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True Parents’ Message and News English Version No. 25 05天一國 4年 天曆 June 2016


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Article One A Time to Reflect on Our Heritage of Faith By Michael Balcomb In Exposition of the Divine Principle, we learn the importance of the number forty to conditionally separate from Satan and as the number of a new start. For example, when the people of Israel failed in the forty-day spying condition, forty years passed before they had a second chance to enter the Promised Land. After wandering in the wilderness for decades, God had to appoint a new leader, Joshua. Few survivors remained from the earlier attempt; forty years is a very long time in anyone’s life and is almost as significant in the life of an institution or community. As our American family welcomed True Mother to Belvedere to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally, we were reminded of this simple fact. The ranks of those who were there in 1976 are thinning fast. Age and illness have taken some away. Others lost their connection with True Parents and drifted away over the years. When veterans of Yankee Stadium were asked to stand at Belvedere, only about two hundred rose to their feet out of a crowd of thousands. Yet for those who were there in 1976 and again in 2016, and for their now adult children, the reunion was a memorable and life changing experience. We really felt we were making a new start as True Mother spoke with hope and authority about God’s plan for America and the world: W hat path should America take today? Many issues are plaguing this nation, and unfortunately, America feels like it’s distancing itself from God. What is the wish of heaven? The dream of the Heavenly Parent, the dream of the True Parents, is to realize one global family under God. As she spoke, even the most dedicated listener couldn’t help but have at least one eye on the skies. Torrential rain and lightning had been predicted all morning, but somehow, the weather held off right until the very last moment. Only when True Mother had left the stage after the final cheers of Og Mansei did the heavens open with drenching, purifying rains. No one could miss the symbolism and parallels with that June evening forty years ago. Father declared that the Yankee Stadium rally would be a showdown between God and America. In speeches at Belvedere leading up to the event, Father said that he was putting everything on the line: My success or failure at the Yankee Stadium rally will have universal and historic significance. That is why God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, all humanity, the Unification Church and Reverend Moon all placed their lives on the line in this fight…. I have yearned and prepared for this moment, June 1, 1976, since my youth. It will be a time of joy if we are successful, but a time of misery if we fail. It is a time of joy, but also a fearful time. Most of the members who were there at the time felt the full impact of these words. They said that the day itself felt like an utter defeat, even a crucifixion. True, we’ve all seen on film how the rain poured down and how the members stood up and sang “You are My Sunshine” with great spirit. The show went on but no one felt confident to say, What a great victory! Not until True Father, speaking at Belvedere the next day under glorious sunshine, pronounced that Yankee Stadium was victorious could everyone at last exhale. But not for long: in the very next breath, Father announced that he was advancing the date of Washington Monument by eight months to September 18, 1976! Just like forty years ago, however, the rains at the anniversary event could not dampen the enthusiasm of our families who went on to enjoy hours of fellowship and food. Tours of the newly renovated Belvedere Main House were a big success, with more than five hundred people coming to look at the rooms where True Parents and their family once lived. At our victory celebration the next day at East Garden, a happy True Mother thanked everyone for their efforts and shared her ongoing vision for developing the museum and cultural center in Korea and her desire to create the world of a culture of heart: As we lead our daily lives, human beings seek happiness, freedom, peace and unity. But with these things, there must always be heart. The heart behind each of these words must be felt. Isn’t that so? We must express beauty through paintings, through music and through beautiful melodies. That is very important. As we closed by singing “Generation of Righteousness” led by Dan Fefferman and David Eaton, we all felt that we had crossed the Jordan under True Mother’s guidance and that the Promised Land is indeed in sight! Dr. Balcomb is both True Parents’ special envoy to the United States and president of FFWPU in that nation.


p. 3 True Parents’ Message and News CONTENTS 天一國 4年 (天曆) 5月 June 2016 04 06 10 Article One 02 A Time to Reflect on Our Heritage of Faith Testimony 12 Y in and Yang Connect across Forty Years 14 P utting the 1976 Yankee Stadium Rally into Perspective Three Veterans Speak Out 20 H ow I Joined the Unification Church At Home In the Land of the “Sound of Music” 23 Angels of Peace The Hearts of Children are a Peaceful Bridge between Nations Regional News Lebanon 28 R ecognizing the Efforts of Students, Teachers and Donors A Syrian Refugee School in Lebanon True Parents’ Messages 04 T he Responsibility of Tribal Messiahs 06 Amidst Preparations, Your Hard Work Is Still Necessary Photographs 10 God Bless America Family Festival Germany 30 Spiritual Synergy on a Saturday Afternoon Japan 32 Snatched Away from Their Own Children Switzerland 34 A Soccer Tournament Children’s “Peace Cup” 2016 Heavenly lifestyle 36 E xercises True Father Did While In Prison 41 H ealthy Family Relationships, T he Ultimate Solution to Global Issues 14


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True Parents’Messages 1 The Responsibility of Tribal Messiahs What follows are views expressed by True Father on this central mission for Unificationists. I have restored the right of the eldest son and on that foundation the returning Lord comes to claim the right of the parent. For this, the returning Messiah represents the position of Abel at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. He fulfills the responsibilities Christianity and America left undone. He also brings down communism and establishes an environment conducive to the unity of the world. On the foundation of fulfilling these conditions, the returning Lord sends forth tribal messiahs. Therefore, just as Heaven sent the returning Messiah, True Parents on behalf of God are sending you as tribal messiahs. They bequeath to you the foundation of the realm of mainstream religion that was prepared to receive the Messiah, which began with Israel four thousand years ago. Home Church is needed Each tribal messiah is to embrace two clans, Cain’s and Abel’s—that is, Cain’s family and his or her own family. Jesus should have embraced Joseph’s family and Zechariah’s family. The disunity between these two families set the stage for Jesus’ death. This is the background of the Home Church and tribal church of today. Jesus was to stand on the united foundation of Joseph’s family and Zechariah’s family. The Messiah, based on these families’ attendance of the tribal messiah, was to lead to national restoration. In the same way, your Home Church is a Cain-type church foundation of your tribal messiahship, and your family and relatives are an Abel-type church foundation. You are to unite these two. After accomplishing this, you will complete your mission as a tribal messiah. No problem should exist in bringing unity in your tribe. Furthermore, the time has come when nothing in the larger world will create problems for us. Nevertheless, my appointment of tribal messiahs does not mean that your Home Church will disappear. Even if we have saved all people, the Home Church remains important. Just as the mind and body need to unite and the entire world needs to unite, the Home Church needs to unite people both inside and outside the tribes. If you want to fulfill your responsibilities as a tribal messiah, you need to restore your Cain-type and your Abeltype tribes. When you offer conditions and find a hundred and twenty followers who are willing to work, giving their lives and assets, these followers will address your parents and say, You toiled so hard to raise your child! Your child in turn has toiled so much to save us! When these one hundred and twenty people gather as your clan for a banquet and exchange these words of appreciation, everything will turn around in one night. You need to return to your home- town and become tribal messiahs. This does not mean the Home Church movement, which has been active these past years, should disappear. Your Home Church foundation is the Cain foundation, and your foundation with your extended family is the Abel foundation. If you shed tears, sweat and blood to establish your Home Church foundation, your extended family will turn around automatically. If you return to your extended family after having saved a hundred people through your Home Church, they will welcome you as a hero or heroine. Three spiritual children Fallen Adam and Eve are restored through Abel. Blessed parents become perfect through their children, which is similar to fallen parents being restored through Abel. In this way, restoration takes place through indemnity. Therefore, if you do not 4 True Peace


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have spiritual children, you should not conceive and give birth to children. You can give them birth, but you cannot truly love them. This is the implication of the Principle. The Fall transpired by people going in a direction opposite that of the Principle. Thus, restoration transpires through blocking, adjusting and correcting that opposite direction in a way that is airtight. Thus, you absolutely need spiritual children. Unification Church members become Abel when they understand the providence and receive God’s love. When they establish this standard, they can form the position of Abel centering on their own good spirit world. People are in the position of Abel depending on their age group. Those in their twenties are in the Abel position to those who are in their twenties; those in their thirties or forties are in the Abel position to those in their own cohort. If you witness to someone from a particular age group, the standard of Cain and Abel will be restored on the basis of that age group. Since young people also need to be restored, however, you need to do so through your children. Therefore, to achieve complete restoration, you need to establish the tradition in which three of your spiritual children devotedly attend your physical children from their birth until their marriage. I have to follow this path if I wish to establish a worldwide foundation of victory. You also have to follow this path. I am one level ahead of you. If my mission is on the world level, your mission goes up to the national level. Accordingly, when I realize a foundation at the world level, you each need to achieve a foundation at the national level. On what basis did the love we know in this world begin? It began from the archangel, Satan. Therefore, restoration entails recovering the children whom Satan took, raising them as your spiritual children and loving them. After doing that you can return to your original self. By following True Parents’ example, you can return to your original self. In the realm of fallen love, we have to recover the love that began with Satan. Since Satan stole love, the mission of your three spiritual children entails restoring the stolen love in Satan’s realm by being in the position of an absolutely obedient and successful archangel. You need to stand in the position of having saved your spiritual children and loving them in the way God would. Since the Fall took place due to an issue that arose from love and led to its loss, the love we give them has to surpass that which Satan’s world gives them. So how much should we love our spiritual children? We must love them more than parents in the secular world love their children. If we do not love our spiritual children to that extent, we will not be able to restore them. Unless we love others to a degree greater than physical parents in the secular world love their children, people will not be attracted to our path. Only through love can we restore people who were lost because of love. We need to do this to the extent of bringing three spiritual children to the Principle. Thereby we establish a successful foundation of love that will permit us to love our physical children. This is a formula, and I have been living according to it. If we do not apply this formula, we cannot have a foundation for perfection. Therefore, even if you have children, completely restore spiritual children before you live with them. God sent his beloved son Jesus to earth to restore humankind through indemnity, and he endured his plight as he went the way of the cross. Similarly, we have to love our spiritual children the way God loves humanity. Therefore, if you do not make a foundation upon which your spiritual children sacrifice for your children, the path to love your children will not appear. We are to have two types of children—spiritual children, of which we need at least three, and our natural children. If you look at today’s world, you will see children who are in the position of God’s direct children, and fallen human beings who are in the position of adopted children. Salvation does not exist for the sake of the individual. Salvation cannot exist outside the structure of the family. Therefore, each of us is to have three spiritual children and is to lead them to become one with our natural children. This is the formula. The importance of angels Who originally was supposed to guide Adam and Eve? It was the archangel. It was not God but the angels who were meant to protect and nurture Adam and Eve until they reached maturity. Likewise it is spiritual children who are meant to support the spiritual parent’s path to heaven. When, with the support of your spiritual children, you receive the Blessing of heaven, they will follow you into heaven on the merit of their support for you as their spiritual parent. This is how the three angels in the angelic world are restored, how the three children of Adam are restored and how the three sons of Noah are restored. This is how the condition of having gone through three stages as Heaven’s representative is achieved. What does becoming totally one mean? It means the oneness the three angels in the garden of Eden should have had, focusing on unfallen Adam. When the three angels become one, they are elevated into the realm of God’s Blessing. Before the Fall, the three archangels looked forward to the day Adam and Eve would marry after receiving their complete support. Likewise, your spiritual children will yearn ardently to see you receive the blessing. The mistake of one archangel affected the others. Hence, when your spiritual children support you substantially, they are setting indemnity conditions required by heaven and earth. For that reason, spiritual parents need to maintain a standard of heart toward their spiritual children that is higher than that of parents in the fallen world. You cannot stand on Heaven’s side or ascend to the realm to receive Heaven’s blessing if your standard of parental heart is lower than that of the fallen world. When you reach that level, you can receive the blessing, give birth to children and love them completely. Then Satan’s world will not be able to accuse you or require you to pay indemnity. Because I overcame on the national level, you can be free from persecution. We stand at the level where the Republic of Korea is able to uphold the Unification Church. Therefore, what remains is simply for you to choose your relatives and appoint them to represent you. We have entered the stage at which they can do so as your spiritual children. Now, what should such spiritual children do? They have to be ready to sacrifice their life for your sake and your children’s. How will you inspire them to come to this point? Will you succeed in this task? You can inspire them to come to this point through the Principle. This will become our tradition. This is an edited excerpt from Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 9 Chapter 2, Section 2, pp. 953–956. June 2016 5


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True Parents’Messages 2 Amidst Preparations, Your Hard Work Is Still Necessary True Mother delivered this message on June 6 at East Garden at the celebration of the successful commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally, which had taken place a day earlier. W e need to develop. We cannot rest until the day Heaven is successful. I, the only begotten daughter, whom Heaven was able to embrace for the first time in six thousand years, was born. I had physical parents, but I attended God as my father. I am probably the only one in history that heard while growing up that God was my father. Therefore, I am saying that it was special. I briefly talked about my birth the other day; if I were to explain it all, it would take a long time. Heaven chose the Israelites and for four thousand years, he carried out his providence, and then he sent his begotten son. No only begotten daughter existed at that time. However, Mary, who had given birth to the begotten son, did not fulfill her re- sponsibilities. How could Mary have given birth to so many younger brothers after Jesus? She failed from that point. The purpose of Jesus’ coming was to become the true parent of humankind, yet Mary, who should have cooperated closely with him, did not fulfill her responsibilities. Neither the people around Jesus— Zachariah, Joseph—nor Judaism fulfilled their responsibilities. They were unaware of the providence. As a result, Jesus lost his environment. Since that happened he had no foundation; he could not triumph over Satan’s accusations. God spent four thousand years preparing the Israelites so that he could send his begotten son, but everything was lost in one day. How could Jesus’ crucifixion bring human salvation? People of that time were so foolish. Now is the time for light to shine on the truth. Why? Because of the only begotten daughter’s birth! God’s hope is to embrace all human beings through True Parents—one family under God. He wants to become the parent of all people. That was God’s intention for the Creation. With that path in mind, the beginning point of the only daughter of God occurred two thousand years ago. God does not reuse a person or a nation that has left responsibilities unfulfilled because of the indemnity they would still bear…. Only True Parents know this, so you need to learn from True Parents. You need to tell others about this concept of indemnity. When the truth is revealed, a new age will begin. Therefore, True Parents have begun a new era, the era of Cheon Il Guk. 6 True Peace


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True Mother’s preparations Fundamentally, we are taking this path as we prepare for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk on earth. Thus, I am preparing to create a system centered in Korea, in Cheongpyeong, that is greater than that of Vatican City, which one might call Christianity’s mecca. True Parents have upheld Heaven’s will and have spent their entire lives living for the sake of others by practicing true love to save humanity. I am preparing in all areas, such as necessary human resources, to design and build the Cheonji Seonhak Won, in which True Parents’ achievements can be seen at a glance. Once we complete the Cheonji Seonhak Won, the line of people, coming from around the world, will not cease. The Cheonji Seonhak Won will convey the True Parents in the era of Cheon Il Guk, which one can only see by coming to Korea. The building will symbolize True Parents historically and culturally and will become a place that UNESCO might one day ask to have preserved forever. Therefore, every day I am planning this. Hyojeong Cultural Center Each day should be different, right? If so, development occurs. We are also building, in the same area, the Hyojeong Cultural Center, which will become the center of a revolution within the culture of heart. In the arts, freedom, peace and unity are necessary because human beings strive for these things. Expressing beauty through a drawing, through a melody or music—this is quite important. There are many famous artists. Especially in the Christian cultural sphere, many wonderful artists emerged. However, sadly, they did not clearly know what Heavenly Parent’s dream was. In short, I feel that there was more darkness to their art than hopefulness. Even Michelangelo’s art is like that. There was no other way to express it. The Last Judgement, have you seen that kind of art? More than that, what greater happiness would there be than that which would arise from our attending Heavenly Parent, attending True Parents, in the restored Garden of Eden on the path toward becoming Cheon Il Guk citizens? There is only hope. Korea is the nation of God’s chosen people. Koreans are the chosen people for whom Heaven had prepared for two thousand years so that his only begotten daughter could be born. Due to Mary’s failure to fulfill her responsibilities, the chosen people of Israel could not fulfill their historic mission. However, Dae-mo nim gave birth to the only begotten daughter and supported True Parents. Externally, Dae-mo nim helped realize the four-position foundation of the successful only begotten daughter. In other words, through Dae-mo nim and Dae-bu nim the restored environment came into being. This is why the position of the only begotten daughter is 100 percent different from that of Jesus Christ. The four-position foundation was realized on earth in the successful family of True Parents and Dae-mo nim. This was one hundred percent different from the situation of the past begotten son of God, Jesus Christ. Isn’t that the significance of the Cheongpyeong works? Not just anyone could have done that. Dae-mo nim heard the word, received the blessing and rose to the position of a blessed family member, but upon seeing fickle fallen human beings and the fallen world, she was not always hopeful on each day of her life. The environment is bound to cause people to waver. Hence, Dae-mo nim worked to guide wavering people to have mature character and be perfected individuals that build perfected families. She did this by giving them strength and healing their physical and spiritual bodies. That is why she is the “Great Mother.” She provided full physical and spiritual support to guide fallen people to True Parents. This created a different environment than that of 2 1 True Mother and her eldest child, Ye Jin Moon, light the victory celebration cake. 1 2 True Mother receiving a bouquet of flowers June 2016 7


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123 Jesus’ time. Therefore, True Parents could be successful. Do you understand? That is why we can begin a new era. Isn’t this a joyous thing? Gain spiritual strength Wherever you are, please go to Cheongpyeong often. The Cheongpyeong Training Center is a place where you can develop and bolster your spiritual and physical health; being there can help you to develop a mature spiritual body. Thus, please go there often and liberate your ancestors. I am letting you know that that place can help you follow the way of the will on your own and in a healthy state. Therefore, to center on the Cheongpyeong complex, all organizations will move there; furthermore, the Sunhak Institute of History will be there. Not even Vatican City has this. There is even a university there, Sunhak UP Graduate School. There is a [combined] middle and high school; it is the best in Korea. We also have a preschool. Before coming here, I directed them to pursue what has been planned. Many buildings will be erected. It is not easy to develop because it is a forested area. We are doing it appropriately, making a beautiful environment while preserving the forest. Your responsibilities What is America’s mission? You proudly say in front of the world that you are the eldest-son nation. Becoming the eldest-son nation was possible because Heaven blessed your ancestors, the Protestants. Why did he bless them? He blessed them in order to create an environment in which the returning Lord could work. Rather than the system of royal authority, the returning Lord would have been able to work better with democracy. Jesus Christ, who came to ancient Israel, could not establish a nation upon the Roman monarchy. Yet Heaven must be successful. If the returning Lord, the Messiah, did not plant his feet there, on earth, human beings would have no hope. God’s hope and the hope of each human being is to transform the world into one that is free and peaceful. They want to live happy lives. However, within Satan’s system are many mountains, which is why 1 R ev. Jesse Edwards, with his wife Rev. Tanya Edwards, giving the opening prayer 2 S amia Burton and her husband Danny Lee Burton, member of the US House of Representatives for the State of Indiana (1983–2012) 3 Ye Jin Moon and Prof. Yeon Ah Moon 4 True Mother speaking at the victory celebration 5 Dan Fefferman and his wife Susan singing a song Dan wrote as a young member 6 P rominent figures in FFWPU in the United States gathered around Regional President Kim for a commemorative photograph Heaven—having the ability to pave a course allowing all to climb those mountains and reach flat land—took the side of democracy, whose adherents believe that God exists. The best example of this is America. Therefore, America should be aware of the returning Lord and attend him. In relation to the returning Lord, America has only received. She is indebted. If you are in debt, you should repay it, right? Here is one example: I was born in 1943, and given that Korea’s liberation came in 1945, it follows that Japan occupied Korea until I was two years old. Conditions for Japan were then 4 8 True Peace


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56 unfavorable. At that time, to launch a final strike against the United States, they needed to make weapons and other matériel, so they collected all of Korea’s iron and everything of that nature. They took all of Korea’s fortune. However, I was born, in 1943. I dreamed that all the things that Japan stole from Korea during that time came across the East Sea and kept piling up in the yard of the home where I was born. What does this tell us? According to the principles of indemnity, if something was stolen it should be returned, it should be repaid. You should repay it many times over. Even just looking at this, aren’t I the only begotten daughter of God? Heaven is fair. God is the rightful owner of this entire universe. Satan stole it and made it his, but that possession has to be returned to its owner. It is the same for America. It should return all nations to God. Isn’t that so? That is why perfection is impossible while ignorant. The people need to be aware; they need to learn. In that regard, now that more than forty years have passed, you have all grown up. You have grown and matured. To be a perfected child, shouldn’t you be in the position in which you are aware of and can help deal with your parents’ situation and fulfill your parents’ wishes? In light of that, True Parents blessed America as the eldest-son nation. The world has more than two hundred countries. In relation to True Parents, they are all in the sibling realm. America’s politicians only want their own nation to prosper. If America continues on this path, it will be isolated. In a family with many siblings, if greedily one of them were to try to keep everything for himself, the other siblings would not like it. They would exclude him. You need to understand this. You have the responsibility of God’s right of ownership temporarily in order to cultivate it, so that God can utilize it on a greater scale. Being in that position, you should not think of only yourselves. Our foundation is growing Thus, we are developing many projects with good potential. We should show these to the world. I am moving forward based on Cheon Jeong Gung and the FFWPU International Headquarters in Cheongpyeong. We are working within one system. Hence, I told David Eaton, “Come to Korea. I will give you a position, so please become the central person for completing and organizing everything music-related produced over the course of our Unification Church history.” Members around the world wrote many songs with True Parents in mind. Dan Fefferman sang one earlier. We need to hunt for many similarly deep and meaningful songs. This will be a revolution within the culture of heart. We need to become the best in these areas—the best in music, the best in art. I will make this happen. Therefore, you need to know that if you unite centered on True Mother, only good things will happen. Having confidence about these things is also a blessing that Heaven acknowledges. In short, we are happy people. At the Aloha Workshop, I said to the third-generation members, “You are the world’s pure water.” The blessed members of the Unification Church are pure water within this fallen world. As more pure water is on earth, the rivers and oceans become cleaner—people who are not pure can become pure. Do you understand? Multiply purity You do not realize how valuable each person is. Every day I say this: I am the True Parent, the True Parent of 7.3 billion people. All 7.3 billion people need to know True Parents. Our blessed members have to take responsibility over this mission. That is why many in our second and third generations are working as special envoys all over the world across five oceans, on six continents. Through them, pure water is increasing. Therefore, the way you live your lives should not create dirty water that clouds the pure water. That is why I gave you the four great holy items, on the Holy Wedding anniversary. Regarding where Heavenly Parent resides, to go there, you need a certificate for having lived a life that casts no shadow. Do you know how indebted you are to receive this grace in this age? Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the UN, should make a foundation. Okay. Heaven, quite profoundly and mysteriously has prepared many things for us for this time. Whenever we think of our Heavenly Parent we should say thank you: In this era, we have met True Parents and are blessed to have the True Mother. Thank you for True Parents who have opened the way for Heaven to embrace me. Thank you that I have become someone who can go in front of Heavenly Parent. We should begin every day by saying thank you. June 2016 9


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Photographs God Bless America Family Festival 1 2 34 56 10 7 True Peace


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89 1 T rue Mother speaking to the thousands of assembled members 2 D an Burton speaking to the audience with his wife Samia by his side 3 D r. Kim Ki-hoon, regional president of North America, speaking from the stage 4 Tom McDevitt, chairman of the Washington Times, speaking from personal experience about the 1976 rally 5 A rchbishop Stallings encouraging the crowd 6 U niversity of Bridgeport President Salonen relating his 1976 experience 7 R ecognition from the president of the Bronx, the borough of New York City where the Yankee Stadium rally took place in 1976 8 O nstage with Mother: Dr. Shimmyo, UTS president (1994–2000); Tom McDe- vitt, Dr. Kim and Patsy Casino, who performed with Sunburst at the rally in 1976 9 T rue Mother giving an original Yankee Stadium rally button to Alan Wilding, a representative recipient among those who worked on the 1976 event. ❿ S oulful singers had everyone on their feet and clapping. ❿ ⓫ The diverse members of the American movement came together with one heart to celebrate with True Mother. ⓫ June 2016 11


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Testimony In front of the new Yankee Stadium, members shout out with renewed determination to awaken their fellow Americans to their god-given mission. Yin and Yang Connect across Forty Years By John Arias I nternal preparations for the fortieth anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally started early in May 2016. More than a hundred members participated in the District Two Weekend Family Workshop at the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York. District Two covers all of New York State including New York City. At our seminary, they read excerpts of “God’s Hope for America,” the speech True Father gave at the Yankee Stadium event and heard testimonies from some of the members who were present on that historic day. With a mix of tears and joy in their faces, John Kung, Yorg Heller and his wife Ayako shared how June 1, 1976 became one of the most unforgettable days of their lives. Without noticing it, most of those listening to them (too young to have been called by God in 1976), felt their experiences as if they were their own. God had purposely prepared a sequence of events for them to inherit the victory of that incredible day. 12 True Peace


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Through those testimonies, the desperation members experienced when the storm blew from the field the balloons and large cutout letters that spelled God Bless America was clearly felt. The listeners could viscerally experience how with tears they had asked God to have mercy on them and stop the rain, until one of them began singing “You are my sunshine” and the rain stopped as everyone in the stadium joined in the singing, holding hands. With smiling faces they saw the sun come out and the stadium fill up with people wanting to hear Father’s message. A modern-day rally On May 28, centered on local New York pastors, the Unificationist community participated in a rally outside the new Yankee Stadium, across the street from where the one Father spoke in once stood. There, brothers and sisters sang “God Bless America” as they held a banner that read, “America is God’s Hope.” It was an opportunity to connect with the historic site and show appreciation for their support for God’s providence to the people of the Bronx, the New York City borough where Yankee Stadium stands. The anniversary The forecast called for stormy weather throughout the day of the main event, Sunday, June 5. Despite the forecast, thousands of brothers and sisters came to Belvedere to celebrate with True Mother the fifty-fourth True Day of All Things and the fortieth anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally. Some arrived early and joined a guided tour around the premises of the beautiful Belvedere Estate or went to pray at the Holy Rock, where True Father had offered so many early morning prayers. The program started with music and a video of the Yankee Stadium rally. Some members then shared memories of that day. Finally, we welcomed True Mother to the stage. She went right to the point: “America is a chosen and blessed nation of God,” she said with a loving smile, “yet, somehow, America is in danger of losing its blessing. Most of the problems of 1976–youth immorality and family breakdown, secular humanism and individualism, and the declining influence of true religion– are all problems today as they were then. America needs to realize that it must unite with True Parents, sent by God as the returning Messiah and the parents who can bring the divided human family back together again!” Rainfall Once True Mother finished her message and left the stage, the rain, which had held off until the last moment, started to come down hard. This time, the members’ effort to stop the rain by singing “You are My Sunshine” was in vain; the rain just would not stop. “It is as if God was making sure we never forget this day,” said Ruth Mamami, member of the New York Latino Ministry from underneath her umbrella. It was clear the forty-year cycle was rounding up, starting with the rain ceasing as True Father began his speech in 1976, and ending with True Mother’s speech and the subsequent rain forty years later. In a perfect circle, yin and yang, the weather dynamics gave evidence of True Parents’ complete unity. As the festival came to its conclusion, despite the rain and with joyful hearts, brothers and sisters found their way to the food vendors and the children to the ponies and the bouncy castles. It became evident that the occurrences, starting from the weekend workshop at UTS and ending at the festival in Belvedere, were part of a heavenly plan intended for Unificationists to inherit the victory of the Yankee Stadium rally. What an awesome experience! Rev. Arias is the Latino Ministry pastor for New York City. June 2016 13


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Testimony 12 1 Father and his translator Dr. Pak Bo-hi 2 Singing “You Are My Sunshine” in an effort to quell the raging wind and falling rain 3 T he nation was celebrating two hundred years since the Declaration of Independence, which famously averred “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...” 14 True Peace


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Putting the 1976 Yankee Stadium Rally into 3 Perspective Three Veterans Speak Out Hugh Spurgin, president of Unification Theological Seminary Can you please share your impression Wof today’s event with us? e are here at East Garden celebrating with True Mother the victory of Yankee Stadium forty years ago. Forty years ago, True Parents came to America when America was in serious trouble and decline. With Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and the Washington Monument, and what was called the God Bless America Festival, True Parents brought a completely new awakening to America, bringing a completely new spirit of the founding fathers to America to revive this nation and bring victory. Now after forty years we are here celebrating with True Mother the great victory of Yankee Stadium. There was difficulty. It was stormy, the wind was very strong, the rain was a thunderstorm, very powerful. It was very chaotic, but in the midst of all of that, True Father achieved a great victory at Yankee Stadium and 1 2 3 1 Hugh Spurgin 2 Neil Salonen 3 Thomas P. McDevitt June 2016 15



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