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Using Empac7-420 Super Plant food for MMJ Cultivation

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Empac7 /420 Earth friendly, natural, and safe for indoor/outdoor MMJ use. Can be used in any growing medium, soil, aeroponics, hydroponics, or other media. A unique, complete formula under development for over 15 years. The results... increased germination, sprouting, foliage, flowers, fruits, biomass and crop yields, in all plants, in all climates. BACKGROUND: Fertilizers are man’s attempt to selectively insert technology into the natural cycle of plant growth. Empac7 takes the opposite approach. To harness the power of nature, it is important first to understand that plant growth is only one part of a natural CYCLE, which includes, air, water, soil (or other growth medium) AND the invisible microbes that absorb natural available elements and transforms them into food for the growing plant. Why Empac7 /420? If it’s not “fertilizer” what IS the secret? Empac7 doesn’t fight nature. It is designed to duplicate the ideal natural growth environment, and act as a catalyst to accelerate the natural growth cycle of plants. No other product on the market, synthetic or organic, adopts this approach. Empac7 /420 is BEYOND organic. It accelerates Nature in a natural way. Read the science behind Empac7 – Online Brochure Why is this important? Because it can take almost 200 years for Nature to “organically” create even one inch of natural topsoil. On average, it can take hundreds to thousands of years for one centimeter of soil to form. The main soil forming factors are: climate, topography, parent material, time and biological factors (plants, animals, micro-organisms and humans). Different combinations and intensities of soil- forming factors lead to different soil types. ~United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization Any type of agriculture or horticulture “plantation” is technically a monoculture, which does not exist in Nature. Therefore, completely natural “organic” processes do not apply. There can be no complete organic cycle, when the process involves artificial planting, cultivation, irrigation and harvesting, all of which are interruptions of the natural cycle. The ideal solution for managed growth is to attempt to recreate the conditions which would provide the essential nutrients needed for the optimum growth of a particular species. Historically, all species of plants which survive through natural selection, have adapted to their environments and/or evolved into variations that suit the conditions within which they find themselves - rainfall, temperature, latitude, soil characteristics. Ideal conditions are not available everywhere for every species, so species variation occurs based on what nutrients and conditions are available. However, when you mix science and technology with horticulture, you can push plants further and faster than what would be possible in nature alone, by recreating ideal conditions and making optimum nutrients available.


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Empac7 has discovered and replicated the combination of ingredients which every species needs to thrive. AND, it makes those ingredients available to plants in a way that the individual plant can naturally best absorb those nutrients they need, in a balanced way, without creating toxic chemical imbalance and soil sterilization. (The toxic technique used by most “fertilizers.”) Empac7 harnesses the power of natural ecology to provide nutrients to plants. This means growth above and below – stems and roots. For any plant to reach its full potential of growth and production of foliage, buds, flowers or fruits, which it is genetically programmed to create, it must have available 1. Just The Right Combination of Nutrients and Minerals 2. At Just The Right Time, 3. in a manner that is accessible for the plant to absorb Empac7 /420 is a special combination for MMJ of more than 17 ingredients which duplicates ideal growing conditions and catalyzes subsequent chemical reactions between air, plant, roots, soil /medium, and microorganisms to complete the full natural cycle, for the entire duration of your grow, for superior yields and quality. While some products produce a cosmetic effect, only Empac7/420 energizes systemic molecular activities within the plant to:        Significantly Increase Bud Quality w/ Higher THC and/or CBD Levels! Significantly Increase Yields — Harvest After Harvest! More buds per plant. Significantly Decrease the Amount of Time Spent Tending to Plants! Significantly Decrease Water usage by maximizing healthy root growth! Significantly Increase plant health, strength and disease resistance Significantly Strengthen natural growth process vs. synthetic chemical dependency Works With Any Pre-Existing irrigation method & commercial cultivation! (NOTE: “Soil” as used herein is Specifically for MMJ, the following techniques have been established: interchangeable with “Medium” for aeroponic and hydroponic applications)        The influence of the growing medium, and in particular its nutrient content, to the potency of the plant is something which cannot be overlooked. Nitrogen can be positively correlated with higher potency and increased growth, and it is the most influential nutrient available to the grower. Cannabis’ need for phosphorus is the greatest during the seedling and flowering stages of its life cycle. The nutrients available at this stage determine eventual growth, size and health. (Just as with human nutrition). Adding ample Nitrogen ensures fast lush growth, enabling a Cannabis/Hemp plant to outgrow almost any other plant. Cannabis’ need for phosphorus is the greatest during the seedling and flowering stages of its life cycle. Potassium is associated with strong sturdy stems and plants with a high resistance to diseases and pests. A plant growing in a poor soil, low in nutrients will develop better than a plant growing in over-fertilized soil.


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    Although Carbon Dioxide cannot be classified as a true nutrient, it can be used to increase growth during the vegetative stage, and is provided naturally through microbe interchange. Although Cannabis does not grow well in a soil with a low nutrient content, this is preferable to a soil that has been toxified by over-fertilization. A strong healthy plant has natural resistance to pests and competing weeds, reducing/eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides. This natural capability is weakened by imbalanced toxic over-fertilization. A properly functioning growth cycle naturally regulates ideal pH. Constant artificial adjustment of pH is an indication of an imbalanced cycle. Contents & Mix Rates: Contents: Water soluble balanced solution of 17 naturally-derived ingredients and minerals Certified Analysis: NPK (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus) 7-7-7; Sulfur 2 Compatibility: Fully Compatible - easy to mix; activated by WATER Coverage: Varies per crop and irrigation method. (Average: 16oz diluted => 1000sf) Super Concentrated: 1oz per 2-4 gallons water (preferably non-fluoridated) Application rate: * * * * * Mix 1oz into 1-4 gal water. Depending on root concentrations Apply to soil &/or foliage Trees and lawns: 1oz per gallon solution, apply to soil 3-4 times per year Add to aeroponic or hydroponic reservoir: 1oz per 2-4 gal solution Irrigation mix rate: Mix 1 ml per 1-gal water, apply with watering Stressed or unhealthy plants: apply diluted premix directly around roots This unique combination of plant-friendly nutrients opens up your plants roots for maximum uptake of both oxygen and minerals at breakneck speeds which results in unprecedented plant growth and performance. Because it stimulates all of a plant’s natural processes, Empac7 /420 may significantly enhance the flavors of harvested buds, as well as increase CBD and THC levels throughout, compared to other growing protocols. You will notice larger yields and the plants quality will be similar to that which professional commercial growers have experienced with other crops – from flowers, to tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, orchards, grains, etc. More flowering buds mean more harvest, and stronger, denser stems and roots. Many customers are able to grow medicinal quality marijuana when using nothing but a functional hydroponic system and Empac7 /420. Although results vary based on expertise and strains grown via seeds and clones, many customers invariably report a 25-40% boost in yield weight, improved quality, and aroma, ALONG WITH shorter maturation times. Available in a variety of packaging configurations, for the reseller, personal grower or commercial enterprise. For certain reseller/affiliates with pre-existing, established market outlets, private labeling may be an option. Please contact us for your specific needs.



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