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Brochure of STAR Hydraulics Servo Technology

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Electro-Hydraulic Servovalves Incorporating Sapphire Technology for the 21st Century


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2016 1983 Company History Founded in 1983 to provide a cost effective, fast turnaround Service/Repair of Electro-Hydraulic Servovalves. „„ Introduced "Sapphire Technology" in 1988 to eliminate "ball glitch" and increase Servovalve life. „„ Production of new Servovalves in 1990 with all the benefits of new materials and machining technology. „„ 1 992 Originally awarded BSI Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 „„ A ppointment of first distributor - Hydraustar France in 1995. „„ A further 19 world-wide distributors added in 15 years. „„ In 2010 Stars quality and performance resulted in their valves being used on the Space X Rocket travelling to the International Space Station „„ 2012 moved to new premises including "State of the Art" machining facilities, Clean Air Assembly and Test, Dedicated Development facilities. „„ 2013 Development of Three Stage Valves „„ 2015 Development 850 Servovalve „„ 2016 Atex / IS approval


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Servovalve – Service/Repair With over 30 years’ experience Star has built an impressive reputation for a cost effective, fast turnaround service/repair of the following Manufacturers Servovalves: „„ Abex „„ Atchley „„ Bosch „„ Dowty „„ Herion „„ Moog „„ MTS „„ Pegasus „„ Plasser „„ Rexroth „„ Schneider „„ TSS „„ Ultra „„ Vickers Service / Repair Schedule „„ Valve completely dismantled. „„ Magnets fully demagnetised. „„ Ultrasonically clean and microscopically inspect all components. „„ Valve reassembled in clean air conditions. „„ Valves tested in accordance with the International Standard: „„ ISO 10770-1:2009. „„ Flow Plot and Technical data supplied with every valve. „„ Full warranty on all repairs. For more information please contact – Jason Nottingham +44 (0) 1684 296176


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Products Benefits and Features “Sapphire Technology” ball in slot design „„ Incorporated into Star designs since 1988 „„ Many billions of cycles per service life „„ Increased spool life due to spool rotation „„ Ultra low coefficient of friction sapphire to steel „„ F eedback mechanism unhindered by spool rotation „„ Extended warranties available Sapphire flow „„ Ensuring first stage stability „„ Precisely matched flow properties „„ Long life in extreme environments Custom spool lap & bushing port geometries „„ Zero overlap „„ Overlap (closed center) „„ Underlap (open center) „„ Dual gain „„ Asymmetric gain Special connectors „„ MIL-C-5015 „„ MIL-DTL-38999 „„ Conduit style male/female „„ Hermetic Safety „„ Flame proof „„ Intrinsic safety „„ Class, Div & Zone coverage „„ Mechanical failsafe „„ Double & triple coil redundancy Sealing materials „„ Nitrile „„ Fluorocarbon (Viton) „„ Ethylene-Propylene „„ Fluorosilicone


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Facilities This is a key function where very experienced staff assemble Valve Assembly both new and repair valves in a clean environment. Valve Testing Centre Dedicated Test Room with Performance Qualification Test Rigs. Fluid cleanliness is better than ISO4406 Code 12/10/8 NAS1638 Class 2 Total Manufacturing Facility Precision Grinding Charmilles Technologies Roboform EDM Sunnen Honing and Lapping 4 Axis Bridgeport CNC Nikon Profile Machining Centre Projector 4 Axis Doosan CNC Lathe With "State of the Art" Machining Facility Star Hydraulics are pleased to offer close tolerance machining services.


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International Distribution & Service Partner Network Australia Benelux Brazil Canada Denmark Egypt France Germany India Iraq Italy Japan Malaysia Mexico Poland Rep. of China Russia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Turkey USA CMA Electro-Hydraulic Engineers Specken Hydraulics Techservo (Sau Paulo) Brazil Cowan Dynamics Inc Fritz Schur-Teknik AS MEHE Hydraustar Servostar GmbH Servocontrols ATTS Inc Fizner Automazione s.a.s STI Product Co Tejari Technologies ATTS Inc RDL Hydraulics Sp. z o.o. Beijing Star HD Hydraulics Shanghai & Beijing Hydraulic Integrated Systems LLC Sealtec Hydralics Ltd. Hanvit Industries Delta Hidraulica Scanhydraul AB Hipas Hidrolik ve Pnomatik K+S Services Inc


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Industries „„Aerospace Testing Fatigue, Structure, Turbine Blade, Undercarriage, Propeller, Helicopter Body & Blade „„Automotive Testing Fatigue, Springs, Steering components, Shock absorbers, Tow-bar, Tyres, Seats, Engine „„Flight Simulators Civil, Military, Leisure. „„Motorsport F1, Fatigue testing, Engine Dynamometers, Carbon fibre testing. „„P lastics Injection moulding, Parison control in Blow Moulding, Tensile testing. „„P ower Generation Fossil, Gas, Nuclear, Turbine speed control, Steam control valves. „„Rail Ballast Tamper, Stone Blowers. „„Rolling Mills Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Paper. „„ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Subsea Trenching, Submerged Mining and Marine Renewables. „„Sawmills Timber sizing, Production of Composite Timbers. „„Seismic Vibration control of Seismic Waves for Oil/Gas Exploration.


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Star offer free seminars on the following: Servovalve Operation. Filtration, Cleanliness Codes. Flushing and Commissioning of Hydraulic Servo Systems. Manufactured in the UK and Quality Assured Star Hydraulics Ltd. Severn Drive, Tewkesbury Business Park, Tewkesbury Gloucestershire. GL20 8SF. England, UK. Tel. 44 (0) 1684 296176 Fax. 44 (0) 1684 850714



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