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July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP FROM OUR EDITORIAL DESK tampede is around the corner! IT Quip wishes all it’s readers, patrons, advertisers and contributors a great time in the coming month. Our beautiful city is always ahead in hosting great events! The Hi-tech environment in Calgary is amongst the highest in the Canadian cities. Our Oil and Gas edge along with Information Technology makes it a great combination. Corporations today have dedicated IT departments as part of them, more often than before. The need to push up websites on search engines, stay on top with all the competition out there, have decent Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts, bring out regular posts in these are all part of emerging S imperatives that corporations can no longer overlook. We, at IT Quip, are sensitive to the needs of the companies towards these necessary tools. With ever developing and changing technology, keeping pace with digital trends is all the more unavoidable. We endeavour to fill various areas with more information and strap these into our magazine! In your service! Contact us at to share your articles, write-ups and suggestions. We look forward to have your articles published in IT Quip! endeavours to promote computer knowledge, commonly speaking. On a more formal and advanced level, IT Quip promotes and encourages all of today’s geeks and geeksto-be to learn and enhance IT skills of their choice! “IT QUIP” your monthly IT Knowledge magazine Please send us your topic choices and suggestions and we will be happy to consider likewise! EQUIP WITH IT QUIP! • • • • • Learn IT through IT Quip! Equip yourself with IT knowledge Gift your loved ones with IT Quip Know more about your city businesses. Advertize through our magazine which reaches thousands through our business network. July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP


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I T C A R EER Q U I P ome of the emerging fields in IT, today, are mobile devices, cloud computing and virtualization. Today, mobile market is no less relevant and prevailing than the traditional PC market. Laptops and desktops are being matched and outpaced by smartphones and tablets. The face of conventional IT sectors is getting modified with smartphones and tablets coming in and the work they need to blend in IT. The annual salaries of mobile THREE IMPORTANT AND EMERGING IT FIELDS S By: Kulbir Singh computing specialists are from around $70,000 and go upwards of the $100,000 benchmark as noted at There are a number of areas of specialization in mobile computing. One of the reasons is that various brands or types of mobile devices like Apple, Android, etc are there. Then, we have a variety of projects like app development and creating mobile websites on all the different brand types. All these platforms and projects, require expertise and specialty skills. Being an emerging and dominant marketplace player, this IT sector involving mobile devices is going to provide great jobs and careers in the coming years. Preparing for this IT sector would be a wise decision! Cloud computing offers an increased spectrum of IT job profiles. Concepts like Software as a Service (SaaS), converged infrastructure, shared services, shared cloud infrastructure, pay for services as you go, subscription based softwares and the inclination of companies to follow the OPEX model in contrast to CAPEX model have all contributed to the emergence of thousands and thousands of IT jobs in Cloud Computing. There is always 2 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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development, diversification, specialization and expansion going on in this area of IT. It’s a great career for stay! Virtualization is an amalgam of hardware and software concepts in which the Infrastructure owned and operated by a business has been replaced by, simply put, outsourcing infrastructure. The infrastructure, instead of being managed locally is taken care of by third parties. Infrastructure-as-aservice (IaaS) is becoming a popular IT initiative and the corporations have begun to take advantage of it, either, as clients or as service providers. The whole big need to install, configure, manage and maintain servers, data centres or server farms is being replaced and being made easy, economical and scalable with IaaS and virtualization becoming more and more popular. This big segment of IT Industry brings with it lots of jobs and job profiles. This can be a creative and interesting experience for those wanting to put their hardware, networking and/or software skills into useable, practical and job-based skill set. IT professionals with network certifications are encouraged to explore this sector of IT. There is always something new and exciting waiting for us in IT! “Today, mobile market is no less relevant and prevailing than the traditional PC market.” ADVERTISE WITH US! July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 3


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IT TERM REPERTOIRE Saas | OpEx | CapEX By Forrest Stroud IT Quip We is happy to serve our citizens with it knowledge. strive to provide e xc e l l e n c e t o o u r readers for it learning! SaaS Short for Software as a Service, SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. Software as a Service allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee. Also, because the software is hosted remotely, users don’t need to invest in additional hardware. Software as a Service removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and often daily upkeep and maintenance. Software as a Service may also be referred to as simply hosted applications. Short for Storage as a service, SaaS is a term used to describe a storage model where a business organization (the client) rents or leases storage space from a thirdparty provider. Data is transferred from the client to the service provider via the Internet and the client would then access their stored data using software provided by the storage provider. The software is used to perform common tasks related to storage, such as data backups and data transfers. Storage as a Service is popular with SMBs because there are usually no start-up costs (e.g., servers, hard disks, IT staff and so on) involved. Businesses pay for the service based only on the amount of storage space used. Storage as a Service may also be called hosted storage http://www.webopedia. com/TERM/S/SaaS.html OpEx and CapEX An acronym for Operating Expenses, OpEx refers to the ongoing costs associated with the daily operations of business products, services and/or systems. Operational expenditures stand in contrast to capital expenditures, or CapEx, which are the costs associated with acquiring, developing or upgrading physical assets such as hardware systems or intangible assets like patents and other intellectual property. TERM/C/CapEx.html http://www.webopedia. com/TERM/O/opex.html “R E A D YO U R M O N T H LY I T MAG A Z I N E AT W W W.I TQ U I P.CO M , E Q U I P YO U R S E L F W I T H K N O W L E D G E!“ 4 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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KNOWING YOUR TOUCHPAD Touchpad is essentially an alternative to the mouse. It’s an input device, very similar in function to the mouse. It’s a built-in device and is part of most laptops today. The click on the left button of the touchpad is analogous to the click on the mouse. A click usually serves a variety of actions, both on the touchpad and a mouse. Right-clicking on the touchpad is, again, similar to it’s counterpart in the mouse. It has its distinct purposes as it applies to right-clicking on text, image or an icon, say, on a desktop. Click and drag is another feature in touchpad. This can be done by holding the left mouse A pad button and moving the finger on the touchpad to move a particular item. Depending on the touchpad, you can zoom the screen in or out with movement of fingers on the touchpad in a style of squeezing out or in an imaginary area of the touchpad. This can also be achieved by using Ctrl “+” or Ctrl “-” with the keyboard. Touchpads also provide us with the ability to scroll the screen up and down, say in a webpage or a word document. There is usually an area on the left or right side of the touchpad where we would roll our fingers to do so. In some touchpads, this may be done by dragging 2 fingers in the middle of the touchpad. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your version and functionality of the touchpad. It can save you hours of laptop usage when properly learnt and applied. Happy touchpad learning! By: IT Quip Editorial Team July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 5


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CHILDREN’S PAGE @ IT QUIP SOME REALLY INTERESTING FACTS TO KNOW! 1. There are about 1 billion instant messenger accounts that are active around the world today. now sells more e-books than printed books. 7. The first domain name ever registered was coined the phrase “World Wide Web” in 1990. 2. The first hard drive was created in 1979 and could hold 5MB of data. 3. The nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra video card contains 222 million transistors. online viruses are released by organized crime units. 8. Tim Berners-Lee 4. 20% of estimated 15 billion kWh of electricity per year, more than most countries. However, google generates a lot of their own power with their solar panels. 9. Google uses an 10. Sweden has the 5. The engineers who developed the IBM PC were known as “The Dirty Dozen” 6. Amazon, originally a printed book seller company, hightest percentage of internet users, they are 75%. 11. Did you know that Email was already around before the World Wide Web came? 12. Up until the 14th of September, 1995, domain registration was free. MANY THANKS TO THESE AWESOME IT SITES! Adapted from from their posts “12 interesting computer facts” and “20 facts about technology which will amuse you” Adapted from This post is by  Mark Abu-Jaber, (on April 6, 2013) Founder / Chief of 6 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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GURJINDER DHILLON, CGA HIGHLY QUALIFIED & ROFESSIONAL STAFF SEE US FOR: PERSONAL AND CORPORATE TAX RETURNS GST RETURNS, TAX PLANNING REVIEWS, AUDIT AND FINANCIAL REPORTING BOOK KEEPING TRAINING CASH FLOW ANALYSIS PAYROLL, T4S, T5 AND OTHER T-SLIPS NEW BUSINESS STARTUP & CONSULATION CRA REPRESENTATION “Gurjinder has been a valuable contractor for our business, providing invaluable accounting advice to me as a businss owner as well as to my team of independent contractors.” - Jill Burk, President of Health Span Inc Suite #201, 4851 Westwinds Dr. NE, Calgary, AB, T3J4L4 Tel: 403.460.6855 Cell: 403.618.6458 Email: Monday - Friday: 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 7


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“SOME KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS AND TIPS FOR INTERNET BROWSERS” In the last edition, we brought out some general keyboard shortcuts which can be applied for everyday computer usage. This time too we are including some more shortcuts. These apply to internet browsers. Please do practice on them and endeavor to make these a part of your daily usage. Also spot a few tips that are included to make computer usage even faster! fields by pressing the Tab key or Shift + Tab to move back a field. For example, in the example form below you can click in the “First Name” field type anything and press tab to switch to the next field. The above shortcuts and tips have been taken from http://www. We have found this website very useful and it offers a variety of computer and IT help. Do visit the site! Like other social networks, VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.[5] (Thanks 3) TAGGED ( Tagged is a social discovery website based in San Francisco, California, founded in 2004. It allows members to browse the profiles of other members, play games,[2] and share tags and virtual gifts. Tagged claims it has 300 million members.[3] As of September 2011, Quantcast estimates Tagged monthly unique users at 5.9 million in the United States, and 18.6 million globally. [4] Michael Arrington wrote in April 2011 that Tagged is most notable for the ability to grow profitably during the era of Facebook. (Thanks We want to promote IT knowledge within our readers! However we encourage you to study the reviews about any website or service that we may bring up for the sake of IT education. In the changing field of technology, many changes keep happening and we suggest that you look up the information relevant at a particular time for any associated service or technology. By IT Quip Ed Desk Know your Internet browser shortcuts There are dozens of different shortcut keys that can be used with Internet browsers. Below are a few of our top suggested Internet browser shortcuts. • Press Alt + D to move the cursor into the address bar. • Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or -to increase and decrease the size of text. Ctrl + 0 will reset the text. • Press the backspace key or press Alt key + left arrow to go back a page. • Press F5 to refresh or reload a web page. • Press Ctrl + F to open the find box to search for text within the web page you are reading. SOME OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES YOU MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN 1) TAGWORLD ( ) TAGWORLD: Great clean social networking site that brings users together who enjoy similar music tastes or other similar interests. In addition to allowing users to create their own blog users can post videos, music, etc or browse other users videos and music. (Thanks to Computerhope. com for this information!) You don’t need the http:// portion of a web page When entering an Internet address you do not need to type http:// or even www. in the address. For example, if you wanted to visit Computer Hope you could just type and press enter. To make things even quicker, if you are visiting a .com address you can type computerhope and then press Ctrl + Enter to type out the full http:// address. 2) VK ( VK (originally VKontakte, Russian: BKohtakte, literally “in touch”) is the largest Russian social network in Europe.[4] It is available in several languages, but is especially popular among Russian-speaking users, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. AgapeProject25 is a group of passionate artists gathering together for one common goal... to uphold the cause of the orphan, poor and needy by providing food, shelter, safe water, and a future. Visit for more information. Quickly move between the fields of a web page If you are filling out an online form, e-mail, or other text field you can quickly move between each of the 8 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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WHAT ARE THEMES IN A WORDPRESS WEBSITE? In this article we will share information about ‘themes’ in a wordpress website. Though this article may be, thought of, for generally a wordpress website novice or a start-up learner, however it may be useful for anyone who is already building websites using wordpress platform. Let’s discuss what a ‘theme’ in a wordpress website, or for that matter any website, is., the official advisory behind Wordpress states the following for a ‘theme’. can provide much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website. IT Quip team looked up for a wonderful video presentation about what a theme is. We liked the video. We hope you too enjoy watching it. Here’s the link. tutorials/what-is-a-wordpresstheme/. And we are not leaving out to ask what they have to tell us about themes! Below is their input on this. altering the content or health of the site. Every WordPress website requires at least one theme to be present. Every WordPress theme should be designed using some standards with structured PHP, valid HTML and CSS. Themes may be installed using the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool or theme folders may be uploaded via FTP.[11] The PHP, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code found in themes can be added to or edited for providing advanced features. WordPress themes are in general classified into two categories, free themes and premium themes. WordPress users may also create and develop their own custom themes if they have the knowledge and skill to do so. We hope we were able to explain to our readers what a website ‘theme’ is. We will discuss about ‘plugins’ in our forthcoming edition. With clarity in all these concepts, you are on your way to designing websites in the Wordpress platform. We encourage you to start making websites in Wordpress! Website designing is not all that difficult as you might have thought! Start with a wordpress website today and don’t forget to connect with us at Ed.Desk@ ! Happy Web Designing! By: IT Quip Editorial Desk What is a Theme? Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your weblog. Yet, it is more than just a “skin.” Skinning your site implies that only the design is changed. WordPress Themes Themes[edit] WordPress users may install and switch between themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website and they can be installed without July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 9


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Learn all the privacy settings before posting photos in the social media It is very necessary to learn all the privacy settings that are offered by the social media for the safety and protection of the photograph. Almost all the social media sites offer privacy setting to its user and by using all these privacy settings, you can easily protect your photo from being misused. Again, if you are a parent, teach your kid about the privacy settings and ask your kid to use them before uploading any information or any photo on the internet. This will surely help you in protecting photos from being misused. Always use watermark HOW TO PROTECT OWN IMAGES IN SOCIAL MEDIA FROM BEING MISUSED Today, the people are not as innocent as they were thirty to forty years back. Time has changed and with the passing time, things and situation has also changed. Today’s era is considered as the era of technology and in this era, social media websites are tremendously popular among the people. There are many social media sites like Facebook, personal blogs, twitter and so on. With these social media sites, people can easily communicate with people in any corner of the world. But, as we all know, every coin has two sides, one is positive and another one is negative, so as with the social media sites also. At one side, these social media sites give wonderful platform for interaction and for communication, but at other side, it gives rise to many serious crimes also. Crimes like obscene videos, semi nude or nude photos, misuse of personal details or photographs and so on. It is very difficult to stop all such crimes completely, but by taking precautions, you can protect your photo or personal detail form being misused in social media. Following are some of the ways by which you can protect your personal information or photo from being misused by any cyber criminal in social media: This is one of the best ways to protect photo from being misused in the social media. Try to use watermark in your photo. Watermark reduces the chances of editing and can give protection to the photo to a certain extent. Generally, people avoid watermark because it make the photo unclear, but it is very important from security point of view.So, these are some of the useful ways that always help you in the protection of photos in the social media platform from being misused. Follow all these ways or tips and keep your photos and personal details safe from cyber criminal and enjoy! The article above has been reproduced from We wanted to share these simple yet important and effective tips for security of your photos and personal details. Read more: http://geekofreak. com/2014/06/how-to-protectown-images-in-social-mediafrom-being-misused.html. They offer awesome knowledge in the field of computers. A courtesy Thanks from IT Quip! Understand the importance of privacy It is very important to understand the importance of privacy for protecting photo from being misused. The privacy cannot be ignored at any cost. If you are parent, teach your kid about the privacy, about the value of privacy. You should always be careful while posting any photo on the internet because photo once posted, it is certainly impossible to keep all the photos private. But, by following safety guidelines, you can protect your photo to reach into the wrong hand and from cyber crime. 10 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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We feel enriched to help out on humanitarian causes! We will love to include a complimentary message for any good cause in our magazine. Send in your information for that great project and we will try to include it HERE! “If a client calls you and says he noticed your Ad in IT Quip, kindly do send us a remark about it. Or if you called someone seeing their Ad in IT Quip, please let us know, too! We would like to include it in our magazine and website. We want to see our Advertisers’ businesses grow! It feels great to our advertisers when they have our readers contact them. Send in a note at Thanks a bundle.” July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 11


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12 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATIONS AND MARKETING ISSUES What is Web 2.0? The term Web 2.0 is around since 2005 but the subject is already controversial. Considerable controversy stems from the fact that Web 2.0 applications are by and large based on content generated by users often being anonymous and lacking qualitative credentials. This is a basic difference from previous internet applications: the user as an essential contributor is a new marketing parameter instigating a migration of market power from producers to consumers and from traditional mass media to new personalised ones. for exchanging ideas and information usually around special interests Examples: www.epinions. com,www.personaldemocracy. com, 4. Forums/bulleting boards: sites the categories of Web 2.0, we propose a basic classification based on application types divided into five main categories: applications allowing users to fully customise the web content they wish to access. 5. Content aggregators: By: Efthymios Constantinides and Stefan J Fountain (We thank the authors and publishers of this technical writing for the inclusion of their article that we made in our magazine for the purpose of IT education. 1. Blogs: Short for Web logs: Web 2.0 is a controversial subject Controversy is also evident in the lack of general consensus as to what exactly the Web 2.0 is; this paper will apply the following definition when referring to Web 2.0: Web 2.0 is a collection of opensource, interactive and usercontrolled online applications expanding the experiences, knowledge and market power of the users as participants in business and social processes. Web 2.0 applications support the creation of informal users’ networks facilitating the flow of ideas and knowledge by allowing the efficient generation, dissemination, sharing and editing/ refining of informational content. A number of technology principles that will be briefly explained in the next chapters are common to Web 2.0 applications. As to online journals, the most known and fastest-growing category of Web 2.0 applications. Blogs are often combined with Podcasts, that is, digital audio or video that can be streamed or downloaded to portable devices. Examples:http://, http://www.boingboing. net, Five main categories THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘@’ AND ‘#‘ IN TWITTER Though many of us use Twitter, many don’t and some maybe beginning to use it, our team wanted to bring out the difference between @ and # in twitter world. We want to keep it very simple. In very simplistic terms @ refers to a person (or an account holder/ entity) and # refers to a topic or subject. If that gets understandable, it isn’t difficult to get further Twitter dexterity. “@” is also referred to as handle and “#” as Hashtag. When we @someone, it is simply connecting to them through Twitter. It’s an analogy for picking up a phone and ringing someone. By: IT Quip Ed Desk 2. Social networks: applications allowing users to build personal websites accessible to other users for exchange of personal content and communication. Examples:, http://, www.hyves. nl, 3. (Content) Communities: Websites organising and sharing particular types of content. Examples are applications of Video sharing:, www., http://etsylove.ning. com, Photos sharing: http://www., Social Bookmarkingwww., and publicly edited Encyclopedias, http:// “ READ YOUR MONTHLY IT MAGAZINE ONLINE AT WWW.ITQUIP.COM, ANYTIME IN YOUR FREE TIME. EQUIP YOURSELF WITH IT KNOWLEDGE! ADVERTISE WITH US AND REACH THOUSANDS........” July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 13


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SOCIAL NETWORKING: AN AGE NEUTRAL COMMODITY WORDCAMPS WordCamps are events, usually day long, which are organized by WordPress enthusiasts. These are considered a major meetup for Wordpress professionals, whether of startup or professional level. Over the year, wordpress enthusiasts generally keep meeting up, say on a monthly basis, but WordCamp is a special day long technical workshop/ seminar arranged on a bigger level, generally once a year. Wordcamp. org defines WordCamp as: “WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress.WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.” Calgary just hosted and concluded a successful WordCamp on May 23, 2015. It was a successful and very well attended event at SAIT. Various recognized speakers spoke in WordCamp Calgary 2015 and it was a highly technical day, full of WordPress! We eagerly await a WordCamp in 2016! By: IT Quip Editorial Team Whenever the term Web 2.0 is mentioned, you can be certain that the phrase ‘social networking’ will not be far behind. Social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook are regularly topics of discussion in the general media, not always for positive reasons. Stories about the value and empowering qualities of these websites are being matched with negative tales of them enabling children to bully their classmates and for containing ultra-right wing political advertising.1 Social networking has many similarities to the early days of texting, when adults were amazed why young people spent so much of their time keying messages into their mobile phones. The same bemusement exists about the ability of MySpace, Facebook and Bebo to attract over 184 million unique visitors in a single month.2 The ability of social networking sites to generate these huge volumes of web traffic is proof of their huge popularity. But there must be a hard business rationale to these sites to persuade Rupert Murdoch, somebody who avoided investing in web companies during the era, to pay $580m for MySpace. This paper investigates what is driving the fascination with social networking and how this phenomenon is likely to develop. In particular, the paper proposes and will hopefully prove the hypothesis that social networking is intrinsically age-neutral and will evolve to become a commodity application of the web. What is social networking? Social networking Like all things related to Web 2.0, social networking has numerous definitions. These are three viewpoints from the perspective of strategy, research and technology companies. (We thank the authors and publishers of this technical writing for the inclusion of their article that we made in our magazine for the purpose of IT education.) Quotes and Quip ! themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn” Steve Jobs “Computers say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user” Bill Gates “I think it’s fair to 14 IT QUIP | July 2015 Edition


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We look forward to your original articles and contributions. If you need to share a view, a thought or any idea in the world of IT, please feel free to send in your write-ups to us. We will love to include your article in our magazine and also will put it up online as a courtesy. Even if it is a short little writeup, we will receive it with a big welcome! A REQUEST FROM IT QUIP EDITORIAL DESK: OPPORTUNITIES WITH IT QUIP! We look forward to have people work with us in Sales on a part time basis. We are a growing company and need Sales team to enhance our Advertisement outreach. Contact us today and grow your residual income. Flexible hours/days and work from home options are welcome. Call us at 587.581.2988 or mail us your resume at July 2015 Edition | IT QUIP 15



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