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Shrimps appetizer and scallops au gratin (by Anna Lovato)


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Ingredients: -10 scallops -some shrimps -cocktail sauce -parsley and garlic -a pinch of salt -olive oil -empty shells -some leaves of salad -sunflower seeds -breadcrumbs


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Utensils: -a mixing bowl -a knife -a tablespoon - an oven -a copping board picture


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Procedure (of the scallops au gratin) : Wash the parsley in cold water picture


p. 5

Cop the parsley and the garlic


p. 6

Put the olive oil, the chopped parsley and garlic in the mixing bowl


p. 7

Add a pinch of salt and mix with a spoon


p. 8

Then add the breadcrumbs and mix well


p. 9

Put the mixture of the mixing bowl on the scallops with a tablespoon


p. 10

Add the breadcrumbs and a little oil;


p. 11

Put everything in the oven at 200° C degrees for 10 minutes.


p. 12

Procedure (of the shrimps appetizer): Put the leaves of salad on the empty shells;


p. 13

Put some cocktail sauce on the salad;


p. 14

Lay some shrimps on it;


p. 15

Put another layer of cocktail sauce on the shrimps;



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