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H & H CVC 1991 2016 Club Mag June 2016 - Edition N° 293 1


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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 1st Director & Chairman - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Director, Vice Chairman - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Director, Assistant Chairman - John Walker - 01663 766861 Treasurer & Director - Jim Lavery 76, Woodlands Drive Offerton Stockport SK2 5AP Tel: 0161 456 1420 jim_lavery@btinternet.com Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Director, Company Secretary & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07773 278537 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section John Walker - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk 2 27424 Club Stands Mike Coffey - 01298 Continued on page next to back page


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Club Mag. For June 2016 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT .HELP NEEDED PLEASE, WITH PEAKS AND DALES - We are short of Marshalls on the route, and if you are not taking part on the run, or even if you are, we need Marshalls at Buxton and Marple to help with parking and to escort vehicles when they leave. Also on the evening before the event, we need help to set up the tables and chairs in the Scout Hut, alas they don’t appear by magic and they have to got to be taken from the storage areas, and put up in the room. The more help we can get will be much appreciated, so if you could please come to the hut at 6pm on the evening of Saturday June 18th it would be very much appreciated. The tables are really a two person job. About the Stockport vehicle show. For reasons I won’t go into, the show has reverted to Sunday August 14th and will coincide with the Vintage Village event. A downloadable form has been posted on3the website for you to complete and you need send to me with a C5 sae so I can return your entry passes and parking details. The Vintage Village have an entry charge BUT SMBC are funding two


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entry passes to each vehicle attending, which will be sent out with your entry pass. If you are a sole attendee please bring both Village passes, so they can be used by others. Entry is restricted to vehicles over 20 years old but if you have a rare or unusual vehicle eg Bentley, RV8, Morgan etc., please still send an entry to me. The parking details will include a map with a note showing you where to park which is determined only by vehicle size. The Mayor and Mayoress will attend, and present very nice glass etched trophies to the owner of the best vehicle and motorcycle. The Village will have some marquees to the front of the Market hall, but I have arranged for two more roads to be closed alongside the hall. Some 50/60s Fords will be in attendance they have been allocated a parking area. Also some Manchester Scooter club scooters may turn up, so all in all it should be a great day, and all we need is the weather! A great presentation from our 2016 charity, the’ Hand on Heart’ organisation at the last club night who will flag off vehicles at the start of the Peaks and Dales run for us. As you know they provide defibrillators for schools in the area to assist children who suffer a cardiac arrest, and all those attending the presentation now know the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. The number of schoolchildren suffering an arrest is alarming and we have a list of schools in the area without defibrillators (it’s taken me a while to learn how to spell it) and we can select which one is to receive a unit at a later date. The defibrillators are supplied in three different specifications and we were of the opinion to go for two for the middle type, hopefully if we reach last year’s target sum, but Lesley from the organisation is suggesting we go for the basic unit which will mean that with a bit of luck and a fair wind we can provide three units. As I understand it all the units are the same but the difference between the bronze and gold standard units is that the school has to provide a bit more input. I am grateful to those companies who are sponsoring the Peaks and Dales run in return for an advert in the route map which is very much appreciated. As I have said before I should be doing an interview on High Peak Radio, with special mention of MC, and have fixed for an announcement to be made on Sylk FM courtesy of a relation so keep an ear up for both please. Owing to the closeness of our annual planned BBQ at the Conservative Club at the June 15th meeting to the Peaks and Dales run it was felt that we could not organise both so close together and so the BBQ will now take place on July 20th, as usual with a vast display of all members cars. I am pleased to confirm that the Poynton show is set for Saturday August 27th and that I have asked for 40 passes and Jim has4asked that our display area reverts to that of 2014 which means that we won’t have horses and other animal/vehicles passing


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through the middle of our display. Jim also asked and I have confirmed this in writing that we are well away from those lovely steam engines for reasons those who went last year will be aware of. I know one or two members have already asked for their names to be put on the list to be sent entry passes but could I ask that you contact me again please as I hereby announce that the list is now open! You can do this preferably at a club night or by e-mail . A couple of things now about the website. Can I remind members about Martyn’s Museum list and if you have been to an vehicle museum not on the list then please tell Martyn about it. Also if you put an advert in the magazine for a vehicle or vehicle parts for sale these will noe be on the website but unless you tell Martyn to the contrary, these will be removed after 3 months. Incidentally our membership has now exceeded the 150 mark and I have had to increase our club liability insurance accordingly. Before I started this ‘chat’ I wondered what I was going to write about but having made a list aint done so bad! So for the next meeting on June 15th we will have a ‘Noggin and Natter’ evening with, as I said beforehand, the BBQ reverting to July. See you the. 5


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Editorial Magazine Front Cover Photograph. Jim Lavery with his Mazda MX5, and showing off recent acquisitions - Best Modern Classic at the club show, and the Chairman’s Cup (for his services given). It has come to the committee’s attention that many people leave booking for shows very late, or even to the last minute. - Come on folks 20th Peaks & Dales Run Harping on about the Peaks & Dales Charity Run yet again, it has been noted that although the run attracts entrants from far and wide, not many people from the club seem to enter. Come on now, why don’t you have a go? It makes for a great day out for you and your navigator. There is the social ambience at the start, then Richard always comes up with a great route, and once you get to Buxton, there’s lots of cars on display, the Pavilion gardens, including places to east, and everything else that Buxton has to offer. All you need to do is to complete, and send in you entry form, with a Self-addressed, and stamped C5 envelope. We will send you your start time, as the cars leave in year order. You really need to turn up approximately an hour before you’re due to leave (To allow time to register, and possibly take refreshment, (including bacon butties), before you venture out on the actual run itself. The tulip route is always uncomplicated, and easy to follow, but it does pay to take a pen, to mark off the boxes as the route is followed. If you can’t be persuaded to come on the run, you could perhaps help in other ways. It’s quite a social occasion at the start, we always like to have bodies around to advise, if any problems arise. Besides that we need marshal's to help at both the start and at Buxton with parking the cars. There is to be a Marshall’s meeting on Club night 15th at 7.30. This will be held, in a corner of the main bar of the Con Club . Please can you let us know by telephoning 0161 427 1363, so we can get an idea of who is going to be there. Calling any Marshalling Jackets, we’d like them back as well please, as they always seem to go astray. A pessimist is a female who’s afraid that she won’t be able to squeeze her car into a very small parking space. 7 An optimist is a male who thinks she won’t try.


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Club member Deborah Bradbury parked under the Vulcan, in her 1963 Mini on Drive-it-Day, and dwarfed by the undercarriage This from 1937. Oddpics Utterly obscure British Car Humour 8 the Jaguar in-line 12 engine Although an engineering marvel, had to be droped In favour of the V....


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More technology for the H&H! – by Chris Howarth Martyn, our webmaster, has been investigating something called “Google Forms”. This is a handy “tool”, or “utility” or “App”, or whatever the modern jargon is, that lets you create a form online to collect the information that you want, & will let you set what is acceptable for a particular field, such as UK Postcode format, to ensure that sensible information is entered. So far so good, but from the point of view of whoever is trying to collect the information, like me for some of the shows, the BIG advantage is that it will sort out the information into a spreadsheet by magic. Trying to handle the information on pieces of paper can be quite a pain, especially if you want to share it with someone else, for example when there is a two day show, or judges need to know which entries fall into which category or class. With a spreadsheet it can be sorted & printed in various ways. You will have gathered that I’m pretty keen on this idea. To try it out Martyn has created a form for Didsbury Show which is available on the Events page of the website, at the bottom right button “Didsbury Car Show 2016”. If you would like to look at what it will do click on the button & you can see how simple it is. If you would like to go to Didsbury please complete the information on the screen & press “Submit” when you are happy with what you have entered. If you just want to look at it press the back arrow rather than the “Submit” button when you are ready to leave the screen. This creates a completed form & a line on the spreadsheet. Don’t worry if you enter a blank or partially completed form, as it is easy to edit the spreadsheet. Once we need to send off the information it can easily be emailed to the show organiser. That’s the plan. To see how well it works we are trying this for Didsbury, & if it is OK we’ll try other things. Martyn & I would appreciate knowing your experience of using it, to understand how easy you find it to enter information etc, so please either send us an email with your thoughts or have a word at the club meeting, especially if you find a problem with it. Please note that the organisers of Didsbury Show would like to know numbers & car details by the 15th of June as they produce a programme, so time is quite tight. 9


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“Well, I have the handbook here, and I can assure you that in 1925, erecting the hood whilst in motion was perfectly possible.” Courtesy of The Automobile 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas This month started off very busy the Bank Holiday giving most people a break. For the Hare and Hounds the Monday is our trip off to Gawsworth Hall, a long standing show and very well attended in the past. As we all know the weather decided to rear its head, and it rained and rained so much so that the show had to be cancelled. I have had my fair share of sitting in a field being surrounded by mud so I think it was the right thing to do. Our monthly meeting on the 18 th May was our chosen charity 's talk. We are supporting Hands on Heart this year they provide defibrillators for schools, a very interesting subject. Our speaker was Lesley Groome and her partner Rodger. We had a insight into the facts about children having cardiac arrests in schools, and facts are quite frightening. The charity started approx 3 years ago and has been very successful in making Salford the first heart safe community in the UK having raised funds for over 900 defibrillators. Our Peaks and Dales run is the main event of the year for us and money raised will be in support of our charity. Four couples from the club ventured off to Northern Ireland to drive the Coastal Road this being a 6 day 5 night holiday, I have to say it is a run that is one of the best I have been on , the weather certainly made a difference , top down on the MGF every day. Our route took us from Holyhead to Dublin and onto Belfast around the coast. Quiet roads are everywhere and beautiful countryside. The Giants Causeway, Bushmills distillery and a trip around Belfast City centre part of the trip. I would put it on your 12 Bucket list of drives.


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Who owns what in the car industry? From literally hundreds of separate companies, the automotive industry has today consolidated into 13 car making groups. They are BMW, DaimlerBenz, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Peugot, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota and Volkswagen. But of the several dozen marques currently on sale in developed markets, who owns (or else controls) what? This guide should help. BMW Daimler-Bernz Chrysler Fiat Ford BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati Daimler, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda and Volvo General Motors Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn and Vauxhall Honda Acura and Honda Hyundai Hyundai and Kia Peugot Citron and Peugëot Renault Dacia, Infiniti, Nissan, Renault and Samsung Suzuki Suzuki Toyota Daihatsu, Lexus, Scion, Subaru and Toyota Volkswagen Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini. Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. Significant ’independents’ making their own designs include Germany’s Porsche, India’s Tata, Japan’s Mitsubishi, Malasia’s Proton/Lotus and Russia’s VAZ (Lada). Chinese manufacturers tipped for possible inclusion shortly in this group include Chery, China Brilliance (makers of ZhongHua cars), Geely, Nanjing and Shanghai Automotive (Owner of South Korea’s SsangYong). 13


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CLASSICS AT CHAPEL-en-LE FRITH This years annual Classic Car show at the PACK HORSE CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH has a new format. On WEDNESDAY 22ND June from 7-30 on the rear car park there will be the usual gathering of classic cars. As before there will be catering by Jason Foster and R & B from Route 66. For details phone john 07778 165186. ON THURSDAY 23rd BIKES ALONE On the rear car park there will be an exclusive gathering of bikes so that you can spread out and better appreciate the quality of the machinery. Starting at 7-30 catering as before and music from RADIO MEMPHIS R & B. For details phone NICK 07870 876645 14


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Rust Never Sleeps Anthony Boe - June 2016 Neil Young fans will recognise the title of this missive: it's the name of one his many excellent albums. One of my favourites in fact. It's also a line from one of the best songs from the record: My My Hey Hey. I just love the main guitar riff. It sounds like the satisfying growl of an angle grinder noisily chewing it's way through a rusty manhole cover. I thought it an apt way to start to an article in which there is going to be much talk of rust (and possibly angle grinders). So with that in mind I thought I'd share the emerging story of the potentially financially ruinous decision we made recently. That of finally getting our 1973 DS 20/5 renovated. Those of you who have taken this step with your wear-worn classic will know this can be a process characterised by exhilarating highs and shocking lows. As I write, I'm in the latter category. When Neil Young sings that 'rust never sleeps' he's bang on the money but the oxidisation you're about to encounter is of the wideawake, hopped-up-on-super-strength-Red-Bull variety. You have been warned... The reputation of the DS as being a rust bucket is well known. Legendary in fact. The build-quality of old school Citroéns was far from good. No matter how much innovation the Citroén engineers designed into their cars, it simply did not feed through into the construction and longevity of the final products which is a disappointing paradox. To be fair, I was aware of this when I bought our D eight or so years ago but with its South African heritage I hoped this wouldn't be as great an issue. You see, like an ageing French Madame, the DS hides it's imperfections very well. Even the most pukka looking D, with good paint and solid mechanicals, can be hiding some eye-opening surprises when she coyly lifts her skirts to reveal the fundaments that lie beneath. When covers are removed, trim detached and seals are pried away the concealed evidence of the advancing years are insouciantly laid bare. And the D just looks innocently back at you and bats its eyelashes as if to say: 'well what did you expect?' Therefore, as our D was towed off to Graham Morton Vehicle Services in Holmbridge I knew that a roller coaster ride of emotions, financial calculations and budget-stretching decision-making lay ahead. It would be a constant battle between the penny pinching of the rational head and the pleadings of the emotional heart. 15D's issues. The rotten roof rail needs exTo be fair, I wasn't totally ignorant of our tensive repair to stop it leaking on my leg on rainy days. The paint on the fibreglass



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