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Green&Silver MAGAZINE EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY MAY 2016 Fair Play Brand: A Family Venture Page 4-5 Photo by Wanette Davis Photography Country Radio Hall of Fame Inducts Exec with Roots at KENM Page 10 Emmy®-Winning Grad Interviews U.S. Presidents and Trains Storytellers Page 12


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Green&Silver MAGAZINE Features 04 Fair Play Brand: A Family Venture 06 Retiring Educator Honored with Mural 06 Student Spotlight: ENMU Senior Refuses to Become a Statistic 07 The 14 Who Dared 08 Animal Whisperer: Grad Works as Veterinary Technician 08 Zika Virus: Q&A with Dr. Steven Bradfute 09 Eastern Alumna Finds Sweet Success Back Home 10 11 Country Radio Hall of Fame Inducts Executive with Roots at KENM Giving to ENMU 12 Emmy®-Winning Greyhound Interviews Presidents and Trains Storytellers 13 ENMU Grads Cooper, Henderson Earn NFHS National Honors Alumni and Friends Updates 14 ENMU Athletics News 16 Green & Silver Magazine May 2016 Managing Editor Noelle Bartl Content and Design Editor Rachel Bass Contributing Editor Robert Graham Writers and Contributors Desiree Cooper, Patricia Duran, Ed Johnson, Rob Larrañaga, Adam Pitterman, Melissa Sena, Kevin Wilson New address, questions, comments or story ideas? Contact us at 888.291.5524 or


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From the President Dear ENMU Family, May is here! Besides the wind, May means that Eastern is concluding another successful year and is looking forward to another strong fall semester. Here is a quick review of the 2015-16 academic year and an unscientific forecast for the academic year ahead. Quick Review of 2015-16 Unscientific Forecast of 2016-17 Enrollment Another record enrollment with 5,946 students. Still another record enrollment, most likely exceeding 6,000 students. New Stadium Successful fundraising for the new $14.6 million on-campus multipurpose sports facility, the new Greyhound Stadium. A sell-out crowd and a victory over Western New Mexico University for Eastern’s inaugural football game played in the new Greyhound Stadium on Sept. 10. Golden Library Renovations Passage of the state-wide General Obligation Bond on Nov. 8 will give ENMU the additional $11 million needed to complete the $26 million Golden Student Success Center project. Plans developed to convert the Golden Library into the Golden Student Success Center. Student Centered Education ENMU’s faculty and staff continued to meet the University’s mission by providing an excellent educational experience to our students. Exactly the same as past years. Anyway, these are my predictions. Our road may be a little rougher in the coming year due to the cuts in Eastern’s state appropriations, but we will meet this challenge. We are fortunate to have a strong ENMU Foundation and a strong Alumni Association, coupled with an exceptional faculty and staff, to continue our decades-long commitment to our students. I thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Steven Gamble ENMU President Green & Silver | May 2016 3


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: A FAM ENMU graduates Janice (BS 97) and Cody Morrow (BUS 10) have embarked on an exciting, new adventure. A sixth generation cattle ranching family in northeastern New Mexico, the Morrow’s newest endeavor, Fair Play Brand, offers seriously cute and clever clothing and accessories for families who enjoy county fairs, state fairs, jackpots and stock shows. If you’re “steer crazy,” like “gettin’ piggy with it,” or even if you just enjoy a good play on words, these designs will have you going “hog wild.” It all started a couple of years ago at New Mexico’s Union County Fair. Some of the Morrow’s friends were showing steers in the livestock show, and they’d been working all morning to get them ready. Janice noticed the kids and moms looked anxious, almost stir crazy and thought, wait a minute—they’re steer crazy! Thinking the saying would make a cute t-shirt slogan, Janice shared the thought with Cody and their daughter, Gavin. Before long the three of them had created fun sayings for each of the stock show categories. Cody grew up showing steers in 4H and FFA, but this is a new hobby for Janice. Gavin is in her third year showing hogs, lambs and now steers. During the New Mexico State Fair, Janice noticed the passion the kids and families had for the animals and shows and realized their idea for a t-shirt line had potential to become a successful reality. After a ton of late-night Googleing and learning how to start a clothing line, the family printed their first t-shirts and the designs took off. Fair Play Brand designs are all original, with funny slogans and cute shirt styles. The name is meant to express the duality of having fun at the fair and teaching your kids how to play fair, in the stock shows and in life. “We’re really fortunate that our little family has this project that we’re all so excited about,” said Janice. “It’s part of our lifestyle. That’s what makes it kind of special.” Janice and Cody first met at ENMU while working in the University Relations office on campus. Cody was attending Eastern on a rodeo scholarship and worked in Alumni Affairs for Stephanie Spencer (BUS 84), and Janice was working for Wendel Sloan in News Services. “ENMU gave me the foundation for everything I do career-wise,” said Janice, who started as a broadcast news major before eventually switching to public relations. Since 2000 she has worked as a freelance public relations and marketing consultant, while her husband works with his dad, Tim Morrow (BBA 73), on the family’s cattle ranching operation near Capulin Volcano. “We’re just like a lot of other show families,” said Cody. “We work in agriculture, live an ag-based Photo by Wanette Davis Photography Above, Page 4 L-R: Gavin and her friends wearing Fair Play Brand shirts on the Morrow’s ranch. Cody Morrow calf roping for ENMU in 1995. Janice and Cody Morrow when they began dating in Portales, 1995. The view of Capulin Volcano from the Morrow’s ranch in northeastern New Mexico. Above Page 5 L-R: Cody and Janice Morrow. Janice and her daughter, Gavin, feeding their calves. Gavin working with one of their pigs. Gavin and her friends modeling Fair Play Brand swag. Janice, Cody and their daughter, Gavin, all have a hand in creating and running Fair Play Brand. Right: Janice and Cody smile for the camera, while Gavin sneakily gives them rabbit ears as she hides behind her parents. 4 Green & Silver | May 2016


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ILY VENTURE lifestyle and Fair Play Brand is a nice extension of that. It’s relatable; that’s why it’s successful.” Fair Play Brand is sold online and at what Janice calls “pop up shops” at fairs and stock shows. The Morrow’s also often show their own livestock at these same events, meaning they must juggle managing the booth on top of the very busy day they have getting their animals show-ready. But making sure everything runs smoothly is truly a family effort, and 10-year-old Gavin—a “graduate” of the ENMU Child Development Center—is as equally involved with Fair Play Brand as her parents. “Gavin came up with many of the slogans and marketing ideas herself,” said Janice proudly. “If for some reason I need to step away from the booth for a moment, she’s selling like a madwoman. She’s so cute and so good!” “We spend a lot of time together with the animals and the shirts,” Gavin expressed. “I get to go on a lot of road trips and see a lot of new places.” The endeavor requires the family to travel all over to different state and county fairs. However, with two full-time careers and a daughter in elementary school, the family has to find the perfect balance. “Some of the bigger shows are two to three weeks long, so we have to pick and choose,” Janice explained. “We would like to be at more of these By: Rachel Bass shows, but our daughter’s education comes first. While we may not grow as fast as we possibly could, we’re looking at this long term. We’re hoping Gavin can take and do this once she’s graduated from college.” Fair Play Brand designs start at $20 and are all beautifully displayed on their website and social media pages. Their pop up shops have started expanding to fairs and shows outside of New Mexico, and the company is now wholesaling to boutiques, feed stores and other shops across the country. To recommend a fair or stock show near you, or to open a wholesale account, just send an email to To order from Fair Play Brand online, go to Green Silver | May 2016 Green && Silver | May 2016 5 5


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Retiring Educator Honored with Mural By: Rob Larrañaga and her personal sacrifices earned her great respect and admiration within her profession. She was inspirational to her students to overcome their challenges and rise to their personal best. Giving up was not an option, for her or for them. This stellar work ethic was apparent in every task she took on and earned her the titles of ‘Superwoman’ and the ‘Energizer Bunny.’ Angela’s own quest for excellence with her students can most likely be attributed to the trials and tribulations she witnessed her own mother enduring with her younger brother, Anthony. Ensuring their son had the best opportunity to receive a quality education and become a contributing member of society was all Angela’s parents sought for Anthony, who developed Cerebral Palsy as an infant. Whether she was decorating Christmas trees to donate to needy families, taking student-teachers under her wing, serving at youth retreats, or helping organize memorial celebrations for former students, Angela did so with a love and passion that left a lasting legacy in her students and fellow educators. To some, a career in education might be just that, but to one recent retiree with 31 continuous years of elementary special needs teaching experience, her dedication to “her kids” was most evident. Angela Romero (MSE 88, BSE 84) lived a life of total commitment to her profession and students during her tenure with the Clovis and Portales Municipal Schools. For her retirement last year, the staff of James Elementary honored Angela with a mural, hand-painted by some of the teachers and staff. After graduating from Santa Rosa High School in 1980, Angela headed to Portales to pursue her degree and, little did she know, her passion for being an educator. Angela’s devotion to her students extended well beyond the classroom, Standing L-R: Tammy Sharp, Laura Owen (MED 02, BSE 94) and Elaine Walker (MED 94, BSE 90) painted the mural pictured above for (seated) Angela Romero. Student Spotlight: An ENMU Senior Patricia Duran is a senior at ENMU studying communications with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in graphic design. She plans to attend graduate school this fall. As a young woman, I happened upon an alarming statistic: Over 60 million girls across the world don’t get to attend school. Patricia Duran These young women do not have the chance or the opportunity that I have. They might never hold a pencil. They might never understand their written language. They might never learn about the universe around them. I have all of the opportunity in the world to pursue those things. Since the first grade, I made my grades a priority and understood that 6 Green & Silver | May 2016


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The 14 Who Dared By: Ed Johnson Ed Johnson (MA 86, BA 85) is the former mayor of Asbury Park, New Jersey and a 2014 recipient of ENMU’s Outstanding Alumni Award. He holds the distinction as the first elected two-term student-body president (1983-1984) at ENMU. Like world famous science fiction author Jack Williamson (MA 57, BA 57), who was a Portales native and one of the first Americans to travel to China in the wake of President Nixon’s historic 1972 trip aimed at normalizing USChinese relations, Ed’s trip to Cuba holds the same historical ilk. Last December, I organized and participated in a ‘Jersey Shore’ 14-member delegation of musicians, citizens, and educators. We all shared a sense of enthusiasm, adventure and a willingness to engage the unknown, a combination I also understand well when I reflect on my inaugural trip to Portales in 1980. Now, as then, I was embarking on a life-changing journey. Our arrival in Cuba marked one year since President Obama announced the plan to restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, and anticipated the first American president’s visiting this past March since 1928. Our cultural exchange program centered on the 31st Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza La Habana. The four-day festival, brought together musicians from around the world to perform and interact at venues across Havana. Traveling with us was Jazz musician Karen Schwartz, who performed at The Pabellón Cuba, “one of Havana’s longstanding and respected contemporary art institutions” and Club Café Miramar, “one of the city’s jazz hot spots.” One of the most exciting experiences was attending a performance at the Casa De La Cultura De Plaza. Five artists performed that night, but it was the final act by Lazarito Valdes y Bamboleo which caught our attention. We were quick to make contact with the band backstage, who invited us back to Valdes Jazz Club via Lazaro’s private car. We learned that the Valdes family– grandfather, father and Lazaro himself—were well-respected Cuban Jazz and music legends. We left that evening with an invitation to join Lazaro for a private brunch on Sunday afternoon, which he cooked for us himself. The food proved to be as magnificent as his music. In addition to cultural enrichment through musical exchange, our visit also afforded us the opportunity to be typical tourists. We toured Havana, the Old City and other historic and cultural sites including the Tabacuba Cigar Factory, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de la Revolución and the Harbor of Havana. I have always believed that the difference between controversy and history is courage. After months of planning, the trials and tribulations, and the evermounting challenges, our trip to Cuba itself was just that: a courageous, successful step from the past and into the future. Ed Johnson Refuses to Become a Statistic education was of high value in a global society. My parents taught me that independence was my ticket to success. In high school I took advantage of my education. I studied everything I could get my hands on and applied for every scholarship I could. I graduated early with a 3.6 GPA and with multiple scholarships paying for my entire undergraduate career. By: Patricia Duran I worked my ‘toosh’ off because I knew that sitting on it wouldn’t pay my way through college or life. I was wellaware that I could easily expand my mind and knowledge beyond any limits set against me. This is my last year in college, and because of my determination and hard work, I will be graduating from ENMU debt-free. I will be graduating with the knowledge to change the world while being the change I wish to see. Green & Silver | May 2016 7


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Animal Whisperer: Grad Works as Vet Tech Jaclyn Adams (MS 15), who graduated with a master’s in biology with a zoology concentration, is working as a veterinary technician/ receptionist at Country Club Animal Clinic in El Paso, TX. “I’ve always loved working with animals,” Jaclyn explained. “At a veterinary clinic, I feel like I can make a difference in improving animals’ lives.” Her job duties include assisting the veterinarian in appointment rooms, drawing blood, taking x-rays, giving injections, filling prescriptions, reception duties and so much more. “It’s a fast-paced environment with so much to learn. It can get overwhelming at times,” she said of By: Desiree Cooper the challenges. The position, which she started in January 2015, has its perks too: Jaclyn’s favorite part is playing with the puppies and kittens that come in. Jaclyn has previously served as a veterinary assistant at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital in Maryland, an intern at Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh, a graduate assistant at ENMU and an administrative assistant at Canam Steel Company in Point of Rocks, MD. A hiker who also enjoys playing soccer and camping, Jaclyn would like to work in conservation research or in a zoo setting, so she chose to pursue her degree with a zoology concentration (which she noted is a difficult concentration to find). Jaclyn Adams “This degree opens up many opportunities for me to do that.” The technician’s time at Eastern, which included being part of the Fish and Wildlife Club, working in the ENMU Natural History Museum, and attending local events like the Roosevelt County Fair, helped her gain more research experience and learn new skills which makes her more competitive. Zika Virus Q&A with Dr. Steven Bradfute Interview by: Robert Graham Immunologist Steven Bradfute, Ph.D. (BA 98) offers insight into the Zika virus, which the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) issued an inaugural alert for in May 2015. Dr. Bradfute cautions that the information given below will likely change as we learn more about the virus. 1) I’ve read discussions about using certain kinds of mosquitos to fight the virus. Can you please explain how this came about? One way to possibly reduce mosquito-borne diseases, like Zika virus, is to use genetically modified mosquitos that are either resistant to the diseases that normal mosquitos carry, or to make offspring that die before they reach adulthood. These approaches are still in the experimental stage but are a possible future solution. Dr. Bradfute working in the lab 8 Green & Silver | May 2016 2) I recall in our last conversation you noted that, while Ebola is not new, the fact that it was popping up in population centers caused the concern– is this true for Zika? Is Zika virus, like Ebola, not entirely new? Great question. Zika virus was discovered in the 1940s, but has been a minor infectious concern until the last year. We simply don’t have a good explanation as to why it has recently spread so rapidly. At this point we don’t know nearly as much about it as we knew about Ebola, but I expect we will learn quickly. 3) With the 2016 Olympics approaching, how do you expect management of the virus to intersect with a spike in international travel? I think there will be increased testing to detect infected individuals. If public health officials can warn those who are infected to avoid mosquito bites until they’re rid of the virus, this will limit the infection of mosquitos that could transmit the virus to other people. I believe there will also be emphasis placed on discovering drugs and vaccines for the virus, as well as reducing the number of mosquitos that carry Zika by using insecticides and removing standing water and other breeding sites to limit viral spread.


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Eastern Alumna Finds Sweet Success Back Home By: Rachel Bass If you ever find yourself in Iowa with a sweet tooth, be sure to make a stop at The Sugar Shack Bakery in Sioux City, owned by ENMU alumna Claudia Hessa (BA 86). A recent winner of Food Network’s special state cookie award, Claudia is an ENMU Psychology graduate and is testament that life doesn’t always take you down the path originally planned. A Sioux City, IA native, Claudia chose to attend Eastern because she was looking to get as far away from home as possible. “ENMU was an awesome learning experience,” said Claudia. “The people down there were amazing. I met my husband of 31 years because he was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. So a lot of good things came from it.” After graduation, Claudia went on to work in sales. Moving around with her husband for the Air Force made it difficult to keep a steady job, but Claudia had always had a passion for baking so after her three children were born, the busy mom saw an opportunity in her Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. Since so many of the other mothers just didn’t have extra time to bake, Claudia asked the other MOPS moms: If she made the treats, would they be willing to buy them? The first taste test answered that question; the delicious bars, cookies and cakes were a hit. 11 years later Claudia is back home in Sioux City where her passion project has transformed into a full-grown bakery, and the desserts are definitely something to write home about. This past December, The Sugar Shack Bakery’s cookie, decorated care of customers. Her daughter, Christel, is now a junior at ENMU studying industrial mathematics and statistics. “I love my mom and I’m super proud of her,” Christel beamed. “She’s never wanting to talk about it, but she’s done so many amazing things. It basically started in the kitchen in a tiny little house, and as it got bigger it started taking over rooms. It grew a lot bigger than she ever expected, but she just works so hard and we’re so proud of her.” Needless to say, the future is looking sweet for this Eastern entrepreneur. There are a handful of new desserts in the pipeline, and the news will be revealed on the Sugar Shack Bakery’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages within this next year. Go to to check out their creations. Claudia Hessa, founder of The Sugar Shack Bakery with an idyllic snow-covered bridge, was chosen to represent Iowa in Food Network Magazine. Claudia’s dessert shooters and mini apple pies also won Best Dessert at last year’s March of Dimes dinner in Sioux City. Her cakes and cookies have won numerous awards from the Upper Midwest Bakery Association and the River City Confectioner’s Association (RCCA). Running a bakery isn’t all chocolate fudge and sprinkles though, and managing the employees is the biggest challenge Claudia faces. “You can bake, you can decorate, but to manage everybody and make sure everything is running smoothly… it should be like a well-oiled machine, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I feel like we’re always putting out fires—but, no, not literal fires,” she laughed. Claudia’s children have all helped out in the shop since they were young, mixing frosting and taking The Sugar Shack Bakery cookie that was selected to represent Iowa in Food Network Magazine’s ‘On the Road’ series this past December. Green && Silver | May 2016 Green Silver | May 2016 9


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Country Radio Hall of Fame Inducts Executive with Roots at KENM By: Rachel Bass This June, Country Radio Seminar (CRS) will induct ENMU graduate and radio executive Jim Slone (BA 59) into the Country Radio Hall of Fame. A self-made multi-millionaire whose radio experience began 60 years ago at KENM in Portales, Jim went on to head a major five-station conglomerate in Tucson, Arizona. “I am happy that the Country Radio Hall of Fame considered me worthy of this honor,” Jim expressed. And worthy he is, although he didn’t always plan to pursue a career in radio. A hometown boy who was born and raised in Causey, New Mexico, Jim grew up on his parents’ farm 33 miles southeast of Portales and went to school with six other kids in his class. “I’m so thankful to have been raised in Causey because that gave me some roots that have served me well through the years,” Jim said. During his time at Eastern, Jim met his wife Norma Lozier (BA 59) and worked at the local radio station, KENM. He also became known for his singing voice, and after graduating with a degree in industrial management, he went on tour as the lead singer for the trio ‘The Shy Guys.’ Their hit song “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair” received national radio play, but after their brush with fame, Jim returned to New Mexico and started his professional radio career at KRZE in Farmington. “It was a benefit to me that ENMU was a smaller school because I got to know everybody and I worked at the local radio station there. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity anywhere else.” In 1972 Jim purchased his first station, KCUB-AM in Tucson. It was a risky decision, but he transformed the nearly-bankrupt station into Billboard Magazine’s “Grand International Station of the Year.” He bought KIIM-FM 11 years later and immediately launched it as a country station. It proved to be another great move; KIIM garnered national recognition and Jim grew his portfolio to El Paso and Lubbock, eventually owning nine stations altogether. In 2001 Jim was inducted into the Arizona Broadcasting Hall of Fame. That same year he sold Slone Boadcasting; however, he briefly returned to ownership in 2006 before retiring in 2009. Jim Slone A generous supporter of his alma mater, Jim made it a priority to give back to ENMU and the music program where he spent so many years. “Eastern was the perfect school for me as I loved music and they have a terrific music department. My activities at ENMU gave me confidence which was very important in my professional career.” Jim also received ENMU’s Outstanding Alumni award in 1977 and was Philanthropist of the Year in 2003. He has donated a variety of instruments to the music department, including a brand new grand piano, and has funded two $50,000 scholarship endowments, one specifically for vocal scholarships. Country singer Luke Bryan, CMA’s Entertainer of the Year, introduced Jim and several other honorees during the 2016 CRS opening ceremonies in February. CRS will officially induct Jim this June during a dinner and awards ceremony in Nashville honoring his achievements. Glamour Magazine Jim (left) and Norma (center) pose with another student in front of Golden Library during a photoshoot for Glamour Magazine in 1957. 10 Green & Silver | May 2016


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Emmy®-Winning Greyhound Interviews U.S. Presidents and Trains Storytellers Broadcast journalist Adam Vance (BS 97) has had a noteworthy career since his graduation from ENMU, garnering 25 Emmy® nominations (including two wins) and interviewing not one, but five U.S. presidents. Adam, whose is originally from Santa Fe, chose to attend Eastern because it was the best value for the dollar. “I was told ENMU had the third best communication school in the nation, so it was a nobrainer for me.” By: Desiree Cooper During his 15 years as a senior photojournalist at WTSP-TV in Florida, Adam covered 30 space The broadcast major, with a shuttle launches, three Super Bowls, minor in psychology, chose one Stanley Cup championship, one that field of study because World Series, three College National he had always wanted to be a Championship titles and Hurricanes visual storyteller. Charley, Francis, Ivan, Jean, Rita, Katrina and Faye. “ENMU provided me the tools to become the best storyteller Since 2015 Adam has been working I could be, both in front of at KUSA-TV 9News in Colorado as a the camera and behind,” said Adam Vance senior photojournalist and satellite Adam. “I just didn’t want to news gathering-operator. He chose torture viewers with my ugly Adam married his high school the station because of its ‘reputation mug,” joked the Sigma Chi member, sweetheart and fellow Greyhound of being one of the best television who served as a recruiter for the graduate, Paulette (Davis) Vance (BS news stations in the country.’ University, as well as a student98). They have twin 10-year-old boys, staff photographer, a member of the Bryce and Connor. “I wanted to keep that tradition going. student yearbook, and a KENW-TV This is one of the best jobs on the student employee. “My hobbies, these days, are my two planet. I get to tell stories about boys. Anything they are involved people. I get a glimpse of people’s “Eastern prepared me to think in, I am too,” he said. “Currently, it is lives that most others get to merely outside the box and work efficiently baseball, basketball, soccer, skiing see on their TVs or smart phones,” under extreme deadlines,” he and snowboarding.” said the photojournalist, whose job explained. “It also gave me the tools duties include shooting, writing and to be a champion for our industry. I Adam’s “best honor” is serving as editing stories each day. would not be where I am without the Co-Director of the National Press skillset I achieved at ENMU.” Photographers Association (NPPA) “Every day is different and I never News Video Workshop where he know what to expect. It makes it gets to train future storytellers. extremely exciting.” He has been with NPPA for over seven years and has trained The winner of two Society of some of the best in the business. Professional Journalism awards and five Associated Press For more information about the awards, Adam said the most workshop, visit: challenging aspect is shooting training/news-video-workshop. in extreme weather. His career goals are to eventually become Chief Photographer at 9News Photojournalist Adam Vance has covered 30 and to carry the traditions that space shuttle launches, including the Space have been established there. Shuttle Columbia (pictured). 12 Green & Silver | May 2016


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Cooper, who led Floyd to a 1982 Class 1A title game appearance his senior year, attended ENMU Cooper Henderson Britt Cooper By: Kevin Wilson for a year before Clovis News Journal Henderson claimed NFHSA’s state and transferring to Sul Ross State to play regional award in 2007 and is the first basketball. He later returned to earn A pair of ENMU graduates were NM coach to earn the national football his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. named National Federation of State honor. Cooper, a 2010 state winner, is High School Associations coaches of the 2nd basketball coach to win the “It’s a great place to go,” Cooper said. the year in their respective sports. honor after Gallup’s John Lomansey “I was raised in Floyd, so I was a won for girls basketball in 2006. Roosevelt County kid anyway. There’s Artesia football coach Cooper a lot of good people, not only at Henderson (MED 79, BS 77) and Henderson, fourth in state history Eastern, but across the state. It’s what Roswell boys basketball coach Britt with a career record of 293-103-1, keeps me in coaching.” Cooper (MED 93, BS 86) are the fifth has led Artesia to 14 of its 29 state and sixth New Mexico coaches to championships since his arrival Cooper didn’t win a state title until his earn national honors, and the first two in 1989. He also holds a state 18th season coaching, but won three to win in the same year. championship from Ruidoso in 1985 in his last seven seasons and claimed and is a member of the New Mexico his 400th career win last season. The coaches, both state-level winners Sports Hall of Fame with his father, in previous years, were notified of former Artesia coach L.G. Henderson. “It’s just a case of building the program their national awards in January by over the years,” said Cooper. “This is Buster Mabry of the New Mexico High “I think any time you get an my 22nd year as head coach. When School Coaches Association. honor, you just feel blessed,” said I took over we had a lot of work to do. Henderson. “Those things don’t Over the last 15 years, the success has “To win the national award, that was a happen without lots of people being come. Winning breeds winning.” little bit of a surprise,” said Cooper, a involved. The community, the young Floyd native and former Dora coach. people you work with, your coaching “These kids expect to win every time. “That’s great recognition for New staff and administration. And I’m That doesn’t always happen, but that’s Mexico; that’s an honor.” sure Buster played a role in making the mindset the kids have.” ENMU Grads Henderson, Cooper Earn NFHS National Honors it happen. You’re just appreciative of all of those people.” SAVE THE DATE: 82nd Annual Homecoming MONDAY, OCT. 10 Songfest, 7-9 p.m., Campus Union Building (CUB) Ballroom TUESDAY, OCT. 11 Movie on the Lawn, 7-9 p.m., Greek Park THURSDAY, OCT. 13 Homecoming Pageant, 7-9 p.m., CUB Ballroom FRIDAY, OCT. 14 Homecoming Golf Experience, 8 a.m.-noon or 1-5 p.m. Homecoming Picnic, 5-6 p.m., University President’s Home, 1600 W Cherry St Alumni Volleyball Game, 6 p.m., Greyhound Arena Bonfire, 8 p.m., Greyhound Arena SATURDAY, OCT. 15 41st Annual Foundation Awards Breakfast, 8-10 a.m., CUB Ballroom *Invitation and pre-registration required Homecoming Parade, 11 a.m., Down S Ave C, right onto 18th St Sodexo Buffet, 11:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m., Crossroads, CUB Homecoming Football Game, 3 p.m., Greyhound Stadium Athletic Hall of Honors, 6:30-7 p.m., CUB Peanut Valley Festival, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Roosevelt County Fairgrounds SUNDAY, OCT. 16 Peanut Valley Festival, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Roosevelt County Fairgrounds Green & Silver | May 2016 13


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ENMU Athletics News Women’s Basketball This past March, the Eastern New Mexico University women’s basketball team entered the Lone Star Conference tournament for the fourth time in five seasons, and did so in dramatic fashion. For the first time since the 2006-07 season, the squad reached double figures in victories, and showed a knack for erasing deficits in doing so. Three times, Eastern trailed by double figures and rallied to claim victory. The most dramatic came after facing a 19-point deficit to Midwestern State. Eastern posted a 76-72 win in that game. The Hounds faced a 15-point deficit at Cameron, but rallied to tie it. After the Aggies seized yet another 15-point lead in the second half, ENMU came back again, and took its first lead on a jumper from Sarah Stinnett with just 10 seconds left. The last time the ENMU women’s basketball team reached double figures in victories came in the 2006-07 season. That year’s roster included recent Hall of Honors inductees Elizabeth Richards and Heather Brown. By: Adam Pitterman Men’s Basketball The men’s basketball team made great strides in 2015-16 and played top seeded Midwestern State in the Lone Star Conference tournament this past March. The squad picked up early wins over Colorado-Mesa, Nova Southeastern, and ST. Mary’s, before upsetting a tough Wayland Baptist team on New Year’s Eve. The Hounds nearly upset LSC powerhouses Angelo State and Cameron, before they earned their first LSC victory, a 72-60 decision over Texas A&M-Commerce. Eastern used a 25-point effort from Javaan Mumtaz to pick up another league victory over Texas A&M-Kingsville. Lawrence Domingo registered a superlative final season for Eastern and posted six double doubles. Among those games was a 15-point, 12-rebound performance against conference champion Midwestern State. Ladarius Stewart and Chaunce Hill also had strong years with three and two double doubles, respectively. Softball The Greyhound softball team is off to a strong start under first-year head coach Katie Welborn. Eastern split its first 14 games, and picked up a resounding 11-6 win over 12th-ranked St. Mary’s University. Key to the team’s success has been sophomore pitcher Aja Secheslingloff. Last season Aja became the first hurler in ENMU history to open a season at 5-0. In February, the squad dominated a doubleheader against Oklahoma Panhandle State, and became the first team in the 20-year history of the program to sweep a doubleheader on opening day. The Hounds beat the Aggies by 11-6 and 13-2. Later the Greyhounds opened conference play against Midwestern State. Although the Mustangs won three of the four games, ENMU posted its first win over MSU since the 2008 season. The victory also marked the first time Eastern defeated Midwestern State at home. Over that series, Susannah Chandler and Audrey Velasquez both hit .533, and combined for 10 runs batted in. With a pair of doubles and homers, Chandler posted a 1.067 slugging percentage. 14 Green & Silver | May 2016


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Page 14 L-R: Junior, Kassandra Harris, who received Lone Star Conference honors this past March, rebounds against Angelo State. Sophomore softball pitcher, Aja Secheslingloff. The chairs at the new Greyhound Stadium have begun to be installed. Page 15 L-R: Senior, Lawrence Domingo goes up for a shot against Angelo State; James Thomas pitching vs Texas A&M Kingsville. Athlete photos by Claude Vigil and Mati Tharp Baseball The Greyhound baseball team got off to a great start, and has series wins over Oklahoma Panhandle and Adams State. The team was already well-traveled as it headed into Lone Star Conference play in March. In three games in Atlanta, Eastern defeated Clark Atlanta, Lane, and Selma by a combined score of 46-4. After playing on the East Coast, the Hounds traveled to San Diego to take on a tough Point Loma team. Although ENMU was unable to pick up a win, the contests should help prepare the team for conference play After a stop in Arizona, the team made their season debut at Greyhound Field at the end of February. The home opener saw Adams State charge to a 7-1 lead after 2.5 innings of play. Daniel Ward singled in a run in the ENMU third inning, followed by a two-run single from Dylan Nault in the fourth. After a three-run fifth inning tied the game, Justin Paul hit a go-ahead homer and Eastern built a 10-7 lead and held on for the win. The second game of the series saw ENMU with a 14-3 win, but Adams State rebounded to claim the finale. Visit the official ENMU Athletics website at Greyhound Stadium Update: • • Construction will be completed in July 2016. Athletes will have time to adjust to the artificial turf field before the first home game on Saturday, Sept. 10 against Western New Mexico University. To see a full schedule go to For more information, or to learn about ways you can contribute, go to • • Stadium construction as of March 24, 2016 Green & Silver | May 2016 15



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