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c1vsht Class group issue fourteen © John Cox/Polymedia Photography azine © Dan Kennedy 1st C Vida Ghaffari lcasvs Lady Zuzette Ferrari Inside Exclusive: Rip Mason talks to Anna Karin


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c1vsht Class group issue fourteen © John Cox/Polymedia Photography azine Vida Ghaffari 1st C lcasvs 2


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c1vsht Class group issue fourteen © Dan Kennedy 1st C lcasvs azine Lady Zuzette Ferrari 3


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featu Vida Ghaffari - page8 Lady Zuzette Ferrari- page14 Rip Mason Exclusive - page32 4 Alexander Son - page40


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ures Spathose Wearable Sculpture - page48 Jeffrey Byron - page60 Judy Ann Di Lulo - page72 Andy Hoyle - page76 5


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contents 08 Vida Ghaffari 14 Lady Zuzette Ferrari 24 Bob has a ‘Bonnie’ 28 Loreana Wrench Art 32 Anna’s Panorama - Rip Mason 36 Paws for a Photo 40 Alexander Son 44 Ask Françoise 46 Tasha Burnett 48 Spathose Wearable Sculpture 52 Bright Frontier Films 57 Monitoring Ourselves 58 Aspire to Inspire 60 Jeffrey Byron Exclusive 64 Ashkan Tabibnia 66 On Holiday with Olga 70 Stgraight Out of the Oven 72 Judy Ann Di Lulo 76 Andy Hoyle 78 Ask a PC 81 Presidential Role For Our Columnist 82 Mailbag 85 Healthy Lifestyle 86 Beauty WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES 6


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Letter from The Editor Hello Dear Readers, Welcome to our Issue 14, time fly’s as those of you who have been with us since the beginning know, it just feels like only yesterday. While those of you who don’t know what CVH 1st Class stands for? We are a non-profit group, a Humanitarian Family International publication, the initials are my own as founder, my vision was to bring you the positive heart warming stories and feature interviews of good people in the world today, who are making the difference by their skills and caring natures. Bob Alston is our Sub Editor and Graphic designer who tirelessly puts this publication together, and with our loyal correspondents globally. We are all united in our dedication to bringing you the latest developments in health, motors, fashion, entertainments, celebrities, true readers stories. We hwoitpheuyso.u will enjoy this journey through the pages Warmest Wishes Christina V Howard CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit orgaEndiistoartion (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. ON THE COVER: Vida Ghaffari © John Cox/Polymedia Photography Lady Zuxette Ferrari © Dan Kennedy EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce CORRESPONDENTS Anna Karin Colin Boyton Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Tammie Starr Olga Vlady Locherz Knight Judtih Barbara Rosenblum Jody Du Priest Gail Carson Pat Rowbottom COLUMNISTS Kevin Maddox Dr Kailash Chand OBE PC Kevin McEvoy Dr Amir Hannan Francoise Pascal Angela Brown Mike Radcliffe Mark Pritchard Placido Pappalardo MAGAZINE DESIGN, PRODUC- TION & PHOTOGRAPHY Bob Alston - RAPhotograhy WEBSITE Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 7


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azine Vida Ghaffari by Christina V Howard 1st C lcasvs Vida Ghaffari has been active on the tinsel town scene as a multi award-winning actress, voiceover artist and fashion and beauty blogger. It’s been a banner year for beautiful Vida as she has received countless acting roles and awards. 1 © Alex Muntean This comedic powerhouse landed a great co-starring role in Mindy Kaling’s humorous and much buzzed about show The Mindy Project. She has also starred in Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia. These projects cap off a number of successes for the versatile starlet. She will soon be shooting a supporting role in multi award-winning filmmaker Gregory Hatanaka’s Darling Nikki alongside James Duval ( Independence Day, Donnie Darko), Kristine DeBell ( Hunter: Future Cop, Meatballs), Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, Black Belt Jones) and actor/director Thomas J. Churchill ( Checkpoint, Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead). She will also star in a slate of films by Churchill and a western directed by Rick Groat. A natural comedic talent, Vida has also done voiceover work for Fidelity Investments and many other commercial products and she recently voiced a couple of roles in an animated film Lovesick Fool for Dominic Polcino, who is an Emmy-nominated director of the Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill. This film just screened at the popular Hollyshorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre, Burbank International Film Festival and countless other festivals. Lovesick Fool is quite the film festival darling, having won first place at the prestigious Topanga Film Festival, the LA Art house Film Festival and the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. Vida has received numerous nominations for her roles in films such as Seeking Valentina and Strangers in a Book, which are screened fall at the Action on Film Festival and the FANtastic Film Festival. She is also nominated for a best supporting actress award for her work in Seeking Valentina at the Bare Bones International Independent Film and Music Festival. As an award-winning journalist and blogger, she has also worked as a red carpet correspondent and has interviewed many celebs ranging from Oscar nominees and winners to Grammy winners. Vida recently received commendations from the City of Los Angeles and the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce for her journalism and acting endeavors as well as an Entrepreneur Award from the World Networks and a Media Appreciation Award. She has won journalism and research grants from the National Journalism Center, The Woodrow Wilson Center, and the US Institute of Peace. Currently she has a self-titled fashion and beauty blog called Ever the fashionista, Vida was quoted about her knowledge of red carpet fashion for the Oscars by US News and World Report and is a popular face in the media.. 8


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azine Q&A Big congratulations on your new appointment as a co-host on Eye on Entertainment, which airs on Time Warner Cable. Please tell our readers more about this show and your role in it. “I am thrilled to be working alongside my good friend, the lovely and talented Dawna Lee Heising, who is a wonderful actress I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s a great dynamic team as we have worked on-camera together in films in character and now we get to play ourselves and interview celebrities. My debut episode was covering the birthday party and fashion installation for internationally renowned fashion designer Sue Wong, who is a dear friend, at the her beautiful estate, the Cedars. We plan on covering more fashion events as well as red carpet premieres and one-on-one celebrity interviews. And I will be acting with Dawna in a few films this year, so it’s such an exciting time to be collaborating with her on so many levels.” 1st C lcasvs You’ve covered a lot of fashion shows and events, where you’ve met many top designers. If you were nominated for a major award, say an Oscar or an Emmy, is there a particular designer you’d have in mind to contact about designing your gown? “It would have to be Sue Wong. I’m a big fan of hers and proud to call her a friend. She’s a very inspiring and accomplished lady and has brought glamour back to Hollywood and LA in general, which is known to be a blue jeans and T shirt town. She is such a creative force with limitless talent. As someone in the arts, it’s great to be around her and the community of artists she has created. “Since it’s during awards season, I’d have to be outfitted in a lot of clothes, so I also wearing the lines of innovative designers like Sai Suman as well as Galina Sobolev of Single and Kaya di Koko, Bahar & Reza, Nicole Bakti, BellaNordic and Shekhar Rahate.” © Guillermo Proana You have recently received a slew of awards. Congratulations and please tell our readers about that. “I was thrilled to be honoured by the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce for my career endeavors in acting, voiceover and journalism endeavors. I got my start as a journalist on the west coast covering events in Westwood, so it has really come full circle for me. Big thanks to the President of the Chamber, Roozbeh Farahanipour for the commendation as well as board members Elham Yaghoubian and Steve Little. “I also received an Entrepreneur Award from Lousine Karibian, the founder and CEO of The World Networks. Lousine was gracious enough to recognize me for my acting and voiceover work as well as how involved I am with my community and charitable endeavors. She is a very accomplished entrepreneur in her own right, so I’m very honored and humbled to be nominated by her organization. The other recipients were luminaries in the fashion, beauty, media and finance industries. I’m very excited to announce that I will be collaborating with Lousine and The World Networks for my blog launch party.” 9


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Speaking of which, tell us about your blog. “I got my start as a journalist and noticed more and more colleagues in the media were blogging. Also, I kept running into friends at events that liked my fashion sense and told me I should write about it. So many friends have encouraged me to blog, from fellow actors and journalists to even friends in the fashion world! cbAoenmadu,ttmyh,ayatnsiedslhfl-iofteiwtsl,teywdlewfabwslh.osigoovcnea,rmyveitdoa. fruition..” You’re an experienced voice actress. What is the age range of characters you have voiced? “Anything from a teeny bopper to a much older woman. I have a deep and authoritative voice, so I tend to usually voice roles that are much older than me. And I often play the “straight woman” in vo rather than the charactery roles especially when I’ve voiced commercials. I’ve done a lot of narration over the years for companies like Fidelity Investments and Best Buy. Guess it’s my intonation.” In addition to all of this, you have What voice-over projects have a new Facebook live show. What you worked on recently? is that about? “I recently made my voice over “The name of the show is Live animation debut in a film I was with Ford and Vida and it’s a really proud to be a part of called show I started with my friend Lovesick Fool, which was directed Ford Austin. Ford is an amazingly by Emmy-nominated animation talented actor, who is a lifetime powerhouse Dominic Polcino ( member of The Actors Studio The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and a SAG convention delegate, Family Guy). I voiced the roles so it’s really an honor to work of the dream girl and the hipster with him. It’s basically a talk show girl, which was really fun as where we talk about the industry they were completely opposite and current news, be it political or entertainment. We also cover a lot of local events like when Mayor Garcetti spoke at the West LA Chamber of Commerce to celebrity red carpet events.” © John Cox/Polymedia Photography 5 characters. Noted actors such as Fred Willard, Lisa Kudrow and Janeane Garofalo also voiced roles in this film. I was very grateful for the experience. To be directed by a genius like Dominic in the booth was an amazing experience and he really brings out the best in voice-over artists. This film has so much heart and has truly become a festival darling and won best animated film at various festivals such as the highly regarded Topanga Film Festival, LA Arthouse Film Festival and the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. It also recently screened at the popular Hollyshorts Festival at the Chinese Theatre. Attending that showing was a surreal experience for me as an artist, as I used to go to there as a kid when I visited relatives on the West Coast, and I’d never dreamed that a film I’d be a part of would screen there! The icing on the cake was that there were films in the animated block that were voiced by noted artists like Richard E. Grant and Bob Bergen (the voice of Porky Pig), so I was in excellent company.” azine 1st c Class Mag 10


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1st C azine lcasvs 3 © Bob Delgadillo Do you have any films on the film festival circuit? “Yes, I actually have two short films on the circuit. Strangers in a Book just screened at the Marché du Film in Cannes. It also screened at the Finow Film Festival in Eberswalde, Germany. Both films will screen at the Love International Film Festival at the historic Crest Theatre in LA this summer. I am honored to have received nominations for my work in both films at the Action on Film and the FANtastic Film Festival. I also received a nomination for my role in Seeking Valentina at the Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival.” What upcoming projects are you involved with? “I just shot a music video with a wonderful musician, Rolan Bolan, called Master Plan which was directed by a wonderful multi awardwinning film maker Thomas J. Churchill AKA Church. I play the role of a flirtatious barfly called Miss Lonelyhart. I was also cast in a slate of his films.. And I’m also cast as Risa in Darling Nikki by another film maker with multiple awards, the fabulous Gregory Hatanaka. There’s a great ensemble cast and I’ll be cast alongside James Duval (Independence Day, Donnie Darko), Kristine DeBell ( Hunter: Future Cop, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance), Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, Black Belt Jones) and Church ( Checkpoint, Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead) once again. I will also be acting in a western written and directed by noted actor and film maker Rick Groat, who has a strong following in that market and has a great cast and crew. In fact, I’ll be playing the sister of James Van Patten (son of Dick Van Patten). James also starred in some of the Saw films and is a very talented actor, so I’m thrilled! I’m really excited about this project as it’s my first western. Ever! So off with the hijab and on with the bonnet! ” Actors of Middle Eastern descent are often typecast in stereotypical roles. What are your thoughts on that? “Well thankfully I am now playing more American roles in indie films. I find the indie film world to being more open to breaking stereotypes. It was tough doing what I call “the hijab hustle.” I often had to carry at least 5 varying headscarfs in my trunk for the various Middle Eastern roles I had to audition for. Can you imagine having to wear a headscarf in a hot waiting room and then in a tiny audition room in the heat of an LA summer?! I am much happier where I am now, but would be open to playing the right Middle Eastern roles if the parts were strong and the characters were multifaceted instead of a stereotypical caricature. “There has been much progress in the past few years. In fact, I even get to poke fun at that stereotype as I have recently been featured in this really cool comedy book called “We Don’t Think You’re Racist! by Devastator Press. There are some really esteemed comics in this book, so it was a real honour for me. More info at” 11


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Where can our readers find out more info about you? “They are welcome also on facebook at to find me at @vidaghaffari and @soveryvida at instagram, twitter, and pinterest. I am wwwwww..ffaacceebbooookk..ccoomm//SofofViceiraylvViiddaagThahfefraeriisaanldso my imdb page, which is” With that, I thank you again for allowing me to add you to my list of lovely interviewees, Vida. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone? “First and foremost, I wanted to give you and your magazine staff a shout-out for taking the time to conduct this interview. I wanted to also acknowledge my amazing publicist, Joe Williamson, for setting up this interview. He is also a producer and a manager and he wears many hats in this industry, so I’m truly grateful for all he’s done for me. And my wonderfully supportive family, my dear mom and lovely sis. My schedule is very erratic and they have been so patient and understanding. Love you two!” CVH 1st Class wishes beautiful , extraordinary talented, Vida Ghaffari continued success. © Michael Bezjian/Wireimage 2 12 1st C lcasvs azine Photograph Acknowledgments 1) Courtesy of Alex Muntean. Gown by Shekhar Rahate. Jewelry by the Mitra Collection. 2) Courtesy of Michael Bezjian/ Wireimage via the Starving Artists Project. Dress by Kaya Di Koko, Hair by Daniel Gravel, Makeup by Schanel Pollard of Moonstar Beauty 3) Vida receives an award from Lousine Karibian, founder and CEO of the World Networks. Photo courtesy of Bob Delgadillo. Hair by Maryam Motaghy, makeup by Sephora. Gown by Aidan Mattox, courtesy of Pistol and Stamen 4) Vida at renowned international designer Sue Wong’s birthday party. Photo courtesy of John Cox/ Polymedia Photography. Gown by Sue Wong, hair and makeup by Javier Basto 5) Vida, international designer Sue Wong, actress Dawna Lee Heising of Eye on Entertaiment, and Sue’s models at a Fashion Guild International event. Gowns by Sue Wong, Photo courtesy of John Cox/Polymedia Photography. 4


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© John Cox/Polymedia Photography 1st C lcasvs 13 azine


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Lady Zuzette Ferrari by Christina V Howard Sophisticated and high elegance, combined with a great inner and outer beauty, describes Zuzette, President, CEO & Founder of Rose Passion Beauty Products. Born in Los Angeles, California, currently resides in Newport Beach, California. She is the epitome of style and creativity. Here is her exclusive interview. What makes your product unique? “It is safe enough for babies! And I have design my own style of packing handcrafted with my own hands. My prices are affordable to all families.” © Dan Kennedy Q&A What inspired you to create your products? “A friend at my previous job told me her son committed suicide due to others making fun of him about his acne he became very depressed, had low selfesteem. It broke my heart, all the product in the world could not save one young adult or even a businessman or a husband or a wife. My goal in life after this was to help two main issues; severe acne, and premature ageing, to build Confidence. I believe in my heart that Confidence is beautiful at any age. More than half of sufferers (56 per cent) have been the victim of verbal abuse from friends and family they had thoughts of suicide.” When did you first know this great creative skill you have was your destiny? “Since a little girl at 7years old my mind was capable of significant creative inspiration. I would take items, objects, foods, toys, and clothes and would recycle into beautiful creations.” What inspires you? “I would say helping people each day and meeting new people is something that excites and inspires me.” Can you tell our readers about it? “I love to meet people of all ages, knowing their needs and how I can help them, interact with them and make new friends. I look forward to each day keeping in mind that I shall make new friends. I always, say to one when I listen to them, tell me how I can help you.” Why is it important to use organic ingredients? “What goes on your skin eventually goes in your body. If you applied chemical-filled soaps, lotions and creams over your skin, your body absorbs those toxins into body. That means common artificial chemicals in conventional beauty products, like phthalates, parabens, petroleum waxes and others, go straight into your body bloodstream. When you see the term ‘fragrance’ on a beauty product label triggers allergies reactions.” Can you tell us about your ingredients? “Everyone is highly praising your products that they see great improvements in their skin? I have pure 24k Gold in my facial mask I wanted to bring it to a cellular level, it is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce inflammation, which is a cause of acne and hyper pigmentation, puff eyes. The natural essential oils and Rose Water used in my products during 14


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my development process has been recorded for more than 2,500 years. The natural raw ingredients in my products have been around 150 million years used by many cultures and are potent antioxidant that aids in skin repair and in diminishing the damaging effects of the sun. They even help tighten and tone while locking in skin’s precious moisture without feeling greasy or heavy and the ability to balance, regenerate and repair cells, antibacterial.” Is it true men -women and babies can use it? travelled 7 cities and including Korea to find what makes their skin look like porcelain? I made several appointments with manufactures, including the Gold Factory. I was amazed of the Gold Processes at a workshop in Kanazawa, Japan. ” You use gold in your products. “Yes, my newest creation the Facial Mask with 24k Gold and essential oils and honey. I visited the Sakuda gold leaf factory it is close to Higashi Chaya Geisha district it is 20 minutes from Kanazawa it shows how the process to make 1/10,000mm gold leaf sheets. Sakuda offers a tea with gold dust when you are greeted. They have a shop of products made from the gold leaf and cosmetic creams and again a light bulb went off and I knew right at the moment how to develop the perfect facial mask.” azine “Yes, my goal was to help all genders to have clear skin, blackheads, infected follicles and especially babies with allergies, and rashes.” How did you start off in this career? 1st C lcasvs “In 2012 well working a full time job as an internal auditor, processing insurance claims, writing policy and procedures for a well know bank. I keep thinking about my friend’s son and his acne that took his life. One day a friend took me to a farmers market in Palm Springs and she asked to meet her and that she sells essential body oils and soaps, and a light bulb went off. I quickly drove home and started my reached and development. Day and night I researched and at times not even sleeping. I thought, it had to be the right help to save one person from feeling depressed and their having no confidence to even have a thought of suicide, if I can save one than I did my job to help our delicate world and the people. This motivated me on further.” Did you research in Japan? “After, I had created 3 products a face toner, body oil, and a face/ body soap and selling them at the farmers market in Irvine Orange Park. I wanted to have a facial mask as I been asked if I carried one in my line. I knew it had to be the best anti-aging that none others has used or seen before. I decided to go to Japan and I © Dan Kennedy 15



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