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Domenech Machinery & Systems PLASTIC RECYCLING SYSTEM 2 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING DIAGRAM OF THE MACHINES ARRANGEMENT 1. Guillotine 2. Conveyor belt 3. Trommel 4. Inspection Table 5. Shredder 6. Belt Feeder 7. Pre-washing Tank 8. Washer 9. Mill Granulator 10. Screw Conveyor 11. Separation Tank 12. Drag Chain Conveyor 13. Centrifuge 14. Silo 15. Crusher 3


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Domenech Machinery & Systems Standard system for a production (agricultural lm) of 1200 k/h. STANDARD SYSTEM OF PLASTIC RECYCLING MATERIAL SEPARATION STAGE The material separation stage starts with the plastic supply to the guillotine, which will ration the material and select pieces which are completely adaptable to the production. After the division, a conveyor belt will carry the material to the trommel where a mechanic separation of inappropriate materials is made. At the exit of the trommel there is a second conveyor belt which transports the material to the inspection table, where a group of people does a manual separation and places inappropriate materials in containers. SHREDDING STAGE First shredding stage is formed by a shredder line EHV which shreds the material, getting it measures between 50 and 60 mm (depending on the material type and the grid type that the shredder has). The shredded material falls into a conveyor belt which supplies a hopper. After that, the material is divided and transported to the pre-washing tank where the next stage starts. 4 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING PRE-WASHING STAGE In the pre-washing stage is produced a rst material cleaning in which the inappropriate materials attached to the plastic are decanted to the lower part of the pre-washing tank. Thanks to the water injectors, the plastic particles remain in the surface and the inappropriate materials are decanted. At the tank’s exit is the washer which eliminates part of the water from the material and places it on the conveyor belt that goes to the granulator. The rejection produced by the tank ends up in a screw conveyor where a quick separation of the water and the rejected material is produced. SECONDARY SHREDDING STAGE In this stage the granulator shreds the material, getting it measures between 25 and 35 mm (depending on the material type). When the material is shredded, it passes through a screw conveyor feeder which will take it to the washing stage. WASHING STAGE In this stage the material enters into the separation tank where an exhaustive washing is made. Residues are decanted to the bottom of the tank and are removed by a drag chain conveyor. The plastic leaves the tank with quite humidity and, for this reason, a screw conveyor transports the plastic to the centrifuge, where part of the water that the material contains is removed getting it with approximately a 25% humidity. MECHANICAL DRYING STAGE In the last stage, the material is carried by pneumatic conveyor to the silo which extracts the material with the help of screws and divides it to the crusher, in where a compression and drying of the material is produced, reducing the humidity until a 9%. Standard system for a production (agricultural lm) of 1200 k/h. 5


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Domenech Machinery & Systems 1. GUILLOTINE APPLICATION: Mechanism aimed and designed for cutting plastic and other materials. The guillotine can be supplied in di erent ways: manually or automatically by a supply built into the machine, conveyor belt, etc. Its application is usual at the beginning of the recycling line, just before entering 6 into the trommel. Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING 2. CONVEYOR BELT APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the lineal transport of plastic materials. Conveyor belts have been designed and tested for materials with di erent grain size, density, relative humidity, abrasiveness and shape. It works horizontally or with inclinations until +30º, depending on the transported material features. 7


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3.TROMMEL Domenech Machinery & Systems APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the cleaning through the screening of the attached materials to the plastics, getting loose materials for their next classi cation. The input materials should pass previously by the guillotine or by a mill with one rotor to cut in pieces the material and that it can be separated and cleaned. 8 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING 4. INSPECTION TABLE APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the manual selection of di erent elements which compose the feeding process. The material to be treated advances through a conveyor belt and the rejected material is manually selected and thrown into a tilting container placed under the inspection table. 9


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Domenech Machinery & Systems 5. SHREDDER LINE EHV APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the rough shredded of a wide range of measures of raw material as lms, getting grain measures lower than 50mm. The feeding system will be adapted to the plastic type for shredding (hardness, size, shape) to get the maximum e ciency of the shredder. 10 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING 6. BELT FEEDER APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the supply and division of the material (for example, lm). It allows a continuous and uniform division of the material. 11


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Domenech Machinery & Systems 7. PRE-WASHING TANK APPLICATION: The pre-washing tank has the function of decanting and separating the heavy particles that could damage the following machines of the recycling line. Its special shape allows, due to the water injections, that dirty plastic oats. The residues and heavy materials are removed with the help of the screw conveyor of rejected material located at the bottom of the tank. 12 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line 8. WASHER RECYCLING APPLICATION: The horizontal washer has been designed to wash lm or rigid products in the form of long strips or grinded material with high pollution. 13


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Domenech Machinery & Systems 9. MILL GRANULATOR APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the plastic ne crushing. New design which provides the energy saving and a high cutting e ciency, thanks to the design of the cutting geometry. New design which ease the knife change. 14 Committed to excellence.


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The best solution for your recycling line RECYCLING 10. SCREW CONVEYOR APPLICATION: Machine aimed for the supply and division of all bulk material types with high humidity, like clayey materials, arid, gypsum, carbonates, sulphates, coals, STP sludge, cellulose, vegetal rests, etc. The grind measure of the ideal material with which it works is 0-15mm, and the division quality is better when the grind measure is ne and uniform. 15



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