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A publication from the Child Life and Creative Arts Department of The Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital

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surge contents 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 22 24 25 26 28 29 30 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 42 43 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital summer 2011 volume 1 number 1 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief i am strong i am delicate by charmayne anthony diane rode art by jennifer goodell sicily by stephan pankevich executive editor i am by toni viruet good news by khadija nadeem angie koeneker profile dr anu wagner by analise rode and isabel udo coordinating editor papa la huacaina by violet iglesias rice and jeans by natalie rivera to dream by brenda toro russell mindich my morning is my night by chris griffin contributing editor the boxing life by marlon baird ii training by hector duran susanne bifano will by meghan applebee/art by anna attie art director a tip of the hat to cheese by crystal knight/art by dylan frank my steam trance by victoria rodriguez/art by victoria rodriguez just about me by kayla singh/art by orlando villalba chloe getrajdman a new view by zuleika carvalho teen editor jewel by stephanie singh/art by stephanie singh profile trey songz by chris griffin art by kayla waterman a collage by tashanique borrero essay by frantz michel/art by isabelle riccardi f geonosis war by jason benitez-luna i m a rebel by joshua aviles footsteps by violet iglesias the hospital by chris griffin special thanks to our my marvelous mother by malik reid contributing schools thought by chris griffin riverdale country the window outside by gabriela veliz school hunter college the truth denied by jacob jones high school and school the city of angels by crystal knight for international silent movie by crystal knight studies thank you to art by corey matthews emily brandt hylie park sharon granville and nathan pinsley for their contributions cover artwork by jenna wilf 2 surge


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surge the zone s literary teen magazine at the mount sinai kravis children s hospital my mom and i came up with the idea to launch this magazine as part of the programming at the zone an awesome place for patients and families to play learn and relax this is a magazine written by teenagers for teenagers and will feature our own creative writing as well as stories we like to write and read about these features could include non-fiction articles about sports music movies t.v my personal favorite and the interesting people you meet everyday either at school home or at the hospital we will also feature fiction poetry illustration and photography as this magazine grows it should become whatever we want it to be because this is a place for us to express ourselves this project started when i turned thirteen and wanted to give back to the community my parents are involved with mount sinai hospital and it seemed like a natural place for me to become involved too imagine my surprise when i discovered that there was a t.v station here television is my passion even if my parents don t always approve besides doing a monthly show for kidzone t.v i wanted to be sure that there was something exclusively for teenagers at the zone now that i m a teen myself i see we have different needs and interests from the younger children i hope that all of you will contribute so we can make this magazine a great forum at a great hospital russell mindich welcome to the first issue of surge 3


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inaugural issue of surge the zone s literary teen magazine at the mount sinai kravis children s hospital within these pages you will find original poems articles profiles stories and artwork created by teenagers from within the hospital community at mount sinai as well as from area high schools our vision at surge is to expand the limits of what we publish to include a wide variety of media including photography games sports articles recipes and helpful tips our hope is to create a unique community of teen writers and readers to celebrate the voices of young people who are part of the mount sinai health care family and those in our communities the ages of our contributors in this issue range from twelve to twenty-two however in future issues we aim to focus more specifically on ages that comprise the teen perspective we include a breadth of subject matter and hope these pieces will excite and inspire you if you like what you ve read why not contribute you can submit your creative writing or artwork to for any comments or questions about our publication please contact our executive editor diane rode at to our authors and artists thank you for being a part of this very exciting premiere issue to our readers we hope that you enjoy the creative expression within these pages we wish you a safe and relaxing summer thomas dooley creative writing fellow the child life and creative arts therapy department the mount sinai kravis children s hospital with great pleasure i introduce to you the 4 surge


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i am strong i am delicate i am the underdog the one who surprise everyone i am the soldier working my way around things i am the lioness protecting my cub laniya i am the delicate rose with pointy little thorns to protect myself my sensitive little petals i am a precious blue gem bringing a smile to your face i am that juicy strawberry sweet touch of bitterness i am someone s angel i have to touch someone before i go charmayne anthony hollis ny surge 5


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sicily sicily is the miami of italy beaches all over the place split by mountains sand the color of camel i didn t spend too much time on the beach went out on a boat they take you deeper i sat on the edge leaned back and fell into the water under it s really cold lots of seaweed sea life a sandfish the same color as sand it hides also the octopus its black ink can blind your eyes my diet was pizza pasta lasagna pizza pasta lasagna gelato gelato gelato and ice and fruit juice thrown in a blender with a hot brioche and a coffee for breakfast compared to hospital food it s a lot better stephan pankevich queens ny illustration by jennifer goodell surge 7


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i am i am the lion not tamed i am the innocent i am the young girl who stays to herself i am the window that closes then opens for air i am the guitar the best friend i am the willow tree who shades over the lovers i am the parsley bright put on everything i am the sparrow who flies toni viruet new york ny 8 surge


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good news there s joy now that i have something to look forward to in life the news has brought happiness to my family and friends it s like a big oreo cake just for me there you are heaven this whole process has changed the way i think i don t take life for granted i am more spiritual i know someone is looking down on me i know it s medicine but also god getting chemo was like walking through a dark forest of thorns mud puddles what a tough journey to make but now i have reached a bright valley with new flowers white doves a river i am enjoying the sun sipping fresh lemon tea it was worth running through that forest khadija nadeem woodhaven ny surge 9


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dr anu wagner the global heath initiative by analise rode isabel udo dr anu wagner m.d is a pediatrician at who is a devoted member of the global health initiative at mount sinai she grew up in new zealand where she attended medical school dr wagner now works at mount sinai medical center in new york and continues to travel the world providing health services to those in need dr wagner got interested in global health when she took summers off from school and traveled around the world specifically to india and sri lanka after the 2004 indian earthquake and tsunami there she set up pediatric clinics which she maintained during her residency at mount sinai when she was in bombay dr wagner developed a strong connection with the street children many of them dream of life in the big city and take trains from their small home towns there are many organizations based in train stations to help these children but there is a huge demand for their services which are in short supply they have about ten to fifteen 10 surge


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minutes to identify a child at risk before they are found by other street kids street criminals or even pimps some of these children are as young as four years old dr wagner describes these kids as super-super smart and super-super savvy because they live face to face with their own mortality and death every single day there are many places in the world where health care is scarce when asked how she decides where her help is most needed dr wagner said that it s not a matter of where they need her the most it s everywhere people can stand to gain from a little help she goes to where she is inspired because as she says if my heart isn t in being there and i m not feeling connected to being there then i m probably not going to be doing my best work for the next ten years dr wagner hopes to continue setting up services for the street children of bombay s slumdog millionaire style for people interested in global health dr wagner recommends learning one of the un languages she is still mastering hindi and although she understands it fairly well she is not completely comfortable speaking the language with native speakers when she s not out saving the world dr wagner likes to hang out in coffee shops and people watch spends time in the park with her friends and watches all the harry potter movies she also likes to read trashy books and watch trashy movies because reality is already so real and so grim sometimes dr wagner has helped so many people and hopes to help many more she has made a lasting impression on the lives of children everywhere she loves her job and hopes to inspire others with her work sometimes i picture myself and i m like `wow you really can have everything you want is that really true it really is surge 11


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papa la huacaina she waits for the potatoes to cook takes the skins off when they re hot her delicate bare but working hands she is a train moving in different directions makes a sauce whole milk crackers a sponge of queso fresco and a pepper she takes out what s inside the spiciest parts then chops up the orange fire everything into a blender not too liquidy a consistency of shampoo crayon yellow in color the potatoes cool she cuts them into thick slices pours the sauce over like concrete over rocks on my plate i smell the cheese and spicy aji we sit together and enjoy grandma s feast then she sits down last to eat violet iglesias jackson heights ny 12 surge


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rice and jeans cooking is like art and my beans come out like a garden i put in bay leaves cilantro whatever green leaves i have in the fridge the first time my rice was mushy like cottage cheese no flavor but we came hungry now i add a little oil to the rice so it doesn t stick i like my eggs sunny-side up crunchy not slimy i don t like them puffy and yellow sometimes i put in diced onions i always learn from my mom she showed me once how to sew on the machine i tried and ruined a pair of my jeans i never tried again natalie rivera new york ny surge 13


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to dream i wouldn t want to dream about someone i miss because when i wake to reality they are not there i wouldn t want to dream about what i want life to be because when i wake it s not going to be like that i wouldn t want to dream about being home or having a birthday going out or doing my hair my nails or putting on something nice i ve never gambled so i wouldn t want to dream going to atlantic city because i won t be there when i wake or going to red lobster those crab legs like little red monster hands from an old storybook never want to feel their pinch in dream until they are my reality i ll have to pause my dreams brenda toro bronx ny 14 surge


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my morning is my night they constantly come in to check vital signs and draw blood opening the door and the brightest light straight to my eyes finally it s peaceful around 5 am they ll come in to mop leave a tray my morning is my night chris griffin new york ny surge 15



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