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 Welcome to another edition of IT Quip! We, at IT Quip, take pleasure in bring out the May 2015 Edition of our educational IT Magazine! We are happy to share IT knowledge with everybody. This magazine started with the vision of imparting IT education to anyone who would wish to learn about the field. From a ground level up, we endeavour to keep providing resources in the form of information about the field. We trust that this information will be useful to many! This time we are privileged that we are covering companies from Winnipeg, Manitoba companies as well. While our magazine travels with whoever has it, we feel special in featuring nation wide companies. We encourage you to read the various Ads and featured content and get in touch with these companies. We are all here to support and prosper one another! Kindly feel free to give us your ideas, suggestions and feedback. We look forward to your responses. If you want a section or a page for a topic that you like to learn about, please let us know. Your writeups and articles are most appreciated! We encourage you to write for us! Thanks. Regards, IT Quip Editorial Team


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IT CAREER QUIP Take a moment to like us on For the benefit of our readers, we selected “Summer Students Jobs” from the City of Calgary and also have included the relevant post by Service Canada about these jobs, being a Federal student program. Hope this will be beneficial to those looking to gain experience through Government sponsored programs- IT Quip Editorial Team. Looking to gain valuable work experience? The City participates in the federal student program, Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ). Our student positions are advertised at various Alberta campuses in January and posted on our careers page in February. Work terms are for four months in length, May to August and provide students with challenging and meaningful experiences. Some examples of our student positions are Capital Projects Planning Assistant, Emergency Management Planning Assistant, Green Development Researcher, Traffic Engineering Student and Waste Diversion Program student. (Courtesy of City of Calgary. Many Thanks! Conti on Pg 3 for the details of the program by Service Canada) 2


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IT CAREER QUIP Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities. Canada Summer Jobs:   provides work experiences for students; supports organizations, including those that provide important community services; and  recognizes that local circumstances, community needs and priorities vary widely. Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to not -for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for young people aged 15 to 30 years who are full -time students intending to return to their studies in the next school year. (Courtesy of Service Canada. With Thanks from IT Quip!) 3


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IT Terms Repertoire IT Quip has been providing a section on IT Terms in it’s editions. We have been providing IT terms and their explanations through popular and reputable sources. Today, we would encourage you to visit the following websites in the pursuit of studying IT terms more closely. These are going to be of great help to enhance your IT skills. Subscribe to their newsletter or the ‘term of the day’. In a very little time, you will find yourself conversant with lots in the IT jargon. We encourage you to keep pursuing this over a period of time. This will help build your skillset and very naturally, you will be heading towards the privilege of calling yourself an “IT Professional” ! Change starts with a Quip! Let’s start talking about IT terms and there we go! Surf these websites as you build your IT knowledge:     OPPORTUNITIES WITH IT QUIP We look forward to have people work with us in Sales on a part time basis. We are a growing company and need Sales team to enhance our Advertisement outreach. Contact us today and grow your residual income. Flexible hours/days and work from home options are welcome. Call us at 587.581.2988 or mail us your resume. Get in touch! Let’s get going! We feel enriched to help out on humanitarian causes! We will love to include a complimentary message for any good cause in our magazine. Send in your information for that great project and we will try to include it HERE! 4


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“If a client calls you and says he noticed your Ad in IT Quip, kindly do send us a remark about it. Or if you called someone seeing their Ad in IT Quip, please let us know, too! We would like to include it in our magazine and website. We want to see our Advertisers’ businesses grow! It feels great to our advertisers when they have our readers contact them. Send in a note at Thanks a bundle.” ADVERTISE WITH US! 5


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THE POWER OF AJAX To many people, it’s annoying to see the entire page load everytime you click on a blue link. When you click on a link, you find yourself waiting and staring at the white screen waiting for the entire page to load. That is where AJAX comes in. AJAX is used by the most popular websites like Youtube and Google. What it does is instead of loading the entire page all at once, it just loads the part of the webpage that is needed. This helps us become productive because we will always find ourselves doing something whenever we click on a blue link due to the fact that we are not faced with a white loading screen. The website is still displaying us the information whilst waiting for the portion of the page to load, and anyway the loading of that portion of the page can never be quicker. Considering the fact that only a portion of the page is being loaded, it requires less waiting time as the browser doesn’t have to load the entire page all at the same time. Back in the day, common websites loaded an entire page everytime we clicked on something. Look where we are now! Jediah Dizon 6


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FIND THE RIGHT ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Nowadays, accounting which is one important part of our businesses, is mostly carried out through accounting softwares. Accounting softwares can do a lot for our business than just providing tax amounts. Here are some reasons to use accounting softwares in the businesses:     These avoid manual errors and keep the numbers accurate. Accounting softwares facilitate fast, automatic and repetitive tasks to save time. Financial calendar alerts to avoid penalties are part of many accounting softwares. Managerial decision making, is made possible as these softwares equip managers with the correct format of information at the right time. Accounting software range from single-entry systems like check writing or bookkeeping to double-entry systems such as general ledger, accounts receivables, and accounts payable. Other robust solutions also include inventory, invoicing, fixed assets, and more sophisticated functions. There are several online accounting softwares available on the internet. However it is essential for us to recognize the appropriate type of accounting software for our business. Some of the popular accounting softwares are:        Bookkeeper accounting software for small businesses Cougar Mountain accounting software for mid-sized as well as small businesses CYMA IV accounting software for mid-sized businesses, NetSuite small business accounting software Quick Books accounting software for small businesses, industry businesses and manufacturing businesses MYOB UK for small businesses and Sage 50 (formerly, simply accounting) for small businesses. is a website that is very helpful for those who are trying to figure out what type of accounting software is most suitable for their business. By: Annie Silva 7


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The reason why the early Windows operating systems like Windows XP have built in games like Minesweeper and Solitaire, is because Microsoft, the creator of the Windows operating system, wants to train it’s users on how to use the mouse’ left & right click, as well as the dragging and dropping. The word “typewriter” is the longest word you can type using only the top row of the QWERTY keyboard. X is a company made by Google which is a semi-secret research and development facility. It is where things like “Self -Driving Driverless Cars” and “Google Glass” are being developed. It’s basically where extraordinary things are being invented and waiting to blow our minds. In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first ‘SUPER’ computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5 MB of data. MIT has developed a computer software that can identify and distinguish a real smile from a smile of frustration. Adapted from (with Thanks!) 8


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IT Quip supports this non-profit organization. For it’s initiatives for nonsmoking! 9


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COMMON COMPUTER INFECTIONS Computer infections are pieces of code that run on your computer without your knowledge. If you have an antivirus installed on your computer and they detected a malicious file, often times it describes the malicious file as anything other than a virus. That’s because most anti-virus programs are designed to get rid of all the types of infections and not just viruses. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most common computer infections every computer user needs to know. using a voucher from an anonymous prepaid cash service. Once done, the hacker has a choice to either decrypt the infected computer, or leave the user and not make up to his bargain. Jediah Dizon Please do take a moment to like us at Virus Just like a human virus, there are different levels of severity a virus can have. Sometimes, it can be harmless, but often times, it’s one of the most dangerous infection a computer can have. The common type of a dangerous virus is that which damages not only the computer hardware, but also corrupts the files it infects. It also reduces the productivity of users due to the fact that the computer might get downtime and won’t be responsive until a professional technician comes in. Often times, viruses are created to put a machine to a halt by making a copy of itself. What happens is that it uses the infected computer’s CPU to duplicate the file recursively until, say, the computer runs out of drive space or the memory is full, making the computer extremely slow in the process. Trojan Horse These are malwares that disguise themselves as legitimate software when their main function is to maliciously take advantage of it’s host computer. One of the ways hackers do this is to trick the user into running a fake software. Many Trojan Horses are programmed to take control of it’s victims’ computers and block users from using their keyboard and mouse. Ransom Ware These are types of infections that involve the hacker making direct contact to its victims. Most common ransom wares are those that, once it run, encrypt the infected machine’s files, which corrupt the file until a decryption is made. Decrypting it how the ransom ware does it’s purpose. Basically, the software makes the user pay money 10


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We encourage our readers to write for IT Quip! If you want to share your experiences, views, reviews, or any general interest matters in the field of IT, please do write for our magazine. Submit your articles to us at We love to hear from you! If you want us to write on a particular subject, please let us know. We will try to include that topic in our forthcoming editions. Thanks! 11


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CALGARY PHP AND NOT PHP MEETUP GROUP IT Quip team had the pleasure of meeting with a technical meetup group organizer, Mr Kichiji Cabayama. The group holds regular meetings for showcasing and connecting with fellow PHP programmers. Besides PHP, they also include and feature related programming skills as well in their group. We requested Mr Kichiji to send in their meetup group’s portfolio. We have received their write-up and feel privileged to share it with our readers. If you want to connect with fellow PHP enthusiasts, we encourage you to join and connect with the group. They are found at 159 We share below, the article that we received from PHP and NOT PHP meetup group for our readers to know more about the group. The group was started in 2003, but at that time there was not enough attendance to have regular meetings. The group has grown gradually over time and has become more active. I called the group PHP AND NOT PHP because the other IT groups on in Calgary were not active at that time and I thought I could encourage more activity if I cooperated with the other IT groups. By now, of course, those other groups have also grown, and many of them are highly active. Most of the meetings are held in coffee shops. Whenever possible, the meeting starts with a short presentation by one of the members, as a conversation starter. Then we just sit around and talk. My general idea for the presentations is that these may be simple and short, say, 15 minutes. This is because, whenever possible, I would like a presentation to be held every month. However, many of the members have got extremely enthusiastic and put together very complex presentations with Powerpoint slides and other visual or software aids. I heartily encourage anyone who is willing to put that much time in but at the same time since I want presenters every month, I do want members to know that no presentation is too small or too simple. There are every level of PHP programmers in the group, and we have a broad variety of different experiences. That means that there is always someone in the meeting who has done something that you haven't or who has a different opinion from yours . There are two more reasons to call the group PHP AND NOT PHP. The first is that when we develop a website using PHP we are usually not using just one technology. For example, we may be using PHP on an Apache server using MySQL. We may be using a development environment in a different setting. Secondly, many of our members are fluent in many programming languages and not just PHP. In our meetings, we may compare PHP with other technologies that could achieve the same task. You know that old saying, "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail", but sometimes it's nice to have a wrench as well. We encourage you to look us up and join our group! Happy New Year! By: Kichiji Cabayama, Organizer, PHP and NOT PHP group E: 13


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TECHNICAL MEETUPS IN CALGARY There are so many technical meetups that take place in Calgary. From small to large groups and on a variety of topics, there is something happening in our city! You may wish to explore more on this and you’ll certainly benefit from attending these. Not only do we improve and enhance our knowledge, we also get to connect with many other professionals in our field! One of the very popular websites for finding the right meetup group is Calgary Public Library has lots of great programs to offer as well. Occasionally, we would have larger and more intensive meetups like Wordcamp. These cover a variety of topics for the popular website building CMS, Wordpress. From themes, plugins, widgets, coding and all the way to website backups and security, there is much learning that awaits us at these camps! Then, there are technology events and shows, happening all the time. Startup companies will benefit a lot by networking at meetups, meant especially for startup companies. Plugin to the meetups in our awesome Calgary and enhance your knowledge and networking! These technology groups can really help you a lot! By: IT Quip Editorial Team 15



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