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Joplin High School Spyglass Volume XXIV Issue 1 October 2008 Sports Shorts Softball and Golf Survival Guide Freshmen, Get in the know In Review Bon Iver


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Spyglass Teacher Features ★Keczkemethy Pg. 9 ★Young Pg. 12 ★Freshman Survival pp 6-7 ★Horoscopes Pg. 12 ★Music Review Pg. 12 ★Decade: 1998-2008 pp 10-11 ★Bullying Pg. 8 The Spyglass is a Joplin High School student publication. The newspaper is printed monthly or quarterly and distributed free of charge to Joplin High School students, Franklin Tech students, faculty, and other staff members. Funds are raised through advertising only. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the Spyglass student staff and not of the Joplin R-VIII school district staff or administration. Design Editor: News Editor: Qwyntnn Brown Nikki Burkett Staff Reporters and Photographers: Hunter Dowell Rodney Chowning Mary Beth Roush Aaron Murray John Butler Sports ★Olympic Wrap-up Pg.5 ★Sports Shorts Pg. 4 ★Sports Schedule Pg. 4 Opinion ★Editorials by Rodney Chown- ing and Nikki Burkett Pg. 3 ★Sports Editorial by Rodney Chowning Pg. 4 “Meet me at the game” Front page photo By Rodney Chowning


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Spyglass EDITORIAL Just Tell It! By: Nikki Burkett Why do students feel they need to hide what has As we walk down the halls of JHS we wave at our friends, happened to them? The truth of the matter is in several say hi to our favorite teacher, and occasionally stop to of these cases people in authority are harassing teens and have a short conversation. In the halls we are surrounded young adults. At times this can cause trust issues for the by hundreds of others kids, some we know several we don’t. As we push our way through “No one cana mass of kids crowded together talking about make you feelwho knows what, BAM! There it is, it hits victims. In several of these cases, the abuser is a repeat offender, which is an even bigger reason why the victims should come forward. No one should be us right in the face, well not exactly the face. I am talking about sexual harassment and it is a very serious issue in school all over the country as well as our own. Lets start off with establishing the inferior without your consent.” taken advantage of, especially in such a personal way. If a person is being sexually - Eleanor harassed by anyone they need to find a person they trust, whether it be a criteria, sexual harassment is unwanted verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature. This Roosevelt teacher or counselor, and let them know so that some sort of action toward their shows that several of the things that happen safety can be taken. Chances are very in the halls do absolutely qualify as sexual harassment. high that if this harasser is bothering you they have other A study done in 2002 by the American Association of victims as well, and if you step up and say something the University Women states that 83% of girls in the 8th through others will follow your example. the 11th grade had been sexually harassed, and 73% of boys No individual person’s rights should be taken 8th through 11th grade had been sexually harassed. This is an from them, and no one person has the right to do that to you alarming thing to discover, especially since this study took unless you allow them to do so. In the words of a famous place six years ago and generally things only get worse, wonderful woman who felt the same about the right s of not to mention that most sexual harassment situations go people as I do, “No one can make you feel inferior without unreported. your consent.”- Eleanor Roosevelt. 3 EDITORIAL A fix for the moment By: Rodney Chowning Our economy is rolling down a hill, but all the government has done is put out a mattress to soften the blow at the bottom, instead of stopping the brisk descent. The bailout plan proposed to pull two of the largest financial institutions from failure and to take control of their dead assets has passed. The plan calls for a $700 billion bailout and will lead to the companies’ control being turned over to the government. Government control of these businesses operations goes against what America stands for: by the people, for the people, not by the government, for the government. The bill did not pass in the House on Monday, but after adding promises of tax cuts, some who voted no said they would change their votes. The bill passed in the Senate on Wednesday night, but without a way back up the tax cuts. The bill doesn’t actually fix the problem, but makes it seem fixed for the moment. We believe the tax cuts were added just to make the bill more attractive. It’s like using Febreeze around the litterbox, instead of cleaning the urine inside. But, even if this problem is fixed for the moment, we will have to pay for this bailout in the future. Our legislators should have taken a step back and considered the future before passing this bill. Some experts say that the passage of this bill will make it more difficult for people to obtain cars and student loans. But it is us the youth of today who will be impacted most by this bill. It seems that no one has thought of the consequences that we will have to face. Poetic PeteLOOK IN THE (Our friendly poetry supplier) CAFETERIA Just Smile I am here FOR A “LETTERS” I watch the time pass by, And still I will try, I won’t ever leave you, Always here by your side, BOX . I push with all I have, But truly… it’s too sad, So I just turn back now, I will hold myself true, So you don’t need to hide. Before the sun dies out, It is for your letters to the editors. Editorials must be signed. We reserve the right to edit letters. Profanity is not allowed. I can’t get you to stop that frown, You can always come to me, But it beats within me, You can talk to me without a doubt, To hold my head up high, So just you wait and see. And swallow my pride, My love for you is never-ending, To do something ridiculous, I can be your protection, But at least I did something, From every evil dark thing, I made you smile, There will be no objection. And it made me smile, I will abolish your sadness, That was all I ever wanted, Make you smile, So next time remember that, And bring you to happiness, Just Smile… So you can put me on trial. I will hold true to my word, www.jhseagles.org I do love you, I hope you and I can move forward, Maybe I could hear those words from you. MOVIE REVIEW Go Speed Racer By: Aaron Murray When this Series first aired in America in the sixties, it generated a huge cult, striking both the hearts of the young and the old with it’s well-thought-out story and well-drawn characters. Now, forty years later, moviegoers once again find solace in Speed Racer’s charm. Speed Racer sped his way into movie theatres this past summer, with a car that can do the impossible and a dad who can fix anything, as well as a little brother and his pet monkey. Although he didn’t create a huge fan following, interesting camera angles and cheesey CGI (Computer Generated Images) effects brought back that feeling that old Speed Racer fans are used to. In one scene, Speed’s girlfriend, Trixie, and some bad guys get into a fight, and the falling snow just explodes around the guy’s face when she hits him! How cool is that? The budget for Speed Racer was a mere $120 million, so they managed to pick up a few well-known actors, such as John Goodman and Susan Sarandon. The only downside was the Mach Five, the car that made this series famous, was only used once. ONCE! And they didn’t even use all of its features! I mean, what happened to the scouting eagle? C’mon Hollywood, put some effort into it! All in all, it was an okay movie. If you’re a die-hard Speed Racer fan, it was amazing, but if you’re just looking for a good movie that’s make you think, the this movie might not be for you. But if you’re a fan of fast cars, bright colors, and real-time anime effects, then this is definitely the movie for you. Speed Racer gets a seven, out of ten.


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s4 ports Shorts: Get your sports briefly By: Rodney Chowning The Lady Eagles softball team started the season off with a win; the final score was 6-5 in the ninth inning. They were down 0-3 in the top of the sixth until a five run rally was started. Then Neosho answered back with a home run to bring in two runs. Just when everything seemed to slow down sophomore Taylor Costley was up to bat with a runner on third. She hit the game winning RBI to end the game and start the season with a W. They are on a good start and currently have a record of 7-12. Coach Kirk Harryman currently thinks they are making great progress and getting better. They are also becoming really competitive even though they had to replace 8 starters from the last season’s team. With this progress their greatest current goal is to win the Ozark Conference. They have won 8 straight and lost only one. Spyglass October 2008 SPORTS In Sports The football team is currently rolling with a record of 3-1. The boys’ soccer team has a record of 6-2. The freshman volleyball team has acquired a record of 10-5. Junior varsity is 7-1 and varsity is 57-2. Taylor Tyrell gets a base hit at the JHS Tourna- ment. Photo by: Rodney Chowning With 6 current conference games they still have a chance to clinch the division. Hopefully the team will continue on with their success and not one player is sticking out and teamwork is in the spotlight. The Lady Eagles’ Golf team started off the season with a win at the first tournament. The participants for the tournament were Chelsea Damer and Lauren Johnson in the individual part, and Lauren Mahalic and Savannah Rivera. The team also won their own tournament. Three players from Joplin placed among the top 10 in the Twin Hills invitational. Chelsea Damer took fourth with 93 strokes, Lauren Johnson placed eighth with 103 strokes, and Krystal Beecher landed in ninth with 108 strokes. The next tournament of the Jim Pearson Invitational brought third place to Joplin with a score of 358. “That’s our best score in three years,” Coach Shannon Rhinehart said. “We’re playing like we’re capable of playing.” Chelsea Damer scored 84 to lead Joplin, Marnie Kersey scored 92, Krystal Beecher with 93, Lauren Johnson with 100, and Lauren Mahlic with 101. ‘Roids:Sports Editorial it’s all the rage Impressionable youngsters becoming more and more like their favorite stars on the field By: Rodney Chowning Steroids. They have become more and more common among professional sports. But, do these “pros” know the consequences of their actions? I don’t think they do. They are supposed to live up to the standard of hero and role model. Yet they get on the television, spit out foul words, and do dirty deeds. Michael Vick may not have been on steroids, but he sure didn’t live up to the standard of a professional athlete. Barry Bonds broke records until he was caught cheating. What is there to do? These “pros” are influencing the youth of sports whether they know it or not. They make it seem like pumping your body up with some artificial testosterones and muscle builder is O.K.?! This is just a shout out to you high school and college athletes who might think you need steroids. Truth is you don’t! Ask any coach and they should tell you the same. A good work ethic, determination, and a desire to better yourself by practice is what you need. Don’t let these “pros” sway you over to the dark side. If they jumped off a cliff, would you? Different words but same situation. Make your own choices but make the right ones. Stay away from drugs, steroids, bad crowds, and, of course, cheating. We may want to win, but lets win fair- the way it should be. Also, have some fun doing it. List of Upcoming Sporting Events Varsity Football 10/03 Waynesville Away 10/10 Lebanon Home 10/17 Lee’s Summit N. Away 10/24 Lee’s Summit Home 10/31 Rockhurst Away 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 Boy’s Soccer 10/10-11 Joplin Inv. 10/14 West Plains 10/16 Ozark 10/21 Waynesville 10/23 Carthage Home TBA Away 4:00 Away 5:00 Home 4:30 Away 4:30 Volleyball 10/04 Glendale Tourn. Away TBA 10’07 McDonald Home 5:00 10/09 Camdenton Away 5:00 10/11 Mcauley Tourn. Away TBA 10/11 Aurora Tourn. Away TBA 10/14 Kickapoo Home 5:00 10/16 Parkview Away 5:00 10/18 Neosho Tourn. Away TBA 10/21 West Plains Home 5:00 Cross Country 10/11 Conference Lake Springfield 10/16 Neosho Inv. Neosho-Crowder 10:00 4:00


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SPORTS Spyglass October 2008 5 Photo by: Getty Images, www.usaswimming.org Phelps: golden age Michael Phelps wins a record 8 gold medals in a single olympics By: Rodney Chowning When the world stood still the man from Baltimore entered the water with a goal: Win a gold medal in every event and on the side set a world record doing it. Michael Phelps is his name and now he holds eight gold medals from the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. Out of eight events he put his name and a new world record next to seven of the events. In the 400-meter medley he achieved a world record time of 4:03.84; In the 200-meter events of freestyle, 1:42.96; butterfly, 1:52.03; and medley, 1:54.23. The relay team for 4x100 freestyle achieving a time of 3:08.24 and 4x200 at 6:58.56. The 4x100 meter medley got a time of 3:29.34. This man is now the idol, hero, role model, and example for many swimmers of the world, this man achieved something momentous and now unforgettable. God speed to him. Michael Phelps Aaron Piersol, Brendan Hansen, 400 meter medley- 4:03.84 200 meter freestyle- 1:42.96 Michael Phelps, Jason Lezak 4x100 meter medley- 3:29.34 200 meter butterfly- 1:52.03 200 meter medley- 1:52.23 Rebecca Soni 200 meter breaststroke- Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens, Peter Vanderkaay 4x200 meter freestyle- 6:58.56 2:20.2 Michael Phelps, Garret Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak 4x100 meter freestyle- 2:08.24 Ryan Lochte 200 meter backstroke- 1:53.9 Aaron Piersol 100 meter backstroke- 52.52 Just keep swimmingThe United States rocks Bejing in Summer of ‘08 By: Rodney Chowning, Aaron Murray, and Mary Beth Roush USA In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, both of the US relay teams dropped the baton in the 100-meter relay. According to voices.washingtonpost.com, Tyson Gay of the men’s relay team lost grip of the baton as their team members pass them on, and Lauryn Williams of the women’s relay team simply lost her grip on the baton as well. She had tried to pick it up and finish the run but both teams were still eliminated from the 100-meter relay. According to usjudo.org, USA Judo team player Daniel McCormick from Wakefield, Massachusetts, made it through the trial rounds by defeating the top ranked player Anthony Turner. The fact that he defeated him wasn’t what got him in the next rounds, but it was the fact that he repeated the victory 3 times in a row. The USA is no longer the dominating team in softball as it has finally met its match with Japan. Team USA had always been the winning team in softball tournaments until now. With the help of Japanese pitcher Ukiko Ueno, the Japanese team had stopped team USA from receiving their 4th gold medal in a row. Japan beat the USA in a score of 3-1. According to netscape.com, Ukiko Ueno pitched 28 innings in 2 days. 21 of those innings were pitched the first day. Ukiko was the hero of the Japanese softball team, earning nicknames such as “rubber” or “robotic” armed pitcher. In 1972, American Mark Spitz set the record for most gold medals earned in one Olympic games. Now, 36 years later, another American has taken the stage and outperformed himself once again. Michael Phelps, in the water cube, earned himself eight gold medals, after surviving to close calls, set seven world records, and five lifetime personal bests. Over the course of nine days and seventeen races, He was in the water for roughly the length of your average sitcom. “What he did today, what he did this week, beats winning the Tour de France, beats making the last putt at the U.S. Open,” says Relay team member Brendan Hansen “This guy is the greatest athlete in the world, and every athlete needs to tip their hat to this guy” Natalie Du Toit, a leg amputee open water swimmer, made it into the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Though she did not get far in the Olympics, the fact that a swimmer with amputated leg swimming alongside all the other Olympians in the competition is very inspiring to many medal other amputees and others with physical disabilities. wrap-upNatalie Du Toit is a South African swimmer who did do that well in the Olympic game, placing 16th in her event, the 10k women’s swim meet. But that’s still impressive considering the fact that she only has one leg. She was on the way back to school from a training session when she collided with an oncoming car, her left leg taking massive damage. For a week, doctor’s tried to save her leg before finally deciding to amputate the leg at the knee. But even so, she still races today. She may have placed 16th in the 10K swim, But she finished ahead of nine other competitors, with a time of 2 hours, Gold 49.9 seconds, finishing ahead of 16 year old American Chloe Sutton, who broke down in tears after her races was over. “I was swimming next 36 to her, and she beat me-and she has one leg!” says Sutton “It’s incredible that she can do that” Natalie Du Toit finished the race fifteen people behind the leader. Even so, she inspired thousand and touched the hearts of many. Silver So, after all this, what could the next Olympics have in store? In 2012, London, England will be the next host country for the Olympic games. But can they top Beijing? London Mayor tells Michael Barone of usnews.com, no. 38 Boris Johnson, newly elected mayor of London, admitted that London will not be able to top Beijing. Johnson says “We’re being asked to deliver it in a credit crunch, and with what people say is a recession looming”. London knows it Bronze will not be able to top Beijing in the 2012 Olympics event, saying that people can’t be expecting something spectacular as Beijing’s display. So, its a hats off to Bejing with their Olympic showing. But, it leads to a 36 good luck to London in trying to at least be noticed with an impressive showing. It leaves the Olympics of 2012 a toss up as either a good showing or a poor show- ing all due to the most impressive showing in history for the Olympics by Beijing. They have a right to brag now.


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8 Spyglass October 2008 Q. How is the library organized? -Cody Dudley lunch? requiredYou will have an addition- al charge for Ala Carte and A. “Arranged by fiction and non-fiction, reference, graphic novels, study prints, and Full pay- $1.60 per day Reduced- $.40 per day A meal includes one entree, two sides, and a milk. vertical files.” -Mrs. Coffey *The dinner offers two traditional dinner style entrees. *The hamburger bar offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and fries. *The salad bar offers salad as well as an array of side dishes. *The taco bar offers nachos and other Tex-Mex cuisine. *Pizza bar offers pizza everyday and ala carte only Q. What activities are offered on Tuesdays. after school? -J.J. Anderson A. “Many athletic activites, wHAT IS A TARDY CARD?clubs and organizations.” -Mr. Boyd Your I.D. card is of high importance for several reasons. It has several purposes, explains Principal White.“Students are supposed to have that imme- diately available to any person that requests it. In prepackaged items. *Algebra I Ala Carte *Concepts of Physics *World Geography Tuesdays- Dominos slice or $12.00 for a Pizza is $1.50 whole pizza. a*Com*mPuEn/iHcaetaioltnhArts I Thursdays- Popcorn chicken and bosco sticks alternate. *The deli offers pre-pack- eLECTIVES? aged sandwiches and sweets. You are allowed two and a half electives, meaning you can have two classes that are electives each lasting one year, and one lasting only a semester. some schools they have to wear them as lanyards around their necks. Our school has not gone that far. Q. What kind of special food is there? -Brad White But in the world that we live we need to be able to identify everyone immediately.” A. “Pizza on Tuesday and popularpopcorn chicken or bosco sticks on Thursdays.” Remember your admit electives-Mrs. Dunn According to the JHS Student Handbook, no student should exceed nine absences per semester if they expect to receive credit for the class. Absences are categorized as authorized or unauthorized. Truancy is an unauthorized absence. A student can make up work in a course if the absence is considered to be authorized. A student’s legal guardian must provide “legitimacy for the absence”, which is generally a note stating why the student was gone signed by the guardian. There is a proper way to go about getting an admit for the day you were gone, said Mrs. Warstler, Q. How do you avoid who is in charge of the admit window: “Come to the admit window between 7:30 to 8:00. Bring Eagle Alley? -Ashley Smith a note. Fill out the blank admit, and that’s about it. If you don’t have a note bring one the next A. “Find an alternative route.”day.” aDVICE FROM UppER CLASSMEN-Mr. Boyd *Foods *Spanish *Family Leadership *Drama *Art *Fish and Wildlife *Journalism jstephensR@JoejaconeppSltitineo.pknh1ise2tn.ms o.us 1. Get involved in high school early on. 2. Know your route to your classes. 3. Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway to talk. Q. How does Late Start work? 4. Make sure to not use all of your tardies and passes early in the semester. 5. Stay on task and remember your supplies. 6. Know what you are going to get from the cafeteria before you get in the line. A. “Every Wendesday classes 7. Make use out of your locker. Don’t put all of your stuff in your backpack. begin at 8:35.“ -Mr. Boyd 89.. RMeamkeemsubreerytooubrtainkge arenqoutieretdhecldaasyseasftbeerfyooreuryaobuswenocrery. about electives. 10. Remember your tardy card! If you don’t have it you could get detention!


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8 Spyglass October 2008 FEATURE Bluntly bullying ByHunterDowell An up close exposure to bullying in schools, from years past to present The school nerd screams as his head smashes The effects of these victims are seen through everyday against the metal locker. Few heads turn in the social situations. Mr. Cravens lost his temper in response, “I did direction of the fight and fewer more swoop in to change the wayward confrontation. Bullying is now a hot topic as schools once again start. Our own Joplin High School is under attack, maybe not out in the open but secretly and n o t “Stand up for yourself, think [they] it was fair that could bully in a nonviolent way.” me…” These types of -Mr. Cravens situations allow students to become under the radar of teachers and students alike. frustrated, like Bluntly described by dictionary.com, the act of Mr. Cravens. bullying is a force or “overbearing person” whom is Mrs. Schroeder comments on the effects of bullying usually insecure. Our own Mr. Cravens agrees, “It mentioning helplessness, feeling like an outsider, school absences is a way for them to feel better about themselves, or avoidance, loss of the ability to trust others, and fear. and conquer their insecurity.” She also says that in severe cases violence and suicide Mrs. Schroeder, a JHS counselor, says the bully can become a response to being bullied. “isolates their victim making them feel they have no Most bullies tease. Sometimes, however, punches can support...” She goes on to say that this makes the be thrown and full out brawls may commence. victim have an overall feeling of “helplessness.” Mr. Cravens suggested that the victim should, “…stand “You can walk into a classroom and think there up for yourself, in a nonviolent way…” he said to “…approach is no bullying going on in here, but you have to look your bully with respect…[be] firm.” Though teasing is a type of at the isolation,” said Mrs. Schroeder. bullying, it is not limited to just playing around. Mrs. Schroeder also comments that bullying is Mrs. Schroeder believes that “we all have a support about the power, “The bully is saying I have power system that makes us feel better.” Our supporters are our friends over you, I can make you feel bad about yourself.” and favorite teachers. She goes on to say that bullies “feel they Mr. Cravens admits that he was a bully victim. do not have that support system” “A senior on the golf team attempted to bully me… “Verbal bullying can leave people devastated” according and another senior on the basketball team.” Mr. Cravens calls it an “The bully is saying, ‘I have power over you.’” -Mrs. Schroeder to Trinity College in Dublin. These attacks can harp on the victims’ religion, race, or even sexuality. Through the age of technology, the Internet is now a huge outlet for all kinds of bullying. Mrs. Schroeder said, “Cyber bullying is the new bullying!” “initiation” that The Internet is where rumors and hate rants can be seen never ceases. He on Youtube or read on MySpace. These attacks can be goes on to say, “The guy who bullied me was bullied totally anonymous or a place where people can join a group just his freshman year.” to bully someone. In the 2004 movie “Mean Girls”, bullying is If a victim is bullied, harassed, teased, or threatened, portrayed as very entertaining, but in reality can be there are places and people they can go to for help. Teachers are emotionally wrecking. The Anti-Bullying Centre at here to help as well as the counselors, and if the situation is out of Trinity College in Dublin Ireland says, “…children control principals can get involved. who constantly view violence [bullying] on TV and video develop more aggressive tendencies and less Drawing by John Butler empathy with victims of aggression...” WHAT ARE SOME SIDE EFFECTS OF BULLYING? WHAT MAKES A BULLY? * Self Doubt * Loss of Self Esteem * Helplessness * School Avoidance * Inability to trust others * In Severe cases self harm or suicide * Fear Source: Mrs. Schroder * Prevention of Achievements 6 out of 10 kids identified as bullies in middle school are convicted of a crime by the time they reach age 24. ww.pathwayscourses.samhsa.gov Source: Channing L. Bete Co., INC., What young people should know about CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Jealous of: *Looks *Achivements *Money Prejudice: *Race *Sex *Culture *Religion Failure: *Friendship *Relationship


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In the spotlight Spyglass October 2008 9 JHS spotlights history teacher William Keczkemethy: Constitution crusader By Aaron Murrray What a Character “I might follow the footsteps of George Washington in his various battles. I would start out of Boston and work my way through.” -Mr. Keczkemethy Photo by Mary Beth Roush Keczkemethy teaches mostly American History, but is also head of the Constitution Team and Jam Club. William Keczkemthy teaches three different history subjects, increasing in difficulty as the day goes on. He leads the Constitution Team and is the leader of the Jam Club. Also, he takes at least two different historical trips every summer. How does he find time for all he does? Keczkemethy said he doesn’t. “I will find myself during any given week having to jettison some stuff that I had planned. I’m a big proponent of avoiding wasted time. I try to make every day as productive as possible, and part of that is multitasking.” Multitasking. In this day and age, how does one manage to do that? He says “Let’s say, during a waiting situation. I’m waiting for meetings or in a dental appointment or a doctor’s appointment. I don’t go to theses offices and pick up Sports and Field; I bring work with me. If somebody can bring reading material, or work to get done any time that they know they’re going to be waiting, that adds a lot of time during any given week.” Keczkemethy started Jam Club five years ago, and has been in the lead ever since. A few years after he began teaching here, JHS hosted a battle of the bands. Keczkemethy was there as a chaperone. He laughed as he told the following story. “The music started getting louder and louder, and the music started getting darker and more raucous. And then the band and the crowd started getting out of hand, …one student seriously injured himself. “A student somehow got on the stage or jumped off the stage, to get caught or something like that, and broke his arm or broke his collarbone or something.” Rock concerts were subsequently banned at JHS. A year or two after the fact, Keczkemethy thought about it and decided to start the club devoted to jamming. “I think students are capable of a rock concert if we put together a more educational and structured way for there to be a concert. And so we came up with the idea of Jam Club.” To be part of Jam Club, you must either be a current student or JHS alumni and know how to play an instrument, not just any band. So sorry guys, Flobots isn’t “I’m a big proponent of avoiding wasted time. I try to make every day as productive as possible.” -Mr. Keczkemethy going to be showing up to a Jam Club concert anytime soon. Jam Club isn’t only a school rock band. “It’s raised money for entities like the marching band,” said Keczkemethy Every year, Keczkemethy goes on a trip to a historical landmark somewhere around the world. Last year, he took a trip to two early colonial settlements, Jamestown and Plymouth. Where is he going to go next? “I’m not sure yet. It’s still early. I might visit a string of early mill towns in kind of the Northern Midwest to New York and New England. I might follow the footsteps of George Washington in his various battles. I would start out of Boston and work my way through.”Although you wouldn’t think so, Keczkemethy didn’t always want to be a teacher. “What happened was, I was getting a criminology degree and one of the prerequisites for that was history and some of the social sciences, government. I met up with a college counselor, Don Schultz, and he asked me, how do you like to spend the day? I told him I really liked helping people. “I liked history, and I did like music, the stage, that sort of thing. And he said ‘One profession that does a lot of that stuff are people that are into education.’ And I never thought of it that way.” Drawing by Mary Beth Roush


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1998-2008 a time of renovation Joplin High School’s Spyglass Newspaper has been asked to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary at this location. To celebrate each Spyglass will have a decade page devoted to a certain ten-year period, this issue being the 1998-2008 decade. 1997- First year of girls’ soccer team 1998- 125th Anniversary Joplin Celebrates 125th Anniversary in 1998. 2000-I.D. cards used As most of us know Joplin was originally a mining town, and if you didn’t know, you do now. Joplin has three “founding fathers’ John C. Cox was one of the first to settle in Joplin with his family and shortly after established a trading post. Next you have the man the town was named a 2000- Weezer hits the scene Building a Better Media By Sara Patrum September 2004 but is not believed to be a founding father, Reverend Harris G. Joplin. The other two fathers of our fair town would be Elliott Raines Moffet an John B. Sergeant. Mining ceased in Joplin during the Civil War (1860-1865). The largest mining boom was in 1898 and another occurred in Pi Oklahoma in 1914. construction creates dilemm By Kade Schemahorn April 2002 As you may have noticed, Joplin High School is undergoing long awaited cons An idea, five years in the making, is finally becoming a reality. The Joplin R-8 School the existing building. In spite of obvious disruption of the JHS learning environ board has been discussing the idea of a TV station for the district since the TV Produc- project is promising to be very beneficial t the students, faculty, and communit tions class was begun in 1999. The idea behind it is fueled by the importance of hands- According to Principal Keith Willis, it is very gratifying to see “ the co on training. By November there should be a new building by the school’s Multimedia showing their support.” Center that will serve as TV productions’ new broadcast station. “It’s a great opportunity to learn by doing and for the students to explore a new According to Principal The community is backing the issue because of the overcrowding proble career,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Joplin High School Principal. Last year, CableOne approached the school board with the offer of a free chan- nel if the school board could play district-oriented programming, such as showcases of Keith Willis, it is very gratifying to see “ the com- which is evidenced by many aspect five lunch periods to extreme conge the student lounge. events, student happenings, school board meetings, etc. students in TV Productions 1 will produce 3 to 4 minute segments, munity showing their sup- The construction plans include a n ria that can house a greater number and all three will help run the station. Students run every aspect of the station from manning the cameras to “It’s a great opportunity to learn by doing and for the dents at one time than the current d making this one of the most anticipated aspects of the project. With a new cafe will be able to reduce the current schedule to three lunch periods. Students can writing the shows to directing and editing. The teachers, Bruce VonderHaar and Danny Craven, are mainly there students to explore a new career,”- Dr. Sachetta cafeteria to be completed by the beginning of the 2002-03 school year. Another thing that will be back to normal by the start of the school yea windows of A and B halls. When class starts in August, students and teachers s for guidance and supervision. able to stare at the beauty of nature through newly installed windows. “I hope to bring a very alternative, unbiased, creative, upbeat side to broadcast- While a few situations have arisen that created a small amount of confu ing,” says Fernando Martinez, ’05, TV Productions 3. huge undertaking of renovating the building has been relatively calm. The equipment that will be housed in the new building will be state of the art. “There are always going to be problems, but we haven’t experienced an “Better than any TV station in Joplin or Pittsburg,” boasts Vonder Haar. drastic. [The construction crew] works with us really well,” said Mr. Willis. The Federal grant that the district acquired is allowing the station to purchase The only problem Willis mentioned was that the cafeteria plans are slig full digital equipment. The new building, hopefully completed by the second week of November, will be 1300 square feet and have two sets. One set will be a news anchor desk and the other will be an interview area. schedule but are catching up. Since this has to be completed by the start of the next school year, this will be taken care of soon. “There are always goi to be problems, but w


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better beginning: lassrooms, library among renovation cott Hasty Editor-in-Chief ptember 2003 A diagram of the renewal plan of JHS in March of 2001 ew school year is in full swing, brining with it a new construction-free zone of rning and teaching. Though the noise and sight of construction will undoubtedly missed, JHS can now enjoy the splendor of the new facilities, the result of many nths of rigorous labor. Upon completion of the construction, three new hallways a w library, several classrooms, as well as the auditorium have been renovated. With over 50,000 square feet added to the school and over $9.7 million spent, at was gained from two-year construction project? Jim Kimbrough, JHS assistant principal, explained, “Well, 15 classrooms were ed to the building, two new science labs, the two canopies for the sidewalks that go Franklin Tech and the music and drama departments.” In addition, according to Kimbrough, thirty-two security camera were added, well as a new library, a renovated cafeteria, three new sets of boys and girls bathms, new parking lot arms, campus fencing, the remodeling of several classrooms pre-construction in existing bathrooms. Besides these improvements, construction included the conversion of the old ary to one new classroom and student/staff work areas. The gymnasium and audium and auditorium were renovated. School furniture was replaced. New off-street parking was created on Indiana Street, increasing student parkon the west side by 26 spaces. Junge Field track was sealed and it’s restrooms and cession stand were modernized. Now with construction concluding, students like juniors Jina Cobb agree that y will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that this chapter in Joplin High School id ally concluding. h the construction complete, Mr. Kimbrough commented, “Joplin High School is ate of the art facility. And I would like to thank the patrons and the community for bond issue, which has created a fine institution.” November 2000- Two boys go to paintball World Cup Dylan Neely and Nick Walker March 2001- School board votes Yes to Renew School “Invalid” makes 21st century appearance: Drama dept. presents Molier December 2001- Staff member in New York after 9/11 December 2001- Andrew Beard runs in Finland 2002- Dr. Sachetta and Mrs. White come to JHS Football enters 6A conference.


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12 Spyglass The Last Word Young new to Joplin, not to teaching By Mary Beth Roush and Aaron Murray Chris Young is a new teacher at Joplin High School. Before he came to Joplin, he taught for a year and a half at the Coffeyville High School in Kansas. When he first checked into teaching at Joplin High, he compared the numbers of students he had in Coffeyville to the numbers here at Joplin High. “In Coffeyville, the high school only has 400 kids, which is a lot smaller than Joplin.” Young teaches both French and Personal Finance classes. “I have an International Business degree, so the business aspect I like, especially when it talks about how business is affected in all countries and how we all kind of live in a global society”. Although he enjoys the business aspects of personal finance, it isn’t his favorite subject. “French is my passion” says Young. He had spent some time living in France. “I lived there a little over a year. I went to school for a summer and two semesters.” The first time he went to France, Young was in for a big surprise, culturewise. “The first time I went, I was a Junior in high school, so the first time it was very shocking just because I was not aware of the culture whatsoever, except for what I had heard in (french) class.” The second time he went to France was when he moved there. “I went to school at a university in Orléans, and I taught English at a local high school.” There are many cultural differences between living in the United States and living in France. “Some of the things that we differ from are just social habits.” “As far as dinner goes in America….we eat on the run a lot, but in France they have sit down dinners, and they can last three hours because of all the talking that may be going on and the fact that they have courses with their meals.” Teaching wasn’t always in Young’s future. Growing up he had several things he wanted to be. “My first aspiration was to be a chiropractor, and then I realized the years of medical school required”. It wasn’t until middle school that Young realized what he really wanted to do. “When I was in middle school, I realized that teaching was what I really wanted to do.” Music Review BON IVER: For Emma, Forever Ago By John Butler Justin Vernon’s debut as Bon Iver exudes such a strong sense of loneliness and remoteness that you might start feeling as one with the man. Before Bon Iver, Vernon was in a group called DeYarmond Edison. As the band developed and matured, the member’s ideas and thoughts began to differ. Eventually they disbanded. Shortly after the breakup, Vernon returned to Wisconsin, where he secluded himself in a remote cabin for four snowy months. During that time, he wrote and recorded most of the songs that would eventually become For Emma, Forever Ago. To describe the sound of Bon Iver is a task in itself. One might say, it’s the sound of a man left alone with his memories and a guitar. Vernon sings the majority of his songs falsetto and as his voice get louder, it gets more and more grainy, giving each song a very powerful and soulful performance. Vernon’s lyrics are like puzzle pieces combined to tell a story of a moment in his life. His choice of words are rare, yet make sense when put together. On the opening track “Flume”, the lines “I am my mother’s only one, It’s enough” form a strong opener. Other standout tracks on this album are, “Skinny love” and “For Emma”. On “Skinny Love”, Vernon once again begins the song flickering in and out of falsetto into tinny guitar strums throughout, relying only on hand claps for percussive support. “I told you to be patient, I told you to be fine, I told you to be balanced and I told you to be kind” is the full-throated chorus that you can’t help but sing along with. It’s hard to believe that For Emma, Forever Ago is the work of one man. But despite such simple arrangements, the album is a highly memorable and an enjoyable listen. This will be massive and I highly recommend it. By Qwyntnn Brown HOROSCOPES Libra: September 23- October 23 Your easygoing spirit is going to be put to the test this month. Make sure to stick close to your closest friends, and don’t believe everything you may hear. You have a great group of friends that will do a good job in keeping you out of trouble, but you need to remember that you are responsible for your own actions. In other words don’t blame others for your mistakes. Scorpio: October 24- November 22 In previous months your jealous nature has gotten you into some rifts with friends as well as within your “love life”. Now you are finally getting back on track, but I must warn you in coming weeks you will be tested. Yet again jealousy will rear its ugly head. You wish to keep your privacy, but one word of advice you shouldn’t tell anybody and everybody about your personal life. Sagittarius: November 23- December 21 With your optimistic nature you will help a good friend through a rather terrible time in their life. The only challenge with this is trying to give them too much advice, and letting them make mistakes and learn from them. Just remember that you can always lean on your friends for comfort. Capricorn: December 22- January 20 Being a hard-working individual will be your greatest advantage in the coming month. This month will definitely test your strength as far as personal drive and ambition goes. You will have to make many sacrifices to keep your goals in top priority. Aquarius: January 21- February 18 You are going to come to the aide of somebody you love and care about. Remember to be a good listener although it seems like you are getting the “wrong end of the deal” you most certainly are not. This healing experience for a very close friend will make you closer and allow for some great bonding time and memories to last a lifetime. Pisces: February 19- March 20 Try not to be too terribly sensitive to words. If somebody tries to hurt you with words just look past it, words don’t mean anything. Although words and phrases can be hurtful to your selfesteem, you should simply look past the childish act of name-calling. If you stick to your beliefs and stay yourself, change for no one. Aries: March 21- April 20 Slow down with your life, you don’t have to be running all the time. Happiness is the key to life; unlock it with good choices instead of bad. Make sure the choices you are making are the ones you are going to be proud of later on down the road. We only live once, make the best of it. Taurus: April 21- May 21 Your determination and loving nature will pay off this month. You are about to be rewarded for your hard work, in the form of a new relationship. This new relationship will take you by surprise; sometimes the best relationships do come out of a friendship. Gemini: May 21- June 21 In order to succeed this month you should relax, just slow down and “smell the roses”. If you take time to enjoy the finer things in life, you are sure to have a very successful and prosperous month. Sometimes when our lives seem crazy we try and find an escape route, but the best escape route of all is sitting and enjoying nature. Cancer: June 22- July 22 This month will give way to a major turning point in your life, finally letting go of the thing that has been holding you back for so long now. Remember it is easier to forgive than to forget; things take time so be very patient. Healing is a process it isn’t going to happen overnight, but you will make many steps towards a new beginning. Leo: July 23- August 23 You try to hard to be what you perceive to be perfect. Don’t change for those around you, if you must change do it for yourself and nobody else. Keep to your beliefs and love with a whole heart, if you do this you is not only going to succeed in this months’ doings you will succeed throughout your whole lifetime. Virgo: August 24- September 2 In every relationship you have been involved in you have been called out on being a little too attached but that is just your nature. Don’t let these words discourage you from future relationships; you will find your match one day. Don’t rush things it will come in time! Debaters work over summer for a heads up on this debating season Compiled by Rodney Chowning Members of the Joplin High School Speech and Debate team have begun their preparation for the 2008-2009 season. This year the team has projected over 80 members. To be ready for this season, returning and beginning students have spent some time out of the summer searching for a script, researching debate topics, and practicing their events. The first scheduled event for the season will be a showcase of events on October 2 in the Memorial Middle School Auditorium. The community and will have the opportunity to view the work that the students have put into their events. Kickapoo and Glendale High Schools will host the first tournament in Springfield on October 10 and 11. Coach Phillip Travis expects the students to schedule practice dates with him so they will be prepared for the tournament. To help, there will be a practice tournament for the team during the last weekend of September. Another way team members may have prepared is through the SMSAT (Southwest Missouri Speech and Theater) Workshop that was held at Missouri State University’s campus on September 13. “I expect progress in the number of students and number of sweepstakes trophies,” Coach Phillip Travis said,” and to give the opportunity to succeed.” Coach Travis also said that through participating in Speech and Debate a student may retain the skills they learn for the rest of their life on argumentation and communication skills, discipline, and work ethic and team unity. With the right effort put into each event by the team member it should lead to success which will leave the student with a very excited and rewarding feeling. Also, to go above goals and expectations set for you. “I think our progress does a great job of exceeding our expectations for students and the progress itself,” Coach Travis said. Last year the team acquired over 200 individual trophies and 10 sweepstakes trophies with four members qualifying for Missouri’s state competition and three for nationals, which was in Las Vegas, Nevada. At nationals, senior Adam Blood earned 4th place in Impromptu Speaking. HOMECOMING at a GLANCE --DANCE-Saturday, October 11 from 8-11 p.m. JHS upper gym $5 a ticket Theme: Dancing in the Rain --GAME-- Lebanon HERE 7:00 --SPIRIT WEEK-Monday: Cowgirl/Cowboy Day Tuesday: College Shirt Day Wednesday: Dress for Success Thursday: Rain coat/hat Day Friday: Spirit Day



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