Year 7/8 Hockey


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Year 7/8 Hockey SW zones 27.7.2016

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Yr 7/8 Hockey Draw for South West Zone Winter Tournament South Hagley Park 2016 DRAW Round Time Field 3a Field 3b 1 9.45 Cashmere v Wharenui Oaklands v OLA 2 10.10am Cashmere v Oaklands OLA v Wharenui 3 10.30 Cashmere v OLA Oaklands v Wharenui FIELDS See main map GENERAL INFORMATION • Report 9.30am • Each school must provide an adult or secondary school pupil who is willing and able to referee a game to a satisfactory standard. • All games will be played 5 minutes each way with NO half-time break. There is to be no extension of time for each 5 minute half • Scoring - Points will be awarded on the basis of 5 for a win, 2 for a draw and 0 for a loss. • Foul play or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and players will be sent off for the remainder of the game. • Schools should provide their own first aid kit. HOCKEY (6‐aside ‐ mixed) • Players must wear mouthguards and shin pads. • Unlimited players per team with reserves allowed to interchange freely throughout the game. • There must be at least 2 girls on the field at any one time. • There shall be 2 forwards, 2 halves, 2 backs with no goalies or kicking backs. RULE CHANGES: The rules of the game of Hockey shall apply except that: 1. Lifting the ball above knee height or a ball that is dangerous regardless of height will be penalised under dangerous play provisions. 2. When a free hit is taken no other player may be within three metres of the ball. 3. The obstruction rule (deliberate use of the body to push another player off the ball) will be penalised by awarding a free hit to the opposing team. 4. Feet: this will be penalised only when the ball is deliberately kicked. 5. There will be NO penalty corners. Infringements will be awarded with a free hit 9 metres from the backline when the infringement occurs close to the goal. 6. For a deliberate breach within a player’s defensive half a free hit to the attackers 9 metres from the backline when the infringement occurs close to the goal. 7. When the ball goes over the goal line outside the goal, a free hit is awarded to the team that did not hit it out at a point opposite where the ball went out. 8. There is an auto pass rule at this age level, but the ball must be stopped before the auto pass is carried out.



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