2016 Annual Report


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2016 SFCS Annual Report

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Eight Schools. ONE COMMUNITY. 2015-2016 Annual Report 25 years of Faith and Excellence


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SIOUX FALLS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Sioux Falls Catholic Schools are Catholic, co-educational schools under the guidance and direction of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls and the Sioux Falls Catholic School Board, which consists of pastors from all nine parishes in the city, as well as representatives from each of those parishes, and the Director of Catholic Schools from the Diocese of Sioux Falls. The SFCS mission is to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence. SIOUX FALLS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS  BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2015-2016 CHRIST THE KING PARISH Fr. Richard Fox Matt Mueller HOLY SPIRIT PARISH Fr. Chuck Cimpl Brad Schoenfelder, Vice Chair OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE PARISH Fr. Kristopher Cowles ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL PARISH Fr. James Morgan Jarrod Muller ST. KATHARINE DREXEL PARISH Fr. Gregory Tschakert Mike Jaspers SFCS FOUNDATION REP Jim Josten, Past Chair ST. LAMBERT PARISH Fr. John Rutten Dan Johnson ST. MARY PARISH Fr. David Desmond Jeanne Kappenman ST. MICHAEL PARISH Fr. Terry Weber Julie Norton, Chair ST. THERESE PARISH Fr. David Stevens Deborah Witte OGHS REPRESENTATIVE Mark Shlanta AT LARGE REPRESENTATIVE Dan Fritz, Jr. DIOCESAN REPRESENTATIVE Katie Mellor, Director of Catholic Schools SFCS ADMINISTRATION/FOUNDATION PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Robert Wehde, President Brenda Mitzel, Director of Instruction/ Curriculum Angie Markstrom, Executive Assistant Ashley Smith, Administrative Assistant Jenni Struck, Admissions Coordinator Sharon Hurley, Director of Human Resources Lisa Greene, HR Administrative Assistant Carrie Keuser, Food Services Director Joe Hurley, Dir. of Information Technology Robert Bryant, Support Specialist James Scott, Support Specialist FOUNDATION OFFICE Michelle Katen, Executive Director Shilo Jensen, Associate Coordinator DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Katie Fritz, Director of Development Maren Jensen, Events/Marketing Specialist Debbie McEneaney, Receptionist/Certificates Carol Nesbitt, Community Relations/Alumni Janelle Nerland, Dev’t. Admin. Asst./Certificates Jodi Rysavy, Administrative Assistant Meagan Turbak, Webmaster/Graphic Design Betsy Weber, Development Specialist BUSINESS OFFICE Lisa Rysavy, Director of Finance Jessica Aning, Accounts Receivable Specialist Jacki Bosseler, Accounts Payable Specialist Angie Kappen, Accountant Anne Kunze, Accountant Ashley Herman, Accounting Assistant Mary Haiar, Accounting Assistant ADMINISTRATORS Kyle Groos, OGHS Principal Joan Mahoney, OGHS Assistant Principal Art Hagg, OGHS Assistant Principal/ Guidance Director Wade Charron, OGJH Principal Lisa Huemoeller, St. Michael Principal Stacy Charron, St. Katharine Drexel Principal Colleen Davis, St. Lambert Principal Regan Manning, Holy Spirit Principal Courtney Tielke, St. Mary Principal Julie Kolbeck, Christ the King Principal Steve Kueter, Director of Activities Amy Isaacson, Dir. of Achievement Academy


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FROM THE BISHOP OF THE SIOUX FALLS DIOCESE Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends of SFCS, In this Year of Mercy recognizing that we are all recipients of God’s mercy through Jesus Christ, we are called to share that gift with others. Teachers in our schools are important instruments of sharing this Truth with our children. They do so not only by formal instruction but also by personal witness. They and the staff who support them seek to help our students succeed academically of course. But in addition we ask them to invite all students to discover what the Church teaches and to help them recognize how these moral and social teachings can prepare them to enter into a world that does not always encourage an active faith life. As the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools embark on the important effort to significantly raise teacher and staff salaries, which I enthusiastically endorse, we acknowledge the commitment they have made over the years to our children and families at financial sacrifice. This effort will provide a more just wage, enabling them to support their families, while also offering them additional incentive to continue to teach and witness Gospel values to our students. Raising monies for salaries will also help SFCS attract new, highly-qualified teachers when others move on or retire. For teachers and staff in our schools, it is not just a job, but a vocation, a calling. The teachers and staff of our Catholic schools have helped foster among students an openness to discern God’s will for them, encouraging young men and women to discern whether the Lord is calling them to priesthood or consecrated life. I was privileged to ordain an O’Gorman High School graduate this past year, now Father Barry Reuwsaat, ’05. Other young men graduates are in seminary formation, as are women graduates discerning religious life. Your support is essential to continuing this beautiful and life changing ministry. Thank you for prayerfully discerning how you might support the SFCS Teachers and Staff Salary Initiative as well as the operating needs of our school system. May God bless you and your families and all who support the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Yours in Christ, The Most Reverend Paul J. Swain Bishop of Sioux Falls


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From the President: Robert Wehde Dear SFCS Families and Supporters, Sometimes the best kept secrets are the ones right in front of us. Sioux Falls Catholic Schools is one of those. For the past 25 years, many have supported the belief that a Catholic education should be for all who desire one and, by sharing our collective resources, more families can be served. That simple, but profound, directional statement would become the challenging vision of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. With that vision guiding us, Sioux Falls Catholic Schools have become one of the finest examples of Catholic education in the country. We treasure the tradition of faith and excellence of these past 25 years, and now focus our efforts on the future strategic goals outlined in our comprehensive plan. During the planning process, three key focus areas were identified: enrollment, technology and staff salaries. Great progress has been made in our initial year of the strategic plan to begin working on these key areas: • Enrollment - To assist with recruitment and retention efforts, a parent ambassador program was piloted at St. Katharine Drexel with plans to expand the program to all schools. Each school in the system also hosted recruitment and retention events. • Technology -SFCS invested in updating system-wide infrastructure and provided quality professional development for our staff in utilizing technology in the classroom. • Staff Salaries - SFCS has successfully launched the Teachers and Staff Salary Initiative by incorporating an annual fundraising goal and enrollment targets for the 2016-2017 fall semester. An additional component of the initiative will help grow endowments for a long-term salary funding solution. Amazing and wonderful things happen in our classrooms every day; our dedicated faculty and staff are truly inspiring with their love and support for every student. We are blessed with gifted and motivated students who amaze us with their accomplishments. With your help, we can continue to provide a world class education for future generations of students that cherish the gift of Catholic education and treasure the 25 year tradition of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Sincerely yours in Catholic education, Robert R. Wehde Development Key Figures 2015-16 Distribution of Revenues & Expenses* REVENUE Tuition/Fees Tuition Assistance Parish Subsidies Development Other Investment Income 66% -3%** 25% 6% 4% 2% 1 2 3 4 5 6 EXPENSES Salaries and Benefits Plant Instructional Extra-curricular Office/Administration Technology Tuition Assistance 85% 4% 3% 3% 2% 2% 1%*** *Represents preliminary information. For more detailed financial information, contact SFCS Business Office at 605-335-6557. **Tuition Assistance which consists of the Multi-Child Discount, the St. Francis Grants, Opportunity Grants, Special Needs Grants, Seton Grants and Referral Program Grants are a reduction to revenue as opposed to an additional expense to SFCS. ***O’Gorman High School Work Program


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From the SFCS Board President: Julie Norton Dear Friends of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools: One Year. There are so many things that fit in one year and yet it feels like it flew by and here we are. I have been blessed to serve as the Chair of the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools Board and for any time I have put into this position, I have been rewarded many times over. I am humbled by the amount of time, commitment and support that our community gives in order to keep us moving forward each day and progressing to be the wonderful system that we are. I would personally like to thank the countless people who offered their support for me in so many meaningful ways. I would also like to thank Bishop Swain and the Pastors for their guidance and leadership during the past year. As I reflect on the last year, there is a common theme that threads among all of the things that we have done and accomplished - faith, commitment and family. I have noticed that these are the basis of daily work and are present in our interactions. It is truly inspiring to work with so many people who hold these values and work to ensure we are keeping them close in all that we do. It has been a wonderful year for our system and one that is full of many achievements. The Strategic Plan was finalized which puts in place a vision for our system over the next several years. There is a vision and focus associated with where we are and who we want to be in the future. We have identified priorities within several major areas. Faith. Fostering opportunities to live our mission and practice our faith is a main priority. Programs. Enhancing our programs to ensure our students receive the best academic opportunities. Technology. Policies have been structured to guide us in our pursuit of an expanded network and systems and the building blocks have been put in motion. Communication. We are working to enhance our communication to ensure we tell our story to our community. Finance, Personnel and Planning. This year we started a journey to focus on our most valued treasure, our people. From the teachers to the administrators, to our support staff, we recognize their value and their commitment. These are the extended family of our students and as a parent, I can’t think of a greater group of people who I trust to help mold my boys. We embarked on an initiative to move the needle on our valued people’s pay. Education for our parents on the effects of enrollment, the budget, tuition, and our financial aid model was completed in an effort to bring the overall picture together. The Foundation and team have done a great job of getting us started and our community has been generous in helping us meet our goals. This will be a continued journey, but based on the progress in this first year, I am confident we will continue to rise to the challenge. I recognize that all of the things that make our system great are possible only because of the amazing number of people who give in so many ways on a daily basis. Thank you to the SFCS faculty, administrators and support staff for their daily vision and dedication. Thank you to my fellow Board members and volunteers for investing of your time, talent and treasures in various ways. With such dedication in our community, I know our students will be well prepared to carry out our mission as they make their way into the world. And that is our ultimate reward and goal. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve and for your generous support along the way. Please know that each and every one of you are appreciated and valued. And know that your generosity is supporting a wonderful mission... to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence. God Bless, Julie Norton 2015-16 Development Revenue SFCS Certificate Program Annual Appeal Bob Burns Dakota Bowl Tuition Assistance Extravaganza Athletic Boosters Magazine Drive Opening Knighter One Time Fund Time SFCS Connections Gifts and Donations Performing Arts Boosters 2015 - 2016 $157,900 $154,951 $168,478 $103,953* $ 115,648 $ 86,773 $ 65,051 $ 28,024 $ 39,960 $ 22,906 $ 29,000 $ 4,826 TOTAL Development Revenue: $977,470 *Tuition Assistance comes from many sources including the GO>GIVE>OG campaign, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund and the Alumni 10x12 Program. An additional $8,167 was raised through the 10x12 Alumni Program. This amount transfers into a SFCS Foundation endowed tuition assistance fund.


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25 years of Community, Faith and Excellence 1991 - 2016 In the 1980’s, there were five Catholic elementary schools serving grades K-8: St. Joseph Cathedral, Little Flower, St. Mary, St. Lambert and Christ the King. O’Gorman High School served grades 9-12. As the city continued to grow, pastors and lay people were asking how effective the Catholic schools of Sioux Falls were and how important the schools were in spreading the Catholic faith. People wondered how the six individually run schools would continue to be governed, financed and staffed in the long term. Some parishes were easily able to financially support their individual schools, while others struggled. Some pastors had experience in education and running a school, while others did not. More importantly, there was a dramatic decline in the number of religious available to staff the schools. There were inequities in teacher pay and tuition rates throughout the city. There was also a growing need to improve consistency in curriculum from school to school, streamline efficiencies, standardize salary and tuition structure and share a common mission. At the same time O’Gorman’s principal, Tom Lorang, was working towards his doctorate in education. As part of his research for his dissertation (which was not chosen by him, but by his advisor – which he says was God’s hand in it all) he studied Catholic schools across the country, the effectiveness, the governance, the financing and more. His research showed a clear and potential crisis in staffing the schools and paying for salaries and benefits. It was something our local schools had never had to worry about in the past with primarily Presentation, Benedictine and Dominican Sisters teaching and running the schools. Lorang worked for a year with Bishop Paul Dudley and local Pastors as well as a number of lay representatives also interested in the long-term growth and health of the Catholic Schools in Sioux Falls. “We could see the disjointedness of the schools. Some of the principals didn’t even know each other. It became obvious to us that we couldn’t sustain what we had.” Lorang says that with different tuition rates and salaries for teachers, Catholic schools were in competition with each other. Curriculums were all over the place. The quality of education was inconsistent. Lorang’s doctoral research showed that this was also happening across the country and was not being addressed. “If we were going to have quality Catholic education for our children and grandchildren, we were going to have to look at a new model.” After more than a year’s worth of meetings, a sense of synergism began to emerge from administrators, clergy and parish representatives. It was decided to form a unique triangular model between the schools, parishes and specialized committees of parent representatives. “It was a total collaboration of our priests, Bishop, families and school personnel. There was a real focus on a common mission, one that is higher than ourselves, and when all are committed to that, the expectations rise as do the achievements,” said Lorang.


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“It’s time to take care of the living stones... our teachers who have an incredible impact on our children’s lives.” - Fr. John Rutten Gift Club Levels** * Total annual gift contributions of $3,000 or more entitle the donor to an invitation to the SFCS Donor Recognition event, held in conjunction with the O'Gorman spring musical, as well as a SFCS "gift pack" including a family athletic booster pass, family performing arts booster pass and tickets to several SFCS special events. * Total annual gift contributions of $1,500$2,999 entitle the donor to an invitation to the SFCS Donor Recognition event held in conjunction with the O'Gorman spring musical. In addition, the donor receives two tickets to two SFCS special events of his/ her choice, including the OGHS fall play, the children's play or the O'Gorman homecoming football game tailgate party. * Total annual gift contributions of $500$1,499 entitle the donor to two tickets to one SFCS special event of his/her choice. Options include the OGHS fall play, the children's play or the O'Gorman homecoming football game tailgate party. **E ective July 1, 2014 The names listed on the following pages represent gifts to SFCS and the SFCS Foundation during our 2016 fiscal year, from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. DISTINGUISHED BENEFACTORS Gifts of $50,000 AND GREATER Avera David and Erika Billion Paul and Mary Ellen Connelly Gene, Jr. and Cynthia Jones Orthopedic Institute Sanford Health Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, LLP Jim and Angie Soukup Alan, Jr. and Judy Spencer The Gas Stop - Tom and Melissa Howes Thomas and Kathleen Walsh EXECUTIVE DIAMOND CLUB Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999 Century Business Products Coca-Cola Bottling Co Phil Donohue Msgr. James Doyle Eide Bailly, LLP Alfred and Linda Hartmann Evan and Kristin Hermanson Tim and Jeanne Kappenman Craig and Dawn Pistulka Robert and Debbie Winkels DIAMOND CLUB Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Pizza Ranch - Miles and Lisa Beacom Todd and Patty Pharis John and Tamme Berdahl PREMIER Bankcard, Inc./ Joel and Dar Blanchard First PREMIER Bank Donald and Lisa Bonenberger Presentation Sisters CorTrust Bank Central Adm. Services Don and Jo Dougherty Results Radio Bryan and Shelly Hammer Corey and Thalia Rothrock Scott and Lisa Jones Keith and Ann Schaefbauer Richard and Cindy Koch William and Valerie Schroeder Fr. Al Krzyzopolski Eric and Jaclyn Schuler David and Connie Landry Andrew and Sandy Soye John and Natalie Lavender Christopher and Erin Stanton Maguire Iron, Inc Tomasz and Cynthia Stys MLAEA Charitable Fund The Medtronic Foundation Ted and Karen Muenster Bernard and Mary Ann Randy and Debbie Nehring VanWassenhove John and Patty Nohr Fr. Andrew Young Paul  and Loretta Harris Trust  Denotes deceased


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EMERALD CLUB Gifts of $5,000 -$9,999 Anonymous Bill and Peg Baker Harry and Mary Bengry Ken Berger and Molly McCarthy Bruce and Cathy Bohms Donald and Sylvia Brule Clint and Erin Brunner Joseph and Christine Burla Matthew and Kristina Casey Richard and Kari Clark Randy and Ann Cowan Creative Surfaces, Inc Michael Cunningham Marvin Dammann Stan and Elaine Deelstra Bob and Kara Dougherty Mark and Susan Duffek Aaron and Jennifer Dykstra Earl Earley Paul  and Barbara East Fiegen Construction Rod and Julie Fieldsend David and Sharon Flynn Maureen Flynn Richard and Julie Frederick Jared and Chantelle Friedman Scott and Mary Gibson Bob and Marge Good Norma Gross Doug and Anne Hajek James Heiman Tony and Erin Hericks Casey and Sarah Hillman Jack and Gina Hopkins Jason and Susan Hurd Jeff and Linda Baka Family Fund Rob and Nicole Keisacker Donald and Carol Kelpin Henry and Christine Knapp David and Patricia Kopp Dave and Brandi Kowalczyk Steve and Deborah Labahn Brian Landry Patrick and Kaye Lawler Doug and Julie Lindner Marlene A. Rance Charitable Fund Gladys Massa Midcontinent Communications Richard Molseed Tom and Karla Murphy Todd and Dawn Nelson Mike and Janice O’Connor Trent Poscharsky Judy Radermacher Dennis and Donna Rensch Preston and Nicole Renshaw James and Connie Roberts Rohe Chiropractic William Schaefbauer and Evie Sautner Brad and Teresa Schoenfelder Jon and Nancy Schulte SD Corn Utilization Council SDN Communications George and Joan Sercl Ben and Trish Solomon Mark and Kelly Stearns Jeff and Reneece Strand Raed Sulaiman and Christiane Maroun Jon and Kate Sundvold Richard and Kathleen Sweetman Target Rob Thurston Tom and Claudia Vucurevich Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program John and Bridget Wenande Hal and Jane Wick James and Marlene Winker Matthew and Deborah Witte PLATINUM CLUB Gifts of $3,000 - $4,999 David Aalberg Scott and Patricia Abdallah Anonymous (3) Wilson and Rose-Marie Asfora Greg and Cindy Assman Brent and Phanthip Bargmann John Becker Jeanne Bendewald Cathy Bielen John and Katy Billion John and Rita Briscoe Michael and Mary Brzica James and Donna Cannon Caster Family Foundation Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern SD Fr. Chuck Cimpl Steven and Jennifer Condron Ross and Lisa Crist Verlyn Curley Robert and Jane Denny Milt and Helen Ellis James, Jr. and Barbara Eppel Betty Erickson Deanna Evans First National Bank of Sioux Falls Don and Janet Fischer Warren and Hilda Friessen Gary and Theresa Gaspar David and Teri Geiver Michael and Gracia Gillespie Greenberg Jewelry


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PLATINUM CLUB Ester Gubbrud and Charles Ross Lamb Catholic Radio John and Ann Henkhaus Allan and Valerie Lonneman Fr. Jerome Holtzman Mark and Sandy McClung David and Tonia Honner Tom and Susan McDowell Boyd and Dody Hopkins Tom and Marilyn Meyer Lee and Shirley Hroza Paul and Michelle Micka Will and Joan Hurley Birdie Millette Nancy Jerentowski Thomas and Cynthia Monnin Tom and Julie Job Fr. James Morgan Greg and Meg Johnson Dan and Pam Moser Lisa Johnson New York Life James and Lynn Josten Dale and Julie Norton Kent Insurance Inc O’Connor Company Richard and Jenny Konechne Vinod Parameswaran Tony and Kerri Konshak Matthew and Paula Pardy Rick and Kathy Kooima Terry and Michelle Pellman Clarice Lalley Marian and Andrea Petrasko Dave and Liz Reimer Lori Reischl Michael and Suzanne Reuter Thomas and Kristin Ripperda Thad and Elizabeth Rogers Luis Rojas-Espaillat and Rosalia Jover Tony and Judy Rokusek Mike and Mary Runge Robert and Lori Santella Terry and Trish Schulte Delores Schwan Peter and Angela Shaw Anthony and Myriam Sierra Sioux Falls Ford Jeffery and Lori Skinner Charlie and Marcia Smith Regan Smith Scott and Constance Smith Barry and Carol Solomon Bill and Connie Spielmann Brady and Kelly Stocklin Patrick and Janna Sweetman Michael and Chris Thompson Thornton Carpets Bill and Teresa Townsend Ellsie Trout Terry and Valarie Vogel Brian and Patricia Vognild Roger and Michele Weber Robert and Kolleen Wehde Michael and Monica Wilde Todd and Sheila Zimprich GOLD CLUB Gifts of $1,500 - $2,999 American Express Funds Roberto Anel and Editha Liu Leigh and Marlene Anglin Anonymous Dave and Kara Arend Thad and Nicole Barnes George and Margaret Barnett Max, Jr. and April Barnett Charles and Mary Beatch Frank Bendewald Brian and Janet Bird Ed and Heidi Bloom Boen & Associates Michael and Carri Bornitz Greg and Denise Branaugh Dianne Breen Bill and Cathleen Britton Maurice and Dorothy Bruggeman Jim and Michelle Bruns Carl and Marietta Soukup Family Endowment Sharon Carlson Children’s Dental Center Adam and Molly Christianson Shawn and Julie Cleary Combined Pool and Spa Brooks Cory Kevin and Ashley Crouch William and Asella Crum Culligan’s Soft Water Service Edward and Bridget Czarnecki Dakota Dental Dakota Plains Ag Center Nathan and Mary Dally Roger and Gloria Damgaard Tim and Lee Anne Dardis Andrew and Tricia DeMore DeWitt Designs Dennis and Carol Dingman Mary Sue Donohue Tim and Christin Donohue Tom and Kareen Dougherty Kevin and Karen Doyle Don Drake - Drake Orthodontics Dana and LaDawn Dykhouse East Ridge Dental Jon and Jenny Ellenbecker


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GOLD CLUB David and Julie Elson David and Julie Ermer Donn and Patricia Fahrendorf Family Eye Care Center, PC Fernson Brewery Lance and Jennifer Fredrickson Jon and Emily Friedman Daniel, Jr. and Katie Fritz Wallace and Pamela Fritz Kim Garbers Thomas and Ann Garry Keith and Anna Gauer Gordon Geick Steve and Kelly Gellerman Richard and Joanne Grasser Thomas and Shannon Grimmond Andrea Gunner Doug and Kathy Hagen Gary and Norma Halstead Keith and Toni Halverson Steve and Karen Haney Donald and Julie Hanson Loretta Harris Peter and Marilyn Hegg Ron and Ann Heiman Greg and Phyllis Heineman Mike and Susan Heineman Todd and Maria Hopkins Howalt-McDowell Insurance, Marsh & McLennan Gregory Hunhoff Russ Janklow and Pam DeBoer George and Clare Johnson Jay and Lisa Jorgenson Mike and Michelle Katen Kraig and Joni Keck Bryan Kegler Rory and Amber Kelly Bishop Donald Kettler Rick and Janet Klinkhammer Knights of Columbus Holy Spirit David and Deanna Knudson John Knudtson and Sadie Dardis-Knudtson Mel and Valerie Koch Donald and Shelly Kosiak Lon and Sandy Kouri Matt and Anne Koziara John and Lori Kramer Gregory and Kaye LaFollette Brad and Emily Laible Matthew and Jennifer Landry Lawrence & Schiller, Inc Christopher and Jackie Lent Paul and Machelle Livermore Charles and Hilary Longo Jack and Virginia Lovett Terek and Heidi Mahrous Joseph and Cathy Marsh Ken and Kathy Martinec Joe and Lois Mattecheck Micah and Lindsay Mauney Patrick and Kathy McGreevy Michael and Jean McHale Shane and Angela McKay McNally’s Tom and Nancy Meinen Jeffry and Robin Meyer Steven and Brenda Mitzel Jarrod and Kathryn Muller Kevin Murphy Dean, Jr. and Carole Nasser Greg and Maria Neely Wayne  and Connie Novotny Duane O’Connell Ophthalmology, Ltd. Chris and Barbara Paa Eugene and Ruth Parker Tom and Sally Polak Jerry and Dana Priebe Kathy Pynn Frank and Barbara Rance Marlene Rance Republic National Distributing Todd and Jolene Roecker Emmet and Mary Gayle Rogers Runge Enterprises Rose Ann Ryan Jon and Kim Ryckman Richard and Ellie Sabers Joe and Sue Salem Dean Schaefers Jeff and Linda Schartz Al Schoeneman Todd and Terri Schuver Robert and Connie Scott Duane and Yvonne Severson Keith, Jr. and Becky Severson Tim and Jamie Sheridan Mark and Peggy Shlanta Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union St. Mary Parish St. Michael Cemetery Nathan and Audra Stencil Steve and Julie Statz Family Fund Roman and Janice Suing T-Brothers Logistics Travis and Michelle Thie Stuart and Pamela Tiede Thomas and Barbara Travis Seth and Mary Trudeau Matthew and Sarah Tschetter Jeff and Nancy Vavra Mark and Lisa Viehweg Jerry and Nancy Vogel Fr. Terry Weber Thomas and Kristi Weisbecker Tom and Terry Welk Tim and Sara Wishard Woods, Fuller, Shultz & Smith P.C. Dennis and Judy Ziebart


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SILVER CLUB Gifts of $500 - $1,499 John and Tonya Adamiak AlphaGraphics Amazing Space Ameri/Star Real Estate, Inc Aaron and Dua Anderson Catharine Anderson Larry and Kristi Anderson Anonymous Mitchell and Erin Arends Mark and Amy Arndt Robert and Julie Arnold Augustana Booster Club Augustana University Autoland, Inc. Avera Health Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota Avera Sports Institute Acceleration Training B. Scott Reardon Endowment Bagel Boy Baker Trucking Co Scott and Mary Bakken Bank of America Michael and Mary Kay Bannwarth James and Laura Barnett James, Jr. and Tina Barnett Jeff and Jamie Barnett Daniel Beacom and Ann Roemen Bill and Tracee Beck Clare Becker James Becker Beef O’Brady’s Richard and Betty Benson Jay and Susan Bentz Russ and Mary Berg Fennella Bergeson James and Theresa Berman Carrol Betz Matthew and Trudy Billion Linda Billion-Bolger Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc Matthew and Amber Bintliff Thomas and Kerry Boetel Todd and Karen Boone Boyce, Greenfield, Pashby & Welk, LLP Jeff and Traci Boyle Brandt, Solomon, & Anderson, LLP Fr. James Bream Dennis Breske and Marie Hovland Jeffrey and Maureen Brooks Mark and Joli Bruggeman Robert and Beatrice Bruggeman David and Michelle Bruhn Jim, Jr. and Kim Burma Oluma Bushen and Tutush Woldemariam Alex Butterfield Cannon Family Foundation Carl V Carlson Company Brad and Sue Carley Carl and Michelle Carlson John and Mary Carroll Thomas and Tina Carson William and Jennifer Cartwright Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls Cellular Only - 41st Cellular Only Connection, Inc David and Jill Chapman Chef Dominique’s Catering Chris Dickes Dentistry Virgil and Cheryl Cihak Paul and Shirley Cink Citi James and Phyllis Clark Class of 1970 Troy and Mary Lou Claussen Samuel and Lisa Clemens Cliff Avenue Greenhouse Climate Systems, Inc Paul and Kathryn Clinton Bob and Juliann Cloyd Michael and Kim Cogley Mark and Jeanie Conzemius Daniel and Janet Costello Elizabeth Cota Kenneth and Mary Cotton Jason and Pamela Cox Crist & Wenande Orthodontics Kevin and Daneen Curley Cutler Law Firm, LLP Dacotah Bank Dakota Kitchen & Bath, Inc Dakota Vision Center Dakotaland Homes Matt and Julie Dally Andrew and Natalie Damgaard Greg and Shaun Daniel James and Rita Daniels Dardis Financial Strategies, LLC Kory and Jocelyn Davis Tom and Leisa Davis Allen and Mary Delaney Jerry and Darlene Delker Paul Strand and Paula Derr Strand Cory and Janey Diedrich Diesel Machinery, Inc Dimensions Hair & Tanning Discount Catholic Products Kurt and Heather Doeden Herbert and Sharon Doll Donald and Patricia Dorn John and Cindy Dougherty Jeffrey and Anita Drummond Cheryl Duinkerken James Dunn Eastern Farmers Coop Jeff and Hattie Edman David and Jennifer Edwards Kurt Eeg and Michelle Jeansonne Ehrhart Griffin & Associates Electric Supply Co Electronic Systems, Inc Mark and Leslie Elliott EmBe Empire Bowl Beverly English Rick and Marcia Entwistle Evans Portrait Gallery James and Melissa Even Even Law Firm Eye Candy Optics Eyesite Cory and Erin Faber Joseph and Davina Fanciullo John and Cheryl Faundeen Jeff and Jackie Fiegen Rusty and Brenda Fiegen First National Bank South Dakota First Rate Excavate Michael and Kari Fitzgerald Lawrence and Carolyn Frankman Brian and Barbara French Friessen Construction Chad and Michele Fritz Michael and Janis Fromknecht Fuddruckers G & D Viking Glass Galaxy Gaming Kevin and Melissa Garry Nick and Sara Garry Thomas and Patricia Garry Kenneth and LaVonne Gaspar Jack and Jayne Gaspari


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SILVER CLUB Michele Gengler Getty Abstract- Midwest Title Joseph and Audrey Gillen Dennis and Emily Sue Glatt Eileen Goeman Ryan and Lesley Good John and Susan Graham Grand Prairie Foods, Inc Great Life Malaska Greater Sioux Falls Home School Assoc Lisa Greenfield John and Gayla Greer Marian Gresslin Kyle and Theresa Groos Jeffrey and Anne Gross Kim and Suzanne Gross Phillip and Kristen Gundvaldson Marjorie Gunn Richard and Nancy Gustaf Gay Haber Fr. Shaun Haggerty Michael Hanlon Tom and Lisa Hanlon Christine Hanten David and Kelly Hasvold Hauff Mid-America Sports Steve and Cheri Haverkamp Joe and Debbie Hayes Dennis and Susan Hedge Hefty Seed Company Jon Heimerman James and Deb Heine Nick and Renee Heineman Henkin Schultz, Inc Mitch and Denise Hertz Joe and Angela Hight Robert and Molly Hillman Hillman Plumbing & Heating Troy and Sara Holt Steve and Sunny Holtz Holy Spirit Parish Holz Haus Tom and Dorothy Karrow Home Federal Bank Patrick and Elizabeth Kassing Dody and Boyd Hopkins Glenn Ketcham Family Foundation Fr. Paul King Kevin Horner - King Law Firm Horner Orthodontic Dan and Arlene Kirby Jason and Dawn Horst Kevin and Peggy Kirby Kelly and Ashley Hosek Marjorie Kirby Ronald and Veronica Houston Ted and Deb Kistler Jim and Marie Hovland Denise Klein Michael and Amy Huether Steven and Brigetta Klein Huhot Mongolian Grill Donald and Kathleen Ryan and Michelle Hulme Klosterman Greg Hunhoss Knights of Columbus - Kelsey Hunt St. Lambert Council Joe and Sharon Hurley Knights of Columbus- Independent Insurance Agent Marquette Council J & W Diesel & Truck Service Timothy and Amy Koch Jamison Company Real Estate Bill and Barbara Kolb Fady Jamous and Rosana Fadel Darin and Julie Kolbeck David and Danna Januschka Bryan and Dana Kouri James P and JoNell Jarding Eric and Stacy Krouse Jim and Megan Jarding Shawn and Kathleen Kunkel Jarding Construction Jacob and Amy Kusmak JD’s House of Trophies L G Everist, Inc JJ’s Wine and Spirits Jacob and Jennifer LaCroix Brad and Rebecca Johnson William and Denise Ladwig Chad and Wendy Johnson Gary and Terri Larson David and Jeannie Johnson Robert and Tamara Lauer Jerry and Roxann Johnson Level 10 Matthew and Annette Johnson Lewis Drug Stores Michael Johnson Aurelio Leyva and Philip and Karen Johnson Araceli Dominguez Stephen and Christine Johnson Liberty National Bank Tim and Tina Johnson James and Christine Lindberg Audrey Jones Ken and Kerry Lindemann Jeff and Kendall Jones Ralph Lindner Delores Jorgensen Lindquist & Vennum Fr. Paul Josten Gene and Joan Loos Julie Prairie Photography Katherine Lottes Otto Kaiser David and Shirley Lueth Kappenman Dental Clinic Charles and Mary Luke Karl’s TV & Appliance Ray and Gayle Lunski Dean and Donna Lusardi Robert and Mary Anne Lux Tom and Sarah Madison Mahlanders, Inc Mama’s Ladas Joyce Manahan Jim Manning Kelly and Tanya Manning Tom and Ellen Manning Mark and Margaretmary Advised Fund Lois Marshall Mathnasium of Sioux Falls Scott and Pam Mattecheck Maximum Striping Jeff and Jen May May & Johnson McDonald’s Pierce III and Barbara McDowell McDowell Financial Becky McGillivary John McGreevy Kevin McGreevy Michael and Katie McInerney Steve and Nancy McLaughlin Duane and Darlene McMahon Jasmine McMaster Michael and Sheila McQuade Menning Enterprises Bob and Joyce Merrill John and Victoria Messano Stephen and Leila Messier Steve Metli Clay and Amy Meyer Paul and Margaret Meyer Robert and Sandra Meylor Dominic and Debra Miller Minnehaha Country Club Minnwest Bank Riyad and Rima Mohama John and Dawn Mohr Montgomery Furniture Mary Jean Murphy


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Myrl & Roy’s Paving, Inc Paul and Heidi Nantke Chris and Amy Nelson Curt and Carol Nesbitt Loc and Kelly Nguyen Harlan and Julie Nielsen Harlan and Harriet Norem Mike and Melinda North Northwestern Mutual Charles and Jody O’Brien Olive Garden / GMRI Inc. Jeffrey and Maggie Oliver John and Linda Oliver Anna Olson Curtis and Sonja Olson One American Bank Orthopaedic Consultants & Alvine Foot & Ankle Center Noreen Ortman Doug and Nancy Ortmann Dianne Owens Michael and Amy Pankratz Paradise Management, Inc John and Renae Pekas Perkins Family Restaurant Pfeifer Implement Co Jerry and Kathryn Phillips Peter Pick Dwane Pins Herman and Marian Plagge Poet Richard Poley Chad and Jen Porter Porter Apple Company/ Applebee’s Prairie Dental Center Rita Price Pride Neon, Inc Principal Financial Principal Financial Group Foundation Kyle and Patricia Raasch Michelle Raasch Ratchford Real Estate Joe and Renita Ratzloff Dan and Shelly Rausch Margaret Reardon Ryon and Linda Reckling Hazel Reed Brendan and Tiffany Reilly Joseph and Peggy Reiter ReMax Professionals, Inc Jeff and Kelly Rhone Waltrine Richardson Riddles Jewelry John and Becky Ridl Daniel and Karen Ripperda Larry Ritz John and Renae Robbins Steven and Lisa Roers J Pat and Margot Rogers Britt and Twila Roman Rotary Club Roto - Rooter RRR Elmen Foundation Doris Ruhland Brad and Christina Salem Peter and Addie Sanchez Arvin and Anna Clarissa Santos Greg and Kathy Satter Scheels All Sports Casey and Cindy Scheidt Scherling Photography Jon and Jessie Schmidt Jon and Jessie Schmidt Advised Distribution Fund Jeanne Schneider Charlie and Sara Schoenfelder Corey Scholten School Bus, Inc Schoppert’s Piano Gallery Karen Schreier John and Debra Schulte Philip Schulte Brandon and Heather Schumacher Schwan Enterprises Sea Chiropractic Dean and Lois Sears-Ahrendt Randy and Theresa Sehr John and Kelly Seitz Joe and Andrea Seurer Michael and Lisa Shea Gail Shlanta Showplace Wood Products Sigaty Dental Sioux Empire Automotive Sioux Equipment Sioux Falls AeroStay Sioux Falls Kitchen and Bath Sioux Falls Lighthouse Sioux Falls School District Sioux Falls Skyforce Joe and Mindy Skibinski Steven and Lisa Small Craig and Peggy Smith Jon and Karen Smith Fran and Gail Sommerfeld South Dakota Trust Co South Western Dental Splitrock Landscaping & Nursery Wayne and Cynthia Steinhauer Stencil Group Jeffrey and Sarah Stenson Sticks & Steel Dale and Teresa Stoll Chuck and Pam Stone Mark and Jenni Struck Tom and Rochelle Sweetman Donald and Maureen Szymik Guy and Carolyn Tam The Barnes DeMore Group The Ramkota Companies, Inc Gary and Grace Thimsen Vance and Jana Thompson Ted Thoms Matt and Beth Thornton Tony and Sandra Tiefenthaler Tiger Rock Pat Townsend Robert and Nikole Trader Thanh and Hue Tran Grant and Rachel Tribble Tri-State Garage Door Co University of Sioux Falls Urology Specialists US Bank Verizon Foundation Jon and Deborah Waddell Rollin Wagner Robert and Nancy Walker Steve and Brenda Washenberger Joseph and Michelle Weisensee Stephen Weiss David and Kathleen Weissenberger Weisser Distributing, Inc Gregg and Judy Welch Shawn and Margaret Werdel Western Commercial Printing Delmer and Shirley Wetering Barb Whetham Ryan and Brooke White Kay Widdis Bryan and Kimberly Wilcox Thomas Wilka Williams Insurance Agency Florence Willis Robert and Carrie Wilson Paul and Beth Windschitl Wingstop Gary Winter Terry and Michelle Wolf Workplace Technology Center Young & Richards Thomas and Lynne Zimmer Joe and Kristen Zueger


p. 14

BLUE CLUB Gifts of $100 - $499 24/7 Fitness & Tanning Club Brad Archer Beal Distributing, Inc 3 Degrees Archery Outfitters Donald and Gloria Beaner 9 Round George and Julie Archibald James and Lisa Bear Michael and Margaret Aalberg Joel and Robin Arends Craig and Kelly Beason Troy and Tara Aarbo Larry and Julie Armiger Anthony and Mary Jo Bechtold Karen Abbott Jerry and Kay Aschoff Steven and Nancy Bechtold Absolute Bliss Jason and Tracey Askew Gerold and Patricia Beck Accord Realty Michael Aslin Kristine Becker Patricia Adams Mary Auterman Beckley Marketing Peter and Lydia Adcock Avera McKennan Fitness Center Roger and Peggy Begeman ADESA Sioux Falls David and Kay Bain Chad and Beth Belitz Ad-Star Sales, Inc Jay and Ann Bain Jack and Barb Belkham Agape Salon and Spa Jeff and Linda Baka John and Margaret Bell Airway Auto Service, Inc James and Cele Baker Michael and Teresa Bell Boyd and Frances Akins Richard Baker Noah Bell Jon Albright Todd and Angela Bakke William and Sally Bell David and Linda Alexander John and Kathleen Baldwin Bell Incorporated All American Baldwin DeBates Insurance Michael and Amy Belmont Gymnastics Academy Dan Ballard, DDS James and Danielle Bemis All Day Cafe Balleraena Dance Studio Edgar Bendaly and Tim and Denise Allex Brett Baloun and Jennifer White Lynn Khoriaty Allex Real Estate Services, Inc Eric and Leslie Bannwarth Matthew and Chanda Bender Hadwin Alsever Ron and Diane Bannwarth Jamie Bendewald Analise Althoff Alan and Jill Barch Phillip and Ruth Benedict Damian Althoff Seth Barck Benedictine Sisters Rick and Mary Althoff Matthew and Rebecca Barker Paul and Stephanie Bengford Shaunti Althoff Don and Kate Barnes Mary Bengtson Andrew and Julie Alton Bill Barnett Paul and Peg Bennett Amazon Smile Foundation Don J and Marilyn Barnett Gail and Connie Benson Amesbury Hardware Products Max and Nancy Barnett Leroy and Donna Benson Josh Andersen Msgr. Steve Barnett Travis and Kelly Benson Bruce and Catherine Anderson Barnett-Lewis Funeral Home David and Karen Beranek Chad and Amy Anderson Dale and Carol Barnhart Merianna Berens Craig and Barbara Anderson Charles and Amy Barr Evelyn Berg Jon and Shelly Anderson Ron and Kim Bartels Kelly Bergeson Msgr. James Andraschko Doug and Patricia Barthel Michael and Kari Bergh Steve and Madeline Angerhofer Cyprian and Pam Barthle Robert and Amy Berthelsen Animal Medical Clinic Doug and Becky Basche Evelyn Bezdichek Ben and Jessica Aning Baseball Seams Co Matt and Tricia Bierema Anne McGilvray & Co Joe and Joan Bassing Tom and Patricia Billings Anonymous (10) Michael and Lisa Bassing Andrew Billion Brent and Kristina Antonen Brian and Carmen Bauer Scott and Christine Bills Appliance & Furniture RentAll Elsie Baye Angela Binfet Aaron and Jennifer Arbogast Jordan and Lisa Baye Wayne Binfet Luke and Carrie Biondi Allen and Sue Blauwet Corey and Joni Blauwet Blink, Inc Scott and Raquel Blount Bob’s Piano Joseph Bock Matthew and Paige Bock Stewart and Vicki Bofenkamp Chad and Beth Bornhoft Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse Alan and Patricia Bortnem Joleen Bos Bounce Around Inflatables Shelia Bowar Joe and Kimberly Boyt Clayton and Rhonda Boyum Mike and Karla Boyum James and Nancy Brady Larry and Lynnette Brady Charles and Coletta Brandner Lee and Kathy Brandt James and Linda Breckenridge Jordan and Katie Breckenridge Robert Breit and Melanie Carpenter Breit Law Offices, PC Brende Schroeder Meadors, LLP Daniel and Jennifer Brendtro John and Joni Brennan Stephen and Laura Brennan William and Jean Brennan Brian Brenner Joe and Missy Brewster Richard and Bridget Briggs Todd and Linda Broin Brothers Auto Sales, Inc Morgan Brower Sidney Brower Dan Brown James Brown Michael Brown Tim Brown Toby and Joelle Brown


p. 15

Vernon and Tami Brown Denis and Annie Bruggeman Corey and Kara Bruning Stephen and Sheila Brzica Rick Buckley Lloyd and Kathy Bullerman Jerry and Mary Bunkers Rodney and Suzie Bunkers Gary and Kristen Bunt John Burggraff Joe and Jolynn Burnison Timothy Burns Brenda Burton Business Collections Business Management Resources Craig and Erin Butler Tim and Carol Byrd Byrne Companies Cactus Hills Country Homes Cadwell, Sanford, Deibert & Garry, LLP Candy Bouquets by Kari Aaron and Kristin Canfield Daniel and Stephanie Canfield Larry and Mary Canfield Canfield Business Interiors Patrick and Jo Cannon Jeannine Carlson Keith and Kelly Carlson Carnaval Brazilian Grill Nan Carter Brian and Jill Casey Sheila Casiello Kathleen Castle Michael and Ciony Catangui Catering by Marlins Catholic Family Services Catholic United Financial Cellonly - MI Investments CenturyLink Dennis Chalus Wade and Stacy Charron Cheese World Cherry Berry Child’s Play Toys Daniel and Jennifer Ching Sharon Chontos Christ the King Parish Matt Chronister CHS Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz CIGNA & Smith, LLP Christopher Cinco Gerard David and Cindee Cinco Maria Dequzman Ray and Del Cinco Cynthia Davis Bernard and Tillie Clark Edward and Jean Davis James Clark Kevin and Teresa Davis Nicholas and Dawn Clausen Kirk and Lisa Davis William and Sally Clayton Meshael Davis Cleaning By Judy Inc Daniel and Janet Deal Curtis and Julie Clemen Vincent and Patricia DeBates Keel and Patty Coddington Angie DeBoer Casey and Nicole Cody Jessica DeGiorgio Robert Colton Deluxe Corporation Foundation Complete Fitness Scott and Ann Den Boer Complete Nutrition Paula Denevan Component Manufacturing/ Tom Denevan Reaves Building Systems Dental Care Associates Alex and Mandra Connelly Jeffrey and Julie Derner Jon Connolly Christine Derr Construction Products & Allen and Beth Devitt Consultants, Inc Diamond Mowers, Inc Corinsurance Elie and Samar Dib Pat and Shawn Costello Craig and Kristy Dillon Dale and Joan Cota Craig Dillon, DDS Mark and Denise Cotter Tony and Kori Dinges Joseph and Rita Cotton Timothy and Joanna Dingman Darin and Janet Cox David and Angela Dingsor CR Management Mike and Brenda Dinsmore Craig Law Office Dizco, Inc Gayle Craik D-K Properities John Crangle Rick and Pat Dobbe Jon and Jonel Crow William Dobbs Joel and Ann Crowe Paul and Laurie Dockry Terry Culhane Greg and Melanie Doetzel Blake and Deborah Curd Scott and Susan Doetzel Scott and Marie Daggett John Dohn Travis and Megan Dahle Barb Dohrer Dakota Ag Marketing Dollar Loan Center Dakota Dermatology, Ltd Timothy and Amy Donelan Dakota Golf Management, Inc Dan and Vickie Donohoe Dakota Moe’s Jeff and Shirley Donovan Dakota Riggers & Tool Supply, Inc Doody’s Pet Waste Services Dakota Spirit James and Myhre Dorman Homer and Marie Daniel Tom and Deanna Dorn Jeff and LeeAnn Daniel Wade and Barbara Dornbusch Gladys Daniels Ryan and Jeanine Dorsman Leonard and Joanne Dankey Carol Doss Dennis Daugherty Ronald and Denise Douthit Paul and Terry Downey Bill Doyle Dr. Alvin Baer Don and Cecelia Drake Jayson Drake Driveline Service, Inc Brad and Karen Dumdie Kenneth Dunlap Eastern South Dakota Engaged Encounter Brian and Vien Eastman David and Maggie Eastman Inez Eastman Edward Jones Marcella Effertz Kevin and Rita Eggert Austin and Shari Eich Troy and Kimberly Eichmann Michael and Teresa Eide Janet Eining Scott and Susan Ekern Elegant Mommy Erin Eleria James Elliott Elmwood Golf Course Empire Building Construction Empire Plastics, Inc Jeanne Enderson Chuck and Kathy Engeman Brian and Sheri Erickson Dale and Jeanita Erickson Erin McManus Photography Todd and Christine Ernst Todd and Julie Ernster Clarese Espe Bill Even Jerry and Judy Even Patricia Even Clint and Danelle Evers Evolve Express Produce Adam Fahrendorf Dale and Patsy Fahrendorf Doug and Sharon Fahrendorf Louise Faini Faini Designs Jewelry Studio Fair Tax, Inc Family Dentistry Family Memorials by Gibson Family Wellness John and Patricia Farah



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