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April 2010 Joplin High School Newspaper SpyglassVolume L Issue 5 2104 Indiana, Joplin, Missouri


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2 APRIL 2010 PAGE inside SPYGLASS SPYGLASS prom 3April 2010 PAGE Spyglass is a student publication of the Newspaper class at Joplin High School in Joplin, Missouri. All articles are studentproduced, and all opinions are those of the newspaper staff. Spyglass is produced approximately monthly and is delivered to all students, faculty, and staff of Joplin High School. Spyglass is currently available online through Joplin High School website links. www.joplinschools.org Spyglass Staff Sarah Sticklen, Editor Kayla Buchmann Taylor Camden Becky Cooper Colin Hughes Lydia McAllister Emma Meek Aaron Murray Dylan Prauser Caravana Randall Cheyanna Padilla All students write stories, take photographs, sell advertisements and design pages. Cartoonist: Gus Oberg Please direct all correspondence, letters to the editor, news ideas, and other material for the staff to Ms. White in Room A219, give to any staff member, or email to bwhite@joplin.k12.mo.us. 5 8 May Issue Story Ideas Prom By Taylor Camden 9 • Student Council Elections • Cat Dissections • Spring Musical • senior profiles/senior senior quotes • senior page • Sports districts • Retiring teachers 11Even Against the Odds By Sarah Sticklen • AP testing • Staff page-senior goodbyes • Project Graduation • Earth Day Becca Mascher By Sarah Sticklen Volunteers at Hospice By Candace Neff Page One photo by Taylor Camden Page Two photo by Taylor Camden Photos courtesy of TJ Formal If you have a letter to the editor, please drop it off in room A219 (Ms. White) or send it in an e-mail to sarahsticklen@gmail.com. Letters will be edited for appropriateness. Photo courtesy of prommafia.com The model is wearing a floral print dress, a big fashion hit this year. Dance away in style By Sarah Sticklen This year, prom fashion is all about extravagance, taking a “more is more” stance. Vibrant colors, luxurious volume, and wild prints are all the rage. Sequins, bows, ruffles, one-shoulder, animal prints, bubble hems, empire waists, halter neckline, and embellished straps are also popular styles this year. The more elaborate and showy your dress is, the better. If you’re going for a solid color, vibrant shades of purple, orange, and yellow will give you a bold entrance. Add sparkle to the dress with a diamond studded or sequined belt. For an elegant look, go for a full skirt. Rather than the normal sleek, silky dresses, the voluminous skirt will make you stand out in the crowd and give you an aura of royalty. For added elegance, wear a pair of diamond chandelier earrings or a diamond hairclip. The trendiest dresses this year are ones with wild prints, whether they’re animal, floral, or even a mixture of the two. To really turn heads, try a bold print in vibrant colors. For an interesting Grecian look, try a floral printed gown with a braided one-shoulder top. Prom is all about having fun and creating memories, so enjoy yourself while deciding on a dress or making one of your own. Don’t stress yourself too much about the actual dress; concentrate on the person wearing it. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal style and flair to your dress, or don’t discard a dress because it’s not “in” this year. After all, the dress doesn’t wear the owner, the owner wears the dress. Prom Tom s:GusOberg‘10 JHS Students follow One for One philosophy By Emma Meek The popular growing international company, TOMS shoes, has one simple motto: One for one. For every pair of shoes sold, the company gives one pair of shoes to a child in need. Joplin High School senior, Tamara Zajac, has personally experienced the need for childrens’ shoes in Africa. “I went to Africa and we went shopping to get the children shoes. That really got me connected with TOMS.” Zajac realized the impact the company brought on which led her to buy her first pair in December of 2008. When thinking about prom, it’s easy to forget about those in need. Zajac however, made it her goal to find a way to give back. After getting a group of about twenty people together, she planned out “Prom TOMS” for JHS. The idea itself is pretty simple. “We are going to order white TOMS in bulk and then go to a park and have a painting party and paint them to match our dresses.” Although Zajac doesn’t plan on wearing hers to prom, many of the others will wear them on the special night. “I’m going to draw leaves on mine and wear them to project prom,” said Zajac. The group plans to enter their idea and designs to Teen Vogue for the “Style Your Sole” contest. The winner has their design up for sale at TOMS.com as a limited edition. Zajac is excited to share her passion towards missionary work with her friends and classmates and plans to pursue missions after high school. “I’m going into the fusion program where I learn to be a missionary for the first semester and during the second semester I actually go.” Looking at the big picture, Zajac is excited to give back in a small way that can eventually lead to a major impact.


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4 April 2010 PAGE prom SPYGLASS SPYGLASS Th i s o n e’sProm Horoscopes 2010 prom 5April 2010 PAGE Capricorn: December 22-January 20 Girl: Even though you’ve got some time to procrastinate till the end of March for prom, stay focused on fun times and saving money.If you’re planning on waiting for the boy of your dreams to ask you to prom out of the blue, be daring and try asking him in a sweet creative way instead, and if that doesn’t work, find a guy friend to go with which will be just as fun. Guy: We all know you like to put things off till they have to be done (prom tickets), but surprise your girl for once and be the one to take charge and show you can be trusted by organizing an event so important to her. You may not feel the same way, but will feel good inside when you put a smile on her face with all you have done. Aquarius: January 21-February 18 Guy: Even though your main thoughts have been on your studies as well as struggling with finding a date or figuring out how you’re going to afford all of this, let your girl help you with some of the planning. Talk back and forth about ideas before sudden changes happen you are not ready for. Girl: You have had lots of ideas on how you’d like to do this year’s prom, whether it’s your first or your last. You are relying on everything going according to plan since you do not like change and will lose your cool if something were to go wrong. Learn to go with the flow. If something doesn’t work out there is a reason and something better that will come your way. Pisces: February 19-March 20 Girl: Unlike the other girls who settle for a boring solid color dress, you will be creative and wear a dress maybe with historical theme such as a Roman times toga look, or a nice floral piece. Either way, you know what accessories look good with it since you are the big fashionista. Guy: We all know you are not the greatest when it comes to dancing, and may find your favorite type of flower to really give your girl is the wall flower, but don’t let her incredible moves ruin your night. Make up your own or do some crazy ones you see on that Youtube site you seem to watch so much. Even if they are crazy you may start a new dance move and will definately be remembered as the “fun” guy. Aries: March 21-April 20 Girl: Being the strong and organized woman you are, you are well prepared ahead of time for prom night. If you are taking a date your parents are unsure of, you know how to sweet talk your way into getting what you want, so work your charm and demonstrate to your folks you’re mature enough to handle this type of guy. Guy: Even though money is tight this year, you will be the creative leader in coming up with an inexpensive way to have prom and still do Project Prom, too. This is your time to shine with your original, romantic ways you have about you to show how much you adore your special girl. We all know you are full of surprises! Taurus: April 21-May 21 Girl: Although some of your friends may not like whom you are dating, you are not one to be a controlled puppet by your friends and will stand by your man and let the decision be up to you in the end. While some will use their dates for looks and to impress others, you know morals and the real things that count in a relationship and will use that to decide about your date. Guy: Finding a date will be easy for you since you have kept an upbeat attitude about getting one of you best girl friends to be your date for the night. It will be a lot less stress on you, since you already know her well and you have tons of things to laugh about like silly things you see people wearing and the fun you’ll have as a team at Project Prom. Gemini: May 22-June 21 Girl: No matter what happens on prom night, you will figure out how to make good come out of all of it. You are a glass half full type girl and your sunny disposition will rub off on your date and even make the grumpiest of people smile, they just can’t resist your lovely personality that is such a joy to be around.You will find many girls wanting to talk to you and having lots of memories and laughs to go around. Guy: If you planned on going stag or your buddies suddenly bail on you, you will hold your head up high and find some other guys to hang with or be able to find a girl to go with as friends since you know how to make the most out of any situation. Cancer: June 22-July 22 Girl: Even if you see some of your friends fighting with their dates, or spilling things on their dresses, you are not going to let that get you down and enjoy the evening very well. You’ve known the theme for a while since you’re so curious but know how to keep a secret and didn’t tell a soul till it was revealed.You will have lots to talk about to friends since you know a lot of general knowledge just remember to stay away from religion and politics they start debates and wars. Guy: You are the ice breaker in the sense you know lots of topics in the news and school that will open up your buds to talking and keeping them from staring into space while their dates chat with friends.You also may have heard some things about other guys’ girls but won’t say anything because you are very good at keeping secrets and the peace between friends and don’t want to cause a fight to break out. You are bound to find a smart, beautiful girl since a lot of women know that the intelligent guys of today are the rich, successful men of tomorrow. Leo: July 23-August 22 Girl: You always try to impress others by making them proud of what you do, and are sure to be the one with tons of great pictures of prom. Don’t forget to take time to soak in the experience yourself though, rather then live it for your friends. f o rGuy: Whoever you pick as your date is sure to be a winner in you and your parents’ eyes considering you care about their impression of your date a lot. You will find all eyes on you and your lovely lady as you enter prom while underclassmen and admiring peers look up to you as a role model and how to conduct yourself at prom so have as good of manners as you can. By Taylor Camden the g irl s Virgo: August 23-September 21 With prom just around the corner, girls are rushing to get everything done before April Girl: You will notice every detail about you and your17. Find the “perfect dress” or having the “perfect hair” can be time consuming and stressful. date and be the most observant for the night. If a friend asks you what appetizers were served or what songs played you “Prom is the night that every girl wants to look her best!” says Chloe Hadley. have a great mind to be able to recall things. Your memory “Prom is really stressful for girls. Girls have to find a date if they’re not asked, find a will serve you well this night. dress, make alterations if needed, shoes, hair, makeup, dinner and everything else!” says Alayna Guy: Since you have a great reputation forJones. remembering things your girl likes, you won’t have to guess Of course there are no set do’s and donts for prom, so they differ between girl-to-girl. what color dress she will choose knowing well she’s told you “I think girls should not spray tan. It makes them look orange. If you want a tan, go to before her color pallet she adores and probably decided longa tanning bed.” says Olivyah Parker. ago what type of dress she wants. On the other hand, some feel spray tanning is a quick and more efficient way to get tan before prom. Libra: September 22-October 22 “Tanning will make you look better in your dress,” says Hannah Sparks. “If you don’t Girl: While you may have prom under control, yourhave time before prom and want a quick tan then you could go get a spray tan.” friends you may find are either on the low end financially or Girls have high expectations for their dates as well. worried their dress won’t be as pretty as the the $700 one the “No full-on neon colored tuxes,” says Alicia Shoftner. girl across the room is in. Re-assure your friends that they are “Guys need to pay for dinner, open doors ad pull out chairs. Chivalry should not be beautiful, and if you happen to be much better off then somedead,” says Morgan Davis. of your friends, offer a helping hand by perhaps letting them Whether or not you should do your hair yourself or let someone else do it is another borrow a dress or carpooling them with your group to prom. Ifbig decision. things get crazy and someone ends up in the bathroom crying “If you’re getting your hair done, then you’re sitting in that chair, holding your breath, you will be there to comfort them since you care so much forhoping your hair will look awesome at the end,” says Chloe Hadley. your pals so make sure to carry travel tissues! Girls are also opinionated about dress choices and make up. Guy: While some of the other guys will take the easy “Wear a dress that you can dance in and don’t wear a ton of makeup that you’re just way out and do the easy sway dancing with their dates, yougoing to sweat off anyways,” says Cynthia Moss. will show off those mean dance skills you’ve been brushing Despite the stress girls put them selves through in getting ready for prom night, they up on. You will sweep the girl of your dreams off her feet andstill feel that it’ll be a night to remember. try a slow waltz or a quick step. Make sure to look deeply “It’s one night that you can let everything go and just have fun with all your friends,” into those gorgeous eyes reminding her she’s the only girl yousays Chloe Potts. care about in the room and you’re golden for the night. “It’ll all be worth it if you make it fun,” says Cynthia Moss. Scorpio: October 23-November 22 Girl: If you are scared that your dress isn’t as nice as some of the wealthier girls’, remember you are gorgeous in your date’s eyes, no matter how much the dress costs. It’s how you wear it with a smile. Guy: Even though you tend to be a bit controlling at times, let your date go off and dance with her friends. Remember it is a party and the point is to have fun with others. A plus is that she is your date and will still be there for you after the dance is over. Find some gentlemen to strike up a conversation with or relax for a bit. Think of it as a break and a chance to see your buds, too. Sagittarius: November 22-December 21 Girl: While waiting for the doors to open, you will be more then generous in offering your shawl or coat to huddle with a friend and keep warm till you can go inside. Since you always seem to carry a house full of things with you since you always seem to run into people in need of your assistance your things will come in handy this night. Hand sanitizer, tissues, and lip-gloss are some things to keep on hand just in case. Guy: You were always raised by your parents to share the wealth and pay it forward so if a close bud is having some tough cash times you’ll be able to lend him a couple bucks since you are successful at work and at school and will hopefully set an example for him to do the same in the future. Photo by Taylor Camden Photo by Taylor Camden Project Prom creates a ‘night full of adventure’ By Aaron Murray Once a school year, Joplin High School students all gather underneah a bus roof to stay up all night. Even though Prom just ended, it’s time for the rest of the night to begin. It’s time for Project Prom. Project Prom is an activity run by Coach Jim Whitney that keeps JHS students busy for the next eight hours after prom. It is a major undertaking, but the efforts are never wasted. With door prizes, t-shirts, and a full night of fun, Project Prom is a night full of adventure. Activities this year include the movies, bowling, the House of Bounce, the Flip Shop, Carousel Park, and Skateland. However, only three can be attended in one night, as you have to choose a certain group of activities. Cost for each person is $25, $45 per couple and $20 per person for a group of six or more. Itineraries are available in B209, as well as the forms necessary in order to participate in the night of reveling. Once the ticket has been purchased, the ride is smooth from there on in. In order to get into Project Prom, you have to have the shirt, which will be provided at the end of Prom.


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6 April 2010 PAGE prom SPYGLASS SPYGLASS Spring By Caravana Randall Tennis The JHS tennis team begins its season on March 25 in Branson, with matches beginning at 4:30 p.m. The JHS invitational will be held on March 31 at the Joplin Sports Complex. The tennis team also has home meets on April 1 against Glendale, and on April 5 against Nevada. Both events will start at 4:30 p.m. Track The Joplin High School track team began their season with a track meet in Nevada. The boys and girls both took first place. There will be a JV home meet on Tuesday, April 13. It will start at 4:00 p.m. Girls soccer The JHS girls soccer team kicked off their season with a home game March 30, against Carthage. Both teams won, JV with 1-0 and varsity 2-0. On April 9 and April 10 the varsity team will play in the Christian County Tournament. Those games will be in Nixa and Ozark. sports 7April 2010 PAGE Sports Coaches look forward to the new season Varsity baseball Joplin High School varsity and JV teams were scheduled to start the season with a home game on March 23 against Willard. The game was cancelled and rescheduled for April 12 .The JV team will be in the Kickapoo Festival on April 2 and 3. The Varsity eagles will play in the Owasso tournament in Owasso, Oklahoma. Games will be played between April 6 and April 10. Freshman baseball The freshman baseball team will begin their season with the Kickapoo Festival on March 26-27. The team’s first home game of the season was March 30, against MacDonald County. They won the first game and lost the second. Boys Golf The Joplin High School boy’s golf team will host the Joplin Invitational at Twin Hills on April 1. It will start at 8:30 a.m. The JV team will play college heights at the Schifferdecker golf course on April 12, starting at 4 p.m. Weather slows down season By Caravana Randall Spring means new sports at JHS. Soccer Girls soccer season is going slow according to Ed Miller, head coach. With the weather in the way it’s hard to practic e. In order to practice the proper formation the team will need to get outside. The team is now practicing a new formation called the 4-3-3. This means they are now playing a zone defense instead of man-to-man. With the season about to start Coach Miller is having to fit all activities he can to make sure the team will be ready for their first game. “I feel frustrated with getting everything packed in to prepare for the season,” says Coach Miller. With the new formation stress is caused to the team. To relieve some of this stress they have what is called Fun Friday. This takes place every Friday and it includes fun games that help the team practice along with having fun. “The biggest thing as a coach is we try to make it fun” says Coach Miller. The team’s first game is Tuesday March 30, 2010. It is a home game against Carthage. “Our girls work really hard and put a lot of time in,” says Coach Miller. Track According to Paul Chambers, head coach, the track season has been working out well, but with their first relays canceled by the weather and the spring break set back will the team be able to focus? Coach Chambers is determined to overcome the missed practice time and do well this season. “We try to treat them with respect” says Chambers. Chambers stresses personal improvement along with team improvement. This keeps the team positive and focused.


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8 April 2010 PAGE students SPYGLASS SPYGLASS “Little moments, BIG magic, HUGE IMPACT” students 9April 2010 PAGE “We’re all best friends. We like to be crazy, but we’re still serious about what we do.” Photo by Sarah Sticklen Becca Mascher plays her guitar during Sound Demensions class. Mascher hopes to inspire teens through her music By Sarah Sticklen When Joplin High School senior Becca Mascher heard about the KLOVE Rock the Camp singing/ songwriting competition, not only did she feel that it was a chance to reach her dream, but she also knew that it was a sign from God. “My mom randomly turned on the radio and heard an ad for the contest,” says Mascher. “I was really interested and had a few songs, so I took the chance.” Sponsored by KLOVE radio, Rock the Camp is an online Christian music competition similar to “American Idol” where singers/songwriters ages 13 and older from across the United States upload an audio recording of their original Christian song and advance to the next round by the number of votes their song has received. The contest began in early February with over 800 entries, and three weeks later the top 50 contestants were determined—Mascher was one of them. Before the contest, Mascher had never shared her personal songs because she was unsure of putting her feelings out into the open, she says. After learning about the contest, though, she felt that God was presenting her with an opportunity she couldn’t miss. “If He feels like it [the contest] is right for me, then I’m willing to give it my time,” says Mascher. Mascher began singing in church choirs at a young age and has led worship at Calvary Baptist Youth for five years, occasionally leading Sunday worship for the entire congregation. Masher also has been a member of the Joplin High School Sound Dimension program for four years. Together, church and music make up a huge part of Mascher’s life, and she hopes to use these strong aspects of her life to be an inspiration to many others. “I love singing and being able to show people ‘Hey, strive for it and you can do it,’” she says. Masher hopes to pursue a career in music but feels that it’s ultimately God’s decision. Through music, she would like to be an example for teenagers as someone who’s held onto their core values, she says. “There are not a lot of people you can look up to as a teen,” says Mascher. “I would like to be that person.” Rock the Camp, Mascher says, will hopefully be a strong start to her music career as well as being a way for her to lead and be an example of a follower of God. Her song for the contest, “I Will Always Believe,” discusses the sense of security given by God, whether you realize it or not, she says. “No matter what you do in life, God is always going to be there for you,” says Masher. “He never leaves me.” Besides an opportunity to reach her dream, Mascher feels that Rock the Camp has allowed others to see a different side of her, such as her teachers and friends at Joplin High. Friends and people she doesn’t even know have given her encouragement throughout the contest, she says. Mascher humbly says that making it to the top 50 has been a huge honor. No matter what happens, this has been an amazing experience, she says. “To see that many people supporting me is awesome,” Mascher says. “I appreciate it so much.” By Becky Cooper For over 100 years, the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has been reaching out to children all over the nation. The local branch of Joplin and Newton counties keeps the same mission close to their heart. Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is a community-based program where volunteers give up their time to form relationships with the youth of their community. Big Brothers or Big Sisters, bigs, provide individualized time to their littles on a regular basis. Generally they meet two to four times a month for a few hours each time. Bigs can always spend more time with their littles if available. Ryan Springer, former president, and current board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, says there’s nothing like making a difference in these kids’ lives. “I love seeing the difference that bigs can make in the lives of the littles they volunteer with, and vice versa,” says Springer. “Such a difference is made. I’m fortunate to have a part in it.” There are many programs available through BBBS, including the after school program through the Boys and Girl Club, or the Lunch Buddy program through their schools. The after school program allows bigs and littles the opportunity to keep in touch throughout the school year. Throughout the year, BBBS provides events for the bigs and littles to attend if they wish. Attracting the biggest crowd, the Bowl For Kids Sake is held annually. In February, BBBS held their first 5k Biscuit and Gravy run. They plan on continuing this for the years to come. If you wish to become either a little or a big, contact BBBS at Photo by Sarah Sticklen 417-626-9244 to see how you can become involved. Colby Ritter and Chase Cox warm up for band Even Agaist the Odds shares a laugh during downtime. practice. Making the band: Even Against Photo by Sarah Sticklen the Odds By Sarah Sticklen Joplin’s Even Against the Odds is not your typical boy band. “Even Against the Odds is really just the story of five guys who met playing World of Warcraft (WoW),” says bassist Collin VanOstran. The five guys then decided to become more than just “guildmates,” and create a band. Before EATO, Joplin High Students Chris Dorris, Chase Cox, Collin VanOstran, Jad Rahmeh, and Colby Ritter were simply friends who enjoyed hanging out and playing video games and Pokemon with each other. They were all involved with music in some way—from Varsity Chorale to punk and alternative bands — but had yet to think of forming their own band. It wasn’t until lead singer Chris Dorris had an epiphany that EATO got its start. “I was sitting on my computer one night on Facebook, hating my life,” says Dorris. “All of a sudden, I found myself looking at pictures of Chase and thought ‘Man, he can drum.’” Photo courtesy of kintera.org Dorris VanOstran, and then later called Cox, who contacted Ritter and Rahmeh. All were in favor of forming a band. Naming the band Even Against the Odds was a collaborative decision, but VanOstran initially thought of the name while performing one of his favorite activities — math. “I was in calculus discovering new theorems. I came up with the name while calculating a theorem for Saturn,” says VanOstran. Though the band appreciates the name’s play on words with math, there’s also a more inspirational meaning to EATO that all the members acknowledge and feel they stand for. “Even Against the Odds stands for everybody who didn’t think they would fit in,” says Dorris. “We believe that anything can happen despite difficult circumstances.” EATO did just that when they drove to Prague, Oklahoma, at 5:45 a.m. to record with CrooKneck and produce their first EP, a CD of four songs with the purpose of promoting their music and having something to give to venues where they’d like to play. The songs on the EP, all written by EATO, cover everything from high school and girls to taking a risk and stepping out on your own. “Make it onYour Own” is the band’s trademark song, discussing the band’s journey toward success and featuring memorable lines such as “Music is our sig (signature),” a favorite phrase of EATO. “No matter what you do, it’s always possible to make it on your own,” says Cox. EATO hopes to go on tour and produce a full CD, but in the meantime they still plan to continue producing music, remaining close friends, having a good time, and living up to their reputation as “the crazy band.” Before every show, EATO has a “bathroom sig,” where they go inside the venue’s bathroom and bang on and hit things in an effort to get pumped for the show. “They just be who they are and don’t care what people think. They want to have fun,” says Joplin’s Clayton Stehm, a fan and friend of EATO. Joplin’s Zach Jaggars agrees, saying that while he enjoys their music and will support them in any way possible, he also likes just hanging out with them on a regular basis. “We’re all best friends,” says Rahmeh. “We like to be crazy, but we’re still serious about what we do.” EATO will be playing many upcoming shows, and will also be hosting a big outdoor party and bonfire at Dorris’s house on April 10 at 6:00 p.m. Call (417) 499-0100 for directions or visit their Myspace page at www.myspace. com/evenagainsttheodds417. Even Against the Odds is only in the business for the music, says Dorris. But on a side note, ladies, they’re still looking for dates to the prom.


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10 April 2010 PAGE Key Club fares well at District Leadership Conference By Colin Hughes The Joplin High School Key Club went to Lake of the Ozarks on March 1921 for the 63rd annual District Leadership Conference. The club totaled an outstanding amount of community service hours. “We totaled our top 50 service projects and it added up to over 2,500 hours”, said Karisa Boyer, the key club advisor. They also raised 7,700 dollars in fundraising. This event is also when the new district officers are elected to lead Key Club until March 2011. Kalli McCoy of JHS as elected to be the Division 7 Lieutenant Governor. Awards won by students were the Distinguished Vice president Jessica Cashion, Distinguished Secretary Sarah Kessler, and Distinguished President Caleb Wheeler Boyer said, “We go to spread the word about what our key club does and to get our officers the training they need.” Some other awards that the group won were Outstanding Kiwanis Sponsor Bill Echman, Outstanding Faculty Advisor Karisa Boyer, and Jamie Orlando was awarded for her speech at the ending ceremony. 11Speech and around jhs debate team does an ‘excellent job’ at SPYGLASS SPYGLASS district competitionsSenior takes By Candace Neff spotlight around jhs Volunteering for a April 2010 PAGE cause By Dylan Prauser On March 5-6, the JHS debate team headed to Carthage, Missouri, for MSHAA debate districts. On March 19-20, Joplin High School hosted NFL debate districts. Joplin was one in about 15 schools for MSHAA districts and one in about 20 schools for National Forensics League (NFL) districts. For Joplin High School’s debate team, 7 entries advanced to State competitions. This is the most entries for JHS’ debate team in 10 years. “I’m very proud of my students, whether they advanced or not; they certainly exceeded my expectations,” said Bobby Stackhouse, JHS debate head coach. The debate team had a little harder time competing at NFL districts. Several first alternates and a few individuals did advance form NFL. “The team did an excellent job. Overall, a good showing for Joplin, Missouri,” said Evan Ash, debate team president. The debate team is now preparing for upcoming competitions such as MSHAA state, April 23-24, Student Congress districts April 8-9, and National competitions, June 14-18 in Kansas City. Empowering the Next Generation “I’m very proud of my I began attending my current high school in 2008. That was the first time I had ever heard of a program like Jobs for Missouri’s Graduates. I had just moved from a town far west and had no job skills beyond a bit of typing I had learned in a Keyboarding class at students, whether they my old high school. I must say that taking JMG is one of the best choices I have made in advanced or not; they my life. certainly exceeded my The JMG program has helped me greatly. Since I have been in JMG, I have learned how to write a proper resume and cover letter, how to fill out a job application expectations.”Bobby Stackhouse, JHS debate head coach properly, and how to act during an interview. I have also learned better studying skills. Before, I merely relied on luck and what I had managed to retain rather than actual studying. Now I do not have to be so panicked on test day. JMG has also taught me other necessary job skills beyond the paperwork. Through JMG, I have worked on improving my decision making and leadership skills. Before, I absolutely dreaded any time I was chosen to lead a project. I also was very indecisive. Even the simplest of decision Skills U.S.A. has high expectations for the state competition troubled me (and, by extension, my group). I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress. Jobs for Missouri’s Graduates has also helped me in Students prepare for the future using what they learn in Skills U.S.A. ways beyond learning vital job skills. Since I have joined, I have felt my self-cofidence rise. Previously, I was often too nervous to leave the house, let alone ask for a job application By Dylan Prauser Wednesday, March 24, Franklin Technology Center students headed to Linn State Technical College in Jefferson City for Skills U.S.A., state competitions. Students from Certified Nurse’s Assistant, Welding, Collision Repair, and other F.T.C programs were in attendance. SkillsUSA is an organization dedicated to the education of the future leaders of America. Students participate in time management, professional attitude and leadership developments. Students spend all year preparing themselves for competitions. SkillsUSA competitions start at district level and go up to world. Competitions are set up around the program they are involved in. The medical programs have the Health Knowledge Bowl, welding has their test, and so on. SkillsUSA state competitions also allow students to know what to expect at the next level. Student competitors and instructors use this as an opportunity to teach students about their field of study. Students are able to interact and meet other people from all over Missouri and learn and review questions or tasks involved with their program and meeting new people is what gives Skills USA the sense of professional development our future leaders need. or go to an inteview. Now, I am at the state capital, competing in an essay writing event. I have also become more active in terms of listening to the news. Through JMG, I am getting better at keeping up with what is happening, as current events have become far too interesting to ignore. Through JMG, I have also received a chance to get out and see some local businesses. Seeing a business or corporation from the inside is one of the best things about the JMG program. It has made me think of what jobs would best suit me. For example, a job at a hospital would not work out since I am rather squeamih when it comes to blood. However, a job at a newspaper seems much more fitting, given my love of history and writing. Aside from field trips, we have many guest speakers visit our classroom. Several of them are military recruiters, while others are from colleges, businesses, or organizations. Photo by Colin Hughes Susan Hahne, Director of Volunteer Services from Avalon Hospice, talks to students about what it means to be a hospice volunteer. The military recruiters have taught me more about our nation’s military than I have thought possible. Another speaker was from Spartan Air Academy, a college dedicated to aerospace technology. From her, I learned that much of the technology used in planes is used in several other places, such as theme park, and thus, a graduate has a variety of jobs to choose from, either in or out of the aerospace industry. Guest speakers from the SCOPE organization showed us how science and technology applies to many things in our lives. Through them, I learned that the state of Missouri is a leader is agriculture, alternative energy, and medical and aerospace technology. The Jobs for Missouri’s Graduates program has given me skills to not only succeed in the work place, but to succeed in life. Through the class, field trips, and guest speakers, I have learned more in two years than I ever imagined possible. I hope the JAG program remains for many years to come. It is possibly the most valuable class I have ever taken or ever will take. Senior, Candace Neff, placed first in the Jobs for Missouri’s Graduates essay contest. The topic was how Jobs for Missouri’s Graduates empowers the next generation. Neff received a plaque for placing first. Music Districts By Taylor Camden On March 5, Joplin High School’s Music Department went to Districts to be judges and rated for their vocals and instrumentals. Ensembles and solos are rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest. Ensembles and solos who receive a one will advance to State. “I’m really excited to go this year, it’s a great experience,” says Sarah Kessler. Kessler was scored a 1 on her violin solo. “I’m really proud of everyone in our ensemble. We worked really hard and we’re really excited to perform at State,” says Mariah Sanders. Performers that received a one at State will advance to State, which will be held at MU in Columbia, Mo., in May.


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12April 2010 PAGE journalism class news SPYGLASSSPYGLASS Scientists, astronomers troubled by change in Earth’s rotation features 13April 2010 PAGE Ostrich on the loose in Joplin By Shelby Hass Scientists and astronomers from all over the world have teamed up with NASA in order to study the possible causes of what they are calling a “cataclysmic event.” Satellites have shown that Earth is suddenly orbiting closer toward its neighboring planet, Venus. We noticed the change weeks ago, but thought nothing of it because we often see this,” said NASA radar specialist, Gene Goben. Planets’ orbits are often found to be closer together or farther apart by a margin of roughly 3,000 miles due to constant changes within our solar system. “However, these changes usually return to normal, but when the two planets continued to move closer together we got worried,” added Goben. Possible causes include a growing pull between the two planets’ inner poles, or a change occurring outside of the Milky “Way Galaxy, such as a large meteor crash. “The orbits are changing so rapidly that this means one thing; the planets will crash together by 2012,” said Goben. Other NASA officials believe this is exactly what the Mayans predicted in their calendar, and that anyone who believes this April Fools joke should climb into a bomb shelter. Eagles welcome Cardinals into their midst By Stephanie Schneickert Early morning, March 31, 2010, a Cawston’s Ostrich Farm truck transporting ostriches on Range Line hit a curb. Truck driver and farm owner Rick Cawston pulled to the nearest parking lot to re-hinge the trailer in the back. He reported that one of the ostriches escaped without his knowledge. “I had no clue of the escape until after I arrived at the farm, when I triple checked my We have had numerous head count,” said Cawston. He remained ostrich sightings reported to us calm and since yesterday, dropped his remaining ostrich order but we have yet to capture it. off. “I then turned back to Range --Joplin police chief Line, and searched Mike Wazowski for three hours, until giving up and calling the police,” said Cawston. The Joplin police were notified at 11 a.m. They then notified Animal Control and Joplin news stations. Joplin police Chief Mike Wazowski said, “We have had numerous ostrich sightings reported to us since yesterday, but we have yet to capture it.” According to Jorge Gonzales, head of the Animal Control department,“You need to be cautious when commuting in Joplin, as ostriches can cause damage to vehicles.” If you see an ostrich loose in Joplin, please call 417 APRIL-FOOLS. Faulty deep fryer causes fire, damage to Webb City High School By Tressia Blum Starting April 3, Webb City High School (WCHS) students will be attending Joplin High School (JHS) while their building is under construction. During spring break, a fire started in the Webb City cafeteria due to a faulty deep fryer. No one was injured but the building had extensive damages. Dr. Kerry Sacetta, head principle of JHS, was willing to open Joplin’s doors to the Webb City students. “Joplin is the only high school in the area that is large enough to accomidate both sets of students,” said Dr. Sacetta. Being school rivals, the students may have a hard time sharing the school. “Teachers and staff will not allow any horse play,” said Dr. Sacetta. This situation is not all bad, though. Most students from both schools are looking forward to meeting new people an having new experiences. “I cant wait to get to know new people,” says Lauren Miller, a senior at WCHS. Dr. Sacetta and Stephen Gollhofer, principle of WCHS, are going to work closely together during this time. With only a few months left of school, the students and staffs should be able to hold out. WCHS damages should be taken care of by the end of the summer. If the WCHS students are still at JHS next fall, the coaches plan to combine the best of both schools for the football season. Hopefully the schools can put aside their differences and have a great year. Dr. Sacetta said “Webb City students will be more than welcome to stay for as long as they need to.” April fools. Amelia Warstler signs up students for the blood drive to be held on Friday, April 9 at Joplin High School. Seniors, interested in a new car? By Cheyanna Padilla Attention all seniors! Don’t forget to sign up for the Roper Kia car giveaway. Though the deadline has not been set for signups yet, Dr. Sachetta said that it would be best to sign up in the next couple of weeks. Jack “Jef” Frost, owner of Roper Kia, and Dr. Sachetta have come together to form a nice proposition for this year’s seniors: a drawing for a 2008 Kia Rio. To qualify for the drawing, students must: attain at least a 2.5 GPA average for their senior year, miss no more than six days for the entire school year, have no office referrals or consequences of a serious nature for the school year (ASD, ISD or OSS), be involved in at least two activities and have at least four hours of community service. Frost got the idea from a fellow dealer who is apart of a group of dealers from across the nation. This dealer rewarded seniors who qualified with a drawing for a car. “That’s really what I wanted to do. I just didn’t know how it was done … so I kind of used him as an example and kind of followed his lead on it,” says Frost. “It kind of goes along with the graduation matters incentive that the schools are doing,” continued Frost. “It gets the kids involved for good grades and good attendance, no disciplinary issues and getting involved in the community.” “We are hoping that [it] motivates a few more [students] to do something more and learn something more about themselves in the process, whether it be community service or participating in more school activities,” says Dr. Sachetta. The car is a 2008 Kia Rio. It is blue, four-door, with a good size trunk, good safety ratings, over 30 miles to the gallon, automatic transmission, and has a CD player. According to Frost, “ It has a 100,000-mile nationwide warranty, so if somebody goes to college, any kind of repair or anything that it could possibly need will be covered, and we’ll also pay for the tax and title fees for it. Basically whoever wins it will only have to fill it up with gas, do the oil changes, and buy their insurance.” So far the date set for the car giveaway is before the senior assembly on May 7. A week before that, ten students’ names will be drawn from all the qualifying seniors. Then on May 7, each of the ten students will be given a key. One by one each student will try the key on the car. Which ever one starts the car will win it. So, seniors, sign up as soon as possible! The paper that you must fill out is available in the senior office. Reminders will be announced during fourth hour, signs will be posted up around school, and it will be mentioned at some of the games. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. Photo by Taylor Camden GENERAL DENTISTRY Stephen Menke DDS 1530 Range Line Joplin 417-624-5797


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April 2010 14PAGE reviews Zebras come from California By Aaron Murray Take one Punk Rock Band. Add one teaspoon of Screamo, add a little Ska and a pinch of rap, and stir. Normally, this would make a musical disaster that would make even the stoutest of music fans run away screaming. But Zebrahead has managed to pull it off. Zebrahead is comprised of four People: Matty Lewis on vocals, Guitarist Greg Bergdorf, Ed Udhus on drums and the vocalist who joined later in the band’s carrer, Ali Tabatabaee. Zebrahead formed in 1996 in California, home of some of the biggest Ska bands that have ever existed. But unlike the music of their home, they decided to incorporate some Hip-Hop into their sound, Tabatabaee’s attention They first came onto the scene with an E.P. titled “Yellow” under their Dr. Dream indie label in 1998, they were soon picked up by Columbia Records, releasing their first full length album, “Waste of Mind” Since then, they have released 5 new albums, the newest being Panty Raid. where they guys take 15 songs, sung by girls, like Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”, and remix it in their own Punk-Rock-Rap fashion. Zebrahead is not for the light listener. Their music is has deeper meaning when you listen to it. “Dear You” caresses the listener with soft sounds and easy riffs, Matty Lewis singing about a loved one and the toughs of the tour, while in contrast, Tabatabaee’s “Fear” assaults the listener with fast vocals, reminiscent of the screaming genre, and rough-riding riffs. And even more contrasted is “Juggernauts” in which the Lewis and Tabatabaee combine their separate sounds to create a politically charged song for the people who feel underprivileged. Zebrahead is a fun band with an even more fun sound. Each one of their albums makes you want to dance at one second and cry at another. The creative combination of raspy rap vocals of Tabatabaee and the soft sounds of Lewis make an awesome experience that anyone could enjoy. Zebrahead rocks their way to five out of five stars. wChitehapBParrboime!Eats By Kayla Buchmann Instead of giving a critique of the latest and greatest eatery in Joplin, this time I will be helping out the guys and dolls of JHS by giving you my top deals of places you can save a buck on dinner and still make a lasting impression on your date without seeming like a cheapskate. Mythos: It’s all Greek to me: For those who appreciate rich, fine, tasting Greek food, this place is for you. They are currently having a couple special featuring a three course meal for two for $30.This is an incredible deal. If anyone has told you anything about Mythos, they tend to be on the pricy side for most teens. Applebee’s: Classic restaurant with very friendly staff and great deals if you come in for group date night. Sample appetizers with wraps, wings, and chips and their famous artichoke dip name a few of the things you can get a large plate or basket of to share with your crew. They also have a great deal with their two for $20 deal going on year round with the option for two entrees and one appetizer to share as a couple for a small price. You can get things like pasta, burgers, or even steak--which is some of the best I’ve had in a long time--cooked to order and piping hot still when they arrive at your table. Steak n’ Shake: If you like old fashioned burgers made with ground beef and steak, hand scooped milkshakes and cheese fries for a low price, then this is your place. Whether you’re in the mood for beef, chicken fingers, or fish, the hungry carnivore can get their protein needs filled for the hungry carnivore here. Steak n’ Shake currently has burger deals like their shooters, which are in comparison to a belly bomb from White Castle. It is served chipotle, cheeseburger, or guacamole style. Regular versions of these new additions are available. Steak n’ Shake has hotdogs made in a new way. If you’re in the mood for a lighter meal and like all beef franks, then you could have a South Carolina, Chicago, or chili cheese dog. Don’t pass up the chance to have one of their amazing shakes either, in cool flavors such as mocha, banana, peppermint, chocolate mint, red bull, and of course the staples of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Most shakes are $2-3 each and their burgers are on special for $4. Caldone’s: This new Italian restaurant on Main Street offers all of your familiar favorites. They also offer some Greek dishes as well, sure to please the non Italian lovers in your prom party. These are my top choices for taking out your date for some fine food and fun with your friends without breaking the bank. This is why I give these 5 out of 5 of my pink skillets for clean, well kept buildings, decent pricing, and fair portions. By: Emma Meek The classic tale of Alice in Wonderland is brought to life in a darker sense in the new 3D film. Tim Burton’s interpretation of Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking Glass was brought to the big screen on March 5. The tale begins with Alice (Mia Wasikowska) in an uncomfortable formal situation in which she is proposed to by an unwanted pursuer. Eager to get away, Alice falls into the rabbit hole and the story unfolds. Followed is a version of the Disney story, until the movie takes a more adult turn as Alice attempts to rid Underland of the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). She finds refuge through the Red Queen’s sister, The White Queen (Anne Hathaway). The movie as a whole takes the creativity of Tim Burton to a new level. Many criticize the film with remarks of SPYGLASSSPYGLASS editorial 15March 2010 PAGE Girl’s Ni g ht Ou t: “If you happen to spot Alicia and me at prom, 3DAlice’s New Adventure taking the imagination from the novel by having a single interpretation. However, I would recommend seeing Burton’s vision. A new outlook on a classic allows for any age to feel the magic of Disney. The impeccable cast adds to the dramatic nature of the film. Anne Senior takes BFF to Prom By Kayla Buchmann Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve fantasized about what my senior prom would be like--theme, food, what my handsome prince would look like, and who I would go with to an after-party. I’ll be the first to admit prom is kind of a big deal to me. I started prom dress shopping in December, and by spring break, set over half of my plans in motion, whether it be dinner and hair plans, or tanning and tickets. This year will be my third time to prom, since sophomore year I got a lucky break when I was dating an upperclassman. I had thought out my dream dress for years and found the pink Cinderella dress of my dreams. My favorite part was the introduction to Project Prom that had started a few years before. That was the most memorable part for me that year. After that, prom went as planned and if I was single at the time, I was always able to dig up a good guy friend to take. This year, however, proved to be difficult. I had a steady boyfriend I got back together with this spring that I was separated from for six months putting me in the single category for a while for prom. I had tried asking some nice guy friends, but they had dates this year and then one day while I was talking to my BFF on one of our many lengthy phone calls, I came up with an idea. We decided that I didn’t need a guy to go to prom and since she was home-schooled and had never been to prom, I wanted to make my senior prom one to remember and take my BFF Alicia as my guest to prom. Since second grade, she has been the sister I never had. My aunt persuaded me to join 4-H while visiting her in the summer, and I’m so glad she did because otherwise I would have never met Alicia. We were excited to see each other since now I’m only able to see her at Christmas and it never occurred to us the looks and questions some girls might give us at the thought of a girl taking a girl to prom. I got the idea from my class friend Sam, who took a home-schooled friend and her boyfriend to prom last year. It isn’t uncommon for single girls and guys in big cities to all go as a group single to prom and just hang without the stresses of a relationship weighing their every move. When my boyfriend and I got back together, Alicia was concerned I might go back on my word, but she need not worry. He’s older and cannot technically go to prom with me, and he didn’t care to be around high school teens. I told her I would promise to take her, and I don’t go back on my word. I now am experiencing the stress my dates must have been under to pay for things and make sure things are organized before it’s April, especially with prom being a week earlier then before. Unlike most out-of-town dates, though, who can simply drive home that night, I’m having to rent a hotel room for her for prom which is a new experience for me and unique from other guests there. Alicia and I aren’t ones who sit and procrastinate, though, so we have a strong plan of action. She and I know that no matter what, she’s going to be there when no guy was, and we’re going to have a great time and make my senior prom the best one ever. So, if you happen to spot Alicia and me at prom, don’t be afraid to come up and talk to us about this story you’re reading or ask about her experiences being homeschooled. She’s the nicest girl I know, and I’m lucky to have her as my best friend. don’t be afraid to come up and talk to us about this story you’re reading or ask about her experiences being homeschooled. She’s the nicest girl I know, and I’m lucky to have her as my best friend.” To tan or not to tan... Hathaway’s portrayal of the White Queen was elegant and regal, and Helen Bonham Carter’s Red Queen was outside the box. Of course, Burton’s close friend, Johnny By Lydia McAllister Tanning: the biggest prom cliché next to crash diets and frilly dresses. But before getting into that tanning bed, take a step back and think about what you’re really doing to Depp had a leading role as the Mad Hatter. that skin of yours. Depp had a new outlook on the character Making an informed decision can be difficult different than what was portrayed in the because many times the information you find about tanning previous animated film. His twisted nature salons is contradictory. Of course, it depends on who is doing brought more depth and unpredictability to the reporting. Tanning bed manufacturers want you to think the character. As a whole, the movie exceeds expectations. The 3D added to, without overpowering, the plot and the acting. Don’t miss out on the magic of Alice and her adventures through Underland. that they are very safe and only offer a minimal risk. Ultimately, tanning beds offer society the chance to have beautifully tanned skin all year round. Tanning beds are also very fast and convenient. When you don’t have to rely on the sun in the sky, you can tan at almost any time. The “pros” of using a tanning bed can be counted on one hand. Tanning can give a person fit and healthy feelings and can cause self-confidence. Relaxed moods can also come from tanning. Tanning produces melanin, which helps protect the skin from being burned from over-exposure to ultraviolet rays. And finally, tanning produces Vitamin D, which is valuable in keeping our bones, teeth, and joints strong. Colton Simmons, sophomore, said he has been tanning for two years at Tuscan Sun in Webb City. He admits to tanning twice a week but said the dangers don’t bother him. “I don’t care. I don’t tan that much.” According to research from the U.S. Food and Drug Association, tanning beds can have negative effects on your vision and your health. Tanning beds can lead to your retina or cornea being damaged. They have also been linked to causing cataracts. The UV levels can be up to 100 times stronger than from direct sunlight. The verdict is still out on whether using goggles to protect your eyes while using a tanning bed is sufficient. Indoor tanning increases the chances of melanoma, the most serious skin cancer type, by at least 15 percent, according to studies reviewed by FDA staff. Tanning ten times a year boosted the risk to 80 percent in a Swedish study. The FDA says tanning beds are “hazardous” and that overexposure to sunlamp and/or sunlamp product can cause eye and skin injury and allergic reactions. Repeated exposure may cause premature aging of skin and skin cancer. Most people don’t realize that tanning beds can be dangerous. Many take the attitude that nothing is going to happen to them if they use a tanning bed. They may be right, but it’s a risk you really need to think about before you tan. Julia Lewis, sophomore, said, “Tanning beds are bad for you and expensive. People who are tanning should stop. Sometimes they look fake and they could get skin cancer.” As long as there are people unwilling to stand in prom pictures with pasty white skin, tanning beds will always be available. Whether or not tanning beds are a good or bad thing is totally irrelevant. Bottom line, people like to be tan.


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March 2010 16PAGE staff SPYGLASS Photos by Taylor Camden Dresses courtesy of TJ Formal Spyglass Celebrity Prom Dates Lydia: Robert Pattinson Kayla: Jason Statham Becky: Gerard Butler Colin: Gretchen Bleiler Aaron: Hayley Williams Caravana: Dane Cook Emma: Michael Cera Dylan: Betty White Sarah: John Mayer Taylor: Shemar Moore Gerard Butler Shemar Moore Hayley Williams Gretchen Bleiler Questi ons with Emma and Taylor Who would play you in the movie of your life? Emma: Reese Witherspoon Taylor: Queen Latifah Who is your favorite Disney princess? Emma: Mulan Taylor: Ariel If you could go back in time, what era would you visit? Emma: 1940’s Taylor: 1990’s What item do you always carry in your purse? Emma: cell phone Taylor: keys Sarah’s Kardashian Trivia 1. Who is Khloe Kardashian’s husband? a) Reggie Bush b) Rashad McCants c) Lamar Odom d) Scott Disick 2. What is the name of Bruce Jenner’s son? a) Brody b) Rob c) Brady d) Bruce 3. How many Dash stores are there? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 4. What Vegas nightclub did Kim Kardashian choose to celebrate her 29th birthday? a) Pure b) Studio 54 c) Ghostbar d) Tao 5. What is the name of Kourtney Kardashian’s baby? a) Michael b) Scott c) Mason d) Kellen Please return answers to room A219 by April 23. Winners will receive their picture in the May Spyglass issue.



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