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Issue Thirteen

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c vh 1st Class az ine issue thirteen group la ss Mag cvh #A Locherz Knight ©A.J. Singh 1st C K g i n o t ht e m e R r e mb


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featu e8 Siiren Sire - pag Locherz Knight Aspire to Inspire - page6 Anna’s Panorama with Designer Rod Sellard - page26 Jody Du Priest. - page14 2


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ures rt Philip Ashley A - page44 Angelo Borer page3 2 Vlady - page54 a lg O h it w a rc Visit Majo Artist Tina Francis - page70 3


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contents 06 Aspire to Inspire 08 Singing Sensation Siiren Sire 12 Olympia Awards 14 Jody Du Priest 18 Martial Artist/Actor Ewart Chin 22 Sue Phillips - Fragrance 26 Anna’s Panorama - Marie Rod Sellard 30 Precious Pets 32 Angelo Borer 36 ‘Talking Transport’ with Mike 38 Wheels of Life 41 Diabetes Care 42 Ask Françoise 44 Philip Ashley Art 48 A Debt of Gratitude 50 Darviny Darviny 54 On Holiday with Olga 60 In the Oven 62 Tammie meets Cher Rue 64 Ms California Plus America 66 Ask a PC 70 Artist Tina Francis 76 Mailbag 79 Breastfeeding - The Facts 80 Meet Anna Karin’s Faithful Friends 82 Beauty Secrets WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES 4


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Letter from EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 The Editor Hello Dear Readers, Welcome to our Issue 13 as we bring you a variety of interesting extraordinary people from around the world, who are making a difference in life. These inspirational stories, many have overcome great obstacles in their lives and have persevered to succeed, Bringing great hope that impossible dreams can come true. To those of you who are new readers we are a humanitarian family magazine a non profit group. Our correspondents are worldwide especially chosen for their compassionate caring nature, their ability not to just report, but to genuinely care, respecting all we interview. Our media correspondents have become more like a friendly family and it is that positive bond that spurs us on as thoughts have wings so does good people united who genuinely enjoy meeting people and bringing you new stories and features we hope you may enjoy. MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard Bob Alston SOCIAL MEDIA EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce JOURNALISTS Christina Howard Anna Karin Daniel Millan Nicole Sitzler Francisca Mendoza Garcia MAGAZINE DESIGN & PRODUCTION Bob Alston PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE RAPhotograhy | Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) Editor QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: +44 (0)7713 973640 Christina V Howard Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. ON THE COVERS: front & back pages sponsored by Shilpa Patel Locherz Knight #A Knight to Remember Siiren Sire Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 5


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Aspire To Inspire Locherz Knight la ss Mag Firstly, myself and Teddy would like to say hello and we are very proud to be British as you can see. We View life in a positive way, we know it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but we believe that if you can change your thoughts, from the negative into a positive, your whole out look, and life in general will excel to the greatest heights. It doesn’t matter what you thought or did a year ago, a week ago, a day ago, and even a minute ago. Responding to what you are thinking and feeling, is NOW ! We always say, “what you think about, you bring about” so if you stay in that positive mind set, it will only do you good, and never stop. We know it’s not easy with day to day reality, but it can be done. As everything that has been invented and created throughout the history of mankind began with one thought. From that one thought, a way was made, and it manifested from the invisible into the visible, and the impossible to the possible. To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, Rich, beautiful, or perfect. We just need to care. We were born to unite with each other, so always spread the love and aspire to inspire others, as to unite as one, will only make a better world for each and everyone one of us. If you replace every negative thought with a positive thought you will be amazed how suddenly good luck is attracted to you. Now your laughing that is unreal if it was that easy everyone would be happy. But here is the catch it is almost too difficult for you to do this. You try and suddenly for one day no matter how rotten your day is no matter who has been negative to you. Switch off, would you, if someone gave you a hot coal to carry around in the palm of your hands. No because it would burn you, so why carry around negativity towards someone who was nasty to you. Your thoughts of anger is not hurting them but it is effecting yourself. Because your thoughts become your energy and with an repelling aura , no good luck can be attracted to you. Spend a whole week letting negative thoughts go. Become free. Love always from the Knights of London. Be lucky, stay positive and spread the love. Stay positive and create your own happiness. 6 © Yelena Richy az ine cvh 1st C


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la ss Mag © Yelena Richy az ine cvh 1st C 7


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Siiren Sire by Locherz Knight la ss Mag I am very proud to introduce you to a beautiful young lady and awesome Reggae Star Siiren Sire here in London. She is not just an exceptional singer, composer, dancer, she is genuinely a very down to earth person and here is my exclusive interview with her. Q&A Siiren, how old were you when your first started writing songs? “I started song writing from the age of 14 years of age. Even at that age it felt so comfortable and it felt like a burning desire to continue doing it. Later in my early twenties I entered into the recording studio for the first time and recorded some songs of a pop genre. After working with many different styles I finally stumbled upon a genre that I could immerse myself right into which was Reggae/Dancehall music. I found my sound in this style.” How would you describe your song writing? “Song writing for me is about growth, when I write I develop not just my craft, but I improve myself. Melody is very important to me as that’s what engages the listener, then the chorus is the money shot that hooks the ears of the listener. Once my producer has created a beat, those are the two ingredients I have got to add to the pot to make those 3 to 4 minutes unforgettable. I would like to eventually write for established artists. I am an independent artist and it’s great for us to get our music heard in another avenue. It can grow you a wider audience as an indie. I grew up listening to a range of diverse music and continue to today.” Which is your favourite genre? “Out of all the genres Reggae music excites me. It has no age range or gender it’s a sound for everybody who loves music. Its universal.” Tell us about your first single and latest album? “In 2013 I had my first worldwide release of my first single and Video titled ‘Skank It’ followed by a 3 track EP ‘Drop It Down Low’ swiftly followed by my album self-titled ‘Siiren’. Skank It reached number 6 in the music chart. In 2015 I took a year hiatus from music and writing. Then in early December of the same year I decided I wanted to go back into the studio to start work on a new album. I felt refreshed and was buzzing with new ideas. I wrote a song over that Christmas period and went back into the studio to lay down the vocals. This track is titled ‘Doppelganger’. This I to believe to be a very strong song and decided to shoot a video for it. This song carries a special message how we should as individuals shine in our own light. Have faith and self-belief in ourselves and not try to be like anyone else as sometimes you can be swayed to do .... Just Do You!! Doppelganger is due out for worldwide digital download release in July 2016.” Locherz Knight & Teddy - A Knight to Remember. Locherz Knight is a London actor, film director, professional dancer, also comedy entertainer, and since a child star on television commercials spiralled into modelling/acting. He is also works as a close protection driver. His parrot Teddy is also an actor. Locherz hobbies are music and reading, live theatre and cooking healthy meals. 8 az ine cvh 1st C


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la ss Mag az ine cvh la ss Mag az ine 1st C cvh 1st C 9


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Who are your favourite singers and bands? “Singers: Sean Paul; Popcaan; Bob Marley; Nicki Minaj; Jessie J; Bryan Adams. “Bands: Bon Jovi; Daughtry; UB40; Aerosmith.” Who are your favourite actors and actresses? “Al Pacino; Michael Douglas; Jodie Foster; Jack Nicholson; Samuel L Jackson.” Which TV shows and films did you most enjoy? “TV shows were Empire; Sons of Anarchy; Columbo; Breaking Bad; White Collar; Hand of God. Films were Scarface; The Accused; Fatal Attraction; Dirty Dancing; Misery.” What is your favourite animal? “I love watching Deer in the wild.” How did you get into the entertainment industry? “I am totally in love with music and always have been. I decided just to go into a studio and see what I could do. Looking back I remember thinking to myself whatever this feeling is, let me share it.” Tell us about your recent project and where the readers can find out more. “I have recently released my official music video to my new track. In 2015 I took a year hiatus from music and writing. Then in early December of the same year I decided I wanted to go back into the studio to start work on a new album. I felt refreshed and was buzzing with new ideas. I wrote a song over that Christmas period and went back into the studio to lay down the vocals. This track is titled ‘Doppelganger’. This I to believe to be a very strong song and decided to shoot a video for it. This song carries a special message how we should as individuals shine in our own 10 light. Have faith and self-belief in ourselves and not try to be like anyone else as sometimes you can be swayed to do .... Just Do You!! Doppelganger is due out for worldwide release in July2016.” Video to Doppelganger: watch?v=ibaCKI0A-ws Soundcloud: https://soundcloud. com/siiren-sire Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/SiirenSireOfficial/ Twitter: SiirenSire Instagram: https://www. If you were granted one wish to go back in time who would you like to meet, and why? “Bob Marley is my hero and he was one of the world’s most amazing Reggae artists, and in my opinion he still is till this very day . He stood for what he believed in, to treat people the way you would expect to be treated. The man’s music spoke volumes, Bobs music is universal. He also had amazing quotes which I live by. My favourite is this one: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.” Who would you like to meet today, and why? “Oprah Winfrey, because she is one the most inspiring figures for all humanity. She is an individual who did not grow up with an easy life. But despite all what she had to endure each obstacle it had never stopped her to strive to success and to transform her life and the lives of others. Oprah is not selfish. She is a huge believer in universal law. Oprah’s philanthropy has developed and enhanced many people’s lives across the world.” If you could choose to come back in another life, who would you come back as? “I believe the life I am experiencing at this very moment is more than enough for me. And why? I believe in my motto ‘Live life. Enjoy it. Experience it.’ Once my journey here on this planet has come to an end I would like to have left my legacy and move on to the eternal realm to hopefully experience the next chapter.” If you could have a special power what would it be? “That’s very easy for me. I would be psychic. I know with a special gift like that, can come many burdens, but also can bring hope to you and others. And we all need hope in our lives as it keeps us moving forward.” Who would you like to thank for supporting your career? “I would like to thank the universe. She has never let me down, even in the trying times she has always pulled through for me. I know I can always rely on her.”


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la ss Mag az ine cvh la ss Mag If you could aspire to inspire people what would you tell them? “To always be yourself and trust your instincts. Stay true to your craft or whatever you are feeling the desire to do. You must always believe things will work out. It May not be the way you expect but I promise you, it will always be better.” Thank you Siiren for your lovely interview. “Thank you Lochz & Teds.” Photography by AJ Singh la ss Mag az ine cvh az ine 11 1st C cvh 1st C 1st C


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International Arts Culture Olympia Awards Of Art & Entertainment la ss Mag az ine cvh History has its own forensic science of the identity of the now as Humanity graces it’s unyielding dignity to preserve its Glory of goodness in the fibre optics illumination of love, and unification of the highest elevation of the world’s most gifted and greatest talents, are compulsively sought out and vigorously recognized to the world stage of universal enlightenment; in the noble character of humble men and women of purity, and just; constitute a well-meaning justice to activate, and Inspire underdeveloped talents; in all areas of entertainment. Absorption levels the playing field of all cultures to transcend its diversities to compete beyond the formidable World Olympic for centuries, as we are recognised with a historical pride of every 4 years, and how we cheer, but this global indoctrination has this blueprint of a universal family, and as history is constantly changing; so are our families. 1st C Carole Gray and Cerdan Smith, Hollywoods Golden Media Couple and the lifetime personal media FEA/OA to Dr Antonio Gellini. They are also Ambassadors for peace (Universal Peace federation) as well as World Film Institute, Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards. Carole herself is a renowned Celebrity, CoHost, Vocalist, Singer and Songwriter. Cerdan is a Celebrity Media Host and a renowned artist. Both enjoy socialising, healthy food and music. 12 la ss Mag az ine cvh 1st C


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by Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Dr. Antonio Gellini gave forth to the world an International Universal idea. The observation of a family has a new child member called the birth of the Olympia Award Games of Arts and Entertainment ‘8” Arts of the World, a celebration and international festivities for two weeks from various countries from all parts of the world, hosting the event every two years challenging each category of Film, Literature, Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Theatre, and Fashion. Fifteen categories of one hundred and twenty games of competition, with opening and closing ceremonies. Dr. Gellini’s welcomes talented children of wonder and wisdom to anticipate and watch their mentors win. Not an Oscar, nor an Emmy award, but the world awards of international competition of the Olympia Award games of Arts and entertainment. He dazzles the excitement of countries eager to host this new model of marvel, in a forever-new expansion to unite and bond nations together, on a new Universal level of world entertainment in the construction and development of coordination and ideas of this Mammoth of Dreams Dr. Antonio Gellini ushers his way from continents to Kingdom and cultural diversity like China, Turkey, Paris; and the countries of quest are yet to compete with the world’s best. There is no separation for triumphant in the highest stratosphere of the human spirit. We embrace the circumference of love in the world idea of a humble simple soul of a great man, Dr. Antonio Gellini. la ss Mag Cerdan A. Smith, Carole Gray Lifetime Exclusive Personal Media FFA/OA To Dr. Antonio Gellini CVH 1ST Class Magazine (UK), Columnist Ambassadors for Peace (Universal Peace Federation) CDAEM World Film Institute Family Film Awards Olympia Awards Dr. Antonio Gellini, Founder/Chairman 13 az ine cvh 1st C


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Jody Du Priest by Christina V Howard Here is Jody Du Priest a renowned amazing Hairstylist and Make Up Artists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jet setting Celebrity Stylist he is one of the greatest unique and creative artists of our time. Travelling all around the States of America from film studio set and highly respected by all the Worlds International Magazines. What makes Jody extra special besides his extraordinary skills is his warm infectious personality and his high regard for all who professionally work on a shoot with him, from photographers, producers, models and media. Meeting Jody is an unforgettable experience he is so very professional and has a great personality, indeed it was a great pleasure to interview him. Bruce Smith is the photographer for this image of Jody du Priest. He has also worked with other models in the South Florida area. Anyone interested in his work can contact him via email: ©Smithco Photo Images Tel: 754-779-1367 la ss Mag Q&A Jody, how did you first get involved in your career? “My introduction to my present profession was my parents. They were in the entertainment business. My father was a musician with the legendary band leader of the 50’s Xavier Cugat. My mother was into the theatre and growing up backstage to this world was easily for my attraction to the glamour. Watching how actors prepared was really my beginning lessons to my art.” Did any role models inspire you? “Only one true person really struck that bolt of me falling in love with what shaped my world Vidal Sassoon.” 14 az ine cvh with me studying History of Clothes Design, Art and Music was my beginning. Finally in 1967 I was accepted on a two year course through my High School for a Cosmetology Vocational Program. I studied so hard and was top of my class. I was so proud to be living what I longed to be and finally in 1970 graduated and started my first job.” Looking back, was there any special person in the early days who motivated you? “My step-father gave me a lesson that in order to be doing what I really loved I had to have advanced training in order to stand out and climb in the fashion industry. My dream came true, I was packed up from Florida to attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy in New York City where I had training for the next 4 years.” This was the turning point for you and I am fascinated what happened next. “My time in New York opened my world to theatre and the fashion industry and then modelling agencies. Slowly I began my travels to Hollywood and New York then South Florida for the next 40 years plus.” 1st C How old were you when you knew you wanted this career? “I was only 14 years old reading of this new hair celebrity Vidal Sassoon making headlines in the entertainment world. I followed all the latest news from England this sudden invasion of music and fashion. I had The Beatles, Mary Quant, The Mod Look, Twiggy, Mini Skirts. What was not to worship? I wanted to be part of this so much for my 60’s British Fashion era was only the beginning to my world.” What steps did you take to fulfil your dreams? “I studied every teen magazine, Marianne Faithfull was my goddess of fashion. Here I was a yank following all the ladies on their hair and make-up was my love for all British culture began


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Are there any special teachers who you wish to thank? “There are so many great teachers that I must honour over a period of time, all have moulded my character and tuned my skills over. I can give my stories of some of the most talents I have had to share with my photographer’s list is of the highest level. I was trained as understudy to Broadway’s ‘The Wiz’ and Neil Simon’s ‘The Good Doctor’. TV credits include two seasons as hair & make-up to the Miami Vice film ‘Miami’. Major adverts such as Lipton Tea and Instant Breakfast. Followed by Hawaiian Tropics, Nike, Oscar Myers, Timex, Look Magazine and Playboy Magazine. I have worked with production to NFL Miami’s Dolphins poster (football team) and Sports Illustrated Magazine. Also worked with the Great Bruce Weber of G.Q. magazine with two front covers of Paul Mazzoto and Steve White and worked with John Berry for Time Magazine. We worked originally on Miami Vice and with Michael Ray on Esquire Magazine and many of his corporate adverts. I have also done so many films and model shoots that I could go on forever.” What does it feel like to see your finished results? “It is a great feeling of having brought out the individuals best features and natural beauty. Especially when they love it too which makes me pleased to know they are very happy.” CVH 1st Class wish to thank Jody du Priest for giving us a real insight into his career and wish him continued success is his chosen path. ©Donna Paul Photography az ine la ss Mag cvh Ch 1st C d an r le 15



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