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•July 2016• •Free Subscription• Virtual Edition “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.” - Mark 1:3 Contending for American Freedom • Contending for Fundamental Christianity


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Dear Friends: As we travel and have the privilege to preach and fellowship with the best people on the planet, I am reminded of this special blessing. Can you guess what I am thinking of ? As a child of God, there are indeed so many blessings, but think about this one. Whether at a local church in Tennessee, having lunch with a missionary family at Cracker Barrel or thousands of miles away in the Philippines, I am with family. They love me and I love them. We are family. You are family, and I thank you for being a part of The Voice in the Wilderness family. God bless you. We are so thankful for your faithfulness and love. We trust the testimony given about the Mission to the Cherokee Indians has been a blessing. If you have not already, please take time to read Part One in the June 2014 Virtual edition. Truly, there are many untold testimonies in our history. May this ministry continue to be a blessing to you as we “Contend” and strive to be a “Voice” for Him. For Christ and souls, Ronnie L. Williamson Isa. 40:31 Happy Trails! 2•The Voice in the Wilderness - July 2016 Virtual Edition


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T he Voice IN THE Wilderness PRINTED MISSIONARY Ronnie and Terry Williamson Evangelist/Editor Steve and Rebekah Lilly Staff Missionaries The Voice in the Wilderness is a nonprofit, independent incorporation, founded by Rev. Dr. J. RoyceThomason D.P.D. Ph.D., evangelist and medical missionary. The organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world, especially in foreign lands. The program consists of building mission stations, supporting American missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching Christ to the lost. We are supported by the gifts of those who care. Contributions to The Voice in the Wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures. Gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to The Voice in the Wilderness. § A fundamental publication, published quarterly in behalf of the work of the Lord and preservation of the liberties of our United States. § Printed material from other sources does not necessarily imply an endorsement from this ministry. § There is no subscription charge; all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it. § For Personal Correspondence, Contributions, Address Changes, New Subscriptions, Write to us Dr. Ronnie L. Williamson Dr. J. Royce Thomason Memorial Voice in the Wilderness P.O. Box 7037 Asheville, NC 28802 Voice (828) 649-1043 CONTENTS 4 Gospel, and a Graves Gun A Mission to the Cherokee before the Tears Get Learn more at FREE Online Resources December 2010• Free Subscription• Ronnie and Terry Williamson • Steve and Rebekah Lilly Evangelist/Editor Staff Missionaries Mini-Voice Edition & Prayer Letter THANK YOU for being a friend to this ministry and the giving of your prayers and support! “Difficulties afford opportunities for learning God’s faithfulness which otherwise we should not have. It gives me great comfort to remember that the work is His and that He knows how best to carry on and is infinitely more Digital & Print Edition interested in it than we are.” – Hudson Taylor NEWS BITS FROM HERE AND THERE Pray for us! Online Washington Waste - relitigate ObamaCare. In this last month of 2010, we have all reports the following on waste and been busy at the tasks He has called us to. uncontrolled spending in Washing- U.S. Takeover - Policy of the elitist Special meetings and KJB services have ton..: The Social Security Adminis- take-over group robs from any and filled the calendar for December, and we tration sent $18 million in stimulus everybody to expand their power- are already making special project and funds to 71,688 dead people, and grab. Property ownership and privacy traveling plans for 2011. The Virtual Voice $40.3 million in questionable ben- means nothing to this crowd. Look at for December has been completed and can efit payments to 1,760 deceased Obama on Israel, for example. He is be viewed online at www.thevoiceinthewil- individuals; the Department of Ag- against Israel’s plan to build on their We are also excited to share riculture sent $41.1 billion in farm- own land in East Jerusalem. Is this additional resources with you via our web- ing subsidies to dead farmers; The man anti-U.S./Israel and pro-Mus- site, such as the Online Audio Bible page Department of Health and Human lim/Socialist or what? where you can read through the Bible in a Services sent $3.9 million to 11,000 “I want one of those!”.... year with text and audio streaming. Thank dead people to help pay heating and That was the story just told by a Texas you for your continued interest and sup- cooling cost; and Medicare paid up man on the phone with The Voice in port, especially at this critical year-end to $492 million in claims for medical the Wilderness office. He had been time, and please make note of our special supplies prescribed by dead doctors standing in line at Chik-fil-A when prayer and praise list. and $8.2 million for medical sup- his eyes caught sight of an interestplies prescribed for dead patients. ing lapel pin on the suit coat of an- Prayer Praise It would be interesting to know who other man in line. He stepped close • Travel Safety • Offerings for soft- was cashing these checks. (Editor: to get a good look and saw that it was • Health ware updates From first-hand experience, I know a King James Bible pin. “Hey, I like • Increased Support • 2500 KJB Signa- of numerous individuals deceased yet still listed as registered voters. In the county in which I live, some years ago, there was a big investigation of “dead voters.”) ObamaCare - The Heritage Foundation says, “The President just doesn’t get it. According to the national exit that...Where did you get it?” In a quick minute, the owner of the pin, an evangelist, took the pin off, gave it to him, and directed him to our minstry where he could obtain more. Thousands of these little proclamations are voicing our stand on God’s Word, the King James Bible. Over 2500 have now signed the King • KJB Project tures • Venezuela Church • New updates to Planting Projects website • Car for Pastor • New opportunities Niller - San Felipe, for 2011 Venezuela • Safe travels and • Foreign travel and good services Missions teaching • Special offerings poll, just 16% of voters want to leave James Declaration. Let your voice and preaching ObamaCare as is. A full 48% of voters be heard today. Join with those oth- • Property Mainte- want to see it out-right repealed, and ers by sending your signature to our nance Equipment another 31% want to see it changed in some way. Americans do want to office and requesting your KJB lapel pin. Visit us online to read the 8 page December 2010 Virtual Voice Edition MoGnthly PiraoyvernLleeittner eFormoreresourcesandministryinformationvisitwww.thevoiceinthewilderness.orgorwrite,POBox7037Asheville,NC 28802 Find more updates Facebook: Ronnie Williamson (The Voice in the Wilderness) Twitter: TheVoice_NC Daily Podcasts Online


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Part 2 His expert hunter hands readily turned over his gun, his only real possession, in exchanged for new clothes and a place at the mission. Atsi, soon called John Arch, relayed his belief in a Great Spirit who cares nothing for those living below him nor made a way for life after death. Yet, in a short time, he came to the knowledge and faith in the true “Great Spirit.” With a solid testimony growing daily, John advanced academically under the tutelage of the missionaries and began assisting in translation and writing work for the Cherokee. He aided in writing the first Cherokee language Spelling Book, traveled as an interpreter introducing other tribal groups to the gospel message, and helped in establishing other mission schools. In 1825, while traveling, he became ill with what was probably congestive heart failure. His one desire was to return to his beloved Brainerd Mission. With the help of friends along the way, he saw his “family” and “home” once again before dying on June 18th. He was buried in the Brainerd Mission cemetery with Rev. Butrick stating at his death: “He was particularly anxious to maintain the honor of the missionary character among his people, and to shield the Christian name from reproach… wherever he went…he left a sweet savor to the honor of his God and the great benefit of his brethren.” Truly his life reveals the miraculous transformation that is evident in a life changed by the truth of Christ. Tombstone of John Arch (Atsi) No doubt, the timing of John Arch’s in the Brainerd Cemetery 4•The Voice in the Wilderness - July 2016 Virtual Edition


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homegoing was a blessing, in that he was not present to witness the travesties of the closing years at Brainerd Mission. The Cherokee continued to see the white man’s inconsistencies and political agendas. Despite treaties, during the Monroe Administration, Cherokee land shrank from 124,000 square miles to 17,000 square miles. An increasing, aggressive agenda and lack of Christian morals gave way to land disputes, greed, and prejudice. Wielding political power, Andrew Jackson cut-off financial aid to the American Board for the Cherokee mission in 1830. One incident significant to Brainerd Mission was taken all the way to the Supreme Court with Worcester v. the State of Georgia in 1832. Samuel Worcester, leader at the Brainerd Mission, along with other missionaries had been imprisoned for not complying with an overreaching land law instituted by Georgia State. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled the state’s law unconstitutional, upholding tribal authority over their land. However, these findings were passively unenforced by Jackson’s administration, giving leeway to the State of Georgia’s continued encroachment. The dejected missionaries agreed to accept a deal with the Georgia government and despondently began to favor removal of the Indians to the West. While many other tribes complied, the Cherokee stood firm. Through governmental trickery and the coercion and capitulation of a minority of Cherokee, the Removal Treaty was signed under Jackson’s personal leadership. Despite shady methods, the Senate ratified the treaty and regiments of soldiers forcibly removed the Cherokee from their homes, marking the beginning of the “Trail of Tears” in 1838. Although perhaps the foundation of the treaties signed initially sounded fair with the promise of fair pay-outs for land and safe transportation to the West, the words proved worthless under the hand of corrupt and cruel contractors, traders, and enforcers. History proves that many a blind eye was turned against the unscrupulous affairs, including that of President Andrew Jackson. The distress and contempt for his own countrymen is evident in the following from Tombstone for Missionary Rev. Butrick as he stood witness to the onslaught Samuel Worcester at the that swept through the Brainerd Mission and all Brainerd Mission For more resources, visit •5


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Cherokee homes. “Now, in view of the whole scene, how does the United States government appease a great nation, laying aside her dignity and with thousands of soldiers, and all her great men, and all her mighty men, and all her powerful generals, with all her civil and military force, chasing a little trembling hare in the wilderness, merely to take its skin, and send it off to broil in the scorching deserts of the West. O how Noble! How magnanimous! How warlike the Many marked and unmarked tombstones are scattered through- out the Brainered Mission Cemetery. achievement! O what conquest! What booty! How becoming the glory and grandeur of the United States! A little hare, a little trembling rabbit, indeed is this poor and afflicted nation, as to power, or a disposition to resist her murderers; though in reality a land of immortal beings, whose Redeemer is mighty, and has already taken hold on vengeance, and should He now condescend to make known His Today, all that remains of the feelings and purposes as in the days mission is the Cemetery, which is of Ahab, the President of the United tended by volunteers. States would probably hear something like the voice of Elijah saying, ‘Hast thou killed and also taken possession?’ IS GOD’S WORK IN YOUR WILL? “One of the most important documents a man ever signs is his Will. I can tell better what a man had in his heart by reading his Will than I can by reading his obituary. His obituary tells the world what his friends thought of him; his Will reveals what he had in his heart.” - A. M. Vollmer For as (a man) thinketh in his heart, so is he- Proverbs 23:7. Out of (the heart) are the issues of life - Proverbs 4:23. A bequest in your Will to The Voice in the Wilderness, Inc. can assure that the outreach of this ministry at home and abroad will continue after you have gone to your eternal reward. Prayerfully consider us in your Estate Planning. Thank you! 6•The Voice in the Wilderness - July 2016 Virtual Edition


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Therefore thus saith the Lord, in the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine.’ (IKings 21:19)” Those Christians who witnessed with their eyes, the degradation and abuse perpetrated by their own fellowmen and government were ashamed and immediately accused the government of corrupt political ends. Many of the missionaries traveled on West to continue ministry with the Indians, yet this government betrayal beginning with the President and continuing throughout his administration severely hindered the gospel message to future Cherokee generations. But for those few who answered the call to care, teach, and share Jesus, perhaps those like John Arch and countless other Cherokee may never have known the power and love of the ONE “Great Spirit.” Read Part ONE in the June 2016 edition New Resources Available With hat and boots, this Red River cowboy traveled the globe chronicling his ministry for the Lord in The Voice in the Wilderness publication. From tent meetings and dentistry to preaching and writing, Dr. J. Royce Thomason’s unique testimony, as told in his own words, will surely inspire and challenge your own service for the Lord. a b cthe truth is as simple as the ’s “”A ll have sinned, and come short...” Romans 3:23 “”B elieve in thine heart...” Romans 10:9 C ommit and Confess - Romans 10:9,10 “Dear God, I know I am a sinner and Jesus died on the cross, shedding His blood and rose from the grave for me. Forgive me of my sins and thank you for salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.” Presented by The Voice in the Wilderness for Centennial Celebration of the Ministry of Dr. J. Royce Thomason, Founder, The Voice in the Wilderness For Permissions and other Resource Information: PO Box 7037 Asheville, NC 28802 Dr. James Royce Thomason Centennial Celebration A Lifetime Testimony of Service through the ministry of The Voice in the Wilderness WTofhefoermaraDesorn.p’sleJs.atsueRddoyyoctofe The Book of Revelation in a week-by-week online format as well as his life testimony in booklet size. Please request these resourc- es with your next of- fering of $5 or more to the ministry. For more resources, visit •7


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Thank you to everyone who prays for and supports The Voice in the Wilderness. Opportunities abound and it takes a significant budget to accomplish the work outlined for 2016. Please pray with us that the funds needed will be available to complete these projects and ministry. Goals for 2016 Reprint The Book of Revelation Study     $10,000.00   (minimal printing ) Missionary support - Venezuela, Philippines, India      $9,000.00 Four Quarterly Editions of The Voice in the Wilderness Publication     $24,000.00 Stateside travel for Revivals/Conferences      $3,000.00 Computer/Website/Radio/Podcast, etc.      $2,500.00 Two Overseas Mission Trips     $12,000.00      $60,500.00 The above need does not include any office expense, property maintenance, insurance or compensation for workers. Thank you for praying.



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