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TAXI VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY MAY 1966 - MAY 2016 TALK MAY 2016 ISSUE NO 575 VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY TAXI MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 PROUDLY PUBLISHED AND PRINTED IN MELBOURNE Print Post Approved number 100004912 50 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Voice of the Victorian taxi industry Australia’s premier independent taxi industry magazine th


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KIA CARNIVAL is now ready and approved to be a WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE TAXI The Kia Carnival and Kia Grand Carnival have been Australia’s most popular and best-selling people movers for several years, offering great value for money and features, with the Kia Grand Carnival also well accepted for use as a VTD compliant Wheelchair Access Taxi. Kia Motors Australia released the all new Kia YP Carnival in 2015 and now Automobility, one of the leaders of wheelchair access vehicles in Australia, have manufactured a TSC accepted Kia YP Carnival WAT. The TSC have inspected the Automobility Kia YP Carnival WAT and will allow this vehicle design to be licensed to operate as a WAT in Victoria. Automobility have also added additional features and benefits to assist drivers and their passengers including; Seating for driver and 6 passengers or driver, 4 passengers and 1 wheelchair Additional grab handles to assist passengers entry and exit of the vehicle Aluminium side steps Height adjustable seat belt for wheelchair occupant Extensive service and repair network across Victoria to keep your WAT on the road The Automobility Kia YP Carnival WAT meets the following TSC requirements; Allocated floor space of 1300mm L x 1500mm H x 800mm W Wheelchair occupant lap-sash seat belt Wheelchair restraints complying with AS 10542 Easy to use lightweight aluminium access ramp complying with AS 3856 Compliance to Australian Design Rules and relevant Australian Standards including an Engineering (VASS) certificate The new Automobility Kia YP Carnival WAT is available in petrol or diesel and is surely to be popular with drivers and passengers.


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KIA CARNIVAL YP Wheelchair Accessible Taxi • Quicker loading & unloading time means more trips per shift • Quick manufacturing time gets you earning sooner • Discreet conversion provides customer satisfaction for wheelchair and able bodied clients • High quality, reliable conversion means less time off the road • Authorised service centres Australia wide Our proven & successful Kia Carnival YP Wheelchair Accessible Taxi conversion has patented independent rear suspension & seating for driver, 1 wheelchair & 6 passengers. Call now to schedule a free demonstration 1800 662 454


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Conten t ing 38-49 TAXI TALK HISTORY celebr A look at some of the events that happened in the Victorian taxi industry over the past 50 years. a Views expressed in any article in Taxi Talk magazine are those of the individual contributor and not necessarily those of the publisher. The publisher cannot accept any responsibility for any opinions, information, errors or omissions in this publication. To the extent permitted by law, the publisher will not be liable for any damages including special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages (including but not limited to economic loss or loss of profit or revenue or loss of opportunity) or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising from the contract, tort or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such loss of profits or damage. Advertisements must comply with the relevant provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Responsibility for compliance with the Act rests with the person, company or advertising agency submitting the advertisement. YEARS Taxi Talk magazine has agreed to advertise taxi clubs because those clubs have stated that they and their products comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to insurance for taxi operators. Taxi Talk magazine has not independently verified these taxi clubs’ compliance, and give no warranty and make no representation as to whether the taxi clubs are compliant. Operators should satisfy themselves as to a taxi club’s compliance with laws and regulations through their own enquiries. These advertisements do not constitute recommendations by Taxi Talk magazine that operators purchase insurance products from taxi clubs. Taxi Talk magazine does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any operator because a taxi club or its product or service is non-compliant. TAXI VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY MAGAZINE Taxi Talk magazine is wholly owned by Trade Promotions Pty Ltd. COPYRIGHT © Trade Promotions Pty Ltd 2015. All rights reserved. The “Taxi Talk – Voice of the taxi industry” heading and logos are trademarks of Stanley F. White. Copyright of articles and photographs of Taxi Talk magazine remain with the individual contributors and may not be reproduced without permission. 4 | May 2016 Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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nts INDUSTRY CHOICES TAXI VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 12 WORLD NEWS UPDATE 22 32 58 MAGAZINE EDITOR Toni F. Peters FOUNDER Stanley F. White PUBLISHER Trade Promotions Pty Ltd Hans Altoff looks at the choices that the Victorian taxi industry has in front of it. Taxi industry news from around the globe. ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Mrs Toni Peters Trade Promotions Pty Ltd PO Box 2345, Mt Waverley VIC 3149 Phone: ....................................... 0400 137 866 Email: ............................. Website: .......................... YOU CANNOT HIDE 30 DISPLAY ADS HAVE YOUR SAY All copy, editorial and artwork must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to publication date. Advertisement sizes and costs can be downloaded at You can try and hide from your unpaid fines - but the Sheriff has new technology to find you. Send your comments and questions to us and we shall print them here. CLASSIFIED ADS $35 for 40 words, $70 for 80 words, etc. Email or Mail your classified advertisement by the 15th of the month prior to publication date, together with your payment. LICENCE STATISTICS 35 SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS 1 year = $40 Monthly Victorian taxi and hire car licence comparison. GOVERNMENT UPDATE 60 WHEN PARTNERS SEPARATE PAYMENT OPTIONS • • Via PAYPAL to Direct Deposit to Trade Promotions Pty Ltd BSB 033065 A/c 312786 Mail Cheque to Trade Promotions Pty Ltd PO Box 2345, Mt Waverley VIC 3149 Some helpful legal information for those that have recently separated. • proudly supporting these organisations since inception..... Update from the Taxi Services Commission on issues effecting the industry. Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry May 2016 |5


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editor’s desk As you may have guessed by now, this edition of Taxi Talk, Voice of the Taxi Industry - issue #575, celebrates our 50th year anniversary! What an achievement - what a milestone 50 years! Even though I have only been at the helm for a quarter of its history, I have been involved with Taxi Talk magazine in some way, shape or form for over 40 years. From typing the distribution list on a daisy wheel typewriter, tending the bookkeeping, transferring the magazine from typesetters to computer word processors, supervising the production of Taxi Talk and, for the last 14 years, leading role of Editor. Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry is very much a family affair. My father, Stan White started the magazine in 1966 and my mother, Isobel White, is the world’s best and most accurate proof reader. Also my husband, Marc, and children, Amy, Stuart and Eric, help in the office and with the distribution of the magazine. Over the past 50 years there have been many and varied changes within the Victorian taxi industry, legislation implementation, livery, uniforms, depots and Taxi Talk has been there all the way reporting on all that has been happening. Finally, a huge thank you to all our contributors, advertisers, supporters, friends and family. Without your support over the past 50 years, Taxi Talk would not be the great magazine it is today. A special thank you to our friend, Christine Eid, who assisted with the 1966 - 2016 historical research. from THE TAXI TALK 575 ISSUES It appears that the availability and reliability of Victorian’s Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATs) is vastly overrated. Drivers of WATs must take a minimum of 10 jobs a month and are meant to prioritise wheelchair jobs, but recently that doesn’t appear to be the case. Our community’s disabled rely upon this transportation service and the WATs should be supplying it. Apparently the government is undertaking a review of the Multi Purpose Taxi Program in the middle of this year, and it will be interesting to learn the outcome. Businesses that used to do mechanical repairs on taxis quite regularly, have seen a dramatic decrease in customers over the past few years. Similarly so has the second-hand car trade witnessed a drop in the sales of used cars to work as taxis. This is attributed to the fact that the current cars being used as taxis, especially the Camry, are just so well made and reliable. People don’t need to get repairs done just regular servicing - and when their time is up as a taxi, the owner just upgrades his car to the newest model. Now that Silver Top Taxis’ cars are becoming silver colour and 13CABS cars are going white, owners once again face the cost of respraying their cars when they change Network Service Providers. There goes 50 YEARS OF 6 | May 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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$2500 and time that the taxi is off the road. But, this is good for the guys who do the respraying. Since taxis no longer need to be yellow, the respraying business has been a bit quieter - but this will help to bump up business again. In NSW no new taxi licence plates will be released during 2016/17. The NSW government made this decision because the ‘Point to Point’ reform of the NSW transportation industry is still in transition stage. Yet Andrew Skelton, Cabcharge Chief Executive, recently told Fairfax Media, “To arbitrarily go, ‘right, no more licences for four more years, you can’t grow’ – I think that’s nuts. Taxis have to be able to evolve and grow into this massive transport opportunity … not at some contrived pace to protect some licence holders. The taxi industry is not licence holders”. Mr Skelton said he wanted the removal of the “artificial limit on the taxi industry’s ability to service customers” because it risked losing customers if it did not adapt. But where are the extra drivers going to come from? They all appear to have gone to ride-sharing app companies and are working more flexible hours. So, even if there are more licences released - who’s going to drive them? Perth currently has 6375 drivers while Uber is catching up with some 3200 drivers registered. But the Uber drivers spend significantly less time on the road and on average they only work 19 hours per week, whereas the Perth taxi driver works an average of 45.6 hours per week. Taxi Industry Forum WA chairperson, Howard Lance says, “the major issue for the taxi industry moving forward is attitude - the customer needs to come first. From driver presentation, to the length of time it takes to order a car - customers want to know the car’s going to turn up on time and the system at the moment is not providing that to them at all”. And now, a new on-demand transport company, Shofer, has started business in Perth with 80 cars. It offers similar fare prices to the taxis, but has additional safety features for drivers and riders, including an in-car breathalyser, 24/7 safety cameras and a panic button. South Australian government will pay a once off $30,000 for each licence to licence owners and $50 per week for maximum of 11 months to licence lessees, as compensation for allowing app-based services, Uber, Ingogo, GoCatch, Oiii to operate from 1 July 2016. Also they will not issue any new licences for five years. This package will be funded by a $1 levy on all metropolitan trips across all car hire platforms. Down in Tasmania a very similar approach has been taken. Uber drivers will have to submit to a Police Check, the government will freeze the release of new taxi licences for at least one year and the ability to get fares from ranks or street hails can only be serviced by registered taxis. iHail, a smartphone app that will connect customers to every taxi in their immediate area, is soon to start operations in Australia. Well, that’s every taxi within specific taxi groups. In Victoria it will be every taxi that is within the Silver Top Taxis and 13CABS networks. This is great and is going a long way towards having one dispatching system, one common goal, servicing the customer with the nearest available taxi. But what about the regular phone dispatching networks? Will the networks also be sharing their phone bookings with each other, or will they still keep those phone bookings specifically for themselves? Perhaps the government will implement a standard that all taxi bookings, via phone app - website - phone call, can be pooled and then offered to all in Victoria’s taxi fleet. What a novel idea! Toni Peters Editor TT 1 YEAR OF TAXI TALK MAGAZINES BOUND TOGETHER in a leather-look cover MAY 2015 - APRIL 2016 RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY PLACE YOUR ORDER BY 20 MAY 2016 Send your 2015/16 Taxi Talk Bound Edition order to:EMAIL - SMS - 0400 137 866 Include your name, address and contact phone number ONLY $96 (inc GST) Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS May 2016 |7


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In the beginning T he first issue of Taxi Talk hit the depots on the first day of May 1966. The first magazine to serve the whole taxi industry in Victoria. During this time we have had a lot of growing pains, headaches and frustrations. We have made a few mistakes and had a few successes too. We even scooped a big daily paper with our series, “The Streets of Melbourne”. But in spite, and because of it all, Taxi Talk is a big success and we are very proud of it. The decision to publish Taxi Talk as a medium for dissemination for taxi news constituted a progressive move by the publishers for the Victorian taxi operators and drivers. This is an intriguing and complex industry. Taxis are a key part of the public transport mix in the State of Victoria. Analysts will say the combination of reforms, competition and new technology provide a threat that has yet to be properly assessed. Concerns about the availability and quality of taxis is currently a major public issue in Victoria. A viable solution is in the hands of our Government. Here’s hoping they listen to the people with hard-won knowledge of how to best serve the interests of both the public and industry. Thanks to our advertisers, and thanks to our readers for supporting them. It is the advertisers who make it possible for you to get Taxi Talk free, so stick to them, they have stuck to you. We are proud to continue to chronicle the taxi industry and bring the news and regulation changes each month. Toni Peters has been doing a great job running the magazine and she will continue to keep up with all the breaking news. We are watching our industry change before our eyes. Tell us again why Uber deserves its own set of regulations? It has been a great 50 years. Stan White Founder TT 8 | May 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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taxitalk We’ve had a makeover! Taxi Talk - voice of the taxi industry, Australia’s long standing taxi industry magazine has been freshened up. This month’s edition includes birthday wishes from a variety of industry personnel and a look at the Victorian taxi industry over the past 50 years. That’s in addition to the more in-depth features, industry updates, world news and government issues. on the ranks since 1966 magazine Australia’s premier taxi magazine is proudly independent. TAXI MAY 1966 - MAY 2016 VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY • Taxi Talk magazine Took its first faltering steps in May 1966 and started providing a forum for a common cause in the taxi and hire car industry. A progressive approach to sharing the industry’s news to Victorian taxi owners, operators and drivers. 11 issues a year! (Feb - Dec) Updated monthly with the current magazine edition. TALK MAY 2016 ISSUE NO 575 VOICE OF THE TAXI INDUSTRY TAXI MAGAZINE ON THE RANKS SINCE 1966 PROUDLY PUBLISHED AND PRINTED IN MELBOURNE Print Post Approved number 100004912 50 ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Voice of the Victorian taxi industry Australia’s premier independent taxi industry magazine • Taxi news th • Monthly editions • Phone 0400 137 866 | Email | Website Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS May 2016 |9


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s Minister’s Message Happy Birthday Taxi Talk! A lot has changed in 50 years. When your first pocket-sized edition came out women weren’t allowed to drive, Melbourne Airport didn’t exist and there was no such thing as a wheelchair accessible taxi. Fortunately, we’ve become more inclusive since then. Taxis are now a lifeline for many with disabilities, a livelihood for some of Melbourne’s newest citizens, and women have proven themselves more than capable behind the wheel. Now is also a time of transition in the taxi industry. Technology is changing the way people travel, and taxis, like all transport industries, must change with it. But while some of our biggest challenges lie ahead, so too do some of our biggest opportunities. The taxi industry has proven itself resilient, adaptable and successful for well over 50 years, and I am sure that in 50 years time – when Taxi Talk gets it’s letter from the Queen – there will be a taxi to get me home safe and sound. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this seminal edition. Your commitment to tell the stories, raise the issues and celebrate the successes of Victoria’s taxi industry has contributed so much to making this industry what it is today. The Hon Jacinta Allan Minister for Public Transport and Employment TT 10 | May 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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s in the area of Mount Waverley there’s $18,036,000 * in lost super Call Westpac Mount Waverley on 9809 6155 for your free Lost Super Search today. *$18,036,000 is an estimate of the amount of lost and ATO held super for postcode 3149 as at 28 October 2015. The amount of lost and ATO held super for the Mount Waverley area will be different to this estimate if the area includes other postcodes and/or postcode 3149 includes other suburbs (Source:, Lost-and-ATO-held-super-by-postcode) This information does not take into account your personal circumstances, so you should consider whether it's appropriate for you. BT Funds Management Limited ABN 63 002 916 458 is the issuer of interests in BT Super for Life, which is a part of Retirement Wrap ABN 39 827 542 991, RSE R1001327. The Bank is not the issuer of BT Super for Life. Neither the Bank nor any other company in the Westpac Group stands behind or otherwise guarantees the capital value or investment performance of BT Super for Life. 2014 Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714. LOS111_033065 Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry YEARS May 2016 | 33


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Choices in this industry The choices that are available for the Taxi Industry are limited by Government Legislation and Regulation. So, why is the industry continuously blamed for everything that does not meet the expectations of the public and Government? The reason lies in the fact that governments often make decisions that are not consistent with what is in the best interest of the public. Their decisions are influenced by lobbyists, financial interest, economists, opposition political parties and many other interest groups. So let’s have a look at Uber, one of the pressing problems the government is faced with. The government has the choice to legalise or not to legalise Uber. Sounds simple, but is it? Of course it is not. If the decision is made to legalise, then the government has even more choices to consider, like should Uber be regulated in the same form as the taxi industry or should legislation be changed to accommodate the Uber business model? More fundamentally, should Australian Law be upheld in the face of an American corporate bully that treats our laws with total disdain? If the government chooses to prohibit Uber from operating one might, again, think that the problems are over, far from it. Uber will take the government head-on, using all its substantial financial and human resources, as well as its advertising power, in order to convince the authorities that it is working in an environment in which our laws are meaningless. Should fares be regulated in the interest of the public, or the public be left to fend for themselves in an environment of unregulated fares? DO YOU HAVE... • something to sell? • a service to offer? • a new product? So what choice does the poor old taxi industry have in all this? It seems that there is nothing we can do. If we look at who comprises the real taxi industry we see several thousand small businesses that are regulated and licensed to provide a world class service to its customers for a fair price, on a 24/7 basis. Taxis in Melbourne can be hailed by anybody without the use of an app and the taxi will bring the passenger safely to its destination. Advertise in TAXI TALK 12 | May 2016 Voice of the Victorian Taxi Industry YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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The new iHail app that recently got The Customer who rings a network approved by the ACCC is man- is still reliant on the mercy of the Prepare to pass your dated to distribute its work to the network for answering the phone Victorian Taxi Driver Accreditation Test and withsubmitting the request to the WHOLE MELBOURNE FLEET Taxi Test Prep. OF TAXIS. taxi driver. In other words, the consumer no Practice and gain confidence. longer has to wait for a taxi of a 100’s of practice questions on: network, and any yellow • Driverparticular Behaviour • Drivertaxi General Knowledge can service him. No longer has • Knowing Your Way Aroundonly access to 50% the consumer Melbourne of Melbourne’s taxis. Learn wherever you are. tablet, or desktop - 24/7 But maybe we are not as devoid of choices as we think and sometimes the most unusual things can happen like.... Taxi Talk being the Voice of the Industry for 50 Years and me still being here to say to Stan, Isobel and Toni Congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Hans Altoff Taxi Owner TT Maybe somebody could tell the networks and the government that the networks could make this work also available to the whole fleet of Melbourne taxis and thereby create a world first. Sorry, I got carried away. Log in and learn via phone, Access to the whole Fleet is still restricted to the customer who uses an app or rank or hail. Co-operation in Melbourne’s taxi industry, surely I am dreaming. FREE English Language Support! Track your progress and watch yourself improve. Visit our website to your start yours now. Prepare to pass PREPARE FOR 100’s of practice questions on: Victorian Taxi Driver Accreditation Test with Victorian Taxi Driver Accreditation Test with • Driver Behaviour Practice and gain confidence. Taxi Test Taxi Test Prep. Sign up today. *$19.99 forPrep. each test or $49.99 for all 3 tests (bundle) • Driver General Knowledge FREE TRIAL! Victorian Knowledge Taxi Test TAXI TEST PREP 100’s of practice questions • Knowing Your Way on: Around Prepare to pass your Victorian Taxi Driver Accreditation Test with Prepare pass your Taxi to Test Prep. Victorian Taxi Driver Accreditation Test with TaxiPractice TestPrepare Prep. and gain confidence. to pass your Practice and gain confidence. 100’s of practice questions on: All practice questions are based on the Official Knowledge Handbooks from • Driver Behaviour *Prices are for 90-day subscriptions. Practice, learn & gain confidence • Driver General Knowledge • Fully interactive software • Knowing Your Way Around • Melbourne Question bank containing hundreds of questions relating to:Learn wherever you are. • Driver Behaviour Log in and learn via phone, • General Assessment tablet, or desktop - 24/7 • Geographic Assessment Melbourne Log in and learn via phone, • Driver General Knowledge • Knowing Way Around tablet, or desktopYour - 24/7 Learn wherever wherever you are. Learn you are Log in in and via phone, Log andlearn learn via phone, Learn wherever you are. tablet, desktop - 24/7 tablet, laptop, or desktop - 24/7 Track your progress and watch tablet, or desktop - 24/7 yourself improve. Track your progress and watch Log in and learn via phone, Melbourne • Driver Behaviour The most accurate & professional Melbourne Practice and gain confidence. • Driver Knowledge tool to General assist you in preparing for 100’s of practice questions on: • Knowing Your Way Around Learn wherever youTest are. the Knowledge • Driver Behaviour Track your progress and watch yourself improve. yourself improve. today ! Visit FREE TRIAL! Invest in yourself for $19.99 per Sign up today. *$19.99 for each test or $49.99 for all 3 tests (bundle) Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry May 2016 | 13 Sign up today. *$19.99 for each test or $49.99 for all 3 tests (bundle) Sign up today. *$19.99 for each test or $49.99 for all 3 tests (bundle) YEARS All practice questions are based on the Official Knowledge Handbooks from Visit our website to start yours now. FREE TRIAL! FREE English module or $50 Language Support! Support! for all threeVisit ! our website to start yours now. Language Track your progress and watch yourself improve. Give yourself the FREE best chan ce & keep English your self on the Language ro FREE ad Support! not in the English classro om. LanguageFREE English FREE TRIAL! Visit our website to start yours now. Sign up today. *$19.99 for each test or $49.99 for all 3 tests (bundle) Support! FREE TRIAL! TAXI TEST PREP Visit our website to start yours now.


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An impressive achievement! Fifty years of publishing is an impressive achievement for Stan White and his family. I first met Stan in early 1980 when I placed my first advertisement in Taxi Talk for the G1 taximeter and I have continued to advertise in Taxi Talk for most of the last 36 years. Taxi Talk has always been widely read within the industry. For many years Taxi Talk was the official magazine for the Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) but in recent times it has become completely independent. Taxi Talk now publishes a variety of opinions from a range of contributors and this makes it a more interesting magazine. It’s refreshing that the Victorian taxi industry now has a magazine through which a range of issues may be expressed. For example, the confidentiality of income data and the privacy of financial information is a burning issue for many operators and taxi drivers. However, that issue gets virtually no coverage in other taxi industry publications. Over a period of many decades, most taxi operators and drivers have become somewhat blasé to the fact that taximeters record very sensitive and confidential financial information about their operations. This was not a concern for most operators and drivers until 2003 when taximeters first became interfaced to EFTPOS terminals for the purpose of automating the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP). Since that time there has been ever growing concern about unauthorised people obtaining access to the confidential financial information of operators and drivers through the accessing of data from taximeters. Technology integration is part of the problem. Technology integration occurs when different aspects of technology communicate with each other and share information. In the taxi industry this usually means that EFTPOS terminals or dispatch systems capture information from taximeters. Technology integration can produce operational efficiencies but it also produces its own risks. One such risk is that privacy can be compromised and that information about individual businesses can be accessed by those who have no legitimate right to that information. With these concerns in mind, my company has designed a new model of taximeter which does not require integration to EFTPOS terminals or dispatch systems in order to function efficiently and effectively. The new G5 taximeter will be able to process MPTP transactions completely independently of any EFTPOS terminal and it includes safeguards to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive financial data for the benefit of taxi operators and drivers alike. It is my firm view that the issue of data confidentiality and privacy needs to be discussed and debated vigorously within the industry and Taxi Talk can be an important facilitator of that discussion process. I have no doubt that Taxi Talk will continue to play the vital role of educating and informing taxi industry stakeholders and I wish Taxi Talk every success for the future. Congratulations to Stan, Isobel and Toni on achieving this magnificent milestone. Happy 50th Birthday Taxi Talk! Schmidt Electronics Laboratories TT Gary Schmidt 14 | May 2016 YEARS Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry


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WHO OWNS YOUR INCOME DATA? Your Taximeter Your Income Data Their Taximeter WHOSE INCOME DATA? RE-INSTALL YOUR Schmidt G4 Taximeter AT NO COST! If your taxi has been fitted with a Cabcharge Fareway Plus terminal and you are concerned about who has ownership of your confidential income data, we will re-install your G4 Taximeter into your taxi at NO COST TO YOU* It is your absolute right to keep and use your G4 Taximeter in your taxi. YOUR INCOME DATA IS YOUR BUSINESS BOOK NOW. CALL (03) 9546 6990 *Offer available for a limited time only. Bookings essential. Schmidt Electronic Laboratories Pty Ltd Trusted by thousands of taxi operators & drivers for more than 35 years Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry Address 153 Osborne Avenue, Clayton South, VIC 3169 | ABN 20 005 631 710 YEARS Phone (03) 9546 6990 or 1300 132 422 | Email | Website May 2016 |7



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