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Spyglass Joplin High School Newspaper 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri Volume LI, Issue 1 October 2009


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2 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE in this issue Eagles Roll to New HeightsSPYGLASSSPYGLASS olympic eagles 3OCTOBER 2009 PAGE Spyglass is a student publication of the Newspaper class at Joplin High School in Joplin, Missouri. All articles are student- produced, and all opinions are those of the newspaper staff. Spyglass is produced approximately monthly and is delivered to all students, faculty, and staff of Joplin High School. Spyglass is currently available online through Joplin High School website links. www.joplinschools.org Spyglass Staff Sarah Sticklen, Editor Kayla Buchman Taylor Camden Becky Cooper Colin Hughes Lydia McAllister Emma Meek Aaron Murray Dylan Prauser Carvana Randall Cheyanna Padilla All students write stories, take photographs, sell advertisements and design pages. 3 11Eagles Roll to New Heights By Taylor Camden Football ‘09 By Colin Hughes “This year’s team has more players with better character and leadership which hopefully turns “Being an into success.” Eagle is what it’s all about.” 7 The Healthcare Dilemma By Sarah Sticklen It seems like anything the government gets involved in gets less efficient, less effective, and more cumbersome.” -Dr. Banwart 9 Ask Audrey 13 Freshman Guide By Aaron Murray Mr. Cravens, Senior principal, 14New show on Fox By Emma Meek “All of a sudden she says she can’t trust me anymore because I’m in high school now, and teenagers do ‘bad things.’ 10 JHS Clubs By Dylan Prauser “There is nothing ironic about show choir!” 16 Staff Playlist “Rearrange the room” By Taylor Camden Please direct all correspondence, letters to the editor, news ideas, and other material for the staff to Ms. White in Room A219, give to any staff member, or email to bwhite@joplin.k12.mo.us. Cover Photo by Sarah Sticklen: First home football game Cover Story by Colin Hughes: See Page 11 By Taylor Camden The 2009 Special Olympics- Bowling was held on October 2 at Fourth Street Bowl. Most JHS students qualified for state, which will be held here in Joplin on November 21. “I am very proud [of my on tapPhoto by Sarah Sticklen students],” says Mrs. Brooke White, “They like to participate in sports also. They take pride when they get to go and compete.” Oct. 15 -- Thursday 7:00 p.m. Varsity Vocal Fall ConcertAuditorium To the students who competed in the Special Olympics, representing Joplin High School is a big deal. Oct.16 -- End of 1st Quarter Oct.22 -- Thursday 4:30 p.m. Being an Eagle is what it’s all about. Esteban Hinojosa Adam Hughes Photos courtesy of Brooke White How does participating in Special Parent/Teacher Conferences Oct.23 -- Olympics make you feel? No School Oct.24 -- 3:00 p.m. ACT Test Oct. 30 -- 8:30 a.m. Half Day Oct. 30 -- ROTC Halloween Dance 6:00 p.m. Mark Herbert Nov. 7 -- 8:00 SAT Test Nov.12 -- 7:00 p.m. Fall Play-Auditorium Nov.13 -- 7:00 p.m. Fall Play-Auditorium Nov.14 -- 7:00 p.m. Fall Play-Auditorium Nov.25-27 -- Thanksgiving Break Stephanie Vaughn Christian Underwood


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4 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE around joplin SPYGLASSSPYGLASS students 5OCTOBER 2009 PAGE Texting while driving: What’s it worth? By:Becky Cooper and Dylan Prauser “I don’t think there should be 9 states, including Missouri and Texas, have On August 28, 2009, Missouri legislation passed a law that prohibits an age limit (on the texting also banned texting while driving for persons under 21. texting while driving for every person under the age of 21. This includes law). Everyone should have the The District of Columbia, as well as 21 other states, has restricted the use of cell reading, typing, and sending messages sense to not text and drive at the phones completely for all drivers under the while on the road. For every offense, the same time. If it’s that important age of 21. New York, and 17 other states have even prohibited texting for all drivers maximum fine is $200. Missouri is the twenty-third state to prohibit texting to you, you can pull over and while on the road. Legislation is encouraged to continue while driving. The law has provoked a finish your conversation.” with proposals saying states that don’t ban variety of responses. “I think people are going to --- Danny Craven texting could risk losing federal highway funding. respect this law, just like not going On October 25, 2009, Joplin High over the speed limit,” says Stewart Pence, a junior at Joplin High School opened its doors for guest speakers on smart driving. School. Aaron Sachs, area attorney, Sergeant Mike Watson with Missouri Although not everyone is thrilled about the law, many Highway Patrol, and Brian Dorman with KODE hosted the see it as a step towards safer roads. Some people even feel the assembly. law is not strict enough. The theme of the assembly was “Drive Safe Drive “I don’t think there should be an age limit (on the texting Smart”, and it was presented to the entire school. Students were law). Everyone should have the sense to not text and drive at shown various short videos of dangerous driving. the same time. If it’s that important to you, you can pull over Sergeant Watson discussed with students whom their and finish your conversation,” said Danny Craven, Joplin High choices affected, and whom their choice is going to impact. School’s T.V. Productions station manager. According to the KODE presentation, in 46.7 percent Studies performed by the Virginia Tech Transportation of crashes, the driver is going too fast for road conditions. The Institute show drivers that text spend up to 400 percent more time “Drive Safe Drive Smart” assembly encouraged students to abide with their eyes off of the road. by the new texting and driving law, as well as taking precautions According to a study also performed by Virginia Tech, to drive safely. people who text are 23 times more likely to be in a crash. The “I think it’s a positive thing that the law has passed. studies show that texting can take the drivers focus away for an It’s extremely difficult in my profession to have to report fatal average of 4.6 seconds, which is enough time to travel the length accidents, especially when it’s young teenagers. I support any of a football field at 55 mph. law that protects young drivers,” says Dorman, KODE’s evening According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, anchor. What do you think about texing and driving? Let us know your opinion about this timely subject. Be sure your letter or editorial is typed and signed. Bring it to A219 or give the editorial to any Student Spotlightstaff member.We reserve the right to edit for clarity. Vivien Moreno attends Missouri Scholars Academy By Taylor Camden The Missouri Scholars “I was excited but also Academy (MSA) is an organization really nervous. Especially about that is designed to give being gone for three weeks”, academically talented students, says Vivien Moreno, explaining who are about to begin their junior how she felt when she received year in high school, the summer her acceptance letter. “When and opportunity of a lifetime. I got there I was really shy at Students who participated stayed first. Eventually I came out of at the Mark Twain Residence Hall my shell.” at the University of Columbia Students were required to (MU), from June 7-June 27. take two classes: a major and After writing an essay a minor. Vivien chose Socratic and taking an IQ test, the eight Vivien Moreno Seminars for her major, and Got students that were nominated from Joplin Religion? for her minor. From her major, she High School were narrowed down to five. learned to think more outside the box. In her Those five students were: David Purser, minor she studied different kinds of religion. Corey Hounschell, Stewart Pence, Nathan “Everyone was really sad on the Fisher, and Vivien Moreno. last day, because we are all so spread out in Missouri.” says Vivien. There, the students met many different people from different areas of the state, but she still keeps in contact with them via Facebook and organized events. Starting in 2010, Missouri legislature has decided to cut joint funding for the Missouri Scholars Academy and the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. This may cause future scholars to have to pay their way into the program or cause the academy to accept a smaller number of students. Vivien promotes writing to legislature and making donations that could benefit the academy and future scholars. Vivien’s message to future scholars is: “It is a very unique opportunity, and a great way to build connections with different people.” Photo by Taylor Camden Edward L. McAllister D.D.S. General Dentistry 1530 S, Rangeline Road Joplin, MO 64804 (417) 623-1414


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6 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE Artsy around jhs SPYGLASSSPYGLASS politics 7OCTOBER 2009 PAGE P. D. A.: Taking over The healthcare dilemma Phartsy the halls of JHS By Emma Meek “It’s never too late to get involved,” says Becca Mascher, a senior member of the vocal music department, about getting into the arts at Joplin High School. Theatre, dance, vocal, instrumental, and visual art are easily overlooked at JHS. Each art form not only has a great program, but also has hard-working students that make it all possible. Without these dedicated students, the departments would not be near where they are today. For Becca, being in choir is a family tradition. Her brother and sister were both part of the vocal department, so it seemed natural for her to get involved. But for some, it’s not as easy. Getting fresh recruits helps keep art alive at JHS, and lets the seniors pass down a tradition and legacy of what they are so passionate about. Trying out at the end of the year allows you the possibility of becoming a part of one of the choirs. Another alternative is to ask your counselor about getting into a non-competitive choir at the end of the semester. Becca has been in show choir for four years. “It has taught me responsibility in a lot of ways and how to work together.” While in school, she always looks forward to Sound Dimension when she’s having a bad day. “The hardest thing is trying not to talk!” Becca admits. Along with finding true friends and learning a lot about herself, she’s having a great time. The vocal music fall concert on October 15, in the JHS auditorium, is the next upcoming show for Becca and the rest of the department. Vocal music is just one of the many art-related departments and clubs available to JHS students. By taking advantage of these opportunities, students can realize their true potential and learn something new about themselves in the process. By Sarah Sticklen Public Display of Affection (PDA) between couples is a common sight in the halls of Joplin High School. Some students are bothered by PDA, others have learned to overlook it, but most have realized that this is a problem that simply can’t be fixed. Many students think that the size of JHS and the personal beliefs of students are contributing factors to the issue. “There’s just too many people in this school,” says Morgan Olds, junior, who thinks that the main problem isn’t couples hugging or kissing in the halls, but the immense population of students. “I don’t think PDA’s a problem until it gets out of hand.” Like Morgan, senior Kaylee Riddle feels that PDA isn’t an issue until students start acting disgusting, showing disrespect to those around them and making others feel uncomfortable. “It’s cute to an extent, then it’s just distracting,” says Riddle. Keith White, sophomore principal, believes that those showing PDA aren’t respecting their own rights or respecting others’ comfort zones. Riddle also thinks that the acts of affection that go too far are mostly enacted by underclassmen and are simply acts of immaturity. She feels like some students go too far with PDA just to make the administration upset. On the other hand, some students feel like the administration takes PDA too seriously. There are disciplinary guidelines teachers are advised to follow concerning displays of affection, but whether or not the act is inappropriate or not is left up to the teacher’s discretion. “I was giving a hug to my girlfriend, and a teacher came up and said ‘you need to stop, you could be sent to the office for that’”, says Bailey Woods, senior. “I think there are better things they (teachers) could be doing than giving referrals for something so minute.” However, Mr. White says the administration is supposed to give the students a warning, set clear boundaries, and explain why their conduct is disrespectful, before more serious disciplinary measures are taken. Things will be great when you’re....Downtown By Aaron Murray The Downtown streets were bustling as people chattered amongst themselves, crowded along the concrete sides of Main Street. It seems if businesses in the downtown area have found a way to attract new customers during these summer and fall seasons. With wine tasting, poker runs, music shows, and art displays, culture had found a niche in Joplin at last. Every third Thursday of the month, the Main Street Joplin Organization, or the MSJO, hosts a night on the town in downtown Joplin, appropriately dubbed “Third Thursday”. The entire MSSU football team was there for a meet and greet session, and afterwards the team’s cheerleaders put on a fashion show where the girls modeled the newest fashions from The Upstairs Boutique. There was a “Mad Science Lab” there, which put on a show for the little ones that featured all sorts of “neat-o” experiments that were fun for the kids, and maybe something they could try at home. The Winery downtown had a booth on Main Street, where attendees could go and taste test the latest wine that the shop had in stock. There was also an Art Walk where artists and painters both display and sell their works on the sidewalk. Bill Van Volkinburg was one of the artists who was strutting his stuff on the curbside that day. His paintings were mainly of architectural structures and skylines, but there were also some humorous ones. The funniest was a dog lying down outside a bar, passed out, waiting on his master to walk him home in the same state of inebriation. These festivals were held on every third Thursday of the month to finish out the summer. The festivals resumed on September 17th, and the season will close on the 15th of October. Ozark Community Blood Center One pint of BLOODblood can save three DRIVElives! presents ... Third Annual Food, drink, and a free t-shirt for donors Thursday, October 28 at Franklin Tech Building 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. With 45-50 million Americans without health coverage, it’s clear that something needs to be changed regarding our current healthcare system. While discussion and debates over President Obama’s healthcare plan have been in full swing for several months, political leaders have yet to reach a decision or definite solution over an issue concerning every United States citizen, doctors and patients alike. Obama’s healthcare proposal plans to improve access to disease prevention, support disease management programs, and increase competition in the insurance industry. Americans who are unable to afford or unable to acquire healthcare insurance will qualify for coverage by the National Health Insurance Exchange, a healthcare insurance company run by the government. Many Joplin citizens have uneasy feelings towards a government-run insurance company and the effects of it. Dr. Jonathan Grantham fears this will lead to socialized medicine, something America won’t like. Dr. Chris Banwart thinks that the National Health Insurance Exchange will make things worse. He says that an insurance company run by the government would create more of an administrative burden on the physicians and make it harder to get the patients what they need in an effective manner. “It seems like anything the government gets involved in gets less efficient, less effective, and more cumbersome,” says Banwart. Others are in favor of the National Health Insurance Exchange program. “This works well in other industrial nations and to some extent already exists in this country,” says Joe Crosthwait, a Joplin attorney. Lori Putnam, who cares for her disabled husband, likes that the program offers a different avenue for those that aren’t happy with their health coverage or have no coverage at all. “Any coverage would be better than none,” says Putnam. “Trust me!” Another big issue with Obama’s health care proposal is where the funding will come from for the millions of uninsured Americans. Dr. Banwart’s concern is that the plan will involve rationing of care, which means that in order to provide for everyone uninsured, doctors will be paid less which in turn rations care and limits access. Doctors will also be working longer hours for less pay. “If providing care is the goal, then incentivize your providers,” says Banwart. One thing that everyone does seem to agree on is that America’s current healthcare program is in desperate need for reform, mostly dealing with the insurance companies. “The people running the insurance companies aren’t there to help anyone,” says Putnam, “They’re there to make money.” Dr. Grantham says that twenty-two percent of healthcare funds in the United States are spent on administration, and Dr. Banwart says that half of the 50 people employed at his office have the primary job By Sarah Sticklen of dealing with insurance companies and It seems likegetting pre-approval. This slows care down and makes it more expensive. anything theAside from regulating insurance companies, Dr. Banwart believes that responsibility has to be a part of any healthcare government getssolution. Banwart is a strong proponent of patients taking the incentive and initiative to involved in getsbetter their health. Dr. Banwart likes the idea of a plan such as Safeway’s Healthy Measures Program, less efficient, lesswhere seventy percent of all healthcare costs for employees are the direct result of behavior. Safeway plan members are rewarded $312 effective, anda year for not using tobacco, and have had dozens of employees lose weight and lower more cumber-blood-pressure and cholesterol, thus leading a better lifestyle and gaining more incentives. Lori Putnam believes that Obama some.”is already on the right track for healthcare reform and hopes that with his plan she’ll be able to acquire some type of coverage. -Dr. Banwart“He’s (Obama) got all the right ideas,” says Putnam, “but putting them into motion is going to be an uphill battle without everyone’s help.” Photo courtesy of abhisays.com


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8 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE around jhs JHS ‘Freedom Writers’ acknowledged by author Shown are: Tara Wilson, Skyler Sparks, Jessica Grissom, Brittany Botts, Tatiana Nelson, Krissy Charoneau, Tate Duley, Seairra Gill, Tyrell Smith, Latasha Sherrick, Tisha Campbell, Anthony Lujan, JC Hodgdon, Paulo Lopez, Corey Morgan, Andrew Burkhart, Rosio Arrealo, Juan Moyet, Kyle Spry, John Bidwell, Lydia Eagleshield, Re’chel Porter, Dustin Henson SPYGLASSSPYGLASS around jhs Ask Freedom Writers is a movie about a teacher, Ms. Erin Gruwell, who has a class that is not very keen on schoolwork. However, Ms. Gruwell gets her students to write stories. She published a book with all their stories, which later turned into a movie. After watching Freedom Writers in class, the students in Mrs. Rhea’s communication arts class were inspired to write letters to Ms. Gruwell, the teacher in the movie. Ms. Gruwell recently wrote back to them- with letters back to each individual student. Mrs. Rhea’s class was more than excited to receive these letters of encouragement and can’t wait to keep on writing! Audrey Dear Audrey, I am a freshman this year. I pretty much make all A’s, and I study every night for at least two hours. I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and I am also involved in a fall sport. I always arrive home on time, and never really get in trouble. My mom and I have always had a good relationship, and an amazing trust for each other. But, now all of a sudden she says she can’t trust me anymore because I’m in high school now, and teenagers do ‘bad things.’ I hate that my mom can’t trust me, because she doesn’t have a reason to. Please help. -Mamas’ Girl Dear Mamas’ Girl, It sounds like you are most certainly the ‘all-American girl.’ Having a strong relationship with your mom is a very wise decision, especially when just starting high school. Before I give you a solution, I’d like you to try standing in her shoes. Imagine you were a mom, and your daughter just started high school. Would you feel relieved, or would you feel anxious? Most likely, she is having a difficult time with you starting a new chapter in your life, and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Since you have a good relationship with your mother, it should be easier to sit down and talk with her about how you are feeling. Try starting out the conversation by asking her if you have done something to upset her. Be sure to mention that you feel as if you have not done anything to earn her distrust. Sitting down and talking with her shows that you are willing to fix things. Remember that you are her daughter and you always will be, so having a strong relationship with her is important. Since You Asked, Audrey Dear Audrey, I’m about 60 pounds overweight, and everyone makes fun of me. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried various diets, along with exercising. I’ve told people this before, and they just tell me to quit making up excuses. I have always been opposed to plastic surgery, but when I turn 18, I am planning on getting liposuction. How do I get people to treat me better between now and then? -Agitated Dear Agitated, Your determination is an admirable trait. It can be very hurtful when people resort to making fun of you. When doing so, they earn themselves a bad reputation. It is important to learn how to be comfortable with yourself, so you know how to handle nasty retorts. Only you can determine what is the truth. As for the liposuction, I would suggest saving that as a last resort. It is very pricey, and a very big decision. You should reconsider which is more important to you: spending hundreds of dollars, or learning to accept yourself for who you are. Everyone is his or her own person, and it is up to you to figure out who you want to be. Once you figure this out, it will be easier to ignore the rude remarks. After awhile, they will notice your confidence, and the teasing will most likely cease. Since You Asked, Audrey *To submit letters, you can either bring them to room A219, or even send a message to the Joplin Spyglass Facebook page. We reserve the right to edit the length of letters due to space capacity. 102 N. Rangeline Suite #5 Joplin 9OCTOBER 2009 PAGE 417-623-6000


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10 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE life at jhs Everyone agrees:“Young Life is amazing” Young Life started 12 years ago when adults in the community, Margie Moss and Sue Dixon, met Photo courtesy of Molly Collins By Lydia McAllister Monday nights at 7:47 p.m., there is a party happening at the downtown YMCA. This party is known as Young Life. Young Life is a group of high school students who get together with YL leaders to learn about God in a non-threatening manner. “You can come check out Christianity with no strings attached, and it also gets a little crazy!” said Becky Dean, the JHS clubsYoung Life director in Joplin. YL leaders from Kansas City and thought they were “so cool.” Young Life has now grown into a big program, with a sister club called Wyld Life, for middle school students. Young Life is a huge organization, working with teens in more than 800 communities across the United States and in more than 50 countries. There are more than 3,100 staff members and 28,000 volunteers. “Young Life is amazing,” said Emma Cox, sophomore at Joplin High. “Everyone is welcome; the leaders are accepting, and we’re one big happy Young Life family.” Young Life leaders are very involved in the lives of the students. There are bible studies, breakfast groups, and one-on-one time available with leaders. “The biggest part of Young Life is camp,” said Emma. “There is nothing else like it [camp],” said Becky. “Young Life camps aren’t typical church camps. The grass is always green; everything is taken care of.” Camps that Joplin Young Life has gone to are as far away as 16 hours by bus. “Taking kids out of their natural environment to hear the gospel is the great thing about camp,” Dean said. Young Life starts up this 2009-2010 school year with Crud Wars on September 14 at 6:30 p.m., at McClelland Park. Club will be held monday nights at 7:47, location varying. Read the Spyglass editorials on page 15 of this issue. SPYGLASSSPYGLASS from the cover 11OCTOBER 2009 PAGE Dance World FootballCOVER STORY ‘09 By Colin Hughes Lee’s Summit, and Lee’s Summit North. The Joplin High School football JHS will take these challenges as Coach Miller: Soccer team talented, hopeful Dance-Gymnastics-Cheer Susan Carlsten 1203 E. 20th St. Joplin MO 64804 (417)-782-3448 team hopes to add on to the four successful seasons in the past as the new season comes around. Lead by senior captains Jordan Rainey, Devin St. Clair, Jacob Murdoch, Brad Hefley, Gates Sanders and Eddie Wilson, the Eagles are happy with their team. The Eagles are returning 20 “This year’s lettermen from last season’s team has more team, and coach players with better character and leadership Buckmaster feels like this experience will help the team which hopefully be successful. turns into success.” --Coach “This year’s team has more players with better character Buckmaster and leadership which hopefully turns into success,” said Coach Doug Buckmaster. But the season won’t be an easy one. The Eagles are challenged by teams from Camdenton, Waynesville, Rolla and, they come, “I feel that our program should win the Ozark conference every year,” Buckmaster said of his team, “I believe it’s been 25 years or so since Joplin football was in the playoffs.” Despite not making the playoffs the Eagles have had success in the past. Buckmaster says this success comes from the hard work and commitment from all of the players in the program. But there is always room for more improvement and more players. “It would be great if we could get everybody to stay with us between their freshman year and senior year”, Buckmaster said, “We need all the experience we can get.” The Eagles started their season with two games away from home at Glendale and West Plains. Their next two games were home games against Hillcrest and Camdenton both at seven o’clock. After an away game at Rolla, the homecoming game was against against Waynesville. JHS will then close its season with games against Lebanon, Lee’s Summit North, Lee’s Summit, and By Colin Hughes the rest of this season. The Joplin Eagles soccer team “We hope to win our district, has had a very successful season so far and win our own tournament, and winning hopes that it will stay that way. our conference is still possible because Head Coach Ed Miller feels that we only have one conference loss,” Miller the team is more successful due to the amount of talent “The said. According to Glendale win wasthat the team has. “I feel like this Miller, the highlight of the season was a victory team is deeper talent wise, so we have more options,” said Miller of his team. awesome. The fans were into it; over Glendale, who is the second ranked team in the state. it was just reallyThe team is led by six seniors: Max Duncan, “The Glendale win was awesome,” he Luke Barr, Sam Yount, intense.”Alec Belden, Eli Welch, --Coachand Miguel Farias. said. “The fans were into it; it was just really intense.” “Rain has been a big factor this year, we Miller Glendale is one of the big three have only played seven on Joplin’s schedule. games. Usually we have Kickapoo and Rolla played about ten by now,” Miller said complete the big three. The game against about this season. So far the Eagles have Kickapoo was on October 7 th with the had four games rained out. junior varsity game starting at 4:30 and Joplin has five wins and only two varsity at 6 o’clock. The Rolla game will losses right now and has goals set high for be held in Rolla on October 27. of course, their district foes Rockhurst, Rockhurst. By Dylan Prauser Joplin High School has many opportunities for students to get involved in student organizations. We would like to include some of the lesserknown organizations in the Spyglass. Throughout the course of the year, we will be mentioning many of the student organizations in our newspaper. Academic Team The Joplin High School’s Academic Team is starting its 2009-2010 season and is in full swing. The Academic Team meets every Thursday from 3:45-5:00 in Room CC105. All grades are welcome and encouraged to join and compete in this year’s competitions. There are no written requirements for the club, however you must have a drug testing form on file in order to participate. “I trust a student to know if their nerd level is high enough to join,” comments Mr. Vogt, sponsor. The competitions run at district level up to state level throughout the school year. For more information on Academic Team, contact Mr. Vogt in room CC105. Math League Are you a student who enjoys and excels in math? Then Math League is the organization for you! Math League is an organization that has several competitions throughout the year at MSSU and tests student’s knowledge in all areas of math. For the past 12 years, Math League has taken no lower than second place in all the competitions and the team hopes to keep the tradition going. Math League strives to be the best in all competitions. Along with beating all schools the size of Joplin, Math League strives to earn the most points of all schools participating in the competitions. If you are interested in joining, the club meets every Monday morning in B212 at 7:45. Math League requires participants to have an A in their math class and is preferrably enrolled in no lower than geometry. For more information, contact Mrs. Delph in room B212. Book Club Books, books, and more books! The Joplin High School Book Club meets every Wednesday at 3:30 in the library. If you are a fan of reading and promoting reading throughout the school, you need to get involved as soon as possible. Book Club encourages all students, no matter your grade level, to get involved and help promote reading throughout Joplin High School. Book Club members have the opportunity to read and discuss books, decorate the library to help promote reading, visit bookstores, talk to local authors and encourage all students to get more involved in reading. If you are interested in joining Book Club, contact Ms. Coffey in the library. Located on Hwy 71B at 4706 Dr. in Joplin, MO. 3 miles south of I-44 on Rangeline Dr. www.joplineagles.org Delivery and carry-out Orient Express 215 E. 20th, Joplin, MO 206-3999 Lunch Specials Buffet style catering Drinks Ind. Bottle $1.35 2 Liter $2.10 11:00 am – 2:30 pm Comes with fried rice, egg roll and crab Rangoon all chicken made with all white meat Sweet and sour chicken (white Green pepper steak All just $6.05 meat) Garlic beef Cashew chicken (white meat) Vegetable delight Moo goo gia pan (white meat) Lo mein with chicken, beef or shrimp Kung poa chicken Fried rice with chicken, beef or ~ No Checks Please ~ Chicken with broccoli shrimp Garlic chicken Tangy treasure Beef with broccoli General tso’s chicken (white meat)


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12 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE around jhs SPYGLASSSPYGLASS The Wheels on the Bus Swine flu 13around jhs OCTOBER 2009 PAGE go Round and Round “I think we should just keep it in the back of our minds” By Caravana Randall In 2009 there are many changes to the school times and bus routes. Both high school and middle school begin and end half an hour later. The law states that you must live at least two and a half miles from the school to ride a bus. According to Michael Sharp transportation supervisor, the exception to this law is if there is an unsafe condition, then a bus will be provided. “Safety of the student is our primary concern,” Sharp said. According to Douglas Domer Assistant Superintendent, the changes in the bus routes are caused by the staggered start time. Bus routes do change yearly. This year the change was more largely due to the new times. built With the North Middle School being onto, more buses are being used. After the By Cheyanna Padilla With flu season just around corner many people are worrying about the the school is finished there will be more changes. H1N1 virus more commonly know as swine According to Domer, the main change will be flu. In the spring of 2009 it made itself more the destination. known when a epidemic broke out in Mexico. Four new buses were bought this Slowly it has made its way to many different year. The buses are not kept after they reach ten to thirteen years of age. According to Domer and Sharp, the changes in the times were necessary. They said that without this change the number of buses would have had to be almost doubled. countries and is now considered a pandemic. Swine flu is a mixture of pig, bird, and human influenza, which makes it a new virus. The vaccine for this flu has not been put out yet, but has been made. Until it is available, which should be sometime this fall, most people have been given Tamiflu. Future plans are being made So is this flu a problem at all? Or is concerning buses. There will be more green, it just being made bigger than what it actually environmentally conscious ideas with cleaner diesel. Cameras on board the buses and student tracking will be added. “We’ll continue to use technology to make our buses more efficient and kids safer,” is by the media? “Probably whether it was purposely or not, I doubt it was purposely, but when you don’t know about [a virus] when you’re trying to learn about [that virus] that could infect and kill people … it’s pretty hard not to keep it on the front burner,” says Joplin High School principal Dr. Kerry Sachetta. Some swine flu cases have been confirmed in Missouri, but it is unknown if any cases have occurred in Joplin. Most people who have caught the virus in general have been cured of it. There have been very few deaths due to it. With all the talk of the swine flu, students here at Joplin are wondering if they should be worried. People According to Dr. Sachetta, “I don’t think we should worry about it. I think we should just keep it in the back of our minds.” The symptoms of the flu include those of the seasonal flu. They are usually fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body ache, headache, chills and fatigue. If an outbreak of the H1N1 virus does occurs here at JHS, the school is prepared to deal with it. “Our nurses are cautious of what’s going on and are documenting what they see whenever they send a kid home that is ill. What we can’t do, as teachers and administrators, is diagnose something that has the symptoms because it could be any number of things,” says Sachetta. If the symptoms do match those of the swine flu virus, “…[we] send them [students] down to the school nurse and then we will isolate every kid, treat them as though they might [be infected], until their parents come pick them up,” he says. Students should take basic flu precautions to try to prevent from getting sick such as covering their mouths with a tissue when coughing and sneezing and washing their hands. “When we are sick we need to think about whether we should be around a bunch of other people…and just be careful about it,” Sachetta says. to know Photo by; Caravana Randall “Safety of the student is our primary concern.” A change in start time meant some students have more room on the bus. -- Michael Sharp FBLA on track with projects for school year By Cheyanna Padilla Its about that time of year again. Time to check out all the clubs the school has to offer. Among the many clubs at Joplin High School there is Future Business Leaders of America, or more commonly known as FBLA. FBLA is a nationwide organization that has been around since 1942. The main theme as stated by Kristi McGowen, a computer class teacher at Franklin Technology Center, is “to bring business and education together.” Kristi McGowan, a sponsor of FBLA along with Rayma Taylor, says, “...on average about 150...” students join FBLA every year. According to McGowan FBLA differs from other clubs because it deals with, “skills related to business that students will need in the business world.” Not only does FBLA teach business techniques, but they also do many community service activities. “We’ve done everything from adopt a classroom, to helping out the Boys and Girls Club, and serving dinner at Souls Harbor,” says McGowan. “ Any time they [students] perform community service, not only are they benefiting the community, but they are benefiting themselves, too. And it’s just a good way to get to know other students. They also have opportunities to make a lot of contacts with businesses that may help them when they look for a job later.” Every year FBLA enters in a business competition. “We have some tests we give to prepare different students to go compete at competitions,” says McGowan. Students first compete in districts which is in Carthage against 20 different schools. If they win there then they go to state in Columbia and then on to nationals, which is in Nashville, Tenn., this year. The officer team for this year’s FBLA include: Katie Martin, Lauren Johnson, Chelsea Harding, Zach Cox, Collin Van Ostran, and Autumn Lewis as president. The first meeting for FBLA was September 10. If you missed this date don’t worry. You can sign up until December. But if you want the FBLA t-shirt you must sign up very soon. Shown are Andrea Taylor, Anh Nguyen, Cynthia Moss, Chloe Hadley, Shelby Greninger, Audrey Lawellin, Kellie Stringer, and Morgan Butler at the FBLA tailgate. Photo by: Kristi McGowan Dr. Sachetta, JHS principal Mr. Cravens, Senior principal Mrs. Wilson, Sachetta’s secretary Mrs. Waldo, Senior secretary WELCOME. FRESHMEN!! The article you hold in your hand is a student-written guide to the people you’ll need to know throughout your entire career here ar Joplin High School. To your left and below are the principals and most secretaries, and to the right are the counselors and the students that they serve, alphabetically of course. Dr. Sachetta is the head hauncho around these parts, with Mrs. Wilson as his second in command. They’re the ones that handle the big decisions. The one you’ll need to worry about most, though, is Mr. Boyd. When in doubt, ask a secretary! Mrs. Dimmit, Guidance Secretary Mrs. Hamilton, A-C counselor Mrs Bowman, Mr. Lemaster. D-Hi counselor Hj-Ma counselor Mr. Heuller. Mr. White, Mrs. VanFleet, Mr. Boyd, Junior princpal Sophomore principal Sophmore secretary Freshman prinipal Mrs. Schroeder, Mb-R Counselor Mrs. Day, S-Z counselor Mrs. Steele, A+ Thanks to all the advertisers who made this publication possible: Dr. McAllister, Copy Quick, Orient Express, Dr. Fly’s Salon, Sugar Creek Designs, Raycliff Manor, St. John’s Hospital, Pitt State Univ., Dance World


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14 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE in review SPYGLASSSPYGLASS Searching for Saosin By Aaron Murray How well do you keep your secrets? Cove Reber wants to know. In Saosin’s new song “I Keep My Secrets Safe”, Reber sings about how well he guards his personal life, and no one knows more than what they need to. On September 8, Saosin (Say-o-sin) released only their second full-length album, “In Search of Solid Ground”, since they formed in 2003. The first thing you’ll notice about the CD is the covers. The front shows a clock, broken and beat down into submission, on a black background, while Reber shines in this album with his masterful lyrics and powerful vocals, best reflected in the song “Changing”, in which he hits every note he knows how to hit, including that elusive whisper note. “In Search of Solid Ground” contains three songs off of “The Grey EP”, including a re-mastered version of “Keep Secrets” with an entirely new chorus. Other songs include “Why Can’t You See?” which kept its original name from the album, and “The Worst of Me” which is a re-title of the song “Love Maker.” Speaking With the to the children By Emma Meek Pink Skillet ABy Kayla Buchmann cross the country on September 8, President Barack Obama addressed all public school students in America regarding staying in school and the benefits of having a good education. However, some school districts in six states did not see I recently visited Bob Evans restaurant. If you have the speech as scheduled, including some schools in: Texas, picky eaters or remember going to Grandma’s and her fixing Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. on the back, a woman wrapped in red cloth floats up the left Overall, Saosin has had some good albums, but almost anything she had, this is your place. With the focus on the dropout rate being so relevant side. “In Search of Solid Ground” definitely takes the cake. If Bob Evans began in an old Ohio farmhouse. The today, I see no reason why the address would be restricted The songs within are a story of how Reber does not let anyone get close to him, until that one special person breaks him down and makes him see himself for who he really is, through the eyes of someone else. you’re looking for some good music, or have a liking for post-hardcore bands with hard-to-say names, then Saosin is definitely a good band for you. I give “In Search of Solid ground” a 4.5 out of 5. “There is nothing ironic about show choir!” By Emma Meek Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) glee’s resident diva, Fox Broadcasting Company has caught on to the believes she deserves the right to all solos in given out after musical phenomenon sweeping Hollywood. “Glee” premiered convincing the sponsor Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) over the summer with a special introductory episode about an to stay with the club. However, Rachel soon finds her “true award winning disintegrated show choir, or glee club, being potential” when she is cast in the upcoming musical. This rebuilt. forces her to end her career in glee. After four long months, the anticipated second Guest starring in the latest episode was Emmy award episode aired on Fox on September 9. Since then, “Glee” has winning actress and Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth who been sweeping the nation, hitting audiences graced the show with her voice of all ages. and ability. After hearing McKinley High School’s teacher of the regional competition, and glee club advisor, Mr. Schuester has glee’s advisor, Mr. Schuester, high expectations about starting a glee club. recruits April, Chenoweth, However, when the audition turn out is much an old dropout to drop back less than expected, he is forced to find new in and again lead the club to recruits. victory. Mr. Schuester realizes This leads him to the star football the error of his ways at the player of the school’s not so all-star team. end of the show at the choir’s He eventually recruits more of the football first performance. Rachel team and some “cheerios” to join the club. then comes back to end the So far this season, Glee has had episode with a show-stopping performances for the young and old. Songs performance. range from disco, to show tunes, and even This added with some new generation country and hip hop. Photo courtesy of LA Pretty a hilarious all-star cast, seating area is small with warm fall-colored décor and plaid or even close to being a controversial issue. The American curtains on the windows. The staff comes to you right away, and the hostesses are always happy to see you. My waiter had the manners of southern gentlemen, with “yes ma’am ” and “no ma’am.” For dinner, I had the one-piece BBQ chicken dinner that was new to the menu. I had a simple water and lemon to drink. I ordered an appetizer of cheese curds, which ended up coming late with the apology from the waiter saying he people as a whole voted for our president, and I believe that not allowing him to speak to children on something so simple is close-minded, stubborn, and demeaning of the respect our president is due. It seems to President Obama has me that President Obama is undergoing a villification in which said that the speech had the purpose to challenge wanted to keep them fresh and warm. They came later when he is being undermined students to work hard, the main entrée was delivered. I am a huge fan of cheese curds and grease-laden foods whenever I go to county fairs, but had my doubts on the restaurant’s rendition. They surprised me in a good way and were baked not fried, making them healthier. The chicken was prepared just right with a fair amount of sauce to chicken ratio. The sauce was a mild BBQ flavor with no overpowering of ketchup or mesquite. Portions are generous, and you are welcome to ask by republican-leaning states. Presidents in the past have set educational goals, and take responsibility visited schools and for their learning. given presentations, speeches, and even read stories to younger children. Obama is simply trying to take this to the next level by addressing the nation as a whole for more dinner rolls if you get them with your meal . on an issue most schools are highly focused on improving. The check came a short time after, but the waiter However, the resistance he is getting is preventative was very good about seeing that I was taken care of before of him and the rest of the government of taking a step I left .I ended up taking a doggy bag because of their large forward in educational improvements. With the close- portions, but I had lunch for the next day. mindedness that was brought forth, it is easy to see that I came out financially pretty good and spent under $15 with my appetizer and entrée. If you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal, come to Bob Evans for a homestyle meal. I ended up giving the restaurant 5 out of 5 of my prized pink skillets for friendly staff, well-maintained building, and good food. moving forward is going to be harder than it should. The speech was delivered at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, and all principals in the nation were encouraged to let their students tune in. The speech was available prior to read to prevent parents from getting the wrong idea about what was being said. But, some parents were still frustrated. “While This show choir bases show however, also hits on actual issues that high school students face. Pregnancy, homosexuality, and the desire to fit in is addressed in all episodes through a caring teacher and an obsessive compulsive guidance counselor. a kind hearted romance, and a celibacy club filled with cheerleaders, easily make this the newest hit show on Fox. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at eight for what is sure to be a hilarious musical phenomenon. I support our children to respect both the office of the American President and community service, I do not support our children being used as tools to spread liberal propaganda,” says Jim Greer, father of four, on the issue. I don’t see how “liberal propaganda” is being Storytime with Becky human’s memories, including every emotion the human has spread at all with an address that has a common ever felt. message for both liberal and conservative views. The host, Melanie, is unlike other humans. She President Obama has said that the speech had By Becky Cooper When most people hear the name Stephenie Meyer, the hit series Twilight immediately comes to mind. Although her feature series may be her claim to fame, her alluring style of writing also shines through in her second novel, The Host. Released in May of 2008, this book was quickly put into the hands of avid readers. Veering away from her usual romantic vampire scene, Meyer takes a different approach on science fiction in her second novel. Main character Melanie Stryder is among the few humans left to fend for themselves while in hiding. The rest of her generation is forced to succumb to the disembodied souls. The souls, seeing how the human race had been destroying themselves, takes matters into their own hands. By inserting themselves into human hosts, souls are able to live in harmony on planet earth. Thus begins the story refuses to fade away, and forms a strong relationship with her soul, Wanderer. They work together to come to the aid other humans that have been in hiding for several years. Melanie is determined to be reunited with family the one person she loves. When the pair discovers the “survivors” hiding place, she is shocked to find that they are going to hold her captive because they can’t trust her of the purpose to challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. I can’t see any controversial problems regarding such a simply put message. Putting an emphasis on education can only help the United States and our generation, giving no reason for an uproar. of a relationship between a soul by the name of Wanderer, anymore. This is one example of the book’s surprising In my opinion, the president was elected for a reason and its host, Melanie. scenarios. and is only trying to connect to students easily. Honestly, Throughout the book, Meyer does an exceptional While reading The Host, readers will discover that it seems as though he is doing the school districts a favor job of portraying how strong human emotions can be. When they won’t be able to put this book down. a soul is paired with its host, the soul receives all of the and putting more emphasis on what they have been trying to achieve. opinions 15OCTOBER 2009 PAGE Gus Oberg ‘09 Adoption Rights By Sarah Sticklen Elton John and his longtime partner, David Furnish, were recently denied the right to adopt a 14month-old baby from Ukraine. Ukrainian law says that John and Furnish are too old to adopt, as well as being gay. The law says that prospective parents must be no older than 45 and will not allow same sex couples to adopt. John and his partner have thought about adoption for a long time, and while visiting an orphanage in Ukraine during his extensive anti-AIDS charity work, John found a 14-month-old boy, Lev, who eon over his heart. The catch—Lev has AIDS. Special needs babies are hardly ever adopted, thus they usually end up dying in the orphanage due to lack of medical care and supplies. Both of my brothers were adopted from Russia, so I’m a strong supporter of adoption and am familiar with the harsh life children face while living in an orphanage. I’ve seen pictures and videos of the orphanage my brothers were adopted from as well as heard descriptions from my parents of orphanage life. Babies without special needs have a hard time staying healthy or getting adopted. Imagine what a terrible life, if a life at all, a baby with AIDS will have in an orphanage, and their chances of being adopted are even less. John and Furnish wanted to bring Lev into their life, caring for him and loving him. They would be able to provide him with the medical care he needs to survive, care he wouldn’t receive in an orphanage. Not allowing Lev to be adopted is like giving him a death sentence. Who cares if Elton John is 62 or gay? His child will probably be provided for better than most any baby ever will, especially an AIDS baby. It’s such a noble thing for John to do, wanting to raise a child most prospective parents would overlook due to his unfortunate disease, yet the Ukrainian government will not make an exception to their law. Whether you’re for or against gay rights or gay adoption, how can you deny a child the right to live? Sttethaliylnukins!fworhmateydoaundJJoopinlionuSrpgyrgolausps!


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16 OCTOBER 2009 PAGE ABOUT THE STAFF just for fun SPYGLASS Sarah Sticklen: Q: Do you like the smell of gasoline? A: Yes. Q:What is the first thing you do in the morning? A:Turn on my iPod and wash my face. Q: What color shirt are you wearing? A: Navy and pink. Q: Have you ever won the game? A: No. Taylor Camden: Q: What did you eat for dinner yesterday? A: Spaghetti. Q: What toothpaste do you use? A: Colgate Total. Q: What’s your ringtone? A: Party in the USA. Q: Have you ever won the game? A: No. Compiled by Taylor Camden Dylan Prauser: Q: What is your favorite day of the week? A: Sunday. Q:What color is your room? A: Green. Q: Oranges or Apples? A: Oranges. Q: Have you ever won the game? A: No. Favorite Restaurants Sarah Sticklen: Buffalo Wild Wings Kayla Buchman: Applebees Taylor Camden: Johnny Carino’s Becky Cooper: Del Rio Colin Hughes: Hell’s Kitchen Lydia McAllister: Olive Garden Emma Meek: Japanese Steakhouse Aaron Murray: Wasabi Dylan Prauser: Chatters Carvana Randall: Golden Corral Find and circle all the differences between the two pictures. Bring the circled paper to A219 before or after school by October 16. The winner gets a chocolate bar. Photos by Taylor Camden



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