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Ambach. You, your kitchen.


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Delivering unique catering equipment solutions, designed to meet your individual style and needs, through expertise, experience and understanding.


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What we do makes us who we are. With over 60 years experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of professional kitchens, we’ve developed a unique synergy between industrial production and artisan hand craftsmanship, enabling us to deliver the highest quality standards, reliability and service needed by our customers worldwide. Our continued commitment to product development and manufacturing excellence starts with our work with the world’s leading chefs and experienced industry partners. This consultation and communication with those who share our passion and that shape the future of culinary needs, enables our highly skilled personnel to provide effective responses and solutions to every request. Always at the forefront of research and innovation, our innovative, high performance products continue to be considered an excellent commercial investment, delivering profitability through performance, value, and the operational life terms our customers have come to expect.


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Café Royal, London - UK System 900 Alpina Dolomites, Südtirol - Italy System 900


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Unique and special. We have a shared DNA. Every Ambach kitchen is unique and not only tailored to the individuality and personality of the chef, they also match the character and style of the location. They don’t just cater for a need, they provide the equipment and support to create the dream kitchen. Aesthetically pleasing, Ambach kitchens could be described as beautiful and elegant, places for chefs to maximize their creativity and enjoy. Kitchens that are designed with complete operational flexibility and attention to the smallest detail, with a renowned build quality that delivers unquestionable high performance and optimal results. Add unrivalled levels of hygiene and you understand what makes them unique. Total design, configuration and customization flexibility 100% usable cook tops that provide complete ergonomics and temperature control Fast heat-up Pressure Braising Pans reduce cooking time by 40% Seamless co-ordination even in our modular range suites One piece work surfaces and deep mouldings with rounded corners ensure the highest levels of hygiene


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Andaaz Hotel, Beijing - China System 700, front of the house Café Royal, London - UK System 900


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Imaginative, resourceful, focused. We share a vision. With Ambach there’s no compromise between form and functionality, because both are provided in equal measure. Innovative product ranges catering for all world cuisines and infinite equipment combinations, provide the freedom to design and create stylish, intelligent and energy efficient cooking solutions. Kitchens that recognise the ever changing needs and ecological responsibilities of consultants, managers, business owners and chefs, through our commitment to continuous product research and development to manufacture the green kitchens of the future today. Recipient of the Dr. Georg Triebe award for innovation, in the category of Ecology and Efficiency Products that cater for healthy and high production cooking technologies (Overnight cooking, low temperature) Equipment that has been specifically developed to cater for all local, regional and international cuisines Providing accurate technical information to understand the characteristics and capabilities of our products


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Hotel Marriott, Baku - Azerbaijan System 700 Aloft Hotel, London - UK System 900


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Building the relationships needed to gain the confidence of suppliers and provide efficient support to businesses in over 80 countries takes time and commitment. Trust, cooperation and reliability. Our shared values. With over 60 years experience Ambach is unquestionably an experienced and effective industry partner. Not only providing innovative and robust quality equipment solutions to our suppliers and their customers operating in every market sector, but the support of a knowledgeable team to successfully deliver these high quality, high value solutions. The foundations of these strong relationships are built on the confidence, respect and understanding that every Ambach product is designed, manufactured and stringently tested by our own personnel. But it doesn’t end there; we also guarantee to provide the highest level of support and service throughout the life term of the product, anytime anywhere. Use of the highest quality materials and building techniques to guarantee strength and durability Products have International electricity and gas certifications Easy installation due to design innovation Providing reduced operational and maintenance costs


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Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Germany System 900 Exclusive Range


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Where hospitality is a culinary art-form best served hot. Ambach products and complete kitchen architecture has been seen in prestigious international hotel chains and individual iconic hospitality locations around the world for over six decades. Our experience of communicating with both individual operators and multi-national operations, together with a deep understanding of menu planning and local, regional and national cuisines enables us to deliver the equipment, quality standards and consistent service needed worldwide. Hotel Marriott Baku, Azerbaijan System 700 Mövenpick Dubai, United Arab Emirates System 900 Exclusive Range, front of the house


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Moovina Jacarta, Indonesia System 900, front of the house


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Where the chef is the star. With the ever increasing inclusion of theatre style open kitchens in restaurants in most major cities in the world, Ambach equipment is chosen to provide the perfect balance of style, equipment and design flexibility. Providing the stage for every culinary performance, without compromise. Through the benefit of our 3D design capability chefs and locations wishing to create this experience, can preview their future kitchen through a virtual simulation. Ceresio 7 Milan, Italy Chef 850 Dusit Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates System 900



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