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Forest Hills School District Summer Newsletter 2016

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Forest Hills Ranger Review Vol. XXXVI No 3 Summer 2015-2016 Forest Hills High School Marks 50 years of Excellence in Education On Wednesday evening, May 25, 2015, one hundred forty six seniors of Forest Hills High School participated in the school’s 50th Annual Commencement Exercises held at the Cambria County War Memorial. Approximately 2000 fami- ly, relatives, and friends were on hand to help celebrate the momentous occasion. Included in the participants for the evening were Mr. Edwin Bowser, Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Vanessa Sral, Director of Education, Mr. Curt Vasas, High School Principal, Mr. Brian Kostan, High School Assistant Principal, Mr. Ed Alexander, Middle School Principal, Mrs. Laura Miller, Mid- dle School Dean of Students, Mr. Lucas Jacobs, Elementary Principal and Mr. Larry Celmer, Elementary Assistant Principal. Also present were Directors of the School Board, Mr. Fred Russell, Mrs. Tracy Helsel, Mr. John Bopp, Mrs. Corina Long, Mr. Robert MacTavish, Mr. Galen George, Dr. Richard Knavel and Dr. Timothy Ondrejik. Representing the faculty and staff of the District were Mr. Richard Golden, Mrs. Laurie Fessler, and Mrs. Noelle Miller. Gage McCall, President of the Class of 2016, gave the welcoming address adding humor and substance to his message stating social media has had a huge impact on this graduation class. He also referenced several comical events during the graduates 13 years at Forest Hills. Student speakers were Valedictorian, Megan Fessler, and the Salutatorian of the class, Gabrielle Shaulis. Others offering remarks and words of advice and appreciation to Valedictorian Megan Fessler the Class of 2016 were Mr. Edwin Bowser and Mr. Curt Vasas. Megan fo- cused on the idea of living life not merely existing. She stated, “There is a thin line between living and existing. Some may believe they are one in the same, however, they are polar opposites; existing is physical whereas living implies a greater meaning to life.” Gabby talked about how students were asked to write within the lines and follow a variety of rules. She stated that “No one can tell you what the time ahead of you holds, but you don’t need to know the specifics. You’re in control. We have done our time writing in the lines. Now, we can make our own paper and our own lines.” Mr. Vasas, High School Principal, conferred the diplomas with Mr. Kostan, Assistant High School Principal, read- ing the names of each graduate as they received their diplomas from Board of Education President, Mr. Fred Russell. Our Valedictorian of the Class of 2016 is Miss Megan Fessler. Megan is the daughter of Rick and Laurie Fessler of Sidman. Megan was a member of the drama club, the reading competition team and played basketball. She is also a member of the Spanish Honor Society and the National Honor Society. Megan was a 4 year letter winner in golf and a member of 3 District VI golf championship teams. Megan received the School Director’s Award, the President’s Education Award, the Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, The Tribune-Democrat Academic All-Star Award, the Cape and Garanich Sapphire Scholarship and the Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship. Megan will attend Gannon University on an academic and golf scholarship in order to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Salutatorian Gabrielle Shaulis (Continued on page 4)


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~ SUPERINTENDENT’S MESSAGE ~ As I con- Pennsylvania-Department University, Juniata, Pitt some words of advice that clude my of Public Instruction. The and Penn State. Over 50 I shared at this year’s fifth year document reads: this is to seniors were awarded graduation ceremony. as Super- certify that the Forest Hills scholarships that have a Learn now that life isn't intendent School District adminis- monetary value of over 1.1 always fair. A fair is a of the For- trative unit 63 –5 of public million dollars. Some place with popcorn, cot- est Hills schools of Cambria Coun- might argue that this class ton candy, and carnival School Dis- ty has been established as was the most scholarly rides. Realize now that trict, I am a school district as of July group to grace the halls of there will always be those pleased to present the 1, 1966 under the authori- Forest Hills School District who have more money final edition of the Forest ty of the act of August 8, in a long time. and own more things. Ac- Hills Ranger Review for 1963 public law 564. In The “Tradition of Excel- cept that. Get over it. Fair the 2015-2016 school essence on that day the lence” at Forest Hills is is a state of mind and year. As I reflect back on Forest Hills School District cultivated early and be- largely influenced by the this school year, I believe the students and staff continued the philosophy that physical plant aesthetics are important, but it is the people within the system that make up the heart and soul of a school district. was created. As a result this graduating class of 146 students, will officially have the distinction of being the 50th graduating class in the history of Forest Hills School District. Congratulations! So when people approach gins at the elementary level. The 125 kindergarten students who were promoted to 1st grade in ceremonies held at the elementary school will continue the legacy. The Board of Education approved a $25,973,000 choices we make and the attitudes we assume. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were to go through our life without any obstacles, we would be crippled. We would not be as strong as what we Community members have me and ask what in partic- General Fund Budget for are capable of being. Give asked me what the one ular sets apart this gradu- the 2016-2017 school every opportunity a particular aspect I will ating class I can certainly year, the 22nd consecutive chance, leave no room for remember about this year’s graduating class – just a few words that ac- tell them that on top of everything else they have accomplished in their 13 year that property taxes regrets, and don't forget have not increased for the power in the struggle. property owners. Proper- These are tough times in curately describe this years at Forest Hills, they ty owners again qualified our country where jobs class and makes the class will have the distinction of for a tax reduction are difficult, cultures are of 2016 special. Is it being the 50th graduating through the Homestead/ changing and the very ele- “most athletic, most studi- class from our District. Farmstead Act. ments that make this ous, or most talented?” But more importantly, this As I reflect on the 2015- country great are being Actually this class will class will be remembered 2016 school year and look tested. have a very special dis- for the following: Aca- forward to the 2016-2017 Living a life that matters tinction that no other graduating class in the demically, a total of 20 seniors achieved grade school year, it is my hope doesn't happen by acci- that the Forest Hills dent. It's not a matter of history of Forest Hills can claim. Earlier this year the district office found a document which came from the Commonwealth of point averages over 4.0, and approximately 70% of the class of 2016 will move on to higher education at colleges such as Bucknell School District is a place students want to be. This year, I want to conclude my message with circumstance as much as it is a matter of choice. Choose to live a life that matters. Four Teachers Retire from Education The Forest Hills School District proudly recognizes four teachers who retired at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. May 25, 2016 marked the end of a journey for these educators who together accumulated 137 years of service in the Forest Hills School District. It is said that teachers affect the lives of their students for eternity. These individuals shared their knowledge and life experiences with hundreds of students each year. The Board of School Directors, administrators, staff, and students thank these educators for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Mr. Kevin Balog 35 Years Mr. William Kulback 38 Years Mr. Kevin Smay 35 Years 2 Mrs. Gail Weyandt 29 Years


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Building Construction Progress As contractors turn into the home stretch, work on the Forest Hills Junior-Senior High School construction has reached a frenetic pace. Daily about 100 skilled craftsmen from many trades work toward the planned November completion date. The school is virtually weathertight in all areas and mechanical and electrical systems continue to be installed in all areas. Ceiling systems and light fixtures are being installed. The level of completion varies from area to area with the classrooms and corridors nearing completion. Wall tile and paint finishes are in place in many academic areas. Building components that rely on permanent heating and cooling systems remain to be installed as the mechanical systems near completion. The brick masonry facades are nearly complete; they look great. The existing school campus has temporary traffic patterns as former driveways and parking areas are being removed to construct new site facilities. Preliminary design of the potential third phase of the project, the stadium improvements, is being contemplated. The stadium improvements, if approved and money is available through the sale of the Middle School, could be completed during the 2017 summer break in conjunction with the demolition of the old high school and construction of a parking area adjacent to stadium seating. 3


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Salutatorian (Continued) Our Salutatorian of the Class of 2016 is Miss Gabrielle Shaulis. Gabby is the daughter of Gerald and Katherine Shaulis of Salix. She was involved in drama club, reading competition, marching band, concert band, mock trial, Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society. Gabby received the School Director’s Award, the President’s Education Award, the Erin Hostettler Memorial Scholarship, the Distinguished Young Women’s Academic Scholarship, the Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, the Senior Band Award and the Senior Mock Trial Award. Gabby will attend the University of Pittsburgh to study to be a Geriatrician. Special thanks and acknowledgement to a number of district personnel who were responsible for the evening’s celebration: Mrs. Laurie Fessler, high school guidance secretary, for completing the major portion of the graduation responsibilities and Mr. Pat Kovalsky, Senior class advisor, Mr. Jim Bowser and Mrs. Chris Valko, high school guidance counselors as well as Mr. Custer and Mr. Parlock for the band and choral selections. Several other faculty and staff members assisted with the ceremony and all were instrumental in the success of this year’s graduation activities. ~ SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS ~ Seniors were honored at the annual Awards Night Ceremony on May 19, 2016 for their academic achievement, athletic prowess, citizenship and extra-curricular activities. A total of over $1,141,344 was presented to individual students who excelled in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in the community. Students receiving awards/scholarships were: AUSTIN ANDREYO – Senior Boys’ Band Award, Challenge Program Attendance Award; ROBERT BAMBINO – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Hockey Award, Senior Spanish Award, UPJ Real World Achievement Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; VERONICA BARONI – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls Chorus Award, IUP Sutton Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; SHAI BLOCK – Penn State Altoona Academic Award; NICHOLAS BORELLE – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Rifle Award, Senior Mathematics Award, Senior Engineering Technology Award, Challenge Program STEM Award, West Virginia University Engineering, Academic and Mountaineer Connection Scholarships, National Honor Society; SAMANTHA BROMLEY – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence and Service Above Self Awards, Jaycees/Jayceettes Service Award, FH Distinguished Alumni Class of 2014 Scholarship, Juniata College Calvert Ellis and Alumni Scholarships, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; GARRETT BUNN – St. Michael Church Reach Scholarship; KAELYN CHANEY – School Directors Award, Penny Matlin Memorial Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; KARLEY CHIODO – School Directors Award, Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of Participation, Spanish Honor Society; MORGAN CRONAUER – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Jaycees/Jayceettes Service Award, Heather Alt Reininger Scholarship, Carl & Anna Sherbine Scholarship, National Honor Society; BLAKE CUSTER – Senior Wrestling Award; RYAN DIBBLE – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Robert Morris University Independence Scholarship, Arco Construction Scholarship; STEVEN DUSACK – Senior Boys’ Volleyball Award, St. Michael 2nd place American Legion Essay Award, IUP Summer Scholars Academy Scholarship, Alicia Lynn Richardson Memorial Scholarship; BRIANNA FACCIANI – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Senior Girls’ Tennis Award, Senior Social Studies Award, South Fork 2nd place American Legion Essay Award, UPJ Real World Achievement and Sara Jane Torquato Scholarships, Knights of Columbus Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; DALTON FAITH – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence and Service Above Self Awards, Senior Accounting Award, Senior Physics Award, Robert Morris Full Academic Tuition Scholarship, 4-H Scholarship, South Fork United Methodist Church Scholarship, Adams Township Lions/Merlin Woodring Scholarship, Wendy Heisman School Award, Challenge Program Community Service Award, National Honor Society; MEGAN FESSLER – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Tribune-Democrat Academic AllStar, Herff Jones Believe in You Scholarship & Principal’s Award Nominee, Senior Girls’ Golf Award, Challenge Program Academic Excellence Award, Gannon University Academic and Golf Scholarship, Cape & Garanich Sapphire Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; MIKHEAL FOSTER – President’s Education Award; TIMOTHY FRAZER – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Boys’ Physical Education Award, Senior Computer Applications Award, Senior Manufacturing Award, First United Methodist Church Scholarship, Paul Keeney Scholarship, National Honor Society; EVA GOLDEN – Arthur A. Gatty Scholarship; BLAINE HARTEIS – Senior Baseball Award; ALEX HOOK – Senior Scholarship Award, Senior Boys’ Basketball Award, National Honor Society; BLAKE IVOCK – Senior Scholarship Award; KATHRYN JORDAN – IUP Sutton Scholarship; (continued on page 5) 4


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~ SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (continued) ~ KAITLYN JOSEPHSON – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, St. Michael 1st place American Legion Essay Award, St. John’s College President’s Scholarship, Forest Hills Alumni Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; SHANE KELLEY – Senior Scholarship Award, Mount Aloysius College Scholarship; KAITLYN KLINE – School Direc- tors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Senior Girls’ Cross Country Award, Senior Girls’ Track Award, Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete, Saint Francis Universi- ty Founders’ Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, National Honor Society, Span- ish Honor Society; SHANNON KUDLAWIEC – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rota- ry Club Academic Excellence Award, Senior Biology/Life Sciences Award, Elizabeth L. Brawley Nursing Scholarship, Helene & Robert Krantzler Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; CALA LAMPEL – Penn State Altoona Academic Scholarship; ZACKARY LONG – Senior Scholarship Award, Senior Boys’ Golf Award, Dunlo 2nd place American Legion Essay Award, National Honor Society; ALEXIS LOYA – Senior Scholarship Award; President’s Education Award; ALEXANDRA MAURER – Jaycees/ Jayceettes Service Award; GAGE McCALL – School Directors Award, Senior Boys’ Cross Country Award, Senior Computerized Reading Award, Senior Forensics Award, Robert Morris University Scholarship, Erin M. Bosworth Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; DALLAS McCLINTOCK – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Donald & Ronald Bailey Memorial Award, Senior Boys’ Track Award, South Fork 1st place American Legion Essay Award, Cambria County 2nd place American Legion Essay Award, Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, MADISON McDANNELL – Point Park University Academic and Soccer Scholarship; DANIELLE MICKUS – Senior Family & Consumer Science Award, Barbara Ann Peters Memorial Award; CHRISTIAUNA MILLER – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Mount Aloysius Commuter and Merit Scholarships, National Honor Society; JORDAN MILLER – Saint Fran- cis Red Flash Co-Curricular Scholarship; KAYLEE NEFF – Senior Scholarship Award, Advance Designee Scholarship; HANNAH OLDHAM – Senior Color Guard Award; DOMINIC PANICK – District VI Sportsman- ship Award, Mount Aloysius College Merit Scholarship, St. Michael Church Reach Scholarship, Brandon Baxter Scholarship; JACOB PENATZER – Challenge Program Academic Improvement Award; ALYSSA PERETIN – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence and Service Above Self Awards, Wendy Heisman School Award, Fleet Reserve Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; ASHLEY ROK – Senior Scholarship Award, District VI Sportsmanship Award, Senior Girls’ Soccer Award, Senior Girls’ Physical Education Award, Jaycees/Jayceettes Service Award, Arthur Burkett Memorial Scholarship, National Honor Society; BROOKE RORAR – School Directors Award, Slippery Rock University Opportunity Scholarship and Achievement Award, National Honor Socie- ty, Spanish Honor Society; EMILY SCHRADER – Senior Cheerleader Award, Senior Media Award, Mount Aloysius Mercy Scholarship; JILLIAN SCOTT – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls’ Basketball Award, Saint Francis University Basketball Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, Spanish Honor Society; MORGAN SCOTT – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Girls’ Volleyball Award, Eckerd College Founders Academic Achievement Schol- arship, National Honor Society; JACOB SEWALK – UPJ Real World Scholarship; GABRIELLE SHAULIS – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Senior Girls’ Band Award, Senior Mock Trial Award, Distinguished Young Women Scholastic Award, Erin Hostetler Memorial Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; NOAH SIMPSON – Senior Art Award, Senior Boys’ Chorus Award, Artists of the 21st Century Certificate of Participation, Erin M. Bos- worth Scholarship, Robert Morris University Independence Scholarship; IAN SLIFKO – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, UPJ Presidential Scholarship, Forest Hills Alumni Scholarship, Spanish Honor Society; BRODY SMAY – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, UPJ Real World Achievement Scholarship, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; SKYE SMAY – Senior Scholarship Award, Senior Chemistry Award, Juniata College M.G. Brumbaugh Scholarship, Walter Wood Scholarship; (continued on page 8) 5


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~ SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (continued) ~ Austin Andreyo Robert Bambino Veronica Baroni Nicholas Borelle Samantha Bromley Garrett Bunn Kaelyn Chaney Karley Chiodo Morgan Cronauer Blake Custer Steven Dusack Brianna Facciani Dalton Faith Megan Fessler Mikheal Foster Timothy Frazer Eva Golden Blaine Harteis Alex Hook Blake Ivock Kathryn Jordan Kaitlyn Josephson Shane Kelly Kaitlyn Kline Shannon Kudlawiec Cala Lampel Zackary Long Alexis Loya 6 Alexandra Mauer Gage McCall


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~ SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (continued) ~ Dallas McClintock Madison McDannell Danielle Mickus Christiauna Miller Jordan Miller Kaylee Neff Hannah Oldham Dominic Panick Jacob Penatzer Alyssa Peretin Ashley Rok Brooke Rorar Emily Schrader Jillian Scott Morgan Scott Jacob Sewalk Gabrielle Shaulis Noah Simpson Ian Slifko Brody Smay Skye Smay Alexandra Smith Shannon Stains Kaylee Stigers Katie Vitez Gabrielle Vogel Evan Wess Ian Wieczorek 7 Jonas Wissinger Amanda Woodside


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~ SENIOR AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (continued) ~ Not Pictured: Shai Block Ryan Dibble Samuel Vought Samantha Wright Isabella Yakicic Samantha Yamrose ALEXANDRA SMITH – Senior Scholarship Award, Robert Morris University Independence Scholarship, Dunlo 3rd place American Legion Essay Award, National Honor Society; SHANNON STAINS – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, IUP Pittsburgh Achievement, Board of Governors’, and Academic Scholarships, National Honor Society; KAYLEE STIGERS – School Directors Award, Senior Softball Award; KATIE VITEZ – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence Award, Superintendent’s Award, St. Michael 3rd place American Legion Essay Award, Saint Frances University Founder’s Scholarship, National Honor Society; GABRIELLE VOGEL – Senior Scholarship Award, Cabrini College Dean’s Scholarship; SAMUEL VOUGHT – Walter Wood Scholarship; EVAN WESS – Senior Scholarship Award, President’s Education Award, Senior CADD Award; IAN WIECZOREK – Senior Scholarship Award, President’s Education Award, Senior Football Award, Superintendent’s Award, UPJ Real World Scholarship, Central PA Chapter National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Scholarship, National Honor Society; JONAS WISSINGER – Senior Boys’ Soccer Award, UPJ Real World Scholarship; AMANDA WOODSIDE – Senior Scholarship Award, IUP Sutton Scholarship; SAMANTHA WRIGHT – School Directors Award, President’s Education Award, Rotary Club Academic Excellence and Service Above Self Awards, Dunlo 1st place American Legion Essay Award, Cambria County 1st place American Legion Essay Award, Senior English Award, IUP Sutton and Academic Scholarships, Forest Hills Education Endowment Scholarship, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society; ISABELLA YAKICIC – South Fork 3rd place American Legion Essay Award SAMANTHA YAMROSE – School Directors Award The 2016 Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Pasquerilla Conference Center in Johnstown on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The theme, “Vintage Dreams,” presented many photo opportunities for the ladies in elegant gowns and gentlemen wearing striking tuxedos. An old fashion hay wagon parked in the dining room enhanced the theme. Students and their guests enjoyed having their pictures taken in the very popular photo booth. All photos taken in the booth were viewed and downloaded by visiting the website The dance floor was crowded all night as DJ Labarko kept the music lively for the 303 students in attendance. Tara Hogan and Austin Andreyo were crowned Prom Queen and King. Members of the Prom Court included: Row 1: Garrett Bunn, Joel Barton, Erik Kudlawiec, Blaine Harteis, Prom King Austin Andreyo, Prom Queen Tara Hogan, Gage McCall, Ian Wieczorek, Tim Frazer. Row 2: Kaitlyn Kline, Samantha Wright, Brianna Facciani, Morgan Scott, Danielle Mickus, Morgan Cronauer, Alexandra Smith. For those planning ahead, next year’s prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2017. 8


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FBLA News The Forest Hills FBLA Chapter is pleased to announce that the following students represented the Chapter at the State FBLA Competition in Hershey. FBLA Team Members competing at the State Leadership Conference included: Jonas Wissinger, Accounting; Alexis Loya, Help Desk; Dalton Faith, Insurance and Risk Management; Shannon Kudlawiac, Campaign Manager; Cory Katrancha, Officer Candidate; Katie Vietz, Publication Design; Shane Deitle, Intro to Technology; Ali Smith, Business Communications; Eric Elgin, Intro to Financial Math; Gage McCall, Publication Design; and Trevor Smith, Computer Technology. The FBLA Chapter would also like to congratulate the following senior members for their achievements in the field of Business. Dalton Faith, for receiving the Presidential Scholarship to Robert Morris University. This Business Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship. Dalton is the first Forest Hills student to receive this scholarship. FBLA members Gage McCall and Katie Vitez placed 7th in Publication Design at the State Competition. Gage will also attend Robert Morris University in the Honors Program. Ali Smith is also planning a career in Fashion marketing. Alexis Loya, placed 10th in Help Desk at the State Competition. Advisers attending state competition were Mr. Dill, Mrs. Makin, and Ms. Yevchak as a guest adviser. Back Row—Jonas Wissinger, Dalton Faith, Cory Katrancha, Shane Deitle, & Eric Elgin Front Row—Alexis Loya, Shannon Kudlawiec, Katie Vietz, Ali Smith, Gage McCall, & Trevor Smith Left to Right—Trevor Smith, Shannon Kudlawiac, Cory Katrancha, & Dalton Faith JAYCEES/JAYCEETTES Donations were received from Jaycees/Jayceettes, area busi- The 42nd annual Volleyball Marathon, sponsored by nesses, and the Forest Hills Jaycees/Jayceettes, was held on K-12 stu- March 18th at the high school. A total of $2,000.00 dents and was raised this year. This year's marathon once staff. The again had a dual cause. Money was raised for Cyst- Jaycees/ ic Fibrosis and the Erin Hostetler Scholarship Fund. Jayceettes, Eight co-ed teams made from 61 Jaycees/ under the Jayceettes members competed in a double elimina- supervision tion tournament. The organization’s steering com- of Mr. John mittee also competed against faculty members from Saksa, the elementary, middle, and high Schools. The would like to teams started playing at 8:00 am and continued un- thank every- til 6:30 pm. Trophies were awarded to the first, sec- one who ond, and third place winners. Members of the win- made this ning team were: Samantha Bromley, Morgan year's mara- Cronauer, Grace Bromley, Alex Hook, Jordan thon one of the best in school history. Schrock, Tyler Smith, and Erik Kudlawiec. 9


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High School Music The High School Band, Chorus, 2 different Girls’ Quartets, a Boys’ Quartet, and Jazz Band presented their annual Spring Concert on May 16th at the high school. This year’s concert was very well attended by family and friends. The Jazz Band performed in the cafeteria for a mini concert as family and friends moved throughout the high school to see the different pieces of art on display. The Marching Rangers and High School Chorus traveled to Walt Disney World this year in April to perform. The Marching Rangers combined with students from Richland, Conemaugh Township, Ferndale and Bishop McCort to form a 150 person ensemble. The group practiced together twice and recorded a video that was submitted to Disney World. Through the video submission, the band was chosen to per- form on Friday night in the Magic Kingdom Light Parade. The members of the High School Chorus performed with the same group of schools and combined to make an 86 member choir. They met three times during the fall and spring and submitted a video as well. Disney selected them to perform on Saturday evening in Epcot. Both groups of students were treated to an experience like no other. This year Forest Hills was well represented at all the PMEA band festivals. Six students auditioned successfully for District Band, held at Bellwood-Antis High School. They were Eva Golden, Garrett Bunn, Shannon Stains, Steven Dusack, Wyatt Bromley, and Nikki St. Clair. Four of those students advanced to Region Band, held at Juniata Valley High School. They were Shannon Stains, Eva Golden, Garrett Bunn, and Nikki St. Clair. Garrett Bunn placed 2nd at Regional Band and advanced on to All-State Band held in Hershey. Five students successfully auditioned for District Jazz Band, held at Richland High School. They were Wyatt Bromley, Garrett Bunn, Zack Long, Sam Bear, and Shannon Stains. Also performing as a guest artist during the concert was Alumnus Todd Harteis. 10


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High School Chorus traveled to Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 28th to sing in front of judges and other high schools, as well as hear other high schools and IUP vocal ensembles. The students got to received coaching from college level adjudicators and directors to improve their technique. In addition to IUP, the High School Chorus performed for a Mother-Daughter banquet at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sidman, and the Elementary Art Show. A record-tying 11 students represented Forest Hills at District Chorus at Hollidaysburg Area High School in February. They were: Sara Zatek, Shelby Hostetler, Hannah Oldham, Eva Golden, Haley Cook, Noah Simpson, Garrett Bunn, Karley Chiodo, Ian Wieczorek, Sidney Kakabar, and Summer Kepple. Perhaps a new record, seven of them (Sara, Noah, Haley, Ian, Karley, Eva, and Sidney) advanced to Regional Chorus at Altoona Area High School. Ian Wieczorek placed first at regionals for a second year in a row, and made the prestigious Pennsylvania All-State Chorus again. This was held in Hershey, PA in March. The Middle School Bands and Choruses presented their annual Spring Concert on May 12th at the Middle School. The concert was very well attended and the audience was treated to music by the 7th Grade Chorus, The Girls’ Quartet, 8/9th Grade Chorus, 7th Grade Band, 8/9th Grade Band, and a combined 7/8/9th Grade Band. 11


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~ MIDDLE SCHOOL ~ Principal’s Corner ~ Mr. Ed Alexander Greetings from the FHMS! As we close another school year, I again want to thank everyone who plays an integral part of our vision, our mission, and our success. We are embarking upon major change, with the completion of our brand new, state-of-the art Junior/Senior High School this coming winter. The convenience of everything located on one campus will greatly benefit our faculty, staff and students in many ways. We invite you to visit the current middle school and look forward to your visit at the new Junior/Senior High School in a few months. Our school and our district is second to none! I wish everyone a relaxing and refreshing summer vacation. See you in August! Forest Hills Teacher Receives Dr. John Powers Outstanding Educator Award Each spring, Saint Francis University presents the Dr. John Powers Outstanding Educator Award to a deserving elementary or secondary teacher or administrator. Mr. Dominic Vescovi, a mathematics teacher at the Forest Hills Middle School in Sidman, PA was presented the 2016 award. Mr. Vescovi teaches algebra to eighth and ninth grade students and is the head coach of the Forest Hills High School basketball team. He was nominated by Forest Hills School District Superintendent Mr. Edwin Bowser. In his nomination letter, Mr. Bowser stated, “Dominic not only excels in the academic environment in disseminating pertinent information to his students, but also exhibits the personal attributes to establish a positive rapport with every individual he interacts with on a daily basis. He is able to exemplify all of those humanistic characteristics that separate a good educator from a great leader.” Saint Francis University President Fr. Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D., presented the award to Mr. Vescovi during the annual President's Award Convocation on April 26, 2016. The award recognizes educators who share abilities and skills generously with others, use their knowledge to serve others, strive for excellence, are willing to learn from others, and seek the truth and encourages free and open exchange of ideas and responsible actions. National Junior Honor Society The middle school held its National Junior Honor Society induction on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at 6:30 PM in the middle school auditorium. Twenty-two students met the middle school qualifications and the National Honor Society qualifications of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Quinn Spangler welcomed guests and presided over the ceremony. Lighting of the candles and their meaning was conducted by: Knowledge, Connor Freidhoff; Scholarship, Alyssa Penrod; Leadership, Joshua Jones; Service, Alexus Bobak; Citizenship, Phillip Yuhas; and Character, Mandi Bearjar. Mr. Alexander, Principal, and Mrs. Miller, Dean of Students, presented certificates and officially inducted the students. The inductees were: Mandi Bearjar, Alexus Bobak, Adam Cecere (vice-president), Mitchell Chunta (secretary), Avery Cummings, Byron Daubert (treasurer), Bethany Fetsko, Connor Freidhoff, Makennah Gray, Joshua Jones, Victoria Koeck, Lindsay Miller, Emily Montag, Alyssa Penrod, Regina Rios, Courtney Roxby, Joshua Schrock, Quinn Spangler (president), Michael Trovato, Benjamin Wechtenhiser, Jason Wissinger, and Phillip Yuhas. A reception to honor the inductees was held in the middle school cafeteria immediately following the induction ceremony. One hundred fifty-two guests attended. 12


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Forest Hills Shows its Presence at MathCON 2016 MathCON is an online math competition for students in grades 5-12 with grade-level specific timed tests of 40 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 40 minutes. Last year, 45,000 students from 330 schools participated in the competition and although MathCON has not released the exact number of participants it expects a larger turnout this year. All students at Forest Hills Middle School participated in this year’s competition and 45 of them received Honorable Mention, which is a score of 200 or better on the 300 point exam. Three Forest Hills Middle School students qualified to participate in the National MathCON Competition at the University of Illinois at Chicago on April 23. These students are 9th graders Nathan Long and Ben Wechtenhiser and 7th grader Griffin Christ. Nathan scored a perfect 300, Ben scored a 290 and Griffin 260. In Chicago, Ben Wechtenhiser placed 15th and Nathan Long placed 20th in their age group. Math-a-Thon at Forest Hills Middle School The Math-a-Thon is a charity that was started by St. This year, students exceeded our goal by raising a Jude Children’s Research Hospital to fund their re- total of $1036.48 to aid in St. Jude’s cause of beating search and fund the pediatric hospital. Students par- pediatric cancer. Awesome!!! Thank you to all the ticipate in the fundraiser for St. Jude’s by completing students and families that participated and aided St. a booklet of math problems and getting sponsors. Jude’s in this worthy cause. Each year, the middle school math department uses this fundraiser for St. Jude’s as an optional part of their fourth marking period bonus. Students that participated in our fundraising event: Kelsey Josephson, Andrew Martin, Mackenzie Sherry, Mitch Chunta, Blane Smay, Carson Kundrod, Han- The booklet, called the Funbook, is filled with math nah Bloom, Abby Josephson, Brady Sikora, Alex curriculum according to the student participant’s Bambino, Kristi Burkett, Tanner Lehman, Courtney grade. The curriculum in the Funbook is for a great Pisarski, Gage Jones, Wyatt Faiad, Sam Doyka, Toni cause, and it helps students prepare for standard- Tkach, Baylee Frampton, Shannon Shaffer, Emily ized tests at the end of the year, which includes the Montag, Quinn Spangler, Abigail Macey, Jacob PSSA and the Keystone Exams. Weaver, Jude Martyak, Griffin Christ, Tanner Kalmanir. Research Scholars Award for 9th Grade Students The Research Scholar Award in Language and Letters is awarded to exemplary student research projects in the English Composition 9 courses. There is an individual award and a group award for the top scoring projects in the grade. This year for the individual award students independently read a classical novel of their choosing, researched it for critical theories and literary merit, and formulated a research paper. The students then presented a 10-15 minute, conference-style presentation of their papers, with a questioning forum by classmates. The quality of the research paper composition, use of research skills, critical thinking, and professionalism of the research presentation are taken into consideration as criteria to win the award. For the group award, students selected a significant literary period and formulated research groups in a project-based learning experience culminating in top group presentations across the grade competing in a symposium for the award. The award is then awarded to the group for the top-scoring presentation and research paper in the entire grade. This year there was a three-way tie for the individual award: Abigail Josephson for "Self Empowerment in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", Philip Yuhas for "Symbolism in Slaughterhouse Five", and Victoria Koeck for "Magical Realism in “Beloved." The group award was awarded to Kristi Burkett, Ericka Frombach, Emma Simpson, Kayla Stohan, Chloe Valinsky and Amanda Wilson for their presentation and paper on "The Lost Generation" entitled "We Are All A Lost Generation", which adeptly covered topics, works and authors in American Literature from the WWI and 1920’s period. Congratulations to these students on a job well done! 13


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FHMS Students use 3D Printers for Creative Works This school year, FHMS students enrolled in Mr. Lang’s Mobile Technology and Problem Solving classes and Dr. Motter’s Seventh Grade Art, Art I, and Mobile Technology classes engaged 3D printing. The process of 3D printing involves melting PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic, to create an object constructed out of layers of plastic. Students created innovative 3D printing projects using Ultimaker and Ultimaker 2 Go 3D printers for individual and collaborative works. For example, in Mr. Lang’s Problem Solving classes, students printed Game Boy parts. Students enrolled in Dr. Motter’s fall 2015 semester Seventh Grade Art and Art I classes experienced 3D printing web quests designed by Penn State, University Park undergraduate Art Education students enrolled in A ED 322: Visual Culture & Educational Technologies. During web quest explorations, online resources Thingiverse ( and Tinkercad (https:// were utilized by middle school students for digital 3D model design. Thingiverse allows the user to download stl model files, which students can then edit using the 3D design program Tinkercad. Using Tinkercad, seventh grade art students produced hood ornaments, living spaces, artifacts, and group identity stamps. Art I students designed prototypes and personal identity stamps. In Lang and Motter’s eighth grade Mobile Technology classes, students worked in small groups to create articulated bodies using the iPad Tinkerplay app. Each group member digitally added at least one body part, to form a collaborative design. Tinkerplay also allows the user to add a digital environment and take a photo of his/her 3D body in its environment. Articulated bodies were downloaded for 3D printing, and later used in stop motion animation group projects created with iPad apps O’Snap and Stop Motion Studio. Lance Loya, head coach of the Mount Aloysius Men’s’ Basketball team presented a team building and leadership message to the 9th grade students. Pictured with Coach Loya are: Adam Cecere, Byron Daubert, Dominic Spinos, Mitchell Chunta The Villain Took a Chip Shot……. The Forest Hills Middle Ski Club enjoyed another successful season on the slopes. Haley Myers, Makennah Gray, Jordan Burda, Lucas Myers, Alyssa Penrod Middle school drama presented its spring production, “Two Heads are Better than One,” for the public on Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 21. The play was also presented to the student body in the afternoon of May 20. Members of the cast included Kelsey Josephson, Abigail Seese, Shannon Shaffer, Joey Schrader, Kylie Shaw, Dara Edwards, Kaitlyn Cameron, Damian Shrift, Isabella Colbert, Jade Nastase, Scott Mognet, Kainen Walsh, Livia Hamara, Sarah Klein, Makayla Miller, Somer Silvis, Madison Waters, Christina Goral, Ashlyn Hamara, and Shyann Boyle. Thank you to all who supported our production. 14


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“Let’s Kick Up the Kindness” The Forest Hills Middle School launched an anti-bullying campaign entitled “Lets Kick Up the Kindness” The goal of the program is to focus on kind acts and positive behaviors in our schools. The students created a video which was posted on both the Forest Hills Dis- trict webpage and Forest Hills Middle School webpage. T-shirts with the “Let’s Kick Up the Kindness” logo were sold throughout the dis- trict. Proceeds from the t-shirt sale will go to- Row 1: Claire Bawiec, Regina Knox, Paige Handel, Ashley Pauley Row 2: Meghan Miller, Corrine Hill, Kenzie Colosimo, Rylie Adams, Abigail Seese, Kelsey Josephson, Toni Tkach, Rosalie DiPaola, Skyler Hostetler wards purchasing school supplies, shampoo, deodorant etc. for students in our district. At the end of the school year, in keeping with the kindness theme, 7th and 8th grade students produced a video for the freshmen class wishing them luck and success as they leave the Middle School. Diversity Workshop Held at Middle School All seventh grade students participated in a workshop in May conducted by Dr. Clea P. Hollis and Mr. Bruce Haselrig. The workshop focused on Cultural Intelligence and the Evolution of Diversity as well as celebrating the uniqueness of all people. The students learned the history of diversity in the United States from 1900 to the current day and discussed common misconceptions. They focused on the idea of cultural intelligence which works to educate students to think outside their community to develop global understanding. Mr. Haselrig is owner and CEO of the Bruce Haselrig Group which focuses on diversity, leadership, and team building/staff development training. Dr. Hollis is currently an associate professor at the University of Phoenix where she mentors doctoral students. SuperConference Students from the Forest Hills School District attended the 23rd annual “SuperConference” for student leaders on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, at Mount Aloysius College. This conference provided student leaders from middle and high schools in the county an opportunity to enhance leadership traits, develop leadership skills, and foster pride and spirit in their schools. At the conference, students had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops on various topics on finance, diversity, chasing dreams, and many more. Each workshop and speaker reinforced the importance of leadership within our schools and how leadership ideas and traits can translate into their academic and personal futures. Only two students from each grade were eligible to attend the conference. Based upon teacher recommendations, these students were selected to attend the “SuperConference.” These student leaders are the pride of our school and we would once again like to congratulate them on this honor. Pictured: Hannah Croyle,Taylor Hampton, Garet Connor, Byron Daubert, Dylan Kundrod and Rosalie DiPaola 15



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