Spyglass: Volume LIII | Issue VIII | April 2012


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Spyglass Joplin High School Joplin, MO 11 & 12 Campus: 101 N. Range Line Rd, Bldg. D 9 & 10 Campus: 310 W. 8th Street Franklin Tech: 420 S. Grand Volume LIII Issue 8 May 2012


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2 PAGE May 2012 w hat’s inside Spyglass Spyglass b ond issue 3PAGE May 2012 Bond no longer an issue: Spyglass is a student publication of the Newspaper class at Joplin High School in Joplin, Mo. All articles are student produced, and all opinions are those of the newspaper staff. Spyglass is produced approximatley monthly and is delivered to all students, faculty, and staff of Joplin High School. S pyglass Spyglass Staff Taylor Camden, Editor-In-Chief Shelby Hass, Assistant Editor Lydia McAllister, Photo Editor Colin Hughes, Sports Editor Caravana Randall, Design Editor Molly Baker Margo Grills Lexi Brown Jenna Herr Brittany Czirr Brett Holcomb Kylie Davis All students write stories, take photographs, sell advertisements and design pages. 4 Look into the Spyglass Page 4 & 5 President to speak at Graduation Drama kids write play Page 6 & 7 Powder Puff Briefs Request for $62 million granted to Joplin School District Story and photo by Shelby Hass April 3, 2012, Joplin voters showed their sup- port for the Joplin School District $62 million Bond Request. There were 4,892 “Yes” votes out of 8,637 total votes, resulting in a 57.68 percent approval rating. Joplin Schools Superintendent, C.J. Huff, believes voters realized how important the schools are to the identity of the Joplin Community, and says he is ready to moving forward in the construction pro- cess. “We as an entire school board feel very strongly that even though we had a majority of the voters’ approval, we’re still accountable to one hundred Front page photo by Lexi Brown percent of our voters,” said Huff. “So they can rest assured that we will follow through with our tentative Inside page photo by Lexi Brown plans for the building of the schools.” Back page photo by Accent Photography by Terra According to Huff, plans call for Irving Elementa- Page four photo courtesy of The Joplin Globe ry, the Elementary at East, and East Middle School to Pages six through eleven photos courtesy of Spyglass and Yearbook Staffs be open by December 2013. The combined JHS/FTC center is scheduled to open in August of 2014. In the case of the high school, the new build- ing will mark the beginning of many changes. The school will now be able to facilitate higher educa- tion degrees, advanced certification in particular careers, and the possibility of providing associates degrees that will be transferrable to a university. “Primarily this means our students are going to get a much more well-rounded education,” said Huff. 7 12 This career pathway approach is being introduced in several schools across the nation. For Joplin High School, this sort of learning will bring the district one step closer to achieving its goal of graduating students directly into the work force, says Huff. JHS Freshman, Zach McDonough, will attend the new building his senior year and says he is relieved that the construction of the buildings will not be put off any longer. “I’m pretty lucky because I won’t just be experiencing high school from the two temporary campuses, but also what will probably be one of the nicest new high schools in the nation,” said McDonough. “It’s not just about the building, though, it’s about students and staff that have experienced so much, finally getting to settle back into a place they can call their home.” In Huff’s opinion, the passing of the bond issue marks the beginning of a new chapter for the district. “To have this behind us allows my team to really look past the whole disaster and start looking forward from a constructional standpoint. Now we can begin to determine what we can do to provide better services to our students as well as a positive workplace for our staff members,” said Huff. As the cleanup process of the old high school continues, and the construction plans are finalized, Huff and McDonough both 42.32% Page 8 & 9 Year in film Page 10 & 11 Year in Film Page 12 & 13 57.68%Cupcakes By Liz YesDrama Kids Write Play No Page 14 & 15 PASSED!Seniors Reviews express how pleased they are with the way the district has coped with disaster. “What I look forward to most is seeing our students go out there and do amazing things, even more amazing than what they’ve already accomplished,” said Huff.


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4 PAGE May 2012 g raduation Spyglass Spyglass S ports President Obama to return Girls love football, too By Lydia McAllister • The Joplin High School girls were experience. able to participate in a fairly new activity: “We tried to make up plays in practice, to the heart of America Powderpuff football. Powderpuff football is actually just flag-football but with only girl players. Money collected from the teams entry fee’s went towards Project Prom. but when it got to game time we basically winged it. It was way more intense than I thought it would be. Morgan Butler ripped my shirt trying to get my flag off !” said LaNear. Graduation commencement speech will be given “My girls put the team together and asked me to coach, I couldn’t turn it down!” said Lane Freeborn, captain of “I played center, which snapped the ball back to the quarterback and blocked the first person to come at her. The most to the class of 2012 by Mr. President Barack Obama one of the two junior class teams. “We would try to practice at least once memorable moment for me was when Morgan Butler tackled two girls back to a week, usually on Sundays since nobody back and the game got called. Another had sports then,” said Tara LaNear, mem- one was when we won the championship ber of the junior class team. game. The joy that came over our team The coaches, mostly football players, was unforgettable,” said Audrey Lawellin, had a difficult time adjusting to coaching member of the senior class’s team. females in a sport as opposed to males. Powderpuff turned out to be a reward- “It was a lot harder to get them moti- ing experience for both the coaches and vated. But that's not a knock on them. I teams. just think guys are more naturally com- “I loved coaching. And my girls were so petitive when it comes to pick up flag awesome! It was a lot of fun. Plus I think football games that don't really matter. I will be with the same girls and they will Plus they didn't see me as an authority want to be a lot better than this year. And figure or a real coach. But all in all they I can be a lot better coach with one year did an awesome job,” said Freeborn of his of experience under my belt. So I think junior team. we'll practice a lot more and a lot harder. By the time game day rolled around, So I can't wait for next year! I plan on tensions were running high. winning it all,” said Freeborn. “Coming into game day they were The senior team, The Cougars, won the pretty nervous because they realized tournament in a “landslide victory,” said we were a bit unprepared with the lack their coach, Evan Wilson. of practice time. But when it was game “It was a wonderful endeavor. The time they showed up! I was very proud girls really showed up to play and had an of them. Granted, it was hot and some of attitude for victory. We started off early them didn't want to be there but they still Saturday morning with some trouble played great and at the end of the day the executing plays, but we significantly im- By Taylor Camden President Barack Obama’s announcement on May 21st to speak to the graduates of records didn't matter to me,” said Free- nior Lexi Willcoxon. “It’s such a huge honor born. For the girls, being on the field instead proved over the course of just an hour to an efficient football machine that dominated everything in its,” said Wilson. to give the commencement speech at the 2012. His first visit, soon after the tornado, to be able to say the president is giving our of watching from the stands was a unique Joplin High School class of 2012 gradua- was made to tour the town after being dev- commencement speech – that’s a memory through the Gorilla Advantage progr tions has been the talk of the town since the astated by the tornado and to speak to the that will last a lifetime.” big value- announcement was made. The President is to speak at the Joplin people of Joplin. Not only will the President but the Go- “I’m excited,” said Kerry Sachetta, princi- venor of Missouri will also be speaking at In-state tuition available through High School commencement ceremony at 7 p.m. Monday, May 21, at Missouri Southern State University. “I can promise you that your country will be there with you every single step of the way. We’re not going anywhere,” Obama said last year at the memorial service in Joplin. Standing by his word, the President is returning to Joplin. pal . “It’s a very big deal for them. After all they’ve been through, it’s just tremendous that the president will be here to recognize them.” Returning to a still growing and rebuilding town is a trip the President is willing to make for the graduates of Joplin High School. “I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Julia graduation. “I look forward to joining President Barack Obama in Joplin to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2012 and to somberly mark the eve of the one-year anniversary of the tornado,” Nixon said in an announcement statement. “All Missourians and all Americans will continue to stand with the people of Joplin as they move their the Gorilla Advantage Program Scott Hill, Marketing, BBA ’00 big selection- Attorney and Partner at Hite, Fanning & Honeyman LLP More than big careers150 academic programs big opportunities- start at Pitt State The date of Graduation was changed from May 20 to accommodate the president’s schedule, according to CJ Huff, Super Inten- Lewis, senior. “Who else gets to tell their grandchildren that the president spoke at their graduation ceremony?” community forward.” With all the commotion of the tornado aftermath, it is not a surprise that the Internships available with the world’s largest companies Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. dent of Joplin Schools. “I couldn’t be more Most students at Joplin High School are President returning to Joplin isn’t widely proud of our students, and I couldn’t think exciting to be represented at graduation as positively received, but overall the town is 1-800-854-PITT Become a Gorilla and join the 7,200+ students who have dreams as big as yours! of a better way to make graduation day memorable for them.” Joplin residents. “It’s just amazing that we can have such excited to see the President returning to Joplin, Missouri. Pittsburg State University The President will be returning to town huge recognition for our school,” said se- 1701 S. Broadway • Pittsburg, KS 66762 • www.pittstate.edu > S I G N I N G S > 5PAGE May 2012 Senior Mariah Sanders signs with Missouri Southern State University for Track and Field. Sanders will pole vault for the Lions next year. She plans to major in sports medicine and physical therapy. Senior Mariah Johnson signs with Missouri Southern State University for Track and Field. Johnson will be competing in the high jump for the Lions. She plans to major in high school education and minor in business. Senior Colton Simmons signs with William Jewell College in Kansas City, Missouri. He will be competing in the hurdles for the Cardinals. He plans to major in pre-med biology.


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An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to... ...make it meaningful.


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a aPAGE 12 13May 2012 Cupcakes By Liz Takes the CakeStory by Margo Grills Leaves of HopeAt the 2012 Joplin High School Prom the food round jhs Spyglass Spyglass changed locations. After a year she is thrilled to be baking round JHS PAGE May 2012 Joplin High School’s drama four class partners to write a play featuring Joplin’s personal stories involving the tornado was provided by cupcakesbyliz. Liz Walker again. Easton gets most of her business from local events Easton has been in the pastry business for eight and parties. “The JHS Prom is one of the bigger events I years. Liz says that she has always enjoyed baking and loves making a client happy “I like to please people. I love it when a client enjoys their have ever done. I am very excited.” Easton said. Easton said prior to the Prom that she hoped that her desserts would blend well with the theme of Once Upon a Time. Joplin ma four High class School’s drais partnering interviews and playing a big and the drama four class is part in writing the play. commenting on what they cool with this particular proj- think that’s what this play ect is the affect technology can be for some people,” order and I meet their expectations.” Easton said. “I hope it will be elegant and fun.” with Dr. David White, 2004 “We’re commenting on do and don’t like about the can have on it. I think She lost her house and bakery in the tornado last year and has moved to a new location 2310 South Main Street, and will open again on June first. “I think the new location is much prettier; it Easton’s cupcakes were a hit. Teachers and students alike were to be seen enjoying the sugary confections around a table towering with cupcakes. The cupcakes were white cake with white frosting and sugar pearls. Christina JHS graduate and professor at the University of Maryland, to tell the stories of the all the things to kind of help him structure the play,” said Ethan interviews. White is also posting photos and videos to help show- that’s important updating it so it’s relevant to the 21st century, instead is also bigger and more functional.” Said Easton. Easton was born and raised in Joplin Missouri. Like a true native she has an optimistic view for her hometown’s future. “Well, I hope Joplin Movick, German teacher, said, “The cupcakes are really good. They so sweet you need to limit yourself to one.” Kaitey Hembree defiantly enjoyed her cupcake, “They’re a delicious temptation fro my mouth.” Hembree citizens of Joplin--how they Ritschel, were affected initially by the drama four EF-5 tornado and the year student. “It’s us telling the story instead of news cast case specific parts of the interviews to of just some really old play,” said Ritschel. The play will be pre- doesn’t forget what we’ve been through to get said after her first bite. that followed in the healing The class telling it for us. Art is a re- make it more sented to the community where we are. I’m proud and I appreciate the positive attitude the town has.” The Prom was her first job since she has Teachers Retire: Evan Bass said that he thought the cupcakes were rich sweet and delicious. The general consensus was that the cupcakes were a highlight of the evening. Photo by Lexi Brown Carnahan and Kelstadt share their experience through their years of teaching at JHS process. “We want to try to put a good light on the tornado. It’s cool how we’re using our abilities to hopefully bring hope to the community,” said Bradley White, senior at will get their names on the play, as well as receive the profit to go towards the theatre depart- ally important part in the healing process and I think that’s what this play can be for some people.” -Ethan RitschEl sEnioR relatable. “I think that’s a good direction, letting the play write itself rather on May 17, 2012. For more information on this visit www.joplinschools. com. “It’s us telling the story instead of news cast telling it for us. I Story by Brittany Czirr Ernie Kellstadt, construction technology teacher at FTC, started his teaching career in 1970 and is retiring at the end of the school year after 42 years of teaching students of all ages. Kellstadt became interested in teaching from a shop teacher he had in junior high and he took the shop skills from that class to his teaching career. Although Kellstadt is known for woodworking, he has also coached football, basketball and track in his many years of teaching. Kellstadt has taught in Kansas City to small town Kansas and from private to public schools. He plans on spending his retirement with his family, maybe doing some traveling, and doing the hobbies that he enjoys like fishing, hunting and woodworking. But said he will miss working with young people. Story by Margo Grills Joplin High School. ment. that having Vicki Carnahan, FACS teacher, has been a teacher in the D. White approached Joplin School District for 32 years and is retiring. Carnahan became interested in teaching because of her mentors and teachers in high school and college. In her long teach- Sarah Brim, theatre teacher at Joplin High School about ing career Carnahan has taught: Child Development, Sew- writing a play; he’s com- ing I and II, and Interior and Fashion Design for grades 9-12. Carnahan’s expectations for her life after retirement include; spending time with her family, growing as a pro- piling the majority of the interviews, but the drama fessional seamstress, continuing to train and compete in four class is conducting the “We all play the same role in the play. I mean, I’m not more important than anyone else in the group. We are all contributing,” said B. White. Dr. White created a blog with all the interviews on it specific intentions,” said Ritschel. Many multimedia aspects have been incorporated into the play, such as the blog and skyping with Dr. White. “Something that’s really 10K’s and half-marathon races. Carnahan plans to spend more time on home improvement consisting of: remodeling, gardening, and landscaping. Carnahan is proud of her success in the teaching world as well as the success of JHS awards many of her former students. She is retiring after what she looks back on as a very rewarding career. 2012 Golden Eagle be taking 34 vocalists to Mitchell, senior, was premiering a piece that Teacher Award nominees the State Music Contest selected to be a member was composed as a tribute think it’s important that our community gets our specific story out there and I also think it’s really important that we move on. Art is a really important part in the healing process and I Photo Submitted JHS drama four class skypes with Dr. David White about the collaborative work they’re doing on a play. The work will be read in the Joplin community in May. are Jeff Brown, Sgt. in Columbia, after receiv- of the Missouri All-State to Joplin by Richard Richard Banks and ing 1s at Districts. Showchoir. Saucedo. FIND M RE Chris Young. FFA Knowledge Team placed 5th at the Area 9 FFA Leadership contests James Hoff placed 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking at the MSHSAA State Speech and Debate Tournament Joplin Eagle Pride Winterguard competed at the World Championships in Dayton Ohio April May 17, public reading of Drama 4’s original play commemorating Joplin community members’ ex- in March. Mariah April 19-21. 11-13. They came in perience with the events Howerton placed 8th 79th place, a mark above of May 22. AÉROPOSTALE OLD NAVY Congratulations to all students & staff individually and Kristen Hale placed 11th. Joplin High School’s One Act won 4th place at the State One Act Competi- the top 100 placing, JHS participants were hoping to break. JHS foreign language students earned the First AMERICAN EAGLE RUE21 3rd & Rangeline Road | 417.781.2121 VisitNorthparkMall.com JHS Chamber Orchestra performed at the district festival and tion at the same time in Columbia, MO. Concert Band earned a superior rating in sight Place Overall trophy at this year’s MSSU Foreign Language Field Day MAURICES VANITY facebook.com/VisitNorthparkMall received 1 ratings in both their selected pieces and sight reading. Joplin High School show choirs received a “I” rating at the district reading and an excellent on performance. At the Spring Concert at competitions held April 24. They were among 1,100 students from 39 Dr. McAllister and staff are proud supporters of the Joplin Spyglass newspaper large ensemble contest Memorial Hall on May 8 competing schools. Joplin High School will April 19 at MSSU. Tori at 7:00, the band will be


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14 PAGE May 2012 JHS PayS off for SeniorS Seniors to attend top ranked universities in the fall, made possible by the education and opportunities recieved at Joplin High School. SIrI ancHa Will Attend: University of Missouri-Kansas City Why UMKC: “I only got rejected by one school so I had a lot of options—but with UMKC I’m guaranteed into Medical School.” Majoring in: Liberal Arts, but enrolled in the 6-year Med. Program College Curriculars: Charity work and cultural organizations. “[JHS] opened up a lot of doorS for me. I waS able to cHoSe umKc becauSe of tHe op- portunItIeS I receIved Here.” dereK carter Will Attend: University of Alabama Why Alabama: “They offered me a large scholarship and a lot of incentives. Also, they have amazing facilities—probably the nicest campus I’ve ever seen.” Majoring in: Finance and Economics College Curriculars: PBL, Club Tennis “[JHS] got me ready for college and prepped me for wHat I needed to get Into top programS and receIve ScHolarSHIpS.” mIcHelle barcHaK Will Attend: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Why Massachusetts: “I really like their engineering programs, most importantly I really connected to the students well, and I like how they have a balance of activities and academics” Majoring in: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College Curriculars: Varsity swim team, Robotics club “tHe claSSeS I’ve taKen at JHS Have prepared me for claSSeS In college and a HIgHer worK load becauSe I’ve taKen tHe claSSeS Here and onlIne” s eniors Spyglass “Sayonara!” -Class of 2012 Spyglass O pinion 15PAGE May 2012 Ignorance is not bliss It’s not whether to tan, it’s where to tan SenIorS ready to begIn Journey after HIgH ScHool By Caravana Randall By Molly Baker “I’m ready to be out of high school, ready to go to college and start my life. I feel like high school was just a big hoop I had to jump through. I feel like I grew from some of high school because it was a significant amount of time but I don’t feel like it benefited me,” said Sarah Phillips, senior of JHS. Seniors feel the excitement that comes with graduation but through their time in high school have discov- ered and learned things that they can now reflect on in their lives today. “A lot has changed between fresh- man year and now, personally and with relationships I think I have grown as a person. I’ve become more patient and tolerable this year than in the past. I’m so excited to graduate— I even have a countdown, but at the same time I am nervous to move out and start the next chapter of my life,” said Ashlee Hernandez, senior of JHS. Hernandez has lived in Joplin her whole life and has attended JHS all four years of her high school career. After high school Hernandez is plan- ning to branch out for college. “I’m moving four hours away to Westminster College in Fulton, Mis- souri. I’m scared, but at the same time I know this is what I want to do with my life. I don’t want to stay in Joplin. I’m going to miss a few of my teach- ers but I definitely won’t miss the early mornings,” she said. Phillips also plans to attend a college away from Joplin but will be making other big changes in her life. “My life will be changing drasti- cally after high school. I’m moving to Texas for college, my mother is moving across the Atlantic Ocean so my home base won’t even be in the United States. Literally my entire life is just shifting,” she said. Seniors may be ready to leave the high school but will never forget the things they learned as they grew from teenager to adult. “High school was a big adventure. I’ve grown to know myself, who I want to be and I learned to like myself and other people. I’ve learned to love myself, the world around me, knowl- edge, and that love is really impor- tant,” said Phillips. Erin Anderson, senior at JHS, has different plans when it comes to her future after graduation. Anderson is from Canada, she moved to Joplin in the middle of her freshman year. “I’m not allowed to work due to the fact that I don’t have a social security number and we are in the process of getting green cards. I don’t want to move back to Canada right after high school having no work experience. I plan to work for a year in whatever I can find then I will be going back to Canada where I will go to college at The University of Alberta,” said Anderson. With adulthood approaching Anderson has some fears about becom- ing an adult. “I’m bet- ter than I was so I might be ready for adulthood, I even Recently I witnessed a group of indi- apologize. It should be that simple. ironed my own shirt this morning, for viduals discussing a certain issue. After me that’s progress. I’m worried about everything that comes with adulthood like cooking for myself and doing my own laundry. What if I poison myself or dye my clothes pink?” said Anderson. As for college, Phillips feels ready a statement made by “Bob,” “Sally” and “Penny” fired back immediately to “Bob” with an opposing argument. “Bob” asked, “Are you sure?” and backed off the subject surrendering, that maybe, he was in fact, wrong. That night I went home and did the Yes, anyone has the right to state their opinion. But when the facts to back it up are all wrong, you might want to reconsider postponing the conversation until you fully understand the concepts of the issue to chime in on a discussion. If you don’t want to complete the deep research, then don’t to jump into the year ahead. research. Bob was, in fact, correct. start or join a heated controversial discus- “I’m really excited I feel like This is why one should make sure sion. Do you see me writing an edito- I’ve been waiting my whole life for they know what they’re talking about rial about current politics? No. Do college. I’m excited to further my before they open their squawker you see me writing an editorial education, have a specific target area and squawk about something to educate myself in, and just have the experience of college,” said Phillips. Hernandez is nervous for the road ahead as she becomes an adult. “I remember when I was younger I always said ‘I can’t wait to be an adult,’ but now that it’s happening it that’s not true. I’m not asking anyone to be a hermit in the corner, never talking about their opinion or contributing to controversial discussions. Just make sure you know what you’re talking on international news? No. You know what they say: ignorance is bliss! So if you choose to live an ignorantly bliss life, great. Just think before you tell someone they’re wrong if you don’t know sucks, I have to start taking responsi- about when you decide to what you’re talking about. bility for myself and that can be scary. debate an issue. And if you Seriously, spare yourself the I don’t feel prepared for college but I do find out that you are embarrassment, and do feel like I’m at that stage in my life to in fact wrong, your research. be called an adult. I feel like person- surrender and ally I’m an adult, but I’m not fully prepared for the trails to come,” she said. From learning freshman to the soon to be college students they are today, Senior Staff Goodbyes what do the seniors have to say to the underclassman about high school? “The only thing I really regret not doing in high school is enough activi- Taylor Camden ties. I suggest to do some activities, don’t skip school, and start thinking about college now don’t wait until last minute to decide,” said Hernandez. I remember thinking ‘why not’ when I enrolled in Journalism-I as a freshman. After being in the class for only a few weeks, I knew that it was something I would want to do for the rest of my life. After four years on staff, it’s time to be a grown up and take steps closer to accomplishing my dreams of So thank you to Ms. Brenda White for introducing me to journalism. Thank you to Mrs. Mary Crane for opening the door to so many opportunities for me. Thank you to Carol Stark for allowing me to intern at the Joplin Globe. Thank you to my peers, teachers and administrators for putting up with all becoming a journalist. the interviews! When I look back on my time in high Last but not least, thanks to the Spyglass school, I’ll remember the staff and the staff that held it all together—you’ve all newspaper and how much fun we’ve all had made the worst of times the best of times! together sharing our passion for journalism. Shelby, I know you’ll do great—take care of It’s sad to think that it’s over now, but we’re my baby! Colin Hughesall moving on to bigger and better things. It seems like just yesterday was the first day of high school and now I’m getting ready to graduate. Over the last four years I’ve had some amazing teachers and coaches. It’s safe to say that without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have also made some friendships and memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. My time with the cross country and baseball teams over the last four years allowed me to meet some of the people I consider my closest friends. I want to thank Mrs. Crane for making my experience on the Spyglass one of my favorite things about high school. I would also like to thank anyone who took pictures for me over the last three years due to my limited ability with a camera. Finally, good luck to everyone in the class of 2012. There are big things in store for us in the future. By Taylor Camden Real talk: Who cares if tanning is so bad for you? We do it anyway. Just like everything else that’s considered risky in life. So we might as well face the facts. I’m not writing another article about why you should or shouldn’t tan. I’m just going to tell you where to do it. There are many tanning salons in Joplin, but the most popular-by-demand are Tropical Tan, Club Tan and The Dark Side. Depending on what you want in a tanning salon, either of these could be the perfect choice for you. If location is important to you, than you might chose which one is closest to you. Tropical Tan is located on 7th and Illinois, Club Tan is on 9th and Range Line, and The Dark Side is located on 32nd and Connecticut. If cost is important to you, than you might chose the salon that has the best pricing for you. The Dark Side is defiantly the cheapest, but Tropical Tan runs specials and promotions regularly—so by going at the right time you could get a good deal. Club Tan is inexpensive if you commit to a package for a long period of time. For example, the rate of a six month contract is cheaper than the rate of 1 Caravana Randall I remember when I first made the decision to join the Spyglass Staff as a sophomore trying to find a talent of my own. What was first merely for sport turned into a career choice. These three years on the staff have been an amazing experience that I will always remember as I venture out into the world of journalism. Not only have I seen growth in myself since I first began, but in the Spyglass Staff as a whole. I want to thank the entire Spyglass Staff for the support we have all given each other and the lessons we have learned through our high school years. Accepting the fact that this is the last issue of the Spyglass I will ever write in has been hard. The memories of my time on the Spyglass flow back to me now and as I find my way out into the world I know one thing I will never forget is the time I spent on the Spyglass Staff. Margo Grills This year has been taxing on everyone. I am moderately proud to graduate among the class of 2012. I love the friends I have made here at JHS, especially to the CSG. To the rest of you I say; I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. On that note I wish my classmates a happy and productive future. month. If the quality of the tanning beds is important to you, than taking a tour of each salon is my advice to you. Club Tan is the newest salon in Joplin of the three, so the beds are the newest as well. In my experience tanning there, the beds and tanning experience is the best but it took the most time to build up a tan than any of the three salons. The Dark Side has the least quality beds of the three salons, but still gets the job done. Tropical Tan has nice beds and rotate their bulbs regularly so building up a tan happens quickly. If you aren’t in to tanning in beds and would rather spray, all three are different and you should pick which salon is most suited for you. At The Dark Side, the spray is applied by hand so it is typically the darkest, but not the most even, Tropical Tan and Club Tan are both applied by machine. I’ve personally found that Club Tan’s machine sprays more evenly than Tropical Tan’s. For me, Tropical Tan was the best choice. It’s close to my house, I got a student discount and can count on a tanning experience that is great. Lydia McAllister I can’t believe high school is finally over. It’s been an amazing ride. From being a wide-eyed freshman to being a senior with a severe case of senioritis, I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world. I have so many unforgettable memories from the people I’ve met and the events I’ve been a part of. Being a member of the Spyglass is something I’m very proud of. I had the honor of having Ms. White and Mrs. Crane teach me about Journalism and I’m lucky enough to take that knowledge with me to study at the University of Missouri. It’s definitely bittersweet graduating, having grown up with all of you for the past four years, but I know there’s so many things ahead that will be better than we ever imagined. Molly Baker Finally. After wondering how I was going to make it through high school, the end is here. Looking back, it seems like these wild four years flew right by. I’ve had a ton of fun but I’m ready and excited for the next chapter in my life. Thank you BC and Mrs. Brim for directing me, teaching me, and inspiring me as I continue to pursue a degree in Theatre at Southeast Missouri State University. Thanks for all the great memories Joplin High School!


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To the Joplin High School Students and Staff, As we reflect on what we have endured over the past year, we will remember May 22, 2011 and this school year for the rest of our lives. Every one of us suffered personal hardships - the loss of a relative, friend or acquaintance - and many tears were shed. Our town was devastated beyond recognition, and we witnessed the total destruction of our high school and career center. We were confused and lost for a time; not knowing how and when would be able to move forward. The memories made at 2104 Indiana were not lost, but they will live on because of the stronger and deeper relationships we have made this past school year. The decision to start school on time and begin to rebuild, and all the work and sacrifice made by everyone involved, was outstanding. Our staff knew how important school is for every student, and how important it was to our seniors to have a senior year they could remember. It was with those two thoughts in mind that we as a school community put forward our best effort to make new memories. When I think of this school year I think of the joy of our students coming back together the first day of school. I think of how all of our counselors have helped many students and staff through very tough and emotional times - all year long. I will not forget that every major event throughout the school year was made more special by people outside of our school community, because the world wanted the students at Joplin High School to have the best year possible. I really appreciate the effort our entire staff made to have a successful school year against all odds. And, I appreciate the leadership, flexibility, and loyalty of our students and parents for staying in Joplin and making 2011-2012 a memorable year. Finally, I would like to leave you with two quotes that are very fitting for all of us to reflect upon… First, from Thomas Edison, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” And second, “The only safe ship in a storm is leadership” by an unknown author. Please take the time to think about what you have accomplished this year, and how you have grown personally from this experience. And always remember…WE ARE JOPLIN! Your principal, Kerry Sachetta, Ed.D.



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