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teacher s guide vol 15 no 20 march 12 2010 teaching the cover story on the earthquake in chile summary on february 27 a massive earthquake rocked chile tfk reports on the disaster teaching tips before reading start a discussion · what questions do students have about earthquakes and the earthquake that struck chile list questions on chart paper and tell students to look for answers as they read this week s cover story build background knowledge · use the worksheet on page 4 of this guide to focus on geography cover story standards science nsta · earth and space science students develop an understanding of changes in the earth and sky fast facts · the earth s outermost layer or crust is made up of giant moving pieces called tectonic plates earthquakes can happen when two plates slam together spread apart or slide past each other this releases energy in the form of seismic waves which move through the earth s crust · the scale most commonly used by scientists to measure an earthquake s size is called the moment magnitude scale · during an earthquake there are ways to stay safe if you are outside move away from power lines trees and buildings if you re inside drop to the ground take cover under a heavy table or desk and hold on to it until the shaking stops · after an earthquake officials recommend using portable tvs and battery-operated radios to find out about important safety information · building codes in many cities help to ensure that structures can withstand quakes some buildings even have rubber padding under them so that they will sway back and forth instead of falling down during a quake topics addressed · earthquakes · natural disasters · tsunamis worksheet skills · reading a map page 4 · reading a diagram page 5 after reading review information · review students before-reading questions which questions did the story help to answer what are students still wondering about what resources can they use to find answers resource earthquakes by the editors of time for k ids with barbara collier harpercollins 2006 a clear engaging look at quakes and how to stay safe from the tfk science scoops series build comprehension develop vocabulary · have students circle earthquakerelated vocabulary words in the story including magnitude and tsunami for inclusion in an earthquake glossary extend learning hands-on science · for hands-on science activities about earthquakes go to earthquake.usgs.gov/learn classroom.php 7 tfk publishing schedule sun mon tue wed thu fri sat march 28 1 8 15 22 29 2 9 3 10 4 11 5 12 19 26 2 6 13 20 27 14 21 28 assess comprehension timeforkids.com/nsquiz assess comprehension of this week s issue with our printable multiple-choice quiz 16 17 18 break 23 24 25 30 31 1 apr 3 current issue date past/future issue dates customer service 800-777-8600 · e-mail the editors teachersguides@timeforkids.com 1


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teaching page 3 answer key top 5 earthquakes p 3 1 9.5 2 chile 3 false women at work p 4 1 frances perkins 2 1983 3 27 from 2010 teacher s guide chile and its neighbors p 4 1 answers will vary 2 santiago 3 pacific ocean 4 argentina 5 bolivia or paraguay 6 possible answers include concepción had the most damage from the earthquake because it is close to the epicenter what causes an earthquake p 5 1 crust 2 it is made up of different pieces 3 c 4.­5 answers will vary tfk weekly printable quiz 1 b 2 a 3 c 4 a 5 c 6 d 7 d 8 b 9 b 10 c time for kids managing editor nellie gonzalez cutler editor time learning ventures jonathan rosenbloom editor timeforkids.com andrea delbanco senior editor brenda iasevoli education editor jaime joyce associate education editor suzanne zimbler writers vickie an claudia atticot intern kelli plasket art director jennifer kraemer-smith associate art director drew willis senior designer kirstin sorton picture editor don heiny associate picture editor jill tatara teacher s guides art directors stephen blue cathy sánchez duvivier copy editors mike decapite krissy roleke time managing editor richard stengel sikids managing editor bob der time for kids publisher nathaniel simmons business manager roger adler customer service manager mary bruegger production manager gary kelliher time for kids national teacher board news scoop jan ernst wa laura gage oh peggy garcia or wendy goldfein va marysue gulick co lauri harvey al deana hubbel va jessie maxwell nc sydney odell wa wendy riese ny stephanie skiba ny lida storch ak scott sundgren pa raeanna wertz ca time for kids issn 1084-0168 is published weekly during the school year sept.­may except school holidays $4.42 per student subscription by time inc principal office time life building 1271 avenue of the americas new york ny 100201393 ann s moore chairman ceo periodical postage paid at new york ny and at additional mailing offices © 2010 time inc all rights reserved reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited subscribers if the postal authorities alert us that your magazine is undeliverable we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within two years postmaster send address changes to time for kids p.o box 30609 tampa fl 336300609 subscription queries 800-777-8600 time for kids is a registered trademark of time inc mailing list we make a portion of our mailing list available to reputable firms if you prefer that we not include your name please call or write us at p.o box 60001 tampa fl 33660 or send us an e-mail at privacy@timecustomersvc.com win mcnamee/getty images setting a good example michelle obama s let s move campaign promotes more physical activity for kids · over the past three decades childhood obesity rates in the united states have tripled · today nearly one in three kids is overweight or obese · health experts say obesity can lead to several medical conditions including heart disease high blood pressure and diabetes a letter from the first lady facts resource timeforkids.com find free reproducible worksheets on the left side of the home page under the teaching resources section find worksheets click on 2­3 under refine by theme select health to see worksheets that focus on fitness and nutrition start a discussion author s purpose why did first lady michelle obama write to time for k ids readers what is the purpose of her letter reading for information what problem does mrs obama point out what suggestions does she offer kids critical thinking why do you think mrs obama is choosing to focus on kids health what are some other ways that she can share her message with kids what is a tsunami for a kid-friendly video that explains what a tsunami is what the warning signs of a tsunami are and how to stay safe go to tsunami.noaa.gov/kids.html and click on tsunamis know what to do extend learning have students create ads persuading other kids to be active and eat healthy attention teachers sign up for our free weekly e-mail newsletter at timeforkids.com each week you ll receive a sneak peek at the tfk cover story quick-and-easy links to the tfk weekly printable quiz free worksheets to fit your curriculum customer service note · · · publishing break tfk is taking a one-week publishing break your next issue will be dated march 26 2


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is now an even better teaching tool tfk classroom newsmagazines are packed with high-interest stories and the maps charts and graphs you love new this fall four different editions to better meet your students needs grades k 1 grade 2 grades 3 4 grades 5 6 free gifts for teachers with all orders of 10 or more student subscriptions free grade-appropriate u.s and world maps add time for kids around the world to your order just $1 per student free health and fitness poster renew today call 877-604-8017 or go to timeforkids.com/gettfk a one-year subscription to time plus the free gifts will be shipped november 2010 and february 2011 orders must be received six weeks prior to the issue date in order to guarantee delivery of free gifts available for grades 3­6 subscribers all classroom premiums are subject to change.


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name date reading a map chile and its neighbors chile is a country in south america look at the map to learn about chile s place in the world north america united states atlantic ocean pacific ocean south america chile 1 look at chile describe the shape of the country 5 name a country on the map that is landlocked or surrounded by other countries 2 what is the capital of chile 6 which city on this map do you think 3 which ocean borders chile to the west 4 what country shares most of chile s eastern border suffered the most damage from the earthquake why © 2010 time for kids timeforkids.com news scoop edition this page may be photocopied for use with students · vol 15 no 20 · march 12 2010 4


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name what causes an earthquake the earth s top layer or crust is made up of giant moving pieces called plates date reading a diagram find out how an earthquake is caused look at the pictures and read the information than answer the questions below sometimes two plates bump together they might slide past each other or one might slide under the other this movement can cause an earthquake 1 what is the earth s top layer called 2 how is the earth s top layer similar to a puzzle 3 an earthquake happens when a the earth s plates slide past each other b one of the earth s plates slides under another c both of the above 4 what are three effects of earthquakes use your knowledge to answer the question 5 write two words that describe earthquakes © 2010 time for kids timeforkids.com news scoop edition this page may be photocopied for use with students · vol 15 no 20 · march 12 2010 5


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the tfk kid reporter talent search do you dream of being a reporter or an editor are you a good writer who loves the news if so then you may have what it takes to be a winner in the tfk kid reporter talent search we re looking for 12 students from around the nation to be members of the tfk kid reporter team for the 2010­2011 school year next year s team will continue the tradition of reporting local and regional news stories for time for kids magazine and time for kids online professional journalists from time magazine and time for kids will select this exclusive team in the past tfk kid reporters have interviewed national leaders celebrities and other newsmakers written news stories reviews and opinion pieces for time for kids learned about the news business from award-winning journalists who work at time appeared on cnn fox news msnbc today and the tonight show with jay leno to talk about their work t re pofkkidrhorbtersa ra hwitha ce wiczjustisi ng e r n bi eber c ou rte sy of ji l l hor b ac re po tfkkidr te r av arandrewitsch ie re w v i ce hformerp re algs ide nt ore ew ic z how to enter c ou r te s 1 write a report about an interesting or unique event you covered in your school or community the story should include a headline plus quotes from people you ve interviewed 2 complete the official entry form on the next page you must be 13 years of age or younger on september 1 2010 and entries must be postmarked by june 18 2010 be sure to read the official rules and share them with your parent or guardian who must sign your entry form yo f t he r av a sc hi er e fam i ly good luck tfk kid reporter talent search 2010 prizes official rules 1 how to enter this contest begins 12:01 a.m est on march 12 2010 and ends 11:59 p.m est on june 18 2010 to enter send your entry to tfk kid reporter talent search time for kids p.o box 4817 new york ny 10185-4817 the entry must include a the completed and signed official entry form including your essay of 50 words or less and written in english explaining why you would be a good reporter for tfk and b a news article written by you to demonstrate your reporting skills submit your news article on one side of a piece of 8 x 11 paper or attach a copy of the published news article send us a news report based on interviews you ve conducted and/or events you ve covered it does not matter if the news article has been published or not use time for kids articles in the magazine or on the website as models the story should include a headline plus quotes from people you ve interviewed include any journalistic elements such as photos editorial cartoons charts maps and graphs if appropriate please do not send us computer disks any disks received will not be evaluated as part of your entry entries must be postmarked no later than june 18 2010 and received no later than june 25 2010 you do not have to be a time for kids subscriber to enter limit one entry per person sponsor is not responsible for lost late illegible incomplete postage-due mail or entries not received for any reason entries become sole property of sponsor and none will be acknowledged or returned by entering you warrant that the entry is original and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party 2 judging all entries will be judged by tfk editors based equally on the following criteria creativity originality grammar and spelling clarity and newsworthiness the judges will choose 20 finalists and then choose 12 winners who will become tfk kid reporters in the event of a tie an additional tie-breaker judge will determine the winner from among all such tied entries using the judging criteria above sponsor reserves the right to choose fewer than 12 winners if in sponsor s sole discretion an insufficient number of eligible and/or qualified entries are received incomplete and/or inaccurate entries and entries not complying with all rules are subject to disqualification decisions of judges are final and binding winners will be notified by telephone and mail 3 eligibility open to legal residents of the 50 united states of america and the district of columbia who are 13 years or younger on september 1 2010 entrants void where prohibited by law employees of sponsor its promotional partners and their respective parents affiliates and subsidiaries participating advertising and promotion agencies and members of their immediate families and/or those living in the same household as each such employee are not eligible 4 prizes twelve 12 tfk kid reporters will be selected each winner may be asked to represent time for kids in national and/or local media they will report for time for kids and time for kids online from september 2010 to august 2011 a twenty 20 fi nalists will be selected and notified in july 2010 each of the finalists will be interviewed by phone and asked to submit video clips and a final assignment finalists will receive a certificate of recognition b twelve 12 tfk kid reporters will be selected from the finalists based on evaluations of all entry materials the finalists will be judged on poise articulation and on-camera presence demonstrated in their video clips and interviews and on the quality of their reported and written work the 12 reporters will be announced in august 2010 c tfk kid reporters may be given assignments during the period of september 2010 to august 2011 though time for kids will try to give at least one assignment to each reporter there is no guarantee that a reporter will be given any assignments article assignments will be distributed at the discretion of site and magazine editors articles will be edited and may be published in time for kids magazine and/or at time for kids online each reporter will be given a byline if his/her story is published d each reporter chosen will receive a tfk kid reporter t-shirt press credential and letter of congratulations e there will be no compensation for any stories filed for and/or published in time for kids magazine and/or at time for kids online pre-approved expenses incurred while reporting a story will be reimbursed all other expenses not specified herein are the responsibility of the winner all taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner the prize is awarded without warranty express or implied of any kind.


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official entry form note you must include a news article written by you to demonstrate your reporting skills submit your news article on one side of a piece of 8 1 /2 x 11 paper or attach a copy of the published news article the story should include a headline plus quotes from people you ve interviewed student information name of student home address city state and zip code home phone e-mail address birth date name of parent or guardian home address if not the same as student s city state and zip code home phone e-mail address school information name of school school address city state and zip code name of teacher grade school phone i understand that name of child is providing this information as part of the entry process for the tfk kid reporter talent search signature of parent or guardian date entries must be postmarked by june 18 2010 and received by june 25 2010 mail entries to tfk kid reporter talent search time for k ids p.o box 4817 new york ny 10185-4817 on separate paper explain why you would be a good reporter for tfk in 50 words or less request for photo optional please include a recent school photo of the entrant all rights reserved reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited f each reporter agrees to have his/her name and likeness used in conjunction with the tfk kid reporter team g all materials manuscripts and articles will become the property of time inc 5 conditions of participation no transfer assignment or substitution of a prize permitted although sponsor reserves the right to substitute prize or prize component for an item of equal or greater value at sponsor s sole discretion nothing in these official contest rules shall obligate sponsor to publish or otherwise use any entry submitted in connection with this contest all federal state and local laws and regulations apply entrants agree to be bound by the terms of these official rules and by the decisions of sponsor which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this contest by entering entrant represents that any and all entry materials submitted as part of entrant s contest entry are original and will not constitute defamation or an invasion of privacy or otherwise infringe upon the rights of any third party and that the entrant owns or has the rights to convey any and all right and title in such materials in addition by entering entrant grants to sponsor a non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free license to edit publish promote republish at any time in the future and otherwise use entrant s submitted entry along with entrant s name likeness biographical information and any other information provided by entrant in any and all media for possible editorial promotional or advertising purposes without further permission notice or compensation except where prohibited by law potential winner and parent or legal guardian where the potential winner has not reached the age of majority in his or her state of residence at time of entry as a condition of receiving any prize also may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility a liability release and where legally permissible a publicity release and confirmation of a license as set forth above within 7 days following the date of first attempted notification certifying among other things the following a entry does not defame or invade the privacy of any party b entry does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and c the entry materials submitted are original failure to comply with this deadline may result in forfeiture of the prize and selection of an alternate winner return of any prize/prize notification as undeliverable may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner acceptance of the prize constitutes permission for sponsor and its agencies to use winner s name and/or likeness biographical information and entry materials for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation unless prohibited by law by entering and/or accepting prize entrants and winners agree to hold sponsor and its promotional partners its directors officers employees and assigns harmless for liability damages or claims for injury or loss to any person or property including death relating to in whole or in part directly or indirectly participation in this contest the acceptance and/or subsequent use or misuse or condition of any of the prizes awarded or claims based on publicity rights defamation or invasion of privacy false or deceptive entries or acts will render the entrant ineligible sponsor in its sole discretion reserves the immediate and unrestricted right to disqualify any entrant or prize winner if he or she either commits or has committed any act or has been involved or becomes involved in any situation or occurrence which the sponsor deems likely to subject the sponsor entrant or winner to ridicule scandal or contempt or which reflects unfavorably upon the sponsor in any way if such information is discovered by sponsor after a winner has received notice of the prize and before the prize is awarded sponsor may rescind the prize in its entirety if a portion of the prize has already been awarded sponsor may withdraw the remainder of the prize that has not been fulfilled decisions of the sponsor are final and binding in all matters related to this paragraph sponsor is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer administration of the contest or in the announcement of the prize 6 governing law this contest is governed by the internal laws of the state of new york without regard to principles of conflict of laws all cases and claims pertaining to this contest must be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of new york without recourse to class action suits 7 severability if any provision of these rules is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction or appointed arbitrator such determination shall in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision herein 8 winner s list for name of winners available after august 30 2010 send a separate self-addressed stamped envelope to kid reporter results time for kids 1271 avenue of the americas 32nd floor new york ny 10020 or log on to timeforkids.com/krcontest after august 30 available for a period of 30 days 9 sponsor the sponsor of this contest is time for kids 1271 avenue of the americas new york ny 10020.



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