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SpyglassJoplin High School January 2008 This Month Volume XXIII Issue 4 Page 2 Senior Sports Signings Page 5 We the People Pages 6 & 7 Midwest Colleges Page 9 Horoscopes Page 10 & 11 Oscar Nominated Film Reviews Page


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2 JHS Sports News Spring sports on tap By: Rodney Chowning Track and Baseball season is coming up for Joplin High School. Track season runs from February to May. The practices are held every day after school at Junge Field. The head coach of the track team is Paul Chambers. His assistants are Craig Lynch, Kevin Sadler, Jason Riddle, Tim Spiers, Kasey Pliler, and Stephanie Lloyd. Their season will be starting on Feb. 25. Coach Chambers has some good expectations for his track team this season as he hopes they can challenge for the conference and district titles again this year. He wants a lot of hard work from his team to teach them the value of hard work and also learn to socialize and get along with fellow teammates. “Lots of sweat,” said Coach Chambers when asked about practices. “We go to a couple meets a week and work hard in practice … to get ready for them.” Baseball will be holding their tryouts in late February. The team reaches state and district play in early July. The head coach of the baseball team is Kirk Harryman. His assistants are Brandon Eggleston, the junior varsity coach, Matt Harding, the freshman team coach, and Tucker Hagedorn. Coach Harryman as his high expectations for his team this year wishing to become the most competitive and possibly taking a conference or district title. Baseball tryouts will be held on February 25. The team will play their best this season to get as far as they can make it. “We will play hard,” Coach Harryman said about this season,“and see where the chips fall, hopefully in our favor.” Both teams have continued on to state, district, and conference almost every year. They continue to excel and show their astounding level of play by becoming conference champions, district champions, and even state. Many athletes from the baseball team have continued their career to the collegiate level and some athletes have even made it into the big leagues. Both teams have hard schedules ahead of them, but year after year they have persevered. So good luck to the baseball and track teams in another great season. Senior signings All page 1 photos by Dane Kolkmyer As parents, coaches, and students watched, senior football, track and field, softball, and soccer athletes recently signed letters of intent to colleges based on superiority in their sport. Hearty congratulations go out to these students. The following list was provided by Athletic Director Jeff Starkweather. Harrison Menke, football, Missouri State; Jacobe Britt; football, Truman State; Logan Simon, football, Missouri Southern State; Corey Wattlett, football, Missouri Southern State; Alex Swift, football, Central Methodist; Devon Fowler, football, NEO; Cory Rector, football, Central Methodist; Jordan Forste, football, Central Methodist; Tyler Burgess, track and field, Missouri Southern State; Randi Russell, softball and soccer, Missouri Southern State; Stephanie Taylor, soccer, Missouri Southern State; T.C. Ross, soccer, NEO; Christian Hernandez, soccer, NEO. Wrestling coach ecstatic By Nikki Burkett Joplin’s head wrestling coach Sean Finch walks down the halls of Joplin High with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. What gives him this newfound happiness you ask? His team qualified four wrestlers for State: Freshman Bryce Minor, Juniors Austin Karns and Miles Copple, and Senior Matt Howe. This is the highest number that Joplin has qualified in the past four years. State competition will be held February 14-16 in Columbia. So, boys, get out there and show them what Joplin is made of. Go Eagles! February 2008


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February 2008 Editorial 3 Learning to recycle trash, not excuses. By Laura Dimmit In 2006, Americans produced approximately 251 mil- lion tons of waste. If you do the math, that’s approxmiately 4.6 pounds, per person, per day. Now that’s a lot of junk. The sad thing is, a lot of that junk probably could have gotten recycled. What can be recycled, you ask? Well, here’s a list of items that can be taken to the Joplin Recycling Center: • Cardboard, Paper • Newspapers • Magazines, Catalogs, Telephone Directories, Books, Junk Mail, and Office Paper • Plastic #1 and Plastic #2 Bottles and Jugs • Glass Bottles, Mirrors, Home Windowpanes, Drinking Glasses • Aluminum Cans and Tin/Steel Cans, All Metal • #2 Plastic Shopping Bags • Clean Styrofoam (no food containers) • Ink Jet & Toner Cartridges • Cellular Telephones • All Batteries • (Limited) Household Hazardous Waste including: Insecticides, Herbicides, Acids, Mercury, and Home Maintenance or Cleaning Products ket every day by companies. Do we really need to encase AAA batteries in plastic thick enough to withstand stab wounds? Do all those layers of packaging really keep Malibu Barbie warm? If she gets cold, it’s her own fault for wearing such a revealing swimsuit in the first place. And then there’s the cellophane wrapping on CD’s and DVD’s ... don’t even get me started. They should start offering a free unwrapping service right in the store. What exactly can consumers do about this trend towards excess? Writing letters has always worked rather well, While the city of Joplin has not gone as far as many other communities in assisting its citizens in preserving the environment, they are still doing us all a service by having a recycling center. What’s unfortunate is that many of us living in and around Joplin are too lazy to take advantage of the resources they are providing for us. True, we are not like many communities on the West Coast and in the Southwest that provide curbside recycling pickup, and true, we even have to sort out all the different types of recyclables ourselves, but even so, I have to believe that the effort requried is more than worth it. However, truly becoming a healthy nation when it comes to recycling will take more than just loading up the car every Saturday and driving over to the Recycling Center (which, by the way, is located at 1301 W. 2nd Street in Joplin, just so you all know). No, becoming a greener nation will require a whole change in mindset. Take, for instance, the amount of unneccessary packaging sent into the consumer mar- Cartoon by Hunter Dowell This is what happens when you don’t recycle. Not really. But why risk it? but at the end of the day, the only thing that’s really going to get through to these massive corporations is a drop in profits. If you can, buy from companies that use recycled packaging, or those that consider the envrionment when designing their products. Maybe then, when their sales drop, they’ll learn that adding to America’s landfills is not the best way to advance capitalism. And, of course, in America, when even throwing our trash in the trash can gets too difficult, there’s always littering. Not only are we destroying the land, now we’re helping to kill dolphins, too! Those little plastic holders for six-packs of pop are lethal, unless you cut them apart. The only animals that do appreciate our littering are probably crows; they only like it because it gives them sparkly trash to weave into their nests. But in the long run, I imagine even they would put preserving the environment above home decor. The fact just is that Americans pale in comparison to other countries when it comes to getting green. In a recent compilation of the most eco-friendly countries, the United States ranked 23. Who’s better than us? Well, Slovenia, Latvia, and Israel, just to name a few. I don’t know about you, but I’m not even really sure where Slovenia is! And Israel, even in the midst of its constant turmoil and violence, is still more environmentally conscious than us! Some might say, in our defense, that since we are so much larger than any of those countries, it is automatically much more difficult for us to be “green.” To that, I say only this: as a country with more than 300,000,000 people has a duty to be environmentally friendly, especially one with as many resoures as the United States. We love to be the leader in so many things--why not this? Editor-in-Chief Laura Dimmit Advertising Manager Jessica Uitts Sponsor Brenda White Staff Writers and Photographers Do YOU recycle? Why or why not? Morgan Bryant Qwyntnn Brown Nikki Burkett Hunter Dowell Rodney Chowning “Yes, because I grew up with a naturalist family and we love the environment.” --Bradley Feagle Johnson, Sophomore “Yes, I love the environment! But not in a democraric “save the world” kind of way.” --Felicia Foster, Junior “No, because it takes too long of time to sort through, and I don’t have time.” --Tanya Drake, Freshman The Spyglass is a Joplin High School newspaper class publication. The paper is printed monthly or quarterly. Opinions expressed in this publicaion are not necessarily those of the Joplin R-VIII, Joplin, Missouri, school district staff or administration.


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4 Around JHS February 2008 “Little Shop of Horrors” auditions to produce cast for spring musical By Hunter Dowell Auditions for Joplin High School’s spring musical, “Little Shop of Horrors” are here. They are being held Monday Feb. 25 through Thursday Feb. 29. The weeklong audition process begins in the auditorium with orientation; everyone who wants to be in the show will need to be there. On orientation day students may ask any question regarding the show and the audition process. Those interested will sign up for a singing audition slot and acting audition slot. On Tuesday the singing auditions begin. Students who want to audition for a solo singing role will need to prepare a song from a Broadway show, and one that is not from “Little Shop of Horrors.” A pianist will be provided. The song will be performed from memory. If auditioning for a chorus role, students will learn a selection from “Little Shop of Horrors” at orientation. The dancing auditions are on Wednesday. Don’t prepare anything. Bring comfortable shoes The Musical Theatre International describes the show like this: “A down-and out skid row floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon “Audrey II” grows into an ill-tempered, foulmouthed, R&B-singing carnivore who offers him fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite.” and clothes to dance in. Everyone will be taught a routine from the show. On Thursday, the final day of the audition process, students will perform a scene from “Little Shop of Horrors.” Prepare this scene only to be considered for major or minor speaking roles. The scene will be given out on Monday during the orientation.Scenes must be memorized. On Friday the cast list will go up on the auditorium doors. Audition packages and auditions forms are in Room F103. Fill out the audition form and bring a recent picture of yourself. The JHS library has 15 scripts available for check-out. Grisly statistics show need for Savvy behind the wheel By Jessica Uitts Six years ago, JHS offered driver education. At that time, Joplin offered it as a service in the summer months and not for high school credit. Currently, Joplin High School does not have a driver education program. According to JHS principal Dr. Sachetta, “... we ended the program five years ago due to a relatively small number of students who took advantage of the program and of costs associated with the program.” Dr. Sachetta stated that reinstating the driver education program is not being discussed at this time. It is an unfortunate fact that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens ages 15-19 in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that 3,490 teens were killed in 2006, as well as 272,000 injured in crashes. Teens are usually quite excited when they get their licenses. It can be the first real step towards adulthood. However, teen drivers often take risks that adult drivers wouldn’t dare take. According to the Center for Disease Control, teens are more likely to underestimate hazardous situations. In 2005, 38 percent of teens who crashed were found to be speeding. In addition, 24 percent of teens who were involved in accidents had been drinking and had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 g/dl or higher. Teens do not always understand the risks associated with driving. Adults around the country are trying to figure out how to prevent these grisly statistics for young people. One solution may be to have students in high school to take driver education course. Driver Education is a program dedicated to improving students’ driving skills as well as teaching them defensive driving. Students are taught how to interact in different driving situations and in various weather conditions. Teens are sometimes taught how to purchase a vehicle, and they just might get a discount on their insurance after finishing the course. (Check with your insurance company.) The hope is that students armed with this knowledge are better prepared and are better drivers on the road. Guarding yourself against cancer Gardasil: the first ever vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and the hpv virus Domino’s East 1714 Range Line 417-624-3460 By Qwyntnn Brown of the ingredients in the medication. The website www.oneless. It has spread through the news like wildfire; it is the com has a link to those ingredients. You also shouldn’t receive intention to become “One less.” This refers to being one less the vaccine if you are pregnant or think you a pregnant. woman with certain forms of cervical cancer or certain forms “Only a doctor or healthcare professional can decide if of HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Www.oneless.com claims that Gardasil is right for you or your daughter,” the website states. HPV types 16 and 18 cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and HPV types 6 and 11 Only a doctor or Even if you really want the vaccine it may not be right for you. cause 90% of genital warts, all types that the vaccine called Gardasil aims to pre- healthcare The possible effects are pain in injection site, swelling of the injection site, itch- vent. However, not everyone may be fully professional canprotected and does not prevent all types of cervical cancer. decide if Gardasil isOne hundred and fifty students right for you or yourand community members from Joplin and ing, and redness at the injection site, fever, nausea, and dizziness. “The only thing that we have seen is that it is a little uncomfortable,” Jacobs said. . the surrounding area have decided to get the vaccine at the first of two clinics at daughter. According to www.gardisil.com, there are some questions that you should ask MSSU. A second clinic is being planned there, and a big turnout is expected. www.oneless.com your healthcare professional. Should I still get vaccinated if I’m already sexually ac- Three injections are administered: tive? What side effects should I expect? Why the second two months after the first and the third four months should I get vaccinated now, rather than later? after the second. “We are still in the process If you want to be reminded about your second and third of administering the last two doses of the vaccine,” said Marilyn doses of the vaccine, there are links on www.gardasil.com and Jacobs local nurse practitioner. www.oneless.com that allow you to sign up for e-mail remind- Gardasil targets girls and women in the age group of 9- ers. These very informative sites allow you to browse, and they 26, but before getting shots make sure you aren’t allergic to any answer many question you could have about Gardasil. $5 each! 3 or More Medium 1-Topping Pizzas Expires 6/30/08. Deep Dish & Additional Toppings Extra. Late Night Special $899 1 Large 1-Topping Pizza Expires 6/30/08. Deep Dish & Additional Toppings Extra.


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February 2008 JHS News 5 Joplin’s Constitution Team Nearly Dethrones Champs Unit One: (L-R) Matt Harrison, Mike Turner, Shakar Dukipati, Nichole Taylor Unit Four: (L-R) Lindsey Hamm, Jon Englebert, WHAhimsatetorraiicrceaantlhFPeooPulihntcidlaoalstioSopynshstiecomaf l?thaend Unit Two: (L-R) Laura Dimmit, Stephen Blum, Scott Williams, Ashley Davidson Katy Berryman, By Laura Dimmit How much do you really know about the Constitution? If you were to ask the Joplin students making up this year’s We the People class, that answer might surprise you. On Sunday, January 27, this talented and driven group of students and their sponsor, Mr. William Keczkemethy, traveled to Jefferson City for the 2008 Mis- Emma Doner EoxfpHRaoingwdhetHds?aBveeenthDe ePvreoltoepcetidonasndof the Bill souri We the People Competition, hosted by the Center for Civic Education. Joplin’s team was made up of six units of four students, each charged with answering three ques- Unit Five: tions about a specific area of Consitutional knowledge. They spent months researching, writing, presenting, and re-writing their answers. During the competition, a panel of judges would ask two of the three questions, and also (L-R) Michael McCreary, Michelle Mormon, Sidra Zaidi, Andy Brown some spontaneous follow-up questions that the students would have to be prepared to answer. These ranged from “What qualities do you think are important to have in a president?” to “What is an independent judiciary?” This year, Joplin narrowly lost out to the nine- year reigning champions of Westminster Christian Academy, from St. Louis. However, two of Joplin’s units, four and five, did place first in their individual catego- CHoonwstidtuidtiothne?Framers Create the ries. When asked about the experience, senior Michael McCreary said, “I think that all of our units had a good presentation and even though we came in second place by 12 points I still think we did really well and we can be proud of our efforts.” WRhigahttRs iPgrhotsteDcto?es the Bill of Unit Three: (L-R) Sean Vetsch, Kaleb Cox, Drew Johnson, Serena Bannasch HEAomwmbedorididcieatdhneiInVnasthtuietlueCstiooannnssdtiaPtunrtdiinoPcnripaSlchetasicpees? Unit Six: (L-R) Sarah Guinn, Kelsey Knewtson, Tyler Knewtson, Shakar Dukipati AWmhearitcAarneDtheemRooclreascyo?f the Citizen in


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6 Area Colleges February 2008 Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, Kansas Phone: 630-235-4427, Fax: 625-235-4098, Admissions Office website: http://www.pittstate.edu/admit/ 4 YEAR DEGREE COLLEGE Art, English, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Family & Consumer Sciences, History, Mathematics, Physics, and Business. Kansas Residents: $2,030.00, Non-Residents: $5,933.00 Kansas Residents: $2,494.00, Non-Residents: $2,494.00 Books and Supplies: Kansas Residents: $400.00, Non-Residents: $400.00, Technology Course Fee: $14.00 per credit hour, For admission $30 application fee. Also must meet one of these requirements, ACT of 21 or higher, rank in top 1/3 of graduating class, at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale, 24 or more transferable college credit hours. Go to https://go.pittstate.edu/apps.intro for online applications. Scholarships offered are Honors College Scholarships, General University Scholarships, and Department Scholarships. ONLY UNIVERSITY WITH GORILLA AS THE MASCOT!!! Pittsburg State has approximately 6,600 students on campus. It was established in 1903. Their motto is “Where People Succeed”. Their colors are crimson and gold and the name of the mascot is Gus the Gorilla. Also, their university song is as follows: � Pittsburg State team, fight for your college! �Come and join the fray! � Pass that ball around for a touchdown � And we’ll win this game today! Oklahoma University Norman, Oklahoma admission.ou.edu/freshadm Degrees offered: Business and Management, Education and teaching, Computer science, Science, Math, and engineering. Tuition per semester: $3,600 Admissions fee: $40 non refundable admissions fee Admission: If you are a resident, you need: A required 3.0 on an unweighted 4.0 scale, ranked in the top 25% of your graduating class. An ACT score of 24 or an SAT score of 1090. If you are a nonresident, you need 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, ranked in 25% of your graduating, a 26 on your ACT or an SAT score of 1170. Application deadline for fall semester or summer session: April 1; for spring session November 1 Grants, Scholarships, Available: Academic scholars program, regional baccalaureate scholarship, (for more info visit www.okhigher.org/student-center/ financial-aid/grants.html Mascot: Boomer and Sooner the (horses that pull the Schooner). Oklahoma is a great place to go to school. It has a beautiful campus and a great athletics program. This would be a great choice if you are serious about college and want a great education. So BOOMER SOONER!! Missouri Southern State University 3950 E. Newman Rd., Joplin, MO 64801 PHONE: 1.866.818.6778 (MSSU) FAX: 417.659.4429 www.mssu.edu 2-Year Associate: Law Enforcement 4-Year Bachelor or Arts or Bachelor of Science: General Business; Management Technology; French; German TUITION: Missouri Resident: $135 credit hr.; Out of Sate: $270 credit hr. HOUSING: Double Room: $2435; Apartments: $2650; Private Rooms: $3400 OTHER COSTS: Application Fee: $15; Book Rental: $7 (per credit hour); Parking Fee: $15 semester Equipment Use:FT $40; PT $20 REQUIREMENTS: ACT: 21 or above; High School Grad or Equivalent Financial Aid Scholarships School of Business School of Technology School of Education School of Arts and Sciences Full Ride Scholarships Thomas Hart Benton Scholarship MASCOT: Lions; Lady Lions MSSU was founded in 1937 as a Joplin Junior College. Yet in 1968 Missouri Southern became a four year college, and later became Missouri Southern State University. The university’s motto is, “develop[ing] such academic support programs and public service activities it deems necessary and appropriate to establish international or global education as a distinctive theme of its mission.”


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February 2008 Missouri State University 901 South National Avenue, Springfield, Missouri 65897 417-836-5000 901 S. National Ave. Springfield, MO 65897 Area Colleges More than 150 4-Year Bachelor or Bachelor of Science Degrees, e.g.: Accounting Animal Sciences Criminology Dance Journalism Nursing Political Science Pre-Med Pre-Law Pre-Pharmacy 43 Graduate programs, e.g.: Biology Business Administration Music Religious Studies Teaching Theatre Total Costs Missouri Residents: $12,100 Non-Missouri Residents: $17, 200 Requirements: ACT: 21 or above High School Graduation or Equivalent Financial Aid Scholarships School of Business School of Technology School of Education School of Arts and Sciences Full Ride Scholarships Thomas Hart Benton Scholarship Mascot: Bears Lady Bears 7 University of Arkansas 521 S Razorback Rd Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 www.uark.com Admissions: 479-575-5346 Tuition per semester: $159.05 per class for in state Tuition per semester: $440.87 per class for out of state Room and board: $3,509.00 for in state and out of state Requirements for Admission: GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale ACT 20 or higher (SAT combined score of 930 only critical reading and math scores) In the process of completing or completed the 16-unit preparatory core English: 4 Units Social Studies: 3 Units Natural Sciences: 3 Units Mathematics: 4 Units Electives: 2 Units Offers over 200 degree programs and is noted for: Architecture Agriculture (particularly poultry science) Creative Writing Business Programs Non-tuition residence award Students from states neighboring Arkansas can apply for the Non-tuition residence award Qualifications for current students: Resident of LA, KS, MO, MS, OK, TN, or TX High school GPA of 3.50 or higher An ACT score of at least 25, or 1130 SAT Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences School of Architecture J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Sam M. Walton College of Business College of Education and Health Professionals College of Engineering Coordinates: 36o04’07”N 94o10’34”W Fun Facts: Both Bill and HILLARY Clinton taught at the University of Arkansas Arkansas is the only college in the country that continues the tradition of engraving graduates names in the ‘Senior Walk’. Crowder College 601 Laclede Ave. Neosho, MO 64850 (417)451-3223 or www.Crowder.edu/student_services/admissions 2-year programs / associate degrees Agriculture, alternative energy, business administra- tion, computer science, elementary education, gen- eral studies, environmental science, pre-veterinary, secondary education, sociology/human services Tuition: In district: $65/ hr. MO resident $91/ hr. Out of state $118/ hr. International $118/hr. Room & Board $1935/ semester Other Fees: Technology/facility use/ credit hour $12 Distance learning/ credit hour $7 Graduation $35 Application Fee: 25 Cumulative ACT score of 21 or GPA average of 3.0 Grants: FAFSA, A+ Program Crowder Riders and Lady Riders Crowder College has been accredited with one of the top alternative energy clubs in the world. That is, the solar car designed by students made it to the international championship several years in a row. Crowder College offers many sports such as base- ball, softball, basketball, coed spirit squad, and soc- cer. Students can also have the opportunity to study abroad in countries such as Denmark, England, Spain, or France. The class sizes are small which means more one on one interaction between students and instructors. There are Crowder campuses in other towns, as well. There are campuses located in Webb City, Cassville, and Nevada. Crowder College will continue to lead as one of the top community colleges in the country.


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8 Student Life February 2008 Basketball Winter Homecoming 2008 Basketball Homccoming Queen Devani Triplett and her escort Jake Moore, both seniors, smile for the cameras. This year’s queen was crowned at halftime of the homecoming basketball game against West Plains on Friday, Febuary 15. The other nominees for homecoming queen were Emma Doner, Kendra Robinson, Randi Russell, and Stephanie Taylor. Rounding out the homecoming court were freshman attendant Taylor Costley, sophomore attendant Taylor Tyrrell, and junior attendant Brittany Meehl. They, along with the rest of Joplin’s fans, watched as the Eagles defeated West Plains. Photo by Laura Dimmit Sara Bareilles Little Voice Review by Qwyntnn Brown Getting past the pronuncia- tion of her last name is the hardest part. As soon as you pop in Sasra Bareilles’ album, though, it is smooth sailing. This album is the perfect soundtrack to a great day. In the witty lyrics of Bareilles you find that you really relate with just about everything she says no matter you age or social status. With wondrous musical interludes and power ballads, this is definitely not what you would anticipate from the product of today’s musical mainstream. The lyrics provide an essential escape from everyday life, as well as from what is considered music in this day and age. I see an award of some sort in her future for her first album. Bareilles is an American songwriter, pianist, and singer. Yes, she is old-fashioned and ac- tually writes her own music, and she uses another instrument other than her voice. I was very pleasently surprised at how great this album was, it was definitely a wise decision to buy this CD. I can honestly say that her lyrics and annunciation of her words in her songs reminds me of the voice of Natasha Bedingfield but in brunette form; maybe even a younger version of Norah Jones. This is a great quirky blend of power pop and soul music that is sure to please the senses. It’s one of those albums you pop in when you’re having a good day or a bad day it just makes you feel good. “Little Voice” by Sara Bareilles is one album that everyone can relate to. I forsee many award nominations for not only this collection but also for Sara Bareilles in the future. www.joplineagles.com St raight f rom Lowell, Michigan to Joplin, Missouri Al & The Black CatsRockabilly Rebels Featuring: Al Krivoy, This is an all-ages show Friday, March 21 The Surge 1204 S. Wall Tony Cozzaglio, Hugh Skiffington, Check out the band: alandtheblackcats.com & Sgt. Eric Soules


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February 2008 9 March Horoscopes Aquarius 1/20-2/18 This month you will find yourself growing closer and closer to the new person in your life. You will find yourself very happy in taking a chance and letting those around you know exactly how you feel and not leaving anything unsaid. You will have an amazing month with the one you are growing fonder of. Pisces 2/19-3/20 This month you personality is shining everywhere you go and everybody around you enjoys it. You have definitely attracted a special someone. It is up to you to make the first step towards creating a lasting relationship. You are taking your time and it is paying off. Just make sure to not lose the perfect opportunity to tell them how you feel. Aries 3/21-4/19 This month is going to be a great month, maybe a little short of how exciting last month was but you are still going to have a great time. This new relationship that has appeared in recent days has gotten stronger with each passing day and will continue to grow throughout this month. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and remember that’s why this special someone is attracted to you. Taurus 4/20-5/20 This month your relationship will hit a bit of a rough patch but you will recover very quickly. Your relationship will stand through tests others would find unfixable. You will take the world by storm in leaps and bounds through everything you do. Gemini 5/21-6/21 This month take things how they come to you; don’t force things to happen. If you do this, you will have a foolproof path to happiness. Make a friend in those you meet this month and you will become a social butterfly. Cancer 6/22 7/22 This month your productive dates and studying has paid off. Keep up the good work, and do not slack off or you hard work will be short lived. Have fun but have fun studying and working on your life. Another word of advice: Do not take things for granted our lives are only so long. By Qwyntnn Brown Leo 7/23-8/22 This month will be an amazing month for you. Be prepared to be in a great mood 24/7 as you and that special someone grow closer together and get to know one another. This is a very exciting time for you; take your time and cherish every moment because this is going to be a very memorable month. Virgo 8/23-9/2 This month will be a short break from the business of life. This will prove to be a less jam-packed month but still stressful by the standards of others. You are a very patient person and others wish they could be just that. You take your time and don’t rush things. You will get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. Libra 9/10-10/22 This month will start off rough but just take things slow and live for the moment. Do not regret your actions you have done nothing wrong. You have attracted someone new, and to keep this person interested just take things slow and don’t let them think for a moment that they aren’t special to you. If you take my advice to heart you are sure to have an amazing month. Scorpio 10/23-11/21 This month will be less exciting than last month but, that is only more reason to make it interesting by dotting your calendar with the activities of your choice. But only take on what you can, because if you bite off more than you can chew you will be dotting the calendar with studying. If you follow my advice you will have a very nice month. Sagittarius 11/22-12/21 This month is going to be a trip, you will have rough patches and smooth. Some might compare your month to that of a rollercoaster ride, but if you keep you hands in at all times you are going to keep from getting thrown off the ride or hit by a nearby tree. This will prove to be a very interesting month for you. Capricorn 12/22-1/19 This month will be a little less productive than last you will find yourself somewhat occupied by your surroundings. But being somewhat sidetracked may be a help to your very stressful lifestyle. This month is a time for you to take a break and let you hair down and the wind run through it. Always remember to not go to crazy and take a longer break from productivity. What’s up with that? Apparently the completely random edition! By the very bitter Nikki Burkett Hey, everybody; how is it going? So I hate Valentine’s Day. It is a pointless commercialized holiday where girls get everything they want and boys pretend to be happy about their gifts. Am I one of those bitter girls that does not have a guy so I bash things like Valentine’s Day? You bet I am!!! Yeah. You guys laugh but I am serious. Every time I think I might get some thing good on the big day, something goes wrong. But according to my very “useful” newspaper member, I am mean to everyone and don’t deserve any thing. THANKS RODNEY! Any way do you ever have one of those crushes and you don’t know how to tell that person cause you are pretty positive that they know but they don’t say any thing either? So what do you do? Great question and the first person that can answer that will get a free cookie from me. I don’t know why I brought that up; apparently this is the completely random edition! Well, I hope everybody is doing well. I am pretty excited because I got a car. It is an ‘89 Honda. Yeah like the movie… “ This is an ’89 Honda how dare you.” I don’t know if that is exactly what he says but whatever. Yeah, that’s right I wrote about something that makes me happy instead of just writing about what I hate. So people, in conclusion, go get your chocolate and flowers, love people around you, and girls get your guy


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10 Best Picture Nominee Reviews February 2008 2008 OSCARS ATONEMENT: Love is a battlefield? Best Picture: “No Country for Old Men” Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, “There Will Be Blood” Best Actress: Marion Cotillard, “La Vie en Rose” Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem, “No Country for Old Men” Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Swinton, “Michael Clayton” Best Director: Joel and Ethan Coen, “No Country for Old Men” Best Original Screenplay: “Juno” Review by Morgan Bryant morgandbryant@gmail.com Dictionary.com defines atonement as, “satis- faction or reparation for a wrong or injury, amends.” We meet young Briony Tallis (played exqui- sitely by Saoirse Ronan), a 13-year-old playwright living in the year 1935 in a family of wealth. She would soon drastically change the lives of her sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy) with one rather drastic lie. Robbie and Cecilia find themselves in love, and Briony finds herself jealous of said romance. After Briony sees something she shouldn’t have seen (I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it either) she comes to the wrong conclusion about Robbie. Briony and her active imagination accuse Robbie of an unspeakable crime, which he did not commit. Given the choice between joining the army or going to jail, he chooses the army and goes to war. I think that Sir Walter Scott’s quote, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!” works well here. The more I think about it, the more I like this movie. It had an interesting plot and a lovely twist ending at the end. (As opposed to those lovely twist endings at the beginning of movies.) My favorite part of the movie is how Briony never changes her hair cut, at all, and the movie spans her entire life. She’s all being eighty years old with the haircut she had when she was 13. Gold star. “Atonement” was nominated for seven Oscars. Out of these I think it will win for best musical score, best cinematography, and best art direction. Maybe adapted screenplay. (It’s based on the book Atonement by Ian McEwan.) I’m slightly surprised that Joe Wright wasn’t nominated for his direction. There was an amazing five-and-a-half minute tracking shot in the middle of the movie. Now for the costumes. The dress Keira Knightley war has been dubbed the “best film costume of all time” by British TV network and In Style magazine, so it has to be true. So maybe this film will win best costume design, too. “Atonement” stars James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, and Saoirse Ronan. It is rated R for disturbing war images, language, and some sexuality (the word ‘some’ is used loosely here). Juno: Better than drinking your weight in Sunny-D “Michael Clayton” Review by Qwyntnn Brown With character names like Paulie Bleeker, Juno Mac Guff, and Liberty Bell, what isn’t to love? This tale of one person’s mishap turned to another person’s “little bundle of joy” has been a hit with people form all walks of life. I thoroughly enjoyed this film from beginning credits to the last scene. It is one of the most brilliant and quirky films I’ve ever seen. Not only was the acting amazing, the directing, writing, and soundtrack, were spot on. There is no doubt in my mind that the soundtrack will be one of the best sellers for 2008. “You better pay for that pee-stick when you’re done with it. Don’t think it’s your’s just because you marked it with your urine!” As far as Oscar nominations go I personally believe that Juno should have been nominated for “Best Visual Effects”, based on the credits alone. I also believe that Juno deserved a “Best Original Song” nomination for the opening song “All I Want is You” by Barry Louis Polisar. As for Oscars, I believe Juno will only take the award for “Best Screenplay” “That ain’t no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be undid, Homeskillet.” Juno also received the nomination of “Best Actress” going to the twenty-year-old actress Ellen Page. Page played sixteen-year-old pregnant Juno MacGuff (hence the title). In 2003 she won the ACTRA award “Outstanding Female Performance” for her role in the 2002 film “ Marion Bridge.” She was also nominated for the Golden Globe award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture” for her role in “Juno”. One thing is for sure we will be seeing more leading roles from Ellen Page. “Silencio old man.” The other best picture nominee was “Michael Clayton.” Unfotunately at this time it was unavailable for viewing. “Michael Clayton” stars George Clooney (Best Actor Nominee), Tilda Swinton (Best Supporting Actress), and Tom Wilkinson (Best Supporting Actor Nominee). It runs 119 minutes and is rated ‘R’ for language including some sexual dialogue.


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February 2008 Best Picture Nominee Reviews 11 Coens give us another winner “No Country for Old Men” based on modern western novel Review by Brenda White Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have pushed all the mayhem buttons in the thriller “No Country for Old Men.” The film, which was nominated for eight Oscars and won four including Best Picture, is not your daddy’s western. Although it takes place along the Rio Grande and pickups are definitely involved, the traditional cowboy takes a back seat to heart- pumping, blood-curdling action and modern-day violence. It is understandably and appropriately rated R. You might remember the Coens from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (Joel was the director and Ethan wrote the screenplay). “O Brother” was an adaption from Homer and its lyrical comedy left us smiling, but not so with “No Country.” The brothers based this screenplay on the novel of the same name written by no other than dark master Cormac McCarthy whose prose leads us to the depths of human existence that we wish we could ignore. McCarthy was present at the awards show. The Coens last Oscar wins were for their film “Fargo.” This is neither a slasher film nor a special effects playground; the action is not rolicking but is never boring. If bloodshed is on your list of things to avoid, this film should be on your not-to-do list. The film’s violent nature is an outgrowth of its dark-worldly story line where our characters reside. You won’t walk away from this movie saying, “I really enjoyed that!” But, you might walk away, snug up your jacket, and mumble aloud, “Wow!” Spanish actor Javier Bardem won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as really bad No wonder it was nominated eight times. There will be fans:boyAntonChigruhintheCoenbrothers’“NoCountryForOldMen.” Cast phenomenal, film brilliant Maniac might be too mild a nomer for Anton Chigruh, masterfully and so believably acted by Oscar winner Javier Bardem. The “old man” of the title, Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) was (as Jones always is) a formidable opponent for our resident evil-doer Chigruh, whose sole purpose in life is to recover the money found by Llewelyn Moss. Josh Brolin is Llewelyn Moss, the fortunate (?) man who encounters a two-million dollar payday in the form of a suitcase of drug money when he happens on a drug deal gone bad in a south Texas desert. Kelly Macdonald as wife Carla Jean Moss offers a temporary and occasional weak respite from the on-screen intensity involving Bell, Chigruh, and Moss. Woody Harrelson as Carson Welles supplies a barely adequate foil for the master Chigruh, and ends up … well, I just won’t say right now. It’s not a date movie. It’s not one for the kiddies or the weak of anything. You won’t want popcorn. “Call it, friend-o.” Oscar wins: Best Picture Best Director, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen Best Adapted Screenplay, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen Best Supporting Actor, Javier Bardem Photos this page from contactmusic.com Review by Morgan Bryant morgandbryant@gmail.com Movie industry, I forgive you for Dragon Wars. Since all the Valentine’s Day romance movies were coming out, I saw ‘There Will Be Blood’. Thank goodness for that. Dictionary.com defines movie as, “a sequence of photographs projected onto a screen with sufficient rapidity as to create the illusion of motion and continuity.” “There Will Be Blood” was not a movie. It was a bloody work of art. A masterpiece. It was fantastic. Simple yet brilliant. Raw. Amazing. Stupendous. Remarkable. Breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. Stop me anytime. Understand what I’m trying to say? It was really, really awesome. It has been a long time since I was genuinely impressed by a film. We meet Daniel Plainview, a struggling turn of the century silver miner, until he discovers oil. Daniel begins a thriving oil drilling company and becomes an oil tycoon, rich with money and, more importantly, with power. He receives a mysterious tip that the small town of New Boston has a huge, undiscovered supply of oil sitting underground. While in New Boston, a very religious little town, the very unreligious Daniel butts heads with the town’s charismatic preacher, Eli Sunday. Plainview takes his son, H.W., and goes down to investigate these claims. Daniel’s only goal in life is to find oil, drill for oil, and make money from said oil. Although this makes him very rich, he only uses the money to drill for more oil. The frightening character of Daniel Plainview is played so convincingly by Daniel Day-Lewis. Consumed by greed and the want of power, Plainview will let nothing get in the way of his ambition, and becomes one of the greatest anti-heroes in a long time. I’m talking in the leagues of Charles Foster Kane and Don Vito Corleone anti-hero good. (Ironic.) Best line in the entire film, you ask? “I drink your milkshake!” Amazing. The character of Daniel Plainview was based off of Edward L. Doheny, an actual turn of the century oil tycoon. Doheny’s life, and a certain scandal of his (bribing the Secretary of the Interior) was the inspiration of Upton Sinclair’s “Oil!” And “Oil!” was the inspiration for “There Will Be Blood.” So, there you go. Not a word is spoken until more than eleven and half minutes after the film starts. Be warned, this is not a film for everyone. If you like happy endings, sugary romances, and horse movies, I would not recommend this film. While it is surprisingly funny at times, it is, at it’s core, a very intense film about a crazy, crazy man. There were thirty people in the theatre and I was the youngest one. True movie lovers will enjoy this film. The acting was phenomenal. Daniel Day-Lewis deserves to win, and will win, the Oscar for Best Actor and a gold star. (Sorry, Johnny D, he just drank your milkshake.) He had one of the best performances in the past ten years, at least. It’s worth seeing just to see his performance. The underappreciated Paul Dano is at his best (he speaks more in this film than he did in Little Miss Sunshine). Elevenyear-old newcomer Dillon Freasier did an excellent job as H.W. (He Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis walked away with the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “There Will Be Blood.” was ten years old when they started filming.) Even the twins who played baby H.W. did a great job. To sum it all up, this is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant film. So brilliant, it needs three brilliants to sum up the sheer brilliance of it. This is the kind of film that restores my faith in the movie industry. “There Will Be Blood” stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, and Dillon Freasier. It runs 2 hours and 38 minutes and is rated R for some violence and being totally awesome. I’m finished.


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