Spyglass: Volume LIII | Issue VI | February 2012


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Spyglass Joplin High School Joplin, MO 11 & 12 Campus: 101 N. Range Line Rd, Bldg. D 9 & 10 Campus: 310 W. 8th Street Franklin Tech: 420 S. Grand Volume LIII Issue 5 February 2012


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2 PAGE April 2012 w hat’s inside 3Spyglass PAGE April 2012 r ebuilding Spyglass $62 million questionBreakdown of Total Project Funding Spyglass is a student publication of the Newspaper class at Joplin High School in Joplin, Mo. All articles are student produced, and all opinions are those of the newspaper staff. Spyglass is produced approximatley monthly and is delivered to all students, faculty, and staff of Joplin High School. Spyglass Staff Taylor Camden, Editor-In-Chief Shelby Hass, Assistant Editor Lydia McAllister, Photo Editor Colin Hughes, Sports Editor Caravana Randall, Design Editor Molly Baker Margo Grills Lexi Brown Jenna Herr Brittany Czirr Brett Holcomb Kylie Davis All students write stories, take photographs, sell advertisements and design pages. S pyglass Front page photo by award-winning Shelby Norvell. For a listing of other awardwinning students, turn to page 5. Inside page photo by Colin Hughes 4 Look into the Spyglass 7 Page 4 & 5 Slacking seniors Science dept. partnering with Kirkwood High Page 6 & 7 Latest sports news Hafer sets record to benefit Joplin Page 8 & 9 Students help celebrate Dr. Suess’ birthday Prom preparations Page 10 & 11 Nationals Band 10 Page 12 & 13 April Fool’s Day fun Page 14 & 15 Living with plutocracy Kony 2012 The value of education:$1.7million Donations for rebuilding Residents of Joplin will mark their ballots on April 3 to approve or deny the bond recommended by Joplin Schools By Taylor Camden On Tuesday, April 3, voters will mark home pays about $630 in annual taxes to students would be built with insurance $85.9 million $35.4 millioneither yes or no on the Joplin Schools $62 the district on his or her real property. million dollar bond issue ballot. If the bond issue passes, the new levy i(nhAgasl4fa,o0rf0et0shueslttduEoisdsftetitrmnhiStceasett)ttdeotwdilrsenepImnraleaseducnodert,ead1snt0icnreobtyueeimlddpilneoa-gvs- will be $3.66 and the cost to that same EstihmoamteedowFendeerrawlill be $695 annually — an & SintacrteaFsuenodfin$g65. proceeds and donations earmarked for rebuilding. Huff also noted there are costs to the district if the bond issue fails. The district is paying about $2 million rary facilities. The insurance settlement, federal and state funding, and donations (FJEoMTphAlie&niSrnEecMsrAied)ae*snetss,ocuonndssidfreirgihntgetnhiengadtodemdost per year to lease temporary buildings for students. Because it’s a storm-related for rebuilding do not fit the bill. At an es- expenses of living post-tornado. But as- expense, the district will be reimbursed timated $185 million dollar total project suming the bond issue passes, the district by the Federal Emergency Management $62 millioncost, the need for more funding is great for Joplin Schools. would still have a much area high schools. lower levy tha$n5.6 mtAhigleleibnoocnyndfodro7e5snp’etrpcaesnst, of those costs. If the district would The bond request will help to fund Bond ReqJuoepsltin, with about 7,800 students, is Athddeitionacl oconmtimnuuneitytosapfearyoolmeassthersoufoghroFurtadnisktrliicnt Tech- repairs and improvements to existing schools; build two new elementary 23rd largest district in the state. Other districts of comparable size currently $12.1ntrmoialolilgplyiaorCknenbtueirl,dMinegmnoorwiaul sHeadllf,othr eEainsdt us- schools, a new East Middle School, a new Joplin High School and Franklin Technology Center, and student/community safe rooms (tornado shelters). If the voters do not approve the bond tha$os8aWtsv6aeeh1lse.wls4eneevmdcaieolvitslmahlirlo,upaJnaano.trgpiCeiolndoinngmw(afppriltsoarhoerma-drsbai$tslno4etkrr.4dmisc3ilst)osttwwrooiac.$fJst6sosi.pm0h$l1a4iiasNnl.vaat4e’efserwe.x3rieosltomeimFcMnmmagEH)ieiomsldManucnlntdhipaftAdooflhrueoynnafssleoasSl..etsrcdoEhesadasostafore(eiilpdn,racaotilrunhosddem&esftismuhcownepmrdNiomlivlnoeuemgrnntiemthdynptaisantcrakhbMforouamltl30 Total Project Cost: $185 millionissue, district officials fear risking delay- ing the construction of a permanent high school as well as delaying the addition of storm shelters at schools throughout the district. lhweeHvitiwuhefsiBflltsohhaaaairdtvdertoahtnfaoEgthedifaufvtrcheoaematibo“$ohn4nem.da5r3edtmottooebs$hen5reso.a6tra9tbp”.csRoaauesufrberstuer,nioldtoiemndgsu3bp)dci,laIaenenHftstiedttoeurhdnoefExyaefDeplasbdsausatnosateidcnndnhMidndowatgiohrdildessseqdsgs(uild-unaeDiecrselSuutdfcqdrooheioucesotetascosgoslnnemtaioetmlonltEumdppnlleeaitatehmsyntseseocntnootamAcrop-ymril- their options, but he said plans for a School that will share a campus, and the T*hReequsicrehsoaololcadlifsutnrdincgt’ms actuchrorfe1n5%t lteov2y5%isdepending opnethrempraonjeectn. t high school and community new IrviInnfgormEaletimonecunrtreanrtya,swofh2/i1c5h/1w2 ill com- $3.31 per $100 of assessed valuation, storm shelters would likely be put on the bine students from the destroyed Irving which means the owner of a $100,000 back burner while buildings for younger and Emerson schools. Officials decided to make those schools the priority because they believe those temporary locations are less desirable than the ones being used by the high school students. The bond request will help to fund repairs and improvements to existing schools; building two new elementary schools, a new East Middle School, a new Joplin High School and Franklin Technology Center, and student/ community safe rooms (tornado shelters). 2011 Area School District Tax Rates District Nixa Republic Ozark Willard Greene County Carl Junction Spring eld Seneca Carthage Webb City McDonald County Joplin Schools Operating $3.24 $3.44 $3.24 $3.20 $3.01 $3.00 $3.11 $2.75 $2.75 $2.75 $2.75 $2.75 Debt Service $1.07 $0.84 $0.90 $0.79 $0.93 $0.82 $0.51 $0.85 $0.83 $0.68 $0.67 $0.56 Total Levy $4.31 $4.28 $4.14 $3.99 $3.94 $3.82 $3.62 $3.60 $3.58 $3.43 $3.42 $3.31 Neosho $2.75 $0.36 $3.11 With the proposed bond request, the debt service for Joplin Schools would increase by $0.35 bringing the total tax levy to $3.66. UPCOMING TOPICS t Financial Facts t Elementary & Middle Schools Facts t JHS / FTC Facts t and more FOR MORE INFORMATION Leslie Busick, Joplin Schools 417-625-5200 ext. 2039 lbusick@joplin.k12.mo.us www.joplinschools.org www.facebook.com/joplinschooldistrict Prepared by Joplin Schools to educate patrons on the April 3 bond request


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4 PAGE April 2012 a round jhs Spyglass Spyglass a round jhs 5PAGE April 2012 Seniors suffer through spring semester One mans generosity partners high schools across the state Story and photos by Margo Grills This year one of math homework this weekend; I’m going won’t graduate,” she said. By Kylie Davis the senior T-shirts to start it next hour. Sorry Mr. Warstler.” It seems that as much as senioritis Most would hear the words Kirkwood High 90,000 dollars of the donation will be put “The new equipment is a mock public service announcement about Se- Do the effects of senioritis really have an impact on a student’s performance? Senior Tozia Burris is in the Certified is talked about the underlying causes don’t get much attention. “The cause of senioritis is school,” Howard said. School and say what’s that? Blanton Whitmire is hoping to change that. With a 100,000-dol- towards purchasing new equipment and 10,000 will allow us to do labs dollars will be put towards experiments and we’ve never been able to nioritis. Senioritis Nurses Assistant Program here at Joplin “It gets to that point in the year where lar donation to Joplin High School’s science traveling costs between the do before is a condition High School. This program requires 100 you don’t want to do anything and you which symptoms hours of seat time or work time and 100 just need a break,” said Burris. include: skipping, field hours. Burris said she can’t afford What is the cure for senioritis? There laziness, the wear- to be lazy. is only one: Graduation. Only one dose ing of sweatpants “I don’t want to do anything. But I is required. It is to be administered on and track shorts, have to push though the seniori- May 21. and whining. tis thing and do it. If you Senior Secretary don’t do the work, and Mary Van Fleet if you slack off, you agrees. won’t get your credits “I hear so much whining ‘This place is a prison.’ Laziness is a group sport for JHS seniors as they spend their time relaxing at lunch. and I hear that a lot,” she said. It has been an assumption at this school that seniors afflicted with senioritis mentally “Check Out” at the end of the school year. Is senioritis a real problem or just a cop-out? Van Fleet said, “I don’t think senioritis is serious. I think kids use it as an excuse to do things they are not supposed to.” Senior Amie Howard sees senioritis first hand. “I think I have a mild case,” How- ard joked. “I get my work done but Seniors Cassidy Grooms and Karya Dickey show their “senoiritis” and nap usually last minute. I didn’t do my during their lunch hour. JHS Social Studies teacher bites off the perfect amount to chew Story and photo by Brittany Czirr program just as he gave Kirkwood last year, he is hoping to partner Joplin and Kirkwood’s science departments. two high schools. “This is a big opportu- nity for us and we are very excited about it,” “T and further he science de- students’ partment is very thankful for Whitmire’s experience with hands on said Karis- generosity and desire sa Boyer, science to promote science in teacher high school students. research,” said Karissa Boyer, science Photo Submitted at Joplin -Jay Reed teacher at Tim Oster, JHS chemistry teacher discusses ways to part- High Biology TeacheR Joplin High ner with Kirkwood High School with a Kirkwood science School. All of what Joplin is purchasing with the donation has not been decided yet. It has been decided Joplin will be purchasing probe Photo Submitted ware- electronic tools that will Jay Reed, JHS biology teacher, reviews science curriculum with a work with self-contained devices Kirkwood High School science teacher. A delegation of Kirkwood or the computers to test various science teachers visited with JHS faculty recently. things. School. As of teacher. now Joplin High School is working with Kirk- wood High School on the science summer camps Kirkwood offers. Joplin is hoping to host their own summer camps in the future. Charles Sherrod, a junior at Joplin High School, is working on an experiment to see how the tornado affected the soil. He is looking at the metals in the soil like led to see if the tornado rearranged the soil or uncovered led. He is gathering data and we are packaging the data and sending it to Kirkwood to test with the equipment they purchased with Whitmire’s donation. “The science department is very thankful for Whitmire’s generosity and desire to promote science in high school students,” said Jay Reed, biology teacher at Joplin High School. Having the 12 intersecting classes rently with secondary cadet teaching class room but all of the cadet teachers my dog for a walk, or exercise.” Accord- of government and cadet teaching is not enough for Tobin Schultz who is a football coach and involved with the A+ program, Link Crew, Future Educators or and at the beginning of each semester they all report to my class will be out here working on their tasks and then I will just go back and ing to Schultz his main goal is to make Link Crew a very successful class and program for next year where he will lead the selected Junior’s and Seniors into April Filled with JHS awards America, Social Studies Board Head, and room so forth be- become leaders themselves organizing on the Steering Committee. “I have a lot of good help. I have my personal Cadet Teachers and TA’s who do a good job at keeping me organized. at the beginning of each semester, tween the two.” Shultz has around 250 students the Freshman orientation and having two activities every month for the Freshman. “Link Crew is a group of juniors and Pittsburgh State Photography Contest seniors who through training and prepa- Up” Color Category: “Blueprint” Overall: District FBLA results and state-qualifying 1st place: Landan Taylor They complete a lot of the tasks I have. So it is really about having a good network that helps me out,” said Schultz. He started off slow the first year he before all of the cadet teachers on his roster making an average of 42 students ration assist freshman with their transition into high school. It gives juniors and seniors an opportunity to develop leadership skills and become leaders,” said 2nd place: Shelby Nor- 1st Place: Morgan vell for her entry, “The Reynolds, for her entry, Eagle Has Landed” “Kim” entries: Website: 1st place: Miriah Johnson started teaching at Joplin High School are placed per a six- Schultz. Once Link Crew has become 3rd place: Olivia Network Design: only teaching social studies and coaching football. But he was soon responsible for another program. “Last year whenever Coach Harding in the field, they are all with me hour day. When it comes to stress and a popular and is doing well Schultz will be concerned with the Human Services Career Pathway, through Cadet Teaching, where students will pick a pathway “CHeering UP” By Lexi BrOwn Hoskins, for her entry, “Dakota” JHS Chamber Orchestra Business Ethnics: 2nd place: Logan Cash 1st place: Derek Carter 2nd place: Brandon 1st place: Chloe Hadley Holman went from teaching social studies to becoming the Sophomore Principal he was the Cadet Teaching Supervisor. When he so I have to teach them Schultz prepares his students for EOC testing. full schedule Schultz knows how when they is rebuilt. “I will be come into high school once it Black and helping with the education ca- Category: White Honorable Mention: Olivia Hoskins for her NEO Competition: 1st place: Maggie Huff 1 ratings: the orchestra; Management Informa- became the principal I became the Cadet and my to handle it. reer path, preparing students to become 1st place: Shelby entry, “David Cook” Sarah Kessler, Mary Accounting: tion System: Teacher Supervisor,” said Schultz. Although Schultz is busy all year long the beginning of each semester is the most difficult. government classes at the same time,” he said. “I of monopolize the furniture out here at the beginning of the semester because “The reason why I stay calm in the class is because outside of the classroom I have good outlets for stress,” said Schultz. “Whenever I get stressed out I either teachers,” he said. It seems Schultz has the next few years tentatively planned out continuing to do what he enjoys. Norvell for her entry, “Friends” “I love my job and I love my role as a 2nd place: Lexi Brown, Digital category: 3rd place: Marylin Jean Miller, Devin Walker, Taryn Parker and Kymbre Resler for 2nd place: Raycee Thompson 1st place: Derek Carter Mr. FBLA ~ Derek “I have government that runs concur- I will keep the government class in the hang out with my awesome family, take teacher,” said Schultz. for her entry, “Cheering Lopez, for her entry, their solo entries Spreadsheet Carter


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6 PAGE April 2012 s ports Spyglass Spyglass s ports 7PAGE April 2012 Spring Sports Briefs Hafer plays in Tennis Girls Soccer Track longest basketball The Joplin High School tennis team is one of the deepest teams the school has had in a long time according to senior tennis player Derek Carter. The team has two experienced seniors, Carter and Andrew Roberts who has been with the team for three years. Derek is the number two player on the team while Roberts is number five. The number one spot belongs to Jeremy Lynn, a junior. “This is his first year playing for Joplin,” said Carter. “But he is very experienced and a great asset for the team.” With only two seniors, the team relies heavily on its underclassmen. Luke Frogge, Edran Ali, and Brooks Butler are sophomores who hold varsity spots. Freshmen Duncan Ford, and Samuel Willcoxon round out the varsity team. Carter is confident that the team will have a good season. “This season has the potential to be one of the best seasons the school has had. We have everything we need to succeed, we just have to perform. I think I’m most looking forward to seeing how far we can make it in post season play,” said Carter. The Joplin High School girls soccer team is adjusting to new coaches, players and practice facilities this year according to head coach Ed Miller. Despite the various changes for the team, some faces have stayed the same. The team returns 5 seniors, Julia Lewis, Kellie Stringer, Morgan Davis, Morgan Butler and Meagan Matheson. Though the team has a core of returning players, there are also a few new faces that could receive some varsity playing time. Megan Rowe, Chelsea Nimmo, Kate Beckham, Lauren Stringer, Molly Banwart, and Kate Salmon, all freshmen, will likely see some action according to Miller. The team’s goals are to win a district championship, have six shutouts, and to record at least a .500 record. Overall Miller says that the team has little experience but he is confident about the season. “We are very inexperienced but as the season goes on, the more we play, the better we’ll get by the end of the season,” he said. game...ever; breaksSeniortrackmember Ryan Davidson says that the goals for this years team are to compete against the big time teams and have multiple runners and jumpers qualify for the sectional world record and state competitions. Davidson said that the By Colin Hughes team does not have many seniors but that the senior leadership is very strong. The senior leaders that Davidson pointed out were Mariah Sanders, Lucas Waltz, Ryun Jeff Hafer, a personal finance teacher at Joplin High School got the chance to set a world record by participating in the longest basketball game ever played. The no charge to use the venue. “The club is hosting the event as a spon- sor so there is no charge,” said Hafer. “Each player in the event is trying to raise Snyder, and Colton Simmons. game was held over spring break at the as much money as possible for the cause, With so few seniors, the team is mostly made up of young Missouri Athletic Club in St. Louis. each player has committed to raise at least talent. There were 24 total $1,000 individu- “We have some young sprinters who have a lot of potential, players participating ally.” I’m excited to see what they can do when we get into some big in the game; 21 men competition,” said Davidson. “And the growing distance crew still has youth who can develop very well. This year is different because there have been some changes in the way practice goes according to Davidson. He says that the team is focusing more on the little things that can have an impact on performances than they have in the past, and that this will pay off. from St. Louis, 1 from New York City and 2 from Joplin. The game lasted a total of 112 hours and 13 seconds and “I’m just trying to get in the best shape pos- One thousand dollars per player means the event will raise at least $24,000 to be donated to the Joplin Chamber of Com- sible. I don’t real-Davidson is mostly looking forward to the bigger races late in was played under the season. the official rules merce to help rebuild businesses in “I’m looking forward to districts, sectionals and state where of basketball for Joplin who were everyone is good, the races are so much fun and exciting to watch,” he said. ly have a trainingits entirety. The fi- nal score of the destroyed or affected by the tornado. Golf The Joplin High School golf team is fairly young this year according to senior Jeff Herr. He and Lucas Garritson are the only two seniors on this year team. Each has played for all four years and hopes to bring some experience to the team. One young golfer, sophomore Nick Yuhas, will have a big impact on this years team according to Herr. “Nick has only played for two years for the high school but has been number one both years. He practices hard and has unreal talent. He will definitely have the largest impact on our team this year,” said Herr. The team’s main goal for the season is to qualify for state Herr said. “We have five solid players to complete our varsity team and we should be able to produce four scores in the 70’s more than likely qualifying us for state,” said Herr. As for what he is looking forward to most, Herr said the district tournament stands out. “It is the one tournament that really counts, you have to play your best or it’s the end of your golf season. The pressure really makes you focus on every shot,” he said. Baseball game was 11,806 to 11,620 with the Joplin team earning The Joplin High School baseball team is off the win. Hafer had to a 1-1 start. The team lost it’s season opener 3,033 points for the to Ozark but won their second game of the season by defeating Branson. Senior Bryce Ash said that this teams strength is its core of experienced seniors. “Just about every senior has had some sort of varsity playing time and Brett Graham and Joplin team. The teams of 12 were convenient for the players as the 112 hour game ran Adam St. Peter are two experienced juniors,” its course. Statistics he said. estimate the players regimen for 110 hours of basketball. -Jeff Hafer personal finance teacHer & record As for what he was looking forward to the most, Hafer commented on two things. “Raising as much money as possible for our community to rebuild, and the physical challenge to break the world record,” said Hafer. The Eagles will also rely some on a few would run nearly setting basketball The physical chal- young players this year. Three sophomores 220 miles and lose stand out to Ash who will likely get some no more than 11 varsity experience either with pitching or playing in the field. pounds as the game “Tristan Ash and Kaelin Smith will probably pitch some for us this season, Gavin Jones has started two games in the outfield,” said Ash. This year has been full of changes for the Eagles who are practicing and playing on a new field. “The new field definitely took some getting used to,” said Ash. “There are rocks all over the place and it’s nothing like our old field but we’re making the best with what we was played. “I’m just trying to get in the best shape possible. I don’t really have a training regimen for 110 hours of basketball,” Hafer said about trying to be in shape for the have.” event. Ash is looking forward to his final year of playing for Joplin. The Missouri Athletic Club, who hosted player lenge of breaking the record would likely pose a prob- lem for someone in the prime of their ath- letic career, but Hafer says that he will be able to fight the fatigue knowing he will be doing it for Joplin. “Representing the spirit of our com- munity and the cause we are playing for, coupled with the camaraderie of the guys, “I’m just looking forward to playing one last time on the field with people I’ve been the event, has been ranked among the top attempting to break the record should be playing with since I was a kid,” he said. “It should be a fun year.” 3% of all private clubs in the United States a great inspiration to continue pushing on since 2000. According to Hafer, there was when fatigue sets in,” he said. Photo by Lexi Brown Senior volleyball player, Danielle Walker took the next step in her athletic career after signing to play volleyball at Fort Scott Community College on March 13. Walker says she plans on studying pre-law and eventually going to law school. Photo by Lexi Brown Chloe Hadley, a senior volleyball player, signed her National Letter of Intent to play volleyball for Evangel University on Febuary 28. Evangel had its best season in school history going 29-6. Hadley plans on studying pre-medicine while attending Evangel.


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8 PAGE April 2012 a round jhs Seniors host Seuss Day Spyglass Spyglass p rom 9PAGE April 2012 Donations help JHS girls By Taylor Camden Joplin High School cadet teachers hosted a “Dr. Seuss Day” for elementary schools in Joplin during Dr. Seuss week. Friday, March 2, was Dr. Seuss’s birthday. On that day, students were able to dress up as famous Seuss characters and read to the students. “Me and my best friend dressed up as thing one and thing two. Our friend Cole dressed up as Cat in the Hat. The kids really got a kick out of it!” said senior, Sydney Long. Cadet teachers read books by Dr. Seuss to the students during their visits there. Hop on Pop, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who were all popular reads for students. “Thing one and thing two read the stories to the kids. I just walked around and sat with the kids. They really liked seeing me dressed up as Cat in the Hat,” said senior, Cole Landis. Cadet teachers came to the schools with books in hand and a surprise for the students as well. Before the trip, students purchased sticks of black eyeliner to draw on fake whiskers to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. “They loved the whiskers. When we told them to get in line for us to draw them on, they all ran at us to be the firsts in line!” said Long. find dream dress JHS Clubs Prepare For National Competitions By Jenna Herr March 10 was a very special Saturday for many Joplin High School 11-12 girls. The Prom Ambush Team out of Kansas City put together an area-wide donation of free prom dresses for the girls to choose from. This event was a major success, and almost every girl left walked out the doors with a prom dress in hand. “The Joplin Prom Project created a Facebook page and numerous people all over the U.S. began sending dresses,” said Amber Travis, Prom Committee Adviser. The Ambush Team started the project by contacting colleges and universities all around the area, and many sororities began donating dresses. “Around 800 to 1000 dresses were donated total. Shoes, purses, and accessories were also sent,” said Travis. The event took place at the Holiday Inn Convention Center from 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. After a long time of waiting, all JHS juniors and seniors were let in first to select their free dress. Girls from surrounding area schools’ were let in the doors at noon. “I’m so happy I got the chance to attend this event and get a beautiful dress for free. So many girls were there running around in search for their prom dress,” said Niki Barlos, junior. The event also accepted donations, which were given to Operation Fairy Godmother. The goal of this project was to give every Jo- plin High School girl the dress of her dreams without having to pay the price. “Even though not every student lost every- thing, it is very kind and considerate that people want to help out everyone,” said Travis. Not only the Prom Ambush Team, but many organizations in the area are wanting to lend a helping hand. While many students are not expecting much for this year’s prom, they will be in for a huge awakening on April 21. “People that I’ve never met before are calling me wanting to know how to help. I hope every junior and senior are appreciative and take advantage of events like these,” said Travis. Photos by Lexi Brown JHS Juniors browse through jewelry that was donated for the Joplin Prom Project. The event was held on March 10 and provided all who attended with the opportunity to take home a dress, shoes, and jewelry free of purchase. Photo by Shelby Hass Walmart awarded the 2012 Joplin Project Graduation with a fund of 15,000 dollars on March 3. The check was presented during the annual Mr. JHS assembly, which is held in order to raise money for Project Graduation. The event included the most participants it has ever seen, and Lucas Garritson was crowned Mr. JHS. By Jenna Herr Two Joplin High School organizations are preparing for nationals in the upcoming month. Constitution Team and Winter Guard have both spent the past weeks getting ready to attend and perform their best at the different contests. “We are spending our time very wisely. Constitution Team Nationals is going to be a tough competition but we are all looking forward to it,” said William Keczkemethy, Constitution Team Advisor. Constitution Team will be com- peting at Nationals in Washington D.C. in April. “This is the second year in a row Constitution Team has made it to Nationals. It’s all about hard work and practice,” said Keczkemethy. In addition to Constitution Team, JHS Winter Guard is also very eager to be competing at Nationals in Ohio this April. These are just two of the many JHS organizations that portray diligence and determination. FIND M RE AÉROPOSTALE AMERICAN EAGLE MAURICES OLD NAVY RUE21 VANITY 3rd & Rangeline Road | 417.781.2121 VisitNorthparkMall.com facebook.com/VisitNorthparkMall


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10 PAGE April 2012 C hoir 11Spyglass PAGE April 2012 a dvertisements Spyglass The power of music: Joplin choirs perform at the State Capitol JENNIFER STYLIST SPECIALIST IN CORRECTIVE COLOR (417) 629-6954 By Molly Baker “The arts are the with those poems being 1419 Iowa - joplin, mo bright, unexpected threads shot through dedicated to Joplin and the disaster. 64801 the muted fabric of our daily lives. They bring “I felt very honored being a part of corner of 15th & iowa us joy and deepen hu- the concert showcasing man experience. They Missouri music because stir our imagination. the other choirs made a They connect us with big effort to support us one another, and they and what we’re going create a tapestry that through. I liked being a reveals who we are part of something that and wheat we value. was more than just us,” The arts preserve for said senior Rachel Ber- future generations ryhill. what we think is worth Composer LaBarr listening to, looking had high hopes for the at, talking about, and remembering,” said song she wrote and as a finale, Joplin began Spyglass staff would like to thank it’s business partners for Georganne Wheeler Nixon, First Lady of to perform and the rest of the choirs joined in their support in this issue and all that we’ve produced for Missouri. “And I am proud to be a part of to sing “Storm Country.” The rotunda of the the 2011-2012 school year. this special tradition.” capitol gave the choirs The sounds of Joplin have been consistently dynamic. The May tornado has been constantly bringing and audience a full sound making beautiful music that filled the building. “There should be a Cottey College Summer Programs June 10-16, 2012 Salon Central voices ranging from constant spirit of hope panic and pain in the as the piece is sung and beginning, and help and hope months later. Joplin Choirs perform a song “The Greatest Love” while the Missouri Western State University played,” said LaBarr. As tears fell that The power of music Chorale choir lines the staircase to join under the direction of Dr. David Benz. night, hearts were was proved as a heal- touched and the song ing tool at the Governor’s Verses and Voices Festival Concert of Missouri at the State Capitol on March 6, 2012. Susan LaBarr was chosen as the 2011-2012 Missouri Composer Laureate and was commissioned to write a song based on a poem called “Storm Country” by Bill Cairns, a member of the Missouri Writers’ Guild. This song was writ- ten to the people of Joplin, Missouri to remember the loss and pain in the storm and to commemorate the help and hope that followed. “The new song is to be a voice of hope and healing as Joplin continues to recover,” said LaBarr. It was written to premiere at the Verses and Voices festival at the state capitol in Jefferson City by the Joplin High School Choirs under the direction of Eric Eichenberger. “It was a great honor to have a song written for us and that we were able to premiere it for the Missouri First Lady at the Capitol,” said Eichenberger. The night consisted of performances of five other Missouri choirs in addition to Joplin and poetry readings following each choir; was doing what it was made to do. The constant spirit of hope made it worth listening to, looking at, talking about, and remembering. “I loved the way the other choirs joined Joplin near the end of the ‘Storm Country’ song to show how others came together to help us through this time,” said senior Kylar Theilen. Week-long Residential Program: Leadership Discovery Careers in Science Computer programming $400 covers room, board, and program fees. Apply by April 15. 1804 N. Rangeline Suite 2 Stylist Ashley Brown (417)437-3652 Cottey Summer Programs http://www.cottey.edu/youth-adults/ summer-programs Cottey College 1000 W. Austin, Nevada, MO www.cottey.edu 417-667-8181


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12PAGE April 2012 a pril fool’s Spyglass Spyglass a pril fool’s 13PAGE April 2012 All the news that’s not fit to print Meat is By Margo Grills murder fashion Last year the pop artist Lady Gaga wore a dress made out of meat to the Video Mu- Delph’s Duke Disguise sic Awards when she accepted the award for best music video for Bad Romance. Lady Gaga’s boldness has inspired me. I By Jessica Crabb really look up to Lady Gaga, not just as an artist but also as a person. I decided I Many students at Joplin High School have been in Angela Delph’s class, or simply knows Delph, and has seen her wearing a lot of Duke clothing. Or has been in her classroom and noticed a lot of Duke to play with the boys.” When Delph was in college she continued playing basketball, but she also got a degree in teaching. Now that she is a teacher at JHS, she is secretly playing on the Duke would be sporting a similar dress to prom. It will be entirely made out of beef. “But, Margo.” You might say, “Aren’t you a vegetarian?” Yes I am and have been for about six years. I am using the meat dress as a social commentary on how women posters, and a Duke computer cover. Duke, basketball team. She gets double points: are seen as pieces of meat. The whole Duke, Duke and more Duke. six points behind the three-point line, four process has been quite enlightening on She says she likes them because they have a good coach, but I’m here to reveal the truth about her Duke obsession. “Delph is on the Duke basketball team because she has always loved basketball. Her first word when she was a baby was ‘basketball’,” Maria Beasley, ninth grade student at JHS, explained. “She was always on a school team. When she was in her points anywhere inside the three point line, and two points when a player gets fouled they get a free throw. “I go to every game the Dukes play whenever and wherever they’re playing, I’ll be there. If you want I can get you an autograph from one of the best players,” said Delph. If that isn’t proof enough that something By Cleo Nunnely the subject of the meat industry I visited a local butcher shop check out prices for what I need to make a kneehigh dress with a train in the back. The dress will cost about three hundred dollars to make when it is done. I sewed the meat myself with butcher’s twine and a very large needle. I’m using liner of thin fabric so that the meat won’t be right up against my skin. freshman year, the coach said she was too good to be on the girls team so she started is going on, then nothing makes logical sense. Delph attempts to make a play. Duke went on to win the game that night. I’ve decided to go one step further and wear tights made of bacon. For these I will use thick thread to sew the Recently, an event called Local Dancing Hallmark, for tornado relief efforts and La- bacon onto another pair of tights. For shoes I bought a pair of red pumps and I with the Stars has been going on at Down- turner will be dancing with Katy Perry! The attached steaks around my feet. There are several things I’m worried stream Casino. Ashley Hallmark and Mark Laturner took part in this event and have audience will be able to donate money to vote for which couple they want to move on about including the heat. If it gets too hot the meat might spoil due to the fact it will be uncooked. The dress will also be very been chosen to be on the show Dancing with to the final round in Dancing with the Stars! heavy and I’m worried it will rip. I am going to bring extra twine in case I need to the Stars shown on ABC. Hallmark and Laturner will be heading to Los Angeles, Cali- All funds raised will go to Indiana and Branson, Missouri, to help with restoration do repairs. I love the color of the raw beef. It really accentuates the red undertones in my fornia in two weeks, and will be there until from the recent tornadoes. Be sure to tune hair. I think my dress will make a huge splash (possibly of blood), at prom. May 5th. into this special episode of Dancing with the Bieb’s wants to be your ‘Boyfriend’ By Kylie Jones Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was spotted at the 9/10 Joplin High School campus March 6, 2012. Bieber was attempting to be incognito but was found by one of his beliebers (faithful fans to Bieber are commonly known as beliebers) Haley Sloan. “Justin can’t hide his good looks under a hat and sunglasses, I could spot him out anywhere,” said Sloan. “I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I first saw him, I thought I was dreaming.” Bieber has come to JHS to help the show choir with their performances and to perfect their skills with future shows and the upcoming auditions for next year. He will have a lot of training and time put into our very own show choir, showing them new songs and dances moves. Bieber chose JHS to help train because of their talent and dedication they have. “I heard about all of Joplin show choirs wins and I knew they’d be perfect to work with,” said Bieber. “I called Eichenberger (show choir coach) myself and scheduled a time and date to come and work with them.” Not only has Bieber taken time out of his busy life to work with the show choir, he has suggested to put on a performance with them in front of the entire school at a special pep rally and wants to fly them out to his home town, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, to be his opening act at one of his concerts. Our show choir agreed and will be flown 1st class in June. Bieber is paying for the air fair and for them to stay at a five star hotel for a whole weekend. Barry Manilow has chosen to dance with Stars, May 2nd at 8/7c. Hamster roams the halls 21st century learning coming to an end By Brianna Reynolds By Stephanie Kent At the Joplin Schools February 28th Board of While some teachers agree with Crane, others teaching methods will benefit the students in An enormous hamster rampaged through the halls of the 9-10 campus of Joplin High School on Tuesday. The hamster was the result of a Biology “It’s an exciting new freshness that has been added to the student body,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta, head principal at JHS. The students in the hamster’s classes Education meeting it was decided that the 20122013 school year will not include the 21st century learning system. are very disappointed to get rid of the computers seeing as how many teachers have completely changed their curriculum around to fit the needs many positive ways. “I think getting back to as close of a normal high school as we can will be the best thing for experiment gone very wrong. The experiment was to observe the effect of the rodent urine odor on the human brain waves. This went awry when the syringe of substance always appreciate his help and are enjoying his presence. “We love when he helps us with assignments,” says Kylie Jones, freshman at JHS. When students turn in their laptops at the end of the year the school will be sending the computers to Apple headquarters. Administrators of technology. Multiple teachers said they feel that once they finally get used to something new it gets changed again. our students and teachers,” said Dr. Kerry Sachetta, principal at JHS. The school will begin to purchase textbooks making the rodent urinate more often was switched up with a radioactive waste. “When the substance was injected the hamster immediately grew to ten times its “He’s really smart.” found that students don’t seem to be benefiting Hamster is excelling in all of his classes and getting along swimmingly His translator Jason Cutler, the Agricultur- from having the laptops as their learning tools. “There is way too much distraction for the stu- “The computers just weren’t working out the way we planned. I’m very disappointed to see all our hard work go to waste,” said Klista Reyn- and supplies for next year the Monday we get back from spring break. Teachers and faculty voiced how it’s going to be another long and dif- size,” said Kylie Jones, Biology student at Joplin High School. “That’s when we knew something was wrong.” al Science teacher whose class the accident dents when they are on their laptops,” said Mary happened said, “He has said many times to me how Crane, journalism teacher at Joplin High School. olds, district technology specialist. Administrators feel that getting back to old ficult process but they are ready to take it on. The animal is no longer contagious. It is however, been taken in as a student and is much he loves the school and loves his new friends. I think he is really adapting to his **All stories on pages 12 and 13 have been created without factual backing foryouramusement** taking regular classes. new environment.”


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14 PAGE April 2012 O pinion 15Spyglass PAGE April 2012 O pinion Spyglass This movie a ‘project’ with underdeveloped characters, unrealistic plot By Shelby Hass JHS PDA Sophomore principal of Joplin High School gives his opinion on the Living with plutocracy Produced by Todd Phillips (“The Hangover” and its sequel), “Project X” whipped up a well-marketed frenzy in recent months due to teaser trailers suggesting audiences couldn’t imagine how irresponsibly insane a high school party throwing protagonists is numbingly predictable. There’s quiet student Thomas (Thomas Mann) looking to get female attention; his obnoxiously crude best friend Costa (Oliver Cooper) looking to get female attention; and nerdy, overweight third wheel JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown), looking to get female attention. Apart from the stated desire that their out of control get growing trend present in the halls ofto the fact that the development of a real plot would take away from the “documentary feel” of the insane soiree. Then there’s the stunningly unoriginal framework of it all being documented by a voyeuristic goth with a cam- both campuses era (Dax Flame). This overused framing technique draws attention to the fact that the movie is supposed to mix a documentary feel with comedy and shock factor. The only by Cassie Lloyd by Margo Grills America is no longer a Democracy; but has been manipulated by the wealthy, through ineffective trickle down economics, into a Plutocracy. A Plutocracy is a country that is could get. But is it really a spoiler to reveal such predict- together will make the three noticed at school, there’s no shocking thing is that the audience is expected to believe When walking run by big businesses and the wealthy. Over able selling points as excessive drinking, bared breasts, recreational drug use, injurious stunts, and the forbidden use of Daddy’s Benz? The only way to describe this movie’s trio of party- other coloring to their characters. We’re forced to imagine what the cute blonde Kirby (Bliss Blanton), sees in the nerdy Thomas because no time of the movie is allotted to the development of the characters. This is of course due high school partying is actually this gratifying. Ultimately, “Project X” bears a piggish attitude toward rewarding socially unacceptable behavior, which feels highly unlikely rather than exciting. through the halls of either campus of Joplin High School campus, one passes by the the past several decades, big businesses have taken over control of the government through “campaign donations” (blatant bribery and lobbying). As Bill Moyer said in his speech, “Stop At Nothing” Kony 2012 campaign takes social media spotlight normal high school cliques. There are the jocks that crowd around the weight “Welcome to Plutocracy”, big companies have stopped using cash to hire new workers or increase production but are squeezing labor costs to increase profit. This means bigger bonuses By Shelby Hass Armed with the power of social media, young activists from the group Invisible Children have set out to prove their own statement: nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The group set out the beginning of March, to take on one of the most violent rebels in the Eastern region of Africa, Joseph Kony, titling their campaign “Kony 2012.” media. Targeting the biggest names for support, such as Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, the big question for me is, will it work? Having people tweet your cause or retweet your message everyday won’t bring a criminal to justice. So this becomes a major experiment for social media. Are these rooms, the cheerlead- taken off, so has the anti-Kony campaign, which is full of questions and accusations. It asks: Why this plight? There are hundreds of stories out there like this one, dozens of countries with child soldiers. What about those? Then there are the suspicious. Those who think the Invisible Children group isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. ers and dancers talking about the latest Friday night scandals, the Goths and self-dubbed “emos” blaring their scream- That it’s really a mechanism for just getting more money o music from artists that are barely as emotionally pained as they for the C.E.O. A gratuitous amount these profits are be- ing used by front companies to give generous campaign donations, to representatives in the United States government. This is because of the Citizens United Decision, which allows companies to be seen as people and thus contribute unlimited funds without revealing Determined to end Kony’s reign of terror and bring social media sites more than just a thought, chat, joke, to make more movies. are, the skaters discussing “hot chicks” and exchanging names of their identities. There is no regulation of where the children he’s abducted home by the end of this year, and idea-sharing medium? Can they actually make things But, for now, the optimist in me must hope that this dealers, and the over-achievers that we all know are going to leave money that goes into campaign funds comes the efforts of Invisible Children led to the production of happen? And then if they can, and something genuine is in fact something special and brilliant. Imagine if it a mark on the world in one way or another. Another thing there an online video running nearly 30 minutes. The video has become an Internet sensation, with nearly 75 million views on YouTube. The overnight success has earned the San Diego-based nonprofit organization widespread praise and brought heightened scrutiny. The video claims that 99% of the world has never heard of Kony, in my case this was correct. Leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Kony’s rebel comes out of this movement, what’s next? Will it have worked because we now discovered a tangible and meaningful new use for YouTube, Twitter, and the rest of the net? Or will we then be flooded by endless causes, using the same tactic? So flooded in fact that none are remotely effective. Obtusely, what if it doesn’t work? What if all we really want to do is pass messages on, express outrage as worked. They’ve been looking for Kony through every possible medium for years. There’s a warrant for his arrest through the Criminal Court, the U.S. has supplied 100 specialist military personnel to hunt him down and they haven’t got him yet. Imagine if a campaign by a filmmaker, using modern technology, spreading like wildfire all over the planet was able to gain enough momentum to do in a month, what seems to be a lot of is PDA. It ranges from just holding hands, to shoving their tongues down each other’s throats, complete with groping. The students don’t seem to be thinking about how their actions are representing our school, and what visitors might think about the students of JHS and how the staff is handling them. Matt Harding, sophomore principal of JHS, has two different point of views on this sudden outbreak of public affection. “I don’t armies have contributed to the abduction of thousands of opposed to doing anything about it? And does this prove they haven’t been able to do in 26 years. like it. I wish we had enough [room in] ISS that I could send every children, forcing them to kill their parents, and turning that modern activism has really become about how clev- If you haven’t watched the video yet, look it up. PDA kid to ISS. But I also understand we recently went through a them into soldiers for his cause. This has been going on erly you can fit your message into 140 characters or less? Familiarize yourself with the campaign so that together disaster, and they need the affection they don’t get ant home.” Har- in Uganda for 26 years now, but awareness of the LRA Also taking advantage of the social media is the coun- this month we will find out whether or not the Kony 2012 ding says one way he handles PDA is telling them to pretend he is could not have grown in the way that it did without social ter-Kony crowd. As fast as the Kony 2012 campaign has phenomenon’s time is now. their parent, and tells them not to do anything they wouldn’t want their parents to see. Harding also says he sneaks up on them, and A not so spine-chilling ghost story puts himself in between them to split them apart. “It would help us tremendously if the students tried to stop it,” says Harding. A simple thing like asking them to stop, and giv- ing them a reason why, instead of saying “get a room!” could help By Caravana Randall Ready to scream at the top of your lungs, cover your eyes for fear of what’s to happen next, and as always a weeks worth of nightmares? Well don’t expect to find that in the supposed “horror” film Woman In Black. The story is of a man named Arthur Kipps, played by Daniele Radcliffe, a widower left alone and in debt, now tive way and finds that the house has some bad history. Arthur now has to deal with the disturbances in the house as he tries to finish his job and be reunited with his son. This movie has little plot and random unnecessary scenes throughout that leave you waiting for an explanation that never the situation tremendously, because instead of an authority figure chastising them, a peer is influencing them in the right direction, and offering alternative ways to show their affection for each other. Harding says he and the rest of the JHS staff would like more student support. “When the students say it, it’s going to be more powerful,” Harding states. Many would agree with this statement, because peer pressure is effective, whether it be positive or negative, because struggles with his job as a lawyer to support his comes. The only “scare” you get from the movie students are always anxious to please those around them, especially son. To keep his job Arthur is sent on a job out of is the random appearance of the woman in black, at this age. If more students stepped up and tried to make this a town to sort through the mountain of paper work nothing more. Radcliffe did little to show the lesser issue, a huge improvement in not only the hallways, but the of a deceased woman. As he reaches the town world that he can act outside of the well-known entire school environment, can be expected, and almost guaranteed. many speak of the house he will visit in a nega- character Harry Potter. from. As, well known freelance writer, Reihan Salam wrote for National Review “There is no denying that Americans in the top 0.01 percent of the income distribution have more potential for political influence than those earning $150,000. This influence is channeled through campaign donations and also through charitable giving, particularly to nonprofits devoted to shaping the ideological environment.” Such “non-profits” inhibit the political process and skew the decisions of policy makers. Some think that companies should have the rights of people in that they are able to give money indiscriminately and without revealing their true identities. Many conservatives believe that the rich being rich is a good thing due to trickle down economics. Trickle down economics are fundamentally flawed in that the money does not trickle down to the lower classes. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer, thus the gap in wealth corresponds with the gap in political power.


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Photos by: Shelby Hass, Lexi Brown, Shelby Norvell, Ms. Kelly Pyle



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