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Everything you need to know about Katikati Primary School

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A to Z Everything you need to know about Katikati Primary School


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W elc ome Welcome to our A-Z Guide. Here you can find all the important information about our school from what we need parents to do when their child is going to be absent through to our school uniform. If there is something that isn’t in our A-Z Guide that you would like to know about please contact the school office on 07 549 0105 or e-mail office@katikati.school.nz. Welcome to Katikati Primary School!


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Attendance & Absences Parents & caregivers are expected to contact the school in the morning if their child is going to be absent for that day. It’s important that you give a reason for your child’s absence. The more information we have, the better. You can report an absence on our school website katikati.school.nz or you can: • Text 021 041 5234 • Call into the office and advise the school in person • E-mail absence@katikati.school.nz • Call the school from 8am on 07 549 0105 Board of Trustees’ Meetings These are generally held in the last week of each month. Meetings take place in the school’s boardroom. Minutes of meetings are available at the school office for perusal. Buses These are under the control of Anne Morriss (Deputy Principal). Any information required should be addressed to her. The College and KKPS share this service. We take the view that behavior on buses is a shared responsibility between the Bus Company, parents and the school. Misbehaviour that endangers other students is not acceptable. The school reserves the right to withhold permission to travel on school buses in these cases. The Go Bus company is contracted by the Boards of the Primary School and the College to provide this service.


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Canteen A canteen operates in our school, run by our fabulous Parents of the School (POTS) group. Orders must be taken to the canteen, at the front of the hall, by 9am. The canteen runs 5 days a week and provides food at interval and lunch. Order forms with prices can be collected from the canteen Cycling to School It is a legal requirement that all cyclists must wear a cycle helmet. Parents should accompany children under the age of nine years. Our cycle rack is located on the backfield near Room 9. Please make sure your child has a bike lock. EFTPOS This is available in the school office for school related expenses. We are unable to give out cash, receive money for the canteen, POTS fundraising or money we collect on behalf of (e.g. sports clubs, photolife).


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Helping Hands We appreciate parents becoming involved at our school. Early in the year, the POTS group sends home a questionnaire suggesting and asking for voluntary help in various school tasks. Teaching teams and/or individual teachers arrange for voluntary classroom help at the commencement of each school term. Below is a list of some of the ways in which you could assist with the successful operation of our school. Please remember to feel free to come forward and offer your assistance or suggest some other ideas. • Working in rooms with the class programme • Helping with class excursions and field trips • Making classroom resources • Assisting staff on sports days and exchanges • Tutoring within special programmes • Maintenance, repairing and cataloging of resource materials • Library help • Sports team coaching • Helping with ‘Special Event’ days • Helping on ‘Working Bee’ days • Assisting with fundraising • Member of the POTS group • Parent assisted special needs and literacy and numeracy programmes


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Interviews and Reporting Close communication between home and school is very important for children’s success. Over the years we have been adapting our reporting processes to ensure that we meet the needs of our families. Twice a year, you will receive a written report to let you know how your child is progressing against the National Standards and to let you know how you can help at home. Since we started sending out the written reports twice a year, we have found that attendance at our formal parent teacher interviews has declined so we are looking to do things differently. Your child’s teacher will contact you if they think your child is not making expected progress or will fall behind the National Standard achievement level they gained the previous year. They will let you know some ways you can help at home so that together we can accelerate your child’s progress. Parents are also very welcome to make an appointment to see their child’s class teacher at a ny time during the year. This can be done by emailing the class teacher for an appointment time (staff emails are available on our website) or by ringing the school office. Appointments are welcome if you would like to talk about your child’s progress or about anything that is happening outside of school that you think might impact your child. We are always here to help if we can. Throughout the year there will be informal occasions for you to come into school either for open days or for special events where you can support your child.


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Jewellery Jewellery and earrings are not to be worn (sleeper studs only are acceptable). Lost Property Lost property is placed in Rooms 12 & 13, where named items are returned to the owners. Unnamed items remain in Rooms 12 & 13 for two weeks before they are taken to the Lost Property Shed. Each term, Lost Property will be displayed outside of the classroom for students and parents to come and claim. At the end of each year, any remaining, unnamed lost property will be donated to a charity organization or the second hand uniform store. Medical Room During school hours the First Aid Officers (office staff) assume responsibility for the care of students in the sick bay. A student (from his/her classroom) accompanies a sick child to the sickbay, located in the admin block by the office. The First Aid officer monitors them regularly and contacts parents or emergency caregivers if necessary. In the event of an injury occurring that necessitates medical attention, immediate contact with parent or emergency caregiver is established where possible, and transportation arranged to the Medical Centre. Medication Children who need to receive medication on a regular basis (excluding antibiotics) must take them to the office, and these will be stored and administered from the office at 12 noon by the school First Aid officers (office staff). Parents/Caregivers will need to sign a form acknowledging the provision of these medication/s and accepting responsibility for the medication regularly administered.


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Money When sending money to school for whatever reason, please place it in an envelope with your child’s name, room number, amount and what it is for, clearly marked on the front. e.g. Jo Bloggs, Room 10, $40 for Camp Newsletters The school sends out newsletters on alternate Wednesdays during term time (via the eldest child) to keep parents informed on school matters. Children are expected to give these to parents. They are numbered consecutively so parents know if they have missed a newsletter. Newsletters are also available on our website. The Parents of the School (POTS) Group) also send home notices and newsletters for specific events. Teaching team notices are issued periodically. Copies of all notices and newsletters can be found on our website. Notes From Home Notes from parents or medical certificates (after 3 days absence) are required for any absence from school. We require phone calls notifying us that a child will be absent, but this should be followed up with a note upon the child’s return. If parents require children to leave school for any reason, written permission is requested e.g. medical or dental treatment. This should be addressed to the student’s teacher.


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POTS This group of parenst meet at least twice a term. They are responsible for assisting the school in various school/community events, organizing lunch-time BBQs, promoting fundraising activities and operating the school canteen. Road Crossing Patrol 8.10am – 8.35am 2.50pm – 3.15pm School expectations High standards of behavior are always expected and when the school expectations are broken, students are given some form of consequence. A Behaviour Management Programme operates throughout the school. Parents are informed of class procedures related to this programme, early in the year. Personal belongings like toys or electronic devices are not permitted at school. The school does not take responsibility for these items if these expectations are broken. School Charter This outlines our visions, values, targets and expectations for the student’s education and is available at the office and on this website. School Uniform All children are to wear our school uniform at all times. The compulsory items of uniform can be viewed on our school website. Uplifting your child Parents MUST call at the school office prior to uplifting children during school hours. This includes lunch and interval times. Children will then be called for over the school intercom system. Parents must sign children out/in at the office. The school attendance register must be correct at all times.



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