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2 Editorial January 2008 Modern American Culture, What is American culture to you? or “Let’s go to McDonalds!”ByLauraDimmit The dictionary definition of culture, as found on Dictionary. com, is “The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.” And culture, as found in other countries, is usually an amazing array of beautiful art, talented performers, brilliant thoughts, and traditions “American Culture...to me, American culture is Paris once--but it’s also making us more impatient and less connected with other people. If you don’t believe me, go take a drive down Rangeline and see how angry people get while driving. Red lights? They take too long; let’s just run them instead. People turning? What a pain; let’s speed around them in the other lane and give them a dirty look. How quickly we forget that, about 100 years ago, the Model-T was just being Hilton, Brittany Spears, Wal-Mart, and Pizza Hut on Range Line Road. I find we have no culture; it’s pretty banal and insipid, people get excited over pop culture things that don’t really matter. No one really steeped in heritage. released for the first time. knows what is going on with politics or the Take Japan, for example. They seem to be an ideal example of Now, none of this is to say that America is totally devoid environment. I think we have pandemic apathy; a country that has fully embraced the 21st century (the in-demand Wii of culture. Our country has produced brilliant poets, painters, musi- everyone’s on drugs. I think all countries of the should make that perfectly clear), and yet at the same time has man- cians, and has developed a rich history of its own in the last 200 years. world are losing their cultures. I think there are aged to respect their century-old traditions. Walk into Tokyo, and you Famous Americans are not in short supply--think of Robert Frost, Ray pockets of culture, but they’re not American; the could just as easily go watch traditional kabuki dancing as you could Bradbury, Sylvia Plath, Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, Italians and Mexicans, they have a colorful cul- a concert by Utada Hikaru, one of Japan’s pop sensations. Not only is and others too numerous to mention. However, the average American ture with their cuisine and their songs and rituals. the diversity of the arts in a city like Tokyo massive, but everyday life probably doesn’t appreciate much of this. Rap is preferable to a beauti- I think America’s lost its culture, if it ever had is Japan is not exactly a carbon copy of life here in the United States. ful symphony, channel surfing is preferable to the great outdoors, and one. And I think there are religious kooks and Japan’s students consistenly outrank us in math and science, as do celebrity gossip is preferable to news about the upcoming election. If fanatics and trying to shove their adgendas onto students from England, the Netherlands, and South Korea. In 1998, the nothing else, this merits concern because it gives our country, and all of our country, and we have atheists and wiccans Japanese government passed a law updating the education system to us that live here, a bad name. People get all riled up about flag burning and wierdos that are violent and cruel and just have a new emphasis on student discipline and parental responsibility. here as a form of constitutionally protected protest, but what they seem ignorant. I think we have our pop music and Take a look around our school, and tell me how much emphasis you see to forget is that it gets burned purely out of hate in countries all around sports, the ultimate fight championship. So, on either of those things. Not that I have anything against our admin- the world. American culture...I think it’s just a big vacuous, istration, and not that I don’t appreciate how difficult handling 2000 So, how does one go about repairing a culture that’s fallen into eclectic hodgepodge of nothing. I can’t really students must be. It’s just that I have to question why certain policies disrepair? That’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure: Americans can put my finger on a specific culture; I guess you’d like the dress code exist when I see boys walking around with their only reclaim their culture if they actually notice that it’s missing. just say Egg McMuffins and doughnuts. I don’t pants falling off, and girls showing way too much of...a lot of things, know what else to say; we drink a lot of beer and and hardly any staff members doing anything about it. This is just one have NASCAR, and I guess we export a lot of example of how, especially in recent years, the whole of America’s sex and violence in our Hollywood movies to the culture, and standards, have spiraled downward. world. I’d say most Americans are pretty lazy Modern entertainment like MTV and American Idol aren’t and gluttonous. American culture...a wasteland, single-handedly destroying our nation, but they’re certainly not stimu- the hollow men, T.S. Eliot--what more can I say? lating much intelligent thought, either. The idea that publicly humiliat- Let’s go shopping.” ing the well-meaning but untalented has become one of our primary --Mr. MacQueeney forms of entertainment is pretty sad. And parents wonder why childhood bullying is so prominent these days? Turn on the TV, and you’re going to be blasted with catty, shallow girls and guys that aren’t much better. In addition to that, we’ve become so desensitized to violence that, it seems, crimes like murder don’t even phase us anymore. I watch Law and Order just like the rest of you, but think about it--every night it’s another rape or violent assault, and it’s no big deal. During the Vietnam War, when TV stations began to show live footage of the conflict, people were shocked and disgusted. Never before had there been such graphic television. Now every day on CNN there’s another suicide bombing, and it’s become so easy, even for me, just to wince and flip to something else and forget about it. Slowly but surely, many aspects of our culture are becoming automated and disposable. Think about the rise of the drive-thru--why even bother to get out of the car anymore? Sure, it’s convenient--who hasn’t used the McDonald’s dollar menu at least Cartoon by Hunter Dowell “American IDLE: Crushing the dreams of the well-meaning but untalented...one snarky comment at a time.” “One of the best things to describe American society would be a very old book by Herbert Marcuse called One Dimensional Man in which he discusses the blatant consumerism; in fact, they get to the point where consumerism becomes a right, so we have actually surrendered political rights for the right to consume, and we see the situation now where people are more concerned about what they can have materially then what they have as far as political freedoms. And it has been a trend that has been very marked, Marcuse wrote it in the 1950s and early 60s. It was one of those books that I picked up as a very young child and was very The Spyglass is a Joplin High School newspaper class publication. The Editor-in-Chief Laura Dimmit Staff Writers and Photographers influential, which is why I’m wierd today. What bothers me is that we say that we go to war in Iraq, for instance, to export American values--are paper is printed monthly or quarterly. Opinions expressed in this publicaion are not necessarily those of the Joplin R-VIII, Joplin, Missouri, school district staff or administration. Advertising Manager Jessica Uitts Sponsor Brenda White Morgan Bryant Qwyntnn Brown Nikki Burkett Hunter Dowell Rodney Chowning American values worth exporting? The churches are un-attended, but the malls are well attended, and that right there shows you; we build these huge temples to greed, to self-satisfaction, and ego and material wealth, and we ignore, say, the spiritual or educational aspects of the world.” --Mr. Parker January 2008 JHS News 3 Water boiled down to the facts By Rodney Chowning So there were probably a few of you students that may have brushed your teeth without knowing about the boil order. Then you arrived at school and heard about it and thought either, “Oh, not good. Am I going to die?” or “I WASHED MY HAIR WITH THAT WATER!” But if you brushed your teeth you are absolutely fine. So if you want to know why the order was issued, it was because of all the rain we gathered, it stirred up the creek with its torrent and caused everything to be disgusting and … not good. There were many concerns brought up because of the order. The JHS Cafeteria Manager Beverly Molloy and the cafeteria staff had a fortunate situation with how the order affected them. “We were fortunate to have a 40 gallon brazier pan to boil our water in,” Molloy said,” and divide amongst what was needed.” The Missouri American Water delivered water to 15,000 people within the school buildings. Only two schools were unaffected by the water problem, Duenweg and Duquesne elementary schools. There was also a tanker truck in the Memorial Hall parking lot for those who bring containers to receive water. The major problem was that at Shoal Creek it made an enormous torrent. According to the Globe the normal flow is about 300 cubic feet per second but it dramatically rose to more than 10,000 feet per second. This situation of course brought about thoughts and feelings differentiating based on situation. JHS Principal Dr. Kerry Sachetta’s thoughts were for the students and faculty. “My first thoughts were “I think we will be okay”, but what will we do for the student and faculty,” Sachetta said. “Also I had a concern for the nurse and her need for water necessary for medication.” The night of the boil order being issued the well field was put into effect. The water is needed in firefighting and the water treatment. On a normal daily basis Joplin takes 7 to 8 million gallons of water from Shoal Creek as found by the Globe. Also the high school was lucky that every safety precaution was taken to ensure the safety of the students. Sachetta and staff had their plan set for the safety of the students. “We monitored the situation closely and made sure every water access that could cause any harm was shut off,” Sachetta said. “Students and faculty were also given water bottles and water fountains were taped up and blocked from being used.” On Saturday it was announced that the boil order issued on Thursday would remain in effect until Tuesday. According to the Globe the flushing system was about 55 percent complete. The city has approximately 1,100 hydrants that need flushed. There were also workers from other areas in Missouri to help with the issue. According to the Globe it was determined that the flushing was now 95 percent complete. The workers went into overtime to help out. They worked from 16 to 20 hours to get the job done. This in turn ended the boil order on Monday night. And our thanks goes out to all those men and women that helped to end the order and bring our lives back to normal. Photo by B. White JHS students were given bottles of water each of the days of school during the boil order. AdornAble Alterations & Custom Sewing Prom &Wedding Dresses Tuxedo alteration Alterations, Custom Sewing, Embroidery, Crystal Designs 2036 S. Main, Joplin Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm, Sat 9am to Noon


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4 JHS Life January 2008 January 2008 Human Interest 5 Joplin’s School of Rock By Laura Dimmit On Thursday, January 10, Joplin High School was treated to a serious blast from the past. Led by JHS students and alumni, the JAM club’s concert was masterful display of talent and rock n’ roll. JAM, the brainchild of history teacher Mr. Keczkemethy, was formed several years ago to help expose today’s students to the musical history of the 20th century and to provide musicians with an opportunity to play music not normally found in the repertoire of any school band or orchestra. Since then, it has blossomed--at their latest concert, four bands performed a variety of classics ranging from “Iron Man” by Metallica to “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles. Right: Mr. Will Kezckemethy (right) and alumni David Dimmit perform their own rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” Left: From above, rockers prepare for the 7th hour student assembly in the auditorium. Senior Spotlight KALEB COX Q: I’ve heard that you enjoy music. Do you like to play an instrument or just listen? Kaleb: I play the piano. I like to play just for fun. Q: What are your thoughts towards college? If so, what college and why? Kaleb: Wherever I can get the most scholarships. Q: Do you know karate or anything like that? Kaleb: I have two black belts. I have one in Shotae-ryu. I have a first degree black belt in ATA Tae Kwon Do. Q: Though I know you’re tired of hearing this, what are you thinking of studying in college? Kaleb: I’m wanting to study history and minor in Spanish. Q: Soccer is definitely a skilled sport. What position do you play? Do you want to play professionally? If so, what would be the ultimate team to play for? Kaleb: I play midfielder. I probably won’t play in college. I don’t have a favorite team. Q: Trying to master a language other than your own is difficult enough. What languages are you wanting to learn. Why? Kaleb: Spanish, maybe Italian. Well, I’m going to Spain this summer. I want to practice my linguistic skills. In the future, I want to minor in Spanish and I want to study abroad in Spain. Q: I’ve heard that you’re going on the trip to Europe this summer? Is there any city in particular you’re excited to see? Kaleb: I think it will be cool to go to Spain. Q: Doing voices can be entertaining. Hunter Dowell told me about the Jigsaw voice. What is your favorite voice to do? Kaleb: I like to try to imitate voices. If I think a voice is funny or interesting, I will try to learn it. Story by Jessica Uitts Art by Hunter Dowell February Horoscopes By Qwyntnn Brown Coffee Aficionado Morgan Bryant qab64801@yahoo.com morgandbryant@gmail.com Aquarius 1/20-2/18 newfound love for not only a special someone but a newfound love of life. Take your This month let your hair down, let loose and be free. Do things out of the ordinary and meet new insecurities and “shove them out the door”. Make this a memorable night for the two of you. This people. If you are very open with those you meet, you might just find a relationship worth your can be achieved by taking a little extra time thinking of a little something for that special someone. time just be patient and you will indefinitely have a valentine in time for the 14th of February. Remember when searching for a gift, the best gift is from the heart. Here’s a suggestion: make Your Starbucks drink: Tall mocha Frappuccino. dinner for them. Your Starbucks drink: Grande Cinnamon spice white Mocha Frappuccino. Pisces 2/19-3/20 Let your personality shine even more than normal this month. You will attract the opposite sex Virgo 8/23-9/2 with your amazing personality and love of life. Take your time with things and don’t rush into a This month will take you by surprise by being extremely packed with events dotting your calendar. relationship though. If you do this you are bound to find yourself tangled up in one of the best rela- But be sure to make time to leave time for February the 14th and the planning that leads up to it. tionships you’ve ever been in, and quite possibly one of the longest. It is going to be hard to have a good time if you don’t start planning early. This should be a very Your Starbucks drink: Grande no water Tazo Chai Tea Latte. memorable and special night and keep that in mind when you are planning for it. Your Starbucks drink: Venti Coffee. Plain. Black. Coffee. Aries 3/21-4/19 This month is going to be one of the best by far and you will have a wonderful time in all that you Libra 9/23-10/22 do. A new relationship possibility has just appeared before your eyes, and you might be afraid to This month there are some of you that are going to have the time of your life and others the show your feelings and for you I have one thing to say: Go for it! If you wait too long you might complete opposite. For those of you who have that special someone this will be the time of your grow apart. Go for it now and you will see that they feel the same about you. You will have the life. For those of you who have either ended a relationship recently or aren’t having the best of best Valentine’s Day you’ve had in a long time if you are outspoken about whom you have feel- luck with relationships, this Valentine’s Day is going to be a tough one. Good news though after ings for. February you will be having a little better luck in the relationship aspect of life. Those in a Your Starbucks drink: Grande Espresso Macchiato with cinnamon relationship make sure to cherish that special someone, because right now you are better off than that of those less fortunate with the same sign. Taurus 4/20-5/20 Your Starbucks drink: Quad shot or four shots of espresso. Your relationship is going pretty great; you are getting to know each other and you need to continue with this stage of the relationship. Get to where you know each other like you have been Scorpio 10/23-11/21 aquatinted all of your lives. This Valentine’s Day is going to be packed with love. If you buy your This month you have finally let go of old grievances whether it is an old significant other a gift make sure to not spend too much. relationship or even tougher personal issues. Your life is going to be on the fast track to amazing. Your Starbucks drink: Tall Coffee Frappuccino with extra whip This Valentine’s Day you will be surrounded by those who love you, which is what this special day is all about. The bumps and imperfections in life are becoming as smooth as a newly paved Gemini 5/21-6/21 road. This month the changes that have taken place in previous months will prove to be big Your Starbucks drink: Grande Double Chocolate chip coffee blend Frappuccino. accomplishments. You will have a Valentine’s Day to remember! You and your special someone, will have a good time. But make sure that you don’t worry too terribly much about how you look; Sagittarius 11/22-12/21 they like you just the way you are. This month is going to be a better start, than what the end of the year carried over into the very Your Starbucks drink: Venti Half-Caf Iced Cappuccino Extra Shot beginning of 2008 . You will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and the rest of the month will be beyond your expectations. Just remember to have fun and look forward to an amazing month! Cancer 6/22-7/22 Your Starbucks drink: Have the folks at Starbucks create a custom drink for you. This month take a break by enjoying this time of love and happiness. Having productive “study dates” has really paid off. You have eliminated the distractions of balancing a relationship and Capricorn 12/22-1/19 schoolwork. Because you have taken the initiative to be productive when spending time with the This month like the last will be a very successful one, especially when it comes to Valentine’s one you care about, splurge on Valentine’s Day! day. You will be very happy with the date your special someone has planned for the two of you. Your Starbucks drink: Venti Carmel Macchiato Definitely expect a very romantic dinner and a movie or a trip to the mall, an all around good time. One quick word of advice: Cherish your time spent on this nightyou definitely won’t want it to end Leo 7/23-8/22 it will be a great time and quite possibly the best Valentine’s Day you’ve had yet. This month take time to pull away from things and remember how blessed you are with your Your Starbucks drink: Venti strawberries and crème Frappuccino. Boy isn’t it great to be back from a long break where you didn’t have to do anything. NOT. Anyway so that ice storm we had -- I know I know I am a little late. I was out of power for SEVEN DAYS not even kidding I hated my life. Thank the lord for best friends. I only spent three days and four nights in my house without power so I must give major props to Kate Foster senior ’08 and Ciara White senior ’07. I love both of you and you saved my life. Well, just my body heat. Two words SWEENY TODD. What in the world; only a genius like Tim Burton could come up with a film of this magnanimous What’s Up With That: Happy New Year Everybody! By: if you don’t know by now Nikki Burkett momentous something or other (I love using big words like that). In the words of Laura Dimmit our lovely editor: beautifully macabre. It was the best thing I have seen in ages and being a theatre geek I loved it beyond all measure of love known to mankind. The only other thing that made me this happy is Superbad and that is only because the character Evan was based… On me. Prom. The ever so dramatic over rated dance to last a lifetime. All joking aside I hope that everyone that goes has an amazing time. Seniors have a great time and live it up it is your last school dance and I mean come on it is SENIOR PROM. So to my fellow juniors even if you hate the thought of prom and the whole thing makes you sick, think of your best senior friend and do it for them. Make the decorations amazing and actually fight to get the good band. They are not always nice but they are our seniors and we will be them next year, so do what is necessary and make their night magical. I have to stop being all tearjerker nice and all before I kill myself. Congrats and get ready to leave seniors of ’08. IF YOU ARE THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN AND ARE NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE GET OFF YOUR LAZY BEHIND STOP WATCHING HOUSE OR PROJECT RUNWAY OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU ARE WATCHING AND GO REGISTER.!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! NOW, GO NOW!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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6 Election 2008 January 2008 January 2008 Election 2008 7 Republican Candidates Democratic Candidates Mike Huckabee, former AR governor On the War in Iraq •”Iraq is a battle in our generational, ideological war on terror.” • Thinks that setting a time table would be the wrong move. •Wants a regional summit with nations around Iraq, to ensure that they are all committed to a stable Iraq. •”Democrats deny that the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror even as we fight Al Qaeda there.” On Healthcare •”The health care system in this country is irrevocably borken, in part, because it is only a ‘health care’ system, not a ‘health’ system.” •Doesn’t think universal health care is necessary. •Advises the private companies to try and bring down costs. •Wants to move from employer-based to cosumerbased healthcare. On Immigration •Supports $3 billion border security increase •“Immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue.” •Opposes all amnesty. •Opposes giving driver’s lisences to illegal immigrants. •Advocates fining and punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants. On Environmental Issues •Has a comprehensive plan for energy independence that can be achieved by the end of his second term. •Wants to explore all sources of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass. •”This oil addiction is killing us.” •Oil has shaped our foreign policy, and not in a good way. John McCain, AZ representative On the War in Iraq: • Believes that having more troops on the ground is necessary to success in Iraq. • Helping build a strong Iraqi army and police force is vital if Iraq is to survive after Americans leave. • Keep the same senior generals and military leaders in Iraq, instead of rotating them out frequently like the current administration has done. • Put international pressuer on Syria and Iran to stop “aiding and abetting” the violence in Iraq. On Healthcare: • Bringing the cost of healthcare under control will require a complete overhaul of the current system. • Give states more control over Medicaid and alerna- tive insurance policies and providers. • Supports developing cheaper, generic versions of current prescription drugs. • Give veterans more control over their healthcare choices. • Provide more information to the public about treatment options, quality of care, and prices. On Immigration: • Increasing border security not only means secruing the entry and exit points, but also port security. • Assist the immigrant population in assimilating into American culture by helping them learn English and American history. • Belives that the failing immigration system is just another example of an area that the government needs to reform in order to regain American’s trust. • Build stronger allies with Mexico and other Latin American countries. • Keep taxes and government spending in check in order to allow business leaders to hire the best workes possible. On Environmental Issues: • Believes that our economy depends upon a continued supply of natural resources. • Wants to invest in advanced energy technologies such as nuclear energy to reduce our dependene on foreign oil. Mitt Romney, former MA governor On the War in Iraq: • Staying in Iraq protects lives of American citizens. • Let lawyers decide if authorization is needed to attack Iran. • After surge, move to support phase, based in Kuwait. • Keep option to attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan, but don’t say it. • Withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake. • Bush gave inadequate rationale for Iraq war. On Healthcare: • Let states create their own private, market-based insurance. • Removing most mandates drove down premium cost by half. • Get everybody insured with state-based market dynamics. • Insure 45 million uninsured with a free-market based system. On Immigration: • Welcome the people who have been standing in line first. • Employers have no means of knowing who’s legal & who’s not. • Illegal immigrants shouldn’t get tuition break in schools. • Reduce federal funding to sanctuary cities. • Enforce the law against 12 million illegals here now. • Make English national language; communicate in Spanish too. • Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president. On Environmental Issues: • Invest in new technologies to get us off of foreign oil. • Develop energy technology like nuclear or liquefied coal. • Big Oil should reinvest profits in oil refineries. • Develop alternative energy but also drill in ANWR. • Clean environment. Hillary Clinton, NY senator On the War in Iraq: • Plan to end war in Iraq immediately. • End military action and bring troops home. • Provide quality healthcare for all individuals and families. • Stabilization by other world powers, neighboring Iraq countries, and key allies. o Refrain Iraq’s neighboring countries from Civil War. o Funding Iraq for reconstruction. On Healthcare: • Improves all healthcare, at affordable rates. • Tax credits to working families, no more then an amount porportional to their income. • No descriminating against all people. • Tax credits to small business. • Insurance companies can not deny you and can overrule their computers “say.” On Immigration: • Immigrant reforms to honor our immigrant heritage • Strengthening our borders • Strict yet fair prosecution of laws • Strict consequences for those using undocumented laborers. • A way for attaining legal status for those, paying taxes, obeying the law, and working hard, DREAM Act. • Repair broken immigration legislation. • Healthcare for legal immigrant children and pregnant woman. • Champions the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act. On Environmental Issues: • Establish a “green” based economy. • Cap and trade system for carbon emissions. • Decrease greenhouse gases by 80%. • Cut foreign import by 66%. • “Connie Mae” program for low income families to invest in green homes. On the War In Iraq: • “There is no military solution to the chaos in Iraq. Instead, the Iraqi people must solve the problem politically by taking responsibility for their country.” • Supports immediate removal of 40,000-50,000 troops from Iraq. • Wants to withdraw all combat troops within ten months, but keep forces in friendly neighboring countries such as Kuwait in case of an emergency. On Healthcare: • Favors universal healthcare. • Will require businesses and employers to cover part or all of their employee’s healthcare costs. • Would require all Americans to have some form of John Edwards, NC senator healthcare. • Would create regional “Health Care Markets” to help increase choice and affordability for all Americans. • John Edwards would like to expand Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). • Require businesses/employers to cover or help pay for health insurance costs. On Immigration: • Immigration system needs a fundamental overhaul. • Control borders and stop illegal trafficking. • Illegal immigrants should be given the opportunity to pay a fine and learn English to earn American citizenship. On Environmental Issues: • “Act now, say yes to alternative, renewable fuels and end our dependence on foreign oil forever.” • Will start to cap greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, with plans to reduce the totals by 15% in 2020 and 80% by 2050. • Lead the world in a new climate treaty that commits other countries—including developing nations—to reduce their pollution. • Create an Energy Economy Fund by auctioning $10 billion in greenhouse pollution permits. This fund would support the research and development of new energy technology and be invested in carbon-capturing technology. Barack Obama, IL senator On the War in Iraq: • Wants to begin removing one or two combat brigades every month, and to have all combat troops home in 16 months. • Plans to provide at least $2 billion in humanitarian aid to the millions of displaced Iraqis in neighboring countries. • Wants to engage leaders from all levels of the Iraqi government in a convention addressing pressing is- • Believes that it is ‘morally wrong’ that terminal patients have to think about money when looking at treatment options. • Give people the option to choose affordable healthcare. • Favors a national health care system. • Wants to model the new health care system off of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which is what members of Congress have. sues such as federalism and oil revenue. • The world is more dangerous because of the actions Bush took in getting into the war. On Immigration: • Illegal immigrants should have a path to citizenship. • Believes illegal immigration should take part in On Healthcare: • The problem with healthcare in America is making it affordable. social security. • Wants to promote more economic development in Mexico to discourage illegal immigration. • Does not believe that English should be the official language of the American government. • Supports giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. On Environment Issues: • Wants to reduce American oil consumption by 35%, or 10 million barrels, by 2030. • By 2050, reduce carbon emissions by 80% through a market-based cap and trade system. • Wants to create “domestic incentives” that encourage famers and ranchers to plant trees, restore grasslands, and use farming techniques that remove carbon dioxide from the air. • Start working on a ‘clean energy future’. • Wants to invest $150 billion in generating biofuels and renewable energy in the next 10 years.


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8 JHS Life January 2008 January 2008 JHS News 9 Classes collaborate on public service project By Qwyntnn Brown Do you ever wish you could get outside classroom walls of little-to-no creativity? Do something different? Do something out of the ordinary? The three-year collaboration between Coach Harding’s Current World Events class and Coach Vonder Harr’s TV Productions I class brightens the creativity of both classes every year. Harding’s assignment to his class was to produce a public service announcement using a current event as the theme. Vonder Harr’s assignment to his class was to shoot the video and then edit according to the storyboards of Harding’s class. According to Harding,“Coach Vonder Harr and I feel that cross-curricular education is vital.” Vonder Haar feels that being informed about issues such as abortion, the death penalty, child abuse, and drop out rates is vital in the fast paced world we all live in.“It is a unique project, and having students teach others is gratifying for me,” he said. Over the years one project in particular has stacked up. “Two years ago there was a project done on drinking and driving and they did a very good job. It talked about choices teens make and why many teens make bad decisions,” Harding said. “It would be hard for me to single any one project out. Most students do a good job and work hard on this assignment. As long as there is a lot of thought and effort put into it, these projects all turn out good,“ Vonder Harr said. Students tackle varying issues in these announcements. Senior Matt Lenheart said of his project: “Our project was on teenage violence, this topic was really fun and this would be a fun project to do over again. We should start a club ‘Students Against Teenage Violence’ or SATV for short. In our project I played a person who got bullied. Thought the course of the video I end up getting beat up; it was pretty extreme.” Senior Sean McNally’s group however, took a different approach to the project: “Our project was ‘Why you shouldn’t drop out of school’. We gave you a bunch of stupid things that you know people wouldn’t do, and we asked if you wouldn’t do these things why would you drop out of school?” If you are interested in changing the world or just plane having fun you may either look into TV Productions or Current Events next year. Joplin has high hopes for state qualifiers By Nikki Burkett Good Vibrations The JHS wrestling team has had an amazing season captains, and a major asset to the team. There are also so far all due to hard work according to Coach Sean Finch. some outstanding newcomers freshman Brycen Miner “This is the hardest working team I have had since I arrived.” wrestling at 103 pounds (7-4) Freshman Brent Eagles House of Health The team has very high hopes. Their goal is to qualify eight wrestling at 119 (6-5) and Senior Shane Hoke wrestling at for state and hope that one of them will be Joplin’s first State 189 (8-7). “ I believe we have several wrestlers that have Champion. a chance to become state champions.” There it is straight Mon-Sat 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. 309 W. 20th Joplin The team has some amazing members such as from the coach’s mouth so come and see the Eagles returning Juniors Miles Copple and Caleb Friend and Seniors wrestle their way to the top and possibly one of them make Pregnancy Massage* Infant Massage* Mitch Peterson and Justin Mehalic who are this year’s team history. Headaches* Carpal Tunnel* Fibro Relief* Body Contouring* Domino’s East 1714 Range Line Scar Reduction* Facial Toning 417-624-3460 Nature’s Sunshine Products* Therapeutic massage* Weight Loss Products* Vitality Plus* $5 each! Ion Cleanse* Photon Geni Senior+ Students Discounts 1-800-284-6134 3 or More Medium 1-Topping Pizzas Deep Dish & Additoinal Toppings Extra. Expires 6/30/08. Late N$ig8h9t9Special 1-To1ppLianrggePizza Deep Dish & Additoinal Toppings Extra. Expires 6/30/08. www.joplineagles.org Joplin High School Website Ice wreaks havoc in Joplin area Snow day reserve depleted at JHS By Jessica Uitts On December 15, Joplin ex- perienced a massive ice storm that put all of Joplin schools out of commission for the week following the storm. This thick layer of ice broke power lines and blew transformers, putting many Joplin residents out of power. Electricity was out in some areas for as long as ten days. Joplin is now picking up the pieces and some students are wondering if they will be paying for nature’s fury this summer. The Joplin School Board had built four snow days into the school calendar. Unfortunately, JHS students missed school for a five-day period from December 17 to the 21. That was one day over the allowed days. Therefore, students will be let out of school on May 23 if no more days are missed this school year. Seniors were not as affected as the underclassmen with makeup days. According to Dr. Sachetta, seniors will get their walking papers on May 9. Photo by B. White Snapped trees and downed limbs were the norm after the storm. The city plans to pick up the limbs and brush from city residents’ yards. Looking for a new place to study after school? Come try us out for great deli sandwiches, hot coffee, drinks, and a warm welcome environment. Eagles happy hour Monday-Friday from 3-6. Show us your school ID and save 25% on your purchase. 420 S. Main Street Joplin, MO 64801 WE OFFER FREE WI-FI


p. 6

10 Entertainment January 2008 January 2008 11 A British Ray Cloverfield, or “What does the of “Sunshine” By Laura Dimmit Pocketful of Sunshine, the American version of N.B., is Natasha Bedingfield’s sophomore album that was released in the United Kingdom in April of last year. Wondering who she is? Maybe you’ll recognize her better as “that one girl who sings ‘Unwritten,’” which was all over the radio last summer. So, does this new release live up to what we last heard? For the most part, it does. There will always be songs, like “Unwritten,” that are just incredibly catchy and will bounce around in your mind for days; luckily, Pocketful of Sunshine comes through with some new pop gems. It also doesn’t hurt that, unlike some successful pop stars of today, Bedingfield actually has a nice voice that provides a consistent quality to the entire CD. It’s refreshing to finally hear a CD of pop music that’s not filled with either blatant sexuality or utter despair. For instance, in “Happy,” Natasha sings about losing her job and feeling totally overwhelmed by life, but also about how “there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy.” I think that there’s a lesson we could all take from that—yes, we’re all going to have some bad days, but in the grand scheme of life...it’s usually not so bad. Then, of course, there are the songs about love: “Put Your Arms Around Me,” “Pocketful of Sunshine,” “Love Like This,” “Piece of Your Heart,” “Angel,”—but wait. We’ve got to back to “Angel” for a moment. As much as I may respect Natasha Bedingfield as an artist, and as much as I might respect her even more for being British, I have to draw the line somewhere. Spelling out things in your songs is hardly ever a good idea. And, besides, do you think we don’t know how to spell ‘angel’? Think about who you’re imitating here: Fergie? Ashlee Simpson? Gwen Stefani (who should have stayed with No Doubt)? It may keep you from having to come up with more lyrics, but don’t give in! So, is this new CD worth buying? It depends on who you are--if you like mostly upbeat, slightly processed-sounding pop, you’ll probably enjoy this album a lot. If that doesn’t sound like you, then keep on looking. monster really look like?” By Morgan Bryant not going to say that. Maybe ‘Spinal Tap’ meets ‘War of the morgandbryant@gmail.com Worlds’. Or maybe ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ meets the ‘Saw’ fran- Before I start out my Cloverfield review, I would like to chise. Maybe. take a moment to comment on some movies I have seen recently. While in production, Cloverfield had around five fake Juno: One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. (“That ain’t no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be undid homeskillet.”) Go see it. Sweeney Todd: Uh, I didn’t know people had that much blood. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Sweeney Todd has some MAJOR problems, and singing to razor blades isn’t going to help that. Seriously. The amount of gore in the film TOTALLY made up for the fact names to keep the aura of secrecy. While filming in New York, it was called ‘Cheese’. When filming in Los Angeles, it was ti- tled ‘Slusho’. (I wish it were called Cheese.) I don’t even know why the Cloverfield. movie is called * Up to 10 colors in the design! Apparently, there are no old, young, or ugly people in Man- * Small and large quantities! hattan. Cloverfield was advertised * Can locate the size, style, and color you need! using a viral marketing campaign. The websites www.1- * T-shirts, hoodies, fleece, caps, bags, and aprons!18-08.com and www.0-00- 00.com were both used to Proud supporter of your Joplin Eagles! that they sang. I liked it. Atonement: Not promote the movie. All of the characters in the movie have * Custom or pre-made designs! the most ‘feel-good’ movie I’ve ever seen. There were some, uh, their own that haven’t MySpace pages been logged into * In house graphic artists! awkward parts in the first half. It’s a very intense movie. Worth * Established in 1980since, you guessed it, January 18 (clever, eh?). A couple of seeing, not often. weeks before the movie came t(o2JMF4wo0rn1peo4e7slnmciS)hnd7aFoo,na8aocuyMmali1svtnSihi-a-dlcOayn9tFSoJdniY6strour6f.’ug9ismiJepan,4do6dnPiel8hvaiirrczenon0eyuar’cutsss1iiiAtsootHoinbuemvosuss,,esesMpcgir.nhsoioteuvaimsnelrssccre,enlhsunlmoe.dtscsee,aan:lIntnaadcnl.da, goeuntcoiefs,aBtsagirdJqmitendtlwa‘hhtionueaunnioioutlllhiffirgespntroatyawasnfJfoltvaiarieeetkasCaorutwittrgineoecrnompye’nvtlheefsWetie,cfoap.e(omt’nnapsechgnYCv,eImrgntioft.troeo.eI.bthorhoCESLIdasocaOvoirsRuiauwtsafs(hnuhfievdvsooimAthiruomeegltmedaebedgmgplPilrombinrasmleloonodwmaooemdyreoenddhn,vigoontietoafhnadBeitcsaer’hRojrvnoobnsebetugtaehrreirisihtgonoeyovjnymcg-noeaes,refiueoabueitgeegrlwsesrthle’siefwlies!tteeioimimryntwha)msrctnfmi.atca.oaswkbgssikehe,w.lsosype.toIe)ylyundiatosh,blynmt!eeremohTsityeodaptelntlaWcItuuay,stdhpsltheeardhrstbs:iekltitmnatri’demi‘.eneosehinsAtrnnptGbomTtgehmeaksgmogoeetafltnnoahvaheohooelrrawiie’dinyymdeaeeestwser-ntdsen’izsdidtnoeitviznhllaagxnifNselegecnrtsaedgoieteto’echrheremw.mfohpaoarafTuurttruorah“YhtehipnrnhtCeCuesitoksqnsaooigllrtdspoucdoffekemeakvaevrytnre.RkievCaheotnxtTreyyereouigfipfi,.rothbnyybmleToefayo.glweltuhodolasd’RoNrasihtuv.orcoi”toehriaues’noekbrsewecembelro,inti.ioadtrkYfsopbyydefe.auoqisegidnnTtrnua‘ohkaygTirhIPiteteyt’nehhehitmr.rhgnyoeees-odtifofw1dstegaefoixnri3rrcoveedpomaudefnlmohlo,LytdiradItuaphlivgwcfofnrtiitaentagoveoIICspveffrleu,tdlei:haolIoama/inidn/utsvnunwcmteym3egdsdeueeor.io,rbc2fitLvrnabvitoe1eenieediimhz4nlegrtoidrzarosgtemwsoyl.t)atafsyhgr.anetC,dae7itarnvihahswa7rntmen.usp,o.ghdImlIoGCoMfeat.andnhbnlrcIpioasiis.ocwysstovdImhetuotleeheuraopurrrarewgfiuebslt(ineihivCsrbaaawwasotewtzhnsShilotsivnrTieueeodeolacmahgngoahtrode?.t8r,glauapsnakfiiu,iofnavoF5iahlcBistasnmeSlagvbteavnalholykurlhm.ldyt-drOeublitad,rahptnpDefi,OeiorhotgioilseiropiineneShtarac(uuuetwnefawolicaunrvotatamtCtsdwgnuheswaatot.dciwloi.iaesealdtrs(lebeutno-oaoultcefidsi)lr,wNselifgueuls.veoaadnotyadTtbwslthhoynewrogomdna.l.eBuraoCdoobaJofdefilmclem.ufsnoeworohsLetteo.iioeuMooodfieedsbrclhina(oYtdemkbt.eygvsaawtrt’aliklseoh,eoalleelllelesel,mlerhisfulIttuaoeekty)estpomy‘awwsqo.rfdetlJaae,.fedaaun.gohbooCbehot(drPorJeBsaonSnuuusgohpelntGluk,oeeosnlleuaee.ssl’dd.peeessIrf)---r---tt. www.joplineagles.org 8:30:5:00


p. 7

12 JHS News January 2008 Shea’s ‘Dream’ Comes True Ketchum chosen for Missouri All-State Shakespeare production By Hunter Dowell “I am Mustardseed.” Joplin High School’s own Shea Ketchum was announced as the fairy, Mustardseed, in Missouri’s All State Show A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. Shea auditioned for the show at the Missouri State Thespian Conference in St. Louis at the University of Missouri - St. Louis or UMSL. “They gave us only one instruction, your audition time is two minutes. So the first challenge was to find a piece to audition with. The norm is you must memorize and perform two contrasting monologues, one being contemporary and one being a classic,” Shea explained. A classic monologues is a piece by Shakespeare or Moliere. A contemporary piece would be from Neil Simon or Christopher Durang. “After the first night’s show, the call backs were posted, and my name was there! But, when I went to get my cold reading piece [material you will perform that you have not seen before] and my call back time, they didn’t have one for me. I was crushed. I thought it was a mistake that my name was on the list. Eventually they gave me an audition time on Saturday,” Shea explained. On Saturday night, the last night of the conference, the cast list was to be announced for A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Touhill Performing Arts Center. Her name was finally announced: “Shea Ketchum as Mustardseed.” She recalls the moment: “I was shocked! Then Jessica Lankford started screaming and hugging me, the next thing I knew I was crying, I thought I wasn’t going to make it.” She went down Photo by Mrs. Ideker to the stage so everyone could see her, “Standing on the stage that International Thespian Troupe 3239, smiles for the camera outside Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis Missouri. Shea I would be performing on next year, in front of thespians from all Ketchum holds up a piece of paper naming her “Mustardseed.” The Missouri State Thespian Conference ended and the long ride over the state, was an amazing feeling and I can’t wait till next home would be filled with nonstop talking about next year’s conference and the anticipation of having to wait for Shakespeare’s A year!” Shea’s rehearsal schedule is all over the place, meeting Midsummer Night’s Dream. every couple of weeks in St. Louis and at Webster University. The cast goes to a summer camp and will rehearse till next year’s Joplin High School’s February 1st and 2nd Menu conference in January 2009. Thespian Troupe 3239 First Christian Church 4th and Pearl St., Joplin Chicken Cordon Bleu Potatoes AuGratin A Little About Missouri State Thespian Conference and I.T.S. presents Seating at 6:30 p.m. Green Beans Almondine Missouri State Thespian Conference is a three-day celebration of theatre. High school thespians from all around the state come together to take part in workshops, one acts, and main stage shows. Student’s involved with I.T.S., or International Thespian Society, can take part in the conference that “aids in the advancement and improvement of theatre arts in schools in the State of Missouri.” For more information visit their website, SuperStabbed Dinner at 7:00 Roll-Salad-Dessert Tickets are $15.00 Reservations Can Be Made By Going to Room F103 Between the Hours of 8:00-4:00 www.mo-thespians.com. To become part of I.T.S. you will need to become an active member in the theatre productions here at Joplin High School. It’s Not Too Late to Buy Your 2007-08 Yearbook! www.yearbooksonsale.com Order your book directly from Josten’s. Pay your money through the site. Keep track of your account any time day or night.



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