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SYSTEM 700 The right philosphy for the best result


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THE CHEF IS THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION, NOT THE COOKING ISLAND The development team had only one priority when planning the Ambach 700 System Series - design isn't everything, the most important thing is a satisfied chef. Whoever decides for Ambach System 700 has decided on added value… ... Hygiene With one piece tops or Ambach´s joing system our appliances are always extremely easy to clean. ... Customised kitchen island In combination with the hygienic tops you can create your own personal kitchen and tailor it to your needs. ... Modular construction The Ambach joining system gives you the posibillity to modify or substitute the appliances even long after they have been installed. ... Robustness The frame construction of System 700 is extremely robust and gives you at the same time the possibility to fix the appliances in a sturdy way that will last for years. SYSTEM 700 ON STAINLESS STEEL PLINTH SYSTEM 700 ON FEET ... A high degree of efficiency The energy in the System 700 is directed to where the chef needs it. ... Always ready to use System 700 appliances won't let you down. Robust heating systems ensure a longer lifespan. ... Low service costs All heat sensitive components of System 700 are better aerated for the type of frame construction. Easy access to all components. ... Insallation System 700 appliances can be mounted on feet, or on a concrete or stainless steel plinth. The sturdy structure allows you to place the feet between two appliances, making cleaning much easier. SYSTEM 700 SUITE ON FEET WITH SIDE OVERHANG SYSTEM 700 SUITE AS BRIDGE ON AN ON SITE PLINTH 1


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INFRARED & INDUCTION HOBS With the System 700, Ambach offers you vitro ceramic with infrared and induction hobs. The 6 mm thick ceramic hobs are hermetically moulded into the work top and have an automatic pan detection system. This function can be deactivated if desired. IVP: The chef decides, according to the workload, whether he wants to use the permanent power setting or the energy saving pan detection. The induction technique is the power source with the highest degree of efficiency. With the System 700 induction hob, the power is continuously adjustable. The heat is produced directly in the pan using the induction technique. Ambach offers you also a series with induction hobs with round or full surface induction coils: from a single cooking zone up to 2 and 4 cooking zones, and also an induction WOK. IVP: Immediate heat in the pan (see thermogram), fast cooking times, exact adjustment and low heat loss. IVP: The generator's over-heating limit device and the labyrinth refrigerating filter guarantee a long lifespan of the appliance. DIGITAL DISPLAY FOR MORE COMFORT IVP: Very easy to use, self explaining control panel. IVP: Important components are easily accessible which saves expensive servicing. IVP: Easy to clean induction hobs. IVP: Huge energy saving due to maximum efficiency. THERMOGRAM AMBACH INDUCTION 3


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SYSTEM 700 GAS RANGES The Ambach gas ranges 700 Series come with 2 burners and 4 burners and due to the frame construction modularity it is possible to extend the number of the burners according to the customer's wishes. The watertight burners are built into a 2 mm thick deep drawn stainless steel work top. As an option are available star shaped pan support grids instead of standard stainless steel pan grids. IVP: Overflowing fluids from the pans cannot enter the appliance. IVP: The burners are heat resistant and do not rust. IVP: The ignition burner and the thermocouple are incorporated in the burner. IVP: Easy maintenance and service thanks to the Ambach flexofit system. IVP: The pan support grids are completely made of stainless steel. Our long experience in building gas appliances is a guarantee for the client. Ambach gas ranges are preset at the factory for all kinds of gas. CLEAN FLAME TECHNOLOGY RECESSED BURNER 4


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ELECTRIC SOLID TOPS Everyone knows the advantages of an electric solid top. The cooking surface can be used with various sized pans. Ambach´s System 700 solid top heating system is reinforced with heat resistant steel blocks. IVP: The heating elements in Incoloy are covered in steel, which transfers heat perfectly and evenly and guarantees a much longer lifespan. (see pictures for details). IVP: An optimal energy transfer is achieved through the direct contact of the heat storing blocks with the cooking surface. (see thermo gram, left picture). The spillage channel is tilted slightly to the side drain. Overflowing fluids are directed to the stainless steel collecting container. IVP: The 15 mm thick polished steel plate is hermetically moulded into a deep drawn top makes cleaning easier. System 700 electrical appliances can be connected to an energy consumption optimizing system. A standard feature for this series. SPILLAGE CHANNEL FOR A CLEAN WORKING SURFACE STEEL BLOCKS WITH ELECTRIC SURFACE RANGE 5


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SYSTEM 700 LAVA STONE GRILLS AND GAS WOKS Ambach continues its long tradition with gas appliances. The new gas lava stone grill and the gas- wok show you that Ambach really believes in this technology. The increased efficiency and the improved hygiene together with the new technological solution distinguish these fine appliances. The lava stone of the Series 700 has high power burners and new grids. IVP: You can also have cast iron or in stainless steel grids. We have the perfect solution for every need. IVP: The grill briquettes ensure an even heat distribution. IVP: The new burners are calibrated for the lowest possible energy consumption and maximum performance. IVP: Thanks to the low heat loss of these appliances they can be built into a one piece hygienic top. The new gas wok is available as dropin and in different power versions. THE GAS WOK BURNER IVP: Increased power of the burners with extending recovery drawers. IVP: More than 6 burners can be combined in one single module. IVP: Pan supports fixed to the potrack for easier cleaning. Like all the other gas appliances of System 700 series, the gas wok is certified for the most commonly used gases. DROP IN WOKS 6


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GRIDDLES SMOOTH, IN STEEL OR COMPOUND AND GROOVED The electric or gas griddles of the System 700 are available in two different surfaces: smooth or grooved done in a special steel which is slightly tilted or in highly polished compound. IVP: Compound grill plates have a low heat radiation, low sticking tendency, and an optimal cleaning characteristic. The innovative Ambach Thermal Block Storage Technique*) ensures a perfect heat distribution. IVP: The alloy embedded heating elements considerably increase the lifespan of the appliance. IVP: Lowest drop in temperature by with the thermal block storage technique. The temperature regulation of each grill plate is continuous between 50°C and 300°C. The compound grill plate is welded in the work top covering. An optional teflon plug stops the drainage of the fat. IVP: This enables roasts and other dishes to swim slightly in fat, e.g. by fish that is grilled whole. COMPOUND WITH SPLASH GUARD IVP: The opening of the fat recovery container is hermetically welded and stops fat running into the inside of the appliance. The optional splash guard is easy to remove and to clean, and fits in any industrial dishwasher. The steel griddles are welded in a slightly tilted position towards the front to allow healthy low fat grilling. *) Thermal energy storage blocks are Incoloy 800 heating elements individually imbedded in alloy to ensure an even heat distribution. The direct contact with the underside of the griddle and the perfect heat transmission of the storage blocks ensure optimal efficiency and temperature stability. THERMAL BLOCK STORAGE TECHNIQUE 7


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SYSTEM 700 ELECTRIC BAIN-MARIE Whoever decides on a bain-marie from Ambach System 700 wants more than just to keep food warm. Using a bain-marie it is easy to prepare dishes such as spinach pudding, or cream caramel. The electromechanical thermostat can be regulated between 30°C and 110°C. The water level is constantly controlled by two sensors. IVP: The dry heating protection system avoids damaging the basin. The water inlet and the overflow are integrated in the basin of the bain-marie. IVP: This makes it easy to clean and to take out the perforated bottom panel. The top is situated on the front of the control panel. The drainage seal does not protrude above the perforated bottom panel. IVP: This allows the optimal usage of the three 150 mm deep GN 1/3 containers. SENSORS FOR DRY HEATING PROTECTION DEEP DRAWN BASIN WITH INTEGRATED WATER INLET 8


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WORK TOPS Worktops, base units, bridge elements and custom compensating elements of the System 700 allow you to design your island. The worktops have a 4 mm thick sturdy stainless steel frame construction. IVP: This ensures absolute stability. IVP: Two units mounted next to each other only require two feet, this makes cleaning easy. The stainless steel drawers are fitted with ball bearing stainless steel runners with self closing feature. IVP: The drawer will only stay open when fully pulled out, half open it closes by itself. Eases operation and safety. You can chose between several special solutions combined with neutral elements, like heat storing plates or customised induction appliances. IVP: The already very wide range of the System 700 appliances is further broadened and thus increases the flexibility of the composition of the single kitchen blocks. 4 MM THICK FRAME CONSTRUCTION STAINLESS STEEL EXTENDING DRAWERS 9


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SYSTEM 700 OPEN BASE UNITS The stainless steel frames of the System 700 base units are robust and a solid basis for every appliance. IVP: Two units mounted next to each other only require two feet, this makes cleaning easier. The hygienic base units can be replaced with a heated cabinet or an oven. IVP: The easy removal of the base unit helps the service technician with his work. Saves time and money. ONE FOOT BETWEEN TWO UNITS ROUNDED CORNERS 10


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OVENS & HEATED CABINETS Despite convection ovens, many chefs don't want to do without a traditional oven. The small amount of space needed speaks for this unit. The upper and lower heat regulation is separate and is continuous between 30°C and 300°C. Ambach System 700 ovens are easy to clean due to the hygienic design of the housing and of the sturdy door. IVP: The stainless steel door axle has enclosed door hinges. The doors have an internal shock absorber which acts as an opening limit. The hygienic heated cabinets with stainless steel wing doors are fitted with a convection heat distribution. IVP: The sensitive temperature regulator allows the cabinet to be used as incubator for yeast dough. HYGIENIC OVEN DOORS OVEN HOUSING WITH REMOVABLE RUNNERS AND RADIUS CORNERS 11


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SYSTEM 700 REFRIGERATED COUNTERS Due to the new hygiene standards in the catering world, refrigerated units play an even more important part in the correct storage of food. Intermediate storage or „Mise en Place“ is not imaginable without refrigerated counters. The refrigerated counters of the Ambach System 700 are available with a power unit or a connection for an on site refrigerated unit and with drawers or doors. The cells are separated for the storage of different foods. The internal parts such as runners, gratings, condense water container can easily be taken out for cleaning without the use of tools. Programming the digital display is simple and easy to understand. The circulating air can be turned off, if static cooling is required. The base units are equipped for the following temperatures, -2/+10°C, and 0/+10°C. Optionally, the base units can have a wider door for using 600 x 400 mm containers. All components that need servicing are situated on the front of the unit. STAINLESS STEEL RUNNERS EASY PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY 12


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DEEP FAT FRYERS Ambach System 700 electric or gas deep fat fryers use highly efficient heating elements and heat exchangers. IVP: The performance is 1kW per litre effective capacity. The wells are hermetically welded into the one piece hygienic top and are fitted with a high moulded upstand. IVP: This stops spillage fluids from entering the hot oil. A considerable point of safety. The basins are deep drawn and have large cold zone underneath the heating elements. IVP: The rests from frying deposit in the cold zone, and don´t get burnt. Longer life span for the oil. The deep fat fryers are fitted with a large sized ball valve to ease the changing of the oil. The oil drain discharges straight into the oil collecting container. IVP: This eases the drainage and stops the blockage of the drain. MOULDED RIM The basins of the gas deep fat fryers have a a special V shape with external burners. IVP: An ideal solution as far as hygiene and cleaning are concerned. IVP: The new burners and the new shape basin recess guarantee a maximum performance. The oil spillage channel and the lid for the lower collecting container are standard features. DEEP DRAWN GAS DEEP FAT FRYER 13


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SYSTEM 700 PASTA COOKERS With the System 700 series, Ambach offers two electric pasta cookers and one gas. A standard model 2/3 GN with 24 litres capacity and a 1/1 GN cross-mounted version with a 36 litres capacity as well as a gas GN1/1 version with 36 litres capacity are available. The deep drawn in stainless steel basin (molybdenum alloy AISI 316) is welded into the wok top. The large volume starch drainage hole has an easy to remove filter to help cleaning. The sturdy perforated removable cover plate is positioned above the starch drainage hole. IVP: This helps to stops from damaging to the recess when shaking the pasta baskets for draining off. Both electric and gas pasta cookers have a thermostatic temperature, and power control. IVP: The thermostats which control the temperature are extremely precise so you can cook even other products like vegetables, fish or boiled eggs. IVP: With the power switch you can control how much energy you need and avoid any waste. STURDY WATER COLUMN IVP: The water column is very sturdy and can be regulated from the front control panel. Easy to access and clean. The electric pasta cooker has electro-polished heating elements made of salt resistant stainless steel. The elements are located inside the basin and protected by a perforated grate. IVP: This reduces the heating-up time. STURDY DRAIN OFF COVER PLATE 14



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