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01 02 03 Sales and Administration Quality, Health, Safety & Company description Environmental policy Drugs & Alcohol policy 04 Organizational Chart 05 Organizational Structure 06 Clientele Domestic & Foreign Clients 07 Basic Equipment & Infrastructure 08 Certifications | Approvals Licenses | Insurances


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Hard Rock Cafe | Ayia Napa, Cyprus


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Kyriacos & Yiannoulla Pissis | Pissis old Facilities


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COMPANY DESCRIPTION Pissis Ltd has been established in 1969 and trades in the broader field of advertising, metal and wood constructions with implementations related to Signage, internal and external advertising, vehicle designs, decoration, shop equipment–furnishing and other related operations. The Company maintains main offices and a modern factory in Lakatamia Industrial Area in Nicosia, Cyprus. Pissis Ltd is a modern, dynamic and creative Company which constantly monitors developments and combines traditional techniques with new technological innovations, achieves the highest possible performance. You will find with us, the most effective solution for your advertising needs related to signage constructions, interior areas signs, giant signs, vehicle design, decoration, etc. Our Company is ready to face any challenge due to the fact that we continually invest in the field of technology and human resources. Updating constantly with the new technological trends internationally, in combination with the usage of the best materials of the market, new horizons of advertising and wood creations opened up to us and especially to our customers. Despite the huge evolution of technology which surely impacted positively to our Company’s progress, the main factor to our success remains our people. We believe that only people can create and produce the right ideas in order to achieve the ideal outcome with the help of the machinery. 03


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Petrolina [Platinum +] Petrol Station | Latsia, Nicosia


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COMPANY DESCRIPTION Furthermore, the relationship with our customers after sales is very important to us. With a highly trained crew we provide timely and excellent technical support throughout Cyprus. In our fully equipped and comfortable factory that provides safe and comfortable working conditions you can find: Routers: cut and curve hard and soft synthetic materials Plotters: cut and design on various material CMYK Printers: for colour printing of high strength Acrylic processing workshop with: Electrical cutting disk Plastic’s Βending – machine Forming oven Special Electronic workshop Neon Light construction equipment Metal products workshop Spraying booth Wood, Plastics & Metal Drills Wood, Plastics & Metal Cutting Disks 04


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H&M Signage Production for Sweden | Pissis Facilities


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COMPANY DESCRIPTION Our Company within the last years started working with wood creations of exterior or interior areas such as pergolas, doors etc., kitchens, bedrooms etc., and other specialized areas such as shops or restaurants.You can find in our website, www.pissis.com, a full description of our products and services, our clientele, how we work and our goals concerning costumer service. A photo portfolio is also included to help you see our potentials. Pissis Ltd maintains a certified integrated management system according to the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, the British Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and the European Regulation EMAS. All our electrical products are approved by a CE Declaration of Conformity according to the European and Cyprus legislation regarding low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility. 05


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Pizza Hut Restaurant | Strovolos, Cyprus


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QUALITY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY The ultimate objective goal of Pissis Ltd is to achieve the satisfaction of its costumers providing advertising and wood creations, electrical installations, work supervision and support services that serve and satisfy their expectations. In addition, to offer products and services at predetermined timelines with the lowest possible cost by executing its work in a healthy and safe environment without accidents for all its employees and everyone who may be affected, satisfying all requirements of the existing legislations. Furthermore, in the context of environmental protection and of the related legislation, the company has identified and evaluated all the environmental aspects and impacts that may arise from the company’s activities and takes all appropriate measures for improvement when necessary. In order to achieve these goals, both the management and the employees ensure that: ∙ Implement the company’s integrated management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EMAS, CE CERTIFIED COMPANY ∙ Continuously improve the products and services they provide, the processes and tools used in manufacturing and constantly upgrading the technology and the technological equipment of the company, improve health and safety conditions in the workplace and take all necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution. 06


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Burger King Restaurant | Arsta, Sweden


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QUALITY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ∙ Apply scientific and modern management methods and appoint competent and qualified personnel to carry out the projects of the company. ∙ Improve communication, team spirit and cooperation among the staff of the company, its suppliers and partners, and its customers. ∙ Provide to company’s staff all the necessary equipment and training in order to work in conditions of health and safety and also protecting the environment. Based on our experience, the ability of all members of our staff and based on the great potential of our company, we look forward to meeting each client in terms of quality support, delivery time and cost of products and services we offer. We also expect continued growth, competitiveness and success of our company in the market. This policy is reviewed by management to ensure its continuing suitability. Christakis Pissis Managing Director 07



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