Year 5/6 Netball


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Year 5/6 Netball SW zones 27.8.16

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SWZ Y5/6 Netball Winter Tournament Draw 2016 • Games begin at 9.45am. Report at 9.30am. • Please report to the control point (COURT 17) to pick up your initial score card at 9.30am. • All teams must supply an umpire • Please return score cards to control point after each game 5 points Win / 2 point Draw / 0 points Loss Round 1: Section 1 Cashmere West Spreydon Sommerfield Section 2 OLA Sacred Heart Addington 9.45 v v v v v v TKKM Rowley Oaklands Hoon Hay Spreydon Wharenui Round 2: Section 1 Cashmere Sommerfield Oaklands Section 2 OLA Addington Wharenui 10am V West Spreydon V TKKM V Rowley v Sacred Heart v Hoon Hay v Spreydon Round 3: Section 1 Cashmere Oaklands Rowley Section 2 OLA Wharenui Spreydon 10.15am v Sommerfield v West Spreydon v TKKM v Addington v Sacred Heart v Hoon Hay Round 4: Section 1 Cashmere Rowley TKKM Section 2 OLA Spreydon Hoon Hay 10.30am v Oaklands v Sommerfield v West Spreydon v Wharenui v Addington v Sacred Heart Round 5: Section 1 Cashmere TKKM West Spreydon 10.45am v Rowley v Oaklands v Sommerfield Ct 27 Ct 28 Ct 29 Ct 22 Ct 23 Ct 24 Ct 29 Ct 27 Ct 28 Ct 24 Ct 22 Ct 23 Ct 28 Ct 29 Ct 27 Ct 24 Ct 22 Ct 23 Ct 27 Ct 28 Ct 29 Ct 23 Ct 24 Ct 22 Ct 29 Ct 27 Ct 28


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Section 2 OLA Hoon Hay Sacred Heart v v v Spreydon Wharenui Addington Ct22 Ct 23 Ct 24 Semi Finals 11.10am First Section 1 v Second Section 2 Second Section 1 v First Section 2 Ct 22 1 Ct 27 2 The other teams can play as follows: Third Section 1 Fourth Section 1 Fifth Section 1 Sixth Section 1 v v v v Third Section 2 Fourth Section 2 Fifth Section 2 Sixth Section 2 Ct 23 Ct 24 Ct 16 Ct 15 11.30am Final Placings 1st,2nd & 3rd Go through Winner 1 Loser 1 v v Winner 2 Loser 2 Ct 22 (For 1st/2nd) Ct 27 (For 3rd/4th) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th • Games are 5 minutes each way with NO half time break – change straight over. Air horn /bell marks the beginning and end of each game and half time. • Each team must provide an umpire. • Teams can be mixed. If they are, no more than 3 boys to be on court at any one time and one in each court area – ie one in the defence circle, one in the attack circle and one in the midcourt area. • Please remind players no jewellery and they need short nails • If teams are tied on points in the sections, positions will be decided on goal ratio – ie the total number of goals scored divided by the total number of goals scored against. • If teams are tied in semi or finals the game will continue without stopping until one team has a two goal advantage, to determine the winner.


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RULES: International rules apply. Years 7 & 8- 7 aside Years 5 & 6- 6 aside 6 ASIDE RULES (YEAR 5&6): Years 5 & 6 netball will be played using Future Ferns netball height goal rings. This game will be 6 aside. Players: 1. Teams shall have a maximum of 10 players (8 is preferable). 2. Mixed teams-maximum of 2 males on court at any one time. 3. 6 players on court at any one time: 2 x centres, 2 x defence, 2 x attack 4. Substitutions – rolling subs and also at intervals and stoppages. 5. Players participation time – minimum of half a game. 6. Players to rotate to ensure equal opportunities in all positions. Playing/Defending the ball: 1. Players are encouraged to pass or shoot within 5 seconds. 2. Defending the ball – enforce 1metre distance to allow player space to pass. Centre Pass: 1. Team captains use paper, scissors, rock to determine which team has the first pass. 2. After a goal is scored the non scoring team shall have the centre pass. 3. One Centre in possession of the ball shall stand wholly within the centre circle and the opposing Centre standing within the Centre third. The other two Centres stand on the sideline in the Centre third. These two Centres may enter the game can enter the court once the first pass has been made and they can enter anywhere they like. 4. The Centres in each team take alternative centre passes. Scoring: 1. Shots at goal may be taken from anywhere within the team’s goal circle by the 2 attacks. Throw In Players take turns - eg if it is a defence throw-in in the goal third – one defender throws in and then the other defender takes the next throw in.



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