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PSQM Submission Review Round 10 Spring 2016 Name of school Name(s) of teacher (s) Hub leader Hub Level submitted Reviewer Bedale CE Primary School Rosie Hopps Pam Waite Round 10 - North Yorks Hub Silver Award Di Stead Criteria Indicator A1 There is an effective subject leader for science A2 There is a clear vision for the teaching and learning of science. A3 A4 A5 The current School Development Plan has appropriate and active targets for science. There is a shared and demonstrated understanding of the importance and value of science to children's learning. The science coordinator knows about science teaching and learning across the school Observations There is plenty of evidence that the subject leader is effective included in: PSQM Action Plan Subject Leader Log CPD Activity list Portfolio And throughout the Reflections Production of Science Teaching Principles and PSQM Action Plan demonstrate that there is clear vision, with evidence that action has taken place in Science Event Calendar. A2 Reflection Portfolio Some evidence in School Science Development Plan and A3 Reflection Science Teaching Principles B1 Subject Leader Log A5 Reflection Portfolio Colleagues have had opportunities for CPD CPD Activity list within science including training and support Reflection B1 that increases their skills, knowledge & Portfolio understanding


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PSQM Submission Review Round 10 Spring 2016 Science Event Calendar Reflection B2 and C3 Portfolio Delighted to see that you purchased data loggers and visualisers for each classroom. I think that you will be able to find lots of ways of using the visualisers in your science teaching beyond using then as document cameras. I was pleased to see that you are promoting the wealth of resources on the STEM website and the TES website (Reflection B3) A5 and D2 Reflections provide information about developing the outdoors to enhance science learning. Science Event Calendar Portfolio Subject Leader Log CPD Activity list C2 Reflection Portfolio A2 and C3 Reflections Portfolio Subject Leader Log Science Event Calendar A1 and D1 Reflections Portfolio Subject Leader Log Science Event Calendar D2 Reflection Portfolio B2 There is a range of teaching and learning approaches B3 There is a range of up-to-date, quality resources specifically for teaching and learning science. ICT is used both as a tool and as a resource for teaching C1 All pupils are actively are engaged in their own learning and achievement; independently making decisions, answering their own questions, solving real problems. The purpose of science assessment is well understood and shared by the members of the school community. Assessment approaches are designed to fit those purposes. Children enjoy their science experiences in school Science supports other areas and contributes to maximising whole school initiatives while retaining its unique status There are clear links to outside agencies / organisations /communities to enrich science teaching and learning General reflection if appropriate C2 C3 D1 D2 E Overall comment This is a well organised, thorough and attractive submission, which provides a clear view of all the hard work done during the year by the science co-ordinator. There is plenty of evidence that Rosie is a good leader as she set up and developed new initiatives. Reviewer signature and date Di Stead 7th April 2016 This submission meets the criteria for PSQM Silver level. Congratulations on your PSQM silver award. Very well done. PSQM National Director


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PSQM Submission Review Round 10 Spring 2016 Additional points Rosie, you should not only feel proud of your staff, but also you should feel proud about the leadership you have provided and the obvious enthusiasm you have brought to this submission. This is a good clear silver submission with some strong elements of gold (such as regularly holding CPD for students on the SCITT training program, using Skype to talk to children across the world). You are in a good position to continue and extend your outreach work (such as writing an article for ASE’s Primary Science, contributing to an ASE conference) so that you can develop a gold submission when you resubmit in three years’ time. Good luck Please return to by 22nd April 2016



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