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ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE Ambach has been designing and making professional kitchens for over 60 years. We combine our vast experience in manufacturing and craftsmanship to give you beautiful and reliable highperformance kitchens. We serve the hospitality industry around the globe, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to help you improve profitability through the performance, value and extended life of your kitchen. Our qualified team of highly creative engineers, and international network of 450 dealers, are committed to providing you with a personal service, wherever you are in the world. We work with you to create your perfect kitchen, tailored to your needs, personality and style. Ambach. You, your kitchen. 3


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SYSTEM 900 CUSTOM BUILT FOR LARGE-SCALE CATERING of design or style. Robust and efficient, the range boasts elegant design and expert craftsmanship in equal measure. System 900 kitchens are ideal for volume-catering environments such as corporate canteens, hospitals and prisons. And their high-performance components make them ideal for large restaurants and hotels. The range is designed for high performance, increased productivity, maximum hygiene and minimal energy consumption. This versatile kitchen system has over 200 modules, in a variety of colours and finishes, offering limitless combinations to meet your production and workspace requirements and visual tastes. Ambach’s System 900 kitchen range provides the power to manage thousands of covers, without compromising on quality Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg, Germany 3 5


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THERMOBLOCKS ROBUSTNESS PERFORMANCE 1. Stainless steel frame 2. Double service version 3. Suspended version TAILOR-MADE FOR VOLUME PRODUCTION 1 2 3 LARGE AND ROBUST The Ambach System 900 series is designed for the intensive demands of volume catering. Its solid construction around a sturdy frame guarantees robust performance and a long lifespan. And its generous size gives you expansive work surfaces. HIGH POWER, LOW WASTE System 900 provides all the power you need to serve large volumes of people in a short space of time. But it also reduces energy consumption and heat dispersion, thanks to the use of innovative technology and the latest materials. ADAPTABLE TO YOUR NEEDS To optimise your workspace, the System 900 comes in a double-service format with dual controls, allowing kitchen staff to work on both sides at the same time. There is also a suspended version that gives you maximum hygiene. Central Hospital Bolzano, Italy 7


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SPECIALISED MACHINES FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE The new IQ900 range gives you the option to equip your cooking block with powerful, multi-functional machines. Our range of specialist equipment gives you outstanding capacity and helps you reduce energy costs. For example, the IQ900 pressure braising pans improve productivity and save energy by significantly reducing cooking times. Robust and efficient – a fantastic investment. 1 1. IQ900 raised, ergonomic control panel 2. System 900 kitchen block with integrated IQ machines 2 9


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HYGIENE INNOVATION 1. Wide radius corners 2. H3 hygienic cabinet DESIGNED FOR HYGIENE 1 2 TOP LEVEL HYGIENE Ambach understands large scale catering. When caterers are dealing with high volume it is fundamental they can rely on equipment that is easy to maintain and clean, particularly in organisations where hygiene regulations are most stringent, such as hospitals and large cafeterias. SUSPENDED FOR EASY ACCESS When you have thousands of covers to produce, it is essential that your kitchen equipment is quick and easy to clean. The System 900 BF is a suspended cooking block that attaches sturdily to walls or ceilings. This means staff can easily clean below the unit – perfect for maximum hygiene. ALL IN ONE To further improve hygiene, the System 900 range includes the option of a robust, one-piece hygienic top made from 3mm gauge steel. Built to the highest quality standards, its unique ‘sandwich’ reinforcement construction ensures a high level of rigidity and stability for any configuration – even with extreme changes of temperature. Aker Brygge restaurant Oslo, Norway 11


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1 PERFECT CLEANLINESS Every detail of the System 900 is designed with hygiene as a priority. Components are designed to minimise dirt, grease and grime, and make cleaning as quick and easy as possible. All corners have wide surface areas, while burners and joints are completely waterproof. Cooking plates have a full working surface featuring a small cavity around the plate’s perimeter to drain fat and excess liquid. 1. Flush-finish induction cooktop Designed for hygiene and incredibly easy to clean. 13


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ECO-MODE THERMOBLOCKS MIRRORED SURFACE SAVINGS 1. Interior surfaces designed to distribute heat evenly 2. Thermoblocks 116,02°C Max: 136,66°C 125,35°C SAVING ENERGY, CUTTING COSTS 1 THE VALUE OF SAVING Reducing energy consumption plays a major part in improving the financial performance of a volume catering operation. Using less energy also means a faster return on your investment. 2 INNOVATION: THE HEART OF EFFICIENCY We are passionate about innovation at Ambach and continually invest in research and development. Our aim is bring you state-of-the-art products that are energyefficient, and therefore kinder to the environment. OPTIMISING ENERGY USE Every element of the System 900 is designed for better energy efficiency – and lower operating costs. Our gas and electric versions have a thermostat to regulate temperature and prevent energy waste. Barnsley College Barnsley, UK 15


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REDUCING ENERGY USE WITH IQ900 The innovative Ambach IQ900 cooking block is powerful, but also highly energy-efficient. Its mirrored surface reduces heat dispersion, driving significant energy and cost savings. Its aluminium thermoblocks also minimise dispersion, and feature our exclusive ‘Power Save’ protection technology. And its Eco-Mode function reduces energy consumption to virtually zero when the unit is on standby. PRECISION CONTROL The System 900’s pots and bratt pans are available with electronic controls for ultimate precision and energy management. What’s more, the IQ900 is available with an intuitive touchscreen panel, so you can manage all cooking functions at the touch of a button. Precision and energy efficiency: a powerful combination. 2 1. One of our specialised IQ900 machines 2. Bratt pan’s electronic control 1 1 17


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FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION ROBUSTNESS 1. Refrigerated bases with exclusive finishes 2. Bratt pan with special finishes 2 QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP 1 COMBINING FUNCTION WITH STYLE When creating volume catering equipment, most designers put substance before style, prioritising power and operation over visual appearance. At Ambach, we’re different. We strive for the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. We combine design excellence and innovation with craftsmanship and attention to detail. THE STYLISH FINISHES OF THE EXCLUSIVE RANGE System 900 offers you kitchens which provide excellent power, performance, durability and style. Every module in the System 900 range can be made in the prestigious “Ambach Exclusive Range” giving you the opportunity to select your own choice of colour and finish. Ambach makes kitchens that are beautiful, exclusive and unique; providing the perfect solution for the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants with trendy open kitchens. Waldeck restaurant Aichelberg, Germany 19


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UNIQUE COLOURS AND FINISHES You can choose from our range of metallic finishes, exclusive detailing – such as speciality knobs, chrome handrails and potrack grids – and colours from the full RAL spectrum. Our unique finish will ensure your kitchen retains its colour and sheen throughout the life cycle of your kitchen. A powerful and stylish commercial kitchen. 1 1. Coloured control panel with “Exclusive Range” finish knobs 21


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FLEXIBILITY INNOVATION 1. “Exclusive Range” finishing details YOUR KITCHEN, YOUR WAY 1 NO LIMITS The flexibility of the System 900 means total freedom for designers and chefs alike – build your own cooking block, made-to-measure for your requirements and workspace. NO CONSTRAINTS The System 900 has the solution whatever your needs. The range has 200 operating modules and a range of other components, giving you infinite possibilities. It can also be finished with a one-piece hygienic top, and comes in a double-service format to improve work-flow, and a suspended version for easy cleaning. The Ritz-Carlton Almaty, Kazakhstan 23


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MATCHED TO YOUR STYLE OF COOKING We work with you to ensure your System 900 kitchen is perfectly in tune with your way of cooking. There are no fixed combinations or standard configurations. Options include gas, electric, induction and ceramic glass cooking surfaces; grills and fryers; solid tops and fry tops; round pots; pasta cookers; multi-functional bratt pans; and much, much more. Specialised elements for national cuisines may also be included in the cooking block – for example, a tandoori oven, wok or teppanyaki griddle. 1 The right combination for even the most demanding kitchen environments. 2 1. “Exclusive Range” finish knob on stainless steel control panel 2. Hygienic top with specialised machines for local cuisines 1 25


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FIND OUT MORE Please visit www.ambach.com for more information about the System 900 range, and all Ambach products – including technical data and specifications, drawings and exploded views. Graphic design Junglelink Italian copywriter Junglelink English copywriter William Murray Print AGC Arti Grafiche Colombo Faenza Printing Industries Photography Stephanie Trenz Corbis Images Getty Images Shutterstock ©Ambach Ali Spa Ambach Ali Spa Crocevia Ganda, 1 I-39052 Caldaro (BZ) Phone +39 0471 662 213 Fax +39 0471 662 065 ambach@ambach.com www.ambach.com


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