Cre8 Annual Report 2016


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Cre8 Annual Report 2016: youth and community project

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How it all works... Re sid Lea r en nin tia ls Cl ub s gP Cre 8J OB S Mus ic lus Projects run by the Cre8 charity Bikes Grounds maintenan ce contracts & Tree care social enterprise business owned by the Cre8 charity Cre8 Works Ltd the charity Cre8 Facilities Ltd eet cle fl Vehi hing s a w s ract cont social enterprise business owned by the Cre8 charity Contents • • • • • • • • • Why do we need Cre8? ... p 1 Fundraising ... p 2 - 3 Community ... p 4 - 5 Get involved ... p 6 Journeys ... p 7 Cre8 Festival ... p 8 Other highlights from the year ... p 9 Music ... p 10 - 11 Learning Plus ... p 12 - 13 • • • • • • • That’s how m uch it’s make a cost us n to Report d print each Annua . All th l e design and w , photo ords h s ‘Home a v e been made b y Cre done it ourselv 8’. We’ve es u the skil ls we h sing ave. £1.08 Clubs ... p 14 - 15 Residentials ... p 16 - 17 Cre8 Works ... p 18 - 19 Cre8 Facilities ... p 20 - 21 Cre8 JOBS ... p 22 - 23 Finances ... p 24 Thank you! ... p 25


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Why do we need Cre8? Our Trustees tell us why Cre8 is needed on the Moss Rose Estate in Macclesfield... Pip - Chair of Trustees : As Chair of this amazing organisation now celebrating ten years of being in the Moss Rose Community, I am delighted to report that Cre8 has been blessed in having an excellent year! It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with our faithful, hard-working and talented team of staff and volunteers. For me we very much need Cre8 because of it’s continuing contribution to increasing the self-confidence and maturity of the young people with whom we work, allied with Cre8’s contribution to the strengthening of the community of the Moss Rose Estate. I would personally like to thank all our staff, all our volunteers, all our supporters and all those who help to fund our work; we are eternally grateful for all you do. Jenni : Cre8 has an impressive 10+ years track record of providing practical support for young people and their families, we need this to continue! The Queen’s Award recognises Cre8’s ability to help young people to make something good out of nothing. Ameera : I’m inspired by the breadth of work we undertake at Cre8, the generosity of all involved, the ability to overcome new challenges and the journey our young people make. We need to continue to see positive changes happening in our local community because of the existence of Cre8. Jayne : We need Cre8 because they try. When everyone else has given up. They try. Martin : The last 10 years has seen Cre8 play a major role in the development of young people and the wider community of the Moss Rose Estate. I feel proud and privileged to play my part in the challenge of continuing and enhancing that very necessary work within the constraints of an extremely tough financial environment. Rev Dave : Cre8 has been a great place for young people to explore their own potential, from them to grow in knowledge, skills and self esteem. It’s been inspiring to see staff and volunteers united to give young people a great start in life. Ruth : The dedication of Cre8 staff and volunteers always amazes me, especially in response to difficult circumstances. This year it’s been good to see flourishing community events such as the hog roast, food giveaways and the storytelling sessions. Cliff : Cre8 does a vital job helping young people and families face some of the bad things that happen in today’s world. The strength do to this comes from within the people who live on the Moss Estate and they are an inspiring example of what can be achieved. It is right that St Barnabas Church works hand-in-hand with Cre8, as they give so much to each other. Anyone who lives in Macclesfield and doesn’t know about Cre8 is really missing something! Page 1


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Fundraising The services we provide to support young people require many sources of funding. Individual fundraising and one-off or regular donors are critical to the ongoing provision of our services. This year, like previous years, we are so proud to share the many examples of individual generosity and commitment to Cre8. Our success is your success, long may that continue. Four Cre8 volunteers and workers cycled 1,000 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for Cre8’s Bike project, reaching a total of £4,350! The blog posts during their trip were great stories for everyone supporting them. “I want you to sponsor me so that young people will be able to have something exceptionally good to hold on to in the midst of rubbish and darkness. There is no better use of money and as someone once said... he is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” Cre8 Boutique offering ‘preloved’ items The Cre8 Boutique opens once a month and sells ‘Preloved’ clothing and accessories at affordable prices. We also offer young people and young adults volunteering work experience in a retail setting, as well as raising a bit of money for Cre8 at the same time. Look out for the next Cre8 Boutique opening and pop in; you might grab a great bargain - like this bear suit for only £1! Page 2


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Jon took on Challenge Weymouth long distance Triathlon and raised £1,578 for Cre8. “Thank you so much to all who sponsored me. I sobbed like a teenage girl at a One Direction Concert at the end.” Re:Cre8 organised a Spring Fair to raise funds towards the costs of their trip to Camas. We had burgers, Cre8 Boutique, Rossendale plant and craft stall, face painting, throw-a-sponge-atTom, challenge Isaac at Pool, guess the number of sweets, tombola and cake sale. All together they raised £609 towards the trip! Michelle Michelle spent 3 months on placement with Cre8 as part of her vicar training. On her final day she pulled out a massive cheque! Michelle had been beavering away and had raised £1,526 for Cre8 through various fundraising initiatives, like having a stall selling jewellery inside the shop where she works! “Awesome people, awesome kids, its totally (you guessed it) AWESOME!!!!” Thanks Michelle! We think you’re awesome too! St Michael’s Social Committee held a coffee morning, soup lunch and bake sale and raised £194. And we got lots of tree jobs for Cre8 Works! Thank you to all involved! Rachel took part in an Aquatic Marathon and raised £248. “I’ve been involved with Cre8 for 5 years and they’re incredible (verified by the Queen!)” Fundraising has come in many shapes and sizes for us over the past 12 months... • Birthday, Christmas, Wedding and Funeral collections, instead of presents a gift to Cre8 Paying for the Hog at the Christmas Feast and paying for seeds and plants in the allotment Home Mission giving and collections from local Churches • • Page 3


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Community Ten years ago, in January 2006 we began our first regular weekly Cre8 youth club at St Barnabas Church. This followed on from two days of summer activities for 11 - 16 year olds which had been planned and run at the Church by a willing band of fresh-faced volunteers from around Macclesfield. I was the only volunteer at those summer activities who lived on the Moss Rose Estate; how times have changed. The ten year longevity of Cre8 and its (hopefully) secure future has been down to it’s ability to develop and sustain volunteers, supporters and workers from its own community and neighbourhood. This has been our greatest success in ten years; that we have developed a community-led organisation which is committed to improving the lives of its own children, young people and families. This is why we were nominated for the Queens Award for volunteering and which we were subsequently very pleased to receive, especially as the equivalent of an MBE for a community organisation. Cre8 has not only developed volunteers for often challenging projects in its own neighbourhood, it has also supported those volunteers to train, study and become professional youth and community workers, administrators, team leaders on social enterprise businesses and managers of others. This is why Cre8 has been a success; because we believe in the abilities, skills and commitment of people in our own neighbourhood of the Moss Rose Estate. It has simply been wonderful to see those teenagers who came to our first (often crazy) clubs, growing into mature adults with their own families, wanting to make our own neighbourhood better, and having lots of fun doing it. Over the last ten years we have been building community; it’s what we set out to do. Cre8 is a community of people who try to make the Moss Rose Estate a good place to be; mainly through enriching the lives of young people and young adults; enabling them to fulfil their true potential. We are a community of people in the Christian tradition, I am a community priest ordained in the Church of England. I believe that God sees us all equally, no matter what background, race, sexuality, gender, ability or for what we’ve done. We have been able to run some brilliant communityled activities in the last year and it has genuinely felt that we have created something special, something to treasure where we have treated each other with kindness, forgiveness and respect. Our work on the Estate seeks to address some of the imbalance that Page 4


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“Luckily, my friends and I were amongst the first members of Cre8 and loved it! We more than tested the volunteers patience on a few occasions but they were always great with us and work so hard. As adults now, we all constantly speak about Cre8 and have so many great memories because of it. So from me a big thankyou!” Kirsty came to Cre8 as a young person when it first started 10 years ago. She’s now a volunteer at Cre8 Clubs and Residentials as well as helping out at community events. exists in society, where we are often seen as people who are second best or worse, with no ideas, motivation, skills or common sense. I know this isn’t true. And we do need help from outside our own neighbourhood because of those imbalances in society, and because of the difficulties we face, which are often profound in children and young people. We need financial help in particular. Our work is sometimes very emotionally draining; we are often picking up the pieces when other agencies have been cut or just left. And we are not lazy, we do try and raise our own money for activities. Cre8 now runs two Social enterprise businesses and we are planning a third. These businesses generate income to fund our free activities for children and young people; at the same time as providing employment experience for young people and young adults. The principles of work, learning, sharing food and having fun are core to what we do; we try to do them in equal measure, with a recognition that our devotion to God and our love for each other is what drives us. I hope we have another great year, it is always simply a privilege to represent Cre8 and the people involved. I look forward to watching more amazing things that young people and young adults achieve in our neighbourhood and community. - Rob, Cre8 Director. Page 5


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Want to make a difference in your own community? There are lots of ways you can GET INVOLVED... Financial support Cre8 is an independent charity so financial donations from supporters are essential for our survival. Regular financial donations give us a stable financial base from which we can plan our activities. There are two key ways you can donate to Cre8; by becoming a regular monthly donor as a ‘Friend’, or holding a one-off fundraising event. Volunteering Cre8 relies on enthusiastic, passionate and wonderful volunteers. Whether you can offer a couple of hours to help during the Festival or a regular commitment to our projects throughout the year, then we’d love to hear from you. ... so get in touch: 01625 503740 or Page 6


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Journeys “The way the Case Studies are presented is excellent – they convey so much more information on one sheet of paper than could be conveyed in a wordy report” Alison Tansey, Grants Manager, Cheshire Community Foundation Our Cre8 Journeys system, known to us as CRIS, helps us to produce our ‘Journey Diagrams’ for young people, funders, supporters, and Trustees. Data from the system is entered into a unique visual diagram called a ‘Journey Diagram’ which demonstrates the progress made by each young person, adult or project. How does it work? All information about a young person and the projects they’re involved in is stored in CRIS. Things like: registration details, contact information, location, background information, attendance at activities, description of sessions, and data from the outcome measures (see below). What is a Journey Diagram? Each Journey Diagram is produced using the same template, which is adapted to make a unique visual representation of the young person’s progress. The data is imported into the template from CRIS. A Journey Diagram includes the data for ten outcome measures which have been rated in an outcome measures meeting between a young person and a youth worker. A young person’s progress is measured over a period; with a measures meeting at the beginning and end of a period. The young person’s ratings for the measures are included in their Journey Diagram in the form of a billboard. Comments and narrative from the outcome measures meeting are also used in the Journey Diagram together with visual and narrative representations of the Cre8 activities and projects that the young person has been involved in. They’re personal, they’re unique and they show young people how far they’ve come and they things they’ve done. We love them! Page 7


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The 2015 Cre8 Festival was a tremendous success and this years promises to be even better. Everyone is welcome; visit for details. Page 8


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Other highlights from the year Receiving an honorary Award from the High Sheriff of Cheshire for our community work. A very glamorous Beverley & Rachel from our Learning Plus project received the Award at a special reception. £108,500 Earned income over 12 months from our two social enterprise businesses; Cre8 Works and Cre8 Facilities. What an achievement to earn their own income, employ young people and support the charity. We had 22 passes in Rockschool and Trinity exams this year (in guitar, vocals and drums). That continues the 100% pass rate since the Music project began. Fantastic! Young people attended Clubs and Residentials during the year. 111 In July 2015 we had a big summer party to celebrate receiving the Queen’s Award. “My daughter Keirra was presented with the Queens Award as a representative of Cre8. So proud of her for all the hard work she has put in, so very proud. Cre8 work so hard for the community” - Judith. Page 9


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Music Cre8 Music has been operating for five years delivering music making activities at the Cre8 Building on three afternoons per week. Activities include drop-in sessions and professionally tutored music lessons in guitar, drums, singing and theory, studio recording and song writing. All of this is provided free to young people on the Moss Estate who wouldn’t otherwise have music making opportunities. The project has been funded for the last four years by Youth Music. could buy a series of five professional music lessons for a young person, leading to a grade exam and a sense of huge achievement £65 We’re really pleased that attendance at drop-in and lessons has steadily increased over the year, improving our opportunities to make a positive impact in young people’s lives. Throughout the last year we have engaged 55 young people in Cre8 Music. Around 70% of these young people are eligible for free school meals or pupil premium. Almost all the young people involved in the project were beginner musicians, with Cre8 Music being their first access to musical provision outside of schools. Page 10


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Cre8 Music Christmas Concert at St Michaels Church This year we took the Cre8 Music Christmas Concert to St Michaels Church. This new bigger venue was a tremendous success for us, it was great for the young people to perform in this prestigious venue and performance space. Over 100 people came to see and hear the wonderful performances by the young people. The key message we wanted people to see was that this group of young people support each other through their music - they make community; when someone forgot the words others joined in and helped them remember; when the nerves began to take over people smiled, cheered and whooped encouragement! The young people, and the team of music tutors and youth workers support each other to play instruments and to make their performances the best they can be. The Cre8 Youth Music Christmas Concert at St Michaels Church. For the first time we had a band made up entirely of young people. In the last 12 months... • 22 passes in Rockschool and Trinity exams • 5 music concerts performed • 518 professional music lessons delivered • 5 young people went to Greenbelt Arts & Music Festival • 108 drop in sessions “Hugely inspirational to see the talent and excitement. Yet again Cre8 exhibited such a loving and welcome presence” Comment at a Music Concert Page 11


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Learning Plus Cre8 Learning Plus works with young people who are severely struggling with the challenges of mainstream education to such a degree that it affects their behaviour and attendance at school. Our aim is to help these young people grow in selfawareness, self-esteem and interpersonal skills, and so be equipped to reconnect and be more engaged at school. Young people referred to us have one to one sessions. This fosters trust in adult teachers from the young person and so increases self esteem and confidence. Sessions teach life skills and begin to deal with issues such as anger management, sexual health, low self worth and lack of confidence. Learning Plus shows young people that they are valued and that people are interested in their contributions. £59.98 will pay for a 2 hour one to one session with a youth worker on Learning Plus Page 12


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“I use Cre8 Learning Plus as a positive intervention for pupils who are struggling to engage fully with mainstream education.” Karen Bayley, ASPIRE Manager - Macclesfield Academy National Open College Network Award We are now a delivery centre for NOCN, a nationally recognised and accredited education programme. The programme covers a wide range of subjects from art and cooking to emotional well-being, gardening and bike maintenance. The flexibility of NOCN allows us to offer accreditation for young people through specifically tailored and personalised sessions. Many young people are working towards their first NOCN qualifications that will build their confidence and help them access other education in the future. Kapow! Cheese. For over a year now, Rachel has led regular sessions with Alexa on a Friday. Here’s what they do... “We begin by catching up on the week’s events over a brew and biscuit. With the world put to rights we then set about on our current project. That sometimes includes the NOCN food cooking course; Alexa has made some awesome meals which she generously shared with the rest of the Cre8 House. The cookery terminology can get a bit dull so we’ve done the project with a satirical edge. We made a cartoon strip of the cooking implements so the cheese grater is presented like a piece of Pop Art – Kapow! Cheese. We’ve also been working on a mental health board game. Alexa designed the board to double up as a piece of artwork which illustrates the diversity of mental health conditions and how they can be managed and treated positively. This has fuelled some great discussions. Most recently, Alexa has begun to do some work experience sessions. For this we have been painting metal artworks in the wildlife area behind the Cre8 Community Building. This has enabled Alexa to contribute to the community while hopefully preparing her for the world of work.” - Rachel Segwaying at Tatton Park with a group from Learning Plus. It was cold and wet but we didn’t care! We got the hang eventually! Page 13



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