … when I set things anyway. out to do some of these things, to go to an Ivy League school and things like that, there were a lot Q: What advice would you give younger stu- of people who told me I couldnʼt do it, you know, dents about making the most of high school? youʼre aiming too high, and people from Joplin A: Iʼm sure I wonʼt even think of them all, I could just donʼt get to do that unless youʼre a Skelley, probably write a short book, but anyway, for one but I tried really hard not to let that get me down, thing: try new things, get outside yourself, donʼt and I stuck to my goal, and I figured that even if I stick to the same old same old, get outside your failed at my goal, I would still be really proud of comfort zone a little bit--Iʼve found that when I my effort and something good would come of it, do that Iʼm almost always glad I did. Aim really and, you know, luckily for me I succeeded, and high, you donʼt know what you can do until you even if I had been rejected by all those schools try, and just keep trying to do whatever you put that I applied to, if I hadnʼt gotten to do some of your mind to. Perseverance is one of the, if not the awesome things that Iʼve gotten to do, I would the, most important characteristics of success, and even if you fail, when you get up and keep going, itʼs important and it will always bring you to success. Q: Who have been your biggest influences thus far in life? A: Definitely my family has pushed me to be all that I can be, and I canʼt thank them enough for that. Mrs. Stausing was someone who always told me I could, no matter what, when other people told me I couldnʼt—Iʼm very appreciative of that. Certainly Mr. Ritter affected what I wanted to do with my life and my political ideologies and feelings, so he has an impact on my life probably greater than he knows. There are many others that Iʼm not thinking of that have affected me in important ways. Seniors Rock! and Win Awards, Too! Joplin R-8 Scholarships Meg Bourne Diana Bullette Molly Collins Kristin Doner Nathan Hicks Andrea Hiler Spencer Johnson Lori Marshall Winifred Lant Memorial Scholarship Staci Ball Rebecca Campbell Lora Lombard Alberta Clayton Trust Scholarship Andy Cornilsen Jennifer Rice Sally Spieckerman Len Becker Memorial Scholarship Diana Bullette Jim Cook Memorial Scholarship Margaret Bourne Justin Walker Memorial Scholarship Lacey Carnahan JHS Class of 1948 Scholarship Katherine Fisher Andrea Hiler Kimberly Nolte Justin Yeater Class of 1948- St. Paul’s UMC Scholarship Jaclyn Rene Burress Molly Collins Joplin R8 Retired Teachers Scholarship Ashley Trotnic Coca-Cola Scholar Semi-finalist Cort VanOstran Toyota Community Scholars Semi-finalist Cort VanOstran Hoover-Koken Grant Margaret Bourne Lora Lombard Ashley Cowan Stefi Pauscher Spencer Johnson NHS Scholarship Lacey Carnahan Kimberly Nolte The Ellis Foundation Scholarship Brittney Braun Rebecca Campbell Molly Collins Chris Delzell Lora Lombard Whitney Robinson Riannon Showers Missouri State Horatio Alger Scholarship Assn Cort VanOstran US Senate Youth Program Scholarship Cort VanOstran Jon T Belcher Scholarship David Wilcox Christina Freeman Memorial Scholarship Morgan Todd Mike Siscowski Memorial Scholarship Whitney Miracle Laura Guinn United Methodist Youth Fellowship Leadership Scholarship Sally Spieckermann Hope for Hailey Scholarship Abigail Cardona Premier Turbines Employee Association Jodelle Kirk Elks Most Valuable Student Cort VanOstran ARMY Scholar Athletes Natalie Alcorn Chris Delzell USMC Recognition Awards Music Excellence- John Franz Laura Guinn Scholastic- Kimberly Nolte Cort VanOstran Distinguished Athlete- Lacey Carnahan John Duncan Missouri Scholars “100” Program Honorable Mention Cort VanOstran Justin Yeater Joplin Globe Area Academic Team Cort VanOstran Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Miranda Johnson JAG Awards Justin Yeater Kendal Copeland Katie Fisher Achievement Joplin Globe “ Honor roll of excellence” Justin Yeater David Wilcox R8 Athletic Booster Club Scholarships Natalie Alcorn Margaret Bourne Lacey Carnahan John Duncan Miranda Johnson Justin Yeater Jack Holden Award Lindsey Altman J. Kyle Veazey Outstanding Students Departmental Awards Business Amber Strait Communications Arts Kimberly Nolte Family/Consumer Science Cassandra Grebe Foreign Language Spanish- Lacey Carnahan German- Taylor Hicks French- Sally Spieckerman Mathematics Andrea Hiler Science Justin Yeater Social science Cort VanOstran Art Shawnee Bullette Wendy Heisman’s Scholar Athlete John Duncan Lacey Carnahan Lion’s Scholarship Lora Lombard Joplin Metro Credit Union Scholarship Hailey Knewtson JAG Leadership Conference in Washington DC. Gloria Lozano Latosha Wicks John Newberry Cody Smith National Art Award-Matt Meyers Rotarian RYLA Leadership CompetitionRobin Donahue Banner Award- Caroline Escober Yearbook-Amber Moon & Dallas Martinson Public Speaking-Norman Wininger Employability Skills- Gloria Lozano St.Johns Student Excellence Award Kristen Swadley Justin Yeater St. John’s Perseverance Through Adversity Award Amber Moon Cody ward Cory Ward St. John’s Business/ Education Justin Yeater Jennifer Rice Shelter Insurance Scholarship Morgan Amayo Principal’s Leadership Award Cort VanOstran National Association of Secondary Principal’s Leadership Award Cot VanOstran Missouri Business week Natalie Alcorn Youth Bowling Association Max Schnur Girls State 2006 Lori Lombard Kendall Micklethwaite Amber Strait Boys State 2006 David Wilcox John Veazey Justin Yeter Cort VanOstran National Merit ( SemiFinalist) Cort VanOstran Kristina Funke Rotary Youth Leadership Academy David Wilcox Natalie Alcorn Cort VanOstran Kristin Doner Cort VanOstran Bright Flight Scholarships Justin Yeater Kristin Swadley John Duncan Brandon Vandalsem Sara Lewis David Wilcox College/University Scholarship Harvard University Cort VanOstran Missouri Southern State University Evans Scholarship Kristen Swadley Honors Program Charles Solomon Staci Ball Rachel Bowyer Taylor Hicks Lora Lombard Karly Kownslar Alex Kleindl This is the greatest number of students accepted into the honors program in the history of JHS. Level I ( Presidential) Kayla Bone Rachel Bowyer Lora Lombard Jennifer Miranda Joshua Selbe Justin Trotter Ronald Hicks Joshua Holcomb Alexander Kleindl Steven Heritage Spenser Johnston Hailey Knewtson Karly Kownslar Staci Ball David Crawford Chris Delzell Charles Solomon Level II ( Excellence) Chelsey Bickett Ryan Combs Kirstie Douthitt Katie Millard Samantha Taylor Nathaniel Hicks Lindsey Maxwell Jheri Blackwood Katherine Salgado Ashley Trotnic Jadrien Bard Kristen Bagby Music Scholarship Laura Guinn Lora Lombard Athletic Scholarship Lindsay Altman Chris Delzell A+ Scholarship Karly Kownslar Lora Lombard Spenser Johnston Delyce Triplett Mckenna weathers Laken Neal Caleb tinker Kayla Bone Nathaniel Hicks Alexander Kleindl Zak Hodson Jennifer Miranda Justin Trotter Laura Guinn Molly Collins Brittney Braun Andrea Hiler Lindsey Maxwell Hailey Knewtson Kandria Wynn Erica DuRossette Katherine Salgado Ryan Combs Janelle Ames Darci Tatum Kristen Swadley Kelly Harmon Katie Millard Alecia Ratliff Chelsey Bickett Abigail Cardona Emily Watkins Mary White Samantha Taylor Whitney Robinson Kirstie Douthitt Ashley Trotnic Kendal Copeland Kristen Bagby University of Central Missouri Katie Fisher A+ Schools Program Bryan Weeks A+ Schools Program Award Scholarship Missouri Teacher education Scholarship Bryan weeks Academic excellence Scholarship Katie Fisher Academic excellence Scholarship Pittsburg Sate University Academic Achievement Award Jessica Baker Erynn Brown Ashley Polley Mallory Evans Oklahoma State University Presidential Scholarship Natalie Alcorn Non-Resident Scholarship Andrea Hiler William Jewell University Miranda Johnson Athletic Scholarship Academic Scholarship Diana Bullette Washington University John M. Olin School Of Business Scholarship John Duncan Hendrix College Sally Spieckermann Hendrix Odyssey Award Hendrix Academic Scholarship Franklin Technology Center Tiffany Hudson Surgical Technology Program Nichole Sizemore Dental Assistant Program Southeast Mo. State Univ. Max Schnur- presidentʼs sch. Visual and Perf. Arts Theatre and dance work shop University of Kansas Kristin Doner- non-resident Freshman honors scholarship University of Arkansas Honorʼs college fellowshipChristina Funke Chandlerʼs scholarshipDavid Wilcox University scholarshipLacey Carnahan Emma Frogge Nonresident tuition scholarship Danielle Crocker Lacey Carnahan


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8 JHS News A not-so long time ago in a galaxy not so far away (Arkansas, that is), Leann Stausing began her illustrious teaching career. Loved and respected by students and faculty alike, Mrs. Stausing won the Golden Apple award this year, demonstrating excellence at Joplin High School and the Comm Arts Department. May 2007 Photo by Laura Dimmit Mrs. Stausing, shown here busy at her desk as always, has a consistent and highly obvious passion for teaching. When asked if she will ever retire, Stausing retorts that she will teach until the day she dies -- in the classroom! She certainly would have the energy, and JHS is lucky to have had a “Goddess of Grammar” for so long. Graduation is right around the corner This yearʼs graduation is on May 20, 2007, at MSSU and begins at 3:00 p.m. Jason Cravens, senior principal, expects a smooth graduation this year. “[Iʼd say] the graduating class will be around 370,” said Cravens. Mr. Cravens hopes for the best for all of the graduating seniors. He is very proud of all that they have accomplished this year. So many of the seniors got scholarships of all sorts and are planning to use them at the college or university of their choice. “ This is one of my favorite classes,” Mr. Cravens said. He reasons, “They have great leadership skills.” Throughout the years the senior classes have bigger and better in a sense of leadership and helping out the underclassmen. MOCK DISASTER STRIKES JHS Right, a JHS student particapates in the mock wreck. Far right, Ciara White fails the soberity test -- acting, of course. May 2007 Student Achievement 9 FBLA State Competition Results State Champions Website Development: Sidra Zaidi, Michael McCreary 3rd place Emerging Business Issues: Tom Mourning, Adam Blood 4th place Mr. FBLA: Justin Yeater 4th place Job Interview: John Nolan 4th place Networking Concepts: Jared Myers 5th place Community Service Project Report: Natalie Alcorn, Rachel Bowyer, Sidra Zaidi, Michael McCreary, Michelle Mormon, Callie Munson, Alan Liu Chapter Recognition Awards: In Praise of Age Environmental Awareness Reach Out and Care Camp Quality March of Dimes Mathematical Champions By: Nikki Burkett Did you know that your own JHS high school has a math league? Yep they sure do and they are pretty good, too. Just recently they went to a competition and placed first in their division. Five times a year the Math League goes to MSSU, PSU, and NEO. There are three categories for each meet that are announced at the beginning of the season each school is encouraged to enter problems in each category. The tests are handwritten and there are both individual and team competitions. For the past nine years Joplin Math League has finished first in their division. To get involved in Math League you must be in geometry or above geometry math class and making an A. Math league meets on Monday mornings at 7:30 am in room B212 in Ms. Delphʼs room. Go check it out. Vocal District Results On March 31st Joplin High Schools vocal department went to MSSU for the vocal district competition. The scores are as follows: ENSEMBLES SOLOS Freer 3- 3 Lora Lombard- 3 Collins 3- 1 Merideth Mitchell- 2 Edsell 3- 2 Stephanie Bayne- 3 Steele 3- 2 Alley Lowry- 3 Thurman 3- 1 Kaylee Hempen- 2 Ditto- 2 Grace Randolph- 2 Moss 6- 1 Sherryl Steele-2 Rae- 1 Letha Kindler- 2 Lee-2 Chelsea Bernard- 2 Frogge 6- 1 Chelsea Powers- 2 Campbell 6- 1 Kate Foster-1 Dimmit 6- 1 Nichole Taylor- 2 Hempen 8- 1 Skye Smith- 1 Fisher 6-2 Jacob Wade-2 Triplett 6-2 Sam Yount-2 Bynum 6-2 Spencer Lee- 1 Armstrong 8-1 Ross Mckiney- 2 Warstler 8-2 Chris Dorris- 2 Rider 4-1 Daniel Burkett –1 Amayo 3- 2 Brad Thompson- 1 Kristen Edsell- 2 Charity Musick- 2 Kirstie Douthitt- 2 Galen Rae- 1 Laura Dimmit- 2 Nikki Burkett- 2 Jessica Myers - 2 Derek Rider- 1 Lauren Height - 2 Brittany Thurman-1 Kelly Yount- 2 Lakeshia Smith- 2 Kelsey Ogden- 1 Amelia Warstler- 1 Yearbook to the Stars The staff of the Joplin High School yearbook has received the prestigious “Gallery of Excellence” award. As a part of this honor, the JHS yearbook will be used as an example of ideas for yearbooks across the country. Also, it will be displayed at national conventions and workshops as well as regional and state conventions. Congratulations Joplimo staff!!! DEBATE Mock Trial DEBATE Mock Trial DEBATE Mock Trial DEBATE Mock Trial DEBATE Mock Trial DEBATE Mock Trial The JHS Speech and Debate competed in the Ozark Mock Trial competition on Saturday, May 5. Out of 18 tough teams, the Joplin “A” team won first place. Each mem- ber received a gavel, and JHS received a big traveling trophy that will soon be en graved with Joplinʼs name. Team members on the “A” squad were: attorneys Adam Blood, Tom Mourning, and Kendal Mickelthwaite (senior); witnesses were Lyle Uttley (senior), Ben Sisseck, Felicia Foster, Andrew Noel, and Evan Ash.


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1HH0 eeaarrtt FFeellttJHSNews May 2007 By Qwyntnn Brown Many times in our young and adult lives we are faced with obstacles, frustration, and bumps in the ever-winding road of our lives. Some are tiny and some are unimaginable, but all significant in their own way. Some as small as a failed test and some as large as losing a member of the family. All life altering, all heart wrenching. You know the feeling you get when you see a grade you donʼt like or you receive a message bound for containing bad news. The feeling that your heart is going to drop so low in your chest, and it is somehow going to fall out of your body. We all have it during some point in our lives. If the obstacle is something small like a test, grade, or even a crush; donʼt panic about it. There are many ways to feel better about these sorts of things such as looking at it in these lights: Iʼll be able to bring it up, it was only one test, there are way more fish in the sea, and that guy/girl is better off being my friend than being anything more. But if your problem extends way beyond the regular high school kid itʼs a little harder to decipher just what to do exactly. Of course, it depends on the situation and if you are blowing things out of proportion. But no matter the circumstance, keep in mind everything happens for a reason, sometimes itʼs a little vague but there is always a reason. Itʼs tough to pinpoint but I do believe everything will work out in time. But if you arenʼt so sure yourself, go see one of the many guidance counselers on staff here at JHS. Spiderman Swings into Theatres Again: Finally, an action movie with morals...and choreography? By Laura Dimmit Once again, Spiderman has captured the imagination of America. People connect with superheros because we all want something to believe in, and the thing that is particularly endearing about Spiderman is that, even after he changes from Peter Parker into Spiderman, he still keeps his same photographer job and slightly nerdy personality. Spiderman 3 was an impressive spectacle with impressive special effects and stretches of non-stop action that caused me, at least, to jump more than once. Toby Maguire just seems to become Spiderman, and in this film, he not only shows the good in his nature, but also the bad--even superheros arenʼt perfect. One thing that I have always liked about Spiderman as a series is that even the villians have a story to tell. In this film, Sandman isnʼt just a molecularly altered nuisance, but a man who feels that his life leaves him no choice but to turn to a life of crime. And Venom, eaten up with revenge as he may be, is still a man who could choose to save himself by fighting his own internal demons. This movie also managed to, while keeping the audience entertained with action, suspense, and a bitter love triangle, throw in more than a few good lessons about life. In the very last scene, it is said that “You always have a choice,” which captures the theme of the enire movie: the choice between good and evil, the choice between what is right and what is easy, the choice between love and responsibility, and the choice to push those who love you away, or to accept that everyone, even a superhero, will need help somewhere along the way. If you need yet another reason to see Spiderman 3, consider this: it may be the only time where you can use “Spiderman” and “dance number” in the same sentence. And that is an opportunity that no one should ever pass up. May 2007 JHS News 11 Horoscopes Written by Qwyntnn Brown Aries (March 21 – April 19): You will find yourself getting a little hotheaded this coming month. But by your aggressive nature you pull through with no major consequences. But keep in mind that you have to be kind to those around you even though you are of the bossy nature and like to depend on yourself; those who try and help you should be treated with kindness. Taurus (April 20-May 20): You will have a major achievement this month because you stuck with it. Good for you! This new breakthrough doesnʼt surprise you though because things like this always happen to you. During this month you will also see an increase in your bank account balance. Gemini (May 21 – June 20): You will help someone this month. Being the witty person you are, you catch the problem right away and arenʼt afraid to correct it. People listen to you because they find you intellectual and logical. You call it when you see it! Scorpio (October 23-November 21): You will have a great time this coming month but will be going down to the wire on school work. If you are in a group doing a project donʼt let others push you around and slack off. Keep them in line! But thatʼs the only way things can get done. You will find somebody special this summer. It wonʼt be the person you expected it to be, but you will find someone and be happy with your decision to wait on the whole “dating game” for the time being. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): This summer you are planning a big trip and the excitement of going is starting to eat you up, but wait it out. You will have a wonderful time and meet many new people that will become lifelong friends. This is a major milestone in your life going on your first really big trip, whether it is with your family your friends or by yourself. You will have a blast. This will only increase your love for traveling and you will pursue it more now than ever as more and more opportunities arise. Cancer (June 21-July 22): You will feel like you are at odds with the world through the first portion of this up and coming month. But donʼt let it get you down! You will think up a way to get out of the rut of pre-summer jitters. The next time someone asks you to go for coffee or go to the movies donʼt put it off. Go for it! Have fun! Leo (July 23 – August 22): You will find what you have been searching for this entire school year, whether it is a summer romance or a new job you will have great luck this month. Everything seems to be going your way finally after a long spell of letdown. But do not take matters into your own hands; let things come to you. Virgo: (August 23 – Sept. 22): Your hard work and good grades will pay off in the coming month. You will have the time of your life this summer. You might even have a new love interest. Unlike Leo, you do need to put a little elbow grease into it to make things work but you wonʼt mind with your dedicated nature. As soon as you show interest it will come to you -- guaranteed! Libra (September 23-October 22): You havenʼt had the best of luck in the aspect of relationships this year, but this summer is your time to shine. When someone tells you that theyʼre interested pursue it donʼt piddle around. Go for it! Even if it is a close friend, donʼt worry; theyʼre feeling it, too. This month as well as this summer you will be lucky in love and in friendship. You will meet new people and amaze them by your sense of humor and charm. Capricorn (December 22-January 19); Some major financial opportunities will be opening up for you in the following month or so. This does not fall short of what youʼve wanted it to be. During this time you will grow even more independent as far as money goes but closer to those that you love. But do not become anxious during the awaiting of this new height of security be patient, all good things come in time. Aquarius (January 20-February 18): You will have a tough time at the end of this coming month, but donʼt worry everything will work out wonderfully. This sort of thing comes with your sense of individuality being what you call “normal” or “boring” isnʼt always a bad thing. Sometimes we have to take a chance, but keep in mind everything happens for a reason. Pisces (February 19-March 20): Your love to help people is sure to shine through this month. You will not fall short of the expectations you have for yourself, and many people less fortunate than ourselves will be helped in the process. Normally you are the one inspired by others, but this month you will be the inspiration to many others. You will take things into your own hands finally and it will pay off in a very big way!


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12 13JHS News May 2007 May 2007 JHS News Teacher Top Picks Great Expectations Teachers’ careers can be described many different ways. Below are a few words that JHS teachers use to describe their years of teaching. Fulfilling Long! Aaghhh! Entertaining Rewarding Enthralling Wonderous Enriching Fun Voodoo ••••••••••R•o•ll•er•c•oa•s•te•r••B•r•ea•t•ht•a•ki•ng And what is the most annoying student habit? Quick survey: what is your answer? Let’s see how astute you are. •Cell phone use: texting, checking messages, pictures) •Talking while teacher is talking •Being behind teacher’s desk or in chair •Not turning in or finishing assignment •Saying they didn’t know about a meeting/ assignment •“Can we have a free day?” •Cheating •Sleeping •Drawing skulls in notebooks •iPods •No tardy card •“What?” •Poor Excuses •Excessive talking •Using like improperly •Showing underwear (pants too low) How do these teachers long to spend their Mountaintop in Tibet (or Wyoming, or Ar- retirement years? Let’s see what’s up. kansas) Travel around the world Live on the beach Sail around the world Luxury cruise, Warm climate Travel all spring, summer, fall, every year Read for fun watching baseball Scrapbook Whatever I want, whenever I want Sleep, Garden Move to Israel and live on a Kibbutz Too far away to think about ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do teachers remember the compliemnts you give them? You bet your boopties! Just look at these best ••••••••I”””GY””IITT’YomoouhhlltduaiirgksenhueomnkacsinstlavyAagekosfpyeusopotarolummies.”almeoonlfrltiuofesetmnsohetifpaehnlrnaanophtdnemaieoecsimlnnpdoscty.ime”ooeledmnprmt,elmtiosimfemmitotreirtp.n”neogetwr.s”.t”hfaranottm.”yaosutud••a••••tee””T””nn“TITYathdYochhteowhhuwaiyusa.in”rstmwkimihttsaeaeayadtmn.t”ochetcyhuahe.mtt”frotaesyovbrodwoeeuaarayciatcna!eot”lmul.tclaodlathrsaesd.t”aoedpatcbhomeoerk,.”staonod think Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men Dissections Mentos experiment Student-made movies Student debates Boxes out of Christmas cards Infamous Checkbook Program Tessalations Angle sums using Dynamayz Food advertisements Report on Timmy Click-click (who?) The next one Parents described kids SENIORS TOP PICKS BEST GRADUATION GIFT. COMPUTER COLLEGE PAID FOR WEDDING GOWN CAR MONEY CELLO BEST SENIOR TRIP BAHAMAS AUSTRALIA DIFFERENT STATE OR COUNTRY MOVIE LONDON SPAIN EUROPE ITALY DISNEY WORLD WORST GIFT SOCKS CARD JEWELRY PEN/ PENCIL SET NOTHING SHOE STRINGS A HUG HAIR BRUSH TOOTH BRUSH FAVORITE SUMMER A WALK TO REMEMBER THE NOTEBOOK VAN WILDER HARRY POTTER #5 STEP UP FLORIDA BLADES OF GLORY WHAT WILYOU MISS ABOUT JOPLIN FAMILY FRIENDS PEOPLE FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER COACH HARDING MRS. ROBINSON- GRAY MR. REED MR. LIVINGSTON Essentials for the Christian Journey 920 E. 15th Street, Joplin, MO 64804 (417) 206-7800 http://www.expectonline.com *Books *Software *Music *Spanish *Bibles *Accompaniments *Kids *Homeschool *Video supplies *Gifts *Seasonal FCA Stop by and grab a Doughnut! What:Fellowship, friends, games, fun, and music! When: Friday morinings @ 7:20 Where: In the auditorium


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14 JHS News May 2007 May 2007 Congratulations Seniors! Class of 2007 *Gelato *Coffee*Soups*Sandwiches*Salad* Northpark Mall 624-4443 www.gelato primo.com RANGELINE GOLF CENTER 2001 N Rangeling RD., Joplin **VDirdiveionG1gAoMrRlcfaainldCegeoeNuorsr6etB2IoU4nfY-fN0o14oOR0rntO0hlyUPN6a2Dr4kO-M1F16aM0llINI *Golf Supplies GOLF GET ONE FREE! *Miniature Golf Must present coupon at time of purchase. *Batting Cages ‘07 Steve Hill Optician Variety- Retro Frames- Custom Work- Repairs 9-5:30 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9-12 Wed. & Sat. 1627 W. 26th Street Joplin, MO 64804 417-781-9999 E-mail: optiman105@sbcglobal.net Action Vid.eo & Tanning2131 Connecticut 417-626-7700 5 DAY RENTAL ON WALK-INS WELCOME NEW RELEASES! FOR TANNING! 4 LEVELS OF TANNING GREGG AND LISA WILKERSON GOOD LUCK!OWNERS JHS News 15


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16 Month In Review May 2007 This Month in Review NEWS Author Kurt Vonnegut dies on April 11 at the age of 84. Prime Minister John Howard said earlier this month that people diagnosed with HIV should not be allowed to migrate to Australia, and that the government was investigating whether it could tighten existing immigration restrictions. WUSA, the US professional womenʼs soccer league, is scheduled to resume play in April of 2008. April 19 marks the 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings where 168 civilians were killed. April 20 marks the 8th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings where 15 students and teachers were killed. The United States Navy announced plans to ship 30 dolphins and sea lions to patrol the waters of Washington stateʼs Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, which is home to nuclear submarines, ships and laboratories. Both species can find mines and swimmers in murky waters. Working in unison, the dolphins are trained to drop a flashing light by the target, while sea lions can attach a tether to it and bring it to the surface. Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin died on April 23 at the age of 76. Astronomers have discovered a new planet that has a similar climate to Earth that is approximately 120 trillion miles away. Scientists have named the new planet 581 C. POP CULTURE/ SPORTS The week of April 16 marks Larry Kingʼs 50th anniversary on the air. Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho opened fire in a dorm and classroom on Monday April 16, killing 32 people before killing himself. On April 19, Milwaukeeʼs school board approved the use of flexible handcuffs on students from kindergarten all the way up through high school, causing controversy about where the line should be drawn on punishing students. The Public Radio Talent Quest, an “Idol”-style competition, will offer three aspiring radio hosts a chance at $10,000 and a shot at a national show. The contest is being run by the Public Radio Exchange J.R.R. Tolkienʼs novel The Children of Huʼrin was edited by his son Christopher and is being published posthumously. The NCAA has approved the same 32 bowl games for the 2007 football sea- son as last year. Next yearʼs Wimbledon will be the first year that the mens and womens singleʼs champions will take home the same amount of prize money: $1.4 million. The NCAA stepped up a crackdown on their academic requirements on May 2, subjecting 81 teams with poor academic performances in the last year to immediate scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions. April marks the 75th anniversary of the first publication in 1932 of “Little House in the Big Woods,” which was the first in the “Little House on the Prairie” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Spiderman 3, which opened on May 4, is reported to be the most expensive movie ever made, with a budget that, when totaled, will approach $500 million dollars. Who Shares Your Birthday? April 13, 1743--Thomas Jefferson April 16, 1927--Pope Benedict XVI April 23, 1564--William Shakespeare May 4, 1929--Audrey Hepburn



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